In the Middle

Chapter 3

Center piece


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TITLE: Center piece

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I don’t own fig newtons or Ipods either.

SUMMARY: Shego wants Kim. Bonnie wants Kim. Kim wants them both. Who's going to have her way? Probably Kim because she can do anything.

TYPE: Kim, Shego, Other, Slash, Threesome

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Warning: once again because of the length, there will probably be some typos.

Words: 13236

The outside was blanketed by the on set of night, covered in darkness with the streetlights illuminating the roads to assist anyone caught outside for whatever reason. The inside of their home was not much better. They had most of the lights off, save the one dining room, which lit the room that they were occupying.

The trio was gathered around the table and two of them were incredulous to what was happening, even though they should have expected it. It was not really anything new, after all. They all held their cards close to them while looking back and forth between the other two at the table. There was also a pile of candy in the middle of the table.

Bonnie stared down at her cards and then at the two others at the table, taking special care to observe the damnable redhead at the table. Kim was so damn nonchalant about everything and it was hard to read her, which might explain why she was winning. It upset Bonnie to no end that she was sitting there down to her underwear and her glasses while Kim was practically still fully dressed. All Kim had lost were her damn socks and her shirt, which did not even matter because she was wearing a sports bra under her shirt and that covered almost as much as her shirt.

Shego was not fairing much better than Bonnie. She was down to her underwear too, but she had been wearing a sleeveless shirt under her tee-shirt, which brought her a bit more time than Bonnie. The pale woman glanced at Kim and wondered what kind of miracle hand the redhead was holding now. They could not understand how Kim was so good at the damn game.

They watched Kim as she sat with her cards in one hand while the other hand played with the stick of a lollipop that she was eating, which was only annoying them further. They wagered candy and clothing when playing to prolong the activity. Now, they were just prolonging the agony of watching Kim work that damn lollipop. Bonnie and Shego glanced at each other as if saying “if that thing is still in her mouth a minute from now, screw the game and get her.”

Bonnie wondered how it was possible that Kim was winning the game. She was a lawyer, she should be able to read people and tell when they were bluffing. It was not working at the moment with the redhead. It never worked with the olive-eyed female. She sat there so casual about everything, as if she came to the table already knowing that she would win the prize. It bothered Bonnie to no end.

Shego could understand that because she could not read Kim either. She had only been fighting the girl since Kim was sixteen. She figured by now she would know what every muscle tick meant, what every inhale meant, what every exhale meant, and what every blink meant, but that was not the case. Seven years of going at it with Kim and she could not read the girl for one damn hand of poker! It was unbelievable to her. She was disgrace to her ninja and thief training for not being able to read the redhead in the situation.

Kim glanced up at her lovers, totally aware of their internal struggles. Pondering how it was that they could know her for so long, but could not read her right to get her down to her under garments like they were. They seemed to forget that she was Kim Possible. She was used to being in sticky situations and she had to keep her cool. Playing poker was nothing to escaping a crocodile pit or a giant mutant octopus.

After each lady felt that they had assessed the situation from every angle plausible, they began making their bets. They paid close attention to what Kim was doing to hopefully get an idea of if she was bluffing, as she tended to do, or if she was holding another killer hand. By the end of it, they had no idea what Kim was holding, but they had a feeling that it was going to blow them out of the water and they were right.

“Damn it, that’s like fourth straight flush she’s gotten tonight,” Shego groaned. “Are you purposely dealing her these cards?” the pale woman asked Bonnie.

“Oh, yeah, blame the dealer. Didn’t you deal her a fucking royal flush not too long ago?” Bonnie countered.

“This is bullshit. Why are you trying so hard anyway, Princess? The game’s no fun if you win all the time,” Shego said to Kim.

“So says the person wishing that she was winning,” Kim remarked.

“Whose idea was this anyway?” Bonnie wondered out loud as she sat back in her chair in a huff with her arms over her chest, which was now bare.

“Shego’s,” Kim answered with a bright grin.

“Why did you suggest this again?” the tanned woman asked the pale one.

“The fuck does it even matter?” Shego sighed.

“She suggested it because she wanted the prize. We should just write my name on the prize and call it a day,” the redhead teased them while rolling her lollipop around in her mouth, knowingly driving them mad.

“To hell with that. You’re not winning again,” Shego declared.

“Yeah!” Bonnie concurred.

“So deal the fucking cards,” the former thief said to the former hero.

Kim shrugged and proceeded to deal the cards. The routine then started up again. They always had one prize whenever they played a game and there could only be one winner. The outcome was usually decided depending on the game that they played, but Kim won more games than they liked. It was not fair, in their opinions anyway. It was not fair because they were not winning.

Bonnie and Shego were not below cheating to try to win either. It was just that they often caught each other when cheating and neither was about to let the other get away with that. With them, it was not just that they wanted Kim to lose, which would have been a sure thing if they cheated together, but they also wanted to win. So, they were always against each other and that sort of divided their attention. They had to watch Kim and each other, making sure that the other was not doing anything underhanded.

“Holy shit,” Shego groaned as she threw her cards on the table in a huff.

“Unbe-fucking-lievable,” Bonnie agreed.

“You’ve got to be cheating. Nobody on the planet is this good in poker,” Shego said to Kim.

“Apparently I am because we all know I don’t cheat,” the redhead replied with an innocent smile.

“What the hell do you do at those galleries when you go down to show your pictures?” the pale woman teased.

“Are you guys ready to call it quits and just give me my prize?” Kim inquired.

“I’m not quitting until I’m naked,” Shego declared defiantly.

“You’re not that far from it,” Bonnie pointed out.

“But, I’m not it, so I don’t quit,” the green-skinned woman stated.

“Fine, deal the cards,” Kim said.

They sat there for a few more hands before Shego had no choice but to quit because she was stark nude, as was Bonnie. Kim was eating a brand new lollipop and looking back between her two furious lovers. She smiled.

“Stop rubbing it in. So, what the hell do you want?” Shego inquired.

Whenever they played games, the winner got one request from the two losers. The request was typically sexual in nature, especially if Shego won. There were rules to the request. It had to be something that the two losers could do together for the winner; Bonnie had once used it to get Kim and Shego to clean the bathroom, much to Shego’s displeasure. The request also was only good for the night. If it was not used immediately, it was forfeit come sunrise. It was also not a dare, so it could not be used to make the losers do something totally outrageous like wander around the neighborhood nude. It was something that the losers had to agree with to a certain extent, which was hard to do if Bonnie or Shego won something because they liked to argue with each other over everything.

“Hmm…what do I want?” Kim pondered the question for a moment.

The redhead had a few risqué suggestions under her belt. She was not too sure what she wanted right now, though. She had not had much time to think on it because Shego just sort of popped up with the idea of playing out of the blue.

“Hey, I know what you two could do for me,” Kim said with a smirk.

“This ought to be a good one,” Shego commented because of the expression that their redheaded lover was wearing.

“Yeah,” Bonnie agreed.

“I want you two to dance for me,” Kim informed them.

The pair knew what she meant by dance. They looked at each other and shrugged. It would seem that they were dancing together. They supposed it could have been worse. She once requested that they not argue while they all watched a movie. They practically tore their hair out that time.

“Don’t step on my feet,” Bonnie said to Shego.

“Don’t get in my way,” Shego retorted.

The pair exited the dining room while Kim collected her winnings, the candy. She marched to the living room and flopped down in the armchair. She opened a new lollipop as her lovers returned. They were wearing long robes. She wondered where they got those from considering they were both so against anything that was not sexy.

