Kitten Possible

Chapter 12


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TITLE: Kitten Possible

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Sometimes days just seem to keep getting worse, but when you're a teenage superhero that is having a string of bad days, life always is going to be showing its interesting side. After a mission goes awry, Kim has to face a new challenge in life.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Thanks to mouse and all the reviewers.

Words: 1025

Kim groaned as she flopped down on her bed, having just finished getting scolded by her mother for the mess of the kitchen and for having been out of bed in the first place. After the hour of scolding, her mother had checked over every single one of her injuries, checking to make sure she hadn’t aggravated any of them.

The next part of her scolding had consisted of her being told not to mess around with untested medical devices in order to speed healing, and lying about it to cover up. Kim groaned again as she rubbed her face tiredly. Something just didn’t make sense about what her mother was talking about.

“Maybe it’s a side effect of the chemicals,” Kim suggested to the air, “My mother seems to think I’m using nano-bots to heal faster.”

Shego leaped up out of her bed of pillows, to go nuzzle Kim’s neck, as she did she began sniffing curiously. Blinking at the familiar scent coming off of Kim, Shego pulled back. ‘No, that doesn’t make sense… She couldn’t be…

“Shego?” Kim asked quietly, “I just wanted to let you know, I forgive you. You were angry about Nemmy, and I probably got caught on camera leaving your room looking rather guilty.”

Shego frowned at Kim in thought before shaking her head and nudging Kim’s chin. ‘Don’t forgive me Kimmie… I am not worth your forgiveness.

“Shego…” Kim said softly with a faint smile. “Shego, I’m glad I could have been your friend for a little while. You really are a good person under that mask… I just wish…”

Shego hopped up onto Kim’s shoulder and turned to place a paw on Kim’s lips, forestalling the last of that comment. ‘Kimmie, don’t say it. For anything you believe in, don’t say it. I’m turning you into something… something awful, don’t say it.

Kim’s eyes softened as she moved Shego’s paw off her mouth and smiled. “Shego, I wish we could be friends, that way you would have someone to understand you.”

Shego’s heart leaped at the gentle words Kim said, somehow deep inside she knew that Kim meant it, and that Kim wouldn’t let it die out easily. Shego also knew what was going on inside Kim, the cellular reconfiguration, the traces of oddities nerd-boy found earlier, the rapid healing. They all pointed to one thing, the one curse she’d never wish on anyone.

Kim let out a yawn as she petted Shego gently, “Shego, did you know that I respect you too? You’ve always been there to push me, to make me want to excel. When we fight I feel so alive, I feel that you are pushing me just enough to make me get better. Thanks Shego.”

Shego winced internally at how Kim was praising her, pointing out something she hadn’t even known she was doing. The funniest part of it all was that it was all from Kim’s heart, and that scared some part of her. Looking down at the now sleeping girl, Shego frowned deeply. ‘I’m sorry Pumpkin, but I need my space.

Padding over carefully, Shego leaned down and licked Kim’s lips gently with a sad look to her gleaming emerald eyes. Turning away, Shego leapt off the bed and padded to the wall where she turned to face Kim again, trying to enjoy what may be her last look at her first real friend.

Leaping to the window, Shego jumped out and onto the roof then walked down the slope to the edge before hopping to the ground. Reaching the ground she took off running, knowing that Kim would be better off without her. She needed to go to ground, and she had a hideout nearby that she could hide in until she reverted back to normal.

Kim woke a few hours later, to find Shego missing. Somehow deep inside she knew that Shego wasn’t in her house, maybe it was the trail of wrinkles on her bed sheet leading to the window, or the lack of Shego’s purring snore, but she just knew Shego wasn’t here.

Getting out of her bed, Kim walked over to the window and looked out into the mid-morning sun with a frown. She could see the GJ agents watching her house from across the street. ‘You’d think they could hide better than that…

Stepping away from the window, Kim ducked into her closet where she activated her holo-Kim emitters and smiled as a version of herself formed in the air before her. Using her Kimmunicator, she sent the doppelganger out the window and running down the road, leaving the GJ agents to play catch-up.

Once she was certain that the agents were gone, Kim slid out of her window and turned towards the opposite direction. Looking up she gritted her teeth in annoyance at the smiling face of Betty Director.

“Going somewhere Ms. Possible? I thought your mother didn’t want you exerting yourself,” Dr. Director said coolly. “I also told you I had authority to tell you not to leave your house.”

“I was just looking for my cat, nothing overly exerting,” Kim replied defensively while looking at possible avenues of escape.

“She’ll come back when she’s hungry,” Dr. Director supplied while stepping closer to Kim. “If you’ll give me your Kimmunicator and go back to your room, we’ll end this peacefully.”

Kim growled in annoyance before handing over the multi-use device and slipping back into her room. Stalking over to her bed she flopped down on her stomach with a grunt. ‘Shego, I will find you. Just please be alright when I do…

“Oh yes, Ms. Possible,” Dr. Director said from her window, “Your mother wished me to convey this message if you should try to escape. You’re grounded for a week. Have a pleasant night.”

Kim groaned as she hid her head under her pillows, trying to shut out the world. Closing her eyes she sighed as her mind drifted back to Shego, wondering if she was alright. She couldn’t do anything for a week, and Shego could get into so much trouble by then. ‘Please Shego, come back. I need you.

The End…?

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