Dirty Little Secrets

Chapter 3



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TITLE: Exams

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: Everyone has secrets. Some deeper than others. Come take a sneak peek at some secrets. Various pairings. Series of one shots.

TYPE: Other

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 4349

Doctor Annika Possible, Ann to her few friends and many colleagues, was only slightly baffled by how she had gotten into her current position, not that she was going to complain about it at all. She should have guessed that things were going to go as they were anyway. They always did, after all, and she never made any move to stop it. The thing was that it was never planned. They never set up for things to end up where they were. It just seemed to be a natural progression for them; maybe it had always been natural for them to end up as they were about to when stress and frustration came into play.

The day started out simple and innocent enough, as they typically did the past twenty or so years. She had called her old college friend for need of a day in reality, not the on-going, often-exploding science experiment that was her home. Now, she loved her husband and her sons. She did not mind their ever-growing desire to try out loud, fiery, dangerous and a dozen other types of experiments in the house…with her around while she was trying to relax…after pulling overtime at the hospital, doing not only major brain surgery, but other surgeries as well considering the fact that she was a talented general surgeon as well as neurosurgeon. Okay, maybe it grated on her worn down nerves ever-so slightly. That would explain why she needed to get out of the house for the day before she snapped like a splintered bone and made her favorite fellows regret their love of science and their disregard for her once clean house.

So, the redhead had dialed up her friend, who was more than up for spending sometime together for her own reasons also involving stress-related issues. They both practically ran together for the usual, special-brand of support that they brought to each other. Tension seemed to keep their friendship alive, Ann thought. In fact, it seemed that their friendship might have been built on stress and frustration. Those things seemed to be strong foundations, as they had been friends for well over twenty years now. She was not sure if it was a good thing or not, but she was not going to question it. Just like she was not going to question her current situation.

When the day started, it was simple, quietly soothing for the most part. She met up with her friend at a little café. They spoke softly while eating lunch together, catching up on the good times that had occurred since the last time that they met. Smiles were exchanged along with surprising jokes, as if it had not been months since the last time that they had seen each other. They both felt the pressure and tightness that had been wound in their bodies as if the feelings had been chained to them abandoned them after a few minutes of being in each other’s company. Being around each other was better than a full body massage in their opinions, which was something that kept them together through the years. They were each other’s best kind of therapy, physically and mentally, easing away the ill feelings that they carried with them kind of like pack mules.

After lunch, the pair had gone to the movies for lack of a better thing to do. It was an enjoyable outing for the most part, even though they did not want to see anything that was playing. By that time, the day showed no signs of them ending up where they were now, yet there they were. It seemed inevitable, but wholly avoidable at the same time. It never occurred to them to put a halt to things because where they were seemed to be the natural way that things went for them.

Ann was sitting on a made bed in a fairly nice motel room; they would never think to go to one of their homes to do what they were about to do, even if no one was going to be home. She was sitting on a decent mattress, comfortable to a degree. The room itself was pretty small, but the doctor was not going to be there long enough to care about that. She was just waiting for her friend to come pay her some mind, but a phone call was getting priority over her, which she could understand. Her friend had important things to handle after all. Little things like that was one of the reasons that her friend, well, loved her, although she was well aware that the love was far from romantic.

The brief time that the neurosurgeon was alone, the redhead did have time to think about what she knew was going to happen. One would think that she would leave, but she never did. She never left when she had the chance, just like they never turned around when she and her friend had the chance to do so. Why should she leave? She wanted it, almost needed it as much as her friend did. That was the way things were between them, the way that things had almost always been.

Now, things should not get twisted to the point where one would assume that Ann did not love her husband to the stars and back. She did love that man beyond comprehension and she knew full well that the feeling was returned, which made her gleeful to a certain extent. She would never want to lose her husband, so why was she doing what she was doing? Well, for one, she doubted that she would get caught and, yes, even she had a little bad streak in her to where if she could get away with something, then she had no problem with doing it. Ann was no saint and never pretended to be one. She had been doing what she was doing for a long time now and had not been caught, so she doubted that she ever would get caught.

The doctor also was not going to lie to herself and say that it was just sex, meaningless and fueled only by a desire to feel physical pleasure. It was nothing like that; she liked to doubt that there was no such thing as meaningless sex anyway. There was always something to the act beyond lust and there was that with her and her friend. There was some emotion connected to the act between them. She felt some strange form of love for her friend that went beyond friendship, but never achieved something that made them go for an actual romantic relationship. It was something odd, but they both accepted it and benefited from it.

