If You Only Knew

Chapter 1

New Students


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TITLE: New Students

AUTHOR: Wolfie

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters of Kim Possible Disney owns them. Kasy Ann Possible, Sheki Go Possible, and Rina Mole rat are the creations of NoDrogs. Ryujin Stoppable is the creation of YogurthFrost. Isabel and Jason Gooding are the creations of StarvingLunatic. Dazia Angel Akubi is my creation and character and may be used as long as I get mentioned. Kanomi Niwa Asakura, Darnell Kenex Nonki, Vega Nori Grabiev, Sef Zion Rushinokin, and Tsuki Holloway belong to my friends (who could careless if I use their characters, they'd be pissed if I didn't)

SUMMARY: Kasy and Sheki are both older now and are in high school. When they are introduced to some new people see how their already exciting lives get sent into a spiraling rollercoaster.

TYPE: Other

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 5042

A crowd of students flood into the classroom. After a few minutes, a bell rings signaling that all students should be in class as the radiating sound of doors shutting fills the hallways. Teachers begin to close their doors as they enter their classes to begin the lesson for the day. This class however, was minus a teacher and the once quite students were becoming loud and restless. In one corner you had the jocks in groups sitting atop desks talking about last nights basketball game, the preppies in another talking about how much money their parents had, the greasers huddled together in the center of the room drooling over the newest and hottest car parts in a magazine, and the nerds sitting in their desks in a group discussing last nights astronomy homework. There was also balled up paper being thrown, people being flirted with, and people being invited to parties.

“Alright everyone settle down,” a man says as he enters the room causing a silence to befall the room due to his sudden appearance. “Now let's get this room back in order and begin today's lesson. Now people, come on let's hop to it.”

Quickly everyone restores the room to its original order and has a seat waiting for the class to ‘officially’ begin. The man standing before them stood proud and tall. He had a deep strong voice perfect for giving out orders and a face to say that he was serious about his work. His eyes were a dark brown hazel and his hair was a light brunette color that was starting to show a few strands of gray. Along with this, he had big broad shoulders showing that, despite his age, he was very muscular. He was wearing an all black suit with his favorite brown leather strap watch on his left wrist.

“I will be your new teacher for the week seeing as how Mrs. Krablestine is out sick because of the school cafeteria's mystery meatloaf.” He says while informing the students the reason for his presence.

His statement causes all of the students in the class to shutter in disgust at the thought of someone even brave enough to try the schools food especially the mystery meatloaf. He makes his way over to Mrs. Krablestines desk and takes a look at her weekly planner. “It says here that you all were going to start Shakespeare two weeks from today. Ah, Shakespeare a great and wonderful man of his time. Writing sonnets, plays, and founding the basis of our everyday sayings. A man who…”

“Excuse me Principle Barkin,” says one of the teachers as she pokes her head through the door interrupting the start of his speech.

“Yes Miss Hindrickson” Principle Barkin replies as he walks over to the door to see what she wanted.

“I apologize for interrupting but, you have a new student. Here she is right now,” she says as the girl enters the classroom. “I'm handing her over to you. Buh-bye now.” was last thing she said before pulling her head out of the door.

“Alrightie class listen up we have a new student here by the name of…uh…Da-zay-uh?…Da-ze-a?…”



“My name is Da-zi-a. Dazia.” Dazia explains to the teacher.

“Okay then Dazia, on behalf of Middleton High School I would like to be the first to welcome you our school. Before we get started with today’s lesson why don't you introduce yourself to the class and tell us a little bit about yourself.” Principal Barkin requested/ordered more ordered than requested anyway.

“Ok whatever.” she says as she goes and stands in the front of the room for everyone to see her. Her hair was long, brown and a bit on the spiky side and was currently up in a ponytail leaving just a couple of strands dangling in her face, eyes that were an icy blue color and skin color that was a light carmel color. She was wearing a red t-shirt that had the words, “Wanna know the best way to keep an idiot occupied” then in parenthesis “look on back” but, due to the black zip up hoodie she was wearing you couldn't see it. She was also wearing some baggy/straight blue jeans that had a white design spray painted on her left leg and was also sporting some black tennis shoes.

