The Gods Must Be Laughing

Gag Thirteen

Night terrors


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TITLE: Night terrors

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters and I don’t own this premise.

SUMMARY: AU. The sequel to On a Short Leash. Shego and Kim continue their odd relationship. Still a weird sort of Kigo.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Ron, Other, Friendship, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 4835

Shego caressing her pet.

My little monster has been acting weird lately. Not in an alarming way or anything, but I think she’s sick and she doesn’t want to tell me. I don’t know why she doesn’t say anything. I mean, I have eyes and I can see that she’s sick, so I don’t know why she’s acting like she’s all right. I guess I’m going to have to step in since she doesn’t seem to be getting better without me.

Kim was ready to nod off into her breakfast. She had not been sleeping too well for over a week and she had not adjusted her schedule to make up for that, meaning she still acted like she could do anything, even though she was running on fumes most of the day. Her head was pounding, her eyes were half-closed, and she looked completely out of it. She had not even touched her waffles.

“Princess, are you okay?” Shego asked as she looked up from her paper. She could not believe that there was food in front of her pet that the kid had not tore into yet. It was just another clue to let her know that her pet was not a hundred percent all right like she was pretending to be.

“Fine,” Kim mumbled.

“You don’t look fine. Do you feel sick?” the older woman asked with concern in her voice.


“Do you feel warm?” Shego inquired.

“I’m fine,” the redhead insisted.

“You don’t look fine. Do you have a final today?” the master inquired because if her pet did not have any tests, she was going to order her girl back to bed and tell her to stay there for the rest of the day.

“Two,” Kim answered.

“Well, I want you to come right back here after those two finals. Don’t go to the lab, don’t take a mission, don’t go to that nasty fast food place with your goofy friends, and don’t go hang out with those little snot-nosed brats in the park. They might’ve been the ones that gave you a bug,” the green-skinned woman instructed her monster.

“But, I’m not sick,” the tired student tried to assure her owner.

“So you say. Come straight in, okay?” Shego ordered.

“Yes, ma’am,” the scientist mumbled. She did not want to come straight in, though. The house was the one messing with her mind as far as she was concerned. The familiar setting was haunting her psyche. She thought that was part of her problem anyway.

Shego prepared some soup for her pet, who she forced to lay down in her bed. Kim had tried to protest because there was just no way that she would be able to sleep in that bed considering the part it played in her nightmares. How ironic, she thought; her once favorite place to sleep was now the stage for hell as far as she was concerned. Still, she was in the bed, much to her horror.

“Here’s some tea,” Shego said as she entered the room and placed the cup on the nightstand next to her pet.

“I’m not sick,” the younger female continued to persist and maintain that she was not ill. There was also the fact that she was not going to get any sleep, especially in her master’s bed, so she wanted to get up and go do something.

“The hell you’re not. Have you seen yourself?” the older woman demanded to know. She was willing to bet that her girl had not looked into the mirror lately or she would know that she was definitely sick. She had bags under her eyes and there was no color in her cheeks. Her leaf-colored eyes that were usually so vibrant were dull and almost dead. She was definitely sick.

“No,” the redhead answered honestly. She had been too busy trying not to go to sleep, so she had not thought to look at her reflection, not that she cared what she looked like. The main thing was to not sleep and everything else was secondary.

“Well, if you had, you’d know you’re sick and you’d stop arguing with me,” the green-skinned woman stated.

“How can you tell I’m sick?” Kim asked to be a brat. It was not like her mistress was a doctor or anything like that.

“Because I’m the master around here,” Shego answered to end the argument.

The younger woman huffed; she really did not have a retort for such an absolute answer and her mistress knew that. Well, she was not sick and she was not going to get any sleep, no matter how much her mistress pampered her. She supposed that she should just be happy for the attention, but she really was not. She was not sure why because usually being spoiled by her caring master was enough to make her feel blissful for days, but it was not working now. All she could think about was how she wanted to get out of the bed; she could not even focus on the fact that she was being spoiled.