Their love was something that had existed almost as long as their friendship. The pair sometimes joked about it because they did discuss their feelings openly, like they did everything else. They teased each other about being “weird” because of their relationship; it was a good way to unwind after a semester of them trying to kill each other, which was something else that made their friendship odd and was also something else that they joked about. It was not that they tried to physically destroy each other, going at each other in a fight or something like that. No, they were too subtle for such actions.

“Sorry about that,” her friend said as she entered the room, disturbing Ann’s thoughts. She had taken her phone call in the bathroom because of the number that had come up.

“No problem. I hope it’s not something serious,” Ann replied sincerely. The last thing that either of them needed was for their day to be brought to a halt due to something serious, meaning the stress was just going to be back hours after it had been banished.

“No, Agent Du just can’t tie his shoelaces without knowing what paperwork to fill out and being given direct orders to do so,” came the reply from Doctor Elizabeth Director, known as Betty to her few friends, annoying brother, and a certain green-skinned, smart-mouthed agent that she did not even want to think about.

Ann chuckled a bit. “You’re the one that promoted him.”

Betty sighed as if she was exhausted. “I should’ve known better. Why do I bring these things onto myself?” she asked, speaking mostly herself. She knew that most of the trouble that she had in life was her own fault in someway, yet she continued on like that. Why?

“We like the pressure. We always have,” Ann reminded her friend.

Betty could not argue that one. Most of her stress she did bring upon herself, just like Ann. They had always been that way, even as undergrads in college. From the moment that they met, finding themselves roommates, they discovered themselves to be rather unhealthy for each other. They had the bad habit of feeding the other’s drive by offering up a rival with an equal sense of power. They always competed with each other back then to see who could take on more, who could be the better student since that was mainly what they had in common in a broad sense. They always both went to school all year round, taking the maximum amount of credits allowed in the summer and winter sessions. They usual went very overboard on credits during the fall and spring semesters, which actually led to them both graduating a year and a half earlier than they were supposed to. They used to frighten people at their school with the way they worked and managed to maintain perfect grade point averages. They were a surreal duo back then; they still were.

“Now, I was doing something before the phone call from the dumb…” Betty pretended to ponder the matter. “I’m thinking it was you,” she realized with a devilish smirk.

“You might be onto something,” Ann remarked with a chuckle.

“Or I will be.” Betty smirked and then she pounced on the redheaded doctor on the bed. The mattress squeaked beneath them, protesting the action as if it knew who they were and what was to come, while Ann giggled a little bit.

The brunette woman attacked Ann in an instant with a hard kiss on the lips. The embrace was rather different from the ones that they experienced with their significant others as well as other people that they had kissed before meeting each other and their mates. It was unique and complicated, like everything else between them. There was no jolt of electricity, no lighting of an inferno inside of either of them; it was not even the calm before the storm. It was more like having an ice cream cone on a summer day, just satisfying and chasing away bothersome heat; their kiss chased away bothersome stress.

Ann accepted the rough kiss as always, wrapping her arms around one of the most powerful women in the world, not that such a thing ever entered Ann’s mind. After all, she knew Betty back when the brunette used to hyperventilate over finals. Not that she could say anything to that fact considering that Betty knew her back when she used to have panic-attacks over lab reports. They knew some rather embarrassing, key information on each other and they could only trust that the other never leaked the circumstances to someone else.

Back then, in college, they competed with each other to an exhausting degree, almost working each other to death, but they also knew when to call it quits. They knew when the other was going to crack without words being said and they still seemed to have that ability. They both always almost hit the breaking point at the same time, so when one called the other for a need of relaxing, the other was at the same point and required the same thing. It had always been that way and back when they competed, they both always quit at the same time, knowing each other so well that they never even had to say the words. There was just a look that they gave each other that spoke volumes, mostly saying, “If we keep this up, we’ll be dead and it’ll still be a tie.” Tying was much better than death in their opinions because they lived to compete another day. As much as they wore each other out, the pair did like going against each other, pushing themselves to keep up with the other and the feeling was so stimulating. It was close to being addictive for them back then.

“When do you have to be home?” Betty asked curiously as she pulled away from the redhead’s sweet lips, not as sweet as her significant other, but sweet nonetheless. She had little desire to keep Ann beyond the time that the neurosurgeon had to spare. She understood that Ann had responsibilities that she had to get back to just like Ann understood that she had things that she needed to get back to.

