Dirty Little Secrets

Chapter 1

Thick as thieves


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TITLE: Thick as thieves

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: Everyone has secrets. Some deeper than others. Come take a sneak peek at some secrets. Various pairings. Series of one shots.

TYPE: Other

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 5444

A/N: Okay, I’m gonna try to make this clear without giving away the premise of this story. Don’t read this if you’re very much into the canon couples or think certain characters can do no wrong. If you read this and don’t like it based on the pairings or what the characters do, you can complain to your heart’s content, but I’m not going to argue with people over anything that happens in the tale. It’s just a story, after all.

Kim was vaguely aware of the fact that it was cold; it was freezing actually. One would have guessed that she would be more than vaguely aware since she was currently scaling a barren, snow-covered mountain, but the snarling nip in the air was far from her mind. She was mostly thinking of her objective, not the weather, not what she was leaving behind, and not the sting of guilt she should be experiencing, but had stopped feeling such an emotion a long time ago. Her objective drove her forward and kept her from thinking of the unpleasantness that she should be feeling, but was not.

The wind whipped through her red mane, keeping it from being in her face, which was good because it allowed her to focus ahead of her. She had a determined expression locked on her face as she moved on. She gripped the firm, grey rocks underneath her glove-covered hands and continued to pull herself upward toward heaven. She was headed for what seemed like a small dot in the distance, but she would be there soon enough. She was cautious in her ascent, but she was also rapid in her movements because she did not have the time to spare. She had a weekend and that was hardly enough time to visit the Garden of Eden in her opinion. Still, some time was better than none at all and it had been months since she had such time to make the trip. She could not make it up that damnable mountain fast enough in her opinion, but she did want to make sure that she made it up there.

The petite hero probably made it to the dot, which happened to be a quaint little cabin, in record time, but then again, she probably always made it in record time. She did not care about that. She was just ecstatic to finally be there and apparently the person waiting for her was too if the crushing embrace that Kim received when she entered the small shack had anything to say about it. The redhead did not even have a chance to feel the warmth of the cabin because she was engulfed in the body heat of the person waiting. She did not mind that in the slightest.

“I was starting to think you stood me up, Princess,” Shego commented, purring into Kim’s frosty neck as she spoke, warming the area with her breath and their contact.

“I didn’t take that long,” Kim replied in a low voice, just reveling in how close they were and the feel of Shego’s warm breath against her cold skin.

“It’s always long to me,” the pale woman quipped coquettishly before taking a little nibble on Kim’s tender, delicious neck since she was positioned there.

Kim only chuckled a bit, a very small sound, while pushing away from Shego because she wanted to get out of her freezing clothes before doing anything else. Kim planned to abandon the clothing where she stood once they were on the covered wooden floor. Shego looked at the redheaded hero for a second and noticed the slight-blue and bright red tint to her typically peach cheeks. She waited for Kim to be out of her coat before grabbing the hero up for another affectionate embrace. With the new hug, she cradled Kim to her and the redhead knew exactly what Shego was doing. The olive-eyed female relaxed into the loving embrace and let Shego’s warmth take away the chill from outside while also easing the agonizing longing that she had been feeling for the past couple of months.

“I missed you so much,” Kim muttered in the green-skinned woman’s shoulder because her face was pressing into that area.

“You better miss me. Gives me some incentive to put up with this crap,” Shego remarked in a playful tone. “Let’s get you warmed up.”

Kim nodded and they walked deeper into the little cabin, which was decorated in a very Spartan manner. There was no real furniture, except for the bed and a box that held firewood in it. There was a cooler in the corner against the thick walls that were built to keep out the mountain chill from the tiny house. The cooler held some drinks to last them through their time together. A plain brown paper bag sat on top of the cooler and it contained canned goods that could be cooked over an open fire, which was what the fireplace was for, among other things. The floor was wooden, but covered by a thick, black carpet.

