In the Middle

Chapter 9



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TITLE: Yellow

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: Shego wants Kim. Bonnie wants Kim. Kim wants them both. Who's going to have her way? Probably Kim because she can do anything.

TYPE: Kim, Shego, Other, Slash, Threesome

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Note: Thanks go out to Mouserr2255 and Kittendoll for their suggestions that appear in this chapter.

Words: 14245

“I can believe I let you talk me into this,” Shego muttered, speaking to her mother. Isabel was standing next to her. They were in the airport rather early in the morning, so early that Kim and Bonnie were sleeping in the seats that were next to them.

“You deserve it and you should treat your girls out considering all of the shit you’ve been through. Just enjoy yourself and make sure they do the same,” Isabel replied, nodding in the direction of the sleeping pair.

“I’ll try,” Shego grumbled as if she did not want to do anything with her loves, which was far from the truth. She then looked around curiously. “Why didn’t Daddy come with you? He’s still around, right?” she asked. It was possible that her father wandered off as he had a tendency to do when not properly chained to her mother. It was a trait that her youngest brothers got from him.

“Have you ever tried waking that man up at five in the morning? I could bury him right now and it would be all right because he’s legally dead,” Isabel remarked. No amount of threats were getting Kane out of bed that morning.

“He’s going to help you with the school, right?” Shego asked to be sure.

“Yes, he’s going to help. Why do you act like he’s the competent one between us?” Isabel countered, feigning as if she was insulted that her daughter did not have more faith in her.

“Because if it wasn’t for him I know I wouldn’t be alive,” the green-skinned female commented, serious and joking at the same time.

“Details, details. I’ve got him and the twins are coming in to help too. So, your school is in capable hands,” Isabel said and then she noticed how skeptical her child looked. “Okay, when I say ‘capable’ I mean I’ll keep them focused on the main task as much as possible,” she mended her statement.

“That’s what I thought you meant. You’ll take care of that other problem we discussed?” Shego inquired, speaking in code just in case Kim was not as asleep as she seemed to be. She actually did not mind if Bonnie knew the plan because she bet that Bonnie would have been all for it, but the resident goodie-goodie might have had some concerns about ruining a woman’s life no matter how much the bitch deserved what was coming to her.

“The first problem or the second problem?” Isabel countered. She had a couple of things that she was expected to do while Shego was gone. The second one was more a surprise than anything else that they had set up. The second one was almost like a present for Bonnie.

“The first one.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s going to be handled most definitely. Did you take care of your end for that to get started?”

Shego nodded and then she went into a black duffle bag that was at her feet. She pulled out a manila envelope and passed it to Isabel. The elder woman flipped it open just to glance inside of it.

“Okay, so this will definitely be handled ASAP,” Isabel commented with a nod. That bitch was going down.

“Now that you bring it up, how’s the second thing going?” Shego asked curiously. She wanted that one done just as much as the first considering how depressed Bonnie had been lately. She really thought that out of everything, even though she was infamous and Kim was famous, Bonnie was hurt the most by the slander going on against them.

“It’s going to go the way we want it to in the end, so it doesn’t even matter,” Isabel pointed out and her daughter could not help laughing to that one because her mother made a point.

“You make a point. Call me if you need anything else. Oh, and mail us the issue of Kick with us as the feature if it comes out while we’re gone. Kimmie’s been dying to see it,” Shego stated.

“No problem on that. Just be sure that you all have a good time,” the middle-aged female replied.

Shego smirked devilishly and glanced down at her girlfriends. “C’mon, Mommy, us in that house, you really think we won’t have a good time?”

“You’d have to put forth a considerable effort not to,” Isabel concurred.

After a few minutes, the plane began boarding. Shego woke up her lovers and all three of them bid Isabel farewell with sincere hugs. Bonnie did not bother to ask how Isabel had managed to get to the gate to see them off when there was a certain point in the airport that was supposed to be open to ticket-holders only. She had noticed that Isabel went where she pleased, much like Shego.

The trio did not have to put up with stares as they boarded the plane because they were somewhat in disguise. Bonnie had pulled her hair into a ponytail and was wearing her spectacles, which were only for show when she wanted to look more professional. Kim had on a baseball cap, hoping to hide her features. She did have it pulled down to the point where it was almost impossible to see her eyes and she was holding her head down for the most part. Shego was the most difficult to disguise because of her skin tone giving her away and they had all spent the better part of an hour covering her in a convincing shade of makeup to hide the green tint of her flesh. She hated it because makeup made her itch; she felt like she might die on the long flight covered in the layers of makeup.

They did not have much to do on the flight either, which was going to bug them all. They stored their carryon luggage overhead and then had a mini-battle over who was going to get the window seat. Bonnie won the skirmish with some legal jargon, which included the old, schoolyard adage of possession being nine-tenths of the law and she happened to have the ticket with the window seat number on it. Kim and Shego snorted in aggravation over that and then just decided to sit where their tickets placed them, placing Kim in between Bonnie and Shego, who had the aisle seat much to her disgust.

“This is the last time I let you book tickets, demon child,” Shego complained as she settled into her seat.

“What’s wrong with you?” Bonnie inquired with a sigh. It seemed like the emerald-eyed woman was always crabby about something.

“I hate the aisle. Some dick always brushes up against you when he’s wandering the fucking plane like a lost turtle,” the pale woman explained in an annoyed voice.

“Well, maybe if you ask nicely, Kimmie will switch,” the tanned former lawyer commented.

Shego did not think that was a bad suggestion and turned her attention to their redheaded lover. She got to see that Kim was back asleep already, her head thrown back and her mouth hanging open. Shego laughed a bit and smiled to herself because Kimmie sure was cute in a dead sleep. Well, it would seem that she was going to be sitting in the aisle seat for the next seven and a half hours.

They settled in as the plane took off. Bonnie and Shego eventually joined Kim in slumber-land. When they all woke up, they found that they did not have much to do, so they talked amongst themselves for a while. They looked at the magazines that were onboard and felt the urge to tear them into little pieces considering the fact that they seemed to be the lead story on all of the magazines.

“Bullshit,” all three of them surprisingly muttered at the same time in reference to the so-called news.

They were not surprised by the fact that people were still talking about them, although it was a shock to Kim to find out how famous she was to the point where her sex life was selling so big. The hero was just happy that nothing too explicit was coming out considering everything that was being reported. The papers still had not even gotten it straight that they were a trio and not that she could not choose between Shego or Bonnie.

Shego was not surprised on how much she was being reported on, but she was very glad that those leeches were not finding out much about her. She liked her personal life to stay private and even though a lot of the stuff being said were lies or misunderstandings of what was going on, it was still irksome. At least they had not been caught doing anything beyond kissing, she thought; they were a lot more cautious about things after they saw that first article. Still, she was sick of being considered “news” when there were a trillion more important things going on in the world.

Bonnie was just worried about all of the bad press affecting her ability to get another job, especially since she kind of viewed herself as the breadwinner of their little family. It was that reason that she was stressing out so much about being unemployed; she had been officially fired a few days before they left for the vacation. She had been almost visibly depressed when she got the official word, even though she knew that it was coming sooner or later. It was the only thing her law firm could do to save face, after all.

Bonnie wondered what was going to happen with them if she could not find another job. They could not live with Kim’s parents forever, after all; yes, they were still staying with the doctors. Sure, the Possibles were hospitable and polite, but they needed to be out on their own. Besides, they all noticed that their presence did leave James a little uneasy. He was trying, bless his heart, but he was not quite used to the idea of the three of them being together and they did think that it was unfair that they were there in his face constantly, even though they did not do anything inappropriate in the Possible house. It was hard to be in the mood most of the time considering what they were going through.

Another consequence that could come of her not having work would be the fact that Kim and Shego might not be able to keep their school open, at least not without taking loans because they were just not bringing in enough money yet to stay afloat on their own. Maybe Isabel could loan them some money; she seemed to be good for it. But, Bonnie would rather not have to go there. She liked being the one that kept their heads above water financially. She liked taking care of them.

