If You Only Knew

Chapter 2

Training and New Problems


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TITLE: Training and New Problems

AUTHOR: Wolfie

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters of Kim Possible Disney owns them. Kasy Ann Possible, Sheki Go Possible, and Rina Mole rat are the creations of NoDrogs. Ryujin Stoppable is the creation of YogurthFrost. Isabel and Jason Gooding are the creations of StarvingLunatic. Dazia Angel Akubi is my creation and character and may be used as long as I get mentioned. Kanomi Niwa Asakura, Darnell Kenex Nonki, Vega Nori Grabiev, Sef Zion Rushinokin, and Tsuki Holloway belong to my friends (who could careless if I use their characters, they'd be pissed if I didn't)

SUMMARY: Kasy and Sheki are both older now and are in high school. When they are introduced to some new people see how their already exciting lives get sent into a spiraling rollercoaster.

TYPE: Other

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 10054

The sky was assortment of orange, yellow, and dark purple due to the setting sun. The waves crashing against the shore giving off a soothing rhythm and the air extremely cool. Further inland were palm trees and a variety of tropical wildlife. The setting was no longer Middleton High or Middleton for that matter but a tropical island instead. Further, inland hidden among palm trees and vegetation laid several safe houses. Men in camouflage jumpsuits patrolled the island looking for signs of anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. They did not look heavily armed but they still had firepower.

“Unit 1 we have a visual of five guards on the south end.” a voice whispered through a com-link that was placed in their ear. The figure was wearing a jet-black jumpsuit and was currently hiding behind some rocks in the shallow part of the water. The figure was also looking through some thermo heat seeking binoculars. Their outline looked familiar in someway.

“Copy that,” said another figure also dressed in a jet-black jumpsuit as well. Their outline as well looked familiar too. “Units 2 and 3 it looks like the south end's our best bet at going further inland. I'll create a distraction and when they leave their posts you and Unit 3 make a run for it and wait for me at the rendezvous point.” Ordered the shadowy figure in a hushed voice as well through the com-link in their ear. This figure was currently perched in the treetops residing on a tree branch looking through the window of a small building. Inside sat two guards watching T.V. monitors that were connected to cameras hidden throughout the island.

“Rodger that. Units 2 and 3 standing by.” Replied the other figure.

The figure that was hiding out in the treetops quickly but silently jumped down and landed gracefully within a cluster of growing plants. Like a cat, they skillfully made their way towards the building and hid underneath the window. From a pocket on their wrist, they slowly pull a microscopic camera out and raise it to the window. Once in position they activate the camera and look at the watch on their wrist to gain a visual. From what was being showed both guards had their backs to the window with one or the other turning around every few seconds or so. After gaining a visual they slow retract the camera back into it's built in pocket, located on their wrist. They take off the mini-backpack on their back and reach inside it pulling out some type of device. They press a few buttons and it begins a two-minute countdown before they sit it underneath the window and as quietly as they had come, they left.

“Beginning two minute countdown to Phases 1 and 2.” they whisper through the com-link to their ally on the other end, while skillfully climbing back into the tree and into the shadows.

“Rodger.” Comes their reply.

After two minutes, the device placed on the ground begins smoking and emanating sparks. Eventually, those sparks hit dry and dead leaves causing a small fire to form.

“Hey you smell that?” One of the guards asks the other while sniffing the air as he does so.

“Yeah,” replies his comrade. “What could it…” before he could finish he turns around in his chair only to see the smoke and fire coming from behind them. He struggles with pulling his radio from its clip, located on his side, for a while before he finally manages to get a hold of it. “THIS IS ALPHA BEAR AND SUGAR CANE REQUESTING ASSISTANCE AND BACKUP. CODE 4523 LOCATION WESTERN EDGE!” he yells loudly through the radio.

(South Side of Island)

“…REQUESTING ASSISTANCE AND BACKUP. CODE 4523 LOCATION WESTERN EDGE!…” came the voice over each of the five guards radios that were patrolling the south side. One of them grabs their radio and responds, “Alpha Bear and Sugar Cane this is Desvanue and company we're coming to your position. Everyone let's move,” he signals to the group. “You,” he points to one of his subordinates. “Stay here and guard the perimeter.” he orders before he and the rest of his group move out.

From behind the rocks, the mysterious figure watches and mumbles underneath their breath, “Oh no he left one behind. Shouldn't be too hard of a challenge to get past him…heh…easy takedown.”

They wait until the guard has turned his back before quickly moving from their concealed position. While running up to the guard they pull from their waist a small disk and tosses it in the sand behind him.

“Huh?” the guard says as he hears something behind him. He turns around to try to locate the source of the noise but as he does he steps on the disk and gets an electric shock that neutralizes him immediately.

“I knew it would be easy.” The figure mumbles while running past the fallen guard and further into the island. After a few minutes, the figure stops at an old decayed tree, located at the center of the island, giving a clear view of all three safe houses from its position, making it the perfect place for the rendezvous.

“I see you made it.” Another figure says while jumping out of the tree a few moments later landing besides their ally.

“Geez Kasy, you sure took your sweet time.” Comments the other one.

“Sheki,” Kasy says while sighing heavily. “I told you while out on missions its Unit 1. You and Rina are Units 2 and 3.” Kasy informed her. Honestly, was a little respect too much to ask?

“Whatever…so, Unit 1,” Sheki said adding emphasis on one. “Did you get the information need for Phase 3?” she asked


“Well come on let’s take a look at it. Once we Ace this mission we’ll be in for sure” Sheki said with a grin.

