Kitten Possible

Chapter 7


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TITLE: Kitten Possible

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Sometimes days just seem to keep getting worse, but when you're a teenage superhero that is having a string of bad days, life always is going to be showing its interesting side. After a mission goes awry, Kim has to face a new challenge in life.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Thanks again to mouse for beta reading, and for all the fans who've supported me along the way.

Words: 1314

Kim rested on Shego’s stomach, watching the sleeping female’s face quietly as her thoughts raged inside. ‘Shego’s been so nice to me, but that’s probably because she doesn’t know who I am. I… I don’t want to fight her anymore, not after seeing this side of her. I know I will have to, and… ARGH this is so the drama.

Laying her head down Kim sighed heavily as she felt her paws brush against the collar. With a small frown she rubbed the collar against her paws, feeling the engraving with her fur. ‘She really does need Nemmy, but I know that DNAmy’s chemicals will wear off eventually. I should leave before that happens, but it’s just so comfortable here.

Closing her eyes she smiled as she thought about how Drakken’s plans had failed today. It felt good disrupting a plan before it had been sprung once in a while. Letting herself drift off to sleep she sighed again. ‘Please don’t let Shego be hurt when I go back. If there is any force out there, please spare her pain.

The next morning Kim woke before Shego and stretched her arms above her head, brushing her red hair aside while she yawned. Blinking her eyes she looked up at her smooth skinned arms and hands. Reaching up to the top of her head she felt the lack of cat ears there she gulped and stood up on her own legs, walked to the mirror.

Stepping in front of the reflective surface Kim blushed as she noticed she was completely naked save for a thin band of black around her neck. Reaching back to try and work loose the choker, Kim found that the knot was too tight to loosen. ‘Come on Kim, get it together. You’ve got to get covered and get out of here.

Looking around Kim saw a clean cat suit of Shego’s hanging on the door to the closet. With a frown she grabbed the suit and slipped it on quickly, ignoring how tight it was on her. Looking into the mirror she sighed and shook her head before moving towards the exit. ‘Green and black are so not my colors.

Peeking out into the hall Kim noted the lack of guards and slipped out into the corridor. Striding along the wall at Shego’s pace, she prayed silently that the security cameras were the same cheap black and white ones Drakken had used the last time she stormed his lair and that whoever was watching her wasn’t paying attention.

Getting to the exit she gulped before looking back over her shoulder with tear filled eyes. Bowing her head she pushed open the door and stepped out into the predawn darkness. ‘Shego, I’m sorry I can’t stay Nemmy for you.

Looking around the area Kim wiped her eyes, struggling as she tried to bury the guilt and pain of running away from Shego like this. After she finally cleared her vision, she noticed a pair of Drakken’s hover pods waiting nearby. Running to the first pod she jumped on board and started it up.

Taking a look at the GPS when it booted up, Kim sighed realizing how close to Middleton she was, and took off towards her home. Looking back over her shoulder, she felt tears flutter off her cheeks into the cold wind that blew past her. Something inside her begged her to go back, to stay with Shego and comfort her long time rival.

Meanwhile, Shego awoke to her empty room. Looking around she felt something missing, but her sleep deprived mind couldn’t place it. Standing up out of the bed, she let out a yawn as she continued searching for what was missing. Then it hit her.

“Nemmy?” Shego said curiously, listening for a response. “Nemmy are you here?”

Fighting against the rising panic in her chest Shego walked into the living room and saw that the main door was open. Nemmy was gone. Looking around the room, Shego felt her world closing around her, crushing her under its weight. Closing her eyes she fought that feeling with a more familiar one, rage. “I’m going to kill Drakken for this, he took Nemmy.”

Storming back into her room Shego walked to her closet and pulled out a cat suit with a growl. Slipping it on her eyes grew harder and filled with a fiery rage aimed at one blue-skinned cat hater. Sitting down on her bed to adjust her boots she noticed three fine strands of gleaming red hair sitting right next to her.

“No… she wouldn’t… Kimmie wouldn’t kidnap a cat,” Shego said dismissing it, “Drakken’s trying to distract me, and it won’t work. I’ll get the security tapes and prove his guilt. After that I’ll give him a plasma enema if he doesn’t give me back my Nemmy.”

Storming out of her room, Shego followed the halls towards the camera control room. Opening the doors she frowned as she saw Drakken’s henchman sleeping on the job. Brushing past the lazy slob she pulled out the feed on the halls outside her room and connected it to a spare recorder, getting it back running. Jacking into the captured footage she had isolated Shego rewound until she saw movement leaving her room about an hour ago.

Playing the movie Shego grinned with feral delight as she watched the door open, knowing she’d catch Drakken this time. Her grin faded to sheer disbelief and pain as she saw Kim Possible slipping out of her room in one of Shego’s jumpsuits. She even looked guilty about something as she slinked away.

“No… not Kimmie, she wouldn’t… it has to be a mind chip… she was kidnapped…” Shego murmured in disbelief as she replayed the scene again, watching as Kim slipped out of her room again and again, agonizing over each time. It was Kim, she couldn’t believe it but it was Kim Possible walking away from her room burdened down with guilt.

Shego walked out of the camera room with a look of pure shock on her face. Kim had taken Nemmy, her nemesis had taken her only friend in the world. Stopping in her tracks Shego’s face grew cold and hard as flames flared up around her fists. “Kim Possible, I’m going to kill you!” Shego screamed with rage as she ran to the landing pads where the hover pods were kept.

Kim sighed as she finally slumped down in her room. She had ditched the pod about a mile away in the woods and had sneaked to her house, climbed up the wall and slipped into her room. She needed to contact Wade, but first she had to get out of Shego’s cat suit.

Stripping out of the form hugging suit Kim grabbed out her mission pants and was reaching for her normal shirt when she remembered the choker about her neck. With a sigh she plucked out one of her turtleneck crop tops and slipped it on quickly. Sliding on the rest of her clothes she sighed and hid Shego’s cat suit. ‘Can’t get Shego in trouble… it was my own fault.

Standing up she sighed as she saw the ink stain and paw prints running away. ‘I have to get that cleaned up…’ Kim thought as she stepped around the mess and headed for her Kimmunicator that someone had placed on her dresser when she heard a savage voice from outside calling her name, causing her blood to freeze in its veins.


Turning to the windows she saw the person standing on her lawn, glowing green with hate fueled energy. Starring down in fear and pain she knew exactly what was going on, it was what she had feared the worst. “Shego,” Kim whispered as the idea of what was going to happen flashed through her mind. “I am so sorry Shego.”

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