“My name is Dazia Angel Akubi just moved here to Middleton about three days ago. I'm sixteen will be seventeen in April of next year. That’s about it so…where do I sit?” she asks focusing her attention on big, buff, old guy over there.

“I was expecting a little more but, I guess it'll have to do seeing as how we're running behind schedule already as it is. Now as for your seat, you'll be taking that empty desk over there by…Sheki. Sheki raise your hand so she can know where you are.” says principal Barkin while ordering his student to do so.

Slowly a pale green arm is raised in the air and Dazia begins to walk in the direction of her seat. Once Dazia has reached her seat Sheki lets her arm down. As Dazia looked at Sheki, she saw that she had ink black hair that went all the way down to her waist with what appeared to be a tint of green in it as well and pale green skin that matched her features perfectly.

“Hey.” Dazia whispers to Sheki trying to get her attention without drawing attention to herself.

“Huh? What is it?” Sheki whispers back after Dazia had finally managed to catch her attention.

“What was your name again? I didn't quite catch it the first time.”

“Sheki. Sheki Go Possible.”

“Well, its nice to meet you Sheki Go Possible…heh…the name is just as beautiful and the person who it identifies,” Dazia says while causing Sheki to get a light green blush across her face. Dazia holds her hand out in order to shake Sheki’s, who meet's Dazia's hand halfway and shakes it. “And my name, as I've said before, is Dazia. Dazia Angel Akubi.”

“No talking back there.” principle Barkin says while stopping whatever he was talking about to silence the noise he heard coming from the back of the room. His outburst also caused Dazia and Sheki to release the other's hand a sit back in their seats. When Mr. Barkin felt satisfied, he continued on about whatever it was that he was rambling about.

“Hey, Sheki. If your not busy during lunch would you mind swinging by the cafeteria to meet my friends, that is if you don't mind and aren't busy of course?”

“Hmmm I'll try but, I can't make any promises.”

Dazia nods her head accepting Sheki's reply. Just when everyone was about to die of boredom from Mr. Barkin's talking the bell sounded signaling that it was time to move on to the next class. Every student struck outta there like a bolt of lighting not really excited about their next class but, just ready to get away from Mr. Barkin. Honestly, why hasn't that guy retired yet?

“Well, hopefully I'll catch ya later Sheki,” Dazia says while making her way out of the classroom. “Bye.”

“Uh-huh bye.” Sheki responds back silently. Eventually after she is done placing her things back in her backpack, she gets up and heads out of the classroom and on to her next one.


Another bell rings signaling that it is time for lunch and the students quickly exit from their classes. Some making their way towards the cafeteria, others leaving school to go and eat lunch. There were also those who were making their way towards either the football field or the gym to hang out and there were those who were making their way to their lockers.

“Hey Sheki.” A young man called to her. He had spotted her at her locker and decided to make his way over to her.

“Oh, hey Rodriquez. How are you?” She asks him.

“I'm good,” Rodriquez replies. He was Latino and had short, spiky, slick black hair and hazel brown eyes. His complexion was a light brown. He was wearing a dark green pullover hoodie with a dark blue symbol in the center with ink black jeans and some brand new classic white sneakers. “Nice outfit by the way.”

“Thanks.” Sheki replies back to her friend while absent mindly twisting her hair around with one finger. She was wearing a green camafloudge short sleeve shirt with matching capreeis and some black Air Force Ones.

Just as Sheki closes her locker somebody else walks up to her.

“Hey Sheki. Hey Ricky.” The girl greets them both while opening her locker next to Sheki's and tossing in some books.

“For the hundredth time Kasy it's Rod-ri-quez,” He tells her before sighing heavily. Honesty why could she never say his name right, he had known them both for three years now and she still never said his name right. Hell, she didn't even try to say his real name.

“O-kay…Ricky,” Kasy says causing Rodriquez to sigh heavily once again. “Hey at least they both start with ‘R’ besides Ricky suits you better anyway.”

Sheki chuckles. “Hey Kasy.” Anyone with eyes could tell that the two were related just by looking at the pale green skin tint and the emerald eyes. However, with hair and personalities they couldn't be anymore different.

Sheki had ink black hair that reached down to her waist while Kasy's was red and reached down between her shoulders each both having a green tint to their hair. Kasy was currently wearing a red short shirt sleeved dress shirt that was halfway-unbuttoned showing off the black tank top underneath with some tight blue jeans and some white tennis.

