KP: Kim Powered

Chapter 9


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TITLE: KP: Kim Powered

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Kim has lost something she never knew she needed, until recent events opened her eyes. (Sequel to Kitten Possible)

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Thanks to mouse and Shallow15 once again for beta reading, and for all the reviews to everyone.

Words: 3348

Kim sighed heavily as she stood outside of the gates to the nudist colony that had sprung up around a series of hot springs. Turning to her left she watched as Shego rubbed her temples in annoyance. “Shego… They do let you rent the electric carts to get around in there…”

“I know Kimmie…” Shego grumbled, “It’s just that this is my baby and I don’t like the idea of leaving her in a garage… just a little less than I like the idea of coming back here in general.”

Kim smiled as she patted Shego’s shoulder gently. “Come on, it won’t be so bad…”

“You’re blushing already, and you haven’t even seen anyone yet,” Shego pointed out with a deep frown. “But I suppose if we don’t get going, we’ll never get this over with.”

Kim sighed as she watched Shego exit the car, handing the keys to a parking attendant. Stepping over to the check in window she watched as Shego gave the boy about her age specific instructions about how to park the convertible.

Shego fumed as she left the valet, her car was both a classic and a potentially lethal weapon and had to be shown a certain degree of respect; besides the missiles tended to be cranky when abused. “Well come on Princess let’s get going.”

“Did you really have to threaten him with a plasma enema Shego?” Kim asked curiously as she signed in the guest registry and read over the rules.

Shego nodded firmly and she signed her name and was met with a surprised reaction and rather fast service. “Yes Kimmie, the people around here probably wouldn’t appreciate a random weapons discharge.” Collecting the key to the cart she lead Kim towards the back of the building and off to their assigned cart.

“Is that why they’re having three people push it into the garage rather than drive it?” Kim asked with a point to a trio of men pushing the car carefully into the garage. “Oh, and they gave me some all natural bug repellant… but said that the population was low this year so it wouldn’t be needed.”

Shego looked around to the group guiding her car into the garage area, “They got a smarter crew this year.” It never failed to amuse her how they handled the car, “Last time I was here the idiot valet took out the ranger station … I don’t know if they ever found the poor guy.”

“Last time? You’ve been back since you left?” Kim asked curiously. “I mean from the way you were talking I thought you had left and never looked back.”

Shego glared at Kim briefly before letting out a sigh. “I've had to come back a couple of times Kim and you probably will too … for the rest of your life. Just like me.”

“Check-ups?” Kim asked as she looked up at the sky to avoid outright staring at some of the people walking around. “Does it get easier as time goes by?”

Shego shrugged, it wasn’t that that she or her mother was concerned with. “Controlling the power isn’t that big a deal … surviving it is. Our estimation for getting cancer is probably something like ninety-five percent.”

“Wonderful…” Kim groaned as she slapped a hand over her eyes. “I was asking about coming here.” After that she waved a hand to encompass the area.

“Oh that, eh not really,” Shego decided to give Kim a bit of a heads up on what to expect only she hit a bit of a snag. Her mother was unusually difficult to explain. “Mommy is a bit … eccentric. Don’t expect her to let you, or me, get away with the clothing thing.” She could see Kim blanch a bit. “She refused to help me until I got over it Princess, don't expect your name to curry favors either, she doesn’t own a TV.”

Kim sighed and rubbed her temples. “Tell me that she at least has a private area for training… I don’t need people see me flopping around…”

“Kimmie Kimmie Kimmie,” Shego said shaking her head amusedly, “Aside from the visitor center back there do you see anything private around here?” To make her point clear Shego gestured around. “People’s homes are private and Mommy has a private lab but beyond that everything here is open.”

Kim slumped down in her seat and groaned. “If I had known I was coming here before we left, I think I would have taken my chances with the government… I feel fat just looking around…”

That nearly made Shego crash the cart as she was laughing too hard to drive safely. “Cupcake trust me, the few hard-bodies you're seeing right now are relatives of the regular crowd who live here. Yeah maybe a few are staying here now but most of them head for warmer places down south come winter.”

