If You Only Knew

Chapter 3

Tests, Homework, and Weekend Plans


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TITLE: Tests, Homework, and Weekend Plans

AUTHOR: Wolfie

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters of Kim Possible Disney owns them. Kasy Ann Possible, Sheki Go Possible, and Rina Mole rat are the creations of NoDrogs. Ryujin Stoppable is the creation of YogurthFrost. Isabel and Jason Gooding are the creations of StarvingLunatic. Dazia Angel Akubi is my creation and character and may be used as long as I get mentioned. Kanomi Niwa Asakura, Darnell Kenex Nonki, Vega Nori Grabiev, Sef Zion Rushinokin, and Tsuki Holloway belong to my friends (who could careless if I use their characters, they'd be pissed if I didn't)

SUMMARY: Kasy and Sheki are both older now and are in high school. When they are introduced to some new people see how their already exciting lives get sent into a spiraling rollercoaster.

TYPE: Other

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 9954

(New Day)

The hallway was packed full of students just standing around conversing. Some were taking about making plans for the weekend such as hanging out at the mall while others were planning to throw a party while their parents were away on business.

“Hey Sheki,” a boy yells to her as he makes his way over to her through the hall of crowed students. “How are you?” he asks.

Sheki closes her locker to look over in his direction. “Oh hey Ryujin, I’m doing good you.”

“Same old, same old here,” Ryujin says while coming up beside her. Ryujin Stoppable looked every bit like his father Ron Stoppable. He had blond hair just like his father and brown skin just like his mother Yori. That’s right Ryujin was the son of Ron and Yori Stoppable.

Unlike his dad, he was a bit on the muscular side. He was currently wearing a short sleeve white shirt with black stripes running up the arms and down the sides. He also had on some black cargo pants with some black/white sneakers.

“So how was training yesterday?” he asked as they began walking down the hall. He only knew about their training at GJ because they were junior agents together, well in training junior agents. They had always known about GJ ever since they were kids and had even met Dr. Betty Director, the head of GJ, a couple of times before. When they had entered into high school, they had asked their parents could they be allowed to join GJ. Kasy and Sheki’s parents had both said yes but that should wait until they were at least sophomores before they joined. His parents said both no and yes.

His mother had said no because she believed that he should be sent to Yamanouchi to train and learn from Master Sensei while his father had said that he should go to GJ instead and learn what he need to learn from them. This ‘little’ argument went on for weeks until they had finally reached a compromise. It was agreed that during his freshman and sophmore years he would go and train with Master Sensei everyday and then during his junior year he would be allowed to join and work for GJ which made him happy because he got to be closer to Sheki.

“It was such a workout. Just thinking about it makes my mucles sore,” she told him while taking one of her hands and gentaly massaging her neck showing just how serious she was. “We have to go back sometime this weekend for the debreifing and to see the areas we need improvement in.”

“Wow what a way to spend your weekend.” Ryujin said.

“Tell me about it all I want to do is just soak in the tub for the entire weekend.” She told him.

“Hey Sheki!” Sef yelled out from behind them.

“Hey Sef.” She greets him before she and Ryujin stop walking. Allowing Sef to catch up with them.

“Ryujin,” Sheki says. “Let me intoduce you to Sef one of my new friends. And Sef this is my childhood buddy Ryujin.”

Sef was currently wearing a red short sleeve shirt with some dark blue jeans and some black tennis.

“Hey, how come I didn’t meet you yesterday?” Sef asks.

“Oh I was sick yesterday so that’s why.” Ryujin tells him.

“Hey Sef where are you going?” Sheki asks him.

“We’re all meeting at Kanomi’s locker even Kasy’s over there you guys wanna come too?” he asks. “I’m sure the others wouldn’t mind meeting you Ryujin. You look like a cool guy.”

“Uh, sure okay I’ll go.” Ryujin says while shrugging his sholders. “What about you Sheki are you coming along?” he asks her.

“Yeah I’ll come just as long as I’m not late for class.” She says.

(Kanomi’s locker)

“Hey everyone.” Sheki greets when they’ve finally arrived at Kanomi’s locker.


“So, Ryujin,” Kasy says. “I see you’ve already met Sef. Well here’s the rest of the group. That’s Kanomi, Tsuki, Darnell, Dazia, and Vega.” She said pointing to each one so’d that he’d know who they are. “Guys here’s our childhood buddy Ryujin Stoppable.”

Kasy was wearing a white shirt that said, ‘I love………’ with a line that had ‘write name here’ underneath it with some blue jean shorts on and some all white shoes.

“Hey did anybody watch the GWA match last night?” Sef asks.

“Ooo…I saw it. Did you see their final match between legendary wrestlers King Pin and Steel Toe?” asked Kanomi. She was wearing black ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ shirt with some light jeans and some black boots. Kanomi had her hair curreled today with just a few strands in her face.

“No way you guys watch GWA too?” asks Ryujin. “But how it only shows on Fridays and today’s only Wensday. So how’d you see it?”

“We all have Pay-Per-View. They show at lot of the specials on there that don’t normally show on regular cabel or channels.” Said Tsuki. She was wearing a black ¾ inch sleeve shirt with some black pants, with a belt, and some black/silver shoes. While her hair was currently up in a pony tail, for now.

“Hey Dazia where are you going?” Darnell asks when noticed her starting to walk off. He was wearing a black t-shirt with some dark blue jeans and some white/grey Nike’s.

“Office.” She answers. She was wearing a yellow no sleeve shirt with some powder blue pants that had a yellow designs on the front down at the bottom with some powder blue Timberlands on. With her hair she had half of it hanging down while the rest was up in a pony tail.

“What for?” asks Kasy.

“They’ve got my scheduale messed up only two classes on the whole thing are right and that’s English and Gym. Everything else I’ve already taken and gotten my credits for.” She informs them. “Anybody wanna come with?”

Just as soon as she finishes her question the bell rings signaling that it’s time for the students to start heading towards their classes.

“Sorry Dazia but, I’ve got to get to class,” Vega says. She was wearing a blue/grey jacket the was halfway unzipped showing a purple shirt underneath with some grey pants on along with some white/purple shoes. And with that she begins walking down the hall.

