In the Middle

Chapter 4



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TITLE: Median

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters.

SUMMARY: Shego wants Kim. Bonnie wants Kim. Kim wants them both. Who's going to have her way? Probably Kim because she can do anything.

TYPE: Kim, Shego, Other, Slash, Threesome

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 13673

Bonnie sighed as she came in to what appeared to be an empty house. She would be so lucky if it was empty, but she knew better than that. The house was never empty when it looked that way. She hoped that her lovers were in the backyard. She went to check there first and noticed that they were not there. She sighed again.

She started for the stairs while pulling at her tie. She often wondered why she wore ties with her suit because she thought that they kind of annoying, but then she always remembered. The reason that she wore ties with her suit was because Kim thought it was sexy. The first time that she had worn a tie, Kim had eyed her like it was their first time ever being together. She liked getting that look, so she wore ties as much as possible and she always did get that look when Kim saw her.

She pulled the tie off as she got to the upstairs and she could hear them already. She shook her head as she opened the door and found just what she expected to find. Kim and Shego were in bed together, going at it. Again.

“You two,” Bonnie said, calling attention to herself.

Shego and Kim turned to look in the doorway. They greeted her with a couple of tired “heys” in rather unashamed tones. It did not matter to them that she had walked in on them naked and in the throngs of passion. It was nothing new.

“I can’t believe you’re doing it again,” the tanned woman sighed. She was starting to regret that they had agreed that two of them could go at it if the third person was not around and it was not because she was feeling left out.

“Shut up, demon child. Get naked and come on in,” Shego replied. Kim was in favor of that idea and nodded to show that she was.

“No, I’m not joining in,” Bonnie said, which surprised her lovers.

“Why not?” Kim asked curiously. Bonnie always joined in when she came home. Why was she not joining in now then?

“Because I’m tired. I joined in last night, yesterday afternoon, the night before that, the afternoon before, and so forth and so on. I’m tired and this isn’t healthy. You two can’t just pass the time having sex. What happened to your sparring?” Bonnie demanded to know. She was frustrated with them.

To the tanned lawyer, it seemed like all her lovers did now was have sex. Every time she came in from work, they were in the bedroom…well, with luck they were in the bedroom anyway. Sometimes, they were in the living room or in the den, on the furniture or on the floor. Once she came in, they were in the kitchen and it was clear that they had gotten off track when making sandwiches one day. It was getting out of hand.

Kim and Shego did not even make love anymore. Hell, they did not even fuck like animals in Bonnie’s opinion. At least animals had cycles and reasons for doing what they did. Kim and Shego had sex for the same reason people watched television or put together models. They were bored and it was something to do.

“We sparred all this morning. There’s only so much sparring you can do,” Kim answered.

“Well, you two need some hobbies or something. You can’t just keep fucking like this,” Bonnie commented.

“This is all we have aside for sparring. You took all the fun stuff away. I’m shocked you don’t stop us from handling knives in the kitchen,” Shego replied.

“Well, not only was your idea of fun dangerous, but it was also illegal. I just don’t want anything to happen to either of you,” the tanned woman argued.

“Something can happen to us walking down the fucking street. Should we stop walking down the street too?”

“Neither of you even do that. You stay in fucking house all day, fighting and fucking,” Bonnie retorted.

God, she wished her lovers would just walk down the street. They acted like they could not do anything outside. They sparred in the backyard and screwed around in the house. Every now and then Kim went out and shopped and Shego would cook, but they did not do much else, especially if it involved going outside. They did not even get the mail, more often than not. Bonnie would just get that when she came in from work.

“Because there’s nothing better to do,” Shego huffed.

“I don’t give a damn. Now, get off Kim and both of you put your clothes on. Go for a damn walk or something,” Bonnie ordered.

“No,” Shego replied and she rocked her hips, pushing herself against Kim, who was underneath the pale woman. Kim moaned lightly.

“Stop it,” Bonnie said with a frown.

“No.” Shego moved again and Kim hissed.

Bonnie marched over to the bed and picked up a pillow. It was clear that she was going to slap Shego with the fluffy headrest, which was probably why Shego caught the pillow as it came flying at her head. The pale woman turned her attention back to Bonnie. They frowned at each other.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Shego demanded to know.

“Let her up and both of you get dressed. You have to go outside sometime. You have to do something else aside for this routine you two have worked yourselves into. You’re only doing this to kill time,” Bonnie pointed out.

“We’re doing it because it feels good,” Shego argued.

“You’re doing it because you don’t have anything better to do. Now, stop being annoying and get dressed.”

“Make me.”

“Kimmie, back me up here. You know this isn’t healthy,” Bonnie said.