“Agreed,” Kasy said while nodding in approval. “Ok look here, when I set off the device it allowed me to hack into the security cameras throughout the island. The ones located in this area I set them up to where it’s stuck to show only what happened earlier today so we’re not on tape.” Kasy explains. Sheki nods her head for her to continue. “Anyway, while I was making my way over here I was surfing through the cameras and found what we’re looking for to be located in safe house 2 but, the codes we need to access it are in both safe house 1 and 3.”

“Great not only do we have to visit all three safe houses but, once we enter the second one we’re basically trapped because its dead center of the cove.” Sheki said. Man, this was defiantly going to be a challenge.

“So what’s the plan?” asks Kasy. By the looks of things, this was going to be a strenuous workout for them despite the fact of who there parents were.

“Simple,” Sheki said. “We’ll have to separate but, there is a down side. Disadvantage 1: By splitting up we’ll be out numbered because we don’t know how many agents are in each one. Disadvantage 2: If even one of us is caught, we’ll be minus a code meaning we’ll have to exert three times as much energy to get into the safe hose and get the code that will be ten times harder to retrieve than before. Lastly, Disadvantage 3: Once we get all three codes and enter into the safe house even after we retrieve what we’re looking for they could be waiting outside for us once we leave out and then we’d be screwed.”

“Hmm…so that bad huh?” Kasy asks while rubbing her hair in a stressful manner. “So who’s gonna be assigned to what?” she asked again after regaining her composure.

“I say we leave safe house 2 to Rina because due to her size she’ll be able to enter in without being detected right away because of that fact. In addition, once we get the codes we call tell her what they are through our com-links then, she can input them and have the pathway already opened up for us so all we’ll have to is clear a path for ourselves.” Sheki explains to them both while always on the alert for any type of unusual movement or guards coming in their direction.

“So we’ll settle our dilemma the usual way.” Kasy said to her sister who only nodded. Sheki pulled a quarter from her pocket and showed it to her sister to make sure it wasn’t a trick coin. After, Kasy nodded in approval Sheki made a fist and placed the coin on top of her thumb. She then flicked it into the air where it did five flips before catching it in her hand and placing it on the back of her other hand.

“Tails.” Kasy said. Sheki removed her hand to reveal that the coin was facing Tails up on the backside of her hand. “Cool I win,” Kasy smiled victoriously. “I’ll take safe house 3.” She informed them.

“Guess I’m left with safe house 1 then. So…are we going to move out now or wait till it gets a little darker?” Sheki asked. It was sunset while they were executing Phases 1 and 2 but apparently, going through Phase 3 of the plan had caused them to lose track of time.

It was now dark and cooler as well, only a few stars appearing in the sky now. The wind was gently blowing through the trees and bushes and a few crickets singing their soothing songs of the night. It was a nice little get away that you could just come to and relax or bring your lover to for a romantic get away as well. Unfortunately, for them they didn’t have time to think about things like that right now they had a mission that deserved all of their focus at the moment and it was crucial that they kept their heads in the right state of mind.

“Let’s do it now so we can hurry up and get this over with,” Kasy said. “Everyone know their job?” Sheki and Rina nod. “Good now let’s do this.” They each head out to the safe house assigned to them to begin Phase 3 of the mission.


It was currently storming with chilling winds and frozen droplets of water falling. The intensity of the storm was so thick that even experts wouldn’t have dared to brave this weather. Yet, despite this fact, six cloaked figures move quickly and quietly up the mountain their true appearance hidden by the darkness and by the snow that was being tossed around by the wind. The mountainside was frozen over, slick and jagged yet they were moving as if walking down the street.

“How much further till we reach this Fukushima’s dojo?” One of them asks. The voice was deep so it was probably that of a male. His cloak, from what could be made out, looked a deep shade of red and was currently blowing in the vicious wind showing off his well built figure. It also revealed that there was something pertruing from the small of his back, but due to the intensity of the storm you couldn’t make it out. His face was hidden by both the storm and because of the hood of his cloak. All you could make out was his black eye color and the slit red pupil’s of his eyes, giving off an evil aura from him.

“It shouldn’t be too much further,” A feminine voice replied. This figure’s cloak appeared to be a deep shade of black. Her cloak was flying up in the air also showing off her figure as well as something pertruing from her back as well. Since her hood was pulled up over her head the only thing you could see were the black slit pupils of her eyes and green eye color. “Right?” She asked.

“Who knows and who cares!” Exclaimed another female’s voice. Her cloak was a deep purple swaying in the air as she jumped over a rock showing something coming from the small of her back also. Her eye color was purple showing off black slit pupils in the center.

The group continues on up through the mountain under the cover of cloaks, darkness and snow with only the moonlight, every now and then when the clouds weren’t blocking it out, as a guide towards there destination. Their speed was incredible and so unnatural, just what were they.

(Inside the dojo)

The inside the dojo was the complete opposite of outdoors. It was warm, calm, and serene inside giving off a soothing presence. Candles were lit all about the dojo. Even though the lighting wasn’t bright enough for most it was bright enough to make out what was inside.