“I was talking about you too, we’ve fought enough that I know under that suit of yours is nothing but muscles…” Kim groused before tilting her head in thought. “What is that suit made out of?”

“Copping a feel or two during our battles eh Princess? If it helps I kinda prefer the smoother build you got working.” Shego grinned as she responded, “You would have to ask Mommy what the uni is made from she's the one I have to go back to get it repaired.”

“I’m going to have to get a suit made if I’m going to keep using the powers…” Kim mused while she turned her head to hide the blush on her cheeks.

“Probably Pumpkin but that’s not what you should be worried about.” If she could grin and scowl at the same time Shego would, she knew her mother was the only person who could help Kim but she also knew what that help was likely to cost.

“Shego, I’m trying to not worry about a lot of stuff…” Kim admitted as she looked down at her hands. “I… I’m scared of what’s going on with me Shego…” Kim’s body slumped down further in her seat while her knees curled up to her chest. “Shego… I wish I was Nemmy again… I was carefree and happy then.”

Shego stopped the cart carefully, “You'll always be Nemmy to me Kim, you're just cuter and not as dangerous now.” She smiled and waggled a brow at the redhead. “I didn't mean to scare you Pumpkin it’s just that mommy can be a bit… larger than life.”

“Shego… I battle villains everyday that are a bit larger than life…” Kim replied with a frown, “If you’re warning me about your mother… I think I left the oven on at home.”

“Too late now kitty we're here,” She meant that they were already in the compound but also that she and Kim had arrived at a point there was no going back from. “Mommy isn’t that bad … ok she might not be that bad for you she just annoys the hell out of me.”

“I figured that much out Shego…” Kim looked at a small log cabin with a concrete square building set beside it. “Umm… I’m guessing that’s where your mother lives.”

With a nod Shego made the turn down the path that lead to her mother’s home; aside from the bunker it was indistinguishable from any of the other houses dotting the hills. “Don’t let that bug repellent out of your sight … you may just need it. And don’t worry about your clothes she will probably just have them sent to my car.”

“Can I be in them when she does?” Kim asked nervously clutching her bag. As they drove up to the cabin, Kim’s heart began to race faster. “Shego… if I don’t make it out of this alive… Tell Ron that he can have the Bueno Bucks in my sock drawer.”

Shego took Kim's hand and shoved her out of the cart as they came to a stop hoping to get the redhead to see why the joking and fooling around weren’t appreciated. It worked as Kim seemed pretty pissed and her power flared to life. “Go ahead Possible leave if you want but don’t blame me or Mommy if you vaporize Middleton.” Seeing Kim's face fall Shego took a deep breath. “Sorry Nemmy, just being here is annoying and I didn’t mean to take it out on you but this is serious.”

“Shego…” Kim growled, her eyes locked onto the green woman. “I am serious. I am not strong like you are; I doubt I have the mental discipline to maintain control like you do… I am scared for my life right…” Kim was cut off by another screaming voice.

“POLLYANNA HEIDI MARIE GO! GET OUT OF THAT CART THIS INSTANT AND APOLOGIES TO THAT YOUNG LADY!” the voice behind Kim boomed, causing her to whip around and gawk at probably the only person on the planet who could yell at Shego. There she was, in all her natural glory, Mrs. Go. She looked like she would be about two inches shorter than Shego, but it was very obvious who Shego got her looks from. A heavy blush formed on Kim’s cheeks as she saw that gravity and nature had been kind with Mrs. Go’s form.

“Mommy not in front of my pet!” Shego growled but she cast a conspiratorial wink at Kim before climbing over the seat and extending a hand to help her up. “Kim relax ok I wouldn’t have dared bring you here, prude that you are, if I didn’t think you had what it took to master this.”

“What’s this? Disrespect for the poor old woman that gave birth to you? Who nursed you to health after you got hurt by that meteor?” Mrs. Go started as she strode over to the cart. “And still clothed too… Get out of that ridiculous outfit Polly; I still don’t know why you let Harold pick out that design…”

Kim blinked at the odd exchange as Mrs. Go arrived, holding still as the older woman inspected her. “She seems to be fit, but these clothes have to go… off with them, the both of you. I’ll be in the lab in about a half hour, some brownies in the kitchen if you want a snack first.”

