If You Only Knew

Chapter 4

Answers and Finding Solutions


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TITLE: Answers and Finding Solutions

AUTHOR: Wolfie

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters of Kim Possible Disney owns them. Kasy Ann Possible, Sheki Go Possible, and Rina Mole rat are the creations of NoDrogs. Ryujin Stoppable is the creation of YogurthFrost. Isabel and Jason Gooding are the creations of StarvingLunatic. Dazia Angel Akubi is my creation and character and may be used as long as I get mentioned. Kanomi Niwa Asakura, Darnell Kenex Nonki, Vega Nori Grabiev, Sef Zion Rushinokin, and Tsuki Holloway belong to my friends (who could careless if I use their characters, they'd be pissed if I didn't)

SUMMARY: Kasy and Sheki are both older now and are in high school. When they are introduced to some new people see how their already exciting lives get sent into a spiraling rollercoaster.

TYPE: Other

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: First off, I want to thank all of my reviewers who have been reviewing so far. You guys really inspire me to keep going. Second, get a good look at all those claimers and disclaimers up there because they won’t be as long in the next chapter. Alright the plot gets a little bit thicker in this one folks and things happen. Please leave a review to lemme know how I’m doing and to let me know what you liked. That way I’ll be able to put more of it in future chapters. Laters.

Words: 7395

(New Day)

A lone figure travels through the shadows of an empty alley. Jumping atop garbage cans to reach the rooftops they skillfully glide from roof to roof. The figure finally stops when they reach there destination.

They were at an illegal chop shop located deep with Lowerton. The figure sat at the edge of the roof and waited.

(Inside the Chop Shop)

A young man was currently working on reassembling a car that was taken apart earlier that day. He looked around 23 with fair sized muscles that were currently showing due to the white wife-beater he was wearing. His black hair was thick and semi-long stopping at his neckline. His complexion was that of a light golden brown. He had on some black jeans with a belt that had a skull head buckle and had on classic white shoes.

He was really focused on his work and the sweat spots in his shirt showed it. He had a couple of oil stains on his clothes as well as a rip or two in his jeans.

“Hey Angelo?” called another man in the garage. He obviously must have been the owner because he had a clipboard in his hands.

Angelo was so deep into his work that he didn’t even here his name being called.

“Angelo…Angelo…ANGELO!!!!!!” yelled his boss the third time. Angelo obviously heard him because it caused him to jump and hit his head on the bottom of the car. He slid from underneath the car to look at his boss.

“Damn that shit hurt like hell.” Angelo said while rubbing his head trying to ease the soreness. “What’s up?”

“It’s midnight time to close up and go home, man.” his boss informed him.

“It’s that late already?” asks Angelo while getting up and stretching. “Man…and I was really into it too.”

“Now if only the rest of my workers had the passion that you have then I could go and retire to a beach somewhere.” Said his boss. “Now here’s your pay, plusa little extra for all that overtime you’ve been doing. Now clean this mess up so we can both get outta here.”

Angelo nods his head and begins to clean up shop. He put a sheet over his ‘project’ and pushed it to the back of the garage out of sight from everyone. Then Angelo packed up his tools, to take home and clean, and then lastly cleaned the floor before he was done.

“Alright Angelo, let’s lock it up.” Said Angelo’s boss as they both walked outside and locked up the garage. “Hey Angelo, why don’t you take a couple of days off you’ve earned it.”

“Nah…I think I’ll save them until I need them.” Angelo said as he turned down the offer.

“Suit yourself. See you tomorrow Angelo.”

“See you tomorrow boss.” Angelo said as he walked over to his car. As he was walking the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He knew he was being watched but by whom he didn’t know. Just as he reached his car, the figure that was sitting atop the rooftop jumped down.

“Well well well if it isn’t Angelo the Weapon Specialist.” A taunting voice said as they stayed hidden within the shadows.

“And if it isn’t Dazia herself. I see he finally sent you here. I take it he got you all to get along if you’re here.” Angelo stated while relaxing his form and leaning against his car to stare into the shadows.

“If you’re saying that we were beaten damn near into oblivion until we understood what was demanded of us then…yes. But that is only while we are here and…”

“And because of the personality chips that are located with each of you’re bodies to get you all to act a certain while here.” Angelo finished. “So what do I owe the honor of you coming to look for me?” he asks mockingly.

Dazia growls from the shadows and causes Angelo to smirk knowing that he had annoyed her.