“Same here” said everyone else as they began branching off and going their separate ways.

“Don’t sweat it Dazia I’ll walk with you my class is over by the office anyway.” Kasy said as she and Dazia walked together through the crowed hall towards the office.

While walking through the hall with Kasy, Dazia noticed how most of the students seemed to stop and stare at them or wispered hushed comments to one another. She noticed how Kasy grew tense even if she was trying not to show it but, how everyone around them was acting it was kind of hard for her not to.

“Sooo…Kasy, what do you like to do in your freetime?” Dazia asked even if she’d really didn’t care to know it would help take Kasy’s mind off everyone else.

“I like to go to the arcade, go see a movie, play videogames, and other things you?”

“Nothing really. Do you like to travel?”

“Yeah it’s fun especially the different ways your able to get there.”

“Well name a few?” ‘Damn this personality chip’ Dazia thought. She could careless about what this girl found fun and entertaining but, unfortunatly she had no choice. When the chip sent out and emotion or feeling she had to act on it…they all did.

The pair eventually arrived at the office where they went their separate ways after that.


Students make their way into the classroom and take their seats just as the bell sounds.

“Class…class settle down. Today we’ll be choosing partners…AND I’ll be the one to pair you up.” Said Mrs.Tetilini causing the students in the class to groan.

Mrs. Tetilini was a young woman possibly between the ages of 25 or 30. She had her long brunett colored hair down and was currently currly. Her eyes were a light hazel due the contacts she wore. She was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a stripped button up jacket over it with matching pants as well along with some black dress shoes.

“Aw man this is totally unfair.” Ryujin whispers in a heated voice while folding his arms across his chest.

“Come on Ryu it’s not that bad, well unless were planning on asking Ronnie to be your partner.” Sheki says with a slick smile.

“No way,” Ryujin says waving his arms infront of his chest. “Would I ever want to be married, play married, or even engaged to Ronnie Rockwaller.”

“Ouch…that’s a little harsh don’t you think?” Sheki asks. “So if you were to pick a partner who would it be?”

“Uh…well, I’d…uhm…ya see…” babbled Ryujin as he moved his hands back and forth trying to speak.

“Well?” Sheki pressed.

“Well…if…if, I’d have to,uh…have to,uh choose…then it’d probably be…glup…” Ryujin never got a chance to finish his sentence because Dazia had walked into the classroom drawing both their attention towards the door.

“May I help you?” asked Mrs. Tetilini as she looked at the student.

“Are you Mrs. Tetilini?” Dazia asked.

“Yes I am.”

“Then I’m in the right place then here you go.” Dazia says while reaching into her pocket and pulling out her new schedule and handing it to her teacher.

“Okay then Dazia just take a set anywhere your just in time too because today is the day that you’ll be assigned a partner.” Mrs. Tetilini said to Dazia. Dazia walks to the back and takes an empty seat next to Ronnie who is over joyed at this fact.

“Ok now for pairings.” Mrs. Tetilini said. “Justin and Melissa, Robert and Jewel, Rick and Terry.” She began calling out. Five minutes later almost everyone in the room was paired awy with the exception of Sheki, Ryujin, Ronnie, Dazia, and Eugene.

“Hmm okay now let me see here I’ve got an odd number here with the girls being the majority.” She thinks outloud to herself while chewing on her pen. “Ok Eugene your going to be paired with…Ronnie.” She says.

“M-me…with Eugene the Nerd King.” Ronnie groans in dissapointment while putting her head down on the desk.

“Now as for you Sheki you’ll be paired up with Ryujin…”

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes…” Ryujin begins to say.

“…And Dazia.”

“…Yes, yes, yes, ye---huh?” hearing that caused Ryujin to stop all movement and just stare in total shock.

“Ok students now that you’ve been assigned a partner I want you to get togther in groups before we move on to the next part.”

The students quickly move about the room to form their groups with their partner or partners in some cases. Dazia gets up and moves over to where Ryujin and Sheki were sitting.

“How ironic we were together before school and now we’re together again. I guess we are destined to cross one anothers path for all eternity.” Dazia says over dramatically causing Sheki to laugh lightly and Ryujin to just mumble something incoheiritly.

“Now for this part we’re going to be drawing from these three hats. From one hat you’ll pick your status: married, divorced, cheating, etc. Another hat will determine the number of children you have and the third your occupation. For the first two hats only one of you needs to pick but, for the third you each get a chance to pick.” She informs them of what they’ll be doing. “Okay everyone line up.”

All the students got up and formed a line at the front of the room. Each pair of students drawing from the hats and showing it to the teacher before going back to sit down. Now it was time for Ryujin, Sheki, and Dazia to pick but this posed a bit of a challenge because they had a third wheel.

“Uhm, Mrs. Tetilini how are we going to do ours when there’s three of us?” Sheki asked.

“Simple my dear you’ll all have to draw from each hat and show me what you each pull individualy.” Answered Mrs. Tetilini while writing on a dry earase board the pairings and their information.

Ryujin was the first to pull. Out of the first hat he pulled out a slip of paper that had ‘married’ written on it which he smiled proudly at. Out of the second hat he pulled out another slip of paper that read ‘none’ okay so no kids he could live with that. Finally out of the last hat he pulled out a slip of paper that read ‘Delivery Boy’. Okay not the highest paying job out there but, he’d manage.

He showed the three slips to the teacher before he returned to his seat. Now it was Sheki’s turn to pull. Out of the first hat she drew a slip that had ‘cheating’ on it which dissapointed her a little because she would never cheat on anyone. Out of the second hat she pulled ‘none’. Now reaching into the last hat she pulled out a slip of paper that she was shocked to find it read the word ‘Model’ on it. She showed her slips to the teacher before taking her seat as well.

Finally it was Dazia’s turn to pull. When she pulled from the first hat it had the word ‘single’ written on it which she smirked at. From the second hat she pulled a slip that had ‘none’ on it. Reaching into the last hat she pulled out a slip that had the word ‘Entrepreneurer’ on it. She showed them to the teacher before going and taking her seat as well.