Bonnie would have continued on worrying about what would happen if she did not get a job, but Kim leaned against her to go back to sleep. Bonnie looked down at the redhead and smiled a bit. For some reason, the action reminded her that they were on vacation and she was supposed to relax, so she did.

For a while, Bonnie and Shego just sat there, bored out of their freaking minds. They did not bother watching the movie that was shown mostly because they were used to watching movies in a certain fashion and they could not do that on a plane. They got some drinks and food when those things came around. They also got some stuff for Kim, even though she seemed intent on sleeping through the whole flight no matter what. A little while after that, Shego got a demonically wicked idea on how to have some fun.

“Hey, demon child,” Shego whispered to Bonnie, hoping to avoid waking up their lover, even though she was talking over Kim.

“What?” Bonnie replied, also speaking in a low tone just because her green-skinned girlfriend had done so.

“Wanna have some fun?” Shego asked, smirking in a way that let Bonnie know her fun was someone else’s torment.

“Doing what?” Bonnie inquired. She was curious and bored, so she was willing to at least entertain her love’s idea for the moment.

“Her,” Shego answered while pointing to the sleeping redhead.

Bonnie arched a confused eyebrow. “What do you mean?”


Bonnie did just that, but she could not see what Shego was doing. The pale woman did lean forward, but since they had their trays down Bonnie could not grasp what kind of trouble she was starting. And then suddenly, Kim hitched in her sleep and let out a soft moan. Bonnie’s eyes went wide; Shego could not possibly be doing what she thought she was doing!

“You’re not…” Bonnie could not even finish her sentence.

“Damn right I am,” Shego replied with a low laugh.

“Oh, that’s just wrong-sick. We’re in public and she’s asleep,” the turquoise-eyed female pointed out the obvious.

“I know. Just imagine what’s gonna happen when she wakes up,” Shego said with a wicked laugh.

“Oh, no. No, no, no, this is just wrong all around,” the unemployed attorney argued while shaking her head, showing that she wanted no part of the “fun.” Kim let out another tiny moan; apparently, Shego had no plans on stopping what she was doing.

“If you say so. I know you’re gonna be laughing your ass off when she finally wakes up, though,” the former thief commented, still looking like the demon that she had to be considering her actions.

Shego knew that Bonnie was just taking the moral high ground for appearance sake and for when Kim finally figured out what happened and undoubtedly got pissed with the both of them. Bonnie would be able to say that she had no part in the little joke and that she had advised their pale lover against it. Shego was just going to argue that Kim was not complaining about the prank while it was going on when the time came for her to get in trouble for what she was doing.

Bonnie did watch on with unwavering fascination as Shego continued on. Bonnie figured that it was not so bad since she doubted that anyone else on the plane knew what Shego was doing. The trays covered her hand and Kim’s lap very well, so no one could see.

Kim let out a few more short moans and mews, each a little louder than the one that preceded it. Shego and Bonnie were now holding in laughter, both very aware of how wrong things were, but it was still entertaining and that was what mattered at the moment. And then, Kim woke with a jolt and a rather heavy moan, noisy enough to catch the attention of most of the passengers on the aircraft. Bonnie and Shego almost lost control as Kim looked around in a totally confused and perplexed manner. A flight attendant came over to make sure everything was all right with the trio.

“Um…excuse me, is everything okay?” the woman asked.

“Umm…yeah,” Shego answered, having to put her hand over her mouth to avoid laughing hysterically in the woman’s face.

The woman eyed the three passengers suspiciously. Bonnie had her head turned away, biting her lip now to avoid laughing out loud, although giggles were escaping her. Kim hardly paying the woman any mind because she was trying to get her breathing together; she was breathing faster than most normally would and looking rather disoriented while wiping away a little bit of sweat from her forehead. As soon as the attendant walked away, Bonnie and Shego let loose all that they had been holding in, laughing uncontrollably.

“I just had a weird dream,” Kim muttered while shifting uncomfortably in her seat. Her girlfriends only laughed harder. She looked between the two of them and a light pretty much went off in her head, letting her know that she was the source of their amusement. “What did you do?” she demanded to know in a low tone as she figured that she was the butt of some kind of joke.

“Nothing that you didn’t enjoy,” Shego answered while still chuckling up a storm. She added mentally that she enjoyed it too.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Kim inquired through gritted teeth to avoid raising her voice. What was the world coming to when she could not sleep peacefully between two people that she trusted the most?

“Shego’s got a busy trigger finger,” Bonnie remarked.

It took Kim’s mind a second to catch the meaning of the tanned female’s words. Her eyes then went wide with shock and embarrassment. She turned to Shego, her head snapping in the direction of their typically cranky lover.

“You didn’t,” the redhead hissed.

“You tell me. You’re the one sitting in my hard work,” the former thief teased with a devilish smirk.

Kim growled in anger; she could not believe her mischievous green-skinned lover! She wanted to scream at Shego, but she held off since they were on a commercial flight full of people. Instead, she stood up and stepped over Shego, even though the trays were still down. She groaned as everyone on board stared at her as she got up. She tried to ignore the looks as she went to the bathroom.

“She was pissed,” Bonnie commented, still laughing.

“I know, but that was fun,” Shego replied, appearing quite satisfied with her handiwork.

“Remind me not to sit next to you on the flight home,” Bonnie said.

“Ah, you know you’d want it. Besides, you’re a bad girl, you’d probably return the favor,” the ex-villainess stated with a smirk.

Bonnie did not respond because she did not need to. Shego spoke the truth. Sure, she would be embarrassed, like Kim was, but it would be a pleasant embarrassment if Shego did such a thing to her. She would also get Shego back when the opportunity presented itself, although Kim probably would too, just not in such a public place. Bonnie would be sure to do it when there were a bunch of people around.

Bonnie hated the next thought that entered her mind, although she did get a thrill out of considering it. Maybe she would sit next to Shego on the flight home and they could entertain each other without it being at the expense of Kim, who she knew would be mortified to find out that she was even thinking such a thing. It would be nice though if they could include Kim in on the fun.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Kim came back and flopped down in her seat. The redhead still appeared quite heated with what happened, but Shego was not about to let up. There was still a lot of time left in the trip, so she was going to need something to keep her busy.

“What happened? Needed to finish up?” Shego inquired, speaking to Kim. Her emerald eyes were just dancing with mischief.

The redhead refused to indulge Shego’s immature behavior and just ignored her. The pale woman huffed because of the lack of response, but continued to try and prod Kim because she needed something to do. Bonnie just watched Shego fail, which was entertaining enough for her. The rest of the flight was spent getting on each other’s nerves and it got to the point where a flight attendant did have to come speak with them again, only to have her head practically bitten off by all three of them. The flight crew had never been happier to see three passengers get off of the plane than they were with that trio.

The ladies grabbed their bags and then had to go pick up their other luggage from baggage claim. Once they had everything, which was plenty, they went and picked up a rental car. They dumped everything in the trunk and then Kim and Bonnie had to get into it about who was riding shotgun. Shego was driving because she knew where they were going. Bonnie was about to use the same tactic that she used in the plane, namely just arguing Kim down with legal terms, but the redhead just hopped in the front as she got into her speech. Bonnie was incredulous.

“Baby, that’s cheating,” Bonnie practically whined. Kim did not get a chance to respond as the eldest amongst them chimed in.

“Just get your ass in the back, demon child, so we can get the hell out of here,” Shego barked.

Bonnie snorted in anger, but she did as ordered. She got into the backseat and they were off. The drive was not too long considering they were going into the middle of nowhere. They were currently on a tucked away little tropical island, heading toward what Shego just referred to as “the beach house.” When they arrived, it was not quite what Bonnie and Kim expected.

“This is a house?” the olive-eyed hero muttered as she got out of the car.

“It’s more like a palace,” Bonnie said as she stood next to Kim and they just gawked at where they would be staying for an undisclosed amount of time. The house, which was right on the beach, had to have at least fifteen rooms from the look of it. They had not even gone inside or caught a glimpse of the back.