“In a couple of hours to make dinner,” Ann answered while gasping in some air, knowing that she was going to require it soon enough when that busy mouth came back to her for more. She would not deny it when it came, enjoying the moment just as much as her friend did.

Betty nodded and fought the urge to laugh, as she often did when the doctor said something like that. Ann was so domestic for someone with her job and intellect in the brunette’s opinion. It was actually a bit amazing to the director of Global Justice that her best friend pretty much could be the same woman that she met many years ago while also being a mother and housewife to an extent. Betty doubted that she could ever be a homemaker because of who she was and because of her job. She wished that her girlfriend could understand that the way that Ann did. Not that Betty would prefer a relationship with Ann to the one that she had with her girlfriend. No, she loved her perky little blonde with all of her heart, but sometimes, well, Vivian was not as understanding as she would like.

Vivian was always breathing down Betty’s neck about something in her opinion. Sometimes they were things that were rather trivial as far as she was concerned. The blonde was always hollering about how Betty took off, sometimes during dates or romantic evenings. It seemed that she never bothered to take into consideration that Betty was the boss of a major global, law enforcement agency and many lives depended on her reaction to situations. Most of the time, Betty tried her best to be there for and with Vivian, but some things just required her attention and she wished that Vivian would accept that. Instead, Vivian whined about it and resented it more often than not, like a spoiled child.

Betty could understand her love’s position on the matter, although it was not changing her behavior much. Vivian liked attention from people that were important in her life while the rest of the world’s opinions did not matter much to the blonde. Betty was just about the most important person to her, so she delighted in attention from Betty. That alone was flattering in and of itself, but it did not seem to be enough to get Betty to stay home every now and then when her phone went off and it was the office calling. The brunette would actually love nothing more than to lavish Vivian with all the attention that she wanted, but she also liked her job. She would like to be able to do her job without a guilt-trip every time she rushed off to go to work.

“You should try making dinner once in a while,” Ann remarked with a teasing smile. She thought that things could be so much better between Vivian and Betty if the law enforcer made an effort every once and while. She would also concede that Vivian should be a little more understanding toward Betty’s position. They were both rather stubborn and set in their ways, though.

“Hey, you don’t tell me how to not piss my girl off and I won’t tell you how to stop your sons from blowing up the laundry room,” Betty riposted with a smug look.

Ann laughed a bit, although she supposed that she had been countered quite well. She was not interested in being told how to raise her sons, after all, especially by a woman that did not have any children. Besides, she liked that her sons were free-spirited and desired to experiment, and build their sharp, though dangerous minds. She did not mind their general insanity, but she could not take it all of the time. Instead of stopping them, she just had to get away for a while.

The friends frequently spoke on their relationships and even Ann’s family, despite what they were about to do. It was not awkward, especially since they had always talked about everything anyway. They just did not know how to be uncomfortable with each other and accepted what was going on in each other’s lives while continuing to be the way that they had always been. They did try to help each other, as that was what their friendship was all about, aside for pushing each other to the point of exhaustion in accomplishments.

“You should do something for her. It’ll make her feel better, which will make you feel better,” Ann pointed out, rubbing her friend’s shoulders since her arms were still around Betty’s neck. She could feel how tight Betty’s muscles were despite the day that they had just shared; the one-eyed woman was still wound tighter than a bedspring. But, she did notice that Betty’s shoulders were loosening up under her adroit fingers.

“I’ll think about. I’m not really in the mood with making her feel better after the way she acted last night because I had to go stop some terrorists,” the brunette commented with a bit of an attitude, revealing that she was rather upset with her girlfriend, which explained her tense muscles to her friend.

Vivian had pitched a hissy fit over the fact that Betty did have to leave their bed last night to go save lives. They had not even been doing anything, just sleeping, and then she got a call and had to hurry to the office to make sure that people did not have to die in senseless violence. Vivian had been doing that more often lately, whining about things, which was one of the reasons that Betty’s stress-levels were through the roof. Sometimes, she feared that she was going to have to go on medication to keep herself from cracking, but things thankfully never came to that because she had something much better than drugs; she had a great friend. Right now, all she wanted to do was rid of herself the tension, just like her friend.

Betty leaned down for another kiss, just as heated and rough as the first one. Ann responded to the kiss the same as before and started pawing at Betty’s plain shirt to pull it over the brunette woman’s head. The brunette pulled away just for the shirt to come off and dived right back into Ann’s mouth as soon as that cloth was gone. The redhead continued returning the kiss while working Betty’s plain, white bra off too. Betty hissed in pleasure as she felt Ann’s soft, expensive hands on her; those little hands had to be worth a fortune considering how good Ann was at her job.