“What kind of music do you want?” Bonnie asked Kim.

“Don’t even ask her. She’ll get what we give her and like it,” Shego declared, obviously just a little bitter that she lost.

“That’s not how it works and you know that,” the tanned woman replied.

“She’s just mad because she lost,” Kim teased.

“Yeah, don’t be bitter. Aren’t you supposed to be sweetness?” Bonnie taunted Shego while hooking her leg around Shego’s waist and rubbing up against the pale woman. Her pet name for Shego was “sweetness,” but it was more a mocking knock at the ex-thief more than anything else.

“Hey, hey, hey, none of that without music,” Kim scolded the pair.

“I guess I should start the music,” Bonnie said because she was getting a bit comfortable with her leg where it was.

“Yeah,” Kim agreed.

Bonnie removed her limb and went to see what they had for the occasion. When found she found something, she put the music on and then turned to Shego. They smirked at each other and then dropped their robes to the floor. Kim’s mouth followed the robes, which caused Bonnie and Shego to smirk again. They guessed that she approved of their attire…or lack there of.

Now, they had on clothing of a kind, sexy lingerie. Bonnie had on lavender lace while Shego was wearing black lace. They had on garter belts with stockings that matched their underwear and high heel shoes. They were a bit amused as they noticed Kim was actually blushing. She was funny, they thought, because Kim was the most modest among them, even though they were all together because of her.

The dancing began and they were quite serious about it. It was pretty much a strip tease mixed in with some lap dancing. They had all done it for each other several times already. Sometimes they did not even need an excuse to do it. One of them would just be bored and the other two would liven up the evening.

It usually started with the two dancers teasing the one watching, not allowing the watcher to touch them. So, when one of them got close to Kim and she started reaching out, they slapped her hand away. The redhead pouted before trying again and again and again, until her hand was not knocked away. Touching with her hands evolved into touching with other parts of her body, like her lips, which eventually got each dancer to come in and kiss her.

Things progressed as they usually did, meaning the three of them ended up naked and in bed together. Dancing was really a request that they all could appreciate, they thought. They snuggled close to each other with Kim being in the middle since it had been her idea.

“Do you two think that maybe we go to far with this?” Kim wondered out loud.

“What do you mean?” Bonnie inquired.

“I don’t know. Do you think like…maybe we’re getting perverted?” the redhead clarified her question.

“Perverted?” Bonnie echoed.

“Princess, let’s be serious, what we consider normal is probably considered perverted by a majority of people anyway. So, just because we like to entertain each other and keep the spice in our relationship doesn’t make up perverts,” Shego replied.

“Yeah, the lesbian threesome kind of already put us there, didn’t it?” Bonnie remarked.

“I don’t hear you complaining about it,” the pale woman commented.

“And you won’t. I might complain about you, though,” Bonnie countered.

“Whoa, don’t get me started on you considering the fact that I damn near cut my tongue on a few nubs,” Shego said.

“What? I just got waxed, unlike someone in the bed.”

“Ladies, ladies, ladies, can we have this argument sometime when I’m not in between both of you?” Kim requested.

“Feeling left out? Because the demon child wasn’t the only person I almost cut my tongue on,” Shego quipped.

“Hey!” Kim huffed. “I just got waxed with her,” the redhead said while nodding toward Bonnie. She did not have the free hand to point at the moment.

“They must be using some cheap wax,” Shego commented.

“Okay, that’s it. You’re being mean,” Kim declared.

Bonnie and Kim had a strategy for when Shego was decidedly “mean.” They eased away from her and left her isolated in the bed. She hated that! It made her feel so excluded and it was horrible being excluded by the women she loved, even if they were only teasing her.

“All right, you two. I get the hint. Come back now or I’ll get cold,” Shego said while trying her best to maintain her usual cool demeanor. They were hardly a couple of inches from her, but it always felt like miles to her.

Bonnie and Kim did not waste anytime returning to Shego. It was actually more like they would get cold if they did not go back to her. They did not have any covers over them and she was the one with the high body temperature. They all snuggled back together again and Bonnie threw the cover over all of them.

Thanks to Kim, now they were all wondering if they were getting a bit outrageous with some of the things that they did sexually. Now, Bonnie and Shego did not think that the dancing was perverted at all. Most of the things that they did, the two of them did think that it was healthy for their relationship and not really perverted since it was only for their eyes. It kept them all involved with their sex lives and it helped relax or entertain them, which they did not think there was anything wrong with. Any normal couple would probably do the same thing. Sure they were not a normal couple considering the fact that they were a trio first of all, they figured that there should be nothing wrong with what they did if other people probably did the same thing.

As far as Bonnie was concerned, it did not even matter if they were doing things that most people might consider perverted. They had crossed that line a long time ago anyway. It seemed that it did not register to Kim’s or Shego’s minds mostly because they were used to abnormal things. She did not care anymore, but at first, it was a little odd when all three of them were going for each other.

They first had to abolish the old order, which took some getting used to. Bonnie and Shego had to constantly silently remind themselves that they were not competing for Kim anymore. Kim had to adjust to it being all right to finally start romantic encounters. Bonnie and Shego also had to get used to touching each other. And then there was the unasked question of was it all right for two of them to fool around if the third person was not around. They still were not too sure of that answer.

They all sort of braced themselves whenever they came home in case the other two were getting busy somewhere in the house. They had not walked in on anything yet, but they still tried to expect it. They were not too sure how they would react to come in and find out the other two were doing things. They tried to rationalize why they should not react in a negative way.

A good deal of the time whenever the three of them got in bed for carnal pleasure, one of them was left to watch the other two and the one typically liked that. So, they figured that if they were already used to seeing the other two go at it, they should not be upset if they came home to discover that happening. The rational did not fly well in their minds.

They all seemed to have a fear of being left out by the other two and they supposed that was why they did not want to come home one day to find the other two going at it without them. It seemed like it would be happening behind their back, they supposed, and that was why they did not like it. But, they were all almost certain that one day the issue was going to come up and they were going to have to deal with it. None of them thought to bring it up in a conversation to talk about, thinking that it would only give the other two ideas. It was not that they did not trust each other, but they got bored and that could lead places.

“Hey,” Shego said after a few minutes of silence.

“No, go to sleep,” Bonnie groaned, knowing just what the pale woman was going to suggest. She was worn out though and from what she could tell from Kim’s breathing, she was asleep already. Kim was pressed against Bonnie’s back.

“Come on, it’s still early,” Shego argued.

“What the hell? Midnight is not early,” Bonnie retorted.

“It is if you wake up at noon.”

“None of us woke up at noon,” Bonnie pointed out. They all started their day at eight in the morning, so what was Shego even going on about?

“I’m just saying.”

“And I’m just saying go to sleep, you damn nymphomaniac.”

“You know you want to.”

“No, I don’t. I want to go to sleep and if we keep talking, we’re going to wake Kimmie up,” Bonnie pointed out.

“She’ll wake up in a second anyway. She’ll have caught her second wind by then,” Shego commented.

“How do you know?” Bonnie asked in a suspicious voice and she carefully turned around to face Shego.

The emerald-eyed woman only smiled demonically at Bonnie, which the tanned female did not like. Sometimes, Bonnie was a heavy sleeper, so she wondered if Kim and Shego sometimes fooled around in the middle of the night while she was sleeping. She doubted it. She figured that Shego was only teasing her for whatever reason.

“Will you just go to sleep,” Bonnie huffed.

“Oh, you didn’t take the bait.” Shego pretended to pout.

“Will you just go to sleep!”