The redhead sat down by the stone fireplace. She breathed a sigh of relief, even though she was still in her frosty gear for the most part. She did take off her gloves to quickly warm up her hands as she suspected those would be busy soon and she would like to have all of the feeling in her fingers. If she saw the glint in Shego’s emerald eyes, she would have know that was a very correct assumption of hers, but the hero was focusing on the superb fire in front of her rather than the eager sublime creature behind her. She would pay that wonderful being some attention as soon as it was necessary, though.

There was a roaring fire already going, crackling and popping; wonderful sounds as far as the near Kim-sicle was concerned. Shego had prepared the fire when she was waiting for the younger woman and they could retreat into their own little, perfect fantasy world. A world where they were not always at each other’s throats, even though Shego was not a villain anymore. She had gotten out of that game over a year ago, but she still maintained her badass attitude, even with Kim when their paths crossed outside. It was good that she did considering that Kim was almost always with Ron when they ran into each other. But, then again, if given enough time, she and Kim got along best through snide remarks and snappy comebacks. It was just the way they were and she liked things that way because it was fun to her. Kim felt the same, even though every now and then she did wish Shego was a little less confrontational about every little thing.

Shego went to the bed against the wall in the one-room cottage and picked up a thick plain, black quilt from the mattress. She sat down next to Kim and wrapped the blanket around both of them. The redhead leaned into Shego and sighed contently as soon as pleasing contact was made, the body contact and heat assuring her that she was there with the one person that she loved in the world romantically.

Shego looked down at Kim as she snuggled closer to her. She drank in everything about the younger hero for a moment. The perfect feel of the smaller body pressing against her for affection and warmth, both of which she would eagerly supply in intense waves, like a tsunami. The odd smell of Kim underneath the frigid cold; she gave off a fragrance of strawberries, which happened to be a favorite snack of Shego’s too, which seemed a bit weird or ironic. She was not totally sure which it was and she did not care. She noted the heavy breathing coming from Kim as she began to heat up; soon that would end because her chill would have abandoned her, but for the moment, it worked as reminder that she was there and all for Shego. She was there totally for Shego.

Kim was more than aware of the hot body that she was pressing herself into and believed that it was the most heavenly place to be. If she were to die at that very moment, she would have gone with a very satisfied smile on her face. Life was all about the gentle touch of the woman beside her, the soft rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, and the emotions that Kim easily could see in those emerald eyes that tried their best to look like the gates of Hell, but she knew the truth. Those eyes were the road to paradise; she was known to get lost on that road if given the slightest chance and she knew that she planned to that weekend.

A weekend to themselves to be trapped in their own little wonderful world, they both thought with dreamy sighs. A weekend where neither of them had to worry about what the rest of the human population thought if they were seen together. A weekend that held no negative consequences. A weekend to express the deep love that they felt for each other. It was not enough time; it was never enough time. But, they would take it.

As Kim warmed up, she began to rub her cheek like an attention-starved cat into Shego’s shoulder, which was where she was resting her head. The green-skinned woman knew the movement was as much a signal as it was to bestow her with some physical affection. She leaned down slowly and captured Kim’s mouth in a tender, loving kiss; the younger woman probably would have purred like a content cat if she was not focusing all of her mind on how divine the sweet embrace felt. As they pulled away a mere centimeter to breath in the crisp air that smelled like kindled wood, they stared into each other’s eyes and saw the yearning that remained there from their time apart.

“If only we could show the world…” Shego mumbled with some sorrow in her voice. She wished what was going on now could be their outside lives instead of the little weekend.

“If only,” Kim concurred in the same tone along with deep, desired longing in her olive eyes. It would be the very definition of heaven if she could be in Shego’s arms everyday, just feeling the plasma-wielder breathing against her.

No one could or would ever know what they had, though. It just was not feasible, not at the moment and it probably never would be, even though Shego was no longer a villain. There were just circumstances in their lives that would be in the way and some barriers nearly impossible to overcome, not that they would not try. They just could not try any major ones right now.

