In the Middle

Chapter 11



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TITLE: Keystone

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Well, aside for Kane and Isabel anyway. I also don’t own fig newtons.

SUMMARY: Shego wants Kim. Bonnie wants Kim. Kim wants them both. Who's going to have her way? Probably Kim because she can do anything.

TYPE: Kim, Shego, Other, Slash, Threesome

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Note: Shout out to Mouserr2255 (aka mouse) for his ideas that appear in this chapter. Sorry with how boring this chapter turned out.

Words: 11991

“I can’t believe we’ve been here for almost two months,” Kim commented, speaking to her girlfriends. She was also packing her suitcases.

The trio was still located at Shego’s family beach house, but they were getting ready to depart. They were each packing their bags. They had more stuff leaving than they did going home, but Shego and Bonnie arranged to have most of their things shipped after them. Kim had brought a bunch of “junk,” as her girlfriends labeled it, and was planning to carry the bobbles back with her because they were souvenirs for her family.

“A great two months,” Bonnie remarked with a pleased smile. She was practically glowing and it had nothing to do with the richness of her tan.

“We can come back,” Shego promised them while zipping up her bags. She was certainly looking forward to bringing them back to the house and to other places around the world.

Kim and Bonnie both smiled at that thought. Shego noticed them both getting lost in memories of the vacation, so she decided to capitalize on their distraction, especially since they were close to her. She grabbed both of her lovers and had them pinned on the bed within the blink of an eye. The younger pair both yelped from the surprise.

“Let’s get one more romp in before we go,” Shego suggested with a sexy half-smirk.

“But, the plane leaves soon and I still have so much to pack,” Kim objected while squirming to halfheartedly try to get out of the pale woman’s grip.

Shego pretended to look sullen by that protest and then she turned to Bonnie. “Duchess, what are we to do? Kimmie doesn’t wanna play with us anymore,” she commented in a sorrowful tone.

“Maybe she just doesn’t want to play with you,” Bonnie teased while reaching over a hand to caress Kim’s tanned cheek. “But, my baby always plays with me.”

“You’re both awful. I’m taking back my titles,” Shego playfully huffed, turning her mouth up in indignation.

“You can’t take back our titles, especially since we so often make you queen-for-the-day,” the brunette argued.

“Then play with me,” Shego requested with a purr, her hands wandering their bodies to hopefully coax them into doing something with her.

“But, my stuff,” the redhead pointed out. “We’ll miss the plane if we keep this up and we really need to get back.”

“Fine, fine, fine. But, when we get back, you two are mine,” Shego declared quite seriously.

Bonnie and Kim did not object to that one, which Shego liked. The younger pair went back to packing while Shego sat on the bed for a moment. The pale woman then got up and decided to help them. She went to Kim first because the redhead had more crap that she needed help with shoving junk into her suitcases. Bonnie actually finished her packing before they finished Kim’s stuff, so she joined the other two.

“Kimmie, baby, do you really need this junk?” Bonnie inquired while she and Shego were trying to situate a large plushy toy in the bag. Shego was just trying to shove it in the corner so they could zip the bag up and move on with their lives.

“I wanted to make sure I got everybody something nice,” Kim answered.

“Who the hell is everybody? The whole city of Middleton?” Shego asked in disbelief, still attempting to fit the plush toy in the corner.

“Well, my parents, my brothers, and I got your parents something for giving us this dream vacation,” the redhead explained.

“That’s six people. What the fuck is all this junk for?” the former thief inquired with a sigh.

“Well, every time we went out shopping, I’d see something that I thought one of them would like and I’d get it, even if I already got them something,” Kim replied with a sheepish look on her face.

Shego and Bonnie only laughed and then they smiled. Kim was so cute without meaning to be. It was just that her heart was so big and they thought that was just too adorable. Sometimes that big heart worked against Kim, but Shego and Bonnie liked to believe that they could protect their lover’s heart, when she gave them the chance anyway.

They finished packing Kim’s things and prepared for their flight. They had to put their disguises on, which included having to put makeup on Shego. They liked to believe that most of the world had forgotten about them after two months, but they put on their guises just in case.

They piled into their vehicle to head to the rent-a-car center. They dropped off their car and then they got into the shuttle bus to the airport. They checked most of their bags, each carrying two on. Unlike their first flight, there was no fight over who would sit where. Bonnie and Shego actually conceded the window seat to Kim since they knew that she would sleep the most. Apparently, putting Kim on a plane without a mission and hours between landmasses made the redhead’s body just shutdown. Her girlfriends suspected that her body was trying to recharge from all of her activity.

Bonnie decided to take the aisle seat just to be gracious toward Shego. After all, their green-skinned lover had treated them quite like royalty for the trip, so she could sacrifice a seat for the raven-haired female. Shego had spoiled them rotten that trip, spending money on them like it was going to be their last day on Earth everyday. It had been like a dream come true for Bonnie.

Shego was content for a few minutes with the middle seat, but boredom set in quickly. She turned to look at Kim, who was knocked out as expected. She was going to give a repeat performance of her semi-appreciated stunt on the flight to the island, but she decided against it. She just was not in the mood to be that kind of bad girl. She turned her attention to Bonnie, who had wisely brought a book on board that time around.

“Hey, Duchess,” Shego said.

Bonnie had to fight the urge to grin upon hearing the nickname. It had been two months since Shego had dubbed her “duchess,” but it still made her feel quite delighted on the inside. She liked to tell herself that a name should not make her feel so good, but it was such a nice term of endearment.

“Yes, sweetness?” the tanned female replied without looking up from her book.

“I’m bored,” the older woman stated with a forced pout, but it was not getting her the desired attention because her lover was not turning away from her book.

“I have a few magazines for you,” Bonnie said absently. She knew that Shego liked to read different types of magazines and she had purchased over a dozen of them for her green-skinned love.

“I don’t want to read,” Shego informed her girlfriend in a suggestive tone.

Bonnie glanced over at Shego and could see that hint of mischief in those emerald eyes. The brunette female smirked, guessing what was on Shego’s mind. The former thief smiled because of Bonnie’s expression.

“You’re thinking what I’m thinking, aren’t you?” Shego asked.

“I’d like to think I am,” Bonnie replied with a devilish glint in her eyes.

Shego leaned back while putting the tray down. Bonnie put her tray down too and placed her book on it. They both checked on Kim to make sure that she was still sleeping. The last thing that they wanted was for the redhead to wake up and lecture them about plane etiquette. Once they were certain that the petite hero was knocked out, they proceeded to have some fun, naughty fun. It kept them busy for a while, even though it did earn them quite a few stares, especially whenever one of them let loose a particularly loud moan.

The trio arrived at their temporary home after midnight. They dropped their bags, Kim and Bonnie following Shego’s example. The pale woman then rushed to the bathroom to get that gods’ forsaken makeup off of her before she had to scratch her flesh off for relief. They were staying in a small, cozy house that belonged to Isabel. She was allowing them to stay there until they found their own place since it was agreed upon that they could not stay with the Possibles forever. The trio just felt like it was pathetic for them to be living with Kim’s parents.