“You’ve been here longer than we have so that means you understand how things work here correct?” she asks.

Angelo then becomes serious. “While I have been here longer I still understand very little. I know that in order to live, here you need a job and you need money, lots of it. There aren’t any jobs here that require the use of our skills but…some do just to a certain degree. Different fields so you’ll have to look around.” When he wasn’t interrupted he took that as a sign to continue. “The people here are also very…emotional. One minute they’ll like you and the next their pissed off at you, especially the women but that’s true for all species.”

“Is there anything else?”

“I suggest you learn to be social but, I think the chips’ handle that so that shouldn’t be a problem. Most people, both adults and teens alike, enjoy playing videogames and listening to music. Some enjoy jazz while others enjoy R&B and etc. Just like videogames, some enjoy thriller games while others enjoy fun games. There’s a huge field of these things also so you’ll have to try them out yourself.” He says.

“Hmm…what about when people dance on you?”

“Well, be it a male or female, it means that they like you. It depends on who the person is depending if their in it just for kicks or for what people call…love. Don’t ask me about love because I don’t understand it. I also learned that if a person does like you they‘d want you to be their girlfriend/boyfriend, which means lover, in a sense. They’ll want to spend time with you and vice versa. They’ll want you to buy them gifts and you to tell them how special they make you feel.” Angelo then heard a scoff come from the shadows and a smirk crossed his lips. “Yeah that’s the exact same response I gave too when I first started to understand how things worked here. Anyway, they’ll also want you to remember certain dates. A big one is Valentine’s Day. That’s about all I know for the moment.” He says while stretching. He was getting tired so he was ready to wrap up there little meeting for tonight.

“Seems I’ve kept you well after your bedtime so I’ll let you go.” She says. “But before I go I have something to ask of you. These chips can you find out more about them?”

“I can but why should I help you? I mean it’s not like were friends or anything.” Angelo says.

“True we’re far from it…but tell me when was the last time you played around with some true high tech technology?” she asks him. This time she’s the one who smirks knowing that she had caught his attention. “Unlike you, who was banished, we, the others and myself, still have access between dimensions. You’re a weapons specialist and boys like you need toys to play with too. Do this for me and I’ll bring you back whatever you want. Seems like a fair trade don’t you think?” she asks.

Angelo was silent for a moment thinking over his answer. While this place did have a few things that he could make into weapons and what not, they still didn’t pack the punch that they use too. He missed using the best technology that you could steal and use it to make weapons that no one else had. But, weapons weren’t all he made…well not anymore; he also worked on cars too. And while he did a damn good job on these pieces of junk that they called transportation and technology he missed making hover bikes and hover boards, laser deflecting armors and suits, the whole nine. It was his calling card and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“Okay, you’ve got yourself a deal. I’ll work on the chips and you get me the parts I ask for.” He says.

“Good…you know I almost envy you. Not being able to come back and be here in a safety zone while we all suffer…but I guess whatever deities exist wanted it that way for us. Me especially. Then again I did say almost.” She said before jumping on top of a roof and disappearing from Angelo’s sight.

Angelo sighed before getting into his care and driving home. Angelo would never say it aloud but, he felt sorry for them…especially Dazia. Even though he was older than her she was much more mature than he was. Being on Earth taught him lessons that he had never even wished about and while he still didn’t understand them he enjoy benefiting from them.

Nevertheless, he knew it would be short lived. With them here he knew that the plan was in motion and nothing would be able to stop him from fulfilling it. Just as Angelo knew that nothing would be able to waver Dazia, or the others from there mission; not that he could disagree with it because that was all they knew, and he knew it. Still it would be nice if it could be prevented but as he said before nothing could change them. Nothing.

(New Day)

“So you found him?” asks Tsuki. They were currently gathered up in the school parking lot.

“That’s right and he gave me a bit of information about this place.” Dazia said while looking around. This place was so bright and cheerful it made her want to puke.

“And he said that if we bring him the parts he asks for he’ll find a way to short circuit these chips?” Vega asks just to be sure.

“If you don’t believe me go find him and ask him yourselves…I don’t have time to argue and debate with you on this.” Dazia said. “He did say that if we’re going to live here we’ll need jobs and money. Since there are dozens of fields to choose from we don’t have to work in each others presence.”

“Well there’s a benefit.” Said Kanomi. “Better hurry up and get to class before we end up late.”

(Home Economics)

“So how was your weekend Kasy?” asks Rodriquez as he pulls a cake from the oven.