“Could both of you just go to sleep?” Kim snorted, which drew attention to her since they swore she was sleeping. But, really how could she sleep through all of the noise passing right over her head?

Bonnie and Shego both settled back down and finally went to sleep. Kim sighed and nuzzled her head back into Bonnie’s shoulder, so she could go back to sleep too. The relationship was not perfect, but it was working. They were all certain that it would improve with time; Bonnie and Shego blamed that mindset on Kim. It would seem her optimism was infectious.

(New day)

Bonnie parked her car in the driveway. She was happy to be home after spending the day yelling at the people in the firm that she worked in. There were way too many morons in that place, she thought. She just wanted to go inside, collapse on the couch with a cup of tea, and watch the soaps that she missed every day. Yes, Bonnie was addicted to soap operas and she recorded the three different stories that she watched every day. Bonnie was not sure why she watched soaps considering her life was much stranger than most of the plots on the shows, but she still watched them.

Sometimes, Kim would watch then with her, even though she was never interested in the show. Shego had watched one with her once and was freaked out to find herself being drawn in. Shego quickly abandoned ship on that one, refusing to fall victim to a corny soap. Bonnie knew that someday, Shego would be back, though.

The tanned woman collected the mail from the box and waved to one of their neighbors as she went to the door. She often wondered if the neighbors knew what went on in their house. She doubted it, but she was still curious.

She knew that when it was just her and Kim in the house, people often thought that they were just roommates. She suspected that Shego being in the house now strengthened that idea rather than hurt it. Most people would think roommates way before lesbian trio, she figured.

Bonnie let the idea go and went into the house. She noted the silence, which told her that either her lovers were not home or they were in the backyard kicking the snot of each other. It turned out to be the latter.

Bonnie watched the two fighting for a while. She liked watching them go at each other, which she thought was weird. She had never really been into martial arts, even when she hooked up with Kim. But, she liked watching Kim practice and now she liked Shego practice too. So, she stood there and watched them until they noticed her.

Kim and Shego typically halted their training when Bonnie came in. If the tanned woman did not have any work that she needed to do, they all figured it was a good time to spend some time together. It tended to take them a while to all get together, but it started when Bonnie came in.

“Hey, you kicked some ass at the office today, didn’t you?” Shego asked Bonnie as she and Kim came in from the outside.

“I will one day soon if those idiots don’t smarten up,” Bonnie replied.

Shego laughed a little bit and gave Bonnie a welcome home kiss. It was not something over-the-top like she would have done in the past. There was no reason to be over-the-top anymore. It was actually a rather sweet and tender embrace.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” Shego announced.

“Don’t use all the hot water,” Bonnie said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the pale woman replied in a flippant tone as she started for the stairs. Bonnie turned her attention Kim.

“Hey, baby, hard day?” the redhead asked as she leaned for a quick kiss.

“Isn’t always? I’m going to go take a shower too and get out of these clothes.”

“Want me to make you some tea?” Kim offered.

“Please and thank you,” Bonnie answered. See, Kim rubbed off a little too much.

The tanned woman went to take a shower in the downstairs bathroom since Shego had gone upstairs. Kim went to go make some tea for Bonnie while thinking about how she was going to have to wait a while for her shower considering both Bonnie and Shego took piping hot showers, which meant the hot water would be done when they were. She sometimes considered joining one of them, but she wondered if that was against their unwritten rules. It would probably upset whichever one that she did not join, so she never did it.

Bonnie finished with her shower first and returned to the living room in her house clothes of a ripped tank-top and cut-off sweat shorts that went to mid-thigh. Her tea was waiting on the coffee table along with five fig newtons, which caused her to smile. She sat down and turned on the television to watch her stories. She also decided to go through the mail to see if anything came for her.

She flipped through the envelopes. There were a couple of things for Kim. A couple of bills too that she would take care soon and some junk mail. Then she came across something for her and the letter made her brow furrow. It was from her mother.

“What the hell?” Bonnie muttered.

She wondered why her mother wrote her a letter rather than calling the house as the irksome woman typically did. She ripped the envelope open to see what her mother was going on about. As she was about to read the letter, Shego entered the living room and noticed the untouched fig newtons. She began reaching for one and promptly had her hand slapped away.

“Those are mine,” Bonnie pointed out.

“Are you going to tell me that you of all people can’t share?” Shego teased.

“Will you just give me my little bit of peace?” Bonnie requested in a huff.

Shego only smirked as she went to the armchair and flopped down. She grabbed her Ipod, which was on the cushion of the chair. She also had a book waiting for her. While Bonnie, and probably Kim, watched the stories, Shego liked to read, even though some part of her dared try to look at the screen. She ignored what was happening on the other end of the living room.

Bonnie picked up a fig newton while reading the letter her mother wrote her. She was not very surprised by the contents, but she could only wonder why her mother had decided on writing a letter rather than calling like she always did. She glanced at Shego and wondered if what had been the usual in the past was going to be unusual now.

The tanned female decided to not wonder about it while turning her attention to her soaps. No news from her mother was going to ruin her night. She drank her tea and ate her fig newtons while waiting for Kim to join her, which took almost an hour.

The redhead hopped onto the sofa and was going to curl into Bonnie just because she felt so fresh and relaxed from her shower, but Bonnie beat her to it. The lawyer pressed herself into Kim and wrapped an arm around the redhead. Kim leaned down and rested her head in Bonnie’s brunette mane.

“You know, my mother wrote me a letter,” Bonnie commented during two characters interacting on her soap that she did not particularly care about.

“Wrote you a letter? Why would she do that?” Kim inquired.

“Because she likes being annoying, I’m guessing. But, the gist of the letter is that they’re having a barbeque on the Saturday.”

“Well, if you’re going to go, you know I’m going.”

“I know. You think Shego’ll go?” Bonnie asked. Shego did not hear her name coming up because she still had her headphones on and the music was blaring.

“Hmm…” Kim glanced over at the pale woman. “I don’t even know. You know how she is when it comes to things she doesn’t like or doesn’t care about.”

Bonnie nodded on that one. Shego was very upfront about not attending things that she had no interest in. She did not go out and view Kim’s photos when they were shown in galleries and such, even though it would have meant a lot to Kim. She did not go to any of Bonnie’s trials to support the blue-eyed lawyer, even though that would have meant a lot to Bonnie.

Both Kim and Bonnie understood where Shego was coming from, even though they thought that Shego needed to understand that being in a relationship sometimes meant doing things that she did not want to. The green-skinned woman seemed to be starting to comprehend that a little bit considering the fact that she had quit her street fighting, even though she did not want to, but Bonnie wanted her to stop. She thought that it was bothersome to do something that she did not want to and kind of felt like if her girlfriends really loved her then they would not ask her to do something that she did not want to.

Once the soaps were over, Bonnie went to start dinner. She usually cooked because she was the best cook out of the three of them. Shego sometimes took the time out of her life to make one meal of the day while they tended to encourage Kim to not touch the stove unless she was boiling water. Kim could cook as long as it was nothing too technical, but they preferred that she just stayed out of the kitchen to avoid any incidents.

When they finished dinner, they went to lounge on the sofa in their typical fashion. Shego rested on her back with her head propped on her arm. Kim was resting against Shego, who had an arm around Kim’s shoulders. Bonnie was lying on Kim with her head underneath the redhead’s chin. Kim had a hand on Bonnie’s stomach and was caressing her flat belly. Though they might have looked peaceful, they were anything but since now they had to argue over what kind of movie they were watching.

“Damn it, come on! I really want to see that thriller!” Shego huffed.