“Fit for a princess,” Shego commented and she kissed Kim’s cheek. “And a duchess,” she added and turned to kiss Bonnie’s cheek.

“Oh, I get to be a duchess now?” Bonnie inquired, teasing a bit, even though she did like the new nickname. It certainly was better than “demon child” and now she felt like she was right up there with Kim in terms of Shego’s affections.

“Yes, you can be a duchess if it makes you happy,” Shego said with a bit of a sigh, which she forced out to keep up the appearance that she was annoyed. She did think that Bonnie was just as much of a princess to her as Kim was, but she figured that the unemployed female needed her own pet name.

“Is this your mother’s house or something?” Kim asked curiously.

Shego scoffed. “She wishes this was her house. It probably will be when she finally succeeds in driving my father to an early grave,” she answered, joking for the most part.

“So, this is your father’s house?” Bonnie inquired.

“Yup. All of this belongs to my father. Come on, let’s go inside,” Shego answered while hitting them both on the ass for no reason other than the fact that she liked to do that.

The two younger female yelped at the sudden gropes, but they did not say anything. They gathered their bags and stepped inside the house after Shego unlocked the door. They were left breathless as they entered the place and saw the inside.

“I’m pretty sure this is the very definition of decadence,” Kim muttered. It looked like that was inside of an ancient Roman palace. The floor was a tiled mosaic of a lively ocean scene with real and mythological creatures appearing in it, like dolphins and mermaids. The ceilings were high with crystal chandlers and white columns reaching the peak of the ceiling.

“Shego, what is with this place?” Bonnie asked in a low, amazed tone. She felt over-budget just standing in the house.

“My father has a thing for the Roman Empire. It doesn’t all look like this, but you guys are going to love the bathroom. There’s a deck out back, an indoor pool down that way,” Shego informed them while pointing to a hall down to their left. “There’s a little gym down that way too. There’s a basketball court outside, but I don’t think we’re going to be needing that. There’s a pool table and other junk downstairs.”

“This is crazy…” Bonnie mumbled. She had never seen anything like the house and they were just in the front room. She could only wonder what the bedrooms looked like.

“Shego, how can your father afford something like this?” Kim inquired.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” the pale woman answered seriously. “I just want to wash all of this makeup off before I just need to peel my face off,” she commented. “You guys go ahead and look around.”

Kim and Bonnie shrugged while Shego walked off. They went to inspect the house to see if it was all decorated like palace, but they found that as soon as they got out of the lobby, things did change. They stepped into a sunken living room that was off to the right. It had dark red carpeting along with crescent-shaped, leather sofa and a television the size of a movie screen. There was a sound system around the place. There were also pictures around the place.

“Aw, look at the little Shego,” Kim said as she picked up a picture of Shego when she could not be any older than five; her skin was a light peach color at the time. She was standing next to a brilliantly designed sand castle and her father was behind her, giving a thumb’s up. They were both grinning widely and it seemed a family resemblance shined through that.

“Wow, she was cute at one point in time,” Bonnie remarked. “She looks a lot like Kane in the picture, doesn’t she?”

“Yeah, I mean, there’s no mistaking that she’s daddy’s little girl in this photo,” the redhead commented. They had thought that Shego was a clone of Isabel, but it would seem that underneath it all, there was a piece of Kane in the moss-hued smart-aleck.

Bonnie looked around at the other pictures. “It looks like she’s not the only one that takes after Kane,” she stated while pointing to a photo of the twins and Kane.

They looked through all of the pictures and found that if they looked hard enough, they could see a bit of Kane and Isabel in all of their offspring. Kane came through especially strong if the kids were grinning. The duo did not make it out of the living room by the time Shego came back. The eldest groaned when she saw that they were enthralled with looking at family photos.

“The cutie has returned,” Kim remarked with a smile when she caught sight of Shego, who had made sure to clean off every speck of makeup. She seriously hoped that things died down for them before they headed back because she was not looking forward to over seven hours of caked on makeup again.

Shego rolled her eyes. “Okay, so you got to see what I look like as a kid. Big damn deal. I guess I’ll have to show you two around if I want to get you out of the living room.”

“Guide us, oh-cute-one,” the redhead commented, earning a chuckle from Bonnie.

Shego just sucked her teeth before leading them out of the living room. She pointed their attention toward the kitchen, but did not take them inside of it because she did not think that it was so important. She did explain that according to her father there used to be a little pool right outside the kitchen where his parents kept live fish and eels for when they wanted really fresh seafood.

“This is really flamboyant,” Kim commented. She had never heard of such a thing.

“Sounds like my kinda people,” Bonnie remarked under her breath. She would like to be wealthy enough to be able to afford a fish-farm in her own kitchen.

“Like I said, my father has a thing for the Roman Empire and I’m pretty sure he got it from his mother,” Shego replied.

“Why is that?” the aqua-eyed lawyer asked curiously.

“He’s into his heritage,” the raven-haired woman answered with a shrug.

“Kane’s Italian?” Kim inquired.

“Half. His mother was Italian,” Shego replied.

Kim and Bonnie nodded and allowed Shego to continue on with the tour. She took them to see the indoor pool and the small gym. She took them downstairs to see their large game room, which mostly had arcade games in it because of her father and brothers. She then took them to see the main bathroom, which took their breath away. It was covered in black tile with a large vanity mirror and long marble countertop. There was even a black sofa in the bathroom for lounging around. Those were not the things that had their attention, though.

The pair was knocked away by the bathtub itself. It was a ground level top with four ivory statues of satyrs with jars surrounding it, as if they were pouring water into the tub. The statues were two-feet tall. Shego went and turned the faucet to show that the water did flow from the statues as well as the faucet. There was a Jacuzzi mode for it too, but she did not show them that, figuring that it would make for a nice surprise later on.

The tub was large too. Big enough for all three of them to fit in with room to spare and they knew that was what Shego wanted them to see. She wanted them to get that idea in their minds and it worked.

“Tonight,” Shego whispered to them and they could only nod in agreement. They all smiled; the vacation was looking up already.

Shego was done giving the tour once the bathroom was over with. She figured that she would hit them with the bedroom when they all decided to go to sleep. They all ended up in the living room, lounging on the sofa like they used to do when they had a house with Shego on the couch, Kim on her, and Bonnie on Kim. They turned on the television and enjoyed a movie like they used to. Occasionally, they caressed each other.

“I missed doing this,” Shego muttered in a sleepy tone. It was so comfortable that she was ready to just drift off to sleep.

“Yeah, this is great,” Kim concurred in a low tone. Her eyes were halfway open, so it seemed like Shego was not the only one ready for a nap.

“We need to get a sofa and a place to put it to get back to doing this everyday,” Bonnie stated while holding in a yawn.

“We’ll do that when we get back,” Shego said.

Bonnie was going to argue it, but decided against that. She just wanted to revel in the feel of being close to her loves while on vacation. So, she snuggled closer to Kim while caressing Shego’s side. They were all silent for most of the movie.

“So…” Shego said in a long drawl, which let them know just what she was going to say.

“I’ll go start the water,” Kim volunteered.

“I’ll bring our bags up,” Shego said.

“And I’ll get the washcloths and towels,” Bonnie ended things. They were going to go take a bath in that gigantic bathtub.

The bath was ready in a hurry. Bubbles and all kinds of other things were added to the water, like bath beads and skin softener. The water was hot and beckoning them like a steamy siren. The trio did not resist the call, stripping quickly and all of them climbing into the large bath. Despite all of the space, they were all quite content to stay huddled together like victims stranded in a snow storm. Shego was leaning against the back of the tub while Kim and Bonnie were making themselves comfortable against opposite sides of the eldest amongst them.

“So, are you ever going to explain how your father can afford all of this?” Bonnie asked Shego in a low tone, showing just how relaxed she was. She could not bring her voice up any higher than a whisper.