When Mrs. Tetilini was finally finshed writing she set up the dry erase board so that everyone could see it. “Okay everyone here’s all your information about your relationship and you determine how it will be. You must spend time with your partner not only in the classroom but, also outside of the classroom as well. I’m handing out a syllabus on the days presentations and projects about your relationships are due. You can be as creative as you want to be when you give you presentation and project as well.” She tells them while walking around passing out the syllabus. “Since this is September in November we will rearrange couples if you want a new partner but, if you want the same one that’s fine too but give me a reason why that has meaning behind it. You may do as you please for the remainder of the period the bell should be ringing in about 10 minutes.”

“So I take it that you got your scheduale corrected?” asked Ryujin while playing with a pencil on his desk. It wasn’t like he didn’t like Dazia he was sure that she’d be an intresting person to have around its just that he liked spending time with Sheki just the two of them.

“Yes and no.” Dazia answers while leaning back in her desk and putting her hands behind her head and looking up at the ceiling.

They both look at her quizically so she decides to alliterate a bit. “Yes because they did change it and give me all the classes that I signed up for but, the no comes in with this class because I had no intention of taking it. However, since the orginal class I wanted to take was full they just randomly put me in here.” She informed them never breaking her gaze from the ceiling.

“Oh…so Sheki are you busy today?” Ryujin asks while turning his attention towards Sheki.

“If I don’t have any homework from my other classes then no.” answers Sheki while turning to face Ryujin. “Why do you ask?”

“Well if your not busy I was wondering if we could hangout and get started on our work for this class.” He says. “I mean I know we already know a lot about each other but, still…”

“But…” Sheki starts to say while focusing her attention on Dazia but, before she could finish Dazia cuts her off.

“Don’t worry about me spend time with Ryujin if that’s what you want to do even if you know him like a book.” Dazia says right when the bell rings. She gets up out of her desk breaking her gaze from the ceiling for the first time before turning to face them. “Besides don’t people who’re cheating usually try and keep it a secret henceforth the word cheating meaning: To do things in a sneaky way without being caught; incognito if you will.” She says to Sheki while smiling before walking out the door.

“Well,…okay then. Come over sometime this afternoon and we’ll go from there.” Sheki says while getting up from her seat with Ryujin right behind her.

“Okay then…See you later Sheki.” He says while running out the door.

(In another class)

Kanomi huffs in frustration while putting her head down on her desk. She was bored out of her mind. All the teacher did was talk, talk, talk and oh, you guessed it talked some more.

“I am so ready to be out of this class.” She says aloud to herself. When she glanced at the clock on the wall she realized that she had another 45 minutes to go.

She whined in both boredom and frustration. She then reached into her backpack and pulled out her mp3 player and some headphones and began listening to her music. She then reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone and began texting her cousin Vega.

Wat ru doing right now?

Nothing. Outsiden the bleachers. U?

Bored 2 death I think I’m going 2 gouge my eyes out.

Oooo…hey did u hear about a party this weekend?

No. Who’s throwing it?

Kno dat gurl who likes Daz…wats her name again?


Yea, dats her. Well she’s throwing it.

Really where?

At some new teen club.

Time and date.

Saturday night from 11 pm to whenever. Hear her folks bought out the whole joint just 4 her 2.

Alchol gon b served?

Y u wanna kno. It’s not like u drink no way.

Duh u ass. I wanted 2 kno cuz if dey r I’m bring my own drink. Take a drink from someone I’m liabal 2 get sick an die cuz dey messed wit my drink.

Hahahaha…u funny. From wat I heard theysaidno but somebody might sneak some n. Wanna go?

Yea but…r we busy?

Not sure honestly. We haven’t been called or nothin but if we have 2 we have 2.

True true. Wat about da others.

I found out from Sef so I kno he’s plannin on going. Then there’s us as well. Darnell an Tsuki ain’t txted back yet.

And Daz.

Im sure dat Ronnie girl will tell her personaly. If ya kno wat I mean. wink wink

Yea dats true but, I doubt Ronnie catches Daz’s intrest though.

U don’t think so?

Maybe if she had a sword, a gun, or another type of weapon in her hand and serious fighting skillsand offered up some type of challenge…maybe.

Please she’d catch my attention before Daz even thought about thinking of lookin n her direction.

Kanomi was distracted from her conversation when she heard the teacher scream her name for wat appeared to be the fifth time by the look on his face.

“Huh?” Kanomi says while pulling off her headphones and putting her phone away.

“Since you were so bust paying attention,” said the teacher with scarcasim in his voice. “Would you mind summarizing in your own words what my lecture on the subject was.”

“Hehe…uh,” Kanomi said while rubbing the back of her head sheepishly. She hoped that these last 15 minutes went by quickly but, she had a feeling that they were going to be a long 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes later the bell rings signaling that class was over and that it was time to go to lunch. Kanomi left so quickly out of the classroom that she didn’t even hear the homework assignment that was given. She decided to go check out the food they had in the cafeteria before heading out to the bleachers.

Once she made it to the cafeteria she went to the line to see what they had. The second she saw it she scrunched her face up in discuss the food, if you could call it that, was actually grey in color. And no she wasn’t talking about gravy either. Maybe it was safer if she just skipped out on lunch today or the rest of the year for that matter.


“Kanomi” Darnell said while she approached the bleachers. There were a lot of students out here and she couldn’t blame them.

It was a bright and sunny day with a few clouds in the sky. Some of the leaves on the trees were beginning to change color as was the grass. Even though it was sunny there was a cool wind blowing. Not enough to make you too cold but, enough to let you know that seasons were about to change.

“So,” Darnell asked. “Are we going to the party or what?”

“I know I plan on going but, you know as well as I do that our work comes first. Just because we’re not back home doesn’t mean we’re exactly free to do whatever we choose.”

“Well in a sense we are just as long as what we feel like doing is put on hold. I’m curious to see how they will interact with one another. If it wasn’t for this thing,” he said while pointing to the chip underneath the skin on his wrist. “I would have already cracked open a few skulls by now.”