“No way! We’re always watching some hack and slash movie with you. I’ve got the remote and we’re watching a comedy!” Kim declared as she turned to what she wanted to watch and then she put the remote in her pajama shorts’ pocket.

“Why don’t we ever watch romance movies? Isn’t that what this time on the couch is supposed to be about?” Bonnie pointed out. Her girlfriends were silent for a moment, only to look at her as if she was the strange one.

“Princess, turn to the thriller now,” Shego ordered.

“No, I want to see this,” Kim replied.

Bonnie laughed a bit and decided to join in because she really wanted to see a romance movie. They never watched romances, which she thought was strange for a trio of three women. It was just that Shego and Kim were not ordinary women, although Kim was somewhat “civilized” in Bonnie’s opinion. She was going to have some work on her hands trying to get Shego to where Kim was and she still had work to do with Kim.

They ended up watching the comedy that was on because Kim was the one with the remote and none of them were looking to move to start any real trouble. After that, they watched a romance movie just because it came on after the comedy and then they went to bed. All of that happened without Bonnie approaching the subject of Shego joining them at her family’s cookout.

(New day)

“Baby, I thought you said you were going to come with me,” Bonnie whined as Kim walked to the door. The redhead was dressed to leave the house while Bonnie was still in her pajamas since it was the morning.

“I am going to come with you. I just need to take care of this. I’ll be there,” the olive-eyed female promised.

“But, I don’t want to show up by myself,” the lawyer pointed out. She tried to get more sympathy by pouting.

“You don’t have to show up by yourself,” Kim replied.

Before Bonnie could say anything, Shego stepped in on the scene. She was also still in her pajamas and eating a granny green apple. She looked at her girlfriends, who looked back at her in return.

“What’s going on? Where you heading, Princess?” Shego asked curiously.

“I’m going out for the morning or so,” Kim answered the pale woman and then she turned to Bonnie. “And she would be why you don’t have to go alone,” Kim said to Bonnie while motioning to Shego.

“Go alone?” Shego echoed.

“You didn’t tell her?” Kim asked Bonnie.

“I didn’t think she’d care,” the tanned woman answered.

“What?” Shego asked again while Kim slapped herself in the forehead and shook her head. “What?” the former villainess repeated.

Bonnie sighed. “Well, my family is sort of having this barbeque today and I’m sort of going. Kim’s coming too. I figured that it wouldn’t be your scene and that’s why I didn’t say anything to you,” she explained.

Shego shrugged and bit her apple. It seemed like a plausible explanation and she could see how things would boil down to that. She usually passed on things because she was pretty sure that she would be bored to death if she went. She did not think that it was being supportive if she fell asleep at a gallery, whether it was for photos or in a court; not that she wanted to be anywhere near a court.

A family gathering did not seem like her scene, true, but it was a bit different from the other things. She supposed that going with them to a Rockwaller family gathering would show that she cared about Bonnie, like Kim did. She would be able to be supportive without the threat of nodding off or without being terribly uncomfortable because of the setting. If the people tried to say something to her, she could just say something back, or so she hoped anyway.

“So, what’s the deal?” Shego asked because she noticed that Bonnie was not dressed while Kim was.

“Well, like I said, I’m going out and Bonnie doesn’t want to go by herself and she was planning to leave sometime soon,” Kim explained.

“Look, you don’t have to go,” Bonnie said to Shego.

The tanned woman thought that she already asked a lot of her girlfriends. She sort of stripped them of their identities in her opinion. She requested that Kim stop being a hero, which the petite redhead agreed to. She then requested that Shego stop street fighting and even though Shego put up some resistance, the obnoxious woman conceded. The pair was now mostly home bodies, unless Kim had random things to do.

“Demon child,” Shego sighed as she walked over to the two. She set her apple down on the table in the hall and put on hand on Bonnie’s shoulder. Her other hand went on Bonnie’s cheek.

“You don’t have to go,” the fiery lawyer repeated.

“Bonnie, believe it or not, I’m here just because you wanted me to be. You’re the one that invited me in sort of, you let me stay, you’re the one that gave me keys, and you’re the one that seems to bust my chops over every little thing. Anyway, the point is that if you want me to go, I’ll go,” Shego assured the younger female.

“Really?” Bonnie asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, now quit whining. I want to see how many Rockwallers I can piss off in under thirty minutes anyway,” Shego remarked.

“Shego!” Kim scolded the ex-sidekick.

“Actually, that’s a brilliant idea,” Bonnie agreed with Shego and the two of them smirked like demons.

“I get the feeling this is going to be a barbeque that they never forget,” Kim sighed.

“Hell, if I’m lucky, it’ll get me kicked out of the family,” Bonnie quipped.

“I’ll try my best,” Shego commented.

Kim sighed again; what was she supposed to do with them? They marched upstairs to go get ready; the apple that Shego had been eating was forgotten as if it was rotten. Kim went about her business. She would meet up with them later.

Shego and Bonnie threw on some casual clothing. Shego went for very casual, putting on some tight black shorts and a tight grass-green tank-top. When Bonnie caught sight of the pale woman, she was prepared to suggest that they forget about the barbeque, but she doubted that it would be right for them to do anything without Kim. Bonnie decided to make a note to open a discussion about them establishing what two of them could do when the third person was not around because they needed to talk about that.

“What are you doing?” Shego inquired while resting her head on Bonnie’s shoulder when she noticed the lawyer doing something in her digital organizer.

“Nothing,” Bonnie answered while putting the device away. She had made an actual note to have that conversation.

“You’re always so secretive,” Shego commented in a teasing tone.

“You’re just nosy.”

“That too.”

“Are you sure you want to come?” Bonnie asked. “I don’t want to push you into something you don’t want to do.”

“Let’s just go. I’m sure it’ll be fun,” Shego replied with a devilish smirk.

Bonnie decided to stop arguing. She was glad for the company. She did not even think about what might come up with her showing up with Shego on her arm and then Kim would be turning up later. It probably would be fun, though.

The two of them finished getting ready and then hopped in Bonnie’s car. She drove a dark blue extensive sedan with a lovely tan leather interior. It seemed to scream the vanity that Bonnie was all about.

“You know, you should let me drive,” Shego said.

“Why? I know where we’re going,” Bonnie pointed out.

“So? I’ve wanted to drive this thing for a while. Consider it payment for me coming with you,” the pale woman replied.

“What? What happened to how you’re here because of me and everything?” Bonnie inquired incredulously.

“That was when you asked. We’re beyond that now.”

Bonnie snorted in anger, but she conceded because she believed that Shego would actually just go back in the house if she did not get her way. Shego would not have done that, but it was a good bluff to get her behind the way. She had always wanted to drive Bonnie’s car. It seemed like it would be a better ride than Kim’s tiny car, which was a smooth drive, but Shego just hated Kim’s car. Kim did not have a problem with that and often taunted Shego by pointing out that she did not have to drive it if she did not like it.

The pale woman pulled out of the drive way and took off down the street. Bonnie did not say anything about the speed that Shego was going considering the fact that she drove just as fast. Shego turned on the radio and listened to whatever cd Bonnie had in the player. They all shared a similar taste in music, so they could all stomach whatever the others threw at them.

Bonnie gave directions and they arrived at the Rockwaller home a half-hour after leaving their home. Shego parked across the street from the large house. Shego recognized the sign of a big family just from the size of the house. Her parents had searched every each inch of the globe for a big house when the twins showed up. So, now she wondered how many Rockwaller siblings there were.

“Any rules before I go in here?” Shego inquired.

“Nope,” Bonnie answered.