The slender hero reached for her tea and began to sip the beverage while Shego went to check the soup. Once Kim finished her tea and soup, Shego sat down next to her pet. She began to caress Kim’s head to relax her. No, the petite scientist screamed in her mind. Rubbing her scalp was a surefire way to make her fall sleep and she really did not want to go to sleep. Well, she actually did need some sleep, she conceded as she easily gave into the pleasing, almost melting feeling of having her head rubbed.

Kim considered that maybe if she went to sleep feeling content, then she probably would not have any nightmares. After all, her dreams were horrible when she slept against the wall, as if she was outside on the street, and cramming for exams, even though she more than likely did not need to. Maybe she was stressed because of finals and she just needed some comfort. That made sense to her, she thought as her eyes began to close. Sleep, after so many days without it, came easily to tired little redhead.


The front door to the apartment burst open, Shego and Junior practically fell into the apartment. They were engaged with, well, each other. They were deeply kissing, appearing to be eating each other’s faces because of their overriding, animalistic lust. Their hands were almost violently wandering each other’s bodies, searching for licentious areas to touch. Junior kicked the door shut while pinning Shego against the wall. She hooked her leg around his narrow waist to maintain her balance.

The pale woman began unbuttoning Junior’s shirt while making sure to keep her mouth on his; it was as if she thought that if her tongue left his mouth, the world would come to an end. He was far from being idle while she was working; he just ripped her shirt open, buttons be damned, to get to the goods hidden underneath the fabric. Shego growled; the meaning of the sound lost with her shirt as it drifted to the floor.

Junior’s hand quickly found one of her cotton-covered breast. She hissed in pleasure as he squeezed and teased her. With her leg around his waist, she pulled him closer to her to give him the idea that they needed to get to things.

The pair stumbled toward the bedroom, shedding their clothing like serpents along the way. Their mouths stayed on flesh if not on each other; it was as if they were going to devour each other. They moaned like horses in heat, loud and deep, and the noise only got worse when they made it to the bedroom.

They flopped down on the bed; Shego landed underneath Junior. She did not seem bothered by being on the bottom; she did not even seem to notice. She just encouraged Junior to keep going by grinding against him and he did not hesitate to rid them of the rest of their bothersome clothes to get to where they both wanted to be.

“Don’t stop,” Shego begged loudly and she moaned sharply while scratching his back because of the feeling.

Kim shot up from her resting place, panting and sweating as if she was in a sauna. Damn it, it was that nightmare again. She did not have much time to agonize over the terror that her traitorous mind continued to concoct because she felt like she needed to throw up. She dashed to the bathroom and vomited up all of the soup that she had been practically force-fed earlier. She was pretty sure that she had emptied her stomach on that note. She then climbed to her feet, rinsed out her mouth, and brushed her teeth.

The redhead groaned and held her head; that damnable nightmare was going to be the death of her. She could not sleep anymore and now it was making her physically ill. She was angry with her mind for showing her such vile images. How dare her brain show her beloved master being fucked by that pretty boy airhead! And her vicious, detestable mind always picked a new way to show her that disgusting act, like them against the wall, or her mistress on her knees, or even on her beloved couch. As if her mistress would ever allow him such privileges over her body, Kim mentally commented. Her master just would not permit him do those things to her.

But, she had witnessed her owner being kissed by Junior, seemingly enjoying the embrace very much. She had allowed him to clutch onto her curvy backside. She was going out with him. She was probably out with him now.

Kim trotted back into her mistress’ bedroom to find that Shego was not there anymore. She pouted and then looked around for the clock to see what time it was; it was past midnight. She then searched around the apartment, but her owner was nowhere to be found. She was alone and her mistress was probably out somewhere with Junior. Worse yet, her mistress might be somewhere underneath Junior.

The slim adventurer felt sick again, but she did not have anything else to throw up. She had felt that way a couple of times before, but she had not been eating much lately, so she did not have anything to purge from her belly most of the time. She just could not figure out why she felt that way. She should not be feeling physically sick from dreams and the idea that Shego had a lover.

