Kitten Possible

Chapter 4


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TITLE: Kitten Possible

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Sometimes days just seem to keep getting worse, but when you're a teenage superhero that is having a string of bad days, life always is going to be showing its interesting side. After a mission goes awry, Kim has to face a new challenge in life.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Thanks go again to Erin Mills for his help.

Words: 1880

Kim sighed as she stared up at Shego, who had slumped over in sleep while she was still petting. ‘She seemed so broken at the thought of losing me…’ Kim mused as she rubbed against Shego’s belly. ‘If I don’t return to being human she wouldn’t be alone, but I have to save the world. I don’t know what to do.

Lying down on Shego’s lap Kim watched the open doorway that would allow her to escape. Millions of thoughts were running through her head as she debated running through it to freedom. Lowering her eyes she spotted something that Shego had dropped when she saw Drakken. It was a bag from Furvana stuffed full of a lot of cat toys and treats.

Leaping lightly off of Shego’s lap Kim inspected the toys and tilted her head in thought, ‘Shego really went all out for her Nemmy. It looks like she really does love her,’ Kim thought for a moment before looking down at the ground. ‘Kinda sucks having to lie to her like this.

Hearing a clicking noise she blinked as she saw Drakken waiting outside the door with what looked like a piece of fish in one hand and the other tucked behind his back. Kim blinked slowly as she neared the door her eyes seemingly focused on the fish. Just before she walked past the door she whipped her tail end around and knocked the door shut in Drakken’s shocked face. ‘Maybe I do give him more credit than he deserves,’Kim thought with a mental sigh.

While Drakken pounded on the door, Kim crawled back over by Shego and curled up in the green woman’s lap again. Letting out a yawn she decided to take a nap with her temporary owner.

Kim woke as she felt Shego’s legs shift underneath her, looking over at the clock she guessed that Shego had been out for about three hours now. Facing Shego again, Kim leaned up between her breasts and licked the tip of Shego’s nose. As Shego’s eyes fluttered open she smiled at Kim sweetly, “Hey Nemmy, you stayed. Bet you’re hungry.”

Kim let out a pleading meow as she leapt off Shego, walking to the kitchen. Shego watched her kitten with a smile as she rose from the ground. “I can never predict what you’re going to do, that reminds me of that goody-goody princess Possible.”

Kim stiffened slightly at the comment, eyeing the burnt remains of the pictures before scampering into the kitchen. Shego laughed as she followed the kitten, thinking that her tone scared the poor thing again. “I’m sorry Nemmy, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Pulling out a can of tuna Shego sighed and started to open it. “Kim’s not that bad a person really; she could be a rival if she dedicated herself to fighting. Sometimes she reminds me of me, before my brothers turned me off from crime fighting. I really have a lot of fun fighting her.”

Draining the tuna Shego sighed and shook her head. “I guess we all have regrets to live with, huh Nemmy?”

Shego smiled as she pulled out a fork. Afterwards she scraped the tuna into the pet food bowl. Sliding it towards Nemmy she went over to the fridge and pulled out a soda for herself. While Kim ate the tuna, Shego sat at the table and sipped her soda. After a moment Shego reached into her pocket and retrieved the choker she had engraved earlier, looking it over with a smile she noted that it didn’t seem to have any damage from her earlier rampage.

Kim looked up after she had finished eating when she noticed something sparkling in Shego’s hand. Silently padding over she leaped into Shego’s lap and then onto the table to look at the shiny object. Looking at the choker she tilted her head as she noticed it said ‘Nemmy’ on it with a little heart swirled into the tail of the ‘y’. ‘You have got to be kidding,’ Kim thought as she eyed the collar, ‘She is not putting that on me.

With that thought Kim sat looking at Shego expectantly. “What do you think Nemmy? I stole it just for you.”

Shego’s face fell when Kim turned away in a huff, almost as though offended Shego didn’t buy it.

“Come on Nemmy, don’t be like that, it’s a beautiful collar,” Shego pleaded while holding out the choker, “See, it has your name on it and everything.”

Kim turned her head so that it was faced completely away from the choker, her eyes remaining shut. After a moment she sniffed and meowed annoyed.

“Is it because I stole it?” Shego asked which to her surprise got a nod out of the cat.

With a vexed sigh Shego lowered her head to look at the kitten on her table. “Come on Nemmy, I can’t afford nice crap like this with what Dr. D’s paying.”

When the cat walked across the table and sat with her back toward Shego, the green-skinned woman gave another vexed sigh. “Alright, fine, I do get paid enough, but I forgot my money at home.”

“MROW!” Kim shouted accusingly at Shego while turning her disapproving glare on the villainess.

Shego slumped slightly at the look and shouted back, “OKAY ALREADY! IT WAS MORE FUN TO DO IT THIS WAY, ALRIGHT?!”

Kim sniffed haughtily as she curled up, with her nose turned up at the gift being presented to her. Seeing her Nemmy rejecting the gift based on the fact it was stolen Shego sighed putting her forehead into her hands. “I can’t believe I’m getting a morality lecture from a cat!”

