KP: Kim Powered

Chapter 1


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TITLE: KP: Kim Powered

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Kim has lost something she never knew she needed, until recent events opened her eyes. (Sequel to Kitten Possible)

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1046

Kim sighed with annoyance as she looked out her window; it had been a month since Shego had vanished. In that time, she had healed to the point where there were no visible marks at all, meaning that Dr. Director and her mother both finally allowed her to get back to work. Unfortunately, in that time, no one had seen or heard from Shego at all.

Kim sighed as she looked at the pictures the doctors had taken of her back for her to look at. It was odd, but from her limited knowledge of medicine, there should be scaring where the claws had burned her, but there was nothing.

Hearing a knock at her door she got up and walked over, finding her long time best friend and current boyfriend standing there. “Hey KP, you alright?”

Kim smiled a little before nodding for him to have a seat as she retook her position staring out the window. “Yeah Ron, I’m fine… I’m just worried about Shego right now. She hasn’t done anything since she left, and that was a month ago. No thefts… no schemes… nothing with Drakken so far… nothing at all.”

“Don’t worry about it KP, we’ll find her. Just remember, you can do anything, even find your former arch-nemesis,” Ron offered with a playful tone. “So… how about you search the south end of town while I check out the east side, we’ll meet up at Bueno Nacho later?” He couldn’t understand it but for some reason Kim believed Shego was still close.

Kim nodded silently as she stared at the landscape surrounding her house, the rising sun casting long shadows over the land. ‘Shego, where are you? Are you alright?

Turning away from the window Kim sighed and grabbed her messenger bag loaded with bottles of water and the best search gear Wade had come up with. Even with the month off, she had been planning and preparing for this search, refining details until she was satisfied, and then redoing the next day out of sheer boredom and nerves. As she slid on the pouch she frowned at how familiar the weight was becoming to her.

Shego, please come back to me… I’m sorry for whatever I did, just come back I need you.

Ron watched his girlfriend’s face silently, he knew that she was having a lot of problems since that DNAmy mission, but he also knew that he couldn’t do anything more than help her with anything she needed.

Lowering his gaze he kicked himself mentally for the thought that Kim was getting too involved with Shego. She had told him everything about what happened the day she disappeared, from the transformation into a cat all the way to Shego leaving her while she slept. Being a guy, of course one thing always popped to mind when he thought of that story, and now was a time to indulge.

“Say KP… when you were a cat, and took a shower with Shego,” Ron started while watching Kim’s eyes widen. “What was the song she was singing? You never went into it.”

Kim let out a soft giggle as a smile spread on her face. ‘Only Ron…’ “It was Mr. Roboto Ron,” Kim said with a faint smile as she slipped on her pouch. “Anything else you want to know?”

“Do you think Shego is hot?” Ron asked, quickly ducking under a flung shoe from Kim. With a smirk he ducked out through Kim’s door with the red head in hot pursuit.

“Ronald Stoppable! You do not ask your girlfriend if her rival is hot!” Kim shouted while she tried to fight laughing at his antics and chased Ron off, “Even if she’s a former rival!”

“So… she is hot?” Ron called back, turning down a side street, heading towards where Kim and he would have to split.

“RON!” Kim bellowed out with a heavy blush forming on her cheeks. As the pair ran off, neither one noticed a sad pair of emerald eyes watching them leave. Stepping out of the shadows, Shego lowered the collar of her dark grey coat to let her pale green skin expose itself to the air.

Shaking her head, Shego sighed and turned away towards the northwest, away from Kim and the buffoon. Originally she had thought to remain away from Kim as much as possible, but something kept drawing her back to check in on the teen super heroine. Looking over her shoulder again, Shego sighed. “Kim, you’re going to hate me. I did something to you that is unforgivable.”

Walking away Shego grumbled about the persistence of Kim, that girl had been searching everyday for weeks now with no traces at all to go on. After a moment, a smile broke out on her face as she thought that was one of the things she loved about Kim. Blinking she stopped dead in her tracks at the word she had chosen. “Do I love Kimmie? I guess maybe as a rival there is some love… I do care for her… No, I don’t love her. She’s just a friend… a friend that will end up hating me.”

Sighing heavily Shego ducked into a back alley walking halfway down before stopping. Pressing in a brick, she sighed as she watched the back wall of the building slide in and up to reveal a set of stairs heading down into a basement. “I should call mom, let her know I’m alright,” Shego mused as she walked into her hideout. “Maybe I should let her know about Kimmie…”

Shego groaned as she settled into the recliner that had served as her bed for the past few weeks. While this was one of her better hideouts, she never did see a reason to furnish it. Closing her eyes she reached into her coat pocket and dug out a small black and green flip phone. As she hooked her thumb under the cover and let it pop open, she sighed and opened her eyes.

Pressing one button, Shego waited a moment to put the phone to her ear. Hearing it ring softly two times before a familiar voice spoke on the other end. With a small smile of relief she whispered, “Mommy… its Shego… I need your help.”

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