Kim, being an extremely intelligent being, was very aware that one day her mistress would go out and find a new lover after deciding that Kim was just a pet. It seemed that she was not good enough in that area for her master, so, of course, the older woman would seek a companion for physical pleasure if only for a little while. The logical thought had entered her head many times and she had comforted herself by reminding herself that the lovers would come and go, but she would always remain. She would be there forever and her mistress would always come back to her because the emerald-eyed woman needed her like oxygen, but that was not enough now that the lover was there. The thought and the reality were two different hells.

Knowing that something was going to happen and watching it possibly unfold right before her eyes, they just were two absolutely different animals and Kim felt like she should have known that. She had seen enough things in her short life to know that simple fact; thought and reality were never the same thing. She figured that she would be able to handle it because she could do anything, but it did not seem like she could now. In fact, the situation was making it so that she could not sleep anymore and it was now making her physically ill. She could not handle the circumstances at all if her physical condition was any clue to what was going on. She was not sure what she should do; it felt like she could not do anything about it.

The redhead wandered up to her space. She crawled around on the floor, searching for something worth staying awake for. She came across an old book that she would not mind reading for the zillionth time. She parked herself against the wall and began reading the thick, hardcover book. She just hoped that she did not nod off again.

Shego entered the apartment and sighed. She was glad to be home; maybe she was going to burn herself out because of the way that she felt, she considered. She was going to go down in a blaze of green glory, though. It was going to be fun and that was the whole point to everything. It was all just fun.

The pale woman went to her room and noticed that her bed was empty. She was certain that she had left her sickly little imp lying peacefully in the bed before she went out. She sighed to herself; she knew that she should not have left that loopy brat alone. She did not think that her elf could do too much damage since she was sick, but it seemed that she was wrong. That kid just did not know what was good for her, Shego believed.

The green-skinned female went to search the apartment for her loony pet. She first went to the loft, knowing that her little urchin had a very bad habit of cramming for exams up there. She found her pet in her area, slumped over and in a dead, uncomfortable-looking sleep; the expression on the kid’s face showed that the sleep was practically atrocious. Shego shook her head and wondered what she should do with the kid. Should she leave her girl where she was? Should she put the girl in her own bed? Or should she take Kim to her favorite spot, namely Shego’s bed? She was not sure, but she did what she thought was best.

Shego gathered Kim in her arms and carried her pet to her bedroom. She lay Kim down and then decided to take a shower since she was sober enough to consider the option. Kim woke up hardly a few minutes after being placed in the bed. She shook her head, trying her best to expel those horrid images from her brain. She looked around and saw that she was in her mistress’ bed. She leaped out of the bed as if it was covered in some terrible disease that she feared contracting.

The redhead was not too sure how she had gotten in the bed, but she did not really care. The main point was that she just wanted to get out and she did just that. She fled the room like a frightened child and went back to the slight safety of the loft; it was better than being in that room, in that bed. She figured that if she had to be in a bed, she would much rather be in her own at the moment. She hoped that it would lessen her chance of having those nightmares because she knew for a fact that if she was sleeping in her master’s bed, it would not do her any good, especially since that was where most of her nightmares took place.

Shego came back into her room and immediately noticed that her bed was empty again. She wondered what happened to her lunatic pet. She sucked her teeth and went to find the girl again. She checked the kitchen, assuming her greedy girl was trying to sneak some junk food. But, her monster was not in there. She went back to the loft and was stunned to see her pet was curled up in her own bed. Shego wondered why her little monster did not want to share her bed.

“She doesn’t want to sleep next to me?” Shego asked herself and a part of her, a huge part, was actually incredibly hurt by that fact. More than her pride was wounded, which she sort of expected, but her heart was injured; although she tried her best to not acknowledge that. She thought that her rascally monster would always want to share her bed. She could not believe that she had been wrong.

The raven-haired woman told herself that she did not care that her stupid pet did not want to sleep next to her. She did not care if her mischievous munchkin wanted to sleep in the filthy loft on a flat mattress. She belonged up there anyway. There were rules that she was supposed to follow and it was about time that she was following them. Yeah, so, Shego decided that she did not care if her troublesome brat was sleeping in her own bed for once. Despite all of that, she hoped that it did not become a standard thing for her pet to sleep up there.