Shego baulked, “Not the brownies Mommy!” nevertheless Shego was shedding her uniform. “C'mon Kimmie you better get out of those clothes. Mommy is a stickler about those and will rip them off you.”

Kim frowned for a moment before began removing her shirt and pants, revealing she had gone commando that morning, when Shego looked up she shrugged. “I didn’t know what to expect… I figured I might as well be prepared… I was a Pixie Scout.”

“Pixie eh … explains the stuff packed in that backpack you brought with,” Shego smirked as she enjoyed the view. “So this is your second look at me, enjoying what you see Princess?” She asked as she carefully folded her uniform and began to saunter towards the house.

Kim blushed and tucked away her clothes into her duffle bag with a frown. “Let’s just get this over with. Though you do remind me that I should’ve told Ron the She-Hulk comics were being reprinted.”

“Hardy har har Princess if it weren't so damned important I'd tell you to go fuck yourself right now!” Shego didn't bother to look back as she stomped into the house leaving Kim alone.

Kim gulped despite the bravado she was showing, entering the cottage she looked around and nearly leapt out of her skin as a pair of arms hugged her from behind. “Hello dear, please be comfortable with yourself. Have some brownies, I just made them this morning.” Mrs. Go’s voice offered in her ear before the older woman walked away, down a side hall.

Shego sat in her old room and wiped at her eyes a bit. Kim probably didn’t mean it to be the insult it was but she hadn't been able to finish High School in actual school because of her skin color. It wasn't acceptable to make fun of any other student based on that factor but there were no rules or laws protecting the ‘green bitch’ so her mother pulled her from school in tenth grade and home schooled her.

Kim bit her lip nervously as she looked down the hall Mrs. Go had gone, and could almost feel the pain she had given Shego. With a sigh she snagged a couple of brownies on a napkin and walked down the hall absently eating one before finding Shego’s room. “Hey Shego… look, I’m sorry if I hurt you…”

“Save it Possible, I've heard it all befo…” Shego noticed Kim had a hand out holding one of the two brownies she had as a peace offering, the other was rapidly disappearing into Kim's mouth. “Dear gods Mommy please tell me those weren't your ‘house special’ please…”

“These are rather good Shego… but my head feels kinda funny…” Kim mumbled while setting the other brownie on Shego’s knee. Her eyes were drooping a little and her posture had began to sink towards the floor. “Shego… You know what?”

Shego sighed and set the brownie off to the side on the nightstand next to her bed. “I don't know Princess how bout you climb up here and tell me.”

“Mmmm… yesss…” Kim said as she crawled into Shego’s bed and curled up with her head on Shego’s lap. “She-Hulk was my favorite super heroine… But you’re cuter than she was…”

‘This isn't as awkward as I thought it might be.’ Shego thought as she held Kim's head in her lap, she was curious though. “Kim you do realize I'm naked and your head is …”

“Yes She-she… I know…” Kim said as she patted Shego’s leg. “I miss snuggling with you as Nemmy did… I even brought the collar to ask you if I could be Nemmy again…”

Mrs. Go snickered from the doorway. “Sorry dear but no collars on the first lay … not unless you invite me to join in.” Stepping across the room she sat down near Kim and gave her a pinch on the rear, before slipping on a pair of weird high tech gloves. “Scoot over dear you're a bit distracting at that angle.”

Kim scooted over with a displeased noise escaping her lips before settling back in on Shego’s lap. “No lay… not partners.”

Shego made an odd noise and a face to match as Kim rubbed her head around to get comfortable. “Kimmie Princess er d-d-don’t move too much t-t-T-there!” She looked to her mother almost pleaded for help but then saw the look on her face and noticed she was looking Kim over with something more than a professional eye.

Kim nuzzled her cheek into Shego’s thigh gently, her hair tickling Shego’s stomach. “Alright Shego… just give me a minute… It’s been so long since I was down here I need to get comfortable again.”

