In the Middle

Chapter 8



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TITLE: Purgatory

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: Shego wants Kim. Bonnie wants Kim. Kim wants them both. Who's going to have her way? Probably Kim because she can do anything.

TYPE: Kim, Shego, Other, Slash, Threesome

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Note: Thanks to Nuki Mouse for the ideas behind this chapter. The Humbug, the beginning of this is just for you.

Words: 15556

A/N: I just need to remind you guys that this is an independent fic, so when I bring up Shego’s family, it’s not the same family from the Walking the Line saga, even though Isabel is in that story too.

Bonnie never saw it coming. Shego could understand that considering the fact that she did not see Bonnie coming. It did not even matter who missed what because the blow landed squarely on a very unintended mark. The hit could not be cleaner if Shego did mean it. Bonnie’s head snapped to the side before she ended up being laid out on the mats.

“Motherfucker,” the tanned lawyer muttered as she hit the canvas. It was then her green-skinned girlfriend realized just what happened.

“Oh my fucking god, babe, I’m so sorry!” Shego apologized as she fell to Bonnie’s side.

The pale woman had just accidentally punched Bonnie in the face. The slender lawyer was rolling around on the mat and holding her eye. She breathed in a hissing inhale to cut back the horrible pain that she was feeling at the moment. Shego gathered her turquoise-eyed lover up in her arms while apologizing over and over again.

“Oh god, love, I’m so damn sorry,” Shego said again while standing up and taking Bonnie into the back to get a look at her eye.

Kim was going to ask what was going on as her lovers passed her, but she did not say anything as they seemed to be having an emergency at the moment. The three were at their martial arts school. There were no classes being held at the moment since it was past closing time. They were still there because they were trying to get into the habit of working out a little bit after work to include Bonnie. They were trying to teach her some moves, so she could defend herself if they were not around to do that for her.

Shego had actually been teaching Bonnie before the incident that just happened. But, Bonnie stepped away to take a phone call and Shego decided to do some shadow boxing. She happened to turn around at the wrong moment, which was when Bonnie was coming back, and that was when Shego’s fist made the acquaintance of Bonnie’s eye. Shego was still apologizing to the slightly dazed Bonnie.

Kim was going to go see what was going on with her lovers, but then she noticed someone at the door; well, actually there was someone at the front window, peering in. She went to go see what the person wanted. After all, they could always use new students.

“Hi, can I help you?” Kim asked as she opened the front door.

Before her stood a young man that appeared about her age. He looked like a surfer with dirty blonde hair that fell to his shoulders. He had a stud in his lip. He was smiling in a rather friendly manner and his hazel eyes sparkled with kindness. He was dressed in baggy dark blue jeans with a zebra-stripped shirt that was sky blue and white.

“Hey, my name is Sherm Hamilton. I’m looking for the people that run this place,” he informed her; his voice matched his expression, sounding very friendly.

“Well, I’m one of them. Kim Possible,” she introduced herself in a professional tone.

“Cool,” he said while offering his hand for her to shake, which she did. They exchanged a firm, but pleasant handshake.

“So, what can I do for you?” she inquired with an eyebrow arched in curiosity.

“Oh, I’m from Kick magazine,” he answered with a sheepish laugh. He could not believe that he forgot to include that bit of information.

Kim’s face showed pure shock. “No kidding,” she muttered. “Kick” was one of the most popular martial arts magazines in the world. She wondered what he was doing there.

“No kidding,” he said with another smile and he showed her his identification to prove that he was who he claimed to be.

“Wow,” Kim mumbled. She was clearly impressed and awed.

“So, I’m here to talk to you about the school and what you do and teach,” he reported, making circular hand movements for no other reason aside for the fact that he sometimes got caught up talking with his hands.

The redheaded hero was about to respond, but she heard yelling from the back; well, shrieking would probably be a more accurate term. She glanced back there and wondered what her lovers were getting into now. The shouting did not sound like their usual arguments though, so she decided to go check it out.

“Excuse me for a moment,” Kim said to their guest. “Um…feel free to sit down,” she informed him while motioning to a wall on the far end of the room that had a row of chairs to sit in.

Sherm took her up on the offer. He sat down while the redhead retreated into the back to see what was going on. Kim gasped because the first sight that she saw was Bonnie’s eye, which was bruising heavily already. Bonnie was holding an emergency icepack in her hand, but she did not have it pressed against her injured eye.

“Bonnie, what the hell happened to your eye?” Kim inquired.

“She hit me!” Bonnie hollered, sounding as if she was a tattling child. She even pointed a well manicured finger at Shego.

“I didn’t mean it!” the pale woman insisted, flinging her arms out to the sides, like that made her more believable. She was just a bit animated now because Bonnie was making it seem like she clocked the lawyer on purpose and with malicious intent.

“Like hell you didn’t!” Bonnie barked, trying her best to not cry, but she was doing a poor job at holding it in. Tears were falling from her good eye.

“Oh god, no, don’t cry, lovely,” Shego pled while falling to her knees in front of Bonnie. She put her hands around Bonnie’s waist and rubbed her back. The tanned female turned away. “Demon child, please,” the green-skinned woman begged for forgiveness.

Shego felt horrible and Bonnie was not helping by thinking that she had hit her on purpose. She wished that Bonnie would just believe her that it was an accident and she was extremely sorry for what she had done. It hurt to know that her lover thought the worst of her immediately when it was really just a mistake.

Kim could not believe what she was seeing or hearing. Shego had hit Bonnie in the face? And Bonnie believed it was on purpose? Whoa, she hoped that was just the heat of the moment and the pain talking or else there were some major trust issues that Bonnie needed to work out with Shego.

“Baby,” Kim said as she said down next to the physically injured female.

Bonnie focused on Kim as best she could through her one good eye while the other one was rapidly swelling and closing completely. Shego looked back and forth between the both of them. The eldest of the trio hoped that Kim did not believe that she had done such a terrible thing on purpose. Kim reached out and caressed the side of Bonnie’s face.

“Baby, calm down,” the redhead said in a soothing tone.

“But…” Bonnie sniffled, trying to stop her tears from falling. She hated crying, but damn it, it hurt a lot.

“I know it hurts and I know you’re upset about it, but you know as well as I do that Shego would never hit you on purpose,” Kim said in an understanding, yet logical tone.

“She did,” the lawyer insisted through her tears.

“No, you know she didn’t. I mean, look at her,” Kim instructed Bonnie and she motioned to Shego, who looked on the verge of tears herself. “That’s not the face of a woman that hit you on purpose,” the hero argued.

“I didn’t. I swear,” the former thief persisted with vigor when Bonnie graced her with a glance. “I didn’t know you were coming back over, I swear. I’m so sorry, really.”

Bonnie did not respond, but she did not turn away. Shego took the icepack from her and held it to Bonnie’s eye for her. The tanned woman continued crying because her eye did hurt like hell and she pushed herself into Shego’s arms, showing that she had let go of the ridiculous notion that Shego had hit her on purpose. It was just a heat of the moment thought that was coupled with the throbbing agony in her eye.

“I’m so sorry, demon child,” Shego apologized again while returning the embrace from Bonnie. She continued to hold the icepack on Bonnie’s eye too while turning her attention to Kim and mouthing “thank you” to the redhead.

Kim only smiled; it was no big to her to settle things between her lovers. She hoped that Bonnie’s eye did not look as bad as she thought it was going to look, though. Bonnie did have to go to work in the morning. She did not even want to think about what people might end up saying if they saw Bonnie with a shiner.

“Um…not to sound insensitive or anything like that, but there’s a guy out there from Kick magazine. He wants to talk to us about the school,” Kim informed Shego.

“Kick magazine?” Shego echoed in a puzzle voice. Why would someone from such a big-shot magazine want to talk to them about their little, rinky-dink school? Oh, she knew the answer to that. “Damn it, Mommy,” she muttered to herself. She knew that Isabel had pulled a few strings more than likely, trying to get their school some recognition.

“You want to talk to him?” Kim asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be out there in a second. You go keep him company,” the green-skinned female replied. She had something more important to do, after all.

The redheaded hero nodded to show that she understood. She left Shego with Bonnie and returned to Sherm. He was staring around the school from his seat. She suddenly wished that they had stuff on the walls or something, anything that would make it look like they had some substance to their school.

“Mister Hamilton,” Kim said to call attention to herself.

“Whoa, call me Sherm. It’s the best name I got,” he remarked with a smile while turning his attention back to her.

“Okay, and you can call me Kim,” she replied.