Kim was having trouble sitting up in her chair for breakfast, again. Her headache was getting worse with every sleepless night that she had. She was sick of the nightmares, but she did not know what to do about them, aside for stay awake. Her master walked by her and rubbed her head, so she smiled because of the attention.

“Morning, monster,” Shego greeted her pet.

“Hey,” Kim muttered in a very low voice. She actually felt better than she looked and sounded because she did like that her head had been petted.

“You still look pretty sick,” Shego noted. She thought that perhaps her pet had not slept next to her last night out of consideration. Maybe her pet did not want to chance passing on her illness because the girl did look very much under the weather.

“I’m all right. I just haven’t been getting any sleep,” the redhead admitted.

“Want me to buy you some sleeping pills?” Shego offered.

“No. Once finals go by, I should be okay. It’s just finals,” Kim lied.

“You sure?” the pale woman persisted. It seemed to be beyond her exams. Her pet looked as if she had one foot in the grave and being the caring master that she never would admit to being, she was concerned about her little monster.


Shego nodded to show that she understood, even though she was very worried about her brat. She figured that the kid could very well be suffering because of her million and one finals; she knew it was not that many, but it did seem like Kim had to take a lot of tests during finals’ week. She believed that once all of the exams were out of the way, her pet could get some much needed rest and go back to normal.

Kim sighed; what lie was she going to tell once finals’ week was over? She would have to think of something, unless of course, her nightmares finally ended. She figured that things should eventually halt if she endured the nightmares for a little longer. After all, she just had to get used to the idea of her beloved master having a boyfriend. She knew it was coming, after all; so, she just had to get used to it. That made sense to her anyway.

The mistress and pet went about their day as usual. They came in after having typical day and relaxed for a while and then when Kim was sleeping, Shego prepared to go hang out with Junior. It felt like she was sneaking around, as if she did not wish for her pet to know how she spent her nights; or more specifically, who she spent her nights with. She was not sure why that was since Kim was only her pet again, so she should not be so bothered if the girl knew what she did and who she did it with.

Besides, it was not like she had done anything with Junior aside for hang out with him. All they did was dance and get drunk together; that was all. It was just eating, dancing, and drinking.

Okay, maybe it was not just eating, dancing, and getting drunk. Every now and then, she did share a kiss with the sapphire-eyed young man. It was always a drunken embrace, brought on by way too much alcohol in both of their systems. But, those kisses did not mean anything, Shego told herself. They were just partying together and that did not mean anything. She was not sneaking around.

“Ready to go, pretty lady?” Junior asked in his smooth voice. He was standing by the door; she did not like it when he tried to walk around in her apartment, so she always insisted that he stand right by the door.

“Yeah, one second,” Shego replied.

The green-skinned woman grabbed her purse, which she only used when she was wearing a skirt and she was wearing a black one at the moment. She walked into the living room, where her little monster was knocked out on the sofa; she had only been out for less than an hour. She brushed her girl’s hair out of her face and kissed her cheek.

“Rest up, kid. I know you deserve it,” Shego said before leaving with Junior.

Kim woke up as if she had been startled by loud noise, but the apartment was silent. She held her chest, hoping that her heart would calm down along with her breathing. She noticed that she was on the couch. She rubbed her eyes and wondered what time it was. She looked around for her mistress, recalling that she had fallen asleep against the older woman. There was no sign of Shego, though. Kim glanced at the time and saw that it was past midnight. She guessed that her mistress had gone out with Junior.

“I guess I can wait for her. It’s not like sleeping does me any good,” Kim decided. She had been out on the couch for less than two hours. It would have to do for the rest of the day and last her into tomorrow. Hey, two hours was more than she had been getting most days lately.

The slender adventurer went up to the loft to retrieve something to do. She grabbed a book that she had not read yet; she had gotten a few new books recently since she was trying her best to become an insomniac. She pulled out a few highlighters; she had a system when it came to marking up her books. She also grabbed a pen to make notes on the pages; it was a habit that she had always had as far as she knew. She figured that all of the brain activity should keep her up until her master came in.

