Kitten Possible

Chapter 3


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TITLE: Kitten Possible

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Sometimes days just seem to keep getting worse, but when you're a teenage superhero that is having a string of bad days, life always is going to be showing its interesting side. After a mission goes awry, Kim has to face a new challenge in life.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Thanks again going to Erin Mills for beta reading and helping with suggestions.

Words: 2848

Showering with Shego wasn’t as bad as I thought,’ Kim mused while staring at her reflection in the mirror.

It was a lot worse…’ It wasn’t the lavender shampoo, or the ice water that got her. No, it was the worst of all possible fates. Shego sang in the shower, and she sang ‘Mr Roboto’ by Styx. Kim could have sworn her brain was going to try and escape out of her ears if she had to stay in the shower much longer.

Thankfully the shower and Shego’s singing ended quickly enough. Unfortunately for Kim, Shego wanted to blow dry her first. That in and of itself wouldn’t have been bad, except that Shego used her plasma fists to pet her dry. Nerve wracking would have been putting it mildly. But at least it was over now, and Shego had said that they were going to bed.

Yawning with a soft squeak, Kim looked for the pillow she had been laying on earlier, thinking to head to bed. Looking around where the pillow had been Kim felt puzzled when she noticed it was missing. Spreading her search to encompass the entire bedroom Kim finally found it again, lying on the foot of Shego’s bed. With a mental sigh Kim leaped onto her pillow and curled up, watching the spot Shego was resting on.

It’s hard to believe sometimes that Shego and Miss Go are the same person…’ Kim mused studying her long time foe, ‘But seeing her like this in her unguarded moments makes it so much more believable.

Laying her head down Kim let out a sigh of frustration over her situation. ‘Half the world is probably worried sick about me, the other half is probably rejoicing, and here I am the pet of my worst enemy. Things just can’t possibly get worse…’ Kim thought just before nature’s call reminded her about how things can always be worse.

With a mental grumble Kim leaped off her pillow and padded to the bathroom. Getting to the room she sighed as she looked between the toilet and the litter box. Rolling her eyes Kim scampered over to the toilet and leapt onto the seat, looking down at the water inside. Seeing that it was clean, she turned around and squatted on the edge of the stool, letting nature take its course while her eyes wandered about the surprisingly furnished bathroom. ‘I always thought pictured Shego being more Spartan than this,’ Kim mused silently.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Shego sat up and looked at the empty pillow. “Huh, I guess Nemmy is using the litterbox…”

Rolling out of the bed, Shego padded across her room, and turned on the bathroom light, locking eyes with Kim sitting on the toilet. Shego blinked a few times to make certain that she was seeing and hearing what she was. It appeared that her cat was using the toilet.

Kim meowed noisily to get Shego’s attention enough to wake the green-skinned female so she would stop staring. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were using it. Let me know when you’re done,” Shego said as she stepped out and leaned against the wall outside the bathroom.

Blinking a few times to adjust to the darkness again, Shego tried to figure out if she was seeing things from lack of sleep or not. The flushing of the toilet however brought her back in time to see her kitten walk out of the bathroom.

Kim stopped about three steps out of the bathroom and looked over her shoulder at Shego. Letting out a series of mews, Kim nodded to the bathroom and then scampered off, a piece of toilet paper stuck to one of her hind paws.

“That's it. No more sushi from the back of the fridge, ever again.” Shego concluded as she entered into her bathroom.

Kim sighed as she plucked the toilet paper off of her paw, spitting it out into the waste bin before curling back up on her pillow. Yawning she smirked at the mental image of Shego when she saw her sitting on the stool. ‘It’s good to be able to do anything.

Kim looked over as the toilet flushed, and Shego exited the bathroom. Walking over, she spotted the toilet paper lying on top of the waste bin and sighed. “Okay, after the mission… I’m cleaning out that damn fridge.”

As dawn broke the next morning Shego stood in front of Middleton’s finest jewelers. “I need to renegotiate for no work before nine…” Shego groused as she glared at the shining windows. At least this is going to be an easy job.

Shego opened the door and looked around inside of the building, taking note of the guard in front of the vault. He would most likely be the first person to be an idiot, what with his compensation of a side arm. Turning towards him, Shego walked along, eyeing the jewels and such that she would be taking with her. Finally getting into position she smirked and powered up her plasma fists. “Alright boys and girls, let’s play Shego says! Shego says drop the weapons and step away from those alarms.”

Shego smiled as everyone in the place raised their hands into the air, after dropping anything that could possibly be considered a weapon onto a pile in the center of the room. “Apparently you all know me, and you probably can guess what I want. So, let’s get to it already. Anyone hits the alarms and you’re on the wrong end of a bioplasmic enema.”