Beautiful and eloquent paintings lined it walls. Exquisite pottery rested on tables and other things. In the center of the dojo was a huge sliding door the had the best design on it. On one half of the door was a beautiful night scene. There were cherry blossom trees, whose branches were swaying due to how they were looking, in full bloom painted throughout the garden. A magnificent five story dojo, drawn out with the utmost care, stands off in the distance towering over a fairly large lake. Surrounding the lake were pink flowers that were in full bloom. A full moon floats over the lake causing the spotted red/white carp hidden in its depths to be seen. The moon’s light illuminates everything giving off the perfect shadows to make the scene leave you breathless. On the other half of the door a time shift had occurred giving you a beautiful, yet sad, sunset. The scene was the same yet completely different at the same time. The once blossoming cherry trees were no longer at their prime but, were now withered and old. Its branches that once held beauty beyond description were now empty leaving the tree bare for all to see. The once magnificent dojo was now rotten and decayed. From its five stories only two remained; collapsed within each other. The lake that would cause on looker’s to stop and marvel at its beauty, was now filled with parts of the dojo that had fallen. It’s once clear waters that were home to carp were now dark and murky not fit for life to dwell. Trampled flowers and weeds now surrounded the lake were proud blossoming flowers should have been. Pieces of decayed wood and tile laid tucked away in its grasp or spewed across it’s dead grass, well more like dirt now. The sun sinks behind the scene giving you a different illumination than did its counterpart’s but, still leaving you with its desired effect, breathless and in awe.

Behind this door you see the shadows of two figures moving. One’s shadow is tall and slim while the other’s is more muscular in the upper body region. In their hands are what appear to be sticks, staffs perhaps. They stand at opposite ends of the room from each other then they charge. One jumps in the air preparing to bring down their staff atop their opponents head only to be blocked by another staff and is soon met by a swift kick to the midsection. They do a back flip in mid-air, causing them to regain their balance and land on their feet. They charge again and this cycle continues for minutes. Their bodies moving with exact precision in such a graceful manner that it would be considered a dance to some.

“Master,” a young man asks. “Are we done for the evening?” From his shadows appearance he appeared to be panting heavily while in a defensive fighting stance and holding a staff with both hands.

“Yes yes my apprentice we are finished for the evening.” An older man replies to him. His shadow showing that he was currently in an offensive stance holding his staff in one hand. They both place their staffs at their sides and bow to each other a both as a sign that the match was over and out of respect.

“So Master, our raid on the museum to obtain the oracle was a success,” he says while walking over to the door and sliding it open. This man was currently wearing a white karate uniform with his black hair currently spewed across his sweaty face. “We were lucky not to run into the Possible clan while out on our mission.” He made his way over to a table and sat down Indian style on a mat placed at the table.

“Indeed we were, I doubt that it would have ended well even with your skills and my mystical monkey powers had we run into them.” Says the other man while walking out from behind the screen as well. His hair was short and black. He was currently wearing a black karate uniform. His hands were big and furry almost like that of a monkey’s.

“When will we begin to collect the armors?” The young man asks.

“Soon my eager young apprentice…soon. As you know the years are beginning to take their toll on me and I am no longer able to do what I use to anymore but, you have the potential to do what I no longer can,” The older man explains while walking back and forth with his hands behind his back. “And with it my young Fukushima we can attain ultimate power.”

(Outside on the mountain)

“Hey, what’s that up there?” One of them says while pointing what looked like a clawed finger up at a crevasse in the mountainside that had a small glow emanating out from it.

“Probably the dojo.” Another one of them responds.

“Well, what are we waiting for…let’s go pay him a ‘visit’” A third says. They begin to quickly run, jump, and climb over jagged ridges and open gaps making their way over to the dojo. Their purpose for doing so unknown to anybody but, themselves.

Eventually, the six figures arrive at the dojo and gently and quietly land on the roof of the dojo. They slowly make their way over to a sliding window and carefully pull it back to get a view of the person inside. Unfortunately for them their target wasn’t alone but, something about them said that they weren’t discouraged about the fact. Before they make a move they carefully listen to the conversation being held inside

(Inside the dojo)

“Master Monkey Fists, if you don’t mind me asking what is the legend behind this oracle other than its immense power?” Fukushima asks.

“The oracle my apprentience is said to be the key that will led its owner to powers far beyond that of this world,” Monkey Fist begins to explain. “It is said that there are six armors scattered throughout the world that contain unimaginable powers and this oracle is the key to finding them. The colors of these armors are silver/black, red/black, purple/black, white/black, blue/white, and yellow/black with silver/black being the most powerful of the armors.”

(Outside the dojo)

“Whoa, monkey boy really knows his history,” A male voice says. “ I wonder if he knows about their powers too?” The group was currently standing in a semi circle around the open window using their acute hearing listening to the legend of the oracle.

“So…Xeon’s oracle. I’m surprised it even came to this dimension. So leader, what do we do now?” Asks a third feminine voice. It was too dark now to even try and make out her outline.

“We do what we came here to do of course,” the fourth feminine says. The voice was cold as were the eyes of its owner. Blood red eyes with beast like pupils. “We’ll play with them first of course. Besides you can’t tell me you aren’t dieingto shed some blood?” She asks mencicingly.

The others in the group nodded in agreement. They had been pent up for so long that they needed an outlet for their energy and this mission would be enough to get them over the hump until they got back to their own dimension. At least there they could fight and kill to their hearts content. It was all they knew; they were taught ever since they were kids to kill and to obey. Hours upon hours of intense training, beatings, and other cruel and inhumane ways to make them stronger and teaching them to withstand punishments that normal people would have long ago died from.

(Inside the dojo)

“So,” Fukushima begins to ask. “How will we go about collecting them? When we use the oracle will it show all of their locations at once or will it show them as time passes by?”

Before Monkey Fist’s could respond he was cut off by the sound of his monkey ninjas screeches of alarm and panic from outside.

(Outside on the roof)

There moment was interrupted when one of Monkey Fist’s monkey ninja that were patrolling the grounds stumbled across them. He quickly began to sound the alarm alerting the others of their presence. Within a matter of seconds they were surrounded by monkey ninjas.

“What’s this…a welcoming committee?” Asks one of them while popping the bones in their hand.

