Kitten Possible

Chapter 5


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TITLE: Kitten Possible

AUTHOR: Angelboy

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: Sometimes days just seem to keep getting worse, but when you're a teenage superhero that is having a string of bad days, life always is going to be showing its interesting side. After a mission goes awry, Kim has to face a new challenge in life.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: A special happy birthday update from me to you guys. That's right it's my b-day. As an early gift the Erin Mills made a sketch of one of the scenes. as always to Erin for his work.

Words: 1687

Kim put a paw to her head, and let out a moan of pain. ‘Never again, I swear on all things you care to name to never do ‘nip again. Just make the throbbing stop!

Shego watched her kitten with sorrowful eyes, the little dear had slept through the night but now she seemed to be feeling the effects of the catnip. She suspected if it was anything like a hangover, the poor thing’s head would be exploding right now.

Shego smiled as she pet her poor little Nemmy, she had the day off from Drakken because he had to see an allergist to reduce the swelling. “You know Nemmy?” Shego whispered gently, “You are a lucky kitty.”

Kim lowered her paw and glared at Shego as angrily as she could muster before slumping back down to the pillow she laid upon. “No really, you got rid of Drakken for me, and once you’re feeling better we can play together.”

Kim let out a moan of pain at the thought of playing again. Shego laughed softly as she pet Nemmy. “No more catnip, I know. But there’re still some other toys we can play with.”

Turning back to Shego, Kim gave her a death glare of doom, which had about all the effectiveness of a water balloon destroying a wall. All because of how cute Shego thought she looked when she did it. “Oh, that’s so cute Nemmy. I wish I had a camera.”

After an hour of Shego enjoying the cuteness of Nemmy, and Kim trying to figure out how she could whoop Shego in her current feline state, Kim felt well enough to show Shego her tail end and go get some water. Lapping up the water Kim sighed as she felt the pain fade.

Walking away from her bowls, Kim yawned and stretched. ‘Alright, note to self, cat nip is not a good thing the morning after. I wonder what Shego’s doing?

Padding into the living room Kim had to stop and prevent the laughter that attempted to escaper her lips at the sight of Shego waiting with a box of treats, cat ears on her head, and large sad eyes. Beside the treats there was a scratching post.

Kim blinked at the sight before her. Tilting her head she voiced a quizzical meow, as though asking Shego a question.

“What’s that?” Shego asked, playing along. “Oh, are the ears just a touch too much?”

Kim nodded while she gave out a positive mew. After a moment she pointed her tail at the television, drawing Shego to her own reflection.

Shego’s face fell as she looked into the TV. A strange sadness fell over her green features as she pulls the ears off and tucked them away. “Yeah… I guess you’re right. I can’t really do cute.”

Kim frowned internally as she ran over and leaped up onto Shego’s shoulder, nuzzling against the black-haired female’s neck, purring gently to try and cheer her up. ‘Can’t do cute? So not the truth. Did you see yourself earlier?

Kim sighed, seeing expression growing happier, though the pain in her eyes remained. ‘I can do anything, I can cheer up Shego.

Leaping off Shego’s shoulder, Kim flicked her tail so that the very end of it would whap against Shego’s nose. Turning around she saw Shego looking down at her in surprise, which grew into a suspicious look. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

Kim strutted forward and meowed proudly before sliding her tongue out teasingly. Shego’s face once again grew shocked before she shook her finger with a clucking of her tongue. “Now, that’s not very nice Nemmy. I’m going to have to take away your treats for that.”

Kim felt her eyes grow sad and round at the thought of no treats. ‘Sometimes letting this body take control is useful…’ Kim thought as she continued the hurt kitten look, mewling piteously. Catching an image of herself in the TV, she noticed that her kitty eyes were almost as good as her puppy dog pout. ‘Hmm… there’s an experiment. What works better “puppy dog pout” or “sad kitty eyes”?

Shego sighed as she opened the box of treats and fished one out for Kim, holding it out. “Alright, enough already!” exclaimed the green female, “I’m sorry.”

Striding over Kim ate the treat and then licked Shego’s hand affectionately. After a minute she pulled back and shook her head, as though trying to clear it. ‘I have to stop letting the cat body lead like that…

Shego smiled and turned her hand over to scratch Nemmy between the ears, causing her to purr softly. “That’s better Nemmy, being a good kitty means you get treats.”

“SHEGO!” the com-link built into the wall screamed causing both females to jump, Nemmy’s fur standing on end.

