KP: Kim Powered

Chapter 6


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TITLE: KP: Kim Powered

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Kim has lost something she never knew she needed, until recent events opened her eyes. (Sequel to Kitten Possible)

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Thanks again go to mouse and the reviewers of the fic. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Words: 1791

Yori sighed as she closed the phone Ron had given her, her face frowned as she studied the picture of her and Ron that was on the outer cover. ‘I should help him out as he is an ally to the school, but I cannot help but feel that I am going to do it for selfish means.

Standing up from the patch of grass she had been sitting on during the call she looked over at the school that had been the only home she could remember.

We must always put the honor of the school first, personal feelings second.’ Yori reminded herself as she began to walk in to talk with Master Sensei before the evening meal, there was much to arrange. But the first step was getting permission to leave to help Ron.

It is only right to help allies, is it not? Even if I still have feelings for Stoppable-san, he is with Possible-san as fate has decreed. I must put my personal feelings aside for the good of the school.

Stepping into the dojo, Yori started walking softer, moving with noiseless grace. While this also helped her to might help her to impress upon Master Sensei that she was ready for a longer mission away from the school, it also gave her time to think as she had to move slower.

Most honorable Master Sensei, it is my honor to ask that I go and aid Stoppable-san in his hour of need,’ Yori recited mentally, trying to figure out the proper phrasing of the request. Reaching the door of Master Sensei she gulped nervously as she raised her hand to knock. Suddenly she had to stop her swing as the door swept open and there stood Master Sensei.

“M… master Sensei!” the young ninja gasped as she bowed deeply. “It is my honor to see you.”

The wizened old man smiled down at his favorite pupil, mostly to cover his surprise at her being here. “Yori, I was just coming to see you. I have a mission for you.”

“It is my honor to serve the school…” Yori said while her insides screamed in pain. ‘No! Not now! I have to help Ron-san!

“That is the spirit I expected from you Yori-chan. Come into my office and I shall tell you the details,” Master Sensei replied quietly before turning back into the office, leaving the door open for Yori. Yori walked into the office silently, her head bowed in submission with her arms folded in front of her.

Why… why now of all times when I need to ask to go away?’ Yori pleaded mentally as she followed the leader of the school. ‘Please Sensei, don’t do this to me. Don’t make me choose the honor of the school over my own heart! Please Sensei, I’m begging you.

Yori took her seat across from the white haired old man silently, her eyes calm and patient as she studied him. “How may I bring honor to the Yamanouchi School?”

The elderly ninja smiled gently as he pulled out an airplane ticket and slide it across the table to Yori. “I received a call from Global Justice, they would like one of my most experienced ninjas to go to the town of Middleton and stand in for Kim Possible-san while she is dealing with private matters. Naturally I thought of you for this task.”

Yori felt her heart leap as she realized just what had happened. ‘Fate… you have smiled on me… I thank you.’ Reaching her hand out with firm control over her emotions and body she took the tickets and read over the destination of Middleton. Fighting a full blow giggle, Yori bowed deeply. “It is my honor to take this mission, for the honor of Yamanouchi.”

“Yori my young apprentice,” Master Sensei replied quietly, “This mission was not taken as one of honor, remember that and perform as your heart wishes. This will make me very happy.”

Yori blushed at the thoughts that flashed through her mind causing the grandfatherly man across from the desk to smile wider. “Th…Thank you Master Sensei, I will do as you said.”

“Go no Yori, use that cell phone of yours and arrange for your contact Stoppable-san to pick you up. Oh, and your weapons with metal will be sent to Stoppable-san’s place within a few days, along with the Lotus blade,” Master Sensei said causing Yori’s eyes to widen with shock. “I believe that it shall come in useful to Stoppable-san in his time of need, as he will need you as well.”

“Thank you Master Sensei, I will do my best,” Yori whispered with a touched tone to her voice before standing and bowing to the older ninja. After a minute she ran off nearly giggling like a schoolgirl the entire time.

Master Sensei sat back with a smile as he watched Yori run off. “I think you are going to learn a lot about yourself young Yori-chan. As well as some things we do not teach here…”

Meanwhile, half the world away, Joss sighed as she stared at the sign for the bus stop. ‘Aunt Carmen took that well… Mebbe she knows somethin’ I didn’t,‘ Joss mused as she waited for the bus. ‘I wish I could go after Kim… but ‘er tape told me to go ‘ome when I was supposed ta,‘ Joss thought as she remembered the other parts of the tape with a faint blush to her cheeks.