“Just like everyone else’s’.” Replied Kasy as she goes over to the oven and pulls out a cobbler. She and Ricky were in there third year of Home Ec. and were really good cooks. So to make the class more interesting they would have little cook offs from time to time.

“So you didn’t do anything special?” he asked her while he sat his cake on the counter to cool.

“Nope you?” Kasy asked while also putting her cobbler on the counter to cool down.

“I visited my abuelta because here birthday was this weekend.” He told her while preparing the icing. “We celebrated her cien y dos cumpleanos.”

“So she turned 102 this past weekend…cool.” Responded Kasy.

“Si that she did.” Rodriquez replied. Now are you ready to see whose dish is sweeter?” he asked while cutting a slice of his cake and putting it on a napkin.

“You know it.” Kasy said gleefully while scooping out a spoonful and putting it on a saucer.

“Now who will be our taste tester?” asks Rodriquez.

“Hmmm…how about…” Kasy was saying as she scanned the room. As she was looking past the door, she saw Darnell walking past it. “Ricky I just found our taste tester. Hey DARNELL!!” yelled out Kasy as she rushed to the door.

“Damn your loud.” Said Darnell while rubbing his ear. “What is it?”

“Kasy and I were having our usual cook off and you’ve been chosen to see whose dish tastes sweeter…mine or hers.” Rodriquez informed him while he handed Darnell his cake slice.

Darnell took it, broke off a piece, and put it in his mouth. He was surprised at how sweet and moist it was. The cake was fluffy, like a cloud but also thick. He had never before in his life ever tasted anything as sweet as this before.

“It’s good…it’s really good.” He said as he finished off the last crumb.

“If you think his was good then try my cobbler. It’ll be de-licious.” Kasy said while handing the saucer to Darnell.

He took it and, using the fork, took a forkful into his mouth. While Rodriquez’s cake was good Kasy’s cobbler sent his taste buds to a whole nother level. The sweet juices filled his mouth and the crust wasn’t too bad either.

“So?” both Kasy and Rodriquez asked while waiting for Darnell to pass judgment.

“Their both so good…I just can’t call it.” He told them while using his tongue to lick the corners of his mouth for any juices that may have seeped out. “Look I’ll see you guys in gym later. If you have any left you can ask the others their opinion.” He told them before walking away.

‘One things for sure’ he thought. ‘He was definitely going to learn how to cook while he was here.’ “Looks like I just found myself a job.’ He mutters to himself before entering the bathroom.


“Ok class listen up today we’ll be taking class outside to the field today.” Mr. Barkin announces to his class. “But make no mistake your not out there to play. I’m going to make you sweat.”

“Ok I want everyone to run 4 miles on this track which means you should run at least eight times. If I see you slacking, I’ll double it. Now move people!” orders Mr. Barkin.

The class begins to run laps with Kasy, Sheki, Rodriquez and the others running together.

“Wow, you two this is really good.” Says Vega as she finishes off both her cobbler and cake.

“Damn I wish I had some milk and ice cream.” Kanomi said while eating hers.

“Hey,” Tsuki begins to ask. “What are all those flyers around school for?”

“Tryouts for different activities that the school has,” Sheki informed her. “Like the cheerleading squad, football team, basketball team, wrestling team, hockey team, and a couple more.”

“But the tryouts won’t officially begin until the last week of September. So in about a week, if you don’t count this week.” Rodriquez said.

“I might just look into that.” Sef said before taking off at full speed and leaving the rest behind. It didn’t take long for the rest of them to start after him leaving Rodriquez and Sheki behind.

“Sheki, would it be ok if I came over later today. I just got a new Dance Dance Revolution game and I was hoping that we could play it together.” He asks her.

“Sure just be ready to lose when you come over.” Sheki said while smiling. DDR was a game that she could play all day.

“Oh but, it shall be you who loses.” He says while returning her smile.

“Then we’ll just have to find out won’t we?”

“Indeed we will”


Members Logged On:


Cuddle Buddies Collector

Why r u feeling so Blue

3 times the millionaire

Shape Shifter

Seriously Dude

Color of the Sun

Your Own Personal Library

Seriously Dude: Like dudes, did you like here what happened to Way of the Monkey and his apprentice? Seriously.

Hole-in-One: Aye Your Own Personal Library sent the word out three days after it happened.

Cuddle Buddies Collector: My heavens, I wonder who could have done such a horrible thing?