“You guys want to fall out or what?” Shego inquired.

“I had enough sleep on the plane,” Kim replied.

“I had enough of ‘or what’ on the plane,” Bonnie remarked.

“Me too,” the pale woman chimed in, laughing. “Well, not really enough,” she added with a smirk. Bonnie shared a similar expression.

Kim looked between her lovers and realized that they had an inside joke. The hero pouted because of her girls having an inside joke for a reason that she did not want to think too deeply on; she kind of felt left out. Her girlfriends noticed and they threw their arms around her, pulling Kim into an embrace.

“It’s nothing, baby. You wouldn’t have wanted to be a part of it,” Bonnie assured the redhead.

Kim decided to take Bonnie’s word on that. The trio went to the living room and they flopped down on the couch. They were about to lie down in their usual position, but they stopped for a second.

“Before we get comfortable,” Shego started.

“We should get stuff if we want it,” Kim finished and Bonnie nodded.

Since Shego knew the house already, she got up and got the things that she figured her girlfriends would want. She made some tea for all three of them. She brought out some cookies for Bonnie, even though the tanned female preferred fig newtons to regular cookies.

“Sorry, Duchess, but my mother doesn’t eat a lot of junk,” Shego explained about the oatmeal cookies.

“These’ll do,” Bonnie assured the ex-sidekick.

The group then got situated, not in their typical way since they all had tea to drink. They did make themselves comfortable, tangling up their legs together while sitting on the sofa. Kim was in between them with Shego to her left and Bonnie to the right. Once they were all fine with the way that they were, they decided to talk.

“Shego, how long is your mother going to let us stay here?” Kim asked curiously while looking around the living room. It was a small area with few decorations, not something that Kim or Bonnie expected of Isabel.

“As long as we want to,” Shego answered, almost as if that was obvious.

“Then where’s she going to stay?” Bonnie inquired and then she took a sip of her tea.

“She’s staying with my dad at his hotel, probably trying to fuck him to death,” the green-skinned woman remarked as if that was a normal thing to say.

“You always swear your mom is trying to kill your dad, but you figure after thirty something years, she would’ve gotten around to it by now,” Bonnie commented.

“That’s what she wants you to think, so you don’t suspect her,” Shego replied, almost as if she was serious. Her girlfriends chuckled a bit.

“Hey, why does your mom have this house anyway? She doesn’t live in Middleton, right?” the aqua-eyed female asked.

“Nah, she likes the skiing in Middleton and whined to my father about having some place to stay when she comes up here to be a ski bum,” Shego explained and then she took a sip of her tea.

“Why not get a cabin on the mountains?” Kim asked with a confused expression.

“Because my mother’s a fucking weirdo and she likes being around people,” the former thief answered with a rude noise that was directed toward her mother.

“Kane really spoils you guys, huh?” Bonnie noted.

Shego made another noise, as if she was disagreeing. She was spoiled, but she was not going to admit that out loud, even though she was not ashamed of it. But, she was not going to pass up a chance to insult her mother while it was right there and Isabel was nowhere around.

“He just spoils my mother because she’s such a damn gold-digger,” Shego snorted.

“You don’t believe that,” Kim argued.

The ex-sidekick sucked her teeth, but she did not respond to that. Bonnie decided to jump in, knowing that she could get some good-natured teasing in. Shego noticed the demonic glint in Bonnie’s eyes before she even opened her mouth.

“You’re just acting like this because you’ve got an Electra complex,” the tanned female commented with a taunting smirk.

“I don’t have a damn Electra complex!” Shego huffed in a fury. She hated to hear that because her mother told her that all of the time. “Let’s just forget about my stupid mother and concentrate on finding a home of our own as soon as possible, so we can get the hell out of here!”

“We’ve only been here an hour. You’re acting like we were here for years. I’m sure your mommy won’t mind,” Bonnie replied with an amused smile.

“Bon-bon, I know one of my feet is close to you. I will kick you,” Shego seemed to promise. They all knew that Shego could not hit Bonnie, but she would probably hit Kim when the urge to hit Bonnie came over her. It was all a part of her “well, I have to hit somebody” defense and Kim did not take offense to it.

“Let’s talk about where we’d like to live,” Kim chimed in to avoid getting punched in the arm because she knew that Bonnie would just keep pushing Shego’s buttons.

“A mansion would be nice,” the lawyer proposed with a grin. She guessed that it would be a good time to say that one since Shego was so into spoiling them now. She was willing to bet that Shego could afford it too.

“Just the three of us in a huge mansion? I don’t think you’d like it as much as you think you would,” the eldest woman replied quite seriously.

Bonnie seemed surprised by that response. “No?”

“It’s not all it’s cracked up to be,” Shego assured the turquoise-eyed female. Bonnie only sighed, slightly defeated. She would not be giving up her dream of living in a mansion so easily. Even if a person that had more than likely lived in a mansion told her that it was not that great.

“Well, we should live some place that’s close to the school, but also close to Bonnie’s new firm,” Kim reasoned.

Shego and Bonnie nodded in agreement. Shego had sprung the news on them that Bonnie was the newest lawyer at quite the elite firm. Her news earned her an eager, overjoyed Bonnie leaping into her arms and placing a rather scandalous kiss to her mouth. She had gotten nonstop tongue action for almost a whole minute; if Bonnie did not have to breathe, it probably would have lasted longer. Shego made a mental note to do good things for Bonnie more often.

“Well, yeah, that’s a given. Maybe we should just try to find a place downtown,” Shego suggested.

“We’d have an easier time finding some place at the center of the Earth,” Bonnie remarked.

“Yeah,” Kim agreed with that one.

“Hey, I can make some calls,” Shego figured.

“It still wouldn’t help,” Bonnie argued.

“Oh!” Kim said showing that she just got an idea. “What about living in the school?” she suggested.

“Living in the school?” Bonnie echoed in a puzzled voice, but Shego’s expression showed that she knew what the redhead was driving at.

“That’s a great idea, Pumpkin. We could do so much to that little rundown piece of shit that we call a school now! We can finally fix up the basement, clear out all of those spaces in the back, and add a third floor to live on!” Shego said with accidental enthusiasm. The idea of getting to pull her weight around in the relationship tended to excite her a great deal. It was little things like that that let her know she loved her girls and that she would have to kill them if they ever broke up because they knew too much; she had no plans to kill them, though.

“Um…live at the school?” Bonnie repeated because they wanted to live at the school. Had they not seen the school? It was a work-in-progress after being a work-in-progress. They might as well go live on a construction site.

“Princess, that’s a great idea!” Shego repeated and was close to pulling Kim in for a hug, but the redhead stopped her.

“Hot tea, hot tea, hot tea!” Kim shouted in a rush, which halted the pale woman’s action as she recalled that they all did have hot tea in their hands. The hero sighed in relief as she just missed possibly being burned.

“You guys really want to live in the school?” Bonnie asked because she just could not believe it.