“Is it really that important?” Shego countered, rubbing Bonnie’s shoulder with one hand that she had wrapped around the unemployed lawyer. Her other hand was around Kim’s slender waist, caressing her hip.

“I guess not. Just wondering is all,” Bonnie answered.

“Why?” the pale woman inquired.

“Because we were wondering if maybe you followed in your father’s footsteps or something,” Kim explained. She and Bonnie had been wondering if Shego had been trained as a thief perhaps by Kane since Isabel seemed to make her money honestly. It would explain why Isabel and Kane had not expressed any concern with Shego’s previous careers, even though it was obvious that they knew about those jobs.

Shego laughed. “My father a thief? Well, I’m sure it could’ve worked if he wanted it to. He is an adrenaline junkie, but he gets his rushes from doing crazy things like mountain climbing, sky diving, and fucking my mom,” she remarked.

The younger pair groaned because of that last bit of the statement. Shego laughed a little more, amused with having gotten such a reaction from her words. Well, it was clear who she got her mouth from. As far as they knew, Shego and Isabel were the only mother/daughter duo who could casually discuss each other’s sex lives and had the bad habit of doing it in front of others. They just had no shame it seemed.

“So, what does your dad do?” Kim asked.

“Whatever the hell he wants to,” Shego answered.

“You’re keeping something from us,” Bonnie accused the eldest.

Shego turned her eyes up toward the ceiling, which had a mosaic on it. The picture was there to give the illusion of looking up at the sky. There were birds, clouds, the sun, and a rainbow with a few cherubs and such. Shego actually thought it was rather creepy, and always had from the first time that she had seen the picture, so she looked back down at her lovers.

“Shego, I think we’ve all been through enough to where you can trust us,” Kim stated soundly.

“I do trust you. You both know that. I just don’t want you to look at me differently,” Shego answered. She really liked the picture that her girlfriends had of her, the smartass malcontent, and she would rather things stay that way.

“We’re not going to look at you differently, so just tell us,” Bonnie gently urged. She started drawing tantalizing circles around Shego’s belly-button as incentive to get her to talk.

“Yeah, you should know that by now.” Kim join in, her hand making sensual circles on Shego’s ribs. The former thief groaned, knowing that she was now trapped.

“This isn’t fair, double-teaming me,” Shego complained softly.

“You know you love it,” Bonnie commented and then she took a juicy nip at Shego’s chin.

“Yeah, so tell us,” Kim whispered while pushing herself up a little to take a gentle bite at Shego’s earlobe.

The green-skinned woman began panting as they worked on her, their actions getting more and more amorous by the second. They worked too well together, she thought. If she wanted to have any point of control for the rest of the night, she considered that she was going to have to stop them. She tried to move her hands, but they caught on and held her hands in place. She was trapped and they continued on. She tried to hold in moans and whimpers, but they were just too much for her.

“Fine,” Shego caved in and then she hissed as a wave of pleasure shook through her.

“Fine?” the younger pair echoed as if they did not know what she was talking about.

“I’ll tell you. Just stop…or don’t,” Shego explained. She did not even know what she wanted them to do. It all felt so good and it had been a while since they were able to just fool around without any concerns or troubles.

“You tell us and this’ll just get better,” Bonnie promised while lightly caressing around Shego’s core with one finger. Her other hand was still making sure that Shego did not try to stop things that were happening. She kept her mouth near Shego’s neck and chin, kissing and licking those areas, knowing that the pale woman enjoyed it when attention was paid to her neck.

“Yeah?” the green-skinned female asked in a hurried breath.

“Yeah,” Kim chimed in, her voice now slightly muffled because she was occupying her time by Shego’s breast. She was using one hand to knead both lush mounds while her other hand was keeping Shego from interfering. Her mouth busied itself by kissing the hill that was closest to her, but she had yet to latch on to the jade peak, taunting Shego because of the lack of contact at such a critical area.

“My dad…he’s a…he’s a…” Shego stopped for a moment to try to figure out whose touch she wanted to lean more into since it was all so tempting. One of the things that she hated when they both targeted her was that she never knew what she wanted more of. It was all just felt so good that she wished she could just go both ways.

“Yes?” Bonnie pressed, still working her finger near where she was desired, but not exactly there.

“He’s a fucking count,” Shego said in a rush to make sure that she was able to get it out.

“A count?” the younger ones repeated in confused tones. That answer was enough to actually get them to stop what they were doing for a moment.

“You know, like a nobleman and shit like that. Never mind, the point is that the guy’s fucking loaded, okay?” Shego informed them. “Now, either stop or just finish me off,” she practically ordered with frustrated growl.

Kim and Bonnie looked at each other and smirked. It would seem that they had quietly decided Shego’s fate. The pale woman was well aware of what they had chosen as she felt their hands and mouths roaming her body once again, but with much more pressure now. It would seem that they were going to finish her off as they finally touched the places that she needed them to. Shego almost drowned in the tub, but then again, Kim and Bonnie eventually almost did too.

The trio were not done with each other in the tub either. When they retired to bed that night, they planned to be up late. It had been a while for them after all; aside from the stress, it was damn hard to get in the mood when they were all sharing Kim’s childhood bedroom and her parents were right now the hall. They did not have to worry about any of that now. Plus, the room that Shego had picked for them had a huge bed that begged for them to do something active on, all night more than likely.

The bedroom was rather big. The floor was carpeted with a deep, plush blue rug. There was a walk-in closet, but they had all just thrown their bags in it for the moment. Their main concern was the bed, which was covered in a dark blue spread with silk sheets underneath. There were a bunch pillows on the bed of different shapes and sizes; most of which they threw off as they settled onto the soft mattress. And whichever pillows were not casualties of that onslaught were lost to the night the trio spent together.

They all practically attacked each other, tearing off pajamas that they all wondered why they had put on in the first place. For much of the night, they seemed to mimic anacondas by being in one writhing mating ball. They did not care what they looked like; the important thing was that they were getting to be physically intimate again and that they could be as loud as they wanted. The night was filled with moans and cries of passion.

(New day)

Isabel tried to ignore all of the noise that was coming from upstairs. The Wegos, whose real names were Wes and Wen, were upstairs with Kim’s class. It was a small group of hyper four-year-olds. There were only four kids up there with the twins, but they sounded like they had a pack of wild elephants up there. The Wegos were having a good time “teaching” Kim’s class; they were mostly letting the kids tumble around and show off what Kim had taught them.

Isabel had to handle Shego’s class and she was in for a surprise. She had been assured that the classes were dedicated and fantastic students, although they sometimes lost focus on what they were supposed to do. According to Kim, they lost focus because most of them showed up high, but Shego argued that was not true; only a few of her students were stoners and they were actually good enough to get through their exercises, even when they were high.

Only two of Shego’s students showed up so far and they were a couple. They were doing stretches while waiting for the others. They were also asking their substitute teacher about their primary instructor’s wellbeing. Isabel assured them that Shego was fine, but on vacation to recover from the immense amount of stress that she was under. The pair seemed to accept that for the most part.

“Hey, did Kim ever pick? Because of our teacher totally kicks ass and should’ve been the one,” the boy commented with a lighthearted smile. He was being very sincere.

Isabel just laughed and waved the question off. The students continued on with their stretching and a few more people arrived, going to change and stretch before the class began. Eventually, a lot more people than expected, which shocked Isabel. She had been informed that usually no more than ten people showed up and that was before the “little incident.”

It turned out the new people wanted to sign up for classes. Some people even wanted to sign their kids up. Isabel noticed something about many of the newcomers, but did not voice what she thought that they had in common since it did not mean anything to her. She was crowded by the new people that wanted to sign up for the class and her suspicions were confirmed for more of them than she liked.

“Wow, if I had known the teacher was gonna be so damn gorgeous, I would’ve signed up a long time ago,” a woman commented with a seductive smirk while brushing up against Isabel, causing the middle-aged martial artist to jump in shock.

“Me too,” another woman cooed while flanking Isabel’s other side. She earned an annoyed look from the substitute teacher.