3 times the millionaire: Who knows it just means that we’ll have to step up our security. Say Your Own Personal Library…do you know of anything else on the matter?

Your Own Personal Library: As of this moment no. Whoever did this made sure not to leave any loose ends. I was only able to get the info that I gave to you all simply because GJ security isn’t that tight. Whoever they are I say we’re dealing with a pro.

Why r u so Blue: Enough about that I need help. My son was captured by GJ meanies and was sent to prison.

Color of the Sun: And your point is?

Why r u so Blue: My point is I need someone to break him out!

Color of the Sun: Then why don’t you just send your henchmen to go and get him?

Why r u so Blue: Well…uh…you see…argh…I don’t have anyone that well trained to do such a task alright. The only person who was ever well trained enough to do that was Shego. But she left…

3 times the millionaire: But I thought that she left because you went too far with one of your schemes against Mrs. Possible and over stepped your boundaries.

Why r u so Blue: I think your all missing the point here. I’ll pay 50 grand to whoever rescues my son.

Shape Shifter: Such small gain. Why not triple it and you may have my attention.

Logging In:

Devil’s Strike

Devil’s Strike: I’ll take the job.

Cuddle Buddies Collector: Oh…and just who might you be?

Devil’s Strike: Did you not read my screen name. It tells you who I am if you read it.

Seriously Dude: Such as feisty attitude seriously.

Devil’s Strike: Like I said, I’ll take the job. I just need a name and place.

Why r u so Blue: And just how do I know I can trust you?

Devil’s Strike: You don’t but, you’re desperate to get your son back and I said I’ll take the job. What other options do you have?

Why r u so Blue: Fine I’ll take your help. I’ll pay you 50 grand…

Devil’s Strike: Triple it or no deal.

Hole-in-One: Aye…This one’s about business. I like that.

Color of the Sun: I agree.

Devil’s Strike: Tell me this…you said GJ right captured him…right?

Why r u so Blue: That’s right.

Devil’s Strike: That means he’s in a maximum-security prison that’s heavily guarded, over flowing with the best security that money can buy and is probably in the middle of the ocean somewhere. Now I could do it for 50 grand but I won’t give you your son back. I’ll probably hold him for random or put him somewhere that GJ won’t even bother to look and then just happen to ‘accidentally’ stumble across him, turn him over to GJ agents, and reap the nice little reward that they have out on him.

Shape Shifter: If I ever need anything stolen, remind me not to ask for your help.

Devil’s Strike: I don’t act like that all the time; it’s mostly when I feel the need to. I’m actually looking for employment but, since I don’t work for anyone I set my own price for jobs.

Cuddle Buddies Collector: And just what kind of jobs do you do?

Devil’s Strike: Whatever my employer wants me to do. However, since I don’t have one…I do whatever I feel like doing. Why r u so Blue have your answer ready by tomorrow.

Devil’s Strike Logged Off

3 times the millionaire: Well that was certainly…unexpected.

Why r u so Blue: Do you think I should trust them?

Hole-in-One: Aye might as well seeing as nobody else will do it.

Your Own Personal Library: Besides I think we should let them do it. If they can break your son out I might consider hiring them for a job or two. I’ll have my informants dig up some background information on ‘em just to be on the safe side.

Why r u so Blue: But what if they run into Team Possible!?!

Color of the Sun: Then they were just talk, besides the world could use some new villains.


“So where do you wanna work?” Vega asked her cousin as they walked down the streets of Middleton.

“I don’t know,” Kanomi began. “I want to go into what the people here call villainy but, I don’t think being a hero here would be so bad either.”

“As long as it pays big I could care less.” Vega stated. She really would have preferred to work on the side of evil but, she didn’t want to run into Dazia, Sef, or Tsuki. If she had to get a job, she didn’t want one that involved seeing them.

As they were walking, they passed by a gym and a flyer in the window caught Vega’s eye.

“Hey Kanomi check it out.” Vega said while pointing towards the flyer in the window.

“What is it?” asked Kanomi as she went back towards her cousin to see what she was pointing at. When she got up to the window she saw the flyer that had several available job opening on it. The first job opening read:

Wanted in need of a full time strength trainer to work Monday thru Friday from 4:15 p.m.-8:15 p.m., Note: Works hours are subject to change before becoming stable. Must be at least 16 in order to apply for job, if you are under this age you must have parental consent first before you can apply. The job pays $7.50 per/hr and you are paid weekly.