“Well, not in the school as it is,” the slender hero pointed out.

“We’ll live in the school after we fix it up. We’ll add a third floor to the building and that’ll be our apartment. We can fix up the basement for a better locker room and clear out all of the extra space to have practice rooms in case we get any students that are serious about practicing. It’ll kick ass,” Shego declared.

“This sounds expensive,” Kim realized.

“Uh, hi, Kimmie, I’m a former international thief and mercenary as well as an heiress, have we met?” Shego said sarcastically. It thrilled her to have people to spend her money, which was a surprise to her. Nevertheless, she liked pampering Kim and Bonnie; she hated to think that she was coming to understand why her father treated her mother as he did.

“Um…well…” Kim was not too sure how to respond to that.

“I think Kimmie’s a little uncomfortable with you throwing your money around like you have been recently,” Bonnie commented.

Shego looked puzzled by that. “No? What’s the big deal? It’s my money. I made it out of boredom and now I can have some fun spending it,” she proclaimed.

It was Bonnie’s turn to be confused. “You made it out of boredom?”

“Long story short, I got bored playing superhero and thought it would be more fun to do what I used to do. End of story. Back to this whole ‘Kimmie’s uncomfortable’ thing. What’s wrong with me throwing my money around?” Shego asked again.

“Um…well…” Kim stammered again.

“This goes beyond Shego spending money, doesn’t it, baby?” Bonnie asked in a gentle, concerned tone. She placed a tender hand to Kim’s shoulder, knowing that it would help Kim open up.

“Well, it’s just, you guys…well, you have a job and Shego’s got all this money, so now it kinda feels like you’re both taking care of me and I’m just bumming around you. I dunno. Maybe I should finally just join Global Justice to at least have a steady income and not be a drag on you guys,” Kim explained in a mumble.

“Aw, baby,” Bonnie cooed as she put her tea down in order to embrace Kim. Shego followed suit, so they were all hugged up on the sofa.

“First of all, do not join Global Justice,” Shego ordered the slender redhead. She did not even want to think about how annoying that would be. “Second of all, you’re not bumming around us and you’re not a drag on us.”

“Besides, we like taking care of you,” Bonnie chimed in. “To be honest, I liked when I was the only one between us with a real job.” She liked when she was taking care of them, but she did not mind them having jobs now.

“You still are,” Shego reminded the attorney. She did not think that her and Kimmie’s teaching jobs would be “real jobs” until they started pulling in a “real” profit. “And if that’s an open invitation to having you spoil the shit of me, sign me up please,” she added with a playful smile. But, she was quite serious, except that she had to remember that Bonnie did not know when to stop when it came to spoiling. If Bonnie got into a spoiling mindset, Shego would end up fat.

“That’s the thing, Kim. You’ve got to be open to letting us spoil you. Kinda like how you spoil us,” Bonnie said.

“I spoil you guys? How the hell is that even possible? I can barely afford to take you guys out on a date thanks to my ‘freelance photographer’ job,” Kim remarked with a pout, making quote marks with her fingers as she brought up her job. Her girls just squeezed her tighter in the hug.

“Kimmie, Kimmie, Kimmie,” Shego commented in a disapproving manner.

“You’re such a silly girl,” Bonnie said to the redhead with a tender expression on her face. “Kim, first of all, we’re not with you for the money. You never really had money and if you keep living your life the way you are, you never will. We don’t mind that. We like being able to provide for you, especially since it makes us feel like we’re showing you’re as special to us as you make us feel,” she explained.

Kim’s face scrunched up from being bewildered. “I make you feel special?” she asked as if she did not know.

“Damn it, Princess, why are you making us get all mushy?” Shego huffed. The serious sweet-talking was just about her least favorite part of being in a relationship. “You’re pretty much the sweetest thing in the whole freaking world and we feel lucky just to have you as a girlfriend, okay? Now, butch up and stop being such a damn baby!” she huffed as if she was angry.

“Um…the non-bitchy version of what Shego’s trying to say is that being with you gives up this indescribable feeling, something even deeper than love maybe, and this is what we’re trying to make you feel too. Can’t you just go with it, just once?” Bonnie requested.

“I don’t want to be a drag on you two,” Kim mumbled.

“You’re not, Kimmie. So, calm down. You can’t be on top of everything,” Shego remarked and immediately a nasty thought popped in her head that she needed to share. “But, you can be on top of me if you. Duchess too. I’ll happily just lie on the bottom.”

“Like hell you would. You’ve got to be the only person on the planet that would complain about being the center of attention during sex with two other hot-ass women,” Bonnie remarked.

“Hey, you two tease me a lot,” Shego argued in her own defense.

“You’re in bed with two females, what makes you think teasing isn’t going to be involved?” Bonnie countered.

“Touché,” the emerald-eyed woman conceded. “All right, all right, has the crisis been sufficiently mended?” Shego asked Kim, who nodded. The oldest of them continued then. “So, we’re living in the school after fixing it up. With no more arguments, I suggest we go to the bedroom and work out that whole ‘me being on the bottom’ thing.”

“You’re just going to defile your mother’s house by having hot, lesbian sex in it, huh?” the lawyer inquired, sounding as if she did not approve of such a plan.

Shego thought about it for a moment and then a look of sheer evil washed over her face. “We should totally do it on her bed!”

Bonnie rolled her eyes while Kim practically did a face-fault off of that suggestion. While they did agree to go to bed after finishing their tea and they even agreed to fool around a little bit, they refused to do anything disrespectful in Isabel’s room. Shego pouted over that decision, but she did not get the reaction that she wanted. Well, at least they were still going to get it on, Shego told herself to cheer herself up.

“Okay, so we’re going to need city permits and contractors,” Bonnie said as the ladies were having breakfast and wandering the kitchen, as was their habit. It seemed like whenever they had a home-cooked breakfast, they had to get up every thirty seconds for something.

“I can get those things. No problem,” Shego replied, her head in the refrigerator because she wanted something that was not apple or pineapple juice. It seemed that all her mother drank was apple or pineapple juice, though. Blah, she commented mentally while making a sour face.

“You can get city permits?” the younger pair echoed in a skeptical tone.

“Well…I can get something that looks very much like city permits,” the green-skinned woman offered with a sly grin that her girlfriends thankfully could not see.

“You’re not forging city permits,” Kim objected. She was eating standing up, which was something that she usually did when it came to breakfast. It was like she was waiting for someone to call her and she could run off, plate still in her hand. She had done that a couple of times before when Wade contacted her over real emergencies.

“Why not?” Shego inquired, sounding a bit like she was whining. She stood up and shut the fridge door, upset that there was nothing that she felt worth drinking in there.

“Because you’re out of the crime life,” the petite redhead answered.

“Not according to my last arrest,” Shego remarked with a little chuckle. Her last arrest was the one where she and Kim had been picked up for sodomy.

“I’ll try to get everything we need, nice and legal,” Kim stated soundly to hopefully get the former villainess to stop her current train of thought.

Shego shrugged. “Fine, but I can get some damn nice forgeries. You’d never know the difference.”