“No problem on that. So, where’s your partner? I heard two people ran this place. I also heard you do it well,” he commented.

Kim blushed a bit from the compliment. “We had a little situation. She’ll be out here in a moment. Is there anything I can do while we wait for her?” she asked politely.

“Well, I guess you can tell me about the school for the most part, even though I wanted to talk to you together, make this like an interview along with an article on your school,” he explained.

Kim nodded. She told him about the school while waiting for Shego to come out to the front. She started off by explaining what kind of students they had. She talked about her classes mostly, even though she did bring up the forms that Shego taught to her students. She explained that they did not really teach one style of kung-fu, but blends that they used when they were fighting. Their students seemed to like their styles, though.

Kim finished a sentence before turning to acknowledge Shego, who she just knew was coming her way, even though she had her back facing the direction that Shego was coming from. The former thief walked over to the pair and was set to introduce herself, but Sherm beat her to it. He beat her to it in a way that she did not like either.

“You must be Sheshona,” Sherm said.

Shego was so stunned to hear her real name that she could not even respond and her shock showed very clearly on her face. Kim had to hold in a chuckle. She could tell from the look in Shego’s eyes that the pale woman was cursing someone out mentally. Kim suspected that it was Sherm that the former villainess was cursing out in her head, but it was actually Isabel. Shego disliked it when someone knew her real name and she was not the one that told that person.

“My mother sent you, didn’t she?” Shego inquired with a growl.

“Well, if your mother is Isabel—” Sherm could not even finish his sentence.

“No, don’t even say her fucking name. I can’t believe that she would just spring this shit on us out of the blue,” Shego huffed while folding her arms across her chest. She was more irked that her mother had told the people at Kick magazine her real name more than anything else. The school could use such great publicity, but no one needed to know what her real name was unless she was the one informing them.

“Should I come back another time then?” Sherm inquired curiously because of Shego’s hostile statement. Suddenly, he did not feel so welcomed at the small school.

“No, it’s fine,” Shego replied, trying to rein in her annoyance. It was not his fault anyway. It was her mother’s fault.

“That’s incredible that your mother—” Sherm started to say, but Shego cut him off.

“No, no, no, I don’t want to hear anything about that damned woman. You bring her up, I’ll throw you out,” the green-skinned woman stated quite seriously while motioning to the front window to let him know what he would be getting thrown out of.

Sherm could tell that she was promising him that and she meant it in a literal fashion, not figuratively. He decided to go on with his interview. Part way through, Bonnie wandered out to the front, not enjoying being alone in the back with a bumping headache and pained eye. She had the icepack still pressed to her eye and went over to her lovers. The third person surprised Sherm.

“Oh, this is our silent partner, Bonnie Rockwaller. She keeps us from going out of business,” Kim remarked when Bonnie came over.

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Sherm Hamilton,” he said while extending his hand to Bonnie, making sure to offer his left hand since her right hand was occupied. They shook hands.

“Sherm?” Bonnie echoed. She had never heard such a name before and she really hoped that she never did again. It was not pleasant sounding to her ears.

“My real name’s Sherman. Would you want to tell that to people and then have them call you that?” he remarked with an amused smile.

Shego definitely could understand that since she did not want people calling her “Sheshona.” So, now, the trio spoke back and forth with Sherm, answering his questions for the most part. They did not speak for that long since the ladies did want to get home soon. Sherm was invited to come back and talk with them tomorrow and how ever many days he needed to finish his article. He also requested that they let him take come pictures, but they told him that they would only do that when Bonnie’s eye healed if he wanted all of them in the picture. He did want a picture of all of them because they seemed like very close business associates and he thought it would be nice to show a group of women doing what they were doing, running a business rather well, even though the school was still relatively small.

Once Sherm took his leave, the ladies changed into their street clothes and locked up the school. It was a good thing that they only took one car when they worked, so Bonnie did not have to drive home with her eye swollen shut. When they did get home and settled in, Shego went back to apologizing for the accident. She even tried to make up for it by making Bonnie some tea and getting her fig newtons, which was something that Kim typically did.

“Sweetheart, it’s all right,” Bonnie insisted, even though she did like that Shego was fussing over her. She wished that it was for another reason, though.

The pale woman did not pay her much mind. Bonnie only got Shego to stop when she put on the soap operas that they watched. Once the show was on, Shego stopped whatever she was doing and sat down on the sofa to watch. Bonnie cuddled into the green-skinned woman. They then realized that they were missing someone.

“Kimmie, you still in the shower?” Shego hollered through the house.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Kim replied, knowing that they were watching the soaps. She was actually not a fan, but she watched with them to be close with them.

The redhead joined them on the sofa. She noticed her spot against Shego was taken, which did not bother her. She merely leaned against Bonnie. They were all content together, even though Bonnie’s eye was still throbbing in agony. Shego took care of dinner that night to cut Bonnie a break, which did not bother Bonnie since every now and than Shego did cook. Kim took care of Bonnie while Shego made their meal. They had a pretty quiet evening once Shego stopped apologizing every few minutes.

(Next day)

Bonnie frowned as she got off of the elevator to the floor that her firm was located on. The expression on her face told everyone “ask about my eye and die a slow, painful, miserable death.” No one did say anything with her around about the dark purple bruise around her swollen eye, but it did quickly breed rumors. It rapidly got to the point where Bonnie was summoned by one of the named partners in the firm to talk about what happened to her, all before the lunch break.

“It was just an accident that happened in a self-defense course I’m taking,” Bonnie explained to her boss once he inquired about her eye.

“Okay, can’t have one of our best lawyers getting into bar room brawls or things like that,” the middle-aged man commented, his voice was not humorous, but it was not serious either.

“Bar room brawls?” Bonnie echoed as if she did not understand. She knew that the chickens that she worked with were squawking about her eye behind her back, but she did not think that they would come up with something so outlandish.

“Or was it a street fight over a parking space?”

“It was nothing of the sort!” Bonnie huffed indignantly. “It was merely an accident that happened in my self-defense class and nothing more.”

“Good to know. I was worried that maybe your boyfriend had crossed the line. Either way, that eye looks rather painful. Maybe you should take a couple of days off and let it clear up.”

“Yes, sir.” Bonnie knew that she was actually being dismissed because he did not want clients coming in and seeing one of the firm’s leading attorneys, leading female attorneys at that, sporting a terrible black eye. It just would not look good for the firm.

The injured female did take some time off to let her eye heal. She continued to meet up with her lovers at their school at the end of the day though because Sherm kept coming by to interview them. At first, Bonnie felt like she was imposing herself on her lovers’ venture, but they assured her that they wanted her around because their school would not even exist if it was not for her. Sherm seemed to like speaking with all three of them anyway.

Sherm seemed even more pleased when he saw that Bonnie’s eye was healed, so now he could take pictures of them all around the school. He was his own photographer, so they did not have to put up with anyone else being around them. He took a lot of pictures, especially when Kim and Shego were teaching classes.

He spoke to some of their students, even Kim’s little ones, with their parents’ permission of course. He also spoke with the parents. Everyone seemed to love the teachers and the atmosphere of the school along with the lessons. He doubted that he had ever run into such enthusiastic folks when it came to talking about their teachers, the teachers’ methods, and the lessons. He was glad that he had gotten the assignment.

“Well, ladies, I’ve had a great time hanging out with you and interjecting myself into your lives, but this is the end of the road here,” Sherm commented. He was standing by the front door, about to depart.

“When should we expect to see the article?” Kim asked curiously. The trio had been kind enough to walk him to the door.

“Give it a couple of months. I’ll call you guys or maybe I’ll call Isabel—” Sherm started, but Shego cut him off, as he expected.

“Why the hell do you keep saying that woman’s damn name?” Shego huffed as if it pained her to hear her mother’s name.

“Either way, you guys’ll know when the article comes out,” he informed them.

They nodded and felt that was good enough. Sherm took his leave after bidding them farewell. The ladies got on with their usual lives while waiting to hear from Sherm. Bonnie was back at work and going strong, even though there were still rumors going around about how she got that black eye. Kim and Shego went on teaching their classes, although some of their students were curious as to what happened to Sherm.

(New day)

Kim was about to go downstairs to get Shego, so they could meet Bonnie for lunch, but she was held up. The Kimmunicator started going off. She reached into her pocket and gave Wade her usual greeting of “What’s the sitch?”

“You just got a hit on your site,” he informed her.

“Something that needs my immediate attention?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. She hated when she had to run out on her girlfriends for missions. She felt like it sent the message that she did not care about them as much as she cared about being a hero, which was far from the case; they never thought that either.