“Hey Sheki.” Responded Kasy while opening up her locker. Her locker was a complete and total mess. Books were thrown in every which way hell, some of the books weren't even hers. Empty potato chip bags and drink cans littered her locker as well. She also had pictures posted up on the inside of her locker the ones that were currently up were pictures of Sora, of Kingdom Hearts II, in his Final Form.

“Geez Kasy how can you find anything in that mess?” Asked Rodriquez. At one point, her locker had gotten so bad to where he offered to pay one of the custodians to clean and organize her locker at the end of every week.

“Hey,” Kasy said defensively, “it's not a mess it's more along the lines of an organized mess.”

“What's the difference?” He challenged.

“Simple everything in here is organized according to my standards. To you it's a mess but, to me it's just like a library. You go there enough times and you have a tendency to remember where things are located.” She informed him.

Instead of trying to get through to Kasy, Rodriquez chose to sigh in defeat earning him a victory smile from Kasy. “Kasy, where's Rina?” Sheki inquired. Hoping to take the conversation off Kasy's distraught locker.

“Hiding somewhere in my locker. Hang on I'll get her.” Kasy says before going to work rummaging around her locker in search of Rina. After a few soda cans, balled up paper and old chip bags later she finally locates Rina. Rina was currently lying underneath and old textbook that she was sure the school didn't use anymore. That was one of the things Rina loved about Kasy's locker; there was always something to hide underneath.

“Hey Rina enjoy your nap?” Sheki asks while Kasy pulls Rina out of her locker and allows Rina to climb up her arm and perch herself atop Kasy's shoulder. Rina was the twin’s pet mole rat, naked mole rat to be exact.

“Well ladies as always it's been a pleasure but, for the moment I have to leave and run an get me something to eat. Well later. See you three in gym class.” He says and he walks off toward the student parking lot while waving good-bye.

“Bye.” The group says to him as he exits out the door.

“So,” Kasy asks, “where are you heading off to?”

“I'm going to the cafeteria to meet up with Dazia.” Sheki explains to her sister while closing her locker and making her way towards the cafeteria.

“Dazia…who's that?” Kasy asks while walking with Sheki to the cafeteria with Rina still perched on her shoulder. “Must be a new student if I've never hit on them.” She states.

“Yeah, she is new. I meet her this morning, we take English together.”

“She huh…is she cute?”

Leave it to Kasy to flirt and chase after anything that moves be it male or female.

“When we get in there you can call it for yourself.”

“With pleasure.” Kasy responds with a hint of lust in her voice.


“Sheki,” Dazia calls out to her as she enters into the cafeteria. “Over here.” Dazia signals to her she was currently sitting at a table with some students sitting with her. Sheki could only assume that those were the friends she was supposed to meet as she and her sister made their way over to the table.

“Hey Dazia.” Sheki greets her once she makes it to the table.

“Hey, I see you were able to make it.”


“Well let me introduce you to my friends,” Dazia says, “everyone this is Sheki the girl was telling you about as for names…uh, they can introduce themselves.”

“Well I'll start it off. My name's Sef Zion Rushinokin I'm sixteen will be seventeen in October.” He said while introducing himself. He had short spiky black hair that reached down to his neck and had eyes that were black. His skin tone was just a few shades lighter than Dazia's. He was wearing black baggy pants with a black no sleeve vest that was open showing off an orange shirt with some matching orange sneakers.

“As for me my names Vega Nori Grabiev I'm fifteen will be sixteen in April of next year.” She said. Her hair was black and was currently up in a bun with two strands hanging down on the side of her face and she had light green eyes. Her skin tone was that of milk chocolate. She was wearing a purple fleece with gray in it and some dark jeans with some black slide in shoes.

“I'm Darnell Kenex Nonki I'm seventeen will be eighteen in July of next.” He said. He had short dirty blond hair with hazel brown eyes. He was wearing a blue stripe short sleeve dress shirt open showing off a black shirt underneath with some charcoal black jeans and some white Nikes.

“Nice to meet you all.” Sheki says to the group.

“Yeah it is. My names Kasy Ann Possible.” Kasy says while introducing herself to the group.

“You two are sister's cool.” Vega says.