“None?” The pale woman was shocked and it showed on her face.

“None come to mind.”

“So, no siblings I should nice to?”

“Nope. Act like you always do.”

Shego smiled. “I like that I don’t have to be on my best behavior.”

Bonnie smiled too. She honestly did not care about how Shego acted. She did not care what the pale woman said to her family or anything. It was all open.

They marched to the backyard, where they could hear activity going on. They entered through a tall wooden gate and came into the wide backyard, which was half concrete and the other half was grass. There was a grill set up to the right, but there was nothing on it yet. There also a table with snacks, but nothing appealing to the pair at the moment.

They were focused on all of the people in the yard. It would seem that Bonnie was the last Rockwaller sibling to show up. Bonnie had two older sisters and three older brothers and all of them were there. All of her siblings had also brought their spouses; only one of them was not married. Two of the siblings even had children.

“Bonnie, we didn’t think you were going to show up,” Connie remarked as she caught sight of the baby of the family.

“Why wouldn’t I? Don’t I always show up?” Bonnie pointed out.

“And who’s this with you?” the eldest of the Rockwaller siblings inquired. He was a tall, wide male with shoulder length brown hair. He had an oval face with smooth tan skin and turquoise eyes. He was dressed in a plain white tee-shirt and jeans. His name was Donnie.

“This is Shego,” Bonnie answered. “My girlfriend,” she added in an unashamed tone.

Shego was just a bit stunned by the bluntness, but it did give her an idea that just about anything did go. She was glad that there were no rules because she could see from the siblings reactions to the announcement that she and Bonnie were girlfriends that she was going to have to put a few of them in their place. Maybe the afternoon would be fun.

“What happened to Kim?” her other brother asked. He was the second to youngest. He was trim and tall, sporting short black hair with blue eyes. He was dressed in a basketball jersey to show off his muscular arms and jean shorts. His name was Johnnie.

“She’ll be here later on,” Bonnie answered.

“What do you mean?” Connie inquired.

“Just what I said. Kim’s going to show up later on,” the youngest sibling replied.

“But, you just said this woman is your girlfriend,” Donnie pointed out and the third brother nodded.

The third brother was build like Donnie, but a little slimmer. He had short blonde hair that was covered by a baseball cap and sapphire blue eyes. He was wearing a white sleeveless tee-shirt and tan cargo shorts. His name was Ronnie and he sort of helped Bonnie in hating anyone with that name, which was why she used to give Stoppable such a hard time.

“I know what I said. Shego is my girlfriend and Kim is coming later,” Bonnie repeated.

“So, you broke up with Kim, but you’re still friends?” Johnnie guessed.

“No, so don’t get any ideas to try to pick her up when she does show up. You’ll only piss me off,” Bonnie replied. “Not to mention piss her off.” She pointed at Shego.

“Yeah, I hate seeing people hit on my Princess,” Shego commented with a demonic smirk. She was going to enjoy the day; she could just feel that in her bones. After all, it seemed like nothing was a secret. Everything was open and she could use that torment anyone that she wanted.

“Your princess?” Johnnie echoed in a confused tone.

“Yeah, my Princess,” Shego repeated.

“Just what do you mean by that?” Ronnie inquired.

“Well, until I at least get your name, pal, I don’t see how that’s any of your fucking business,” the former sidekick answered.

“Hey, there are children present,” Donnie objected to her language.

“So the fuck what?” Shego asked curiously.

“You left Kim for her?” Johnnie asked his baby sister in disbelief. Kim was such a sweetheart while from what he could tell the green-skinned woman was crass and maybe even antisocial.

“I didn’t leave Kim,” Bonnie answered with an impatient sigh.

“Then what are you doing here with this woman?” Connie inquired while casting a disdainful look at Shego.

“Are you all really this stupid or just playing around because I’m here?” Shego countered.

“Hey, we don’t have to put up with your shit,” Ronnie huffed.

“And why isn’t he being reminded of children being around?” the former thief commented just to be annoying. She was already having fun and was happy that she came along.

“Bonnie, what the hell is going on?” Donnie demanded to know.

“What aren’t you guys getting? Shego is my girlfriend and I’m still with Kim. Do the math,” Bonnie replied.

It had taken a lot of confidence building from Kim to get Bonnie to the point where she was able to talk to her siblings like she was. Thanks to Kim, she believed that she was equal if not better than her siblings. Just because she was the youngest did not mean that she was an easy target anymore. And just because she was lesbian did not mean that they could look down on her.

“You’re not doing what it sounds like you’re doing,” Connie said.

“It’s bad enough you’re gay, but now you’re trying to tell us that you’re going out with two women at the same time with them knowing about it?” Donnie inquired in disgust.

“We’re all in a relationship,” Bonnie admitted. She was not ashamed of what they were doing. They were three consenting adults and they were happy together. So, if anything, she was proud of it. She had seen couples in far worse shape than their trio.

“You mean to tell me you got two women and I can’t even get one?” Johnnie commented in sheer disbelief.

“You filthy perverted bitch,” Ronnie declared as if he was not speaking to his baby sister. Bonnie was actually taken aback by the outburst.

“Watch your fucking mouth,” Shego growled at the middle brother. No one was going to talk to her girl like that, except maybe her and she would never say something so harsh seriously.

“You wanna make me?” Ronnie challenged the martial artist.

“I don’t see a fucking ‘s’ on your chest, so I suggest you back down before I decide to take you up on your offer,” Shego warned the blonde male and she was one wrong more on his part from igniting her hands.

Ronnie growled and made a fist. He seemed ready to throw down, but everyone’s attention was turned away from the current conflict as they took notice of what looked like a body falling out of the sky. A parachute opened and floated toward them, which let Bonnie and Shego know that the missing component of their threesome was arriving. But, they wondered why she was coming from the sky and not driving her car.

Kim dropped into a clear part of the backyard and quickly shed her parachute gear. She tossed it aside, figuring that she would collect it when she was leaving. She then scanned the semi-crowded backyard for her lovers and easy spotted them with the Rockwaller sharks, also known as the siblings. She wondered where the overly friendly mother was, just so she could avoid the woman.

“Kim, what was that all about?” Bonnie inquired as the redhead came over to them.

“I got rear-ended. My car is totaled,” Kim explained with a strange smile. She seemed so chipper for a woman that just got into an accident, but then again, she had just gotten to jump out of a plane and they knew how she felt about that. “I had to call in a favor to get here,” she added.

“That’s pretty obvious,” Shego commented.

“So, what did I miss? Your mother curse my name yet? I’d like to skip that if I can,” Kim remarked.

“Mom doesn’t seem to be here,” Bonnie noted.

“She went out to get more charcoal for the grill. You’re going to tell her about this little freak fest you’re got going, aren’t you?” Donnie said as if he was insulted by the idea of Bonnie being upfront about her personal life.

“If she asks, yeah. And it’s not a freak fest. I bet we’re happier together than any of you,” Bonnie snapped. Kim and Shego were now her beloved family because they were the ones that supported her, so she damn sure was not going to let her brother call them freaks.

It would seem that Bonnie hit a mark of some kind. Her siblings looked insulted, but they did not say anything. She had actually shut them up. She felt proud of herself. For her entire childhood she had searched for something that would leave them speechless and it seemed that she had finally done it. She was putting it down as a mental achievement.

“I missed stuff, didn’t I?” Kim asked Shego.

“Nothing much. Bonnie just let them know we’re all girlfriends,” Shego answered.

“And they didn’t throw you out?” the redhead asked as if she was totally amazed and she was just that.

