Dirty Little Secrets

Chapter 2

Monkey shines


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TITLE: Monkey shines

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: Everyone has secrets. Some deeper than others. Come take a sneak peek at some secrets. Various pairings. Series of one shots.

TYPE: Other

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 4494

A/N: I guess I should mention that this story is actually a collection of one-shots that follow a theme. I forgot to say that before. Sorry.

Ron stared at the shadow-covered ceiling with his pale arms behind his head, which had shifted his little pillow that he had been resting his head on sometime ago. His mind was wandering while his eyes remained focused on the insignificant space. The moonlight was shining in through a small window some feet away in the small, proportionally built room; the light was intruding upon the private scene. As usual the moon, which lacked any sense of respect, was the only witness to the disgrace that went on in the room that was away from any other prying eyes and ears.

Well, Ron would not describe it as a disgrace in any way, shape, or form, even if it did involve complete dishonesty and the breaking of at least one of the Ten Commandants. But, then again, he personally had never been too into religion and he was not about to start worrying about it now, although it did stand in his way a bit. Religion was a minor roadblock that could lead to major problems in his life.

The blonde would like to say that there were worse things to do in life and, sure, there were, but that was no excuse. Besides, he figured that he was probably doing the worst thing that he could possibly do. The thing was that it was also the best thing that he could possibly do. It was all so frustrating and fulfilling at the same time; he was not sure if there was something that he could even compare it to since it was not like a human being could be starving and full at the same time or sorrowful and elated simultaneously. The sensation should not make sense and did not make sense, but it existed all the same. If only actions came without consequences, he silently lamented. He knew that he would be asking for the impossible if things were to be less complicated then they were but that would not stop him; he was wishing for the moon with that one.

The moon; it was always out when he was there, almost like it was stalking him or playing the voyeur in his life. If not that then maybe the floating ball was his silent guardian angel, not saying anything approving or disapproving to his actions. That glowing disc, like a halo over the Earth, knew what he did every time that he claimed that he was going to train. It was just a good thing that the moon could not speak a word or else all of his lies would be for naught. Not that he spoke many of the lies aloud, but that did not mean he was not lying with every move that he made and every breath that he took. It was only there, where he was located at that very moment, where he told the truth every time he took a breath, every time he blinked his eyes, and every time a thought entered his head. Outside of that room, those grounds, that mountain, he lied all of the time.

To make matters worse, Ron did not feel terrible about lying. He used to feel some rather overwhelming, gut-wrenching guilt over things as if his intestines were always going through a meat grinder. But, that was a while ago, back when he believed that his actions were almost completely wrong, regardless of how right and good things felt and left him. The more that he did it, the more the guilt melted away like glacial ice, growing less and less with each trip that he made. And then, for a while, he felt bad about not feeling less guilt and then he felt even worse when he realized that he was not even feeling guilty anymore. He had believed that he had to be some kind of demon to not feel wrong over what he was doing, but that went away like the guilt, eventually eroding away like a stone in the desert. Now, it just felt normal, like things were supposed to be the way that they were and there was nothing wrong with what was happening. He did not think anything of his actions now for the most part.

“Ron-kun,” Yori purred as she sat up to lean onto his chest. The way that she said his name was enough to make the blonde young man melt into a little peach-colored puddle. She had been pressed comfortably against his chest while he was trying to recover his energy and she had been busying herself with drawing little circles on his arm and hip.

Ron would marry that ninja woman tomorrow if he could. Hell, he would have married her yesterday if he could have, a year ago if he could have done so. If only things were that simple. There were a couple of reasons why he would not and could not marry Yori. Topping the chart was not even his relationship with Kim, although that was the second matter on the list of why he could not marry Yori.

The young man really would just like to break up with Kim and be with Yori, but he doubted that would work out in the manner that he truly wished things to go. It was not that he did not like Kim and did not want to be around her anymore. Quite the contrary, he loved Kim. He loved Kim with all of his heart and soul, but he was not in love with her. He loved Kim like he loved Hana. Hell, his affections for Hana helped him realize just how he loved Kim and that it was not a romantic feeling. Kim was like a sister to him; a sister that did not require diaper changes and did not get chocolate ice cream on his shirt. It was because of his realization that he was scared to break up with Kim.

The blonde sidekick doubted that Kim would still want to be best friends with him if they ended their relationship. He wished that they could stay friends because if they could, he would have broken up with her a long time ago. But, she seemed to like being his girlfriend. Well, she did not show any signs of discontent anyway, although he also did not show any signs of discontent. But then again he was pretending, damn well in fact, while he believed that Kim was being genuine. He could not risk losing his lifelong friend just because he did not want to be her boyfriend anymore, although he suspected that one day he was going to have to tell her. After all, if he just continued lying, Kim might actually want to get married or something and then his actions would just be worse than they were already. He would not be able to live with himself if he was to lie and cheat on Kim and she was his wife. That would just be too much.

