Kitten Possible

Chapter 2


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TITLE: Kitten Possible

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Sometimes days just seem to keep getting worse, but when you're a teenage superhero that is having a string of bad days, life always is going to be showing its interesting side. After a mission goes awry, Kim has to face a new challenge in life.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Once again, thanks goes to Erin Mills for all his help.

Words: 2093

Kim woke slowly with a mew of pain; she had had the weirdest dream. She had dreamt that she was a cat that was being chased all over the city by a pack of dogs. Stretching out she winced slightly at the pain in her head and tail. Licking her paw she started grooming between her ears, noting that she didn’t have ink on her chest anymore. Yawning again Kim leaped off her pillow to look around, only to stop in front of a mirror with a whimper. Apparently it wasn’t as much of a dream as she thought: she was a cat.

Backing away from the mirror as she shook her head in denial, she felt her paws step on something. Looking down she noticed the charred remains of what appeared to be several pictures of her human face. Turning to look up at the wall behind her she noted several scorch marks marring it, and a pristine picture of herself hanging on the wall. It appeared that she was not only a cat, but also in the home of someone that hated her. She could deal with this, all she had to do was get out and get to Wade or Ron and they’d help her get back to normal. That was the plan, so now it was time to put it into action. Slinking around the home, she first noticed that it appeared to be more of a suite apartment than a house. The next thing she noted was the utter lack of windows, and the solid steel construction of the place.

With a sigh she curled up next to the only door leading out she could find, and waited. Once the owner of this place returned she’d bolt. While she was sitting and waiting for the door to open Kim noticed that she was rather hungry, and the smell of the tuna she had seen sitting out on the floor in the kitchen wasn’t helping matters. Getting up, she walked back into the kitchen and started nibbling on the tuna, keeping an eye on the doorway. After she finished off the tuna, she licked her lips and started grooming her whiskers with her paws, only to let out a growl of frustration, stopping herself from continuing the grooming. This wasn’t the time for that; she had to escape before she was recognized for who she was.

Walking back to the main room, Kim curled up under a sun lamp by the door, watching the door quietly. With a yawn Kim laid her head in her paws and let her eyes slide partially shut against the bright and warm light. It was so pleasant to just lay there in the warmth; it just made her want to purr. After a couple minutes she found that she was purring softly while drifting to sleep. A quick nap wouldn’t hurt anyone, besides cats are supposed to take cat naps, aren’t they? Letting her eyes close, Kim simply purred herself to sleep in the pleasant warmth of the sunlamp.

Hearing a faint swoosh and click of the door closing Kim bolted upright, trying to get through it before it was completely shut, trapping her inside with the owner of the place. Getting to the door itself Kim felt her ears flatten with dismay as it was already shut. So much for cats being light sleepers, she thought as she turned to see who had entered and nearly let out a hiss. Standing there with a bemused expression stood the one woman in the world that she didn’t want to see right now.

Shego just stared at her for a moment before turning and walking into the kitchen, having nothing better to do, Kim followed the green and black female and watched her as she pulled out a pair of pet dishes. Shego filled one with water from the tap and set it on the floor with the other. “Good to see you up kitten, you’ve been out for two days.”

Two days? No wonder I’m hungry,’Kim thought with a mental frown. Walking over to the water dish, Kim started lapping up the water, trying to keep Shego thinking that she was just an ordinary cat. Watching as Shego filled up the other bowl with some more tuna Kim frowned again thinking about her diet to be.

She had to get out of here before the chemicals wore off, but she couldn’t be too suspicious about it. Lifting her head she walked over to Shego and began to rub against her legs, purring softly.

“You really are an affectionate kitten,” Shego said with a smile. “I know it’s probably just that you’re glad I saved you from those mutts, and fed you. I know you don’t really care about me.”

What does she mean by that?’ Kim thought as she looked up at Shego curiously. Pawing gently at Shego’s boots she mewed softly, trying to get Shego to keep talking.

Setting down the food Shego smiled and scratched Kim right behind the ears, causing the cat’s instincts to purr loudly. “I know you cats like your independence, but how about you hang out here until you recover from the beating you gave yourself?”

Tilting her head at the green-skinned female, Kim let out a curious meow, before pawing at Shego’s boots again. “I suppose that might be a bit fuzzy. But you ran into a wall kitten. You’re your own nemesis.”

I’d like to see you keep track of things like that while running for your life in a new body.’ Kim huffed with mental indignation as she leaned into the hand that Shego was petting her with.

“You look like a Nemesis to me, would you like that?” Shego asked teasingly.

Kim mewed her consent to the name; meanwhile Shego picked her up and carried her into the living room, sitting the both of them on the couch. Kim looked around curiously at the new vantage point, trying to plot out her the way to escape from the room. Her thoughts grow distracted as Shego turned on the TV to the news.

“In other news, the man hunt for teen superhero Kim Possible has gone into its second day. No information has been revealed if this is a kidnapping or just a missing person incident, but police are keeping a lookout for known enemies of Ms. Possible,” the news caster spoke with lowered eyes. “Our prayers go to the Possible family in these troubling times.”