“I definitely would’ve been all over this thing,” yet another woman said as she seemed to pop up out of nowhere in Isabel’s opinion and was suddenly on Isabel’s back.

Isabel was now visibly shaken and that look did not go away as a couple of more women joined in to sing her praises as far as looks went. She was not enjoying being surrounded by people that seemed more interested in her looks than in the class. She gulped and sweat ran down her cheek as the ladies got a bit…personal as far as their hands were concerned. Isabel was stiff as a board now, seeming to be frightened for the first time in a long time. And then a hand gripped her ass; Isabel snapped.

“AHHHH!” Isabel screamed as if she had been shot and grabbed whoever it was that was behind her. She flipped the person, another woman, over her shoulder. The woman coughed in pain as she hit the floor, but Isabel was gone before that even happened.

The raven-haired substitute teacher dashed off into the backroom. She slammed the door shut and leaned against it. She still looked rather shook up over what happened.

“Uh…Bella,” Kane said, looking up from the desk. He was going over the school’s books since he was around and he did not have anything better to do at the moment. He looked up from that when Isabel bolted into the room and barricaded them inside.

“Kane!” Isabel practically cried and ran over to short man as if she was on fire. She flung herself into his lap, resting her head on his broad shoulders. Never one to pass up being close to Isabel, Kane wrapped his powerful, thick arms around her to comfort her for whatever reason that she needed.

“What’s wrong, Bella?” he asked in a gentle tone.

“There are lesbians out there,” she answered in a low tone, as if she was talking about something dangerous.

“So?” he inquired, rather confused. Isabel never showed any troubles with lesbians before. Their own daughter was a lesbian and when they found out about almost fifteen years ago, they were both all right with it. He did not know why she was freaking out about it now.

“They were hitting on me!” she reported with a tremble in her voice.

“Not the first time that’s happened,” he pointed out, still not understanding why she was bugging out about things. Every now and then, some woman did hit on Isabel, but it never bothered her before as far as he knew.

“It’s was a whole group!” she complained. It certainly was the first time a quintet of women hit on her and had gone so far as to grope her, especially grabbing her ass. It was a first that she certainly did not enjoy.

“Okay, wait, a whole group of lesbians were hitting on you?” he asked just to be sure.

“Uh-huh,” she answered in a rather pathetic tone, nodding into his chest. “One even grabbed my ass,” she added.

“And you didn’t call me to see!” he hollered in disbelief. That was priceless on so many levels and she had left him out of it.

Isabel’s anger flared instantly. Her head shot up to stare daggers at him and then she punched him square in the chest, not padding the hit at all. He coughed as the blow landed and pain jolted through his system. She then pushed herself from his lap, which caused him to whimper and fall back from the force that she had pushed away with. He reached out for her, now the one looking pathetic because he wanted her back in his lap; he almost looked like a baby that wanted his bottle.

“I can’t believe you!” she barked at him in a fury. Why did she even think that she could count on him to comfort her in her time of need?

“Don’t be so angry, Bella! Can you blame me?” he asked, trying to force out a smile. It was hard to do with his chest bruising as they spoke. He was glad that he healed quickly with the heavy hand that she carried.

“You’re so useless!” she shrieked.

Kane laughed sheepishly while getting up from his chair. He approached Isabel, even though she was still mad and in “assault mode.” She took a swing at him again, which he caught with an ease that would have scared most people; it was impossible to even tell he moved before the catch. He smiled at her as she decided against yanking her hand back, which she could have done just as simply as he had caught her. She did make it a point to look extra-cross with him.

“You should know by now, Bella, you only get one,” he remarked, causing her to growl.

“You’re so fucking annoying,” she huffed.

“I do try my best,” he stated with a grin. “Now, are you going to let some lesbians feeling you up run you out of your own class? You promised ‘Shona that you’d do this, so get out there and do it.”

“But…” she muttered and looked away.

“I’ll come out there with you!” he declared with his usual goofy grin. He was such a merry little man when he was around her because it got on her nerves most of the time.

“You will?” she asked, both incredulously and suspiciously.

“Doy. You think I wanna miss the chance of seeing lesbians hitting on you?” he inquired, which earned him yet another blow. That hit handed on his head, causing him to fall to the ground. He would like to think that she did not know her own strength, but that was a lie.

“Stupid husband,” Isabel grumbled, not feeling any sympathy for dropping her mate.

Kane did not respond. He sat up and rubbed his now sore head; she was going to be the death of him one day, he thought with a smile. He easily hopped to his feet and followed Isabel out of the room back to the main class.

Isabel was swarmed again by females, but Kane kept watch and swatted away any wandering hands that ventured too close to his spouse. Isabel was pleased with his effort, especially since he made sure that no one touched her. She directed newcomers to Kane and he would sign them up for classes while she went to start the first morning class.

It turned out that there were so many new people because of all of the press that Kim and Shego had been getting. It would seem that not everyone was appalled with their behavior and those people that were not were coming to show their support, especially to a hero that had saved the world more times than any of them would ever know. There were also the people that shared their lifestyles in a way and wanted to show support for that.

Not everyone that showed up was a lesbian; there were just a noticeable amount of them since they were having a good time hitting on Isabel. Most of the people that came in were teens or within the age ranges of the normal teachers. Kane handled everyone expeditiously, which was expected of him. Once he was done, he went to watch Isabel teach until the lunch break.

“We’re out of here!” the Wegos announced as they charged from downstairs, leaping over the banister of the staircase part way down.

“Just be back in time,” Isabel called to them.

“No problem!” they both replied with huge grins. “Coming, Dad?” they asked Kane curiously while pointing to the door. He was usually up for their madness, helping them get into all sorts of trouble.

Kane glanced at Isabel for a moment and then turned his attention back to the twins. “I think I need to sit this one out.”

The twins nodded before charging out of the building. They had had a good time with Kim’s students, so they were definitely going to come back in time. They might actually teach something when they come back.

“So, you actually didn’t go to get into trouble,” Isabel commented, speaking to Kane. They were sitting next to each other on the floor of the main classroom.

“Well, you’ve got trouble to get into. I’ve got a class to teach while you’re gone and everything. Can’t risk not making it back in time,” Kane remarked with a shrug. He leaned back and put his arms behind his head. If he went out and came back late, she would wail on him when she found out.

“You sure you learned everything?” Isabel inquired.

Kane chuckled a bit and just glanced at her. It answered her question just as well as any words. It was actually a stupid question, she knew, but she wanted to be sure that he knew everything that he needed to know to make it through the afternoon.

“You always were quick, even before the incident,” she commented. Well, he was quick in some aspects of life anyway.

“If not, you would’ve succeeded in killing me by now,” he remarked with a smirk.

“Just don’t go too fast for them.”

“Me go fast? The very thought is laughable,” he stated, still smirking.

Isabel slapped him in the back of the head, still not padding her hits when it came to him. He lurched forward, hitting his forehead on the floor. He groaned and just stayed put where he landed.

“Stop trying to act so cool, old man,” Isabel huffed.

“Why are you always so mean to me?” Kane grumbled into the floor.

“Because you’re such a worthless husband. Now, take care of the class. Don’t go too fast, but don’t go too slow either. Can you find a mix in between the two?” Isabel inquired, even though she had a feeling that she was just wishing out loud with that one.

“I’ll try, Bella.”

“Don’t try, do. You can’t be stuck between two extremes your whole life.”

“I’ll try…” he mumbled, still staying on the floor. It was not his fault he was stuck between two extremes anyway. He had happily lived his life going at the same rate as a garden slug until that incident.

“Do it for your little ‘Shona.”

Kane nodded, still on the floor. Isabel was about to stand up and just leave him lying on the floor since he undoubtedly was going to take his time getting up, but she decided against that. She leaned down and picked Kane up. He had a bored look on his face like he did not care that he had just been laid out by his wife, which she wiped away with a deep goodbye kiss to his lips.

“Try not to screw up, love,” Isabel said when the kiss was done.

“Huh?” Kane said in a dazed tone.