“No, actually. It’s a girl requesting that you come speak at her high school in about a month,” he answered.

“Oh, that sounds nice. Can you do the scheduling and everything for me?” she requested in a polite tone.

“You know I can. I’ll get back to you with that. How’d things go with that guy from Kick magazine?” he asked curiously because they were friends. He wanted to know what was going on in his friend’s life.

“Everything went pretty good. He said he’s call us when the article and everything came out. How’s everything going with you? GJ still trying to get you to work for them?” she countered.

“Man, the amount of money and equipment they’re tempting me with is sick. I’m only human, Kim,” he replied with a laugh, which got a chuckle of out of her.

“Princess, what’s the hold up?” Shego hollered from downstairs.

“Oops, Wade, I’ve got to go. I’m getting in trouble,” Kim reported with a bright smile, especially for someone that was supposed to be getting in trouble.

“Don’t let Shego push you around too much,” Wade replied, laughing more as they disconnected the communication.

Wade did not know the nature of Kim’s relationship with Shego, but he knew that they hung around each other lot. He figured that they had a business relationship since they had the school together. He was not even sure how they had worked themselves into a relationship enough to open a school together and he never asked because he finally understood that everything in the world was not his business.

Kim ran downstairs and she left with Shego. They went to go have lunch with Bonnie as usual. Their lives did go on as normal, almost as if they forgot about Sherm even showing up.

(New day)

“Wow, Sherm, those are some nice photos you got there,” a young woman commented as she popped her head over his cubical divider. Sherm was going through his pictures from when he was at Kim and Shego’s school. He was trying to figure out which ones he wanted to use to accompany his article.

“Yeah, that’s why it’s so hard to figure out which ones to use,” Sherm replied in an almost absent voice, like he hardly knew that she was there.

“Whoa, do you know who that is?” the young woman asked when she caught sight of Shego in one of the pictures.

“Sheshona Go,” he answered in a distant tone. He was not paying his coworker too much mind because he was really focused on his job. His article had been loved by the editor and it was going to be the main article in an upcoming issue if he could only get his pictures together. He was now really glad that he had been given the assignment because he was certain that it was going to advance his career, plus he was pretty sure that he was going to be helping some ladies that he thought deserved it. That school needed some recognition from the way the students talked about it.

“You’re kidding, right?” she asked him in a deadpan tone. He really did not know who that was in the picture? She could not believe it. She guessed that he never watched the news or anything when he was younger.

“Scary ass woman, but I hear her mother’s the same,” Sherm commented. He had never had the pleasure of meeting Isabel; his editor knew her and that was how Isabel had turned the magazine’s attention to her daughter’s school. But, he doubted that Isabel could be as bad as her daughter was.

“Where’d you get these pictures?” the coworker inquired curiously when she saw him put aside a picture of Shego with Kim. They were facing off to spar, but they were smiling like friends, she noted.

“Over at this new little school called the Enriching Green Lotus. It’s run by Kim Possible, Sheshona Go, and their silent partner Bonnie Rockwaller,” he answered.

“You’re kidding, right?” she inquired in disbelief. Kim Possible had a school with Shego? He had to be lying, she thought.

“Nah, it’s really nice too, Tina. They need some press to get some people over there and they could get some junk on the walls,” he remarked with a chuckle. He really did think that they needed things to hang on their walls, which he supposed would come when they started getting a steady flow of students.

His coworker, Tina, did not say anything further and disappeared back over the divider. Sherm did not think anything of it. He had his work ahead of him after all, and he really needed to get it right. Not only could his career be made by the project, but if he got it wrong in someway, Shego might come after him and he really did not want to give her an excuse to do that.

Tina was busy sitting at her desk and pulling out her camera. She was willing to bet that a picture of the Kim Possible with the supposedly dead villainess Shego would be a good way to pick up some spare change, especially since they were running a school together. She just knew that she had to get some shots and it get them out before Sherm published his stuff in the upcoming magazine. So, the first chance that she got, she was off to the Enriching Green Lotus.

Tina glanced into the window to see that Kim and Shego were sparring with each other since their students had gone home for the day. They seemed to be seriously going at it and Kim ended up pinning Shego. Kim grinned over Shego, rubbing in her victory as far as the older woman was concerned. Shego frowned; was she still out of shape? She liked to think that she was getting back into form, especially since she got Bonnie to stop trying to spoil her every single day.

Kim leaned down and kissed Shego to get her to stop scowling just because she got pinned. They did not know they had an audience obviously and their audience was shocked. The reporter/spy was so stunned by what she just witness that she did not even snap a picture; she at least had the presence of mind to remain quiet and out of sight. Tina hoped and prayed to whatever divine being was listening that they did that again because she was pretty sure that a picture like that would sell for a lot more than some spare change. Hell, it could possibly make her rich.

Shego flipped Kim off of her and they went back to sparring. The reporter had to duck out of sight completely after a few minutes because Bonnie showed up. When Bonnie entered the scene things got even crazier as far as the reporter was concerned because she exchanged a romantic kiss with both Kim and Shego. Tina was able to snap photos of that, which she almost wanted to celebrate, but she knew that she had to be quiet.

“What the fuck?” Shego muttered because she could have sworn that she saw a flash of light by the front door. She looked through the big display window, but did not see anything. She turned to her lovers. “Was that just me or did you guys see that too?” she asked.

“No, I saw it too,” Kim agreed while looking through the window too, but she did not see anything either.

“That was weird,” Bonnie commented with a perplexed face because she had also noticed the flash.

Shego decided to go look outside because that was really odd. She opened the door, which had window on the top of it and that was where the reporter took her picture from, and she looked up and down the street. There was no one around. Weird, she thought. Tina had ducked into an alley by the building.

“Somebody there?” Kim asked, motioning to the door with her hand.

“No, nobody was there,” Shego answered, shutting the door and turning her attention back to her girlfriends.

“That was weird,” Bonnie repeated because it was.

“Maybe it was just a passing car or something,” the redhead offered, even though the light did not seem like the beams from a car’s headlights. She just wanted to give up another explanation to make what happened seem less creepy.

“That light wasn’t from a passing car,” Shego replied while going back over to the hero and the lawyer. The light that they saw did not have the same properties as the headlights of a passing car. It went by too quickly. A passing car’s lights would have lingered for a moment rather than blinked through like that light had. So, what the hell was that light?

“Let’s let it go. It’s was just a light,” Bonnie pointed out.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go get into your sweats, so we can get to this,” Shego told Bonnie while pointing to the locker room.

Bonnie made a mocking face, even though she was going to obey the order. They tried not to bring up “the accident” anymore because it would lead to Shego apologizing a lot. She wanted to make it perfectly clear that she honestly had not known that Bonnie was there, which her girlfriends believed, but she still felt the need to insist that it was an accident, just in case. So, to not have to go through that, they did not bring it up.

Tina was ready to do a dance because of the pictures that she got. She could not believe her luck. She had just come out there to steal a little bit of Sherm’s story and it would seem that good fortune shone on her brighter than the sun on a tropical beach. First, she thought that she had been lucky to see THE Kim Possible kissing Shego, but then to see that other woman come in and kiss both of them was beyond good fortune. It was like destiny.

Now, she planned to do some digging around because she was certain that she had stumbled across the mother load of all stories, especially since she was pretty sure that she was the only person that knew about what looked very much like a lesbian threesome. Yes, it required further investigation. She needed to uncover as much as she possibly could and milk it for all it was worth before any vultures could out and came to pick the story clean like the carcass of dead gazelle.

So, now she had to go find out who that third woman was along with whatever information she could pick up and Kim and Shego and why they were together. Oh, she was so giddy, even though she had to admit that she felt a bit guilty over what she was doing. She was about the same age as Kim and had looked up to the hero when she was a teenager. It always amazed her that Kim could do all the fantastic things and have such awe-inspiring adventures at such a young age. But, there was a story to tell and she was a reporter. Hey, the people had a right to know things about a public figure like Kim and also a potentially dangerous person like Shego. She was doing a public service.

(New day)

“Oh, dear lord,” Doctor Ann Possible muttered as she walked by the newsstand that was located near the hospital that she worked in. She could not believe her eyes and she could only wonder the outcome of what she was witnessing. She could only imagine Shego’s reaction.

“What the fuck is this bullshit!” Shego roared as she tore a newspaper away from one of her morning students.

“I told you not to bring it in here,” a young woman whispered to her boyfriend while their teacher stared in disbelief at what was on the front page.