“Let’s stay out of trouble for the first few hours we’re home,” Bonnie said to Shego, who shrugged again.

Kim decided to call up Wade to see if she had any friends left considering the backlash of people finding out that she was a lesbian and involved in a love triangle. As she was about to get Wade on the line, she realized that she had not heard from him since her vacation started, which was odd. It had been two months, after all. Sometimes, she could not go two hours without hearing from Wade. She hoped that he was all right and she was relieved to see that he was fine when she got him on the Kimmunicator.

“Hey, Kim. Glad to see you’re back in action,” Wade greeted her with a genuine smile. She thought that was a peculiar thing for him to say.

“When was I not in action?” Kim asked with an arched eyebrow.

Wade bristled. “Uh…um…well…” he stammered nervously, not sure how to get himself out of the little slip of the tongue that he had.

“Spill, Wade,” Kim ordered.

“It’s nothing!” the computer genius lied.

“It’s something. Now, what is it?” the redhead demanded to know.

“What? It’s nothing! I mean, it was just a weird thing to say!” he insisted with vigor.

“That you didn’t say for no reason. Now, tell me why you said it,” Kim commanded him. Her tone alone would have flustered him, but the fact that he could see her expression added to things. He started singing like a canary.

“I just…I…Shego told me you were going to be out of commission for a while!” Wade blurted out.

“I can hear you ratting me out, nerdlinger!” Shego huffed from a few feet away. The computer genius cringed when he heard her voice.

Kim sighed. “Okay, okay, okay. Let’s calm down. What’s this about me being out of commission?” she inquired, speaking to Wade, but looking over at Shego.

“Well, Shego contacted me like two months ago and told me to turn off your site because you were going to be out of commission for an unknown amount of time,” Wade explained. “Don’t let her hurt me,” he begged.

“Oh, she won’t be able to stop me,” Shego threatened him with a creepy smirk on her face. She snaked around Kim to look into the Kimmunicator to let the computer genius see her expression; she looked absolutely evil. He gulped.

“Shego,” Kim scolded her lover and swatted at the green-skinned woman to get her to stop scaring poor Wade.

“This isn’t fair,” Wade muttered in a tearful tone. He was being grilled by probably the scariest women on the planet and they were not on the same side for the moment, so he did not even know who to answer.

“Keep going, Wade. You turned off my site? So, you mean to tell me people might have been trying to get contact with me for two months?” the olive-eyed hero inquired in disbelief.

“Yup,” Wade answered.

“Shego, why’d you tell him to do that?” Kim demanded to know.

“Um…because we were on vacation! You don’t understand the concept well enough for me to just sit back and not tell the computer geek to stop all your unnecessary contacts,” Shego replied casually.

“She’s right, baby. You wouldn’t have relaxed if you were being called every three seconds about a hit on your site. Good work, Wade,” Bonnie said, joining her girlfriends and looking down at Wade.

The chocolate-skinned computer genius seemed at a loss for words for almost a full minute. “Um…why are all of you together?” he inquired in a very bemused tone.

“Oh, right, you don’t know the truth behind all of the rumors and fake reports,” Kim said. She had told him a little bit about everything to make sure he did not have the wrong idea, but she never got around to telling him the full truth.

“The truth? What’re you all friends?” Wade asked, which earned him some laughs from Bonnie and Shego. Their chuckles only perplexed him more.

“The truth of the matter is that we’re all girlfriends, Wade,” Kim informed him.

“Okay, so you are all friends,” he said with a bit of a sigh. He did not know why he had exhaled like that, but it seemed like the right thing to do for him.

“No, she doesn’t mean girlfriends like that,” Shego corrected him.

“Wade, we’re all girlfriends, in a loving relationship,” Kim elaborated.

Wade nodded, showing that he understood for the most part now. “I guess that explains why you’re all together and why Shego gave a damn about turning off your site while you had that bit of trouble.”

“You’re not bothered by it?” Kim asked in a confused tone because of his laidback attitude toward the news. She was shocked that he did not freak out. As far as she knew, he was just about the first person to take the news in stride.

“Hey, Kim, what you do in the privacy of your own home with consenting parties in regards to love has nothing to do with me…unless I can a satellite link anyway,” he remarked, appearing a bit thoughtful as those words left his mouth. It was like he was trying to think of a way to look in on them.

“You’d better not spy on us!” all three ladies ordered him with furious expressions.

Wade laughed nervously. Wow, he was pretty sure that now the three most frightening women on the planet were all in a relationship. It was a nerve-wrecking thing and he made a mental note to watch his jokes around them.

“Umm…I’d never!” Well, he would never do it now. “Look, Kim, I’m not about to turn my back on you after being with you this long. Besides, you’re the person that got me to go outside. I used to be a ten-year-old recluse, so I’m not going to make fun of you or judge you or anything about something like this. You might wanna sleep with one eye open, though,” he remarked.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Shego demanded to know, knowing that he was taking a shot at her.

Kim sighed. “Well, I guess since the world wasn’t taken over while I was gone, no harm done. Did I get any really serious calls while I was out?” she asked Wade to get the subject away from her girlfriends and save the poor boy an ass-kicking if Shego’s expression was hint of what she was planning.

“Well, from what I can tell, a bunch of reporters were trying to get to you for a comment, but they gave up a couple of weeks ago. You got a few hits about thefts and things that were connected to serious matters, but GJ managed to clean those up before they got too messy. A couple of them were close calls, but GJ managed to pull through somehow. This might put a smile on your face, though,” Wade commented.

“What?” Kim asked curiously.

Wade did not respond, but he patched Kim through to a web page. It was filled with words from well-wishers and supporters. There were thousands of signatures and some had left short speeches toward not just Kim, but Bonnie and Shego too. The ladies were all so touched, they could not speak. Even when Wade came back on screen, they were silent.

“You guys have a lot of supporters, even if they don’t know the whole situation. But, you gotta be careful too because there’s just as much hate going around about you guys,” Wade explained.

“We can take care of it,” Kim declared and she gave a confident look to both of her girlfriends. They nodded in agreement; hell, yeah they could take care of it. As long as they were together, they were all sure that they would take whatever the world tried to throw at them.

“All right. So, why’d you call anyway?” Wade asked curiously.

“Oh, right,” Kim said with a sheepish laugh because she had almost forgotten her original reason for contacting Wade. “Do you think I have enough pull around here to get some building permits? We’re trying to renovate our school to add a floor to make it an apartment,” she explained.

“I’ll poke around for you. There’s got to be at least one politician that acknowledges that you’re still the same Kim Possible as always. I’ll get back to you later today, okay?” he inquired.

“That’s spanking,” she answered.

“Later.” They both disconnected the call.

“You know, I probably could get forgeries faster than he could get real ones,” Shego boasted as she returned to her breakfast.

“That wouldn’t make them any more legal, though,” Bonnie argued.

“Don’t side with her when you knew you would’ve been right there with me,” the pale woman said to the lawyer.