“If it is then we must be slipping in the stealth department.” Replies another one of them.

One of them sighs. “Well seeing as they’re probably already alert to our presence we might as well have some fun first. Besides it’s not like they can escape us anyways.”

“Agreed” Replies the entire group as they get into their fighting stances.

“But, before we begin why don’t we have a little competition. Let’s see who can kill the most monkey ninjas with our target being the big bonus if any of us tie. …Well?”

“Sounds fun to me. Ready…Set…KILL!!!!”

They all leapt forward and the blood bath began.

(Inside the dojo)

The sound of screaming could be heard echoing throughout the dojo and probably the entire mountain side too. From inside you could hear the pitter patter of feet moving quickly about the roof. There were also loud thuds collapsing onto the roof and then there was…silence.

“Master what’s going on?” Fukushima asks his voice full of panic while quickly jumping up from his spot on the floor and reaching for his staff.

Fukushima’s question was answered when one of his master’s ninja burst through the door covered in blood and barely standing. He stood there for a second before collapsing onto the floor. As Monkey Fists was about to run over to his fallen comrade a cold voice stopped him dead in his tracks.

“My my my that’s a really good question.”

A feminine voice answers. The voice caused both Monkey Fists and Fukushima to stare in shock at figure that was now standing in the door with a chilling wind blowing in from behind her. Ignoring Monkey Fists and Fukushima, for now anyway, she slowly made her way to the fallen ninja on the floor just a few feet in front of her. While standing over him she sees that he’s struggling to breathe due the blood that keeps filling his mouth making him choke. Being in the light of the dojo didn’t make it easier to see her face. Not only was the hood on her cloak up but it also had a covering on it shielding everything from sight with the exception of her eyes.

“W-who are you?” stutters Monkey Fists eyes never leaving the shadowed figure.

The cloaked figure ignores his question; too busy staring at the fallen monkey ninja before her. Before either Monkey Fists or Fukashima could even take a breath a clawed hand had pierced the throat of the fallen ninja.

What was left of his blood quickly poured out through the hole in his throat and his squirming seemed only to quicken it’s flow. After a few more seconds he stopped moving completely; allowing sweet merciful death to take him. As the cloaked figure removes her hand the rest of the group enters in behind her.

“Well,” says a masculine voice, who’s cloak was a deep blue “That was…entertaining.”

“True, but now let’s get down to business. How are we going to go about these two over there?” asks another feminine voice, who’s cloak was black, while leaning against the wall and tilting her head in their direction and looking at the two like a hungry animal eyeing it’s prey.

Before anyone could respond to her the sound of licking and sucking noises interrupted her. Everyone looks over to see the first cloaked figure standing there cleaning off her bloody hand with her tongue.

“I hope your blood tastes better than their’s,” she says. Her voice cold and at the same time smooth.

Monkey Fists was now shaking with anger. He had just lost his commrades…no his family. They had obeyed his every command, even if there was a chance of getting severly injured. He had devoted his life to raising his monkey ninjas ever since they were new borns. As there Master he had watched them grow and learn from his teachings but,… as their father he had just witnessed the grusome deaths of his children.

Monkey Fists readied himself for a fight, who’s outcome was already set in stone. Yet, even faced with this fact he stilled stood his ground. If he was to die here then so be it, at least he would die among his family and with honor. He would fight for his life and also, for his family.

“Well well well, it looks like we’ve made him mad.” Says one of the six.

“Tell me if I care.” responed another. “So who’s gonna be first?”

The figure with the yellow cloak steps forward. “I’ll go…how long?” they ask.

“Three minuets before it’s someone’s go.”

“You give me too much time.”

“We’ll see.”

The yellow cloaked figure then gets in a fighting stance unknown to both Monkey Fists and Fukashima. Monkey Fists is the first to attack with a high kick towards their shoulder only to be countered with a swift blow to the gut. He jumps back and redies himself before launching another attack.

As both parties watched the fight Fukashima realized that he was no match for them. They had killed all of Monkey Fists monkey ninja within in minutes. To say they were dangerous would’ve have been an understatement but, he could think of anything else at the time.

As he continued to watch the scene he noticed blood making it’s way down the corners of Monkey Fists mouth. He wanted to help in some way but, he was more concerned about his own well being other than someone else’s. So to Fukashima’s shame and honor he threw down his staff and, like a coward, ran out of the dojo. His last words being: I’m sorry Master…please forgive me.

(Back on the island)

In the area of the safe houses spotlights shined on the ground looking around for any signs of intruders. There were four spotlights total that were located atop two towers with two guards each patrolling them. There were a couple of guards patrolling the grounds with semi-automatic pistols and machine pistols in hand.

“Okay is everybody in position?” asks Kasy through her com-link.

“Yep and ready to go.” Replies Sheki.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh ready.” Squeaks Rina from Sheki’s shoulder.

“Wait for it. Wait for it…everyone move now!” orders Kasy. They each move out from their hiding places and quickly make a rush for their assigned safe house while the guards have moved out of ear shot and the spotlights have moved on to another part of the grounds. Rina was the first to make it to her assigned safe house followed by Sheki. Kasy was about to reach her safe house when she tripped and fell.

Sheki gasps. “Kasy you’ve got to get up the guards are coming back and the spotlights are moving in you direction.” She hissed into her com-link as she watched from the roof of her safe house.

“I know that Sheki but, even if I get up I still won’t be able to make it to my safe house without being spotted.” Kasy told her through her com-link.

“What are you going to?” asks Sheki while she watched as Kasy got up and looked around taking in her options.

“I don’t know yet. I’m thinking, I’m thinking.” Kasy says.