From her vantage point, Shego smiled as she noticed everyone was doing the smart thing, smart being that they weren’t trying to piss her off. Looking around a glitter caught her attention from the display next to her. Stepping over she smiled seeing a black leather choker with emerald studs and a single platinum plate in the center. Looking up at the clerk nearest her she snapped her fingers, getting his attention. “Hey you, get over here.”

The clerk scrambled over to her quivering visibly with fear. “Y…y…yes m…ma’am? H…how can I help you?”

Shego smiled wickedly as she pointed to the choker that she had seen. “Listen Champ, you can you guys do engraving here?”

“Y…yes m…m…ma’am, we h…have a v…variety of s…styles to ch…chose from,” the clerk stuttered out while pulling out a book of styles and showing them off. “P…please choose any that you like. Pleasedon’tkillme.”

Shego waved him off while she flipped through the book, looking at the different styles. “Just go get the rest of my stuff together; I’ll call you over when I’m ready.”

The clerk nodded and bolted away, gathering up the jewels for Shego while she was distracted with the book.

As Shego casually flipped through the pages of the book, her brows furrowed at a noise, without looking up she fired a plasma bolt at the feet of the security guard that was trying to sneak up on her. “Bad idea there sport. I recommend you just sit down and shut up. Heroes piss me off, you don’t want me pissed.”

The guard sat down as though his legs turned to jelly. Shego didn’t bother looking up as she finally found a style that she liked. “Hey Champ, get your ass over here.”

The clerk bolted over as fast as he could, to look at attend to her. “Y…yes m…ma’am? H…Have y…you d…d…d…decided?”

“Yeah, I want that choker I pointed at earlier engraved in style #42A, and I want it done now,” Shego said with an evil smile.

“Y…yes m…ma’am… It w…will only b…be a m…moment,” the clerk said while collecting the item to engrave. “W…what am I p…p…putting on it m…ma’am?”

“Nemmy, that’s N-E-M-M-Y, and if I don’t like it, I will ignite your blood vessels,” Shego growled while leaning into the clerk’s face. “Got it Champ?”

Shego smiled as the clerk scampered back into the engraving room where she could see him working on the choker’s plate through the doorway. Sighing she slammed her fist back over her shoulder into the guard’s face, spreading him out on the floor behind her. “I told you not to play the hero, Sport.”

Pulling out her file, Shego began to clean off the metal tubes at her finger tips, blowing to clear the debris as she loosens it. Looking at the jewelry gathering at her feet, she gave a pleased smile before noticing that the clerk had returned with her choker. “Good timing there Champ, let’s see it.”

Inspecting the choker Shego couldn’t help but smiling at how she pictured Nemmy’s joyful reaction to her gift. Looking up at the trembling clerk she flared her fist right in front of him, causing him to fall back into a puddle of yellow. “Good work, but I didn’t ask for the heart with the tail of the ‘y’.”

“I… I… I’m sssssorry m…ma’am, I thought I would do it to benice. Ididn’tmeantoupsetyou,pleaseDON’TKILLME!” the clerk pleaded while sweat broke out everywhere on him.

Slashing her fiery fist in front of the clerk, she smirked as he passed out before she admired the choker again. “I like it,” she said before tucking it into her uniform, pulling out her communicator with her hand. “Okay boys, come in and get the bags. We’re done here.”

Shego smirked as the muscle bound morons Drakken called henchmen filed in. “Alright, load it up and get it back to Dr. D,” Shego commanded while walking out, “Oh, and if Sport over there does anything stupid, fry him.”

Leaping into her black and green convertible Shego let her engine roar to life before squealing her tires out of the area. She always hated driving the rental cars that Drakken gave her while her baby was in the shop, but it was worth it. This car had all her favorite songs loaded into its stereo system, and could outrun anything but a rocket car. With her hair whipping behind her in the wind Shego smiled as she felt the bulge of her gift for Nemmy. “She’ll love it, but I should get her some toys too… maybe I’ll stop at a pet store…”

Shego smirked as she turned into Furvana, having heard Falsetto Jones squeaking its praises at the last villains’ convention. Pulling into an open stall next to a handicap spot, Shego strode into the store with a smile. “Now… I should get her some catnip, some toys, a scratching post… and maybe some treats.”

Grabbing a cart on her way, Shego walked down the cat aisle getting completely lost in all the choices. “Maybe I should get some help…”

While Shego was busy terrorizing the poor clerks at Furvana, Kim was lying on her couch watching some old cartoons. She had been watching the news, but all the reports about her disappearance had started depressing her. Originally she had been searching for an escape route, but couldn’t open the door, and the air vents had solid grating on them.

Kim’s ears perked up as she heard the door swoosh open, and she saw a familiar blue form striding in. Leaping off the couch, she ducked underneath thankful that she didn’t appear to be shedding. Drakken’s sneezing started seconds after he entered the room.

“I know… ACHOO! Shego has a… a… ACHOO! a cat in here,” Drakken grumbled while wiping his nose with a tissue, “I’ll fi… fi… ACHOO find it and throw it out!”