“That’s speculation on your part,” the tanned female replied with a teasing smirk. She was actually on Kim’s side with the permits. It was better to do things legally to avoid problems in the future.

“Okay, look, while Wade’s doing that, we should plan a bit further into this home thing,” Kim suggested.

“We’re going to need a serious fucking security system. Is it all right if I handle that one?” Shego inquired sarcastically.

“I’ll get my brothers and Wade to help,” Kim offered. Shego shrugged since she knew what those kids could. After all, Wade had been keeping Kim up-to-date in gadgets for almost ten years and she knew that the tweebs had been the ones that made Kim’s first car.

“Your brothers are all right with us?” Bonnie inquired, speaking to the hero.

“I didn’t get the chance to explain it much, but they’re all right with it to their understanding of things. It doesn’t matter anyway, you know how Jim and Tim are,” the redhead answered.

“I can see them now ‘you with the two of them? Hoo-sha!’ And then we’re going to have to scan the whole building for hidden cameras for the two pervs,” Bonnie remarked. She was quite serious, though.

“Oh, well, that’s a given,” Kim commented.

“We can plan it now for a while and then we’ve got to go check on the school,” Shego said. Her girlfriends agreed with that.

The trio entered the school and they were surprised by the size of the class that Isabel was teaching. They looked around the room, puzzled for a moment. It was not until they saw Kane laid out in the corner did they get over things. Shego could not help wondering if her mother had knocked her father unconscious or if he had just fallen asleep from sitting still for too long.

“Firefly!” Isabel smiled brightly when she noticed her daughter. The students turned to see who their substitute teacher was referring to.

“Goddamn it,” Shego sighed while pinching the bridge of her nose. She was going to kill that woman one day soon, she silently vowed.

“Teacher!” less than half of the students cheered. Apparently, the students that Shego had left behind were quite happy to see her.

“Wow, it’s packed,” Kim muttered in amazement about the class.

“Yeah,” Bonnie said, just as amazed as her redheaded girlfriend.

“Mommy, what the hell is going on?” Shego inquired while going up to her mother. She was speaking in a low, hissing tone.

Isabel knew immediately what the problem was. “All these people showed up because of all of the press you guys were getting before. They’re kind off…supporters and groupies at the same time,” she commented. She knew that her daughter was a bit worried that all of the new faces might actually be there because she was teaching the class and that they would be upset when Shego took over. Isabel doubted that anyone would mind when Shego took back control of the class, though.

The super-powered female was silent for a moment, taking that in. “All these new people showed up just because of the news we were getting?” she asked in disbelief.

“Yes, a great deal of them are fans of yours and fans of Kim. Oh, you should all go see Kimmie’s little class. And, um, she really needs to take control of that as soon as possible,” Isabel muttered that last sentence in a tone that did not leave her daughter with great confidence.

“What have those little idiots been up to?” the green-skinned woman inquired, referring to the Wegos.

“I don’t even know where to begin explaining that one. Look, let me finish up here and then we can all talk,” Isabel answered.

Shego nodded in agreement to that one and decided to observe her mother for the class’ final minutes. Kim and Bonnie went up stairs to check on the younger students. Kim’s eyes practically fell out of her skull and her jaw pretty much fell through the floor. The Wegos seemed to have rearranged her class and had the kids’ competing in gladiator-style matches.

There was a circular arena, made up over several tables to act as borders. There were four kids in the enclosure while the rest of the class and the two supposed teachers were cheering them on as they fought each other. Bonnie looked at her shell-shocked girlfriend and figured that the Wegos were probably as good as dead when Kim regained her mind.

“What are you two doing!” Kim screamed with fury as she stormed over to the Wegoes. Yup, they were as good as dead.

The trio, Isabel, and Kane were sitting in the backroom of the school now that all of the students were gone. The Wegos had wisely fled the scene after spending a great deal of time, trembling in terror in a corner hoping that Kim did not devour their souls. A lot of students had stuck around to welcome back Shego and Kim, which acted as a distraction for the Wegos to escape before they got tied in knots by one seriously irate little redhead.

“So, did you three like your vacation?” Isabel inquired.

“Loved it,” Bonnie and Kim answered with pleasant, but slightly dazed smiles. Their expressions told Isabel more than their words just how much they enjoyed their vacation.

“That’s good. I’m glad you had a good time and got to regain your composure,” Isabel commented with a nod and a small smile. The vacation seemed to do for the trio just what she expected and she was glad that they could come home to no media, even though the story had not completely blown over yet. But then again, the story might never totally blow over.

“So, whaddaya gonna do about your housing problem?” Kane asked curiously while yawning and scratching his head. They just woke him up from quite a nice nap, but he did not mind since Isabel was the one that took him from his sleep. He had actually woken up with a smile on his face, which sort of let his wife know what he was dreaming about.

“We’re going to fix this place up,” Shego answered while motioning around with her hand.

“You’re going to live in this room?” Kane inquired in a confused tone.

“Should I hit you now or later?” Isabel countered, speaking to her husband. He was sitting next to her on one of the folding chairs against the wall.

“It’d be nice to just get it out of the way,” he replied.

Isabel did not hesitate, slapping Kane in the head. His head snapped to the side and he used it as an excuse to flop into Isabel’s lap. She sighed and rolled her eyes while Bonnie and Kim laughed a bit at the couple’s typical behavior. Shego rolled her eyes too when Isabel started caressing Kane’s scalp, causing him to smile like a happy child.

“So, you’re going to live in the school? How are you going to do that?” Isabel asked the trio.

“We’re going to renovate it, doy,” Shego answered.

“I know some great contractors,” Kane offered.

“Since when?” Isabel inquired in a skeptical tone.

“Oh, right, you were the one that hired those people that built villa we have on the coast. Okay, so obviously you know some great contractors,” he corrected himself.

“We have got to do something about your mind,” Isabel sighed and shook her head while continuing to caress Kane’s head. She then turned her attention to the girlfriends. “I do know plenty of contractors who surprisingly aren’t assholes or crooks. If you want me to get in touch with them, I’ll have them here in no time,” she informed the three ladies.

“We can find our own contractors,” Shego declared.

“Oh, you mean all your underworld buddies? Yeah, let’s trust them with building something important for a world hero like Kim,” Isabel commented sarcastically.

“Touché,” Bonnie said with a laugh and she nudged her pale girlfriend with her elbow.

Shego frowned, obviously not pleased with being made fun of as she was. She punched Kim in the shoulder, not hard, but enough to get the redhead to wince slightly. Kim grimaced and frowned herself, knowing that she had been hit because of Bonnie. Shego then seemed to apologize for the hit by throwing her arm around Kim and pulling the younger female to her. Kim did relax into Shego’s side and the elder female kissed the side of Kim’s head.

“I can pay for it,” Kane offered with a smile.

“I’ve got that part, Daddy,” Shego assured the man. Geez, she wanted to do something and everyone kept jumping in on what she had planned. It was slightly annoying, even if her father was trying to come in on the scheme.

“Fine, don’t let me do anything then,” Kane complained in grumble.