“Nice to meet you” Darnell adds in.

“Hey.” A small voice squeaks in and in offended tone.

“Oh sorry Rina I totally forgot to introduce you,” Kasy smiles sheepishly while rubbing the back of her head and apologizing to her buddy. “Everyone this here is Rina Mole rat and she's our pet---”

“Naked mole rat,” Dazia says while finishing off Kasy's sentence “very cool.”

“Man where are Kanomi and Tsuki with our food I'm starving.” Sef said while placing a hand over his growling stomach.

“They should be here soon it's not like their using their own money to pay for it or anything.” Vega says.

“Uh…while we're waiting for them to bring our food why don't you guys sit and chill with us for a while.” Offers Dazia while pointing to the empty seats at the table for the twins to sit down. They both decide it's for the best, besides they do want to get to know their new friends a little better.

“So where are you guys from?” Inquires Kasy.

“We're---” Before one of them could reply a girl walks over to them and stops in front of the table. She had brunette hair and blue eyes and was currently wearing a Middleton High cheerleader uniform.

“What do you want Ronnie?” Asks Kasy with a bit of an attitude. That girl was always sticking her nose where it didn't belong why can't people just mind their own business.

“I'm just over here checking out the new kids,” She informs them for her reason being over there while looking from Sef to Vega to Darnell to Dazia feeling them out. “Hmm…Let’s see loser, loser, loser, hmm…What’s this a diamond in the rough.” She says while stopping and setting her sights on Dazia. She grabs a napkin off one of the student’s trays that was passing by, pulls a pen out of her hair, and begins to write something on it. Once she's finished she hands it to Dazia. “Your one player that I'd love to cheer for.” She whispers into Dazia's ear seductively before walking off.

“Who was that?” Asked Darnell. From what he had seen between Kasy and Ronnie he could gather that they didn't like each other very well or something to that effect.

“Her name's Ronnie Rockwaller.” Sheki informed them. Before she could get into an explanation, Sef cuts her off.

“FINALLY FOOD!” Sef yells out when he see's Tsuki and Kanomi entering the cafeteria with their food.

“Hey ya'll sorry it took longer than we expected.” Kanomi explained.

“But we managed to get it all,” Tsuki adds in. “It might not be hot but, it is still warm.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever just give me my order.” Sef practically orders.

“You know a little gratitude is in order.” Tsuki informs Sef with a bit of an attitude. Hell she just wasted some gas on this ‘little’ trip so the least they could receive was a thank you or at best, some gas money.

“I agree,” Kanomi says, “Because we didn't even have to bring you the food back. Hell we could have just gotten trifling and just ate the food an brought you back some ice cold fries and a watery ass drink that's more water than drink.”

“Ok, ok thank you,” Sef says to both his friends “Can I have my food now?”

“Fine.” Says Tsuki. She gives Sef his McDonalds, Vega her Buneo Nacho and keeps her Outback Steakhouse for herself. Kanomi then proceeds to give Darnell his Wendy’s, Dazia her O'Charlies and keeps her Krystal's for herself. After the foods had been passed out Kanomi and Tsuki, finally notice Kasy and Sheki.

“Who are these people?” Kanomi asks.

“Relax cuz, these two are our new friends Kasy,” Vega says while pointing to the redhead. “And Sheki.” while pointing over to the black haired one.

“And that little pink thing on Kasy's shoulder is Rina a naked mole rat.” Dazia informs them both.

“Aw…well hey, how ya'll doing. My names Kanomi Niwa Asakura I'm sixteen will be seventeen in April of next.” She said while introducing herself. She had long dark brown hair that reached to the center of her shoulders and indigo eyes. Her skin complexion was several shades lighter than that of her cousin’s Vega. She was wearing a long sleeved white dress shirt that was unbuttoned showing off a pink shirt underneath with some tight powder blue jeans with designs on the pockets, both front and back, with some white sneakers with a big pink ‘P’ in the center.

“Yeah nice to meet you all. I'm Tsuki Holloway and I’m sixteen will be seventeen in October.” She said. She had long chestnut brown hair that almost went down to her waist, just stopping like five inches above it, with bangs hanging in her face and honey brown eyes. Her skin color was a carmel brown just like Dazia's just two shades darker. She was wearing a small black zip up hoodie that was currently open, showed a tight black t-shirt that read, “I'm the evil twin” in red letters with some skintight blue jeans and some black/silver Echo Red shoes.