Betty shifted her body, trying to lean more into Ann’s excellent touch as the redhead massaged one of her breasts. She closed her eye and experienced the wonderful caressing. It felt so good, especially since Ann knew just where to touch her and how to do it to help alleviate her tension. It was not exactly sensual or even really sexual amazingly enough, considering what they were about to do. The redhead’s work was intense, but not like the touch of a lover. It was not something that Betty could describe, but it worked wonders in relaxing her frazzled nerves as it always did. Ann always had that magic touch in soothing Betty’s tense body. But, it was never quite lustful or amorous, even back when they were not “cheating” on their mates and had the chance to be a couple in their own right.

Ann looked up at her friend’s face and smiled a bit because she knew that she was doing what she sort of looked at as her duty. She could tell from the relaxed expression on Betty’s face that she did need the attention without any hassle, which was something that Ann could easily supply and did, like always. The brunette just needed something that involved no pressure at all, no expectations at all. Betty needed something where she could just be, which was just what her friend gave her.

The redhead sat up a bit to latch onto the peak of Betty’s flesh and she began manipulating the pink pearl with her mouth and tongue in a manner typical of her. Betty cried out and held Ann’s head to her with one hand to make sure that the attention did not stop. She caressed the back to Ann’s head with gentle fingers while Ann worked on her with as much care as the surgeon would use in an operation. After letting Ann feast on her for a few moments, Betty yanked at the doctor’s hair, which was a signal that it was her turn.

The first time that Betty had actually pulled on Ann’s hair like that, they had gotten into an argument. Ann had not taken kindly to the action and Betty was not one to let anyone, even her closest companion, question her actions. They had been nineteen at the time and spent over an hour barking on each other without their tops on; they supposed that would be the risk when two headstrong, proud people got in bed together. It would have been quite the sight to witness if only everyone on their dorm floor was not too scared to approach their room to find out what was going on.

Ann did not argue and pulled away that time. Betty wasted on time in ridding Ann of her shirt and bra. The brunette acted just as quickly in attacking Ann’s chest and the neurosurgeon choked back a scream; Betty knew a secret pressure point on the redhead that even her husband did not know existed. Ann had once tried to tell James about the spot, but he just could not put the right amount of pressure on it the way that Betty did. Hitting the point just right was a surefire way to turn Ann into a jelly-like substance that would be able to go home and keep her sanity for another few months without tension wrapping around her insides like a boa constrictor. And it would seem that only Betty was meant to know where it was and the right way to touch the spot, as if it was a secret musical note and she played it to perfection every time.

The pair did not stop there, even though they were both at ease enough to where they probably could have gone home and lived on without tearing their hair out for a while. They never did things in a half-assed manner and they wanted to make sure that they had properly taken care of the other, though. The last thing that they wanted was to get a phone call a few days later with one of them doing something crazy like crying on the other end due to whatever reason. So, they continued their treatment.

The friends took off each other’s clothing. They never took the time to admire the other’s physical appearance; it was not something that they really cared about. They slid and started grinding against each other like they used to when they were in college. They moved together as one just like they used to do, like they probably always would as long as they needed to relieve frustration. And there was emotion there, even though it was not the love that they felt for their partners. It was just something that kept them together as good friends that knew what the other needed and was more than willing to supply it.

When it was all said and done, they were going to go back to the loves of their lives; Vivian for Betty and James for Ann. Betty felt like she was in a forgiving mood by the end of things and decided to pick up dinner for her and Vivian, along with the blonde’s favorite flowers and a bottle of wine. If it was not for Ann, she would have just decided to let Vivian mope because she would have still felt like she was going to snap in two and to her, Vivian would have been partly to blame for it. It was great for Betty’s mind to know that there was someone out there that understood that she had other priorities and responsibilities in life. It was that truth that made her capable of going on, just like always.

Ann knew what that was like, having someone that got her through tough times. She appreciated having someone in her life that had her feet planted firmly on the ground rather than gazing out into space. It just helped her hold onto her sanity and it made sure that she would be able to make it through life. Now, she could go home and deal with everything that came with being the matriarch of the Possible household as well as a world known, first class neurosurgeon. She felt like she could take on anything that life threw her way now.

Next time: Mr. Possible…

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