“Heh, so little miss goody-goody finally ran away huh? I guess she finally admitted she can’t do everything,” Shego groused while balling up a fist. “Hey Nemmy, wanna see a trick? Watch!”

With a flick of the arm, a ball of plasma leaped out from Shego’s fist and smashed into the picture of Kim on the far wall, just below where the heroine’s ribs were depicted. Shego sighed and petted Kim again with a frown. “Another nine, I’m off on my aim today.”

Kim gulped as she watched the partially burnt photograph drift to the floor to join the others laying there. ‘Ok… I am SO getting out of here. I think Shego might kill me on sight now,’ Kim noted as the pieces settled. ‘How did she get a picture of me anyhow?

A crackling filled the room as the intercom by the door buzzed to life. “Shego! I’m coming down to discuss our plans for tomorrow.”

Kim mewed in surprise at Drakken’s tone, until she saw Shego roll her eyes. “Shego, what was that? Was that a cat?”

Shego stroked Kim’s back gently to try and get her to be silent. “What cat? There’s no cat here.”

“You know the rules Shego, there are to be no cats on the base. I’m allergic to them,” Drakken stated while Kim rolled onto her back and started to playfully bat around Shego’s hands.

“There’re no cats here Dr. D. What did you want?” Shego said with a small smile as she let her kitten play with her hand.

“I’m coming down to talk about the plans for tomorrow, and I’m bringing some coco-moo,” Drakken proclaimed.

Shego rolled her eyes again at the way Drakken said chocolate milk. “Fine, I’ll see you in a few minutes, but make it quick, I want to take a shower before bed.”

Drakken huffed before hanging up. Shego sighed and smiled down at the kitten in her lap, looking asleep. “Sorry Nemmy, but I have to hide you before Drakken comes. I’ve got a nice pillow set up in my room for you.”

Standing up, Shego carried the tired cat into her room, and laid her down on the pillow with a small ball of yarn next to her. “Now you be good and quiet in here while I deal with Dr. D. After that I’ll play with you some more.”

Taking the fact that the cat never woke up as an agreement, Shego walked out of the room and got busy cleaning up the rest of the suite, making sure to hide Nemmy’s bowls in a cupboard. After she had left the room, Kim’s eyes opened and she prowled to the mostly closed door, where she curled up in the shadows to watch Shego and Drakken talking.

I wonder what Drakken’s up to this time,’ Kim thought while watching Shego bring the doctor into her living room. At Drakken’s first sneeze Kim smiled to herself. ‘Well, it seems he wasn’t kidding about being allergic… maybe I should get closer…

“Now Shego,” Drakken started after he blew his nose on his hanky, “As I… I… ACHOO! As I was saying, we need to go… t’go… t’ACHOO! To go over the plans for the next raid. I… I… ACHOO!” I need you to go to a jewelry store tomorrow for a few dozen gems of various sizes.”

“You alright Dr. D? Maybe you should go lay down…” Shego commented with faux-gentleness as she sipped her chocolate milk. She was obviously enjoying seeing the blue genius sneezing his brains out.

“I’ll be fine, I know there’s a… a… ACHOO! Cat in here, and I will find it,” Drakken sniffled while looking around. “When I do, it’s out with it.”

“No, I don’t have a cat. And even if I did, I wouldn’t let you touch it,” Shego stated while a ball of plasma surrounded her fist. “Now, are you done?”

“Yes,” Drakken said while sweating nervously.

“Good, now get out,” commanded Shego, causing Drakken to bolt for the door.

Shego smirked as she lowered her fist and stood up to shut the door behind Drakken. “I have to invite him over more for these little get togethers…” Shego mused while dumping the chocolate milk down her kitchen sink.

Hmm, so Shego’s not happy being under Drakken’s command,’ Kim thought while slipping out of the bedroom. Walking over to the cabinet that held her water and food, she pawed at it softly, mewing piteously.

“Oh, so you’re hungry, are you? Alright my little Nemmy, let’s get you your food,” Shego cooed while pulling out the two bowls.

I will so never get used to her being so… sweet,’ Kim thought as she nibbled away at the tuna. ‘It reminds me of when she was hit with that nice ray.

Shego smiled at her little cat before going to a drawer and pulling out a box marked ‘Target Practice’. Opening the box Shego pulled out the next of hundreds of photos of Kim and some tape, fixing it to the wall over the burn spots.

Kim watched all this while eating and drinking, silently her thoughts turned back to the nice Miss Go. While she wished she knew what Shego was going to say, she didn’t really want to find out right now. Cleaning her whiskers and lips with her paws, Kim failed to notice the green figure standing over her. “Come on Nemmy, bath time.”

With those five words, Kim’s feline instincts let out a whimper of terror, which Kim could not fully understand. The human part of Kim did have one major problem though. She was going to be showering with her bitter enemy, and she had little choice in the matter.

Kim’s thoughts were interrupted by Shego’s hands catching her gently about the middle and lifting her up. ‘Kim… react first, think later,’ Kim mentally commanded as Shego carried her off to the bathroom, humming ‘Hello, Hello, Hello’ by the Oh Boyz. ‘I think I am starting to learn too much about my enemy now…

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