“Well, I didn’t think it looked like them, so I wanted to know,” he replied, explaining why he had brought the paper to class in the first place. He did not think that the front page picture was of the people it claimed to be of, namely Kim and Shego.

The front page picture was actually two pictures separated by a diagonal line. One picture showed Kim kissing Shego; the background was too blurry for Shego to tell where the picture was taken. The other picture showed Kim kissing Bonnie. Both kisses were obviously romantic in nature and then the headline had the nerve to read in huge, bold type “Great Hero Kim Possible: GAY!” Underneath it all was other text that stated “KP can’t decide between good or evil, lawyer or convict.”

“MOTHERFUCKER!” Shego hollered at the top of her lungs. She had not even turned to the article yet to see what else was said. The front page was enough for the moment since not only was the tabloid going out of its way to screw Kim over, but it would seem that they knew who she and Bonnie were.

“Shego, watch your language if you’re going to be that loud,” Kim called from the middle of the stairs. Her students could hear Shego and they were only four years old for crying out loud.

“You, come here!” Shego ordered her girlfriend. She would have kept it to herself, but she knew that Kim was going to find out eventually no matter what.

“What? I can’t just leave the kids up there on their own,” Kim pointed out, motioning to the top of the stairs with her hand.

“Sam, go watch her brats for a second,” Shego commanded one of her students. The young woman trotted off without responding. She climbed the stairs passed Kim, who was going to see what Shego wanted and possibly what was getting her all pissed off.

Kim marched over to the green-skinned woman, who held the paper up for her to see the front page. Kim’s eyes practically fell out of her head when she saw the headline. She moved faster than the speed of light it seemed to make it to Shego now and to read what the hell that paper was going on about.

“Who took these pictures!” Kim screamed in anger and disbelief when she saw the pictures that were in the paper. “Were they looking through our damn window?” she huffed.

“Holy shit, that’s in our house,” Shego realized as she looked at the pictures that were accompanying the article. The pictures had to be worse than the words because they showed intimate moments between the trio. The paper did seem to be trying to make it seem like they were not in an equal relationship, but one where Kim was going between Shego and Bonnie at her leisure.

“They can’t…they can’t…they can’t do this, can they?” Kim pled to know in a rather panicked tone. She was suddenly having trouble breathing. She had not only just been outted on a national stage, but so had her lovers. It was overwhelming, not to mention Shego being alive was now public knowledge.

“Yeah, they can and did. I think we’re in for some shit,” Shego commented and then they both seemed to come to the same realization. They were not the only ones in some shit.

“Bonnie,” they both gasped. She was possibly in the deepest shit of all and they doubted that she knew yet since they had just found out.

“Fuck!” Shego hollered while making two fists and looking up at the ceiling in despair. Kim dipped her head and lamented with a sigh. They wished that they could be there with Bonnie right now to protect her from the news.

Bonnie had gone into work as usual. She ignored almost everyone, which was something that she generally did. She hated bothering with the people at her firm. She thought they were all idiots and/or jealous of her professional bite. But, she did notice their behavior, how they whispered as she walked by or snickered or looked at her as if something about her had suddenly changed since they last saw her. Morons, she thought. It was not until she was summoned by a named partner, the same one that called her when she had the black eye, did she find out what was going on.

“Bonnie, what’s this?” he inquired while sliding a newspaper across his desk to the tanned female.

The turquoise-eyed female did not answer, but she did pick up the paper. When she saw the front page, her expression was very similar to Kim’s; her eyes nearly fell out of her skull. She quickly regained her composure and then proceeded to tear the paper open to read what the hell it had to say. She quickly scanned everything in disbelief. They had named her, full name, including a frightfully embarrassing middle name, and then had the nerve to make it seem like she was sharing Kim with Shego instead of them being within a completely equal relationship with both of them, not that the reality of their relationship would have made the article any better. She was going to sue these bastards! Not just for her, but they were slandering her baby’s good name and they were also just pointing out that Shego was alive, which could put her in grave danger. After all, a lot of villains more than likely were not pleased with Shego getting off without real punishment and she was now shacked up with Kim Possible.

Actually, the article put her and Shego in danger by linking them to Kim. Anyone that Kim pissed off in her life, which had to be a lot of people considering the fact that she had been a hero for decade more or less, now knew that they could get to Kim through Shego and Bonnie. Oh, she was definitely going to sue the bastards!

“So, Bonnie, what is that?” he asked again.

“It’s bullshit is what it is,” Bonnie answered with a furious look in her eyes. The fury blazing in her eyes had to rival the fires of Hell.

“But, that is you, kissing a woman,” he stated.

Bonnie frowned and did not answer for a moment. “It might look like me, but that could be anybody,” she pointed out.

“It looks a lot like you.”

“Yes, but this picture isn’t wearing a nametag and even if it was, I’m certain it wouldn’t read Bonnie Rockwaller,” she replied.

“But, you are friends with Kim Possible. I’ve been told you go to lunch with her and with this green woman. Now, if I look up your address and find that this article is true with you living with them, what then?”

“We’re roommates,” she answered.

“Roommates?” he echoed, his slightly wrinkled face showing a brief sign of amusement. She knew right then and there that he did not believe her and she was as good as fired.

“Yes,” she insisted.

“Bonnie, this is bad. You know how we feel about bad. This is actually very bad. Very, very bad. About a hundred times worse than when you got the black eye,” he commented while sitting back in his black leather seat.

“Sir,” she started to say. She was going to defend herself, but he was not even considering listening to her.

“Bonnie, I think it would be best if you took a leave until this whole thing blows over. The firm doesn’t need this type of attention and you do represent this firm,” he pointed out.

Bonnie snarled like an angry dog, which actually scared her boss; he thought that she might hit him or something even worse than that. She was just so pissed because she knew that she was fired, even if he wanted to call it “leave.” She had worked so hard at the firm and had every intention of becoming a partner some time soon and now she was out of that. Not to mention, she might not be able to get hired at any other firm around the nation thanks to that article. Oh, the paper was so sued!

“This leave should start immediately?” Bonnie inquired through clenched teeth.

“This very minute,” he answered.

“I thought as much. Should I just clean out my office now or would you like to string me along for little while longer before you actually fire me?” she asked. She was willing to bet that her firm was going to string her a long for while just to make sure they crossed every “t” and dot every “i” to make sure that when they fired her, she did not come back to haunt them. The last thing they wanted was for the legal rottweiler, as Bonnie was affectionately known as, to come back and bite them in the asses.

“Right now, you’re on leave.”

Bonnie frowned; she imagined that in a few days or so she would get official word that she was fired. She stormed out of the office while wondering how the hell that paper got those pictures and that information, although she did recall for the past few weeks, Kim and Shego both kept swearing it seemed like they were being watched. She dismissed it as paranoia, especially on Shego’s part, but it seemed that they had been quite right in their suspicions. Someone or ones had been spying on them.

Why was it always something! Bonnie was starting to think that Fate was just against her, Kim, and Shego having a decent relationship. First, they all had to get comfortable being together and then when they did that, they had to deal with Global Justice kidnapping Shego and psychologically torturing her for days. After Global Justice, they had to deal with Drakken being alive and kidnapping her while trying to kill Shego and Kim. After that, they had to deal with the worst mess of all, namely Kim’s parents finding out about their little trio and handling the news just short of “extremely fucked up.” They were only just getting back to normal, not just in behavior, but also in weight and health, and now they had a new Hell to contend with.

She dared considered that Fate was trying to send them a message. Maybe they were not meant to be together. She was not sure what was meant to be, but they seemed to be going through so much and she did not think that it was fair. Maybe something beyond them just did not want them to be together.

The thought did not have much time to remain on her mind as she noticed the stares from her coworkers. She decided not to pay them any mind and exit the place with the same powerful grace that she came in with every morning. They could think what they wanted to think and say what they wanted to say. No matter what she went through at least she had two wonderful women that she could go home to every night that made her feel as if she was an empress. It was that that made her forget all about Fate trying to send them a message. She had a message too: Fuck Fate.

She got on the elevator, leaving behind the foolishness that was the only job that she had ever known. She hopped in her car, thankful that she had been the one to drive that day, and went right to the Enriching Green Lotus. She looked in the window, seeing that Shego was teaching a class. She entered anyway, but did not disturb the class. Shego noticed her tanned girlfriend, but she did not say anything.

Once the class was done, the three lovers met up and sat around in the backroom. It was like an office area equipped with a wooden desk at the back of the room and three chairs lined up against the side wall. It was the lunch hour and they would not have classes for another couple of hours. They did not say anything for a long while, only staring at each other. They knew what they should talk about, but they could not seem to broach the subject.