The second job opening read:

Wanted in need of a part time life guard to work Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday’s from 3:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m., Note: Work hours are subject to change before becoming stable. Must be at least 15 in order to apply for job, if you are under this age you must have parental consent first before you can apply. The job pays $ 10.75 per/hr and you are paid weekly.

And finally the third job opening read:

In need of self-defense teachers. See manager for more details about workdays and work hours. Age does not matter as long as you have decent skills. The job pays a minimum of $20 per/hr depending on your level of skill. See manager for additional information. The job pays weekly.

“Want to take the jobs?” asked Vega. “If it were just one of us just working we wouldn’t have enough money to buy that many things. Like food, clothes, a possible car…” Vega began to list the things that they were going to need.

“Alright, alright, alright…I get your point. How much will we be making just from the first two jobs?” she asks.

“Uhm…the first job pays a total of…,” Vega pauses a moment while calculating the amount that one would be paid. “Between $600-$750 a week depending on weather the month has four or five weeks in it.”

“Hmm…and the second?” Kanomi asks.

Vega is silent a moment before answering. “Between $258-$322.50 a week. Same rules apply.” She said while looking at her cousin.

“That means if we combine our money we’ll have about $1072.50 a week and by the end of a month either $4290-$5362.50…not bad.” Kanomi says.

“What about the last one…we have to take it. I wouldn’t mind sparring with you…especially since I’ll be getting paid for it.” Vega said while smirking.

“We’re going to take it of course,” Kanomi informed her cousin. “That way when I get frustrated I can just take it all out on you.”

“Don’t get so cocky…let’s hurry up and apply before someone else does.” Vega tells her as they both run into the gym to apply for all three positions.

(Possible Household)

Kim was currently avoiding plasma punches and kicks from Shego. When Shego swung a punch at her head, Kim duck and responded back with a powerful uppercut. She nailed Shego dead in the chin causing her spouse to get sent flying back.

Shego landed on the ground with a thud but, was back on here feet in the blink of an eye. “Ouch Kimmie…you really hurt me with that one.” Shego said in mock pain. To add to her effect she rubbed her chin to show just how much she was ‘hurt’. The punch really didn’t hurt her at all…caused her to lose her balance and stung a little…but nothing she couldn’t handle.

“Awe…I sorry. I kiss it and make it all better. That make you happy?” Kim said in a childish voice playing along to their little game. She knew Shego was just faking it because that was just the kind of person her wife was. Besides, even if they were fighting for real Shego knew Kim would never intend to hurt her on purpose. Kim just chose to cut lose during their sparring sessions because she knew Shego could take it.

“Yeah a kiss would make me really happy.” Shego said while raising her eyebrows suggestively. “How’s about you give me one right here.” She said while taking a gloved finger and pointing towards her lips as she licked them so…seductively.

“Sorry,” responded Kim. “But only the winner receives a kiss.” Kim then took a defensive stance. She knew that comment would excite Shego.

“Then it looks like I’m just going to have to beat you in order to receive my prize. Fine by me.” Shego said before launching herself towards her mate.

Shego aimed her foot towards Kim’s midsection only to have it stopped when Kim grabbed her foot before making contact. While holding Shego’s foot Kim went in for a direct punch towards the face. Her fist was blocked when Shego held up her arm to block and then countered Kim with a very good sweep kick, considering that Shego was standing with one leg and was able to keep her balance, causing Kim to release her hold on Shego to avoid the kick.

Once Shego was free, she took hold of Kim’s arm and flipped her over her shoulder, fully intent on tossing her wife to the ground. But Kim never landed on the ground because in mid air she caught her balance and shifted her weight a bit so that she landed on her feet and not her back.

They continued to trade blows, dodge kicks, searching for an opening in the others defense, and trying to catch them off guard for another 30 minutes before Kim’s Kimmunicator went off causing them to stop their match.

“What’s the stitch, Wade? Find anything?” Kim asks while looking at him through the screen of her Kimmunicator. Wade had change a lot over the years but that was a story for another time.

“I did some research and found out that about two weeks ago that an oracle was stolen from the museum of ‘Ancient Artifacts of Our World’.” He informed her while typing on his keyboard.

“And I assume that Monkey Fists and his ninjas stole it, correct?” stated Shego walking up behind Kim and joining the conversation.

“Correct, but I don’t know why he would steal it?” he said a bit confused. “No one on the black market would pay that much for it and he couldn’t sell it to a museum because it’s too widely known.”

“Wonder why he stole it then if he can’t get anything off it?” wondered Shego.