Kim turned to give Shego a smirk when her eyes came across something that she had thought was her own trademarked technique. Shego was giving her a full force puppy dog pout, and she could already feel her resolve weakening. When Shego said, “Pwetty pwease wittle Nemmy… I stole-ed it for youuuu…” with the cute baby like voice Kim knew that she was crumbling inside.

Shego shook the choker slowly, letting the lights catch Kim’s cat eyes. Kim uncoiled slightly, eyes locked on the shiny surface that had captivated her attention. “Lookie-wookie, it has your naaaaame on it…”

Kim reached out a paw, letting her kitty instincts take over as her human mind still reeled from the puppy dog pout broadside she had received. Shego jiggled it around, enticing Kim to submit to the shiny.

Kim stared at her reflection in the mirror with her ears flat. ‘I let her put a collar on me. I have to be insane,’ Kim thought as she turned to look at Shego.

“Oh Nemmy, you’re so cute!” Shego said while reaching out to scratch Kim under the chin. Letting out a soft purr Kim sighed internally as she tried to figure out how she succumbed to the pout so easily.

Looking up again, Kim noticed that Shego was now dangling a wad of string pieces tied to a longer one above her. Instinctively Kim swiped at the ball, batting it away easily. When it came back she whacked it out again, mewing playfully. Continuing to bat the ball around, Kim mewed happily while Shego giggled. After a few minutes Kim pounced on the ball, and held it down to the table, where she bit into it.

Wait… what the… why am I…’ Kim’s mind finally started to regain itself as she gnawed on the yarn. ‘I feel like an idiot.

Releasing the yarn Kim walked away with an annoyed twitch to her step. She stopped when she heard a jingling of a bell. Looking back she saw Shego shaking a mouse that had a bell around its neck.

Turning around again, she eyed the mouse, crouching low as she stalked towards where the mouse laid on the table. Shego twitched her fingers holding the string for the mouse to get it moving. When Kim tried to pounce on the mouse with a squeaking roar, Shego watched as she landed full on the mouse.

Kim blinked at the odd taste filling her mouth. It was strangely pleasing to her feline tongue, drawing her in. ‘I feel funny… wait… was that catnip?’ was the last thing Kim thought before the buzzed and euphoric feeling surged through her. Tossing the mouse around, Kim tweaked out and started chasing it around, knocking it about with insane mental giggling.

Diving down onto the mouse, Kim gave mentally shouted, ‘KITTY DEATH FROM ABOVE!’ Rolling about she let out a series of mews while she grilled the mouse mentally, ‘GOTCHA! So you thought you could escape from me, huh? Who sent you? Ve haff vays uv makingk joo tahlk.

Standing before the toy she glared down at it, while her mind said, ‘I AM BAST! LOOK UPON ME AND WORSHIP!’ Seeing that the mouse wasn’t obeying she leaped on it again with a mental cry of ‘BONZAI!!!

All this while, Shego was laughing hysterically at the kitty’s playful and spastic actions. Shaking her head she removed the mouse and put it back into the air tight bag that it had come in. Standing up, she left to go into the kitchen, never noticing Nemmy following behind her. Kim watched as Shego opened the fridge, perking up even more. ‘I can has cheezburger?

Shego pulled out some fixings for a sandwich, the cheese drawing Kim’s attention most of all. Leaping up onto the counter, Kim started stalking closer to where Shego was making the sandwich. Silently the great predator neared the lunchmeat; curling her legs underneath herself she readied to pounce.

Just before she leapt, a green hand pushed her away, sending her skidding along the surface of the counter into a large two handled pot that flipped over and covered her. ‘AMBUSH! TAKE COVER!’ Kim’s mind cried out as she peeked out from under the pot.

Creeping forward Kim smirked as she neared the area that Shego had been working on the sandwich. ‘Hehe, can’t see me, I’sa ninja kitteh turtle,’ Kim’s mind giggled. Shego in the meantime had finished making her sandwich and put away the fixings. Watching her little kitten she made a mental note not to give her catnip again.

Picking up her sandwich in one hand, and digging her kitten out from under the pot she gave a giggle at the cat’s yawn. “Alright Nemmy, no more nip for you. Don’t need to find a kitty rehab center.”

Kim however only had one thought in her mind as she spread out her legs forward and behind her. ‘LOOK MA! I’SA FLYING!

Shego carried the spastic cat to the couch and settled down with her to watch the news and eat her lunch. Kim climbed up onto Shego’s shoulder and nuzzled under her chin, purring like a chainsaw. ‘Sheggie… you’s mah bestest fwiend, I wuvs yous!

Shego smiled faintly at her kitten when Nemmy slid down onto her lap and curled up to take a nap. Looking up at the news stories of the day she let out a sigh, a slight hint of worry to her eyes. “Kimmie’s still missing? It’s been four days. She should have come home already.”

On her lap, Nemmy just snored peacefully oblivious to the world.

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