The petite redhead was aware that Shego usually came in at about five or six in the morning when she went out with Junior. She stayed out with Junior almost like it was a job, the scientist thought, because of the hours that they kept together. She figured that if her mistress did not have those super powers, she would have dropped from exhaustion a long time go. She bet that the only reason Junior could go out like he did was because he did not have a job to do in the day like Shego did. Well, at least it was her mistress’ day off, so when she came in, there would be time for her to monopolize her master’s time.

She supposed that the one good thing about Shego dating Junior, in comparison to when she was dating Drakken, was that Junior did not show up out of the blue. In the daytime, Shego was all hers, which she liked, of course. She wondered if things would stay that way. Would Junior keep having Shego’s nights and she keep having Shego during the day? Something was telling her that was going to be very doubtful and that was pretty much confirmed as the morning pressed on. The sun greeted her by gracing the world with its presence long before her pale owner returned home.

The redhead had finished her book by the time that she heard the front door open. She did not have it in her to leap down and embrace her mistress. All of her energy had abandoned her days ago; her body had been running on memory, working automatically from old habits. It did not help matters that her master had come in so late, or earlier depending on who was telling the time. She just sat up in the loft and watched the green-skinned woman make her way to the bathroom. It was already noon.

The sullen pet tried her best to not think about what Shego might have been doing with Junior for twelve or so hours. She attempted to not think of it, but her mind flooded her with all sorts of wild images from her nightmares. He had gotten to see her mistress; she was so certain of that. He had gotten to touch her mistress more than likely. He had gotten to caress and stroke her mistress. He had gotten to embrace her mistress deeply and intimately.

The thoughts did not make Kim particularly angry, but she did get upset. Tears welled up in her leaf-colored eyes as she realized that she just would never get to experience anything that Junior had. It was jealousy, maybe even envy, but she was overtaken by the emotion. She just could not see what he had seen. She could not do what he had done. Shego would never be hers like she had been his.

The tired hero leaped down from her perch without any instruction from her brain. Her legs moved on their own toward the bathroom door. Her hand reached out for the doorknob as if it did not require orders to do so. She opened the door to where her mistress was. She entered the bathroom without permission, startling her owner.

“Princess, what the hell are you doing?” Shego demanded to know.

The pale woman was about to get into the shower, which was running. She had only just begun to undress. She had gotten far enough to where she had taken off her shirt, but nothing else. She moved her arms to cover her breasts, thinking that her pet was trying to be the little pervert that she sometimes could be. Kim took a step deeper into the bathroom.

“Pumpkin, what the hell do you want?” the raven-haired woman inquired. Her irksome pet was not making her day any better after all that she had gone through with such inappropriate behavior and it was pissing her off already. Generally, she could take her monster’s shenanigans for a while before getting really angry, but not that day. It was definitely not a good day for her brat to be a complete and total monster.

Kim did not answer the question. She only came closer to her mistress. Shego was about to bark at her troublesome pet because she seriously did not feel like being annoyed at the moment, but the slender hero surprised her again. The redhead reached out and seized the older woman’s wrists. Shego frowned as she realized that her elf was actually trying to move her arms from where they were.

“Pumpkin, what the fuck?” Shego demanded to know why her munchkin was acting so strangely.

The impish scientist was not really thinking as she acted. She could see her arms moving to grab her mistress’ arms, but they did not seem like her arms. It was as if every part of her was moving without her brain’s consent. She could not stop herself it seemed and she continued to try to move her owner’s arms from in front of her breasts.

Kim’s behavior was almost frightening, but the emerald-eyed woman was not about to be scared of her own pet; she was the one in charge, after all. She also was not about to move her arms to let the little lecher sneak a peek. She would like to see her pet muster the strength to move her limbs. And then suddenly, her arms were separated like a wishbone and she was bare to Kim…in a way anyway.

What the hell was going on, Shego wondered in a slight panic. Why was her pet acting so oddly? And why had the girl actually been able to part her arms like that to gawk at her? What the hell was going on?

Next time: Shego’s reaction to this mess. But, really, just what the hell is Kim doing?

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