“Wade, were there any legends or myths surrounding the oracle?” Kim asks. “Montey may not be big on money but, he definitely knows his myths and legends.”

“Give me a sec Kim. I’ll see what I can dig up.” He said before he began typing at a rapid speed. After a few seconds, he had found some information. “You were right Kim there are hundreds of legends and myths surrounding this thing.”

“Well what do they say?” asks Shego now curious about what the oracle had to do with anything.

“Well mostly there are two different types of myths. One-myth states that by using the oracle it will lead you to find six armors that contain unimaginable power. The second one says that the oracle being here is nothing but a curse and how it will bring powers this world has no hope of withstanding upon us.” Wade informed them.

“That’s a bit cryptic…I take it that Montey believes in the first myth more than he does the second?” stated Shego.

“I’ll say,” replied Kim. “Wade is there anything else about the oracle that we should know about?” she asks. She began to wonder if the person who did this to Monkey Fists was after the oracle just to seek out unimaginable power.

“It says the oracle was found sometime between the 18th and 19th centuries. The origin of the oracle remains unknown to this day.” Wade said as he continued to read the article. “I’ll let you know if I find out anything else.” He said.

“Wade you so rock.” Kim said before disconnecting the call. “Why don’t we call it quits for today Shego…besides I’m staring to get hungry, isn’t it about time you start making dinner?” Kim asks while stretching her muscles and making her way towards the door.

“And just what if I wasn’t ready to cook dinner yet?” Shego questions while still standing out in the backyard.

“Kasy and Sheki will eat junk food for the rest of the day and be hyped up on sugar.” Kim countered hoping that would get her mate to moving.

“They’ll just burn it off within the next hour. What’s another reason?” asked Shego while crossing her arms over her chest and smirking at the thought of winning this battle.

Kim didn’t have anything to counter Shego with as to why she should get started with dinner. And the look on her wife’s face told Kim that she knew it too. Then suddenly Kim got an idea and a sly grin spread across her face.

Shego shuttered a bit at having her Kimmie grin like that. That grin held evil and danger behind it and Shego knew it to. Hell, when Kim grinned like that, one of Shego’s own grins just more sinister, nothing good ever came from it.

“Oh well…” began Kim. “If you won’t cook dinner then…” Kim was silent for a long moment knowing that by doing so she added onto Shego’s silently growing fear. “I guess…I’ll just have to…cook dinner.” She finished.

And that was all it took for Shego to break out in a dead run towards the house; more so Kim than the house. Kim had already run into the house making her way towards the kitchen.

“THERE’S NO WAY IN HELLAM I LETTING YOU COOK DINNER!!!!!” yelled Shego after she ran in after her mate with hands aflame. The way Shego was going after Kim you’d think it was a life or death situation. And in Shego’s case, it was. Her wife may be able to do many things but cooking wasn’t one of them. There was no other fate in the world for Shego that was as torturous as eating Kim’s cooking.

(New Day)

“Hey Ryujin,” Rodriquez greeted, “what are you signing up for?” he asks.

Ryujin was currently writing his name on a clipboard posted up on the wall in the lobby.

“I’m signing up for football, boxing, and wrestling.” He answers as he let’s go of the pen and turn to face Rodriquez. “You signing up for anything this year?”

“I was thinking about football and soccer.” He responded while walking over and picking up the pen and writing his name down on the sign-up sheets.

After he finishes writing his name both boys being walking out of the school doors.

“So are we still on for game night tonight?” Rodriquez asks.

“Of course we are,” Ryujin answers with a smile. “and what’s game night without an unlimited supply of nacos.”

“Not game night at all.” Rodriquez answers. “So how’s Child Development going?” he asked.

“It’s going great, Sheki and I got paired together.” He answers while smiling happily at that thought. Had his eyes been open he would have seen a quick frown come across Rodriquez’s face before quickly disappearing.

“Sounds like a dream come true.” Rodriquez stated with a small smile on his face.

“It is,” Ryujin exclaimed happily at the thought of being together with Sheki. “I’m going to call her and see if she’s got anything planned for this weekend.”

Before Rodriquez could respond a honking horn draws his attention. It was his elder brother Paco, here to pick him up.

“Dude, that’s your ride isn’t it?” Ryujin asks while pointing towards the red sports car parked in the student parking lot.

“Si,” answer Rodriquez while looking towards his ride. “Tis my elder brother Paco. …Well see you tonight at your place for game night.” He says while waving good-bye and jogging towards his brother car.

