Kitten Possible

Chapter 11


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TITLE: Kitten Possible

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Sometimes days just seem to keep getting worse, but when you're a teenage superhero that is having a string of bad days, life always is going to be showing its interesting side. After a mission goes awry, Kim has to face a new challenge in life.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Thanks to mouse for his beta work, and also a special shout out to Chief Sharky from the Kim Possible Slash forums for correcting me on Monkey Fist's real name in the last chapter. As always, thanks for the reviews.

Words: 1154

Four days of being restrained to a bed later, Kim’s whining finally convinced her primary doctor that she was well enough to go home, with strict orders to not overexert herself for another two or three days.

Kim sighed as she saw her freshly re-carpeted room, thanks to Global Justice’s insistence on footing the bill. She had really missed this room, especially the fact that she could get out of her bed without people fretting over her about straining herself, or Shego attacking. Looking down to the pile of pillows that Shego had settled in Kim smiled sweetly. ‘She’s been so worried about me these past few days, her worst of them all. Maybe she doesn’t want to be enemies anymore.

Sneaking over to her Kimmunicator, she called up Wade, the chubby boy answering after only a second. “Hey Kim, glad to hear from you.”

“Hey Wade, sorry about dropping out like that,” Kim said as she settled onto her bed, “But DNAmy’s last batch of chemicals turned me into a cat, and I got sidetracked on my way to Ron’s.”

“Want a complete bio-scan to see if everything checks out?” Wade offered.

“Please and thank you,” Kim accepted before looking over at the cat sleeping on the pillows, “For me and … Shego, if you could.”

Kim could have sworn that if Wade’s eyes grew any large they’d have floated away. “Don’t ask Wade, just scan her please.”

With a sigh Wade nodded and indicated for her to proceed. Pointing the camera to the pile of pillows, Kim watched as the sensor array popped out and began to sweep over Shego, after a moment Wade’s voice spoke from the Kimmunicator. “Alright Kim, I’ll let that process while we scan you.”

Turning the device back to face herself, Kim smiled at Shego raising her sleepy head out of her bed, yawning slightly. “Go ahead Wade.”

After a few minutes of the scanners passing over her, Wade announced that he was done. “Alright Kim, let me just process your results, and I’ll go over them with you.”

Turning around and laying down on her stomach, Kim sighed as she waited. The burns on her back hadn’t been so bad, but the doctors did want her to lie on her stomach instead of her back for a few days in order for the wounds to scab over properly. What annoyed her most about this was that the scabs were going to be taking longer to form because of the ointment that she had to have applied. It would mean minimal scarring, but it still was annoying to have to wait the extra days.

Hearing a knocking on her door, Kim grumbled as she got out of her bed and walked over to it. Opening the door a crack she peeked out and stifled a groan from escaping her mouth. There stood the main complaint of her past four days, the one woman who had made her life even more unbearable than it had been already. “Hello Doctor Director, what a surprise,” Kim said flatly.

“Good afternoon Ms. Possible, I am here to tell you that Global Justice has placed an around the clock guard on you, and that you are to be considered out of action until further notice,” the older brunette stated sternly, her one eye focused on Kim as though daring her to challenge her.

“I’m not an operative Dr. Director, you cannot order me around,” Kim growled tensely as she rose to the challenge.

“I’m afraid that because of Shego’s assault on you, I am allowed to order you until such time as you are back to full operational standards,” Dr. Director corrected with an annoyed tone. “Your status will be judged by me, and your mother. Until then, you are to remain in your home, or under direct guard of GJ operatives.”

“And if I don’t comply?” Kim asked with a frown.

“Then I will be forced to take… preventative measures Ms. Possible,” Dr. Director stated before turning away. “Good day Ms. Possible.”

Kim glared at the parting form of Dr. Director with an angry frown before shutting her door calmly and walking back to her bed. Stopping a few steps shy she looked over at Shego, “Well, I guess you thought that was amusing, didn’t you?”

Shego seemed to smirk and nod before curling back up on her pillows. Kim sighed as she shook her head at the futility of getting mad at Shego before walking over and picking up her Kimmunicator again. “What’s the sitch Wade?”

Wade looked up from his screen with a confused look, “Well Kim, Shego is perfectly healthy. What happened to her is that her DNA seems to have been coated with a chemical that turned her into a cat. It is currently dissolving, and within a couple days she should be back to normal.”

“Ok, and?” Kim prompted curiously.

“I’m detecting trace amounts of the same chemical in your system, but also a few traces of something my computers cannot identify,” Wade continued with a frown, “I think until we identify that, you should take Dr. Director’s… suggestion. Kim, until we know, I think you might be in danger.”

“Thanks Wade, but until my back heals, I don’t think I’ll be doing much at all…” Kim stated before looking down at her grumbling stomach, “Except maybe eat.”

“I’ll let you go then, tell your cat that she’ll be fine for me,” Wade said with a smile.

“Thanks Wade,” Kim replied before turning off the Kimmunicator. “How about some dinner? I’m starved.”

Shego looked up at Kim nervously before giving her a slight nod.

Half an hour later, Shego growled angrily from under her coating of eggs and flour. Kim meanwhile blushed and looked down in shame, “How about I order some sushi?” Kim knew that Shego had had nothing but fish at the hospital, mostly because she had ordered it for the blackish-green cat.

Shego’s glare hardened with anger as she flared up, frying the eggs and flour on her body to ashes that drifted down harmlessly. “Guess you’re sick of fish… How about Buena Na… AHHH!” Kim broke off with a scream as Shego leapt at her, missing only when Kim ducked under the angry cat. “Okay! Okay, pizza?” Shego nodded silently before staring at Kim from her spot on the opposite counter top.

“Pepperoni and cheese fine with you, oh mistress of felinity?” Kim asked with sarcasm before sighing as Shego nodded with a prim and proper dip of her head. Grumbling something about feline egos, Kim walked out to get the phone.

A few hours later, as Kim was resting on her bed while petting Shego lightly, her mother’s voice echoed up the stairs, causing her to flinch and Shego to jump up with her fur on end. “KIMBERLY ANNE POSSIBLE!”

“Busted…” Kim groaned as she stood up to go face the music.

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