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Mon, 11 Sep 2006


The Main-Site did get a little too messy, so I did a redesign. This looks a little better I hope.

Mon, 11 Sep 2006

We are back online!

The Forum-Server works again. Sorry for the problems.

Mon, 11 Sep 2006

Open Letter!

Hi there,

We had recently a discussion in the Collective-Chat about the work of StarvingLunatic and think she should write something Original. She certanly can write and there would be a market for her book (I would by it).

Now theres the Problem: she thinks nobody would read it. Considering the a mount of fans she has with her KIGO-Stories we (the people during that Chat-session) don't think so. How can we convince her?

Well, I got a Idea for that. Write her a letter. Not E-Mail or PM a real to honest hand written letter (a scan of a real letter, or with notepad or Word or a simple Textfile), but it should be something personal. But we don't want to spam her mailbox, so we will collect these letters and combine them into a nice Collection. mouse has volunteerd to send this to her.

Contact: mouseworx@ndos.net


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