“Well you better come up with something fast because here they come.” Sheki says she would have said more but, the spotlight was coming her way so she jumped down behind the safe house to avoid being spotted. By the time the spotlight had passed and she had gotten back on top of the roof Kasy was nowhere to be found.

“Kasy?…Kasy?” Sheki whispers in a panicked voice into her com-link. “Hey, Kasy where are you?” she asks. “Darn it Kasy answer me!” she demands.

“Relax Sheki,” answers Kasy smoothly. “I’m fine and at my safe house as we speak.”

Sheki sighs in relief. Leave it to her sister to make her worry and make light of any situation. “Okay I’m going in.” she tells her while making her way inside through the ventilation system.

“Rodger that.” Kasy replies.

(Inside Safe House 1)

Sheki crawls through the vents until she finds an opening. From what she could see the hallway was empty. She then ignites her hands and uses them to melt away the screws at the bottom of the vent. Once she had melted through the screws she gently pushes up the vent’s opening and silently jumps down into the center of the four way hall.

She then looks around to make sure that the halls were empty and that no one was coming. When she didn’t see anybody she decided to make contact with Kasy and Rina but, when she tried all she got was static. She tried again only to get the same result. Well this is just great she thought sarcastically. Looks like I’m on my own then

“Well…I’m not going to find that code by standing around here. I better get searching.” She says to no one in particular before taking off down the lower hallway.

Three minutes into it Sheki begins to wonder why she hasn’t heard or seen anyone in the safe house. There were no traps, no cameras, or no guards of any kind. It was deserted. I don’t like this, something’s off. she thought to herself. She comes to a dead end. “Great a dead end.” She says aloud. She then turns back and goes back to the four halls and goes down the left one.

She gets to the end of the left hallway only to be met with the same thing another dead end. She goes back and runs down the upper hall only to be met, yet again, with a dead end. The only hall that had a door to it was the upper hall and that was because it was the entrance to the safe house. Other than that all the rest of the halls lead to dead ends.

“I don’t understand,” Sheki says while panting heavily. “Kasy said that the code would be in here. I mean I knew it would be a challenge but, this…this I wasn’t expecting.” She walks over to a wall and sits down on the ground while propping herself against the wall. “What am I over looking?” she asks.

While leaning against the wall she bangs her head against it to try and clear her thoughts. After a few minutes she decides to try her luck again. ‘There’s got to be something I’m over looking here’ she thinks to herself. While getting up she keeps her back on the wall and slides herself up. About half way up she bangs her head on something’s hard and knocks herself back onto the ground.

“OW,” she yells while rubbing the top of her head to try and ease the pain. “What the heck did I just hit?” She asks aloud. After she recovered from her little concussion she gets up again, careful not to hit herself in the head again, to examine the wall. She carefully examines the wall looking for what she had just hit but, there was nothing outta place. It looked like a regular old wall. However, when she moved her hand across the same space she felt something. She encircled her hand around it to make sure it was solid and sure enough it was.

“So that’s why I couldn’t find anything, they’re using a stealth mode on everything.” She says as the realization struck her. She releases her grip on whatever she was holding and reached into her pack and pulled out what appeared to be goggles. Apparently, they must have been some infrared goggles because once she put them on what was once hidden became visible. “Now let’s take a look at what we got here.”

While looking at the wall she found a circular panel with a knob sticking out of its center. Next to the panel on wall was a message that read:

One way reveals this safe house’s secret, one way changes your setting, one way brings in trouble, and one way combines all paths. Choose carefully.

“I wonder which why I should turn it?” Sheki wonders out loud to herself. Now she had a difficult choice to make, well four if you wanted to be technical about it. She was pretty sure that the safe house’s secret was the location of the code and that was her main focus everything else was irrelevant. Sheki then sighs in frustration. “I hope Kasy and Rina are having a better time than I am.”

(Inside Safe House 2)

Rina was currently sneaking her way through a room filled with guards. She had to be careful not to be spotted and even more careful as to NOTget stepped on. She jumps over, in between, and around the guards feet until she finally makes it to a plants pot and takes shelter behind that. Rina tries to use her com-link only to be met with static.

“Oh boy…Kasy, Sheki can’t talk to.” Rina says while sighing heavily. She looks around the room from her current position and sees a door on the other side and next to it is what appeared to be some type of scanner. She noticed a guard walking towards the door and once he got up to the door he removed the glove off of his right hand and planed it on the scanner. The device scanned his hand and opened the door for him allowing him access to another part of the safe house and then shut ten seconds later.

‘It looks like the only way for me to access the safe house further would be to go through the door with one of the guards.’ Rina thinks to herself while surveying the room. She’d have to get into a position where when the door was open again and sneak through but, unfortunately she didn’t have that kind of time so she’d have to find another route.

Rina looks around the room and notices some wires tied together than ran up the wall and into the ceiling located on the other side of the room. She’d have to find another way to get across the room other than ducking and dodging the feet of each guard that carelessly walked her way.

Like a snake she made her way out the plant’s pot and made her way along the wall to the other side of the room. Careful to avoid being spotted. About half way there she was crawling behind a guard when all of a sudden he drops his gun right in front of her halting all movement on Rina’s part.

The guard bends down to pick it up and while bending down he notices Rina just standing there. He stares at her for a few seconds and she smiles back nervously in return before breaking off in a dead run towards the wires. Breaking him out of his shock.

He quickly grabs his gun and begins shooting at her as do his comrades when they discover the cause behind his shootings. Rina runs in a zig zag pattern so as to not get shot. Soon she reaches the wall and begins to quickly climb up the wires. All the while continuing to dodge the shots fired at her.