“I know it’s just oh so tempting and it’d be oh so satisfying if we did.” Kanomi responded while walking over to go sit in the bleachers.

“Tell me about it. I’ve already got a test this Friday.” He says

“I’ve got homework but, didn’t stick around to hear it all.” She tells him.

“There you two are.” Sef says while running up to them. “So are we hitting up the party this weekend or what?”

“Hell yeah!” shouts Darnell energetically

“Good to know.” Sef says.

“Have any of you guys heard from or seen Dazia?” Kanomi asks.

“No not since this morning,” Sef answers with Darnell nodding his head in agreement. “Why?”

“No reason really just curious.” Kanomi says while waving off her eariler question.

Sef and Darnell both look at each other before srugging their shoulders deciding to let it go.

(Elsewhere in the School)

“Dazia why are you sitting on the steps?” Kasy asks curiously.

She had been coming from the library and decided that this was the fastest way for her to get to the gym coming from her current direction. She hadn’t expected to run into anyone, well at least not on the steps anyway.

“I don’t feel like going to the cafeteria so I decided to hang out right here instead.” She informed her. “Where are you heading off to anyway?”

“To the gym. I wanted to go and find out something.” Kasy told her while leaning her back against the railing.

“Mind if I come with and meet them?” Dazia asks. She didn’t bother to get up and move yet because she hasn’t received an answer.

“Uhhhhm…sure okay. Besides I could use the company anyway.” Kasy says before offering up a friendly smile.

Dazia then got up off the steps and proceeds to walk with Kasy towards the gym.

“Hey do you mind if we make a stop in the parking lot first?” Dazia asks. “There’s something that I need to do there.”

“Sure no problem.” Kasy said.

“Did you hear about the party that Ronnie’s throwing this weekend?”

“Yea I did.”

“Are you planning on going?”

“Even if I was one:she wouldn’t allow me, my sister or our friends to get in and second: I can’t stand her.”

“Why?” asked Dazia curiously.

“She’s always talking down towards me and my sister. About how we’re freaks and how we’d even put the freaks in the circus to shame.” Kasy states while the tone in her voice rises in anger. “I mean when you first meet us, me and my sister I mean, didn’t you ever wonder why our skin is a sort of pale green color?”

“No not really I didn’t think one way or the other about it.” Said Dazia as they continued towards the parking lot.

“Yeah right.” Kasy says sarcastically not believing Dazia’s words. “No offense but, the first time you met either me or my sister you thought just like everyone else did. That we’re freaks.”

Dazia decided against saying anything else for the simple fact that if she spoke she just would have repeated her eariler statement. She honestly didn’t care what color the girl was. Hell she could look like the damn Skittles taste the rainbow commerical and she still wouldn’t think one way or the other on it.

After a few more moments of silence they finally reach the parking lot.

“Uh, why are we here anyway?” Kasy asks while following behind Dazia.

“I’ve got to pick up something that was left for me here. Can you wait right here for a sec?” Dazia asks.

“Sure.” She answers while stopping just a few inches behind Dazia. She watches as Dazia walks behind some cars before she disappears completely behind them. Five minutes later Dazia comes back with a look of anger on her face.

Dazia notices the look Kasy gives her, one of worry and concern, but before she could get the chance ask a question Dazia interrupted her chance.

“Its nothing, don’t worry yourself. So are we heading to the gym or what?”

Kasy nods her head because she didn’t trust herself to speak. If she did she would have asked what had gotten her friend so upset but, she got the feeling that since their friendship wasn’t very deep it was just best to avoid any personal questions for a while.

As they were making their way towards the gym Kasy noticed how easily she identified Dazia as a friend and not someone to call a girlfriend. She knew it would have surprised half the school for her to see Dazia as a friend but, she did. Not saying that Dazia wasn’t hot but, she just wasn’t her type. Close friend to have fun times and sexual moments with but not someone she would date.

As the entered into the gym Kasy wondered just what was Dazia’s type anyway.

(Later After School)

“I wonder what happened to Darnell and the others?” Kasy asks aloud. She and her sister were currently walking home because supposedly there was an extreme emergency at GJ so their parents were called in and wouldn’t be back for a while.

“They probably left or just got checked out early.” Sheki answered back.

“Hey…wanna race?”

“No thank-you I’m already sore from yesterday I don’t need to add injury to insult.”

“Afraid I’ll beat you, well that’s true. If I’d were you I’d be scared too.” Kasy said just to taunt her sister.

“I am so not.”

“Oh yeah then prove it.” Kasy said with a taunting smirk. Well we know who she got her personality from.

Sheki frowned up her face. She hated it when her sister teased and taunted her. She never knew when to stop, she was always pushing it. Even so she wasn’t going to miss the chance to beat her sister in a race.

“You’re on.”



“GO!!!” They both shout just as they take off down the sidewalk.

(GJ Headquarters)

Dr. Director sits at her desk writing and signing papers in a brightly lit office. Behind her was a huge oval screen that had important information appearing on screen so it was probably a computer.

Her normally neat and organized office was now a mess due to the current situation. What appeared to be thousands of papers, littered the floor as well a photos but that wasn’t all. Books and lab reports also occupied the floor as well.

Dr. Director finally signing the last document pinched the bridge of her nose before sitting back in her seat and sighing in aggitation. Ever since yesterday her whole headquarters had been a complete wreck.

They had received word that both Monkey Fists and Fukashima were spotted in some town up north. So all they had to do was send about a few units the capture them, seemed simple enough. However, once they arrived there the seen was not what they had expected.

Both Monkey Fists and Fukishima were injured, no not injured but severly maimed. They had cuts and brusis all over their bodies. They were bleeding so much that their clothes were dripping with excess blood. They needed medical attention, and fast. Just because they were wanted criminals didn’t mean that they shouldn’t be helped.

Once they had safely transported them to headquarters they were both sent immedately to the medical wing and placed in the ICU unit. While there best doctors were working on saving their lives Dr. Director decided to call in her top two level agents that were well trained enough to handle this kind of situation. Now all she had to do was wait for them to arrive.