Besides, he owed Kim the truth. He owed his lifelong friend, his best friend, and a woman that he loved like a sister the unrestricted truth. She deserved to know where his heart was and she would know about it. She would know about it when the moment came where he could muster the courage to say such heavy words. He might have to learn to lift mountains to speak words that had to weigh a ton each. He wondered if his tongue would even be able to carry such weight. He figured out that he would have to find out some day, because he would have to get out that tormenting speech and pray that Kim would not abandon him completely for his actions. It was not like he had set out to harm his best friend, he would never do something so heartless and he hoped that she knew that and believed him.

Aside for his relationship with Kim, the main reason that Ron could not marry Yori was his parents. They would never approve of him being with a non-Jewish girl. The only reason that they accepted Kim as his girlfriend was because he had known her forever and they had gotten to know Kim extremely well. His parents would allow him to marry Kim if he ever wanted to, but he did not desire that in the slightest. The only one that he ever wanted was pressed lovingly against his side and looking at him with shimmering onyx eyes full of adoration and love, which was reflected back to her through his chocolate-colored eyes whenever he looked at her.

Despite the fact that his parents had adopted a Japanese baby, they were not as open-minded as the blonde young man would have liked. They would never accept Yori and even if they did, he still had grandparents that he would have to contend with and no matter how hard he fought, he knew that they would never give an inch. He was not prepared to lose his family, even if it was for the girl of his dreams. So, he sneaked around to be with her, not the most chivalrous thing a man could do, he silently admitted to himself. But, it was the best that he could do at the moment and she understood that. She accepted that, which made him love her all the more.

Ron turned his head to give Yori his full attention since she had said his name in that sexy, wonderful purr that she tended to speak with when they were alone. Her back was to the window, so she was being bathed in moonlight. She was given an ethereal glow due the beams from the celestial body and looked quite angelic thanks to the light shining down on her perfect, smooth skin. He would testify wholeheartedly to her being an angel if ever brought to task. The small smile that she was sporting assisted in the effect that her form and the moon were creating together and caused Ron to smile too, happy to just be in her presence. He felt oddly lucky to have Yori despite how he was having her. She was of a like mind on that too.

“What’s up?” Ron asked casually while moving his hand from behind his head to around Yori’s tanned shoulders; she had been doing a lot of training outside in open areas before Ron showed up and her skin had developed a tasty light caramel tone to it. She was sweet like a caramel in his opinion and he would do quite a bit to savor her flavor.

“You love me, don’t you?” she inquired, seemingly out of the blue, but she just liked to hear the words. She sounded hopeful, as if she did not know the response that was going to come her way, even though it had come to her several times in that visit alone.

“You know I do,” he answered earnestly with an amused smile. His voice did not hold any inch of doubt and she easily detected that, but that response did not satisfy her in any way, shape, or form.

Yori frowned deeply, especially for a woman that had just had her lover confirm his affections for her. Her elegant ebony eyebrows were drawn close together while her forehead was wrinkled from furrowing her brow. Her peculiar expression caused Ron to laugh, even though knew why she was making such face. She did not want verification of his adoration because she was quite aware where his heart lay. She wanted him to say those three magnificent words.

“Come on, Ron-kun,” she playfully admonished him and took a light slap at his chest as his punishment. The hit was nothing short of a pressured caress and an excuse to feel his beautiful skin underneath her calloused fingertips.

“I…” Ron started to say, but he paused as he pulled Yori closer to him. “Love…” He moved his face closer to hers. “You.” He kissed her ever so gently on her tempting mouth causing her to practically melt against him at his show of affection.

Yori could only wonder how this man had such a profound and outstanding affect on her. The things that she would do for him all because of the intense, overpowering feelings that crashed through her like rough waters because of his mere presence seemed outrageous to her. She did not understand why she was such a way for him, but she really did not care about the reasons. As long as he loved her, she would continue on the way that she was, even if she did not like part of who she was now.

The ebony-haired ninja was doing the dishonorable thing of being with another woman’s man and she had acknowledged that in her heart when her affair with Ron started. It was something that she probably would have scolded someone else over, lecturing that person on end about such distasteful behavior and injuring their pride. She never would have thought that she would be in such a position, but now she was there and she was not backing down from it either.