“Guys, I’m pretty sure I got fired today,” Bonnie decided to say. She did not put much emotion into her voice despite working at that firm had been the only real work that she had known and she had made plenty of plans for being there in the future.

“I only had two students in my second morning class,” Kim chimed in with her own depressing news. She sounded a bit angry and that was only because she was controlling herself. She was outraged that her class had only had two students in it, especially since she knew why. She could not believe that people believed everything that they read in the papers. It was not even a real paper. It was a tabloid for crying out loud!

“My class was fine,” Shego commented with a bit of a laugh. Despite the fact that a lot of her students either came in with the paper or were talking about the article, they all did show up. A few of them having the nerve to weigh in, saying that Kim should pick Shego over Bonnie because their teacher was “a total badass.” Obviously, they did not know Bonnie.

“Your students show up stoned half the time,” Kim said, as if that explained why they showed up.

“Don’t get mad because my group is open-minded. A lot of them just argued over the pictures, saying they didn’t really look like us. Those pictures are us, though, right?” Shego asked just to be sure.

“Hell yeah. One of them is in our damn kitchen,” Bonnie pointed out.

“I thought that looked a lot like our kitchen,” Shego replied with a nod. “What the fuck, man? How the fuck didn’t we notice someone taking pictures and wandering around our own fucking house?” she wondered out loud in disbelief. She rubbed her face with her hands in frustration. Her mother was going to fucking disown her when Isabel found out that she had been spied on and had not known about it.

“We were trying to get back into our groove,” Bonnie answered.

Kim and Shego nodded. Lately, they had been trying to work their relationship back to the way it was before Kim left and they had all fallen apart like a toothpick house. They had fixed the relationship, but obviously it distracted them from an important issue of someone actually snapping pictures of them in the privacy of their own home.

“What are we going to do about this?” Kim asked because she was at loss. It seemed like the storm was out of the bottle and there was no way that they were going to be able to get it back in.

“Sue,” Bonnie stated the obvious. She was suing, there were no if, ands, or buts about that one.

“That isn’t going to make it go away,” the redhead pointed out while rubbing her temples a bit as if she was trying to fight an oncoming headache.

“Nothing is going to make this go away,” the green-skinned woman grumbled. They were all so screwed. “I should just go up to this place and kick the ass of every fucking staff member there,” she declared quite seriously.

“That’s just going to make things worse,” Kim and Bonnie chimed in simultaneously.

“I’d feel a lot fucking better, though. This is some serious shit this thing has got us in, especially you two. This could ruin your lives. It already got you fired,” Shego stated angrily while motioning fiercely toward Bonnie with her hand.

“Look, let’s just be calm about this. I mean, how bad could it really be?” Kim wondered aloud. Her lovers just looked at her with deadpanned expressions; she could not really be that optimistic, they thought.

They later found out how bad it was. There were reporters of all kinds parked outside of their home. Some of their neighbors were also outside of their home and they were not looking mighty neighborly, shouting about how they wanted the “immoral lesbians” out of their neighborhood. Shego decided to get rid of their unwanted company.

“Everyone has five seconds to get off our fucking lawn or it’s going to be impossible for you to have open casket funerals!” Shego snarled while flaring her hands, which quickly got rid of everyone. The people scattered like roaches when the lights came on.

The trio went inside to find out that they were on every news and gossip channel that cable television provided. They really did not know what they should do. They did not have much time to think either as the phone started ringing. It turned out to be Isabel calling to check on them. Right after that, the Kimmunicator went off and that happened to be Ann calling to check on them.

It was through Isabel and Ann that they learned even radio show hosts were talking about them. No one had anything really decent to say either. A lot of them were talking about how they suspected Kim was gay anyway for various reasons, mostly due to the fact that she did adventures and knew how to fight. A few people were commenting about her relationship with Shego and how it was probably the reason she captured Shego all those times; apparently, the super-powered female had not wanted to hurt “her little girlfriend” at the time. And lastly, some of the people were actually calling them immoral degenerates and saying that it was people like them that dragged the whole country down. It was being suggested that they should be kicked out of town.

“Fuck them,” Shego decided. She did not give damn what anyone said. She had her girls, she had her life, and she had her classes. She was happy and she was not going to let anyone make her feel bad for being happy. So, fuck them.

The phone calls of the evening did not end with Isabel and Ann. Everyone was suddenly calling them, friends, family, and, of course, the media. They did not want to talk about it, so they did not answer the phone. Eventually, they even unplugged the phone to not have to bother with the irksome ringing noise.

“James, don’t you think this is terrible?” Ann said to her husband as they watched the news together. Their relationship had been a little bumpy ever since Ann accepted Kim’s lifestyle while James seemed to still think that the trio was wrong. The news seemed to be about nothing more than their daughter and her two girlfriends and Ann was a little worried about them.

James did not have an answer at the moment. He did not like how Kim’s business was being aired coast to coast and what was being said about the woman that had saved the world countless times without asking for anything in return, but he actually agreed with some of the arguments to a degree. Socially speaking, he did not think that Kim’s relationship was right, but morally speaking, he was starting not to see a problem with it considering what some of the people were saying. He had already heard the words “sinful,” “degenerate,” “whore,” and many others like that more times than he ever needed to in reference to his daughter. She was none of those things, after all.

“Maybe it’ll blow over,” James finally replied. He did not know what else to say. Of course he thought what was happening was terrible considering the fact that it could destroy Kim and Bonnie. He might not agree with their lifestyle, but they were two fine young women that did not deserve to have their personal business out in the world like that.

“Blow over?” Ann echoed with an expression of sheer disbelief.

“There has got to be a bigger story out there somewhere than who Kimmie-cub goes to bed with,” he offered in hopeful tone. He would pray that there was a bigger story out there and that someone found that story very soon.

“Let’s hope,” she agreed. Maybe somewhere there was a bigger story, but sex was what sold and at the moment, Kim’s life seemed to be all about a sex scandal. A lesbian, polygamous sex scandal at that, so it might take some time for something big enough to push that out of the news, if there was something big enough to push that out of the news.

(New day)

“They still out there?” Kim asked curiously. She was speaking to Bonnie, who was standing at the window in their house and looking out into the front yard.

“They’re still there and more are coming,” Bonnie reported.

Their front lawn was covered in reporters and neighbors that wanted them out of the neighborhood. People were actually protesting with picket signs right on their front lawn. Shego had turned the sprinklers on them earlier to get everyone to leave just so she could make it out to her car to go food shopping for them. They could only hope that she did not assault someone while she was out.

“This is damn ridiculous,” Bonnie commented while shaking her head. She did not know what to make of everything that was happening. Surely there were bigger issues in the world than what they did when they got home, but everyone was making it seem as though they were the only problem in the universe at the moment.

Kim could only agree. They had been getting reporters on the lawn along with protestors since that stupid tabloid published that they had a lesbian love-triangle going on. The protestors were worse than the reporters. The reporters were only looking for a story; the protestors were looking to ride them out of town because of what they did in their own home. Well, it was not really their home since they rented it.

They had also been getting calls from their landlord, who was talking about getting them out of the house because of the news stories coming out about them and he was worried about his property possibly being damaged. The stories were not as detailed as that first article, but they were getting stories from the neighbors about the trio and confirming things like how long the ladies lived together and junk like that. They had tried that at the school, but the students that stayed were not giving up anything about their teachers. Kim and Shego were touched by the loyalty of the students they had left, especially when it came to the parents of the younger students. They had been told to hang in there and the teachers promised to do just that while assuring their students that nothing was going to happen to the school, no matter what happened to them.

Other than their landlords, they were getting calls from other people, some encouraging and some not. Ron called immediately when he heard about what was going on. Kim took the time to explain everything to him and although he was his usual excitable self, he was extremely understanding about things. Kim and Ron tended to be understanding of each other, even if they did something weird by the other’s standards, partly because they did not want to strain their friendship any more than the distance between them was already doing. Ron was working at a world class restaurant in California as a chef. He was there mostly because that was where Yori moved when she took up residency in the United States.

After getting the full story, Ron now mostly called just to check up on the trio, much like Isabel and Ann. He offered several times to fly back to Middleton if they needed him, but Kim told him not to do that. She did not want to get Ron caught up in the madness and he conceded that his presence probably would only make the story get even more outlandish.

