Since Sun, 10 Sep 2006 has also its own Chat. You can talk about Fanfiction, with your favorite Author (if he/she is in the Chat) or about Kim Possible in General. Its also the perfect place to contact the Admins, propose changes or talk about things we could do better. Be aware that the fandom is very international and we suffer from the fact that we all live in diffrent timezones. When the Chat is empty there is a big chance that people are sleeping or have real-life-duties.


We use the IRC-System for the Chat. Its widly used and very stable. Since we run it on our own Server its pretty safe too. A Introduction into IRC can be found here: The IRC Prelude

Network: None
Channel: #kpslashhaven
Port: 6667

Terms of service

These are mostly the same like the Board has. Since the Chat is an Extension of the Board they apply also.

  • Terms of service are simple common sense, but require stating.
  • No disrespect to other users, racial, sexual or otherwise hurtful comments. Class-2
  • No arguing with mods. If you disagree with a decision, talk to one of the admins.

Class-1: These are simple errors in judgement, which will result in a PM from the admin/mod involved along with the appropriate action, be it moving adult material to the proper forum.
Class-2: First offense will result in a PM, and loss of posting priviledge for two days. Second offense will result in a suspension of 5 days. Third offense will result in ban.
Class-3: First offense is a one week suspension. Second offense is a ban.


You can use a wide Range of Software to join the Chat. From Browser Plugins, Java-Applets (in work) to complete Applications.


mIRC Shareware, most Popular Chat-Client for Windows
X-Chat Free, unofficial Windows-Version of X-Chat (OpenSource)
X-Chat Shareware, official Windows-Version of X-Chat (OpenSource, but the Windows-Build is Shareware)
Trillian Free, Poular IM-Client, can also be used for IRC
GAIM A multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client, can also be used for IRC (OpenSource)
Miranda IM Open-source multi protocol instant messenger client for Microsoft Windows, can also be used for IRC.
Pirch IRC Chat Client Free IRC-Chat Client


irssi irssi IRC client (OpenSource)
ksirc ksirc IRC client (KDE-Desktop, OpenSource)
X-Chat official Linux-Version of X-Chat (OpenSource)
GAIM A multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client, can also be used for IRC (OpenSource)


ChatZilla IRC-Plugin for Firefox (OpenSource)

So thats all, join and have fun!