“See ya.” Ryujin yells as the car speeds off. Ryujin then begins to think about what he and Sheki could do this weekend if they were free of GJ training as he walked home. His dad had offered to drive him to and from school but, his mother believed that it should be his honor to walk.


Angelo paced his garage back and forth and looked a bit anxious, as if he were expecting something. He was wearing some grey sweats and a white t-shirt.

“Where is she?” he asked his question directed to the air. Then he heard it as the sound of rushing wind filled his ears and a dark light filled his garage. Turning behind him he saw a circular rift open up before his eyes. This sight would be enough to send most people screaming and running away in fear. But not him, instead a feral smile graced his lips at seeing this portal knowing of what it brought.

“So did you get it?” he asked the figure as they emerged from the rift.

Instead of replying, they just tossed a heavy gym bag on the ground at his feet. Angelo bent down to open the bag and is shocked at the bags contents the bag was filled to the brim with all the parts that he had asked for. He began to smile like a child at Christmas as his eye’s slide over everything in the bag. His mind began making a list of everything he could build once again, weapons he could create, and more.

The clearing of a throat brought him back to reality. As he looked up, he realized that he still had company.

“And as promised here are all the ‘items’ you requested.” Dazia stated while pointing towards the bag. “Now about these chips.” She said while pointing towards her collarbone to where hers was located.

Angelo then stands up straight while dusting his hands off. “I’m glad that you were able to get them without him getting suspicious.” He said.

“Nothing’s suspicious when you’re fighting in a RAGE,” she began. “Anything goes.”

Angelo nodded accepting the response. “As for the chips I’ll get on it next week. Right now I’m gonna make use of this stuff and set up my own personal workspace. Come back same time next week so I can scan your chip…oh and bring the others too. I highly doubt that all your chips function the same way.” He stated while picking up the gym bag.

Angelo had no doubt that Dazia would bring him the parts. I mean the girl was many things but she never went back on her word or against it. If she made a deal she would see it through. Now what happens after the deal was complete was another story.

“Fine” she huffed in annoyance before leaving out the garage’s side door.

Angelo wondered fro a brief moment if there was anything in the universe that could change Dazia and the others…Dazia especially. He quickly removed such an idiotic thought from his mind. What deity was he trying to fool they would be his until the day they died. And by looking at their life spans, it was going to be an extremely long time before that happened.


Sheki was in her room just finishing her homework when her cell phone starts to beep signaling that she’s received a text message.

She slowly arose from her chair and made her way over to her bed to where her cell phone lay. She grabs it up right before flopping into the bed on her back. She then flips open her phone and begins to read the message.


Sheki didn’t recognize the number of who sent it. Before she could ask who they were, she received another message.

Its Dazia by the way.

Knowing that made it a lot easier for Sheki to text her back.

Oh hey…didn’t know who you were at first. What’s up?

Nothing…searching for a job.

You know what kind of job you want?

Yes. …And before you ask, I’m not telling you what it is. Dazia was a bit shocked that she had said that. She didn’t care one way or the other if the girl knew what she did but, she didn’t change the message and sent it anyway.


So…how was your day?

‘Extremely stressful, had about level 27 training with mom ever since school was over followed by a ‘mini’ fight with my sister and to top it all off just finished Mr. Barkin’s 40 pages of homework. That about sums my day up pretty good.’ She thought to herself with a heavy sigh.

Uneventful. Yours?

I had a few errands to run for someone but other than that not much.

Hey…did you ever go to that party last weekend?


How was it?

How was it for me or everybody else?

For you.

Boring…it was okay to say the least. Would’ve been better had you, your sister and your friends had been there.‘I cannot believe I just wrote that, let alone thought it.’ Dazia thought as she sent the message. The sooner these chips were offline the better.

I doubt it, besides Ronnie would never invite ‘us’ to one of her parties. Heard about the pool party she’s thrown this weekend?

She made sure she told me personally. Your sister told me why you guys don’t like Ronnie all that much and vice versa.

Yeah…but she’s not the only one a lot of people bother me and Kasy about our skin color.

So you don’t like her because she points out that your skin is…green? ‘Why would you get upset over something so stupid like that?’ Dazia thought to herself as she sent the message.

It’s not just that but also how she rags on us for having two moms’ and a bunch of other things.‘Like having plasma powers for example’ Sheki thought. She thought that having powers were cool but…unfortunately not everyone else though so. To them she was just a freak.