There was the fact that Shego now worked for Global Justice and she was not totally sure about their attitude toward homosexuals. She doubted that they could or would fire her over it, but they could possibly make her life more difficult than she required it to be at the moment due to her sexual orientation. Such a thing would not serve her purpose well because she would end up losing her temper with them and have all kinds of assault and battery charges tacked onto her already mile-long rap sheet. And if it was one thing that she did not need, it was the possible prison time such actions would lead to.

The super-powered female was trying to straighten up and fly right as best she could given her past actions and GJ had happened to have worked out since they knew what she was capable of. They were willing to pay her a good amount of money while cutting off a few years on a prison sentence that she had coming her way, and gave her the adrenaline fix that she needed in order to make it through life. On the other hand, she was pretty sure that she would be able to make it through life just fine if she could have her beloved angel with her every moment of the day. But, she knew that that was just not going to happen. Shego was not sure how the GJ administration would react to finding out that not only was she into girls, but Kim Possible nonetheless. She did not want to put up with them trying to get her to tempt Kim to join the payroll even after the redhead had already wisely turned down the law enforcement agency several times in the past. Kim was doing fine on her own and being weighed down with everything that came with being a GJ agent was not worthwhile to her. In Shego’s “humble” opinion, Kim needed to do what was right with her own sense of justice, not some agency’s command.

Shego was also trying her best to reconcile with her brothers. It was going about as smooth as sandpaper, but she was trying. She doubted that they would take it well to find out that she was a lesbian, especially considering how self-righteous Hego could get. And it did not help matters that their little brothers had the odd tendency to follow his example, even if they personally did not agree with him. If she ever did decide to tell them, she was counting on waiting at least a few years before springing her sexuality on them. Despite all of that, her reasons for keeping the relationship on the low paled just a bit compared to Kim’s reasons for why they were locked away from prying eyes and might always be that way.

“You know, Princess, I can’t believe the things I put up with from you,” Shego remarked for no real reason other than she liked being a smartass while reveling in the redhead’s presence and practically getting drunk just off of the feel of having Kim against her. She was already sitting with her eyes half-lidded, as if she was tired, but she was just intoxicated with being with the hero.

“It’s because you love me,” Kim replied with an impish smile on her face. The expression made the plasma-wielder’s heart pound hard in her chest; the redhead appeared so adorable.

Shego could not argue that. It had to be the reason that she put up with Kim; the same could be said with why Kim put up with her and she recognized that. She leaned in for another kiss, which was soul-searing and reminded them both why they continued to carry on as they did. The reality was that they needed each other; they craved each other. Every part of their bodies and souls cried out for the other and they had to respond to those desperate pleas or else they would not be able to go on and would whither away like stones in a desert, slowly yet painfully.

“I don’t know why, but every time I see you, it’s like Christmas morning,” Kim commented as they pulled apart for air again. It was the truth. Every time that she saw the raven-haired woman, there was a rush of joyous anticipation that shot through her like being struck by lightning and she could feel it burning brightly on all of her nerve-endings.

“Then unwrap your present already,” Shego urged the younger female with a devilish smile on her face. The redhead thought that the smile was an expression an archangel might make.

Kim did not waste anytime going in to take off the black sleeveless t-shirt that Shego was wearing. The fire had done the minimum of chasing her chill away, but Kim knew that the flame of their love and passion would be enough to heat her up and Shego would definitely keep her warm. She eased the piece of cloth off of the green-skinned woman as if she was carefully peeling a banana, a very sexy banana. As soon as Shego was free of her top, she reached for Kim’s shirt, which had to be unbuttoned. Shego was not known to stop for buttons when they were in the cabin and was not about to start being known for it now. She simply tore the shirt from Kim; the redhead already knew that whatever she wore up there was going to be ruined before an hour even passed. No outfit survived the first hour for Kim and she never minded; she just wanted to feel Shego and be with Shego.