Isabel giggled a bit; he was really the only person that could make her actually giggle. She was married to such a weirdo, she thought. But, he was an adorable weirdo and he was all hers. She actually would not have things any other way.

“I should be back before the second afternoon class,” she informed him.

“And I’ll probably be here,” he replied, lazily scratching the back of his head.

“You better be!” she barked while grabbing him by the collar and shaking him. With the way that Kane worked, there was always a chance that he might not be there. Sure, he might be back just as quickly as he left, but that was just irresponsible.

“Yes, Bella!” he agreed, hoping that she would stop shaking him.

Isabel shoved Kane against the wall and marched out of the building. She had some business to take care of, namely a certain reporter that started quite a bit of trouble. It was time for that woman to learn not to stick her pointed nose in others’ affairs, especially if that other happened to have the last name of Go.

Kane knew that Isabel was going to start the wheels in motion for her and Shego’s revenge. He was not opposed to the idea and offered up his own connections to help. Isabel waved his offer off, though. It would seem that she and Shego had everything in hand, which he expected. He just was trying to be of some help, which Isabel told him could be used on the second thing that she needed to take care of. For the moment, he was just expected to take care of the first afternoon class.

He yawned while waiting for the students to come in. There was a flood in the afternoon just like that morning with new students wanting to sign up. It was pretty much the same type of crowd as before. He quickly took care of the processing and then went to teach the class.

The reason that he had sat through the two morning classes was to see the routine that Isabel was doing with everyone. He was now expected to perform the exercise in the same exact manner. He yawned again at the thought, repetition was boring.

He went through the motions, fairly slow. Many of Shego’s usual students passed him by in the exercise, knowing it fairly well from being in the class for a while. There were shouts from the back that he needed to speed things up a bit before they all fell asleep. He did as requested, but he was still going too slow for their tastes.

“Hey, if we wanted to do Tai Chi, we’d go hang out in a park!” someone called from the back.

Kane was not bothered by the heckles, although it seemed appropriate for a student under his daughter’s tutelage, and he just sped up some more. As he got more into the movements, his eyes flashed briefly and the next thing the students knew, their sub was a blur. They all stopped what they were doing and stared at him in disbelief. Kane noticed that he was the only one moving and then he noticed how fast he was moving. He halted his actions and grinned sheepishly at the students.

“Um…let’s keep that little accident between us, huh?” he requested since Isabel had ordered him not to go too fast. He did not want her to find out that he had lost control a bit.

“Um…teach, what the hell was that?”

“An accident,” Kane repeated. “Let’s get back to the lesson.”

“Wait, teach, weren’t your eyes purple a little while ago?”

“Are they yellow now?” Kane asked curiously.


Kane shut his eyes and shook his head, hoping to get his act together. When he opened his eyes, they were back to being purple. He went back into the lesson while thinking about how his face was going to be meeting the hardwood again when Isabel found out that he had not obeyed her instructions.

Isabel returned before the second afternoon class as promised. She seemed very pleased with herself, smiling as she entered the building because things had gone perfectly as far as she was concerned. There were a few students left from the class Kane just instructed and she heard them say something about the teacher moving so fast that they could not even see it.

“KANE!” Isabel hollered. She left him with one task to do like a normal human being and he could not even do that, even for their little girl. He was so useless. The short man sighed when he heard his name bellowed; he was in the backroom. He marched out to face his beloved spouse with a sheepish grin plastered on his face; her fury was sated with his expression in the least.

“Oh, god, this was a great idea,” Bonnie commented while unleashing a short moan. She and her lovers were at a spa, getting hot rock massages.

“Oh, yeah,” Kim muttered.

“Thanks, sweetie,” Kim and Bonnie practically purred; their appreciation was directed at Shego, who had been the one to suggest the spa.

Shego was at a point where she could not even talk to respond to their thanks. She just waved her arm a bit to show that she heard them and that it was no problem. They all concentrated on just feeling good after that.

Bonnie was distracted for a moment as her cell phone went off, but as it turned out the call was not for her. It was Isabel, looking for Shego. She did take the time to ask how the vacation was going and Bonnie let out a mumbled, almost incoherent “fine.” Her tone let Isabel know that she should not even bother the attorney.

Bonnie passed the phone to Shego, who was barely lucid enough to greet the caller in her usual rude fashion. “Yo.”

“Hey, I’ve started taking care of that first thing. I’m going to get to the second thing tomorrow. The school is fine, although your father confused your students a bit in one class,” Isabel reported.

“Confused?” the pale woman echoed. She did not even have it in her to begin wondering what her mother meant by that.

“He got a little ahead of himself,” Isabel commented.

“That’s okay. They’re cool with that. I mean, I’m fucking green, so weird shit doesn’t freak them out. He can’t expect them to learn much if he’s going to zip through stuff, though. What the hell was he doing teaching anyway?” Shego asked curiously. “His style and our style, that’s two different animals.”

“I had that business to handle, but he watched me all morning to know what to do. It’s all right. I’m not going to let him do it again. He hates that anyway, says he’s not some tape recorder for me to use and playback,” Isabel replied with a laugh.

“You leave my daddy alone,” Shego muttered threateningly. She could not manage a real mean voice at the moment.

“I’ll do with my husband as I please. He was mine first,” Isabel remarked and Shego knew that she was smiling because of her tone. “Let me leave you to yours. I’ll keep in touch as things unfold.”


Shego disconnected the call and went back to solely focusing on feeling good. She handed the phone back to Bonnie, who almost dropped it on the pass back. They were not interrupted again.

After a day at the spa, the trio felt fantastic. All of the tension from everything had been worked out of their systems. They were ready now for some heavy duty shopping while they were out, courtesy of Kane’s credit cards, just like everything else that they had while they were on the island.

The trio did have a good time spending Kane’s money; he told them it was all right to go buck wild with the expenses. They were smiling and laughing together and then they hit a bump in the road. They ran into someone that Shego knew, a woman to be more precise.

“Shego, that is you. It’s been such a long time,” the woman commented, coming out of nowhere it seemed and embracing the green-skinned female.

Shego looked stunned and bothered for a moment while her girlfriends frowned at the same time when the hug hit. It would seem that they only liked sharing Shego between the two of them. They certainly did not like seeing some other woman hugging up on the former thief, especially with the way the new woman’s body was pressing up against their lover.

“Medea?” Shego asked, even though that was fairly obvious to her, although she did not get a good look at the person that had her in her grips.

“You know it,” the woman purred.

Kim and Bonnie were now scowling deeply, but the newcomer was not paying them any mind. The woman known as Medea had straight, long ebony hair flowing down her back like a liquid onyx. She had on a short, cerulean dress that showed off her long, shapely legs and that matched her eyes. She had the body of an athlete, but curves to show off just the same and she was showing off everything that she could.

“Get off of me,” Shego grumbled with anger in her voice while pushing the blue-eyed woman away from her. She did not want her lovers to get the wrong idea, but as she looked at their faces, she could tell it was too late for that.

“Oh, you’re not being the usual, friendly fire-starter I knew and loved,” Medea commented.

“Loved?” Bonnie and Kim echoed, shooting looks of anger at their pale girlfriend.

Shego frowned. “Hey, don’t go looking at me like I’m the only one with past girlfriends here,” she snorted like an anger bull.

“Actually, you are,” Bonnie pointed out. She and Kim had only dated each other as far as females went. Shego only frowned deeper; she hated it when her point was crushed by facts.

“Hey, you look familiar,” Kim said to Medea.

“Oh, don’t even get her started, Princess. Let’s just go,” Shego requested with an aggravated sigh.

“Princess?” Medea echoed. “Oh, Shego, you gave away my pet name.” She let loose an exaggerated pout.

“What? I got a recycled nickname?” Kim inquired, sounding a bit upset. And there it was she had assumed that she was special.

“What does it even matter? It’s just a nickname,” Shego countered, sounding annoyed, which she was. She was bothered with the whole twist of circumstances. She had been having such a fantastic time and now something irksome just had to happen. It was like the story of her life, she thought.