The Japanese woman had started out like Ron, guilt weighing on her like she had the entire world on her back. Gradually, that weight decreased and was replaced with the equally heavy burden on figuring that she had to be one of the worst persons in existence because she no longer felt the guilt that had pressed on her. But, that too was gone now and in its place was just the eternal joy that came with being with her beloved Stoppable-san.

Yori liked Ron since she first met him and had loved him shortly there after. She was not sure what it was about him that made her feel such emotions or even when she started feeling such things. There was something about him that just brought her happiness and she wished to return the feeling to him ten-fold. If she died before Ron, heaven for her would be to just be able to float by his side forever and always.

She actually felt like she deserved Ron, believing that she could love him better than Kim could, if there was such a thing as “better love” from an emotional and affectionate standpoint. Yes, she put up a strong front when she found out that Kim and Ron were dating almost three years ago, but it was only a front. It was not even a strong front in her opinion and it was not one that she could keep up for long with Ron.

For Yori, it had been nothing short of a miracle, a divine gift, when she confessed her feelings to Ron and he had actually embraced her rather than turning her away, as she had been frightened of happening like a rabbit cornered by a fox. He had kissed her so sweetly and her heart pounded such a heavy tattoo in her ears that she thought that she was going deaf. The strong emotions coursed through her so powerfully, that she had thought that she was dying; he had felt the same thing at the time. And when they had pulled away from each other and gazed into each other’s eyes, they saw it all for the first time; the person standing opposite them loved him in a way that no other human being ever had and probably ever would.

As it was stated, she used to feel guilty over things just like Ron did. After all, Kim was her good friend now, and they actually seemed to grow closer each time that they crossed paths. Yet, there she was being in love and showing it with Kim’s boyfriend. But, she honestly believed that no one could love Ron like she did and she could not turn him away when he accepted her affections. She could not hide her joy when he explained that he felt the same way, but he could not end things with Kim. From the ache that she experienced by not being able to have him, she would take him in any way, shape, or form now. So, she got to see him one weekend every couple of months when he told Kim that he was going off to train. Sometimes, he would use the excuse more readily because he longed to see Yori to the point that it was pure agony to be without her, but he did not want Kim to get suspicious.

Yori held onto the hope that one day Ron would tell Kim what was going on. She believed that it would do all three of them some good when that day came. The undercover lovers had discussed it happening and Ron assured her that he was going to tell Kim, but he was not sure when. He did not know how to break such news to his best friend without crushing her, shattering her like a rock through a glass window. He loved Kim, after all, and no one wanted to hurt a loved one, especially someone that he looked to as a sister. He was in a catch-22 and Yori recognized that, which was why she did not pressure him. She would just hold onto him while she had the chance and have faith that someday he would be fully hers. He would keep his word.

“I love you too, Ron-kun,” Yori said from the bottom of her heart as Ron pulled away from her lips enough for her to get the words out.

“I know you do,” he replied with a wide, happy grin. It pleased him very much to know full well that she was so deeply in love with him because he was over-the-edge, head-over-heels, crazy in love with her.

“I’ll always love you,” she promised him in a gentle tone. No matter what happened, even if he never got around to telling Kim about them, she would always love the blonde young man.

“I know you will,” he replied in a similar tone, making sure to keep eye contact with her. Looking into each other’s eyes was a big thing for them because it was one of their favorite places to get lost. Their eyes always told them how much the other cared so deeply for them. Looking into those practically liquid onyx pools or those deep chocolate orbs allowed them to see into each other’s souls and when they looked there, they felt like they were seeing the very same soul.

Yori’s endless love was one the thing that did make Ron feel guilty about what was happening. He felt guilty that he was not able to be with her completely and fully, something that she deserved. He wanted nothing more than to be able to deliver such a thing. He was going to have to keep his word to her someday, he vowed. He just would not be able to live with himself if he ended up lying to her. She deserved the truth just as much as Kim did and they would finally be able to move forward. They all would be able to move forward.

“I’ll always love you too,” Ron said soundly and that response earned him a deep, passionate kiss.

Yori leaned further into the tender show of affection, forcing Ron’s head back until he was lying on the soft pillow underneath him. Yori climbed above him; making sure to keep the kiss going, putting all of her emotions for him into that one, long embrace. Their tongues entwined, rubbing against each other like sticks to start a campfire, causing their passion to ignite once again.

Ron wrapped his arms around Yori, pressing her nude form into his own while they continued on kissing heatedly. He moaned mentally when he felt her small breasts against his surprisingly sturdy chest. They believed that they fit together quite well, as if they were made for each other like a two-piece puzzle. They pulled away for air for a moment and Ron massaged the small of Yori’s back with thoughtful fingers. She purred quite clearly from the feel of his hands against her skin; he loved that sound.