“Like wise.” Kasy responded.

The group spent the remainder of lunch talking, eating, playing, eating some more and just getting to know each other. Eventually, the bell rang for lunch to be over and for students to go to their last class of the day. The group reluctantly got up and began to make their way to their next class.

“Man I'm ready to go home,” Kanomi whined. “I don't even know what my last class is.”

“That's pathetic.” said Dazia.

“No its not. It's another sign that I should skip this period and go home…but, seeing as how it's our first day here I not gonna skip at all…this week.” Kanomi informed them. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her schedule. “Let's see my next/last class is…gym.”

Everyone stops and looks back at Kanomi.

“What! What the fuck are you all looking at me for?” Kanomi asks dramatically.

“You've got gym too?” Vega asks

“No way you guys too.” Kasy says

“It looks like were all going to be in the same class. How ironic.” Vega says

“Oooo Vega learned a big word ‘ironic’.” says Dazia seriously but also playfully at the same time.

“Whateva.” Vega replies back.

“Man this is awesome we all take lunch and gym together,” Sef says while walking up behind Dazia and Tsuki and putting his arm on both their shoulders. “Just like old times huh?”

“Yeah, almost old times,” Vega says. “Except this time we have three new members.” Referring to Rina and the twins.

“True.” Darnell says in agreement.

“Come on guys let's hurry up and get to gym.” Kasy says. “It depends on who's teaching the class on how bad the punishment will be.”


“ALRIGHT PEOPLE LET'S CUT THE CHATTERING AND GATHER ROUND!” yelled Mr. Barkin. All the students made their way to the center of the floor and gathered around him. “Today we'll be working on your cardio and muscular systems. I want 20 laps around the gym, 25 push-ups, 45 jumping jacks and 50 sit-ups. When your finished you can do whatever you want. Now get to it people.”

The students groan while preparing to do as their ordered. Some start to run their laps others choose to do either sit-ups, push-ups, or jumping jacks.

“KASY! SHEKI!"yelled Rodriquez from the other side of the gym.

“Hey, Rodriquez,” greeted Sheki. “Have you met our new friends? This is Kanomi, Sef, Darnell, Tsuki, Vega and Dazia.” pointing to each one as she introduced them.

“Guys this is Rodriquez but, I like to call him Ricky.” Kasy said as she introduced them to him.

“Nice to meet you all's acquaintance I'm Rodriquez Leon Juanito.” He said while bowing as he did so.

“People quit standing around and get moving.” Mr.Barkin ordered the group when he saw they weren't moving.

“Hey Sef, wanna have race?” asked Dazia.

“Ok what do we have to do?” Sef asks.

“First one to finish everything we have to do in here chooses what we do while we wait for school to be over and loser buys the winner anything of their choosing.” Dazia informed him.

“Cool with me.” he says. He walks over to in front of the bleachers, signaling this was going to be their starting point, got into his running stance and waited. Dazia soon joined him.

“Somebody count us off?” asked Sef. ‘Oh this was going to be fun’ he thought. He would be able to have a real workout with Dazia and hopefully burn off some energy.

“Alright you two on your mark…ready…set…GO!” Kanomi said as she gave them the signal to start.

They both took off with raw speed around the gym with Sef taking the lead and Dazia on his heels. The were running around and through students.

“Wow,” Rodriquez said. “They run fast.”

“You have no idea.” Darnell said to him.

“Well…I'm not about to go out there with them running around like animals. I'm not trying to get trampled to death.” Kanomi said to them.

“Agreed.” Vega said.

After about 5 minutes, later Dazia and Sef were doing the last of their exercises the sit-ups with Dazia currently in the lead with 35 sit-ups and Sef with 34 sit-ups.

“Come on Dazia!” yelled Sheki.

“You can beat her Sef.” cheered Vega

“You can do it Sef!” said Tsuki.

“I don't care who wins just as long as one of you two does.” stated Kanomi

“…44…45…46…” Dazia said.

“…45…46…47…” Sef said.




“And Dazia wins it folks.” said Kasy.

“Whoo! That was fun,” said Sef. “So, what are we gonna do now?”