Dazia read the message and was s bit confused about why Ronnie always bothered the girls. So…lemme get this str8. Ronnie constantly messes with both you and Kasy because you have two moms? And because you have green skin?


How the fuck can that bother you!?! It’s not like she’s telling you something you didn’t already know. Hell its not like you didn’t know that you have green skin and two moms. So why get upset?She had learned long ago never to let what others say bother affect you.

Sheki paused a moment thinking of how to respond to Dazia’s question. No one, outside of her family and Ryujin, had asked her that before.

She was out of it for so long that she didn’t even notice her phone ringing. Only when it started ringing again did she answer.

“Hello” Sheki answered.

“Maybe texting isn’t your thing.” Said Dazia while on the other end, she had grown impatient while waiting on Sheki to respond so she just decided to call her up instead.

“Oh sorry,” Sheki apologized sheepishly. “I got caught up in my thoughts.”

Dazia was a bit shocked to her Sheki apologize to her, she had never before in her life heard the word ‘sorry’ directed towards her. “…Uh…it’s…okay.” She answered for lack of a better response.

There was an awkward silence between the two for a few moments before Dazia spoke again. “Look Sheki I know we haven’t know each other long and it may not be my place to say thing but… there’s nothing anyone can tell you about yourself that you don’t already know.” She began. “And being labeled as a ‘freak’ just because of those things is extremely stupid to me…those are the things that make you who you are and without them you wouldn’t be Sheki Go Possible now would you?” asks Dazia.

Sheki felt a dark green blush forming on her cheeks from Dazia’s statement and she really didn’t know why. She wanted to say something anything to let Dazia know that what she said meant a lot to her but, the words just wouldn’t come. Sheki didn’t know why thought because she had been told this by both her parents, as well as friends and family. Nevertheless, it was something about the way Dazia said it that just made her feel…she didn’t know…but she liked it none the same.

“You don’t have to say anything Sheki,” Dazia began she could tell that the girl wanted to say something but just didn’t know how. “I was just saying is all. Well look it’s been…fun…but now I’m tired so I’m going to have to let you go.” She told Sheki.

Sheki glanced over at her clock to find that it was 11:45 p.m. so Dazia probably was tired. “Okay…talk to you tomorrow…,” Sheki began to say. “…uh…if your not busy that is?” Sheki asked. She was just going to call Dazia tomorrow but then she remembered Ronnie…she didn’t need that girl getting pissed at her just because she was calling her friend.

“Uh…yeah…sure.” Dazia replied.

“Okay then…goodnight Dazia.” Sheki said.

“Bye.” Responded Dazia as she ended the call. She had no idea why she even felt the impulse to call the girl in the first place. ‘Must be that damned chip’ she thought venomously while she walked down the empty streets of Lowerton.

She was searching for a job and what better way to find who she was looking for than by searching in dark allies and similar places. As she searched for her goal, her mind drifted back to her conversation with Sheki. That whole conversation was so…unlike her…I mean she knew that the chips altered personality making them social, kind, caring, all that crap and she hated it. What she hated even more was the fact that some of the things she told Sheki actually came somewhere deep down in the bowls of her…soul…or maybe her…heart. Moreover, she didn’t like that one bit.

She let out a frustrated sigh as she continued searching for her intended goal. She couldn’t wait until this same time next week when Angelo would scan these chips and come up with a way to get these bastards offline. In the mean time she’d have to wait…she hoped they’d get called back for a match, or a battle, hell even training anything that would make this next week go by faster. There was no need for her to become attached to anyone…that would only lead to being a pain in her ass.

(Sheki's Room)

Sheki let out a heavy sigh as she got up to change into her pajamas as her mind replayed what she and Dazia had talked about. There conversation had started out with why she didn’t like Ronnie to her knowing about herself. She didn’t know why but the way Dazia said it had made her heart started to beat faster. Maybe it was because none of her friends had ever really said it the way that Dazia had.

Once she had gotten her pajamas on, she made her way over to her bed and got in it. Normally right before she drifted off to sleep she would think about Rodriquez and wish he would ask her out one day. She had always liked him but once they got to high school, her feeling for him had become stronger and she wanted to be more than just a friend to him. Now as she drifted off to the land of dreams her thoughts were not of Rodriquez but of…Dazia.

Next time: What kind of jobs did Dazia and the others get and a glimpse at what they really do? …And what’s this…a girl trying out for football? Oh, and Monkey Fists finally wakes up.

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