Joss groaned as she pulled out a coin from her pocket, and turned it over between her fingers. ‘Heads I go ‘ome, tails I go after Kim,’ Joss thought as she hooked her thumb under the coin and flicked it into the air. Watching it fall to the ground she snarled as it landed on end and stayed that way. ‘NO WAY!I canna believe this, wha’ am I supposed ta do now?

Joss’s grumblings about the coin were interrupted by the trilling of her new JossLine. Pulling it out and thumbing the activation button she responded, “Howdy Wade, what’s up?”

“Hey Joss, got a new mission for you if you want it,” Wade said with a perturbed look, “Though I don’t really like how we got it. Global Justice is ordering me to get one of Team Possible looking for Kim. After you get home, grab the best horse your dad has, and enough gear for a long ride, I’ll give you the tracer’s signal.”

“Thank ya kindly Wade,” Joss said as she scooped up her coin. “But I’m just wonderin’ why me?”

“Well Joss, normally I wouldn’t do this,” Wade said with an annoyed look, “But GJ is threatening me with showing my mother the real electric bill, and the shock could kill her. Since I’m going to play command and control center until Kim’s back, and Ron is going to do the footwork with his reinforcements, we’re down to you. No offense meant, but you’re a new member and this is a field assignment without back up. Maybe a dangerous one but you’re a Possible. That and you can probably track them better if they leave Shego’s convertible. Kim told me your tracker skills are first rate.”

“Thank ya Wade…” Joss replied with a slight blush, “Any idea where they’re ‘eadin?”

“No, but I can tell you that they’ll have a good lead on you,” Wade answered before sighing and shaking his head. “All we have to do is watch her for a couple days, and make a report on if she is in training or not. Do not make contact, and try not to get caught.”

“Alright Wade, my bus is ‘ere, I’ll talk ta ya later,” Joss said as she entered the bus before hanging up. ‘It seems that luck was right… I do both.

That evening Ron stood in the Middleton airport looking around nervously at the crowd of people pressing in around him. ‘Where’s Yori? Is her flight’s late? Did it crash? Did I get the wrong gate? Did she decide that I wasn’t worth the trouble?

Ron bit his lower lip as he looked around searching for Yori, his attention was so focused on scanning the crowd that he never noticed the thin figure sneaking up behind him. Silently the figure reached out her hand, encircling her arm about his neck. Standing on her tiptoes the figure spoke as her arm finally contacted Ron’s neck. “It is your honor to pay attention Stoppable-san.”

Ron’s hand snapped up to intercept the arm around his neck as soon as contact was made, leaning back into the attacker he dropped down to a knee, flipping the female over his back, he heard the person grunt as she landed solidly on her back. He had his fist poised to strike when he realized who it was and smiled. “Sorry about that Yori, did you have a good trip?”

“Yes I did Stoppable-san, thank you,” Yori replied with a heavy blush to her cheeks, “It is your honor to let me up, is it not?”

Ron blushed as he helped Yori to her feet, looking at the guards eyeing the pair suspiciously. “Yori, it’s great to see you again, but let’s go to my place where we can talk.” Holding out his arm he offered to escort the young ninja silently with a goofy smile. “Let’s get your bags and go.”

Yori smiled and let Ron lead her away from the terminal; inside her heart was cheering at the sight of Ron and hoping someday to replace Possible-san in his heart. Little did she know that all Ron was thinking of was how nice that jasmine perfume she wore smelled.

Later that night, while Ron was talking with Yori, a sole figure stole from a ranch in Montana carrying a modest size pack. Slipping into the stables Joss sighed as she packed her luggage into the compartment of ol’ Tornado.

Over the years her father had fixed the glitch in his programming, and added loads of useful functionality. Now it was her favorite horse of the whole stable and nearly perfect for this mission. Mounting up, she began the power up period with a sigh. ‘Kim, please be alright.

Thumbing on her JossLine she smiled at the face of Wade as he popped up, looking slightly groggy. “Ready ta go Wade, what’s the coordinates?”

Stifling a yawn Wade typed in a few keystrokes before looking back to the camera. “On their way Joss, good luck.”

“Thanks Wade, I’m gonna need it,” Joss said before Wade faded from view and a map appeared with an arrow pointing off the side of it. ‘This is for ya Kim, gotta keep my cousin offa GJ’s bad lists.

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