Kim remembered when Bonnie had come out to her family. It was at a family gathering too. The Rockwaller tribe practically came after them with pitchforks and torches after Bonnie revealed that she was a lesbian and in a relationship with Kim. Now, whenever they saw Kim, they acted like she was some kind of devil, no matter how nice she tried to be to them.

Mrs. Rockwaller seemed to believe that Bonnie was going through an “experimental phase” and tended to treat Kim as if she was never going to see her again after a gathering. So, Kim was usually ignored by her lover’s mother or berated for interfering in “Bon-Bon’s” life. Apparently, Bonnie was supposed to do like her other sisters and get married to a guy and her mother blamed Kim for that not happening. It would seem that the fact that Kim made Bonnie happy and had done that for years counted for nothing with Mrs. Rockwaller.

“Well, the blonde was trying to get me to smear his ass all over the pavement in the front, but now that you’re here, you’d probably stop me,” Shego replied to the question of them being thrown out.

“Well, you can’t just go beating people up,” Kim pointed out.

“The demon child wasn’t objecting,” Shego countered and Bonnie made a face to show that she concurred with their pale lover.

“That’s her. I am objecting. You can’t just beat up her brother,” Kim argued.

“Well, I didn’t like the way he was talking to her. If you had heard him, you probably would’ve fought me for the chance to go at him,” Shego stated and she unknowingly won the debate right there.

Kim opened her mouth, but she did not have a rebuttal. She knew that when she first met Bonnie’s siblings, she wanted little more than to knock them all unconscious, except for Johnnie anyway. The only thing that stopped her was that Bonnie needed emotional support more than physical support after everyone started getting on her case for being a homosexual.

With everyone thoroughly silenced by either Bonnie or Shego, all combatants retreated for the moment. Bonnie went to go introduce Shego to her siblings’ spouses while Kim was pestered by Bonnie’s nieces and nephew to do a magic trick. Kim knew some “magic,” enough to amuse small children anyway. They especially liked it when she made quarters appear from behind their ears. She figured they liked that because she let them keep the quarters. They were very little kids, so they did not know that quarters could not buy them much.

The siblings’ spouses acted a bit more civilized to the news than the siblings themselves. They probably just felt more inclined to be polite since they were not related to Bonnie by blood because it was clear from the looks on their faces that they were flabbergasted and appalled as they realized what was going on between Bonnie, Kim, and Shego. They might not have put it all together if only Kim was not at the barbeque too and Bonnie did introduce Shego as her “other girlfriend.”

Shego did try her best to mingle and be a just a tad civilized, but Lonnie ruined her concentration. The blonde woman seemed to be trying to be snippy, but with her limited intellectual power, she had bitten off a bit more than she could chew when she decided to engage Shego. Lonnie teased Shego by asking who was the “man” in the relationship and she might as well had opened the gates of Hell.

“You know, I was wondering the same thing with you and your husband,” was Shego’s comeback, but it was just the tip of the iceberg. She was hoping to bait Lonnie out into deeper waters where she planned to verbally drown the blonde.

“What do you mean? Obviously my husband’s the man,” Lonnie replied, obviously missing the joke.

Oh, boy, Shego thought. She might have to abort her mission. It was quite possible that she could risk getting stupider by trying to go back and forth with Lonnie. It would seem that out of the sisters, she missed out on brain power or good study habits or just whatever it was that made Bonnie reach being a lawyer and Connie being a doctor. Shego knew that because Connie had yet to shut the hell up about her practice.

“How do you guys even do it?” Lonnie wondered aloud.

“Good question and I’d love to answer, but since you don’t look enough like Bonnie for me want to use you in a demonstration, how about I just use the real thing?” Shego commented and she grabbed Bonnie. She smirked as placed a lingering kiss on Bonnie’s cheek.

“You pervert! There are children present!” Donnie hollered as if he was thoroughly disgusted by the display.

“Right, maybe I should do this with a puppet show. Make it kid friendly and all,” Shego commented as if she was seriously considering that idea.

Donnie huffed and seemed to decide right then and there to get his kids away from Kim since she was one of the “perverts.” Not that he liked when his kids hung around Kim before he knew that she was in a threesome. He thought homosexuality itself was for perverts and he seemed to think that Kim was going to molest his children or something when he was not looking just because she was a lesbian.

Connie was of like mind with her elder brother, so she pulled her daughter away from Kim. She had the same fear as Donnie too, thinking that Kim might one day molest her daughter just because she was a lesbian. Kim never understood how her being a homosexual led right to child molestation if children were around. She really had no desire to molest anyone, save Bonnie and Shego anyway. She damn sure was not inclined to touch a child in any way that might even be perceived as molestation.

It did hurt Kim a bit to know that people thought that she would hurt their children just because she was lesbian. It did not make any sense to her. Before she had a chance to dwell on that feeling, Johnnie seemed to come out of nowhere and was offering her a cold beer to pick up her spirits.

“For a second I thought you and Bonnie split up,” Johnnie commented as he and Kim went to the fence and sat down away from everyone else. He was relieved that they had not broken up, although he was a little weirded out about what they had going on now.

“We’re never going to split up,” Kim replied with a confident smile. She would never let Bonnie go if it could be helped. She honest and truly loved that confrontational brunette.

“Just add on?” he teased with a tiny smile.

“We’re done adding on.”

“Whose idea was it to add on anyway?” he asked curiously. He was not sure which one of them would even think to suggest bringing a third person into their relationship. They always seemed so into each other, hugging and kissing, even though the rest of the family never wanted to see that sort of thing.

“You don’t want to know.”

“It was yours?” he guessed.

“Probably,” she answered cryptically.

“I hope you didn’t hurt my little sister with that stupid stunt.”

“It was rough waters for a moment or two, but now they love each other and I love them and we all love each other,” Kim replied. She believed that they all did love each other now, which was great, even though Bonnie and Shego had to argue over everything.

“I can’t believe the balls on you three to just show up as if this is normal. They already give you a bunch of shit for being gay, but now, you’re not just gay. You’re a gay threesome. You’d probably piss them off less to leave Bonnie dating a goat,” Johnnie remarked.

“Hey, they don’t matter to me. It’s all about Bonnie. We make her happy and that’s good enough for her. But, you know, you see this and we’re being ourselves, maybe you should try being yourself,” Kim suggested.

“What-the-hell-ever. You know, I might even think this thing you got going is perverted,” Johnnie said, trying to stir clear of the subject the redhead was looking to tackle. He knew that he would not be able to avoid it forever, though.

Kim scoffed. “Yeah, right.”

“No, maybe I do.”

“You don’t. If you did, you’d be yelling about it right now. You know that what goes on between consenting adults is none of your damn business.”

“I do know that. I also know that Bonnie is all right with it and even if it is a little dicey, I can be all right with it. Especially since I trust you with her,” Johnnie commented.

“You know I’ll protect her from everything I can, so you don’t have to worry.”

“I do know that.”

“So, back to you and trying to be yourself.” She knew that he had attempted to change topics on her, but she was not going to let it go until she could talk him into being himself. It was not like he did anything wrong.

While Kim and Johnnie talked over a couple of bottles of beer, Shego noticed them and that put her screwing around with Bonnie’s other siblings on hold. She noted how friendly they looked, smiling at each other and laughing at jokes that she could not hear because of the distance. He even occasionally touched her Kimmie. She recalled how interested Johnnie had been because of Kim’s absence and was ready to go over there to start some trouble, but Bonnie noticed before anything got underway.

“Shego, don’t look so obviously jealous,” Bonnie commented.