Besides for Ron, Wade had called a dozen or so times, trying to get the story straight. Kim was slightly less open with him than she had been with Ron. She answered any questions that he had, but she was not very comfortable with it. It was not that she thought of Wade as less of a friend, but they just did not have the kind of relationship where she was used to telling him everything like she was with Ron.

Of course, Monique had to call. She wanted to know the dirt and Kim filled her in too. She too offered to fly back to Middleton; at the moment, she was in Miami, but she typically was wherever the fashion business blew her. Kim told her just like she told Ron, figuring that Monique would only get dragged into the mayhem, especially since everyone’s main concern was the trio involved was just lesbians. Another woman being around and the media might explode with joy.

There were negative calls though, which were expected. Bonnie’s family called, but Bonnie did not answer any calls from them unless they were from her brother Johnnie since he was being supportive. She had made the mistake of answering a call that was not from Johnnie and her elder sisters just rubbed it in her face that she had been outted in a newspaper without any concern as to what such a thing was doing to her emotionally or psychologically.

Kim’s grandmother called too. That was more a mixed call than anything. Her nana already knew that she was a lesbian, having met Bonnie over a few family functions. Her nana liked Bonnie a great deal since she was a strong woman, but still lady-like in her dress and mannerisms. Her nana threatened her that if she left Bonnie for Shego the next time they sparred the kid-gloves were coming off, implying that she took it easy on Kim when they sparred. Her nana told her that life was too short to care what other people thought though, so she should not let the attention get to her and just stand strong. She stressed that Kim needed to “stand strong with Bonnie.” There was an underlying threat in her voice.

Slim and Joss called too. They really did not even want to know what was going on. They just assured Kim that they were behind her no matter what since family was supposed to stick together. Shego’s twin brothers and Kim’s brothers also made similar calls, although they all made it clear that they wanted to know what was going on when everything blew over. Shego did not even answer any calls from Hego, not wanting to know what he thought because she had a big feeling he was going to side with everyone that swore to the heavens they were doing some wrong and immoral.

They got a few threats over the phone, but they ignored those for the most part. Shego dared people to come to the house and try to act on their threats. She really just wanted something or someone that she could hit very hard until she was not aggravated by the situation anymore. Her girlfriends were surprised that she had not even inflicted wounds on a television camera yet, but she was controlling her temper rather well for the most part.

Shego did bark loud enough for people to not want to experience the bite that might come along with her, which was why they parted like the red sea when she returned home from shopping. Even though she had her hands filled with groceries, people moved out of her way rapidly. She entered the house with a scowl.

“You’d think there was a free fucking concert going on out there with the way people are just camped out on our shit,” Shego grumbled.

“And it’s just getting worse,” Bonnie pointed out.

“We should buy a loudspeaker and then just let Shego yell at everyone,” Kim suggested at a joke.

“That would probably work. They get out of her way as if she was a mad dog anyway,” Bonnie remarked with a good-natured smile on her face.

“You wanted to say mad bitch so badly, didn’t you?” Shego inquired because of the look on her tanned lover’s face.

“You know I did. It’s just that now isn’t the time to make fun of you,” Bonnie commented, still smiling.

Shego did not argue that. At the moment, they needed to stand together. So, they were not making fun of each other as much as they would have, but then again, they were not really living their ordinary lives anymore. They felt like they were liked trapped in an irksome dream that did not seem to be fading away anytime soon. They supposed that they now knew how pet fish felt.

The trio was sitting on their sofa, watching television for lack of a better thing to do. The Kimmunicator went off. Kim moved to answer it; it was a good thing that they were all sitting on the couch instead of lying down or they would have all been annoyed because of the movement that would be involved for Kim to retrieve the device from her pocket. She greeted Wade with her usual question of “What’s the sitch?”

“Hey, Kim, how are you guys holding up over there?” Wade inquired with concern that was typical for him now.

“We’re good, trying to relax,” she answered.

“Well, I’m calling to remind you about the high school you’re supposed to talk to tomorrow,” he informed her.

“Wow, it’s tomorrow. I totally forgot with everything that’s been going on,” Kim said while trying to hide her shock because she had forgotten all about that. She was embarrassed that she had forgotten about it.

“I was wondering if you want me to cancel it because of all of this news stuff,” he offered. He thought that it would probably be best to cancel things. He thought that it was a little weird that the school did not cancel considering all of the negative press that Kim was getting.

“No, if the girl or the school didn’t cancel it, then why should I? I’ll go. Maybe the change in scenery will help,” the redheaded hero commented with a forced laugh.

“Okay, I was just making sure. I’ll send you all the information you need to know in a second. Bye,” he said and he disconnected the call.

“What high school you’re supposed to go to?” Shego asked Kim as soon as the call was over. She beat Bonnie to asking the same question.

“It’s out of town,” Kim answered.

“You’re going out of town by yourself in this kind of hostile in environment?” Shego inquired with a vexed expression on her face, which matched her tone.

“From the way you’re looking at me, I’m guessing no,” Kim replied. Shego’s expression and Bonnie’s expression told her that she was either not going out of town or she was not going by herself. She was not sure which yet.

“Damn right you’re not. I’m coming too,” Shego declared. Just in case someone tried to get aggressive with Kim, she was going to be there to get in the person’s face and maybe even do more than that if necessary.

“Well, we can’t leave Bonnie here by herself,” Kim pointed out the obvious. They would both worry out of their minds if Bonnie was alone in Middleton, especially considering the fact that they had people picketing on their front lawn and calling their house with threats. All they needed was for one person to suddenly be bold and stupid and touch Bonnie, Shego would probably burn the town down and Kim would help.

“Well, demon child, I guess you’re coming by default,” Shego remarked with a half-smile.

“I was going to come anyway. Someone has to look after you two, after all,” Bonnie commented with her own smile. Shego rolled her eyes.

(New day)

The trio arrived in the tiny town of Ninguna rather late at night. They checked into a motel to get a few hours of sleep. Kim woke up first and began going over her speech. She was a bit nervous about the speech considering everything that had been going on. She was a bit shocked that the school had not cancelled her appearance, but she was glad that they had not. She wanted to do something that was normal for her and that hopefully helped people.

Shego woke up as soon as Kim was ready to leave. The redhead actually had plans to just go on her own and not wake her lovers, which Shego seemed to sense. They both agreed to leave Bonnie, who was still knocked out. It had been a very stressful time for them all and they figured that whenever one of them was getting a good sleep that it was best to let that continue.

The pair did not make it very far out of the motel, though. They walked into the parking lot and three cop cars came out of nowhere along with some news vans. Kim and Shego looked at each other as police officers piled out of the cars.

“We’re about to get arrested, aren’t we?” the redhead asked her girlfriend in a deadpan tone.

“Hell yeah,” Shego answered as if it was blatantly obvious, which it appeared to be.

The former thief was very much correct. They were being arrested and the cops ordered them to put their hands in the air. They were then cuffed rather roughly and ushered into one of the cars. Everything that was happening was being filmed by the swarm of news crews that were present.

“Hey, what’s the fucking charge, you stupid hick?” Shego demanded to know while kicking at the seat in front of her to get the officer’s attention.

“You’re under arrest for sodomy. You have the right to remain silent…” The officer then went into their rights.

“Sodomy?” Kim echoed in a puzzled voice.

“This just gets better and better,” Shego commented with a laugh. They had been in the town for all of six hours and they were being arrested for sodomy. She could only wonder what evidence they had to support such a charge. But, from the presence of all of the television cameras and everything, she doubted that it was making it stick that mattered. Great, she and Kim were now a publicity stunt.

Bonnie woke up moments after Kim and Shego left. She sucked her teeth to see that she was alone. She got up from the bed and went to brush her teeth. She turned the television on to find out what the weather was like and the first thing she got to see was a replay of the Kim Possible and her villainess lover Shego being arrested for sodomy.

“…Our fair town will not stand for such perverts ruining our atmosphere and we shall prosecute these degenerates to full extent our laws,” the distinct attorney promised the news cameras.

“Oh, come the fuck on!” Bonnie groaned in disbelief. Now she was going to have to go bite the heads off of the town’s legal authorities for arresting Kim and Shego on a bullshit charge like sodomy.

The tanned woman tore into her bag to pull out her outfit for the day. She wished that she had packed a suit, but she had not expected that she was going to have to go to work during the one day that they were supposed to be in town. Still, she would just use her outfit to her advantage by hopefully catching the distinct attorney off-guard. With her legal mind and the element of surprise, she hoped that they would still only be spending the day in Ninguna. Bonnie was just about to go when her cell phone went off.

“Baby,” Kim greeted Bonnie.