They leaned in for another scorching kiss that put the fire before them to shame and made much desired skin contact. As their flesh touched, it was like two fires joined together to make one large inferno, making them burn for each other even more. They fought against the urge to paw at each other like wild beasts and managed to caress each other with gentle hands; Kim’s palms were massaging Shego’s back while Shego was tenderly stroking Kim’s sides. The attention was gratifying to a degree, but also caused them to ache for each other all the more. They needed more of everything.

Shego pressed forward as they separated for a desperate breath; they had barely pulled away from each other, so close to still touching that they swore they could still feel each other’s mouths. Shego then attacked Kim’s collarbone with much enthusiasm, causing Kim to hiss sharply at the feel of her lover’s lips against her now blazing hot skin. The redhead tasted like ambrosia, Shego was certain of that. Pale green hands crawled upward as painted black lips softly descended on the peach skin at her mercy. Hands met mouth mid-torso where Shego placed a wet kiss in the valley of Kim’s breasts, which were both occupied by pale hands.

“Shego…” Kim whimpered in pleasure, shifting a little bit as an indication that she wanted more.

“Tell me, who knows you better than I do?” Shego inquired in almost teasing tone while continuing to knead Kim’s flesh.

The redhead did not answer right away. Her mind was hazy, wonderfully clouded with the delight that only Shego could bring her. Her silence was not much appreciated, even though it did show that she was enthralled with what was going on, which was quite the keen stroke to Shego’s ego. It just was not enough.

“Who knows you better than I do?” the raven-haired vixen demanded to know, growling the question out now. It almost sounded like she was angry, although she was far from that.

“Nobody,” Kim whispered while trying to press herself deeper into Shego’s magnificently talented hands. She knew that she needed to answer the question or she would end up being tortured with those devoted hands that she needed on her flesh in the same way her lungs needed air. She was at Shego’s mercy, totally at it.

“I didn’t quite hear that,” Shego commented, applying a bit more pressure, which caused Kim to let out a small moan. She knew that she was not assisting in Kim’s ability to respond to her verbally, but she did not care. She wanted her answer and she wanted it now at a decent volume.

“Nobody,” the olive-eyed hero repeated in the same low tone as before. She was having a bit of a problem multitasking with comprehending Shego’s question, gathering enough brainpower to respond, focusing on the intense pleasure coursing through her right now, and thinking about what was soon to come.

“Louder,” Shego ordered before licking around Kim’s right mound. There was a spot there that she was avoiding just to torment the redhead until she got the exact volume that she desired.

“Nobody!” Kim answered in a shout because she knew that if she did not say it loud enough, Shego would just keep taunting her, no matter how limited the time was that they had together.

Shego chuckled a bit before going in for rose-colored peak of the hill that her mouth was engaged with while caressing the redhead’s sweet spot. Kim cried out and held Shego to her as soon as the raven-haired woman made contact with her delightful mouth on that aching bud. Shego wanted to stay where she was, suckling and nibbling, wishing that could leave a mark that declared Kimmie was hers and hers alone, but she could not do such a thing and would not do it. She would not put her princess in such a predicament.

Since Shego could not do what she wished while at Kim’s chest, she decided to continue on downward the breathtaking body begging, aching, and beckoning for her touch. As she began her descent, she eased Kim down onto her back to make things easier and more comfortable for the both of them. The redhead ended up lying down on the deep, cushioned rug that was underneath them while Shego was tenderly kissing her abdomen. She dipped her tongue into Kim’s little bellybutton and swirled around the impression as if it was lined with candy. Kim was panting in anticipation and licked her drying lips from the unbelievable sensations that Shego was able to provide her with, everything crackling through her body like electricity.

While taking time to kiss around Kim’s abdomen, Shego brought her hands down to get rid of Kim’s pants. Once again, buttons meant nothing to the pale woman. She practically tore the pants from Kim panting form, ripping the button off in the process. The redhead hardly noticed her pants being yanked off of her, as she was too worried about how her skin felt so much like it was on fire and her blood was boiling with ecstasy. All she did notice was that Shego’s mouth had left her body for a brief moment, which was only because Shego had to pull Kim’s pants off and remove her boots. Underwear went with the pants and those were lost somewhere behind Shego where they would not get in her way.