Yori noted the feeling Ron’s heart beat against her chest and reveled in that feeling. He noticed it too and just let it wash over him for a second or so. It felt like their hearts were beating as one, rather quickly as one. Their heart rates were speeding up because they knew what was coming next and they were eager to get to it, but they did like the anticipation of it all. Sometimes, they were amazed at how they felt before being intimate. They often wondered why their hearts did not explode from the increase in tempo that always occurred during times like the one they were in right now.

Ron sat up as soon as he had enough with breathing; it was such a nuisance, he thought. He then moved in to capture Yori’s mouth with his own to begin yet another essence-scorching kiss. As distracting as the kiss was, she did feel him come to life, pressing against the inside of her thigh, but he did not really seem to take note of it. He was too busy thinking about her, touching her and getting her prepared.

He reached down between their extremely close bodies, his pale hand disappearing between her tanned legs. She breathed heavy into his mouth when his probing fingers made earth-shattering contact with her. His skilled hand caressed her with great interest while she began panting, having to pull away from his fantastic lips to bury her head in his neck.

“Ron-kun, please, not like this,” she begged in a small voice, speaking into his sweat-covered flesh.

“It’s up to you,” he answered her. It was all her call in his opinion.

The ebony-haired ninja nodded and pushed her lover back down to his pillow. She then received Ron for the third time that night as he took his hand away. They both sat still for a moment, looking directly at each other as was their habit. It was at moments like that where they almost felt certain that they would be able to read each other’s thoughts because they felt as close as any two people could.

She then began to rock slowly above him, delighting in the easy pace that she had no intention of changing. He exhaled sharply as she moved and placed a hand on her hip to keep her steady while his other hand traveled north to make itself busy with her breasts, massaging them at the fond degree and making her want to cry out, but she held off on making such a loud noise. They continued to look in each other’s eyes as they went on and on.

The connection that they felt while joined as one was beyond anything that they could describe. They were not even sure if there was something that they could compare it to; maybe it was like invisible threads that lead from one to the other and allowed happiness to flow into them from the other. There was always something between them that kept them connected, even when they were miles apart in separate hemispheres, but when they were together it was almost too much to bear. It felt like the very definition of beautiful and right. They were meant to be; they could feel it in every breath that they took, every time they just brushed against each other, and just looking into each other’s eyes.

Yori let out a cough that was supposed to be a moan, but it had gotten caught in her throat. She was trying her best to hold back any noises because she disliked being loud, even though there was no one around considering the fact that they were staying in a small shack out in the woods away from the Yamanouchi school. They were on the same mountain, though. Her speed increased ever-so slightly and Ron sat up, his hand on her hip, moving to her back to support her while his other hand continued to fondle her chest with tender care. He placed a heated, near-bruising kiss to her neck, tasting the salt on her skin along with the unidentifiable taste that was simply her, before finding her mouth where she met his fire with her own and their passion blazed on through the moonlit night.

Soon murmurs of their fondness for each other started escaping their lips when their mouths were not busy expressing a great interest with each other. It was like they were offering the other a prayer or their sworn loyalty until the end of time. Nothing would ever break their connection; they promised each other more with their eyes and movements than with their words. And the moon watched on, as the usual witness and proof of their affection until it was all over and they could barely move to make such vows in that manner.

They fell back on to their futon when they were exhausted, dripping with fresh sweat. Yori had bit into her lip so badly during her moment that it was bleeding, but she did not mind in the slightest and only licked off the crimson liquid until it ceased trying to escape from her injury. She was just pleased to be there with the love of her life. Ron was of like mind, but he was a little worried about her wounded lip, which he could plainly see because his eyes had adjusted to the dark a long time ago. She could see the concern in his beautiful brown eyes and kissed him to keep him from bringing up her damaged lip. He did not argue with the tactic and was silent when the deep show of affection was finished well over a minute ago.

“I love you so much,” Yori stated firmly from the depths of her soul. No one on the planet would have been able to argue against her on that and win simply because of her tone. The statement was set in stone and would never change. She loved him, Ron Stoppable, another woman’s man.

“I love you too,” he replied just as soundly. He was so in love with Yori that he could do what he did and not feel one bit of guilt anymore. He loved her enough to miss her when the weekend was up and when he was back home and supposed to be Kim’s boyfriend. Little did Kim know, most of the time, he just pretended that she was Yori in order to help him keep up the charade that was their so-called relationship. His heart belonged to Yori and it always would.

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