Once she makes it into ceiling she begins to run in the direction of the door. She had to be careful as to not fall off the pipes she was crawling on and avoid the shots being fired into the ceiling.

Eventually, the gunfire stops and she is free to move about at her own sped. She uses the insulin in the ceiling to crawl downward towards the flood. Rina then scurries along the floor until she finds a hole in the wall; an after product let my either a mouse or a rat.

Rina carefully pokes her head out looks in all directions to see if there were any guards around. Seeing none she swiftly makes her way out of the hole and into the hallway. She looks back to see the door that lead to the other room just a few feet behind her, letting her know that she was moving in the right direction.

(Inside Safe House 3)

Kasy was currently walking down a hall with her hand behind her head and not a care in the world.

“Geez,…humph…some safe house. There are no guards, no traps, hell there are even any killer roaches in this mug.” She says to herself while folding her arms across her chest in a huff. “I can’t believe I work my ass off in a four outta four stage test, give up all my free time, and miss my favorite T.V. shows for this.”

While fussing over these things she didn’t notice that while walking she accidentally stepped on a press tile on the floor.

“I can’t wait to give good ole---” She stops in her tracks when she hears gears begin to turn and grind. She turns around and notices that the floor is falling in so naturally she begins to run.

Now normally a caveing in floor was no big, but as I said before normally. It was what was happening to the room and what was rising from the floor that was different. From the floor were laser cannon’s, the walls spikes and darts could be seen poking out from there slots in the walls, and then some places on the floor didn’t have titles while others were multi-colored.

Once Kasy got to and area that the floor was no longing caveing in on she came to a halt. She was a bit insulted that this was what she was given in this safe house. I mean come on laser cannon’s and darts!?! She did however wonder why weren’t they firing at her.

‘Well they can’t be motion sensor because they would have gone off by now’ she thought to herself while turning around and looking back. “Ah well, moving on.” She said. She walked up to a door on the other side. When she tried to open the door she found that, like always, it was locked.

“Oh no it’s locked whatever shall I do?” Kasy asks aloud in a very over dramatic voice. “Well duh that’s simple I’ll blast it open with my plasma of course.” She charges up both her hands and gets ready to blast the door.

Just as she’s about to make the blow the laser cannon’s lock on her and begin firing. The first shot missed her by and inch.

“What the---?” she never got to finish her sentence as she rolled out of the way to aviod the on coming blasts. “I don’t get it.” She says to herself while firinf a plasma blast towards the laser cannon’s. “They weren’t even active a second ago and now ther firing at me. What gives?”

Kasy then makes a run for a wall that offered shealter from the cannon’s shots for the moment whlie she tried to figure something out. ‘I hope Sheki and Rina are having a better time than I am.’ She thought to herself while trying to come up with a plan of action.

(Inside Safe House 1)

After about two minutes Sheki decides that her best bet it to push the knob upward and so that’s what she does. Once she pushes it up it slowly starts to retreat into the wall and while doing the safe house begins to rearrange itself. The walls begin to move around and new ones appear and guards begin to appear in the hallways. Along with this doors were now placed throughout the hallways leading to different rooms, once of which possibly contained what Sheki was searching for. As if these changes weren’t enough security cameras were placed along the halls monitoring everything going on inside.

“Whoa.” Whispers Sheki as she removes her infrared goggles and looks around to look at the changes made. The space she was located in had been transformed into what looked to be like a conference room. “Well, at least now I’m getting somewhere. Better hurry up and find that code before time runs out.”

She gets up off the floor and begins to look around the room to see if the code was located in there. She searched underneath the table and underneath the chair bottoms. She also moved plants off the walls and searched behind them as well as underneath the plants as well. Once she had finished ransacking the room and still no code around there she decided to once again make her way around through the ventilation system.

As she crawls through the vents she finds another opening and looks out through it to find that there are guards heavily monitoring the halls and security cameras placed at the turning point of each hallway. She silently whistles. “Maybe this is going to be harder than I thought. I think I liked the empty safe house a whole lot better.” She says while as carefully as she can move silently through the vents.

After crawling for a few more minutes she makes it to a shaft and begins to carefully slide downwards. “That looks like an opening down there all I have to do is just get past the fan and…” she was interrupted by the sound of something starting up. She looks down and notices that it’s the fan staring up. “Well this isn’t going to be too much of a challenge.” She says while balancing herself and reaching into her pack and pulling out an electrostatic disk. She tosses it down towards the fan and right before it hits the blade it goes off releasing just enough electricity for the fan to be short-circuited.

Once the fan had stopped spinning completely Sheki let herself drop onto the blade of the fan in order to gain access to the vents next opening. While looking out through the opening she saw eight pairs of feet just standing around in front of the vent.

“Hey what happened to the cooling unit? I though you said you turned it one?” asks one guard.

“I did.” Another replied back firmly.

“Oh yeah then why does it still feel like an oven in here?” Asks another while stretching open the neck of his uniform trying to let in some air.

“So what are you guys planning on doing after this is over?”

“Hmmm…wanna go bowling?”

“Yeah bowling I haven’t been to do that in a long time.”

The guards were so wrapped up in their conversation that they didn’t even notice the vent on the floor was opening up and that a figure was crawling out.

“Then it’s settled we’ll…huh…hey, what’s that behind you?” a guard asks while pointing behind his partner.

“What’s wh---” before he could finish off his sentence he was met with a swift punch in the face. The force of the punch wasn’t enough to render him unconscious but, it was enough to knock him off balance and sent him back a few feet. After regaining his balance and shaking his head to nullify some of the pain.

“Hope you don’t mind if I end our little fight quickly.” Sheki says while facing the guards. “I’d love to stick around and goof off with guys but, I’ve got a code to find maybe some other time though.”