“What?” Shego tried to play it off, but Bonnie knew the look that was in her emerald eyes. She had seen it several times; it even used to be directed at her.

“I can see it in your eyes. Calm down. Kim and Johnnie always hang out when they see each other. It’s nothing,” Bonnie attempted to assure her lover.

“You sure?” the pale woman inquired.

“I’m positive. Ever since I’ve been bringing her to family things, she always ends up talking to him. He’s just about the only one here that’ll talk to her. I think she’s helping him be less of a jerk,” Bonnie stated and she meant that.

Johnnie used to be a big jerk like all of the Rockwaller siblings. Kim seemed to do something to him when she started coming around. It was something like what she did for Bonnie from what the tanned lawyer could tell. Kim built up Johnnie’s confidence in himself and helped him understand that he did not have to put people down to prove that he was worth something. He and Bonnie both learned to stand proudly by their own merits rather than measure their worth compared to their older siblings and that was thanks to Kim.

“You know, you should’ve brought him,” Kim said to Johnnie. They were now drinking sodas. Neither of them were heavy drinkers and really only seemed to touch beer when they were around each other.

“Are you kidding? You know how these guys are. I mean, they get on Bonnie just for being a lesbian and that’s nowhere near as a bad as me,” Johnnie argued.

“So, you didn’t bring him to save yourself?”

“Well, not really. I did it for him. I didn’t want him to go through what you go through. I mean, you’re cool and they treat you like shit, even my mom and she usually likes every damn body. And speak of the devil,” Johnnie commented as Mrs. Rockwaller entered the backyard with her husband, who was carrying the charcoal.

“Damn it. I really don’t want to go through her yelling at me again,” Kim sighed.

“Don’t let her get you down. Her bark isn’t anywhere near as bad as her kids.”

“I’d rather them. It’s really bad to have someone that’s nice to everyone else be mean to you. She looks at me like she’s wishing me a slow death,” the redhead commented.

Johnnie did not argue that because his mother did look at Kim as if she was vilest creature on Earth. He could only wonder how things were going to go when their parents found out that Bonnie was in a relationship with Kim and Shego now. His mother would probably find some way to excuse Bonnie, but Kim and Shego would now be getting the dirtiest looks and glares possible from the short brunette woman. He had not even known that his mother was capable of such looks until Kim showed up.

“Oh, it’s my little Bon-Bon,” Mrs. Rockwaller said with a grin and she embraced Bonnie rather tightly. Mr. Rockwaller went straight to the grill to start up the food because that would be the whole point of a barbeque.

“Bon-Bon?” Shego began snickering.

“Hey, don’t start up, firefly,” Bonnie replied, which caused the ex-thief to frown.

Mrs. Rockwaller released Bonnie and turned her attention to Shego. She frowned at the pale woman because she now believed that any woman in her daughter’s company was a lesbian and involved with her daughter. She was typically wrong with that assumption, but she was right on the money with Shego.

“Who’s your friend, dear?” Mrs. Rockwaller asked Bonnie, as if Shego was not standing there.

“I’m her girlfriend. Name’s Shego,” the former villainess informed her girl’s mother.

“Oh…what happened to Kim?” Mrs. Rockwaller asked Bonnie as if she really cared. She could just tell that Kim was a more wholesome girl than Shego was already and she would rather her daughter “be gay” with a good girl than a slutty looking thing like Shego. Obviously, she had never heard of judging a book by its cover because she was judging Shego on her outfit like it was all right.

“Kim’s over there with Johnnie,” Bonnie answered while pointing to the redhead, who was still sitting with Johnnie and trying to ignore Mrs. Rockwaller. The older woman glanced over at the redhead and she did shoot the former hero a rather foul look.

“What’s she doing here if you’re in a relationship with this girl?” Mrs. Rockwaller inquired.

Shego raised an offended eyebrow because she was referred to as “this girl” while she was standing right there. First of all, she had a name that she would like used and second of all, she was grown woman. She guessed that she was going to have to start getting on the shorter woman in a moment.

“She’s here because she always comes with me, Mom,” Bonnie answered.

Shego glanced at her tanned lover and wondered why she did not just come right out and say that they were all in a relationship. Bonnie thought that it would be better if her siblings filled her mother in because she thought that it would make her mother angrier and she would hopefully never have to go to another family gathering again. Who would want spend her free time hollering back and forth with decided assholes when she could just relax on a sofa for the day with her girls?

“Mom, you will not believe the shit your daughter is pulling,” Ronnie commented.

“Which daughter?” Mrs. Rcokwaller asked.

“Bonnie, of course,” Connie answered.

“What did she do?” Mrs. Rockwaller asked curiously.

“What do you mean ‘what did she do?’ She’s in a relationship with both Kim and this woman,” Donnie pointed out. Once again, Shego was pissed because she was not being addressed by her name. If she ever got the chance, she was going to kick many Rockwaller asses until they were all crying her name for her to stop.

“What?” Mrs. Rockwaller asked in a very confused voice.

“They’re in a lesbian threesome,” Lonnie replied.

“A what?” Mrs. Rockwaller asked in sheer horror, hoping that “a lesbian threesome” was not what it sounded like.

“A lesbian threesome. She, Kim, and that woman are all in a relationship,” Donnie clarified, which let his mother know that it was what it sounded like.

Mrs. Rockwaller did not really comprehend how that worked, but she knew that she did not like it. She was very old-fashioned, which was why she could not accept Bonnie being a lesbian in the first place. But, a threesome was totally beyond her. It was too complex and way too abnormal in her opinion, so she just could not even understand how it worked.

The siblings all noted the bewildered look on their mother’s face, so they knew that she did not totally get what they meant by “threesome.” Four of them silently decided that they would spend the rest of the day trying to make the connection for their mother. They just wanted to get Bonnie in as much trouble as possible and hopefully embarrass their baby sister too. Little did they know, but Bonnie did not care.

Bonnie figured that her being in a trio would explain itself through out the day, if Kim ever got away from Johnnie anyway. Bonnie was looking for an excuse to never have to be around her family again, but her mother did not seem to be willing to provide that. Mrs. Rockwaller either failed to comprehend what her children were trying to tell her or decided to go into denial. The trio thing was just a phase, like Bonnie being a lesbian.

Mrs. Rockwaller believed that one day Bonnie would wake up and get married just like her sisters. Bonnie would one day have children just like her siblings. Mrs. Rockwaller was certain of that and so, she did not have to listen to anymore of that lesbian nonsense. It would go away any day now, like a rash.

Bonnie probably would not have argued with her mother on some of those matters. She supposed that one day, she might get married. She just had always figured that she would probably get married to Kim. With Shego in the picture now and everything going all right, she supposed that one day they could all make a commitment to each other with rings and everything since she was not too sure if there was a place on Earth that could or would legally marry three women to each other. And maybe, one day in the future, they might talk about having kids, but at the moment, none of them dared bring up the subject.

So, the barbeque did not go exactly as planned for Bonnie because it did not get her banned. Her mother remained in denial about the whole thing. When the siblings tried to explain to their father, he also went into denial about. He actually came out and said that it was “just a phase.” None of the siblings could believe their ears. It was like their parents expected Bonnie to grow out of it or something.

Shego, on the other hand, had a ball. She got to piss off quite a few Rockwallers and she managed to hustle Donnie and Ronnie out of a lot of money in a few games of pool. The Rockwallers had a game room in their basement complete with a pool table. She was practically grinning as she racked up their money, starting out betting dough that she did not even have on her and ending up with most of what the brothers had on them. She ignored any dirty looks that came her way or snapped at the person glaring at her. If someone had something to say to her, she had something to say right back.