A while later the doors to her office open and in steps the two that she requested with the utter most urgency.

“Ah, Mrs. & Mrs. Possible I’m glad that you have both finally made it.” She stated as she rose from her seat to go over and meet them.

“What’s the sitch?” asked Kim in her save the world tone. She was wearing her battlesuit. Although it still looked the same with it’s white and blue design it definitely had some upgrades. It was now battlesuit 4.0 type A-2.

Kim’s suit could take hundreds times more damage than before and it also had to be hit with a certain amount of force to cut it. There was also the density of the material used on the suit. If it was not hit by a certain amount of force or specific energy level she wouldn’t even feel the hit. It also had a bunch of other features as well, proving that it was definitely not the old model.

“I’ve gotta tell ya Kimmie hearing that same old catch phrase, for who knows how long, is getting kinda old.” Stated Shego as she walked up besides Kim. She was wearing her traditional black and green catsuit. However, like Kim’s it too had been majorly upgraded.

A new upgrade for her suit was the fact that it could conseal her body heat making it impossible for you to detect her using infared scanners. Out of all the upgrades that had been made Shego liked the improvement made on her gloves the most. Her gloves now had the ability to give her plasma solid form of anything of her choosing. It could be a sheild, gun, or whatever. So now she could switch between solid or plasma to her hearts content.

“Then you two have something in common then.” Kim said with a taunting smirk. All those years spent with living with Shego were rubbing off on her and showed themselves from time to time.

“I think your becoming a mini-Shego over there, Princess. Besides I like the other things you say or scream a whole lot better.” Shego responded back with a taunting smirk of her own.

Shego’s comment had caused Kim to furiously blush because they weren’t alone in the room. Shego had just laughed and shook her head. Even after all the time that they had been together Kimmie was still so modest and still easily embarassed.

Dr. Director cleared her throat gaining both of their attention. “Let me inform you on our current situation. Please follow me.” She said while leading them both out of the office and heading towards the medical wing.

“So what’s going on Dr. Director?” asks Kim as they were walking towards the medical wing.

“You remember Monkey Fists and Fukashima correct?” Dr. Director asks. Kim nods her head in response. “Well, we received word that were residing up north somewhere and I sent out some agents to go and retreive them.”

“What went wrong?” Kim asks. The look on Dr. Director’s face told her that whatever it was it definitely couldn’t be good.

Dr. Director was silent for a moment before speaking. “You’ll have to see it for youself.”

The enter into the medical wing and enter into the first ICU room. What Kim and Shego see shock them. Fukashima lying there hooked up to numerous machines and life support systems.

Fukashima’s face was swollen had a cuts and brusies all over. His lower lip was busted and his nose had a deep puncture wound going through it to the other side. His throat was slit in two places so to keep him breathing a tube had to be stuck down his windpipe. There was also a huge gash in his chest running across to the upper half of his shoulder. His arms also took in some heavy damage too. His left arm was twisted up in a cringing way and was turning blue at the finger tips. His right arm had a broken bone jutting out from where his arm bends. From his stomach to his knees they had him covered up so you couldn’t see what lay underneath. However, below his knees was a completely different story. Both of his legs were brusied so badly that they were shades of a deep dark blue and black color. His right leg had a cut in it so deep that it appeared like it was almost cut through.

“How you see him now is after the 32 hours of surgery. Believe me he was much worse at first.” Dr. Director said.

Shego shaking her head to bring herself out of her shock stared a few more seconds before placing her hand on her wife’s shoulder. As tough as Shego was she had never seen something like this ever. Not even in her toughest and hardest battles had they ever had her looking that bad. Just looking at Fukashima made her stomach turn and made her entire body feel sore and weak. Shego wondered what kind of sick bastard would do such a thing. She knew if the sight made her feel this way she knew it must have been a thousand times worse for her precious Kimmie.

Kim placed her hand on top of Shego’s for support. The sight of Fukashima this way made her feel queazy all through her stomach. Never before in all her years as a teen hero and GJ agent had she ever seen something this grotest. I mean sure she would end up with a broken bone or two or have a few cuts and brusies every now and then but, that was to be expected with her line of work. Yet, there was always a line there, like an unwritten rule, that when you fought a villian or criminal you would fight them to stop them not to fight and kill them. Seeing Fukashima this way proved to her that, that line had been crossed.

Whoever they were dealing with was a new breed of person neither hero nor villian but something much worse. If they could do this to Fukashima who knows what they did to Monkey Fists.

“Who would do this?” Kim asks in a whisper.

“A sick and cruel bastard that’s who.” Shego responded never removing her hand from Kim’s shoulder.

“The way Fukashima looks proves that he was actually the lucky one compared Monkey Fists.” Dr. Director told them while they stepped back out into the hallway. “Even after 32 hours of surgery he’s still not in stable condition. We may have to amputate his left arm and right leg because of how badly they are damaged.”

Kim’s eyes, if they could look even sadder, saddened even more at her words. Fukashima was around Ron’s age, give or take a few years, and already having to go through something like this. Kim had wanted him to give up crime and for him to stop being a villian, like she does with all her enemies, but not like this, not in this way.

“Do we know who this bastard is?” Shego asked while spitting out the words with anger in her voice.

“We know very little I’m sure Monkey Fists would know but he’s back in surgery now and Fukashima keeps slipping in and out of consienceness.” Dr. Director informs them. Seeing both men like that angered her as well and while she would have liked to go out and search for who did this personally she couldn’t. She had to keep a cool head and rely on her sources to find information about the situation before moving further. Unfortunately, since she didn’t have anything to go on with her two leads out of business all she could do was wait.

“Maybe the people in the town you found them in know something.” Kim said.

“That may be true. I’ll have agent Will Du to bring up the papers and give you the location of where we found them.” Dr. Director told them. “If you want to leave now that’s fine. I’ll have Mr. Load to contact you and give you the information just as soon as we have pulled it up.”

“Come on Princess, let’s go home.” Shego stated.

As they were walking out of GJ Shego whispered into Kim’s ear saying “We’ll find who did this Pumpkin. I promise.”