“I saw you two on the news. I’m on my way,” Bonnie answered.

Kim sighed in relief. “Okay, that’s good.”

“Don’t worry, baby. This is all bullshit anyway. I think the jackass of a D.A likes seeing himself on TV or something because he is hamming it up,” Bonnie remarked. The D.A was still on the news talking about how he was going to send Kim and Shego to jail for their “depraved and immoral actions in their fair town.”

“Okay.” Kim was very relieved to hear that Bonnie was the case already.

“How’s Shego doing?” Bonnie inquired.

“She called her mother. I get the feeling you should be getting a lot of legal help in a couple of hours.”

“I’ll take it. As soon as I get you guys out, we’re getting out of here.”

“That’s what Shego said too,” Kim reported. It would seem that she was not going to be able to give her speech, but she was starting to doubt that the school would have let her anyway. Shego said that she thought they had been set up, lured to the town just so that the D.A could use them to get his face on television. If that was the case, it was working.

“Okay, baby, let me go,” Bonnie said.


Bonnie finished getting dressed. Her outfit was a designer black button-down shirt with white paw prints on it; it hugged her torso rather snuggly. She had regular black slacks to match. She slipped on her shoes and was ready to go. Bonnie ran into a little problem when she was going to get lovers free and her problem was that she was arrested on the same charge when someone recognized who she was. She did not even care; she would just act as her own attorney.

“Calm down, demon child. Let some wolves handle this one this time,” Shego told Bonnie. The lovers were reunited in the same holding cell.

“Wolves?” Bonnie asked in a curious tone.

“My mother’s sending some real legal predators. They’ll handle it. In fact, they might bend the D.A over just for the hell of it since he wants to bring sodomy into things,” Shego remarked with an almost cruel smile on her face.

Bonnie decided to believe her pale green girlfriend. They all sat back and waited. It took a few hours, but the cell door opened and they were told in a very humble way by an officer that they were free to go. They stepped out of the cell and faced a middle-aged man in an expensive looking silk black suit. He was bald, his head was shaved. He had a small mustache and dark brown eyes.

“Hey, Charlie,” Shego greeted the suited man in a nonchalant tone.

“Hey. You just can’t stay out of trouble, can you?” the man replied with a warm smile.

“Not my fault. I’m sure by now you’re familiar with my girls. Kim Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller,” Shego introduced the pair with her and then she turned to her girlfriends. “This is one of my mother’s many lawyers, Charlie Darrow. He typically comes around when I’m in a bit of a legal jam,” she explained.

“Nice to meet you,” Kim and Bonnie both said, reaching out to shake the lawyer’s hand. They also thanked him for his service.

“It’s no problem. If you stick around for a little while my partner in crime, an evil fellow by the name of Shawn Sure, is going to force the D.A and sheriff of this county to apologize to you all on national television,” Charlie informed them.

“Sounds like something Shawn would do,” Shego commented with an amused smirk on her face.

“He wants to keep the title evil incarnate and it’s a hard thing to do with you and your mother wandering the planet, so he’s got to pull miracles out his ass every now and then,” Charlie remarked with a bit a laugh.

The ladies were not really in the mood to stick around for that apology, although they would later see it on television when it was being replayed. They just wanted to go home, especially after Charlie informed them that they probably had been set up by the D.A, who was looking to be reelected. Apparently, the man wanted to show that he came down hard on “immortality in all its forms.” Now, he just looked like a jackass because he did offer an official apology to the three women and informed the press that the charges had been dropped, mostly due to lack of evidence. Shego figured that it was mostly due to the fact that her lawyer was probably the closest thing to Satan the D.A would ever meet short of him coming into contact with her mother.

The trio doubted that they were would ever be so happy to see their house in all of their lives. They were also happy that there was no one on the front lawn for the first time in over a week. They got to the door and Kim put her key in the lock, well, she tried to anyway. The key would not fit.

“What the hell?” Kim wondered aloud.

“What’s this?” Shego said as she grabbed an envelope that had been taped to the front door. She opened it and pulled out a letter, which they all read. As if things could not be any worse, they were being evicted and the locks on all doors had been changed. The landlord informed them that their things were all in a storage unit. They needed to contact him for the key, which he did not want to leave in the envelope because he was willing to bet that some nosy newsperson would steal it.

“Does it never end!” Bonnie hollered to the sky. “Where the hell are we supposed to go on such short notice?”

“My mother has a house not too far away, but she’s there at the moment and I don’t want to deal with that mess,” Shego commented.

“I could call my mom,” Kim volunteered.

“You think your dad’ll be cool with that?” Shego asked with a skeptical expression on her face.

“We’re about to find out,” Kim answered.

Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator to speak with her parents while Bonnie decided to call the landlord about the key to the storage unit their stuff was in. The redhead was on the phone just as long as Bonnie was, which seemed weird. Apparently, there was no argument or anything from Kim’s parents.

“We can go to the house,” Kim informed her girlfriends.

“Okay, we can pick up the key too,” Bonnie said. They all sighed and went to get into their cars.

“James, Kimmie, Bonnie, and Shego are coming here to stay for a while because they were evicted from their house. Don’t give them a hard time,” Ann ordered her spouse after she got off of the phone with Kim.

“Evicted?” James echoed as if he did not understand.

“Yes, the landlord locked them out. I’m guessing it has to do with all this news nonsense. Don’t give them a hard time,” Ann repeated firmly.

“I won’t,” he promised. The last thing he wanted to do was make Kim’s life any harder than it had to be now. He was not a cruel man, after all, especially not when it came to his own daughter, or so he thought anyway.

True to his word, he did not give the trio a hard time when they arrived. He was rather friendly toward them, even though they did not return the feeling. The ladies were just worn out and all they really wanted to do was have some hot showers and maybe get some sleep. James and Ann understood that considering the trials and tribulations the trio was going through lately. The doctors had even seen the news about Kim and Shego getting arrested, so they knew that the ladies just needed some time relax.

The girlfriends all went to Kim’s room when they were done showering. They all crawled into her bed, which was full size, so it fit them, although it was just barely. Then, they fell asleep.

When they woke up, the ladies assessed their situation. They were homeless, Bonnie was waiting to hear that she was fired, but she was fired, and the media was still on their cases. Things were not looking too good. First of all, they needed Bonnie’s income to keep the school going for the moment because student dues just were not enough yet, especially since some students had quit. So, they might possibly even be without a school, which would leave them with nothing.

“All right, I’ll take care of this one,” Shego stated out of the blue.

“What?” Kim and Bonnie asked in confused tones. They did not get what she was talking about.

“It’s time I took care of you two instead of the other way around. Pass me a phone,” Shego requested.

Bonnie quickly handed Shego her cell phone. Shego wasted no time dialing a number. Bonnie looked at Kim, hoping the redhead would be able to explain what was going on. Kim shrugged; she did not know what Shego was talking about.

“Hey, Mommy,” Shego said into the phone while cutting her lovers a glare to warn them not to laugh at her as they often did when she uttered the word “mommy.”

Bonnie and Kim held in their snickers. They did glance at each other, though. They wondered what Shego was calling Isabel for now.

“Mommy, I need you to transfer my money back to me,” Shego informed her mother. There was a pause; Shego was listening to her mother’s answer. “Don’t ask why, just do it. It’s my fucking money,” the former villainess huffed.

Bonnie and Kim just watched as Shego going into a little argument with her mother over some money from what they could tell. They guessed that Isabel was teasing Shego on the other end, which she was, and it explained why Shego seemed so irked. Isabel did not taunt her daughter for long, knowing that Shego was having the week from Hell and did not need any more stress. Isabel did want to know why Shego suddenly wanted her money, though.

The money that they were talking about had to do with the money that Shego had made throughout her criminal career. When she had “died,” Shego did have a will and she left everything to her mother. Before showing that she was not dead, the will had instructed Isabel to divide the money between the family, but Isabel held off on doing that, which Shego was glad for since she was not really dead. The thing was that Isabel still controlled Shego’s assets since most of the world still thought that she was dead. There was no point to that now since everyone on the planet knew she was alive now and she really needed her cash now.

“What are we going to do now?” Bonnie wondered aloud as Shego disconnected her call with her mother. The pale woman handed her tanned lover her phone back.

“Wait,” Shego answered. Bonnie and Kim did not question that response.

Ann went to answer a knock at the door. She was only slightly surprised to open the door and see Isabel standing there. They had met a few times, finding themselves at the trio’s home at the same time every now and then. Ann was surprised by the fact that Isabel had a man by her side.