Kim cried out to the short, wooden ceiling as Shego came back in, kissing her deeply below her navel. The hero’s head thrashed to the side as the phenomenal probe continued and she managed to intertwine her hands with Shego’s hands, feeling their souls connect through their palms. Shego listened just as intently as she worked, enjoying the way Kim lost herself in the feeling that she was delivering, a feeling that only she could deliver; that thought drove the green-skinned former villainess on. Kim locked her ankles around Shego’s back, urging the raven-haired woman on while panting her emotions into the thick carpet, informing the fibers just how much she loved the woman loving her that very moment.

After a few minutes of attention, Kim shuddered violently before her body went limp. Shego remained at her station for a moment more, taking in Kim’s essence with all the care that one might take with appreciating fine wine. She halted when Kim whispered her name and she felt Kim’s small hand on her cheek, silently requesting that she look up.

“Can’t you see I’m working here?” Shego quipped with a half-smirk and her eyes half-closed, looking quite drunken. She was intoxicated with the woman beneath her and she did not mind one bit.

“I want you to work up here now,” Kim stated firmly.

“Your wish is my command, princess,” the pale woman remarked, still smirking. Her lips glistened from her recent feast and she licked around her mouth for any traces of the nectar.

Shego got up on all fours and made her way up Kim’s body in the bare minimum moves. The redhead reached out to take a hold of Shego’s evil pants. She unfastened the trousers and pushed them down Shego’s hips as best she could. Shego wiggled her way out of the pants and kicked them off once they were down to her knees. She did not have on any footwear to worry about; one of the good things about showing up first was getting rid of annoying accessories like boots. Once her pants were gone, Kim got to see that Shego had been going commando, which was not a surprise either; once again, showing up first had its advantages and she was able to discard any annoying accessories.

The pair were face to face now with Shego’s hair acting as a curtain to hid their faces from any prying furniture or nosy snowflakes. They smiled at each other before Kim brought her head up to kiss Shego amorously on the mouth while Shego rolled her hips into Kim’s own hips. The meeting was the very meaning of sensual and heaven and they both shuddered from the delicious contact. As the motion continued, Kim pulled away from Shego’s lips to bit down on her own lip while clinging to Shego as if she was a piece of drift wood and she was lost at sea.

“Oh, god, Shego,” Kim moaned the name as if her lover was a lifesaver and she buried her head in Shego’s shoulder to hide the fact that tears were welling up in her eyes due to the intense pleasure that she was feeling and the fact that she could not feel it more often.

“Whose are you, pumpkin?” Shego inquired through a heavy pant. Kim often wondered how her lover’s brain functioned well enough through their lovemaking for her to think of questions, let alone muster the energy to ask them. The pale woman had no clue how she managed it, but she knew that she liked talking to Kim and just could not stop unless her mouth was busy with other things.

“Wha?” Kim countered as if she did not understand English, or language in general. Hell, she could barely comprehend anything beyond the physical delight that they were sharing and the deep connection that she felt to the older female.

“Whose are you?” Shego demanded to know, growling more because of how her body melted into Kim’s like ice cream in the summer sun. She was convinced that the petite form underneath her was the meaning of her happiness and her one true love that she would never be able to leave and would always need.

“Yours,” Kim answered in a breath; it almost did not sound like an answer. All her mind could handle was one word and she was lucky to get that out because she could not think and have sex with Shego at the same time. Her whole mind tended to focus solely on her lover and the paradise that their bodies created when together.

“Whose?” Shego practically snarled now, her brain fogged over with passion and sheer delight. She knew more on instinct what she wanted from her lover than her being able to seriously consider the meaning of it at the moment. She wanted an unquestionable response.

“Yours!” Kim screamed for any and all to hear. Damn it, she was Shego’s and no one else’s. It was just that simple.

“Damn right,” Shego stated. Kim was hers and she did not care what happened in the outside world when they were apart. Kim was still hers and she would remind Kim of that every time that they were together. She would also remind Kim that she was the hero’s, not that Kim would ever forget either of those.