“Oh, yeah? How would you feel if the things I called you, I used to call some other person I slept with?” Kim riposted.

Shego opened her mouth, but she did not have a retort for that one. She took a deep breath to calm herself down and give her mind a chance to catch up with the argument. While she was doing that, Medea smirked and eased her way over to the former villainess. Shego noticed and immediately stepped away.

“Stop trying to start trouble, you silly witch!” Shego huffed, speaking to Medea. She growled in anger with her ex-girlfriend. She hated that cerulean-eyed female so much and her actions at the moment was only adding to that.

“That’s it,” Kim realized. “You’re Medea, the wandering witch,” she said while pointing at the blue-eyed lady.

“Guilty as charged,” Medea remarked with a proud smirk.

“Who?” Bonnie asked, even though she did not care. She just wanted the woman away from their Shego before things got loud.

“She was a superhero from like a decade ago. She sort of inspired me to get into the hero business,” Kim explained.

“You need to learn to pick better role models, pumpkin,” Shego quipped while rolling her eyes.

“Oh, you’re on point today, Shego. Is that any way to treat the love of your life? Especially when you didn’t even bother to contact her to tell her you’d be in her neck of the world,” Medea commented.

“Love of my life?” Shego echoed incredulously with a face to match. She could not believe the words that were leaving that nutty witch’s mouth, as if the annoying woman did not recall anything that happened in the past.

“I’ll forgive you, though if you come spend the day with me,” Medea stated and with those words it was like she pressed a button that opened Bonnie’s mouth.

“Like hell she will! You stay the fuck away from her, okay? She’s spoken for!” Bonnie latched her arm around Shego’s waist in a possessive manner that raised an eyebrow from the green-skinned woman. Shego was actually impressed and flattered by the outburst and surprising actions of the lawyer.

“You don’t look so tough. I’m pretty sure I could take her from you if I felt like it,” Medea commented quite confidently as she looked the aqua-eyed lawyer up and down.

“Yeah, but to do that you’d have to go through me first,” Kim said while cracking her knuckles. “And, sure, I used to look up to you when I was twelve, but I can assure you, I’m over that.”

Medea looked down at Kim, being taller than the redhead by quite a bit since she was wearing heeled sandals. The redhead’s eyes showed fierceness in her that was not negated by her body language in any way. She seemed pretty determined on putting Medea on her ass if she needed to or if the witch did not mind her manners. Heaven help Medea if she did touch Bonnie or Shego at the moment.

Medea then turned her attention to Bonnie to try to assess the situation with her. The tanned female now had the same stern look in her eyes as Kim. Her body language and stance was the same as the redhead’s too. It was like she was just as ready to pounce as Kim, as if she could do the same as Kim. Medea laughed a bit and rubbed the back of her neck, rather nervously.

“I guess what’s been spread in the news about you is true, but I would think that this one would be grabbing you,” Medea said, pointing at Kim, but she was speaking to Shego.

“What’s in the news about me isn’t any of your damn business,” Shego replied.

“You’re so hostile,” Medea said as if she was amused.

“Hmmm…could it have something to do with the fact that you’re an asshole, maybe? Just leave me alone and stop trying to start trouble,” the ex-thief commanded in a huff.

“Yeah, leave her alone,” Kim stated.

Medea frowned, not liking being shown up, especially in front of people that knew her on some level. She was about to move, but Kim flexed and put her hands up, ready for a fight apparently. Medea thought on things for a moment and then chuckled.

“She’s not worth the trouble, ladies,” Medea commented while turning and walking away from the trio.

“Fuck you!” Shego called to the retreating woman.

“Been there, done that,” the ex-girlfriend retorted as she continued on. Shego definitely was not worth getting beat up for, especially if it meant that the pale woman would just leave with Kim anyway.

As soon as Medea was out of sight, Bonnie released Shego rather rudely, practically flinging the elder female away. The emerald-eyed woman took exception to that and turned to face Bonnie with some anger in her eyes. The younger female expected what was coming.

“What the hell was that for!” Shego barked.

“How many other girlfriends are you hiding on this island alone!” Bonnie demanded to know.

“Are you kidding?” Shego hollered in disbelief.

“How many nicknames for us did you used to use on her?” Kim leaped into the argument, yelling just as loudly as they were. Her outburst made the eldest among them balk.

“Are both of you batty?” Shego inquired incredulous to what was going on and that she was being yelled at for being assaulted.

“How many!” Bonnie demanded once again while stepping toward Shego and poking her roughly in the chest with her index finger. Kim was right behind the lawyer.

“Are you really this fucking crazy? I’m not hiding any girlfriends, you idiots! I didn’t even know she was here! I don’t even like that bitch!” Shego declared in earnest.

“Oh, yeah, well, she seemed mighty comfortable in hugging up on you,” Bonnie pointed out.

“I can’t control her actions anymore than I can control yours! You can’t be mad at me for having relationships in the past. You guys might not have had girlfriends, but I know you’ve had boyfriends. None of us came into this with no past. Okay, so I used to date that thing back there. But, there’s nothing going on between us now. If anything, she probably thought I was dead until this news bullshit, just like the rest of the world, so stop trying to get on my fucking case!” Shego huffed in a heated tone.

The younger pair were not satisfied. “How many nicknames, though?” Kim inquired.

“Just the one. You gotta remember, Princess, I started off saying that to tease you, not as a term of affection. But, you’re a princess to me now, isn’t that enough? And if not, what the fuck do you want from me?” Shego countered.

Kim had the decency to be humbled by that answer. Bonnie was not done yet, though. The nerve of the woman that had walked off just left a bad taste in her mouth. The fury that had blazed through her when Medea had grabbed Shego was not yet satisfied. The burning jealousy just wanted more.

“How many girlfriends have you had?” Bonnie inquired, sounding rather suspicious, as if she expected a number with double figures.

“You know you don’t want to know because no matter what I say, it’s gonna be too many for you,” the former sidekick replied.

“How many?” Bonnie demanded once more.

Shego huffed and she was upset enough to tell Bonnie just what she wanted to hear. “Not that I keep score, but twenty-something.”

“Twenty?” Bonnie shrieked. Kim was taken aback by that response too and looked shocked. The lawyer looked furious.

“Somewhere around there. Sometimes, it’s not always about having a relationship,” Shego said and she really did not mean that in the way as it sounded. Not every girl that she was with was a girlfriend per se. Sometimes, they had an understanding of just looking for companionship and company. Like every other being on the planet, she did get lonely, especially when she decided to leave her family to walk her own path.

“I guess that’s how you were raised,” Bonnie commented and that lit a fire in Shego that was unexpected.

Shego reached out and grabbed Bonnie by the chin. She was not hurting the unemployed attorney and she did not want to. She just wanted to make sure that she had Bonnie’s complete attention.

“You don’t talk about how I was raised. You weren’t there and you don’t know. Don’t talk about my parents considering the gems you were blessed with,” Shego stated in an eerie calm, which showed just how upset she was about Bonnie remarking on her parents. She could not even raise her voice because of her anger.

“Shego,” Kim said gently while putting her hand on the arm that was holding Bonnie captive. “Let her go,” the redhead softly commanded. The order was obeyed after a second of glaring from emerald to turquoise.

“Happy now?” Shego asked Bonnie in a gruff tone. The brown-haired female looked away, obviously quite displeased with what just happened.

“You guys want to go back to the house now?” Kim asked since the good times seemed to have halted for the moment. “We could order some lunch and talk,” she added for them to know that it was not the end of the world or the good times.

The two argumentative ladies agreed with that. They picked up some lunch on their way back to the beach house. They ate in the living room while watching a movie. They were silent for the most part and Kim sighed, thinking she was going to have to get things started, so they could move on and get back to enjoying the vacation.

“Shego, what did you mean exactly when you said sometimes things weren’t always about a relationship? You’ve had a lot of flings or something?” Kim asked curiously.