“Hey, Isabel,” Ann greeted the martial artist with a small smile.

“Hello, Ann. I’m here to see my exhausting daughter,” Isabel said with an exaggerated sigh.

“She’s upstairs. I’ll show you as long as you promise not to hurt James while you’re here.”

“Me, hurt your husband? Why the very idea,” Isabel remarked with a twisted smile.

“I’m so sure,” Ann commented while rolling her eyes. She was all too aware of the hostile feelings that Isabel held for her husband, especially since she had been around a couple of times when Isabel was using the most colorful language that she had ever heard while talking about the rocket scientist.

Ann ushered Isabel in along with the gentleman with Isabel. He was a short fellow with wild auburn colored hair; he was shorter than Isabel by almost half a head. His reddish auburn hair was long enough for him to pull into a ponytail, but most of the hair was not in the tie that he was using and had fallen into a sort of bang in front of his face. He had an odd eye color, purple. He was dressed very casually in street clothes of a plain basketball jersey and black cargo shorts, which showed that he was a muscular little guy. He had black flip-flops, which was weird because the weather was not really right for such an outfit.

“Oh, this is Kane. Don’t pay him any mind,” Isabel remarked in an offhanded tone, speaking to Ann while motioning to her companion.

Ann glanced at Kane and noticed that he did not seem to care about Isabel’s taunt. He seemed rather nonchalant, walking with his hands in his pockets and his eyes cast toward the ceiling. One would think that he did not have a care in the world looking at him.

When they got to the room, Ann knocked on the door, which was closed. “Shego, you’ve got some visitors,” she called into the room.

“Damn it, Mommy. I asked for my fucking money, not a visit,” Shego huffed as she stomped over to the door and yanked it open. She was at a loss for words when she saw who was with her mother.

“Hey there, ‘Shona,” Kane greeted the green-skinned female with small, very warm smile.

“Daddy, what the hell are you doing here?” Shego inquired, sounding more surprised than anything else. A good kind of surprise at that. Her lovers, sitting on the floor in the back of the room, were once again holding in chuckles while also trying to get a good look at Shego’s father.

“Showing my support, doy. Besides, Isabel threatened to lop my head off with a rusty axe if I didn’t meet your girlfriends sometime soon,” he joked, laughing and smiling a bit as he spoke.

“You shouldn’t let that demon woman push you around like that, Daddy,” Shego commented while nodding toward her mother.

“Someone has to push him or he wouldn’t get off his ass all day,” Isabel remarked while rolling her eyes.

“So, how are you doing, ‘Shona?” Kane asked with concern.

“I’m doing fine,” Shego assured him. It seemed like she was trying very hard to contain herself, which she was. She had not seen her father in ages it seemed and she really did just want to grab the little guy into a hug; she was taller than he was.

Shego controlled herself, though. She called her lovers over and introduced them to her father. He was very polite to them, smiling rather broadly while shaking hands with both of them. He had known about them ever since Isabel found out and although it was not known, he took then news much better than she did when he first found out. He thought that their daughter being involved with two women was much better than her being involved with a maniac hell-bent on world domination, even though he was not very good at it. He suddenly sparked up a conversation quite easily with Bonnie and Kim while Shego and Isabel stepped off to the side to talk. Ann decided to leave them all alone.

“You’ve got to give me my money back as soon as possible,” Shego told her mother.

“It’s all getting done right now. What do you suddenly need it back for?” Isabel inquired curiously. Shego had not brought up the issue of her money ever since she revealed that she was alive. She seemed to be totally content with her life for the first time in a long time and did not need an abundance of money for that to happen. So, why did she want her wealth back now?

“Fucking crazy, but the three of us are butt-ass homeless. The landlord evicted us and we’re a bit too tired to fight that at the moment. Besides, why the hell should we rent a house anyway? That’s just stupid. I need to start providing for them better than I’ve been doing. We were depending on Bonnie too much and she’s waiting to be fired now,” Shego answered.

“Shit, this little story has fucked you three up pretty good,” Isabel commented.

“No shit and I don’t know when it’s going to end. I don’t even know how this shit started. This is some serious bullshit,” Shego said with a sigh.

“You know, you should use those tickets now,” Isabel said, referring to the birthday gift that she had given her daughter not too long ago.

“What? Now’s not the time to be taking a fucking vacation. We can’t close the school again either.”

“You three need a vacation. You should go somewhere and just relax and be around each other without any stress or bullshit involved. And then when you get back, the money’ll be where you left it, you’ll know if Bonnie has to look for a new job and maybe this thing’ll have blown over enough for that to be as easy as it sounds, you all can go house-hunting. If you want to stay in Middleton and house hunt, you can stay at my place until you find somewhere to live. If you want to go somewhere else, I’m sure your father will put up the hotel bill, right, Kane?” Isabel called.

“Yes?” Kane answered. He was actually volunteering for whatever she just told Shego and he was also responding to being beckoned.

“Nothing, dearest,” she replied and then turned her complete attention back to Shego. “See, your father has your back as usual,” Isabel commented with a laugh.

“You need to stop punking my daddy like that,” Shego remarked.

“I owned him long before you came along with your Electra complex, so I’ll do what I like to him. Now, seriously, you should use those tickets. Take your girls and get away for a while. I’ll get your brothers to teach your classes.”

“Which brothers?” Shego asked suspiciously. While all of the siblings did know martial arts, she disliked Mego’s style and she did not want Hego within a hundred yards of her school.

“The Wegos,” Isabel answered in a “duh” kind of voice.

“I don’t know if people would trust their little kids with the Wegos,” Shego commented while folding her arms across her chest.

“Stop making excuses. I’ll stay with them to make sure they stay on point. You just go and relax for a little while. Don’t you think you and your girls deserve some time alone without every thing possible getting in the way?” Isabel inquired.

Shego looked over at Kim and Bonnie, who were getting along great with her father from what she could tell. She hoped that he was not telling embarrassing stories of her; yeah, he would do something like that. It would be great for them to just go some place and not have to worry about anything at all. They could just focus on each other and just be together. It would be nice to escape from reality for about a month.

“Fine,” Shego agreed with a sigh, as if it pained her to do so.

“It’ll do you good, firefly,” Isabel insisted with a small smile.

Shego only rolled her eyes. She walked over to her lovers to see what her father was going on about. She was thankful that he was not telling them anything about when she was younger. Instead, he was telling them what he had been up to the past few months, which had to do with mountain climbing and not getting killed by Isabel. Shego listened instead of interrupting, which her girlfriends noticed. There was a sort of pride in Shego’s face as she listened to her father too. It was clear to her girlfriends that Shego greatly admired this short, messy haired middle-aged man before them and they could not figure out why exactly.

Kane seemed borderline odd to Kim and Bonnie, but they did not mean that in a bad way. He just was not the type of guy that they picked Isabel to be with and reproduce with. He made it seem like Isabel terrorized him, but that he enjoyed that. He also spoke about Isabel more as if she was a friend rather than a mate. Throughout the whole time he was there, they never did find out if he was Isabel’s husband or if they just had children together. But, by the time he left, Bonnie and Kim knew that they liked him just as much as they liked Isabel.

The trio returned to Kim’s room and sat down on the bed. Shego wrapped her arms around both of her girls, pulling them to leave against her. They wondered what she was doing because she had never done such a thing before.

“Loves, I’m taking us on vacation,” Shego informed them as if that was the most natural way to open a conversation at the moment.

“Vacation?” they echoed.

“Yes, vacation. We’re going to get away from all of this. Get our heads together and relax with each other in some sun and sand,” the pale woman stated.

“What about the school?” Kim asked.

“My mother’s going to handle it while we’re gone,” Shego answered. Kim could not argue that one; Shego’s mother was a world-class, world-famous martial artist after all.

“I can’t go on vacation. I need to find a job,” Bonnie argued.

“Not at the moment, demon child. We’re going on vacation. We’ll worry about real life stuff when we get back. For the moment, let’s go live in a fantasy world where only we exist and what we want exists,” Shego said.

Kim looked at Bonnie and smiled. Bonnie sighed; okay, maybe they could go get lost in a fantasy for a little while. It would be nice to not have to worry about anything for a little while. It would be nice to cut loose for a little while too. Besides, it was not likely that she was going to find a job in climate that was surrounding them at the moment anyway. So, Bonnie smiled too. Shego mimicked her lovers’ expression. They were going on vacation. They really needed one.

As you might guess, there is going to be another chapter, so stay tuned! Feel free to throw ideas and things my way still to keep this thing going.

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