Kim continued crying as they were together, moving as one, and only finally ceased when she was resting against Shego, who rolled onto her back in order to have Kim curled up on her side. She was not worried about Kim’s tears because she knew why the redhead was weeping. They were tears of joy; Kim was happy to be there with her and that flattered her. To reciprocate her feelings, the pale woman simply wrapped her strong arms against her smaller lover and enjoyed the perfect-ness that came from them touching each other.

“Mine,” Shego said in a satisfied tone while holding Kim possessively against her, practically cradling the hero to her, while the carpet rubbed uncomfortably against her sweaty, slightly scratched-up back. While the carpet did not feel good and the scratch marks hurt a little, she did not notice at all because everything about her could only focus on the slender adventurer in her arms.

“Always,” Kim replied sincerely and she pushed herself up to give Shego a deep, affectionate kiss. They both could feel the infinite amount of love that they held for each other in that kiss.

Yes, she was Shego’s despite the fact that she was currently in a relationship with Ron. She was cheating on her blonde best friend/boyfriend. She could not help herself, or at least that was what she told herself. She was a girl in love, just with the wrong person most people would think, but she loved the woman that she was with and had for years now. And she did not feel guilty over it, not anymore anyway.

Kim used to feel deep, almost crippling guilt when she felt realized that she loved Shego. The feeling did not ease up when she learned that Shego felt the same way. They worked through an emotional affair that was now accompanied by physical affair. Then when the terrible guilt faded, she felt bad about not even feeling guilty. She had no qualms with calling herself a horrible, terrible person for lacking what she felt was a proper emotion for her situation and her actions. But, that no longer happened either, her burning love for Shego easily outweighing any negative emotions that would dare broach her lovesick heart. All she felt now was a bottomless yearning to be with Shego without hurting Ron over it and for the moment, what she was doing was all she could do because anything else would be impossible. She could not live without Shego, but she just could not injure her lifelong friend in anyway, as that was not in her nature.

Kim did not have any desire to wound Ron, so she just had not broken up with him. She believed that he genuinely cared about her as a boyfriend should care about a girlfriend while she felt for him what she felt for her brothers. She had known him longer than she had known the tweebs after all. She could not explain it, but she really felt like Ron was family and she did not mean it in an in-law way. She just never said anything about it because she did not want to hurt him; she loved the guy after all. She also came to realization rather late, as she had already been in the relationship with him when she figured out that she viewed him like a brother, one that she did not want to beat to death most of the time. So, instead of breaking up and requesting, or begging on her hands and knees, that they remain friends, which she doubted would happen if they did break up now, Kim had opted to be with the woman that she loved while remaining with Ron. Shego accepted that and Ron was none-the-wiser.

“We are going to have to say something one day,” Shego commented, as if she knew what was on Kim’s mind, which she did. After all, no one knew the petite hero as well as she did. It always loomed in the back of their minds that one day they were both going to have to reveal themselves.

“One day,” Kim agreed. They could not go on forever in such a manner after all. But, what was she going to do when that day came? She did not want to lose or hurt her best friend. Until she figured something out, she was going to continue on with how things were. It was just going to have to be that way.

The redhead left her bothered thoughts and began to snuggle into Shego, resting her head against the pale green shoulder as if it was the greatest pillow of all time; in fact, Kim could only think of one better place to rest her head and it was another piece of anatomy on the former villainess. Shego rubbed her cheek into the silky red mane like an affection-seeking feline since the cushion of hair was near her face. For the moment, they were in heaven and they would take it as it was.

Someday, they were going to have to say something and they just hoped that they did not lose everything that they held dear to them when they did. They would still have each other, of course, but they both recognized that there was more to life than just their love. There was the love of their family, which they did not want to lose and they had a feeling, a fear really, that they would lose those people if it were ever to be known of what they had really been doing with each other.

Next time: What or who is Ron doing at this time?

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