“I’m going to kill him,” Shego muttered before raising her voice. “No need to yell Doc, I’m here.”

“Come up to the main lab, I need to talk to you about the next stage of the plan,” Drakken’s voice commanded, causing both of the room’s occupants to roll their eyes. “Leave that fuzzball there and come up.”

Flicking off the com-unit Shego grumbled something about doctors being too fast and stood up with a sigh. “Sorry Nemmy, but mommy needs to go into work. You be good now.”

As Shego walked out of the door, she failed to notice her cat slipping out behind her, quickly ducking behind a pillar. ‘If you think I’m sitting out on the chance to mess with Drakken, you’re nuts.

Slinking along the shadows, Kim trailed Shego as she strode to the main lab. Once they got there, Kim leaped up onto the many ledges that circled it. Climbing up her ears flicked about for any signal that she had been discovered. Hearing none she smirked as she curled up in the shadows on one ledge well above the view of the two down on the floor.

Drakken huffed as he held an ice pack to his face to help reduce the swelling. “Took you long enough Shego.”

“I had expected a day off Drewbie,” Shego growled causing Drakken to jump back in fear. “Not that it matters but what did you call me up here for?”

“It’s time to reveal my next step to taking over the world!” Drakken exclaimed with boyish glee.

Shego sighed and took a chair near the giant monitor. Watching Drakken gather together his diagrams and notes she couldn’t help but let out a sigh of frustration and boredom. Pulling out her file she began to clean off the claws of her gloves, biding her time rather than striking at the obvious weakness of it being his plan.

“Now Shego, I had you steal all that jewelry for a special reason, care to guess what it is?” Drakken asked with a smarmy look to his face.

Shego blew off the buildup she had collected before responding, never looking away from her nails. “So that you can look fabulous?”

“Right, so that I… NO!” Drakken shouted at his employee. “What they are for is THIS!”

Drakken rolled out a huge diagram showing a rather dazzling and complex looking ray gun. Meanwhile Kim was laughing silently at the sting Shego had given the blue doctor. Narrowing her eyes to focus on the diagram she could feel the laughter returning as she rolled her eyes.

“This is my newest hypno-ray. With this I’ll be able to make everyone submit to my command,” Drakken boasted while he pointed to various points on the diagram. “First, the metal from the jewelry was melted down to form multiple reflective panels of various hues. These will shine light through the gems to create a variety of spots, which will rotate and swivel in a specific sequence designed to hypnotize people watching it.”

“Yeah… one problem there doc, visual hypnosis only works for a couple hours after being seen,” Shego pointed out while tucking away her file.

“I have overcome that obstacle by transmitting this through the world’s television signal with a signal powerful enough to override any of what they have on,” Drakken smirked countering Shego’s flaw.

“Yeah, and when someone turns them off?” Shego asked with a smirk.

Drakken looked at her like she was a clueless chimp before waving a hand. “Shego… it’s TV”

Pausing a moment Shego shook her head and sighed. “Good point…” Shego allowed before leaning forward in the chair. “Even so, one stronger signal surge would break the signal you’re emitting.”

“Shego,” Drakken said calmly as his face grew deeper until it was almost purple, “I brought you up here to tell you what I need you to do… NOT TO POKE HOLES IN MY CAREFULLY LAID OUT PLANS!”

Kim covered her eyes with a silent moan of pity for Shego. ‘Shego, I am so going to try and get you to join Team Possible. If nothing else than to get you away from Drakken there,’ Kim thought before shaking her head again as Shego agreed to go with this plan.

“Okay, okay, just trying to save us both the embarrassment of you breaking down in tears after Kimmie uses some gizmo to stop the signal,” Shego grumbled disgustedly, the last two times had ruined the cat suit she had worn.

Drakken smirked triumphantly as he rose to his full height. “Ah, but little miss goodie, goodie won’t be stoping us!” Drakken proclaimed loudly, “She’s been kidnapped, and that buffoon of hers isn’t smart enough to stop my perfect plan!”

Kim’s ears flattened to her skull as she barred her fangs to the maniacal man below her. ‘Ego much? I mean I can see from here that all I need to do is switch two plugs and the whole thing… Oh yeah… Kim Possible won’t save the world, but little Nemmy will.

With that thought in mind, Kim settled in, watching as Drakken continued his ranting, before he and Shego began building the device. The entire while, Kim watched the two below with her tail ticking in annoyance. ‘Drakken, you are going to hate me.

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