“Hmm…how about football.” Dazia stated.

“Sounds cool to me,” replied Sef. “Any of ya'll wanna play?”

“No thanks, we're cool. We've still got to finish up our exercises. We can't all be athletes like you two.” Tsuki said to them. The others nod in agreement.

“Ok then. Sef go ask Mr. Barkin for the football,” ordered Dazia. “We'll decide when you get back if we'll just play one-on-one or just throw it back and forth.”

“Gotcha.” he says while making his way over to Mr. Barkin and asking for a football. When he makes his way back over to Dazia, they decide to have a one-on-one game so they headed out to the football stadium located behind the gym.

“Well come on guys let's finish this up,” says Rodriquez. “I wanna see those two play.” The group then begins to run their laps quickly so they could finish and go and watch the two play.


When they got there they were not alone. There were some students sitting out in the bleachers, so naturally they decided to show off.

“Hey look over there it's Ronnie.” Sef said while tilting his head in the direction of the bleachers.

“So it is.” Dazia responded back when she saw the girl.

“Why don't you show off a little for her?” asks Sef

Dazia pauses for a moment to consider the offer before a smile crosses her face. “I'll go deep.” she says to him.

“This is gonna be fun.” Sef says while backing down the field preparing to make the throw. He throws it dead left towards the bleachers making Dazia run in the direction to catch it.

“In coming!” A student yells when they see the football heading toward the cheerleaders who were currently residing in the bleachers.

“Don't worry,” A boy yells. “I'll catch it.” Before he could catch it however, Dazia had jumped up to catch to the ball and once she caught it, she landed in the bleachers.

“NICE CATCH DAZIA!” Sef yelled from down the field while smiling.

“YEAH NICE THROW SEF!” Dazia yelled back sarcastically before pitching the ball back down the field towards him. “Is everyone okay?” she asks turning her attention towards the girls in the stands.

“Yeah we're fine.” replied one of the girls.

“So…your names Dazia is it?” Ronnie asks.

Dazia turns to look at Ronnie who was sitting behind her. “Uh-huh and your name’s Ronnie Rockwaller. See I remembered you.” Dazia says.

“I'm glad.” Ronnie says to her.

“Yep, I only remember people who are worth remembering,” Dazia tells her while making her way over to sit beside her.

“She's got her.” Sef whispers to himself while watching the scene play out from down the field.

Ronnie blushes at Dazia's statement. “So, you’re a cheerleader?” asks Dazia curiously.

“Yeah. Captain to be exact.” Ronnie replies proudly.

Dazia looks down the field at Sef who was waiting patiently for her. “Well I best be on my way. See you ladies around.” she says. She then gets up, jumps down from the bleachers and makes her way back over to Sef where they continue their game.

As Dazia leaves Ronnie, the other girls gather around her asking her all types of questions about Dazia. Questions such as: ‘Who was that?’, ‘Where's she from?’, ‘Are you two dating?’ and other questions of that nature.

About thirty minutes later the bell rings signaling that school was over and done with for the day. Dazia and Sef continued to play their game while all the other students left. They played for about another five minutes before heading back to the gym to look for their friends. When they didn't see them there they decided to go look for them inside the school at their lockers.


“Hey you guys how was the rest of gym without us?” Sef asks while approaching Kanomi and Vega.

“Long as hell.” Kanomi answered bluntly.

“Where are Sheki, Kasy, and Rodriquez?” Dazia asked curiously, when she didn't see them.

“Uh Rodriquez left right when the bell sounded and Sheki and Kasy left in a hurry saying that they had something really important to do and that they'd see us later. We gave them all our number’s though and told them to call us later or when they get a chance.” Vega told them.

“Well then,” Sef said. “Let's go grab Tsuki and Darnell and get outta here.” The group begins to make their way towards the direction of Tsuki and Darnell's lockers but Dazia lingers behind.

The day had gone so well for all of them. They had met new friends, people who wanted to date them, and possible rivals. It was just a good day for them and she hoped that they would always have days like this with their newly established friends…nah…their old way of living suited them and her just fine, but it wouldn’t hurt to interact with people while they were there…I mean really what’s the worst that could happen?

Next time: What Sheki and Kasy had to do that was so important and some new problems emerge as well as new enemies.

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