The guard she punched moments ago quickly pulls a 9mm from his pocket and takes aim at Sheki as do the rest of his comrades. Sheki quickly ignites her hands and begins blocking the bullets that are sent her way while trying to find something to hide behind.

She fires three plasma blasts in the direction of the four guards. The guards quickly move out of the way of the fired blasts and spread out. However, had they stayed where they were they would have found out that the blasts were never aiming for them but, towards the floor. The blasts had been a distraction to get the guards to stop firing while Sheki made a dive behind the couch for cover.

While the smoke and debris were clearing Sheki took this time to rummage through her pack to take in a quick inventory of what was still left in her pack. She had three flash bombs, four electro disks, two grenades, two smoke bombs, and one mini-nuke left. She also had a bag of marbles, a sling shot, and three super stink bombs. She sighs. “It looks like I’ll have to be careful in how I use these seeing as how I may be outnumbered and I won’t be receiving back up anytime soon.” She puts her pack back onto her back and Scans the room now that the smoke was letting up.

From her current position she could see one guard hiding on the other side of the wall. The second was currently occupying the hall and peering inside the door from time to time. The third was hiding behind a soda machine making eye contact with other two possibly giving out orders.

“He looks like the leader of this group so I’ll have to take him out last since he could be the strongest of the three.” She whispers to herself. “Wait a sec…one, two, three…there were four guards when I came in here. What happened to the fourth one?” she asks herself while scanning the room to see if she had overlooked him perhaps but, there was no sign of him. “Darn it where could he have gone?” she wonders.

Had she been paying attention she would have noticed that the guard she was searching for was slowly progressing towards her from behind. He gets to where he is now standing eight feet behind her close enough to take her out but far enough to where she wouldn’t sense his presence. Carefully he aims his Semi-automatic pistol at her.

Sheki feels the hairs on the back of her neck stand on edge and a chill is sent up her spine causing her to shiver a bit. She could sense that something was off just by the way she felt but, she didn’t know what that somethingwas. Then something started tickling her nose. She looked up to see that small pieces of paint on the ceiling peeling off and falling. This she really didn’t mind this but, it what she saw in the reflector on the ceiling that caught her attention. In it she saw who she was looking for, the fourth guard. He was currently standing behind her with his weapon position to fire. ‘I better come up with a plan quick or else it’ll be game over for me.’ She thought to herself.

The guard moved closer about twelve inches still keeping his semi-automatic in position. Just as he was about to pull the trigger Sheki surprises him by sweep kicking him off of his feet causing him to fire his weapon into the ceiling before hitting the ground a losing his grip on his pistol. Sheki quickly crawls over to grab the gun and uses the end of it to hit the guard in the head successfully knocking him out.

“One down and three to go.” She says aloud. She decides that her best bet would be to go for the guard hiding behind the wall. She knew that in order to take down the leader of this group she’d have to do it one-on-one. After she had decided on her course of action it was now time to put it into motion. She comes out from behind her hiding place and begins her assault.

She begins firing her gun at the two guards by the wall and door while firing plasma blasts with her other had at the guard located behind the soda machine. She was also dodging shots fired at her as well. When she got close enough to the guard behind the wall she takes her gun and tosses it at the guard located behind the wall nailing him dead in his face and then jumps in the air and does a spinning kick shutting the door on the other guard. She then charges the guard behind the wall with a swift and firm uppercut dead in the stomach causing him to collapse on the floor.

She turns around to look at the leader of the group fooling around with his gun. She could only assume that he had either run out of bullets or his gun was jammed. Whatever the reason it gave her an advantage and she wasn’t about to let it go by. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one to have that thought because the guard looked up at her and knew exactly what was going through her mind. As she charges towards him he tosses his weapon at her only to be cut through like a hot knife through butter. He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out some smoke bombs and tosses them down on the ground. Sheki begins to cough as the smoke enters into her mouth and burns her eyes. By the time the smoke clears the guard was gone and the door to the room was open. “You just aren’t going to make this easy are you?” She asks no one in particular.

(Inside Safe House 3)

Kasy was still hiding behind the wall but, this time her hands were no longer lit. She had found out that the laser cannon’s were heat seeking cannon’s. Since her plasma produced so much heat they would begin to fire at her.

So if she couldn’t use her plasma she’d have to come up with another way to get the door open without it. She took off her pack and rummaged around in it looking for something she could use. She found a few things but nothing that would help her with her dilemmia.

She sighed in frustration all she had left was a mirror and maybe two or three smoke bombs at the least.

“Well the smoke bombs won’t help me but, I think the mirror will.” Says Kasy while pulling out the mirror. “Since I can’t use my plasma t bust open the door…I’ll just use the lasers to do it for me.”

Kasy came out from behind the wall to look at the laser cannon’s. She noticed how they were placed a specific way. That way being that the lasers weren’t even turned in the direction facing the door.

“Great, looks like I’ll just have to go down there and set them up facing in the direction of the door…and then I’ll use the mirror to deflect lasers towards the door after I light up my hands.” Said Kasy as she began to make her way over towards the other side of the room.

As she got closer to the otherside of the room the arrows and darts began to launch themselves from the two walls. She quickly ignitied her hands to slash at the darts and arrows coming her way but, by doing so she also brought the laser cannon’s back to life. While dodging shots and arrows fired she had no choice but to go back.

“Man…this is harder than I thought.”