Shego frowned, not really wanting to talk about it, but she knew that she was going to have to. After all, she did not want her loves to think that she was a whore or something. Still, she was insulted that they would even have the nerve to think that without her explaining it.

“Look, guys, I’m older than you, first of all, so of course I’m going to have had more lovers than you too. Besides, I’m a bit wild compared to you two too. I’ve also been quite aware that I’m a lesbian since I was fifteen, so logically I’m going to have a lot of girlfriends between then and now. No, some of them weren’t girlfriends like you would think of them, but they weren’t meaningless flings either. The main point is obviously, I’m not with them anymore since I’m with you and you guys are stuck with me no matter how much you want to get rid of me because you just know too much. It’s either I stay or I’m going to have to kill you,” Shego remarked with a smile. For some reason that she could not figure out, she was kind of over her anger. Maybe because she realized subconsciously how stupid it would be to have a fight over something so silly at a time when they were supposed to just be enjoying each other’s company.

“Why’d you break up with Medea?” Bonnie inquired. Well, she hoped that Shego was the one that broke things off. She wanted proof that Medea was not the love of Shego’s life like she claimed to be.

“Well, we almost got caught together once and she got really scared about being found out being a public figure and all, and we were just teens, so she had her parents to worry about. I didn’t really care, but she made a big thing about it and about how we had to be careful, blah, blah, blah. She did a lot of lying to cover up that we were going out and I wouldn’t have cared if only she wasn’t lying about me. She’s just a real asshole and she had the nerve to be shocked and cried when I called things off,” Shego answered.

“Was she your first girlfriend?” Kim asked curiously.

“Yeah and I had sworn off heroes thanks to her, but then a certain little Kimmie-cub came around,” Shego remarked with a teasing smile.

“Don’t call me that,” Kim grumbled in embarrassment. “Shona,” she added as payback.

“Hey!” Shego barked and Bonnie started laughing. “Oh, no, you don’t, Bon-Bon,” the pale female stated smugly, hoping to shut at least one of them up.

“Don’t get me started, firefly,” Bonnie shot back.

The trio went back and forth teasing each other lightheartedly. They put the jealousy and anger behind them easily, feeling reassured in the relationship just from the way they slipped into the taunting each other. They were obviously comfortable with each other, much more than they were with any other mates that they had ever had. Once they finished lunch, they went to go spend their time the way that they had been doing for the most part, which was relaxing on the beach.

Shego set up her lounge chair and flopped down to soak in some beautiful tropic sun. She was going to be doing her lying around in the nude. Kim charged past her, through the golden sand and dived right into the crystal blue water to do some swimming. Kim was wearing a one-piece bathing suit. Bonnie decided to set up near Shego since she had been swimming with Kim yesterday. She was also wearing a swim suit, but a very skimpy black bikini.

“This is perfect,” Bonnie commented, especially since the beach that they were on was private, so they did not have to put up with a crowd or being hit on or anything. They could just relax.

“And we can do this indefinitely,” Shego pointed out.

“I can see why you’re a spoiled brat,” Bonnie remarked with a content smile plastered on her face.

Shego glanced at Bonnie and saw her expression, so she decided not to fire back. She just settled into her chair and eventually fell asleep for a while. When she woke up from her little nap, she was surprised to find that she was sharing her lounge chair with both of her girlfriends. They were curled up on her sides; she suspected that it was partially because the air was getting chilly as the sun was going down and they were right on the water. She smiled at the cute sight and put her arms around them to keep them close and warm before going back to sleep herself.

(New day)

“Kane, I require you,” Isabel said as she entered the backroom of their daughter’s school.

“Oh, I’m useful suddenly.” Kane seemed genuinely pleased with that as he looked up from the desk. It was so rare for his wife to admit to needing him for something, so it was a pleasant surprise for him.

“I have one last favor to do for my little firefly, but everyone’s being so difficult,” Isabel informed him, feigning a pathetic pout just to get him even more emotionally involved than the fact that the favor was for their daughter.

“Well, who do I need to make less difficult?” Kane inquired with a devilish smile. He had no problem with starting trouble for his family.

“My favorite law firm. I want them to hire Bonnie since she’s so stressed out over not having a job. Firefly gave me her resume and everything and I’ve been told that they just don’t have the space,” Isabel answered.

Kane nodded. “I’ll see what I can do. I’m shocked they didn’t bend to your will, though,” he commented seriously. It was only once in a blue moon, if that, where his bella was denied something that she desired, but he was going to change that.

“Imagine my surprise,” Isabel grumbled, disliking that someone had actually stood up to her. It seemed like they took her threats as idle, even though they should have known better than to do such a foolish thing. She was not interested in bringing them to their knees since she was still playing puppet master with little Tina the feisty, now ex-reporter for breaking the story of Shego and her girlfriends.

“So, Bella, what should I be doing? Scare? Crumble? Crying at your feet? How much crap do you want me to put them through?” he asked curiously. There was no real limit to what he would do for her, after all, mostly because she never asked for something that he believed to be ridiculous.

“Just get them to hire Bonnie, so she can stop worrying about things and they can get back to some form of a normal life.”

“Consider it done already.”

“I’ll consider it done when you actually do it,” Isabel commented. “Maybe I should pin a note to your shirt, so you don’t forget.”

Kane laughed. “I’m not that old.”

“You were that old when you were twenty. If you recall, I used to have to write notes on your hand when you were watching the kids,” she pointed out with a teasing smile.

“You never gave me a chance, Bella,” he replied with a wide grin.

“I gave you a chance and you lost Shego with the laundry,” Isabel reminded him.

Kane laughed again. “She was a slippery one, my Shona was!” he argued with a grin. He had not really lost little baby Shego, but Isabel liked to taunt him about it.

The pair went on with their work for their daughter while she was relaxing, not just with the school, but with “the first problem” and “the second problem.” The first problem was revenge against Tina, which was going well as far as the avengers were concerned, while the second problem was getting Bonnie employed at a rather prestigious law firm.

The problems were just as fun to take care of as the school, especially as far as Isabel was concerned. She had already taken Tina’s job and home from her and she would not be getting replacements for those until Isabel and Shego felt like it. She was searching for more to do to the former reporter before she was going to let Tina know who it was that currently owned her. Maybe if she begged and cried enough, Isabel and Shego would forgive her one day, long in the future, maybe. They doubted, however, that Bonnie would ever forgive her.

Kane’s handling of the second problem was rather swift. He had connections in very high places, much like his daughter had connections in very low places; Isabel covered whatever ground they missed. He leaned on the law firm through some rather powerful friends and he was just waiting for them to break, which was inevitable as far as he was concerned.

(New day)

Shego went to answer a knock at the door of the beach house; she was in a very short black bathrobe. There was a delivery man there with a thick manila envelope and his eyes nearly fell out of his skull when he caught sight of her. She had to sign for package, which she did quickly to avoid having to destroy the delivery man for ogling her. She slammed the door in the delivery guy’s face and opened the package to see what had been spent. She pulled out a short letter, which informed her that the problems were taken care; the first problem was still “suffering beautifully.” She smirked, a wickedly content expression, as she lit up her hand and disposed of the letter through her plasma.

“Shego, who was that?” Kim called from upstairs.

“Just a package. The issue of Kick magazine finally came out,” Shego answered back as she charged back upstairs. She dived onto the bed, which was where the trio planned to spend the morning as they had been doing.

“Oh, let’s see,” Kim said with a grin.

Shego pulled the magazine out of the envelope and turned to find the article on their school. They all smiled when they saw the first photo, which was one of all three of them. They beamed with pride as they read the sparkling article that Sherm wrote on them. In the end, he even made it a point to denounce the rumors going on about them and told his readers to “just give the school a try because it was a great place to be.”

“That was nice,” Kim commented.

“Yeah, that was great,” Shego concurred and then she flung the magazine across the room. “But, this is better,” she remarked and she attacked Kim since the redhead was closest to her. Bonnie joined in and they spent their morning as they had since the vacation started, naked and writhing.

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