Kitten Possible

Chapter 6


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TITLE: Kitten Possible

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Sometimes days just seem to keep getting worse, but when you're a teenage superhero that is having a string of bad days, life always is going to be showing its interesting side. After a mission goes awry, Kim has to face a new challenge in life.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: Special thanks goes out to mouse for his beta reading of this chapter, and a shout out to the awesome HazuraSinner for doing a wonderful picture based on this story found at her Deviant Art account.

Words: 1668

Kim smiled as she skulked along the halls heading back to Shego’s room. She had a plan formed in her mind, and it involved Shego being very angry with Drakken instead of searching for her kitten. Getting to the room her jaw dropped as a familiar voice reached her highly sensitive ears.

“Green babe’s pussy has to be around here, seriously,” Ed said while rummaging through Shego’s quarters. After a few moments he exclaimed, “DUDE, her bra! Seriously!”

Kim could only shake her head in despair at the thought that Ed was probably doing the air guitar thing while holding Shego’s underwear. With a sigh, she ran silently up to the door and peeked in to find Ed doing exactly that. ‘Well, thank you Drakken for giving me the right tools…

Looking inside the room, Kim smirked as she saw that Ed seemed to have written instructions waiting for him on what to do with her. Giving another silently laugh, she ducked into the room and grabbed one of the spring toys Shego had bought for her little Nemmy. Looking over at Ed who had finally decided to get back to work Kim shook her head and was about to leave when the instructions list caught her eye. ‘Seems Drakken isn’t happy with me… launched into orbit on the outside of a rocket. How sweet.

Leaning forward, Kim caught the note in her teeth with the spring toy and scampered off, leaving Ed to search Shego’s room on his own. Returning to the main lab Kim blinked at the music she heard while climbing back up to her spot. Getting into position she watched as Shego yelled at Drakken.

“Do you HAVE to play the Mission Impossible theme?” Shego shouted.

“No, but it just seemed appropriate tonight,” Drakken responded while cringing. “How about you pick the music next?”

Shego growled fiercely as she put down the wrench she had been using, before storming over to the radio and flicked the thing off. Turning back around, she lit up her hands and stalked closer to Drakken. “I told you I wanted to be done an hour ago, and you are keeping me here. Why?”

“Umm… well I need your help Shego… and…” Drakken broke off as Ed came into the room.

“Hey cuz? I can’t find Green chick’s pussy, seriously,” Ed said while entering the lab. “But she has awesome taste in underwear, wanna see?”

Drakken paled as he noticed Shego’s eyes starting to glow with anger. “Find my WHAT?! What is your cousin doing in my room?” Shego demanded while stalking closer to Drakken, Ed finally seeing the irate green woman.

“Dude! That’s so hot! Seriously!” Ed shouted excitedly at seeing Shego glowing with anger. Kim blinked at Ed’s statement before she shook her head and knocked the list over the edge, letting it drift down in front of Shego.

Turning off her plasma fist, Shego grabbed the instructions and read them over while Drakken started trying to sneak away. Ed meanwhile had moved closer and read the list, after a moment he exclaimed, “Hey cuz, it’s that list you made me, seriously!”

Drakken gave up all pretext of being brave and flat out ran, dragging Ed behind him. Shego meanwhile got to the bottom of the list, feeling her anger flare up. “YOU WERE GOING TO DO WHAT TO NEMMY!”

Leaving the instructions burning behind her, Shego stormed after where she heard Drakken screaming like a little girl and Ed asking what’s up. Kim smirked as the trio left, not a single one of them wondering how the list drifted down from above them. Dropping down to the ground, Kim smirked as she eyed the completed hypno-ray. ‘This is almost too easy.

Slipping into the main power housing Kim smiled as she laid the spring toy across a trio of electrodes. ‘Let’s see, that should override any surge protection Drakken has, and now for the next part.

Slipping in deeper into the machine she found the place that she had been looking for, the main signal conversion node. Looking around at the color coded mess of wires and plugs, Kim smirked as she found the two jacks she was searching for, both had been carefully labeled. As she pulled them out she could smell and taste Drakken’s gloves on the plugs, so she knew that with as small of an area as it was to get into once the outer housings were in place and weighted down, Drakken only had one person to blame when things went wrong tomorrow: himself.