Kim, for the most part, stuck around with Johnnie since the children were not allowed around her, so she could not show them anymore magic tricks. When she left Johnnie’s company, she went to hang around Bonnie. She watched as Mrs. Rockwaller glared daggers into her soul. She could practically hear the woman mentally commanding her to drop dead, as if her demise would stop Bonnie from being a lesbian.

The trio was the first to leave the barbeque as the sun set. They were glad to be out of there, even though Shego made a good deal of money. She even volunteered to take her two ladies out, explaining that it was on Donnie and Ronnie.

“Let’s go out tomorrow. I just want to go home and lay on the sofa,” Bonnie said.

“Why? That wasn’t so trying. It’s usually worse,” Kim pointed out. She was in the backseat, which she did not like too much. They informed her that if she did not like it, she should not have gotten into a car accident, which led to her pointing out that it was not her fault that she was rear-ended.

“I wanted Mom to yell at me and tell me to never come back, so I could never come back,” Bonnie said.

“Why do you need her permission? Why not just never go back?” Shego suggested. She knew that she would never go back to her irksome family and she did not need an order to tell her that. She just did not want to go through the bother, especially considering what she had going on in her life now. Life was good, why spoil it with family nonsense?

“I don’t want it to seem like I’m abandoning them or someone won’t let the lecture end,” Bonnie replied while glancing back at Kim through the side mirror.

“We could always duct tape her up and throw her in the basement to shut her up. We’ll let her out for sex every now and then,” Shego remarked.

“Hey! That’s not funny.” Kim pouted.

Shego only laughed. Bonnie glanced back at Kim and smiled at her. The redhead smiled back, knowing she was being thanked for showing up, especially since she could have used the car accident as an excuse not to come. Kim was something like the post office when it came to promises, though. Through snow and through rain, she kept her promises. Kim’s motto might as well have been “come Hell or High water, I’ll keep my word” as far as Bonnie was concerned.

The trio returned home and they were all thankful to be there, although Shego wished that they had taken her up on her offer to go out. She guessed that there was always tomorrow and that probably would be better. They needed a whole day of fun to forget about the day with the jackasses that they had just had.

They all hopped into their pajamas and gathered on the beloved sofa. They all cuddled up and decided to watch a movie that they all could enjoy. They ate some junk food too and then Shego decided that she was bored. She also decided to share that information.

“This is so boring. I’m so bored,” the pale woman groaned.

“Well, sweetness, if you’re so bored, why don’t you go do the dishes,” Bonnie suggested.

“Keep being a smart ass and I’ll relieve my boredom by fucking you on the kitchen counter,” Shego retorted.

“That probably would be the closest you’ll come to doing the dishes,” Kim remarked with a chuckle.

“Don’t you start too,” Shego said.

“You know, you do bring up something that I think we should talk about, even though none of us want to,” Bonnie informed them.

“Kim’s closeness to Johnnie?” Shego guessed. She doubted that was the subject that Bonnie wanted to discuss, but it was bugging the hell out of her.

“Not that, but I guess since you want to throw that out there. Kimmie,” Bonnie said and attention shifted to the redhead.

“What are you two trying to get at? You think me and Johnnie got things going on?” Kim asked with a teasing smile on her face.

“Do you?” Shego demanded to know and Bonnie was right there with her.

Kim laughed. “You guys are funny. Johnnie’s gay,” she reported as if it was no big deal.

“What?” Bonnie said in shock and she turned around to face Kim completely.

“Yeah, Johnnie’s gay. He’s got a boyfriend and everything. He just doesn’t want to come out because your family is really homophobic. He figures if they treat me like crap because we’re lesbians then he just guesses that they’ll be worse to his guy because, well, he’s a guy. He knows your mother is in denial about your sexuality and he doesn’t want to have to deal with that. He doesn’t want to have to deal with your brothers and sisters knowing he’s gay,” Kim explained.

“So, he confides in you?” Bonnie inquired in disbelief. She had to admit that it made some sense for him to stay in the closet. Her siblings would probably rip Johnnie apart if they knew that he was gay.

“What did you think?” Kim countered.

“That he was having boy fantasies and trying to get into the pants of a hot lesbian,” Bonnie pointed out.

“Oh? You think I’m a hot lesbian?” Kim teased.

“Yes, you know that,” Bonnie replied and she pushed herself up to kiss the redhead.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Shego pretended to object. She was glad that mess with Johnnie was cleared up, although she did not totally believe it. She would not put it past a Rockwaller to be lying and she thought that Johnnie might have been lying about his sexual preferences to get into a hot lesbian’s pants just like Bonnie said. She was going to keep an eye on that kid.

“Right, back to what I wanted to talk about since I now know my brother is gay,” Bonnie said. She supposed that did explain a lot, like when Johnnie never had a girlfriend. He always liked to pretend that girls could not give him the time of day, even though he was a handsome bloke. If he did have a girl with him somewhere, he swore to the heavens that she was just a friend.

“What do you want to talk about?” Kim asked.

“Look, I know all three of us think about it and we all want an answer. So, I was wondering about sex and all three of us always having to be involved,” Bonnie answered vaguely.

“What do you mean?” Shego inquired, pretending that she did not understand what the tanned woman was implying.

“Look, I know how we all think about it. The whole ‘what if I come in and they’re going at like monkeys thing’ and we’re all kind of freaked out about it, but I also know that we all think about it when it is just two of us around and we want…stuff,” Bonnie explained.

“So, what are you saying?” the redhead asked.

“I just want to know if we all have to be around for sex or if it is just two of us around that it’s all right. I mean, if the other person walks in, does that person have the right to be upset or—”

“The other person can shut the hell up and get undressed and join in,” Shego interjected.

“This is what I’m saying,” Bonnie concurred. “I mean, it shouldn’t be as big a deal as we make it out to be. We all trust each other, right?”

“Yeah,” Kim said and Shego looked away, which they knew was her way of agreeing. She just could not say it out loud.

“So, it should be all right now, right?” Bonnie asked.

The other two agreed. It made sense to them. They all trusted each other and they all did think about things when it was only two of them around. So, it was good that they cleared that up.

“But, does this mean when I come home from work everyday you two are going to be going at each other like rabbits?” Bonnie asked with a little fear in her voice.

“Hmm…” Shego faked considering that idea.

“Shego! Don’t tease her like that. Bonnie, we like practicing our fighting when you’re at work, okay? So, don’t worry,” Kim assured the lawyer.

“Wait, wait, wait, are we just going to be practicing everyday now that I’ve got permission to break you in half when the demon child is at work? What was the point in even having this discussion anyway?” Shego inquired.

“Yeah, that would put us back at square one,” Kim conceded in a mumble.

“Damn it, we’re all rational, kick-ass women in a steady, good, and interesting as hell relationship, two of us can get down and dirty and if the third one happens to come in on it, she should take a deep breath and just join in because she knows she wants to. Now, let’s shut up and watch this shitty movie,” Shego declared.

The other two laughed a bit. Leave it to Shego to put things bluntly, but make sense all at the same time. They all turned their attention back to the movie and guessed that they would see how things went the first time that they tried to put the two-way sex thing into practice. Wow, regular two-way sex with no one watching actually sounded strange to them as they thought about it, but they supposed that one day it would seem normal, just like everything else in their lives.

Okay, I had a weird thought, but I’m going to share it with you guys. I have no more ideas for these three, but if anyone has an idea they’d like to share for me to write a chapter on, I’ll keep adding to this. Keep a look out on my profile for anything on this.

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