(New Day)

“Okay students put your pencils down and pass your test papers up to the front.” Mr. Ernie says while fixing his glasses on his face.

Darnell places his pen down and passes his paper to the front. He leans back in his desk and looks at the clock. After this class he only had an hour and thirty minutes left of school.

“Hey, Darnell,” Tsuki said. “How do you think you did on that test?”

“Please are you kidding me that stuff was easy. I know I passed we were taught that what when we were very young.” Darnell stated.

“Yeah, it was easy. So…party…we going?” Tsuki asked while moving to sit in the empty desk infront of him.

“As far as I know we are. I’m debating on weather or not I should drive my ride up there.” He said.

After he says that the bell rings signaling that, that class was over for today.

“Okay students that was the bell. Have a safe weekend and don’t get into any trouble. Bye now.” Mr. Erine says as his class runs out the door.

(Hallway After School)

“Dazia!” Ronnie yells from down the hall.

Dazia was currently focused on puttin some books into her bookbag before Ronnie had called out her name causing her to break her focus.

“Hi Ronnie.” Dazia says before turning her focus back to her back to bookbag.

“Hey, say what are you doing this weekend?” Ronnie asks while eyeing Dazia’s butt.

“Nothing why?”

“Well I’m throwing a party at a club tomorrow from 11 pm to until and I’m inviting you personally.”

“I’ll see if I can come. If I can I’m bringing along a friend or two.”

“That’s fine I just wanted to let you know. Bye-bye” Ronnie says while walking away leaving Dazia to her own matters.

Three minutes later Dazia begins to leave out of the school when she notices Sheki sitting outside of a classroom door.

“Hey Sheki, why are you sitting out here?” Dazia asks. She really wasn’t too sure where that question came from but, it was already out now so she waited for an answer.

“I’m waiting on Rodriquez.” Sheki answered

“Where’s Kasy?” Dazia asked while moving over to sit besides Sheki who moved over to allow Dazia a seat.

“In the gym helping with some stuff.”

“Oh, so are you doing anything this weekend?”

“No, I’m free. Why?”

“Well that Ronnie girl is throwing a party and…” was as far as Dazia got before Sheki interrupted her.

“Anything that involves that girl is something that I don’t want to be apart of so if you were asking me to go the answer is no. Not if we were trying to hang out together but, because it’s a Ronnie function.” Sheki told her.

“Hmm…I see then. Well look I’ve gotta go before I’m late but, I’ll either see or talk to you before the weekends up. Later.” Dazia said and with that she was gone.

Just as Dazia leaves out of the school doors Rodriquez comes out of the classroom.

“Thanks for waiting for me Sheki. So…are you ready to go yet?” he asks her while shifting his bookbag.

“Yeah sure as long as your ready. She says while getting up so they can leave.

“Are we going to go and get Kasy or what?”

“Or what because with what she’s doing it might take a while.” Sheki tells him as the exit out of the building together.

(Later that Night)

“Come on let’s watch Saw III.” Kasy said energetically while flipping through channels.

Sheki yawns triedly while bringing up her hands to cover her mouth. “Ahhh…you and Rina can watch it by yourselves I’m going to bed.” Sheki said while getting up and going up stairs to her room.

“Okay see you in the morning. Come on Rina lets go pop us some popcorn and grab us a couple of soda’s before it comes on.” Kasy says to Rina before they both make their way into the kitchen.

“Okay Ron, see you there.” Kim says while staring at his visual image on her Kimmunicator.

“See you later KP.” Ron says before disconnecting the call.

“So tell me, what did the Sidekick say?” Shego asked from their king sized bed.

“Shego,” Kim sighed out tiredly. After all these years of getting to know Ron you’d think that Shego would’ve started calling him by his name by now. “He said yes, of course, to the mission and that he’ll meet us at GJ whenever we’ve got the information.” Kim says while exiting the bathroom in a silk gown.

Shego was currently flopped out on the bed just channel surfing through their numerous channels looking for something to watch at 11 o’clock on a Friday night. She was wearing some black and green boy briefs with a black wife-beater.

As Kim made her way over towards the bed Shego turned onto her side to allow Kim room to get into the bed. Once she had gotten into bed Shego rolled back over onto her stomach and wrapped her arm around Kim’s waist and pulled her closer to herself. Kim snuggled into Shego’s body; placing her head in the nape of Shego’s neck. Kim was silent again that night and Shego knew why; it had everything to do with Fukashima and Monkey Fists. She was still a bit taken aback at the sight of Fukashima as well.

When Betty said that they may have to amputate his left arm and right leg her anger quickly grew inside her; yet along with her anger arose questions. What had Fukashima and Monkey Fists done to get themselves put in that type of position? Why are they still alive with the injuries they have? When and where did this happen to them? And most importantly who inflicted their wounds?

Shego knew how skilled both men were; although they were not on the same level as Kim and herself they still had managed to put up a decent fight.

“Shego?” Kim asked in a whisper.

“Yeah Pumpkin?” Shego answered while rolling over onto her back and pulling Kim on top of her.

Kim lifted her head out of the nape of Shego’s neck and looked her in the eyes. “Why would someone do such a horrible thing to another person?” Kim asked. “What was there reason for doing so?” she asked again so low and quiet that Shego almost missed that question.

Shego took her hand and, using a clawed finger, moved Kim’s hair out of her face. Before giving an answer she looked deeply into Kim’s eyes. In them she saw so many emotions but, the ones that she could see clearly were confusion, sadness, and fear. She paused a bit longer before speaking. “To be honest Princess…I don’t know how someone could do that to another person and find satisfaction from it.” Shego answered truthfully. “Even when Drakken over stepped his boundries when he injected you with my DNA, not that I’m not grateful for you having our two beautiful daughters and being given the chance to spend the rest of my life with you, by having you as my wife, I would never have injured him to that extent no matter what I was feeling at the time.”