“Don’t be a baby about things, dearest. Your little ‘Shona wants to take responsibility for her girlfriends,” Isabel comforted him.

“What are you guys going to do about all your students while you’re renovating the school?” Kane asked curiously.

“We didn’t get that far,” Kim admitted.

“I could rent a hall!” Kane proposed with enthusiasm. He seemed to really want to help and probably would just volunteer for everything that came up at that point.

“If anyone’s renting a hall, it’s me,” Shego informed her father.

Isabel was a bit shocked by the little verbal disagreement between her husband and their daughter. She believed that it was probably the first time that Shego was not all for Kane looking to do something for her. Kane actually pouted, appearing just as shocked as his wife at Shego’s responses to him. Shego plainly saw and knew why her father looked the way that he did and that caused her to sigh.

“Daddy, it’s not that I don’t want your help or anything. I just want to do the adult thing here,” the green-skinned woman explained as best she could without admitting that she just wanted to throw her money away on her girlfriends. She just wanted to spoil them rotten.

“Getting help from your Daddy isn’t an adult thing to do?” Kane asked incredulously. He was so shocked that he actually sat up, leaving what was paradise for him, namely Isabel’s lap.

“Fine, Daddy, you can rent a hall if you really want to do that,” Shego conceded since she could see that it meant so much to him.

“And split the cost of renovations with you?” the purple-eyed male inquired.

“You’re asking for lot, Daddy,” Shego replied.

“Kane, sweetheart, stop trying to interject yourself into their lives,” Isabel scolded her husband.

“But, I want to help,” Kane argued.

“I know, but you have to understand that this is their lives and ‘Shona is a big girl now,” Isabel countered while pulling her husband back down into her lap.

Kane grumbled something that was very much not English, but it might not have been any language known to man. He could not really understand Shego’s point of view, even though she believed that she was behaving just like he typically did. Isabel, knowing them both well, could see how they might not be able to understand each other right now since Kane’s parents had not been around when he started his family and Shego had never really shown an interest in doing things on her own if it could be helped.

“What else do you ladies need?” Isabel asked curiously.

“Something to make sure nothing happens to you,” Kane chimed in.

Isabel nodded, agreeing with that assessment wholeheartedly. She knew that she would not be a pleasant woman if something happened to any of the trio because she knew that Shego would be crushed if something happened to her girls. Kane was with Isabel on that page. If something happened to the girlfriends, he would definitely go on the warpath and heaven help whoever was in his way.

“I’m handling the security thing, unless one of you what’s to jump in on this one too,” Shego remarked in a deadpan tone.

Kane was about to say something, but Isabel slapped him in the side of his head, which shut him up. For probably the first time ever, Shego was happy to see her mother knocking her father around. She wanted to just do everything herself, probably also for the first time ever, and she hoped that they did not offer to do anything else.

Isabel had no plans to throw herself into anymore designs because she understood how Shego felt. She would talk to Kane about it if it was necessary to get him to stay out of things. But, for the moment, she wanted to know more about their apartment plans.

“Well, what are you three going to do with a new building?” Isabel inquired.

“We’re going to put an apartment on a new third floor for us. The basement can become the new locker room and maybe even a gym and once we get all the other spaces in here cleared out, we can have some practice rooms for serious students,” Shego explained.

Isabel nodded. “You guys have a good plan there. What about this security thing? Do you have any idea what you’re going to do?”

“I’m going to handle that and Kimmie said she’ll get her brothers to help,” the former thief answered. Kim nodded to confirm the thing about getting her brothers to help.

“Well, good luck to you all. I’ll put you in contact with the contractors. You guys should go scout places you want your temporary school to be when everything gets started,” Isabel said. All three girlfriends nodded and Isabel turned her attention to Bonnie. “Have you been by the firm yet, dear?” she asked curiously.

“Oh, no, ma’am. They told me to come in next week when I finally called them and told them I’d be back in town,” Bonnie explained.

Isabel nodded; Kane must have done quite a number on those lawyers for them to give Bonnie an extra week of freedom after she called to tell them that she could come in. That was good though, she thought. She was certain that Bonnie would fit in well around there. She had heard stories about the legal rottweiler and she figured that the firm would embrace her once they gave Bonnie a chance.

“Well, we’ve got a lot of things to do, so we should probably get on the ball,” Shego proclaimed.

“Let’s go!” Kim cheered. She was obviously just overjoyed to be doing something.

“Um…baby, you are way too happy right now,” Bonnie commented with a slightly disturbed expression.

“It’s actually kinda creeping me out,” Shego remarked.

Isabel could not help laughing when Kim pouted. Shego and Bonnie hugged up on Kim to lift her spirits. They eventually got around to putting the wheels in motion for when they were going to start renovating the school.

Wade easily got the permits that the trio needed to start renovating their school building. He was a bit surprised by how eager people were to help Kim when he explained what the permits were for. As it turned out, in some circles, it just was not good business to be against a woman that had put her life on the line countless times for more than ten years without asking for anything more than a ride to her next heroic deed. So, he supplied her with those while Shego and Bonnie got in touch the contractors that Isabel told them about.

“Wade, do you think you could help in designing a security system for the place too?” Kim inquired, talking to Wade in person.

Wade, now nineteen, was quite the tall and handsome young man. He worked out, so he was muscular and it did much for his confidence, especially since ladies seemed to respond well to him. It made him much more at ease with going outside. There was also the fact that he could keep up with Kim somewhat if he joined her on missions, so his self-esteem soared now, even though sometimes he felt like Kim was slowing herself down for him to keep up. That did not bother him either because it just showed him that he had a good friend in Kim that tried to keep his confidence up.

Kim and Wade were sitting on the front porch of Isabel’s house and just watching the street, like two kids on a boring summer day. Kim had the permits sitting next to her; Wade had delivered them in a manila envelope. Wade did not have to think too hard on the question that Kim asked him about the security system.

“No problem on that. I can hook you up with the same system I’ve got on my room,” Wade replied. He did still live at home and his mother would not allow him to wire up the whole house, no matter how safe he swore it all was.

“I don’t know if you can do that since I’m going to get the tweebs to help too,” Kim commented.

“Oh.” Wade nodded. “If that’s the case, we probably could come up with something wicked. When are you going to ask them?”

“Tomorrow probably. I’m trying to convince Bonnie and Shego to let me drive up to their school to talk to them, but they don’t want to me go by myself,” the redhead explained with a light laugh.

Wade nodded again. “They’re really overprotective of you, huh?”

“I think we’re all like that with each other.”

“Well, if they’re worried, what if I went with you?” Wade offered. He did not have anything better to do after all.

“You want to come with me?” Kim asked in shock.

“Yeah, figure I’ll see what I’m missing with a college campus life and everything,” he replied with a laugh of his own.

“I’ll throw at idea at them now and see if they’ll let us leave right now, if you want,” Kim proposed. She would like to get to ask her brothers about the security system as soon as she could.