Reversing the placement of the plugs, Kim smirked and started to leave her sabotage work. Coming to the opening she had entered from, Kim paused and sniffed the air while her ears hunted for any sounds. Smiling fiercely, she turned her attention to a corner of the room where a mouse was sniffing around.

Extending her claws and crouching down low, Kim started towards her prey. Remaining silent and downwind of the timid creature, Kim smirked wickedly as she drew near. As she coiled her legs under herself, Kim couldn’t help but feel something was off. Leaping through the air, Kim landed on the mouse and caught it easily.

Looking down at the stunned mouse, Kim blinked as she pulled back. ‘No, I’m not a cat… I’m a human trapped in a cat’s body. I need to get some rest.’ Turning to the doorway out, Kim bolted for Shego’s room.

Dashing down the halls, Kim could see the melted metal and burnt remains of Shego’s path of wrath. Turning the corner to head towards Shego’s quarters she skidded to a halt, seeing Shego waiting for her.

“Nemmy, you left the room,” Shego said quietly, “Do you know how worried I’ve been about you?”

Kim’s ears flattened as she neared Shego, her head hung in shame. Walking up to the green woman’s boots she pawed them gently, letting out a soft mew of an apology. ‘Why am I apologizing to her?’ Kim wondered as she nuzzled Shego’s boots. ‘She’s going to hate me no matter what I do.

Shego bent down and scooped up her kitten, kissing her gently on the forehead. “It’s alright, I forgive you. You had to get away from that muscle bound moron or he’d have killed you. You’re safe now, mommy’s got you.”

Nuzzling in close Kim’s mind frowned as she thought, ‘I’m not safe Shego, you’re going to hate me. I don’t want you to hate me anymore.

Walking into the room Shego sighed at the mess Ed had made. “I guess playtime’s shot, but we’ll play more tomorrow after Pumpkin ruins Drakken’s plans. I promise to come and get you when that happens.”

Kim frowned slightly before she leaped out of Shego’s hands and started nudging some of the debris towards the laundry basket. Shego let out a small laugh as she watched the kitten trying to help her out. “Thanks Nemmy, but why don’t you go get some dinner while I clean up?”

Kim mewed softly as she continued to push the debris around, showing Shego that she wasn’t going anywhere. Shego sighed and smiled as she started cleaning up the larger items herself. “Yeah, I guess I could use the help.”

Kim and Shego worked together quietly for the most part, up until Kim found the cat ears Shego had worn earlier. Bending down she sniffed them curiously before slipping them onto her head, and sliding them down to her waist, before letting out a mew to get Shego’s attention.

Shego turned and look at her little Nemmy and smiled at the sight. “So from super-intelligent to mutant four eared kitten in a matter of minutes, I have a special cat.”

Kim smiled at Shego’s joke and carried the play ears to the pile where her toys were. She slipped out of the ears and used her tail to flick it onto the top of the pile. Turning back she smiled at the empty room before strutting into the kitchen. Looking around she sniffed at the fish piled into her bowl and turned back to look at Shego curiously.

Shego smiled as she waved her kitten on. “I thought you were getting sick of tuna, so I picked up some perch for you.”

Kim looked at the cooked fish again and started nibbling it carefully, leaving the bones she found on the edge of the bowl. Looking up at Shego she purred softly before walking over to her water dish and lapping up a bit of water. ‘After this is over… I think I will so be over fish.

Lifting her head out of the water Kim strode out of the kitchen letting out a yawn. Shego smiled as she followed her kitten, picking her up and carrying her to the couch. “You know Nemmy, you have had a rather exciting few days; I think it’s time for bed.”

Curling up in Shego’s arms, Kim didn’t feel any need to bother arguing. Pawing the softer part of her resting area she couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Sleep sounds great… but why do I feel like I should be getting slapped?

Shego blushed a deeper green as she felt what her kitten was doing. As she settled into her bed, Shego let out a sigh as she pulled her kittens claws from her chest. “Nemmy… if you weren’t my kitty… let’s just not do that again, ‘kay?”

Kim didn’t respond but instead curled up on the softer part and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Kim woke to find herself laying alone in the living room with no one around. Sniffing about she smelt Shego’s scent remaining, and made a note that there was more fish in the kitchen for her. Stretching out she smiled as she felt a large explosion shake the room.

Wait for it… wait for it…’Kim thought with a smirk just before she heard Drakken’s bawling fill the entire lair. ‘There we go. Nemmy 3: Drakken 0

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