I’d love to see you try Drakken,’ Kim thought as her playful cat nature took over. Once Drakken had passed the couch, Kim snuck out the far side silently.

Leaping across the room, Kim dove into Shego’s kitchen, sliding her water bowl into the entryway. Mewing softly she ducked into a cupboard to watch as Drakken walked in, landing a foot right inside her bowl, causing not only that foot to slide out from under him, but also the water to slouch all over, soaking his foot and his rear when he landed in the water.

Kim laughed silently as Drakken pseudo-cursed, giving her a chance to slip out unnoticed. Bolting into the bathroom she curled up under the sink as far back as she could get. Letting out a louder meow to draw Drakken’s attention, she couldn’t help but smirk as he spotted her. Playing right into her plan, Drakken dropped down on all fours and crawled to catch her.

“I ha… ACHOO have you now cat,” Drakken proclaimed drawing nearer.

Kim almost pitied him as she swiped just shy of his nose, claws extended. This caused Drakken to slam his head into the sink, leading to another bout of pseudo-cursing. Kim let out a taunting series of hisses that sounded like laughter.

“You think you’re a… a… ACHOO all that cat ACHOO! But you’re ACHOO not!” Drakken screamed out as he charged after the cat.

Kim skidded to a halt in front of Shego’s clothes hamper in her bedroom, shaking her tail at Drakken teasingly. As Drakken barreled in, Kim waited until the last second to leap out of the way, causing Drakken to smash into Shego’s dirty laundry. As he struggled through the mess, Drakken ripped a black lace bra from his face and stormed into the living room, never noticing the green sock that clung to his back. “I AM GOING TO SKIN YOU!”

Kim found herself in a corner without an escape route as Drakken stalked closer, raising the bra as though he thought it a lethal weapon. “Now cat, you’re mine!”

At that moment Shego entered the room. “Nemmy, I’m home! And I brought pres…” Shego trailed off her eyes looking on Drakken ready to attack her cat. Hearing Nemmy let out a pained mewl, Shego’s eyes lit with rage as a wordless shriek resounded around the room and an aura of green, fiery death surrounded her body.

Drakken turned around and felt his whole arms go limp from the sheer rage Shego was showing. Normally he’d be begging for his life, but right now the only thing he could think to do was run screaming in panic. That was exactly what he did, screaming like a little girl as Shego chased after him, lobbing balls of plasmic death at him.

Kim blinked as she watched Shego and Drakken leave, part of her wanted to bolt out the door and find her friends. However the other part dominated as she hid in Shego’s closet, leaving the door open a crack to watch for Shego’s return. Kim couldn’t believe how much her body shook with fear of the rage Shego expressed.

Five minutes later Shego reentered her suite and started looking around frantically. “Nemmy! Nemmy, come out! Please Nemmy, don’t leave me!” Shego cried while she searched every nook and cranny she could think of her kitten hiding in. “Nemmy, please talk to me, I’m sorry for scaring you.”

Kim swallowed the lump in her throat and buried herself further under the clothing watching the woman searching high and low for her. She was truly terrified right now, and didn’t want to come out. Watching as Shego slumped down in front of the couch Kim’s breath caught. ‘Is that… no way, Shego’s crying,’ Kim thought in shock.

It was true; Shego had her face in her hands and was crying into them, murmuring Nemmy repeatedly. Kim bit her lower lip gently as she felt her heart reaching out to the older female. Crawling out of the closet Kim walked over slowly and quietly so as to not alert Shego to her presence.

I… I have to get out,’ Kim thought as she neared the still open door. Looking back over her shoulder she winced hearing Shego’s murmuring had turned into sobs. Lowering her ears, Kim walked back and placed her front paws on Shego’s legs. ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this…’ Kim’s mind muttered as she mewed questioningly at Shego.

Shego slid her hands down from her bloodshot eyes to lock eyes with Nemmy’s concerned eyes. Reaching down with shaking hands, Shego scooped up Kim and held her close crying into the kitten’s soft fur. “I thought you had run off, I’m so sorry Nemmy. I thought I was going to be alone again.”

Kim’s eyes widened at the sheer pain and loneliness she heard in Shego’s voice. Letting her eyes soften she licked Shego’s cheek gently, trying to make her feel better. It seemed to work as Shego pulled her back and started to pet her. The slow steady petting seemed to calm both of them; because when Shego next spoke her voice was calmer, but seemed almost dead.

“Nemmy, you’re my only friend. Dr. D. and his goons are just co-workers; I don’t even know most of their names. When I heard you cry out, I just snapped,” Shego said while she continued her pathological petting, “I don’t know what I’d do if you left me.”

This is so not good,’ Kim thought as she nuzzled into Shego’s petting, ‘She is going to go psycho if she finds out who I am.

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