Shego then lifted up her head and kissed Kim on her forhead as an act of comfort. Kim smiled at the gesture and returned it with one of her own; giving Shego a simple kiss on those lucious lips of hers. Kim then let out a content sigh and placed her head underneath Shego’s chin. She loved it when Shego showed this side of herself; it was rare and she was glad that she was one of the few who got to witness it.


“Yeah Princess?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too Pumpkin.”

(New Day)

“Hey KP!” yelled Ron as he saw his childhood friend enter into the GJ eating area.

“Hey Ron.” Kim replied back while walking over to where Ron was sitting.

The years had done Ron well; by looking at him now you would never believe that he used to be the clumsey, easily frightened, and always losing his pants sidekick that he used to be. Ron was no longer any of these things. He had mastered three different styles of martial arts with Monkey Kung-Fu being one of them. While he still had his boyish charm his body was completely different, like muscles for example, proving that he had been training really hard in his spare time.

Although his body and fighting skills may have changed Ron was pretty much the same guy. He was currently sitting at the table with five plates of nachos, nacos, and chilli cheese burritos infront of him. Yep same old Ron.

“You hungry KP?” asks Ron while pointing towards the food. “Right now there’s plenty but, it won’t be for long after Rufus and I start to dig in.”

“No Ron I’m fine.” Kim says while politely declining his offer. “Ron I’ve got a question to ask you.” Her tone becoming serious as she took a seat across from Ron.

Ron lifted his eyes from the food to look at Kim. “What is it KP?” he asked focusing all of his attention towards her.

“Did GJ inform you about what happened to Monkey Fists and Fukashima a few days ago?” she asks.

“Yeah they told me what happened to them.”

“Did you ask to go and have a look at them?”

Ron nods his head. “Sure did KP. It was so…so…gruesome. Not even in the games I play are any of the scenes that graphic. I feel sorry for them.”

There was a moment of silence between them before Shego arrived.

“Alright let’s go Kimmie…oh and you too Monkey Man.” Shego said while standing at the entrance to room.

Ron sighs while gathering up his food. “Why can’t you ever just call me Ron?” he asked while making his way towards the door.

“Because I like to give people nicknames a whole lot more.” Shego replied back.

“Well how come I can’t have a cool nickname? Kim’s got Pumpkin, Princess, and Kimmie. What am I left with…Sidekick, Monkey Man, the Bafoon…well actually the bafoon was Drakken’s nickname for me…but still I don’t think your trying very hard to come up with a cool nickname for me.” Says Ron.

“Don’t worry Ron…I’m sure Shego will come up with a cool nickname for you too.” Kim said encouragingly while patting him on his back.

“Yeah and maybe one day we’ll take him to Disney Land while we’re at it.” Shego says sarcastically causing Kim to nudge her in the ribs. “Ok tell you what I’ll try and come up with you a better nickname. In the mean time I suggest you finish the stuff in your hands that you call ‘food’ because you aren’t getting in my jet with it.”

“Don’t worry Rufus and I’ll have it gone in a jiffy.” Says Ron. “Isn’t that right buddy?”

“Uh-huh uh-huh” Rufus says while crawling popping his head out from underneath a mountain of nacos. They both begin to chow down on their food from Bueno Nacho. Yep same old Ron and Rufus. I guess some things never change.

(Dr. Director’s Office)

Kasy, Sheki, and Rina were currently sitting in Dr. Director’s office going through their debreifing about their traing mission that they had earlier that week.

“Mistake #1 you ran out of time, mistake #2 you rushed yourselves, mistake #3….” Said Dr. Director. Behind her was a huge monotor showing Kasy, Sheki, and Rina, during their training mission a couple of days back, showing every mistake that they had made.

“I can’t take this,” Kasy whispers to Sheki. “How long have we been in here?”

“A total of 10 minutes and counting.” Replied Sheki while looking at her watch.

Dr. Director never really debreifed any of her agents personally; she’d mostly gave that job over to top agent Will Du. But for these three she’s decided to debreif them personally because they had tons of skill and potential. All they had to do was find better and more effective ways of using them.

“And here mistake #35 when Kasy…” continued on Dr. Director.

“Man this is going to be a loooooong day.” Said Kasy

“You said it.” Agreed Sheki.


Over half of the Middleton High school showed up at Ronnie’s party at the new teen club called The Lower Level.

On the inside of the club they had blue lighting and mist spraying giving off a hazy look. It was packed out on the floor. People were kissing, dancing, kissin’ and dacing, and a lot more. You had couples out there girating so hard on each other it looked like they were having sex standing up. And with the way some of them were lokking I wouldn’t put it past ‘em.

The person throwing this party however was currently sitting at a table waiting on someone to hopefully arrive.

“Ok move! Out the way! Bump into me again and see don’t I knock yo ass out!” Sef said while making his way through the crowd. “Let’s party bitches!”

“I know that’s right. We ‘bout ta get buck wild in dis mug.” Said Vega while walking up besides Sef.

“Hey where are the rest of them at?”

“Hell scattered around in here somewhere. We don’t have to be with each other all the time. So I’m finna do like them and…dissappear.” Said Vega while moving deeper into the crowd leaving Sef to his own business.

“Hey cutie.” Said a girl as she approached Sef. “Wanna dance?”

“Let’s do it.” He says just as the song ‘I’m A Flirt Remix’ by R. Kelly ft. T-Pain & T.I started to play:

Chorus: R.Kelly

I'm A, I'm A, I'm A, I'm A Flirt
Soon As I See Her Walk Up In The Club (I'm A Flirt)
Winkin Her Eyes At Me, When I Roll Up On Them Dubs (I'm A Flirt)
Sometimes When I'm With My Chick On The Low (I'm A Flirt)
And When She's Wit Her Man Lookin At Me, Damn Right (I'm A Flirt)
So Homie Don't Bring Your Girl To Meet Me ‘cause (I'm A Flirt)
And Baby Don't Bring Your Girlfriend To Eat ‘cause (I'm A Flirt)
Please Believe It, Unless Your Game Is Tight And U Trust Her
Then Don't Bring Her Around Me ‘cause (I'm A Flirt)