Wade shrugged and Kim went inside of the house to talk things over with her girlfriends. They were both on the phone, arguing with the same man about when they could start work on the building and how long everything would take. Kim winced for the man when she heard the things her girlfriends were saying. She just stood a few feet from them as they barked on the man and then they noticed Kim.

“You want something?” Shego mouthed the question to Kim, who understood completely.

“It can wait,” Kim answered in a low voice to not interrupt the call.

“No, this is perfect,” Bonnie said.

Shego and Bonnie both turned their attention back to the phone call. They suddenly both informed the guy on the line that they had to go, saying that they were going to check with other businesses. They then hung up on the guy.

“Um…what was that?” Kim asked curiously.

“We’re going to let him squirm a bit for to get the idea he can’t fuck us in a deal,” Shego answered with a clever smirk.

“So, what can we do for you, baby?” Bonnie inquired.

“Look, Wade volunteered to go with me to see my brothers, so now is it okay with you guys?” Kim asked.

“What, we’re supposed to trust nerdlinger to have your back if something goes sideways?” Shego countered in a skeptical tone.

“Stop calling him that,” Kim scolded the green-skinned woman. “Wade’s very capable now and nothing’s going to happen anyway. I can take care of myself,” she argued.

“We know you can, but still we worry,” Bonnie easily admitted.

“You don’t really have to. I’m going to a college campus. The only place more liberal than that is a hippie commune. So, I should be fine,” the redhead pointed out.

Bonnie and Shego looked at each other. They seemed to be holding a conversation telepathically as far as Kim could tell. They moved their heads every now and then and made gestures with their hands. Then they turned back to her.

“Don’t take too long,” Bonnie said.

“Call us when you get there and when you’re leaving,” Shego answered.

Kim rolled her eyes. “Yes, moms,” she teased.

“Don’t be a smartass,” they both said.

Kim only smiled. They kissed her and Shego gave Kim her car keys. Kim dashed out of the house, grabbing Wade on the way; he wisely grabbed the permits, so they did not end up left on the porch. Shego and Bonnie went back to taunting the contractor, hoping to get him to crack.

The drive to the tweebs’ school was not too long considering they went to their father’s alma mater. Wade was impressed with the size of the campus and the attention of the women that he was getting. He was starting to think that he might need to go to college, despite the fact that he had all of the degrees that he would need in life.

“Hey, sis!” Kim heard, causing her and Wade to stop. They turned around and noticed the twins approaching them.

“Hey, guys,” Kim replied while waving to them.

“What are you doing here?” Jim inquired as the boys were standing before their big sister, who they were much bigger than now.

“Can’t a big sister come check up on her tweebs? How have you guys been?” Kim countered.

“Well, we’re not getting the same attention from the media as we had been a couple of months ago. I sorta miss the attention,” Tim remarked with a laugh and a half-smile.

“You miss figuring out ways to distort their transmission signals,” Jim quipped with a good-natured smile.

Tim laughed again. “That too.”

“Everything’s been okay with you guys, right?” Kim asked with concern. The media had been harping on her and her lovers so badly that she forgot that they might go after her family too. Oh boy, she pitied anyone that thought to interview her nana.

“Oh, yeah. All this buzz about you having to chose between two girls have made us extra-popular around here,” Jim replied while motioning around the campus with a wave of his large hand.

“Popular?” Kim echoed in a puzzled tone.

“Oh, yeah. After all, these guys around here have trouble getting girls to even look in their direction, yet they find out we have a sister that can get two hot chicks at once and they swear we have all the girl answers,” Tim explained.

“And the girls. Goddamn! Girls seemed to find you a lot more interesting when you can help them with lab reports and your sister is a lesbian with two girlfriends,” Jim added in with an excited expression.

“I’d like to say I don’t see the connection, but from the way our students have been hitting on Isabel just because her daughter’s a lesbian, the world doesn’t make much sense to me anymore romantically speaking,” Kim remarked.

“Says the girl with two girlfriends,” all three geniuses chimed in simultaneously.

Kim only laughed. She was glad to see that her brothers were fine with what was going in her life. She was not too sure how they would react to her in person, even though she had spoken to them over the phone plenty of times since the whole incident became public knowledge. They had seemed fine with everything over the phone, but now she was at ease to see they truly were fine with her.

“So, what brings you by, sis?” Tim inquired in pleasant tone.

“I was hoping you guys would team up with Wade and design a security system for me,” Kim answered.

“Sounds interesting. Continue,” Jim said with a hand to his chin as if he was in deep thought about the subject when he was actually just posing to be silly.

“Shego’s probably going to want to be in on the project,” Kim explained.

Jim and Tim looked at each other. “Shego?” they echoed.

“Yeah, she’s smarter than you think,” Kim assured them, thinking that they might be skeptical on Shego’s ability to keep up with them.

“She’d probably come up with some wicked ideas,” Tim figured with a huge, happy grin. His double nodded in agreement.

“Hoo-sha!” the twins cheered. Kim sighed; maybe it was not the best idea for Jim and Tim to team up with Shego, even if Wade would be there to try to taper their insanity. Well, there was no stopping it now.

Kim hung out with her brothers and Wade for a little while before she and Wade left. She drove Wade home and then went back to the house. She went right to the living room and found her girlfriends curled up on the sofa as expected.

“Hey, baby,” Bonnie greeted Kim when she noticed the redhead. “We got dinner for you,” she informed the hero while nodding toward the coffee table. A small box was sitting on the table with the mark of Kim’s favorite burger place on it.

Kim smiled and put down the city permits on the table. She then grabbed the food and flopped down on the sofa, landing on Shego’s legs. The raven-haired female did not say anything; she just moved her legs to the point where it did not cut off her circulation with Kim sitting on them.

Construction on renovating the school began with Bonnie overseeing it for the most part with Kim helping out when she was not teaching or doing her hero thing. Shego was not as much a part of it as she would like to have been because of her teaching and her input on the security system. She was having a ball with that.

“Oh, oh, oh! What if we put electric barbed wire here!” Tim suggested while pointing down at the blueprints in the middle of the room. Around the page were Tim, Jim, Wade, and Shego.

“Oh, please, why not just put a tank with electric eels in it?” Jim remarked, mocking his double.

“What are you two, taking courses in mad science?” Shego quipped with a teasing smile on her face.

“Nah, those are 700 level courses,” Tim joked.

“How’s things going here?” Ann inquired as she entered the living room. The group was set up in the Possible family living room.

“Your sons are nuts, like your daughter,” Shego remarked.

Ann chuckled a bit and got to the business the brought her out there. “Can I get you guys anything while you make your plans?” she offered.

“Yeah, two more designers with common sense,” the pale woman quipped.

“Hey, maybe Dad’ll help,” Jim suggested.

Shego and Ann looked away, skeptical expressions gracing their faces. That fact did not go by the three geniuses in the room. They looked at each other and decided to ask.

“Lemme guess, Dad isn’t too thrilled about Kim’s little romantic arrangement,” Tim commented.

“He wasn’t too thrilled when Kim was just with Bonnie,” Jim recollected.