(Inside Safe House 1)

When she runs out into the hall she sees the guard at the other end just standing there. As she makes her way down the hall the guard pulls out some type of device and presses a button on it before running down another hall. The minute after he pressed the button alarms started sounding causing Sheki to stop in her tracks. Motion Sensor Laser Cannons appear from the ceiling a total of fifteen in all. “I knew I should have taken safe house 3.” Sheki says while sighing and shaking her head.

She then begins to duck and dodge the lasers aim at her. There were too many cannons for her to take them all out, she had barely been able to take out the first two. “I don’t have time for this.” Sheki says. While dodging lasers she began to look around for a fuse box. When she didn’t see one she went with her next best option and decided to use her smoke bombs in order to sneak past the cannons without being detected but, seeing as how she only had two smoke bombs she’d have to get close enough to the cannons, which was a challenge in itself, in order to pull it off.

While running towards the cluster of laser cannons she concentrates on her plasma and uses it to form a protective outlining of her entire body against the lasers. It wouldn’t keep the laser from hitting her but, it would drain some of the laser’s energy so that being hit wouldn’t be too painful. She gets within two feet of the cluster of lasers and decides that now is the best time to set off the smoke bombs. Just as she sets the off a laser is fired at her just as she enters into the cloud of smoke.

The second she enters into the cloud of smoke the laser cannons frantically begin to search for their target. At the other end of the hall, Sheki slips out of the cloud of smoke and down the other hallway. She notices that almost immediately that this hall was pitch black so before she even made a move she pulled out her night vision goggles. Once she put them on, she noticed that the entire hall was filled with guards who all had on night vision goggles as well.

“Better use a flash bomb for this here one.” She mutters to herself while taking off her goggles and pulling out a flash bomb from her pack. Once she pulls it out, she pulls back the trigger on it and holds it for about a second before tossing it into the pitch-black hallway and tightly shutting her eyes. After she tosses it in she hears it clattering and rolling on the tiled floor and then it stops and silence consumes everything. Then a few seconds later a bright light flashes and screams were heard echoing throughout the hallway.

Once the light dies down a bit Sheki opens her eyes and looks down the now lit hallway to see fallen guards grasping at their eyes. Sheki then begins moving down the hallway, pasted the pained guards, while making her way down her third hallway. When she makes it to the end of the third hallway, she comes to a dead end. When she tries to double back but the leader jumps down from the ceiling blocking her path of escape. Not that she was really trying to run away of course.

Her opponent got into his fighting stance causing Sheki to do the same. The guard lunges at Sheki head on starting with a series of rapid punches giving Sheki no other option other than to block. He then proceeds to rotate between a series of punches and kicks forcing Sheki to keep up with his movements. Sheki eventually finds an opening when he attempts to aim a kick at her midsection Sheki spins around grabbing his leg and punching him directly in the jaw before kicking his leg out from underneath him causing him to land on his back.

“Where is the code?” Sheki demands while panting slightly looming over her opponent making sure he couldn’t move.

“What does it matter,” he says while pulling out a pistol on Sheki causing her to jump back putting distant between the guard and herself. “I’ve got the code right here.” He informs her while pulling out a small piece of paper from his pocket with the code written on it. “Not that you’ll ever get it of course.” He says while smirking.

“Argh…we’ll just see about that…ah!”

“Yes we will.”


“I can't believe we ran out of time.” Stated Sheki while releasing a heavy sigh as she sat down in one of the many seat of her parents jet; more her mom’s than her mommy’s.

“Believe it because it happened.” Kasy said while sitting in a seat opposite of Sheki. “And if that’s not bad enough we have to be back up here this weekend and get debriefed by…gulp…Dr. Director.” Said Kasy while shivering at the thought of Dr. Director giving them a debriefing. What a nightmare.

“Well that’s what happens when you don’t use your time wisely.” Stated their mommy, Kim.

“I’d rather go in fist blazing.” Kasy said in a huff.

“If we do it your way we’d really have gotten out butts kicked.” Responded Sheki.

Kasy sat up quickly in her seat. Lighting up her hands in the process. She may have been sore, tired, and exhausted but that didn’t mean that she didn’t still have enough energy to pound her sister. “What’re you trying say?”

“If you had listened to my earlier comment you would’ve heard what I said.” Replied Sheki while rising up in her seat and igniting her hands as well.

“HEY, chill out back there you two!” yelled their mom, Shego from the pilot’s seat. “If either one of you messes up this jet…worrying about who said what will be the least of your problems.”

Both the twins looked at each other before powering down. They had enough sense to know that they weren’t receiving an idle threat from there mom and decided to just end their little argument…for now anyway.

(Back on the Mountain)

The smell of blood weighed heavy in the air and the once lit room was now dark and silent. Both Money Fists and Fukashima were lying bloody and unconscious on the floor to the dojo. Fukashima had obviously thought that if he ran away he would escape the dojo and avoid the fate the Monkey Fists and his ninja’s had suffered. But he was wrong; dead wrong.

“So…now what do we do with them?”

There was silence a moment before someone responded. “There’s a town near by…we’ll drop them off there. We’ll place them in a crowed area that way we know they’ll receive medical attention.”

“Why not just leave them here? I’m sure they’ll be found…one day…eventually.”

“Because that wasn’t what we were ordered to do. Our orders we simple…retrieve the oracle and make know our presence.”

“Fine, let’s just finish this already. I’m getting board.”

“In time this planet will fall to us and come under our destruction. Then you can find ways to keep yourself entertained.”

“I wonder why this planet is so special to him?”

“Who cares why. We do what we’re ordered and it’s just that simple. Nothing can go wrong and soon this planet will be his. Nothing can go wrong…nothing”

Next time: What happened to Monkey Fists and Fukashima? Are they dead? Oh…and a party’s going on…wonder who’ll be there.

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