Now Swear To Tell The Truth
And The Whole Truth
When It Comes To Hoes I Be Pimpin Like I Supposed To
Rollin LIke I Supposed To
Shinin Like I Supposed To
In The Club, Fuckin Wit Honeys Like I Supposed To
I Don't Understand It When A (censored) Bring His Girlfriend To Club
Freakin All On The Floor Wit His Girlfriend In The Club
And Wonder Why All These Playas Tryin To Holla At Her
Just Soon As She Go To The Bathroom, (censored) I'm Goin Holla At Her
A Dog On The Prowl When I'm Walkin Through The Mall
If I Could Man I Probably Would Fuck Wit All Yall
Yeah, Yeah Homie U Say She Yo Girlfriend
But When I Step Up To Her I'm Be Like Cousin
Believe Me Man, This Is How Them Playas Do It In The Chi
And Plus We Got Them Playette Flirters In The Chi
Now The Moral Of The Story Is Cuff Yo Bitch
‘cause Hey I'm Black, Handsome, I Sing Plus I'm Rich And (I'm A Flirt)

“Hey Ronnie look,” cries out one of Ronnie’s friends. “There she is.”

Dazia was coming up the stairs towards the table that Ronnie and her friends were sitting at.

“Hey Dazia” greeted Ronnie while getting up from her seat to go and hug her.

“Hey.” replied back Dazia as she allowed Ronnie to hug her but made no attempt to hug her in return.

“I’m glad you could make it. Come on let’s dance.” Said Ronnie as she and Dazia made there way out into the crowd of people.

Hey Homie, If U Ain't Gettin No Money
U Better Keep Her Away From Me Ya Dig.

Well If U Love Ya Girl
And Wanna Keep Ya GIrl
Don't Be Walkin Up And Askin Me To Meet Ya Girl
‘cause I'm Well Enough A Flirt When I Speak To Girl
She Winked Her Eyes On The Slide
I Seent U Girl
Better Treat Your Girl Right
‘cause Another Man Will
Better Eat Ya Girl LIke Another Man Will
‘cause U Leave Your Wife
And I See Ya Wife
That Be For Real
How Long U Think That's Finna Be Ya Wife
Well I'm Livin The Life
You Just Gettin It Right
Your Old Lady Look At Me
‘cause U Ain't Hittin It Right
She Probably Used To Like U
‘cause U The ??? Type
That's Until I Came Along
And Put Some Dick In Her Life
Wanna See ????
I Noticed She Was Checkin Me
And Diggin The Ice
And If I Get That Tonight
Better Hit That Twice
I Can Even Make Her Mine
If I HIt That Price
You Know Smack That Thang
Sit That Right
Upon That Dress
Yeah That's Right
Pullin On Her Hair
Like We Gettin In A Fight
Yeah I Know It's Kinda Tight
But It'll ???? Just Right
So If Yo Girl Sexy
And She Test Me
Don't Be Upset G
‘cause U Might Catch Me
Tryin To Catch A Glance Up Her Skirt
We Playing In My Vert ???
Then If I See Her And I Like Her Then I'm A Flirt

Ronnie was dancing all over Dazia and Dazia was moving right along with her. They were dancing real close with Ronnie pushing and brushing her hips into Dazia’s; even though Dazia was keeping up with her easily.

When I Pull Up To Club
All The Shawties Be Like (Damn 28's)
Then I Be LIke Girl U Know Just Who I Am (Don't Hate)
Say I Done Fell In Love Wit A Stripper Yall
All I Do Is Flirt With Her, And I Get Them Draws
And I Don't Need No Help, I Got It Down Pact
Teddy Paine Was Born To Flirt Now U Can't Down That
Now I'm Flirt With Her Whether I'm In Or Out Of Town
That's Why They Call Me Teddy Bend Her Ass Down
I be like
Como te llama lil momma
Me llama Pain
What Is Yo Name
I'm Feelin Yo Vibe
And I'm Hopin U Feel The Same
I'm A Wink My Eye And Let U Know I Got The Game
When I Pass By I Know Exactly What U Say
He's So Fly
And He's So Cool
Hey Shawty(Hey Shawty)
What It Do
He Mad ‘cause I'm Lookin But I Already Touched Her
I Got Yo Boyfriend Mad ‘cause (I'm A Flirt)

It's The Remix
Now If U Walk Up In The Club
Wit A Bad Chick
And She Lookin At Me
Then I'm Gon Hit
Man Jackin For Chicks
I Tried To Quit
But I'm Playa Homie
So I Had To Hit
While U Buyin Her Drinks (In The Club)
Actin Like U (In Love)
Stunnin Like U (All Thug)
We Was (Switch Numbers)
She Lookin At U When I Walk By
U Turn Yo Head, She Wink Her Eye
I Can't Help If She Checkin For A Platinum Type Of Guy
She Be Callin Me Daddy, And I Be Callin Her Mommy
She Be Callin U Kelly, When Yo Name Is Tommy
I Don't Know What Yall Be Thinkin
When U Bring Em Round Me
Let Me Remind U That I Am The King Of R&B
Do U Know What That Means
That Means If U Love Yo Chick
Don't Bring Her To The VIP
‘cause I Might Leave Wit Yo Chick
Just Keepin It Real
It's A Playa's Field
Don't Take No Chick To The Club When U Just Met Her
‘cause I'm Flirt Wit Her (Right)
He Gon Flirt Wit Her (Right)
And If She Lickin Dat Good Shyt
She Gon Flirt Wit Her

By the time the song had finished playing Ronnie was panting and her body was glisting heavily with sweat.

“Hey Ronnie this is a great party and all but, I have to go somewhere else now. See ya.” Said Dazia as she left out of the club.

To be honest she really didn’t know how any of this stuff worked; I mean the chips only altered their personalities it didn’t give them a guide to everything else. Not that she expected to get one anyway.

Was she supposed to dance with Ronnie or just let Ronnie dance on her; she liked the Ronnie dancing on her part better? And the music, while it did sound enjoyable, was she supposed to like it? She didn’t know but…she knew someone who did and she would find them.

Next time: Dazia has questions so…who is the person she’s looking for to answer them.

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