“But, still, he should want to help make sure nothing happens to Kim,” Tim interjected before anyone else had a chance to jump into the conversation.

“You boys are right,” Ann agreed with them. “I’ll go get your father.”

Ann went into the kitchen and explained the situation to James. He was not opposed to the plan, but he was apprehensive when he found out that Shego was involved in the project. Ann had to talk to him into going into the living room.

“James, sweetheart, you’re going to have to make yourself comfortable around Shego just like you did with Bonnie. They’re a part of Kimmie’s life now and I know you have to realize that you could drift away from Kimmie if you don’t start trying with them,” Ann informed him.

James stood in the kitchen, gripping a newspaper tightly in his fist; he had been reading it before Ann started talking to him. Of course he did not want to lose Kim, but he just could not force himself to be comfortable around Shego. He could barely pretend to be comfortable around Bonnie and she never tried to kill Kim or harm him. He just did not think that what was going on was right and he could not understand how everyone else around him could pretend it was.

“This isn’t right,” James muttered.

Ann sighed. “It’s not right that you’re judging Kimmie on who she goes to bed with. They love her and she loves them—” she tried to argue.

“She’s twenty-four. What does she know about love?” he countered.

“More than us considering how old we were. She obviously feels something deep for both Shego and Bonnie for her to explain the whole situation to us rather trying to lie. You’re not being fair to her or yourself judging her like this. So what if it’s not exactly the social norm? They make it work. It makes them happy and that’s what should matter to us. Our daughter is happy,” Ann said forcefully, so much so that it shocked her husband.

“Ann…” James trailed off because of the determined, yet angry look on his wife’s face. He knew that the fury that she was feeling directed toward him because of his stubbornness on the matter.

“You don’t know…you just don’t know…” the redhead muttered, shaking her head almost as if she was distressed. He did not allow himself to see what Kim went through when not being around Shego and Bonnie. Worse still, he did not know what a child was capable of doing because of a parent’s disapproval.

James was not sure what was wrong with Ann, but he instinctively tried to comfort her. He dropped his paper, casting it down like the useless garbage it was. He embraced her and held her to him. Ann was not sure if she wanted to just weep into his chest and plead with him to understand or if she wanted to push away from him and scream at him. She did neither, standing there as if nothing was happening.

“You really need to just get over yourself, James,” Ann whispered. “It’s Kim’s life and she should live it however she feels right. It’s not like she’s stupid or something like that. Just trust her,” she stated soundly.

“Ann…” James said again.

“You don’t know what this could do to Kim. Be grateful that she loves and respects us enough to have told us the truth and just accept that,” the neurosurgeon begged.

James sighed and he was about to say something, but Ann suddenly latched onto him. She pled with him once more while gripping him with desperation. Her hold was so tight that it made him nervous, almost frightened. What did she know, he wondered. What had she witnessed to put her in such a state?

“I’ll try,” he promised in a low tone.

“Do you mean it?” she asked to be certain.

“I do,” he said with conviction. He would do anything just to make Ann feel better and to make himself stop feeling frightened.

“Thank you,” she whispered in a very relieved tone. She thought that his trying would not be good for just Kim, but also for him. He needed to try for their whole family.

James only nodded and Ann released him. They stared at each other for a moment and then James stepped out into the living room. He looked at the rather enthusiastic group as they went back to suggesting all kinds of madcap things for the security system. He expected that from the boys, but he was surprised to see Shego just as into it as they were.

“Lasers solve everything,” Wade declared.

“Yeah, and mirrors defeat lasers all the damn time,” Shego argued.

“She makes a point,” the twins agreed.

“You know a lot about mirrors defeating lasers, huh?” Wade teased Shego, undoubtedly referring to her years with Drakken.

“I also know a lot about plasma burning off eyebrows,” she replied. Before she could add a threat to her comment, the twins were up and running again with ideas.

“Oh, pit of fire!” Jim exclaimed out of nowhere.

“Missiles!” Tim added in.

“Sounds like you’re all living in a comic book,” James remarked as he joined the group.

They all looked up at him from their spaces on the floor. The guys were happy for his presence, assuming that he had come to help. Shego was not sure what to make of his presence, but when he sat down near his sons and started looking over the blueprints, she guessed that everything was fine. James did begin to assist in mapping out the security system, but it was a long road ahead of him considering the people that he was working with, especially his sons.

For a moment, Shego considered talking with James, but she decided against it. She thought that initiating a conversation with him about his problems would indicate that she was in the wrong when she did not think that she was. He had to deal with his issues on his own and in his own way, like everyone else did that knew about the relationship. She did not need to prove herself to him, especially since Kim was with her and Bonnie. They had Kim and he was the one that was going to have to work to bring her back into his life. So, Shego decided that James was not really any of her concern.

Construction on the building went by quickly while Kim and Shego got back into the groove of teaching their classes. They were both quite happy to be back teaching. Kim’s classes seemed to be glad to learn something, even though they did voice some sadness in the fact that the Wegos were gone. Apparently, the kids thought that the twins were fun, but they liked Kim just like before.

Shego was a bit apprehensive around her class at first because she thought all of the new faces were there thanks to her mother. Once she found out that was not the case, she easily slid back into her role as teacher, loving every second of it, especially since the students responded to her in the same away as always. The old students that she had from before the vacation were just like she remembered; they were smartasses, which only made her more comfortable with things.

Bonnie started things at her new firm and found herself disliking her job, even though what she expected happened. She had to do grunt work for the most part. They treated her as if she was fresh out of law school. It was not pleasing, but she was willing to bear through it. She still thought that it was the best gift that Shego had ever given her. She did not even have time to be bitter over that since she was seeing to their new home going up. She was quite pleased with things as far as the building went when it was done.

The trio spent the first night in their new home as soon as they possibly could. There was nothing on the top floor, just hardwood floors. They just brought a few blankets to camp out on the floor. They all laid down together, cuddled up together, and were about to drift off to sleep when they heard a noise.

“Oh, test for the security system!” Shego squealed with delight as she got up and ran to the window to see what was going on. Kim and Bonnie followed her while deciding against saying anything about the voice that just escaped her.

They looked down to see a few people actually scouting the building. Judging from the cameras, they guessed that the folks were reporters, looking to get some more dirt on them. It seemed that the story had not blown over as much as they hoped or the reporters were trying to stir up some more trouble.

“Watch when they go into the alley by the side of the building,” Shego said to her girls the people below them went right where she wanted them to go.

The snoopers wandered into the alley, tripping a laser trigger. The ladies watched as the invaders were all trapped in tight, sticky wires like spider-webs. Shego started laughing and it took a moment for her lovers to join in.

“That was priceless,” Bonnie commented.

“The best thing is that they’ll be there all night…well, if I’m nice about things,” Shego remarked with a devilish smirk.

“Good job on the security system,” Kim congratulated the pale woman.

“You should see what happens if they try the door,” Shego said with a laugh.

Stay tuned, more on the way. Ideas to keep the story going are always appreciated.

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