Shego fell backwards over that only to realize it might have been even more embarrassing as she noticed her mother giving her a strange look, she then noticed where Kim was exactly and wondered if she should try to sit up or just let Kim figure it out on her own. “Mommy don’t touch … she is mine!”

Kim made an annoyed noise as Shego shifted on her again, before lifting her head enough to see Shego lying down. Stretching out a little, Kim rested her head on Shego’s firm stomach. “Yes… I’m her little Nemmy…”

Mrs. Go eased over a bit closer and ran a gloved hand along Kim's side and rear casually, “I'm surprised anyone would actually claim my crabby little girl or claim to belong to her but you do seem to match her nicely.” She looked at the readout on the glove after it finished and smirked. “Yes a near perfect match if I do say so myself.”

“What that mean?” Kim asked groggily as she turned over her head to look up at Shego between her breasts.

Shego ‘meeped as Kim's head moved against her, “Don’t pay her any attention Nemmy.” Shego wasn’t exactly comfortable with the way they were situated but she wasn’t going to change things now.

“Mmmm… okay…” Kim mumbled before blinking her eyes. “You’re bigger than me…”

Mrs. Go scowled at her daughter and decided to be wicked just for the hell of it. She pulled the data-glove off and tossed it on her daughters face before laying herself on Kim’s stomach. “You are a comfortable one … Nemmy was it?”

“Only She-she can call me that… I was her kitty…” Kim said while squirming under Mrs. Go. “I’m Kimberly Possible, what’s your name Mrs. Go?”

“Ah so you're her little pussy is that it Kimberly? My name is Anastasia Go but you can call me Anna.” Mrs. Go cooed as she nudged her daughters arm around them both dropping the green skinned woman’s hand right over Kim's exposed breast.

“I prefer the name Kim… I like your brownies…” Kim said as her eyes slid closed and a yawn escaped her lips. “Sorry… I’m tired for some reason…”

“You're stoned Kimmie not tired, there’s a difference.” Shego said with a sigh trying to ignore the fact that they were all pressed together and naked, and the spot her hand was resting upon even though she knew it well in a different context.

“Oh… so that’s what a funny magic brownie tastes like…” Kim said with a soft giggle. “Can I sleep like this tonight Shego? I miss doing this.”

“I don't think I have much say in that Princess.” Shego sighed and decided to get comfortable since her mother was already apparently taking a nap while curled up on Kim who was laid out on her.

Meanwhile, just outside the colony a young woman was looking around the forest that she was lost in. “Galdernit… the map's on the blink again… Note t’ self… Wear ‘n tear proof the mappin’ system on Tornado…”

Amanda chuckled to herself as she watched the young woman scratch her head in confusion, “Lost are you? You should know electronics don’t like it out here unless they’re specially shielded.”

“Who’s there?” Joss asked as her head snapped up at the sound. After a moment she found herself falling off her horse as a pair of breasts suddenly appeared in front of her. Blinking her eyes as Tornado went into shut down, she saw a trim brunette hanging upside down out of a tree in front of her. “That wasn’t funny…”

“I dunno it was funny from this angle.” With a bit of a swing Amanda flipped over and dropped to the ground next to Joss. Extending a hand she offered her name to be a bit more friendly “Names Amanda … who are you and why haven’t you gotten out of those stupid clothes yet? Don’t tell me a fine looking redhead such as yourself is ashamed of that hard-body.”

“What are ya’ll talkin’ about? Isn’t this a state park?” Joss asked honestly confused. “I mean, ya’ll do realize this is a state park, and ya’ll could be arrested for public indecency, right?” Looking around the thick forest she had been wandering around in for the last few hours, she doubted anyone would have seen the brunette, but she felt like she had to warn her.

Amanda laughed loudly as if she had heard a great joke; in fact she had after a fashion. “The state park is a mile and two ridges back that way, you're about a mile into New Haven Naturalist. You know … the state’s largest nudist colony, and I’m one of the forest rangers here.”

Joss was suddenly glad she hadn’t gotten up yet, because she knew that her legs would have just given out at that line. “N…nudist colony?!” Joss repeated, her eyes wide in shock as she stared up at the naked woman above her.

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