Kim glanced away as if her name had not been said. She was not picking sides at the moment, especially since she could understand where they both were coming from. She and Shego did have sex almost every afternoon more out of boredom than anything else. It was just something to do when sparring got old. They would go outside more if they could do the things that they used to, but they had promised not to. They used to do dangerous, high-risk things; a lot more high-risk than walking down the street. They just did not see the point in going outside if they could not do what they used to.

“Don’t try to bring Kimmie in this, especially since she’s with me in this argument,” Shego said to Bonnie.

“She’s not with you in the argument,” Bonnie huffed.

“Of course she is. You think Princess likes sitting around flicking cards in a hat when she could be out saving the world from a blizzard-mudslide-volcano-earthquake-brushfire-hurricane-tornado-typhoon-monsoon-flashflood-alvanache-alien-baboon-terrotists attack?” Shego inquired in a bit of a loud tone.

“Alien baboon terrorists attack?” Kim muttered. She had to admit that the ex-villainess had an imagination if nothing else to have come up with that one.

“What, you’re mad I care about you and don’t want you to get hurt? Is that it?” Bonnie demanded to know. It seemed like she was being harped on because she wanted her lovers to live to see old age.

“I don’t need you holding my hand through everything and worrying about shit. I’m a big girl and so is Kimmie. We know what we’re capable of,” Shego retorted.

“Oh, so I shouldn’t care anymore? Fine, you’re capable. Fuck you!” Bonnie declared and she stormed out of the room.

“Fuck you!” Shego hollered to the lawyer’s retreating form.

“Bonnie!” Kim called and she crawled out from underneath Shego.

“Oh, now you’re going to go cuddle her, right?” Shego huffed.

Kim opened her mouth to say something, but what could she say? If she said that she was going to check on Bonnie, Shego would get pissed and swear that she was taking Bonnie’s side. If she left Bonnie out there, Bonnie would swear to life that no one cared about her and she was a waste of space.

“Look, Shego, I know this is hard, but Bonnie does it because she cares. We’re her family to her, okay? She doesn’t want to lose us,” Kim said as she stood up and put on a robe; she was not willing to chance giving a neighbor a show if they had a window open somewhere in the house.

“She needs to lighten the fuck up. We didn’t take everything away from her that had meaning to her, did we? She doesn’t do it because she cares. She does it because she wants to be in control,” Shego argued.

“That’s not it and you know it,” the redhead stated. She knew that Shego was only saying those things because she was upset with Bonnie. They both knew that Bonnie only did what she did because she worried about them and cared about them.

“It is and you can go out there and cradle and cuddle her and let her control your fucking life, but I won’t. Fuck you, Bonnie!” Shego called extra-loud to make sure the tanned woman heard her.

“Shego!” Kim hissed.

“And fuck you, Princess, for taking her side.”

“Look, I know you’re upset,” Kim said through clenched teeth. She was used to arguments, but they had never had one like the one they just had where ever everyone was going to walk away angry….well, walk away if they were mature. She was close to just decking Shego and settling things the old-fashion way.

“Don’t try to patronize me either, Princess. Get the fuck out and go cuddle your fucking baby.”

“Don’t order me around.”

“Right, only Bonnie can do that because Bonnie’s so super-fucking-special. If she means so much to you, why the fuck am I even here?” Shego inquired, her mouth was starting to run away with her.

“If you’re going to act like this, why the fuck are you even here?” Kim countered.

The words seemed to hit Shego harder than either of them thought they would. Shego scowled while Kim regretted that she said, but she knew that she was not going to be able to take them back. Shego was too stubborn to listen, but she was going to try mend things anyway.

“That’s how it is, huh?” Shego asked while trying to sound normal. Her jaw was too tight, though. She could not even look Kim in the eye as she made the inquiry.

“Shego, love, you know I didn’t mean it that way,” Kim replied.

“No, no, I know how you meant it. Fine, I’ll leave,” Shego said and she moved off of the bed to get dressed.

“Shego, you know I didn’t mean for you to leave,” Kim said.

“No, I’m gone. I won’t bother you or the demon child ever again. Fuck both of you.”

“Shego—” Kim tried to say.

“Oh, go to hell, Kimmie!” Shego shouted while trying to force down tears that were gathering in her eyes. She refused to cry, especially when it was her girls that were being assholes. She should be happy to get out of there.

The former hero decided to stop talking since she was obviously just making it worse. She thought that maybe it would be best if she let Shego leave for the moment. They could all cool down and regroup. They would then be able to talk things out like normal adults, and hopefully no one would have to get hit for that to happen.

Kim exited the room to find Bonnie while Shego continued to get dressed. Shego muttered profanities as she threw her things on. She should have known better she told herself. She should have known that Kim and Bonnie would always side together. She would always be second to both of them. She was just the outsider that was tolerated in their couple. Well, to hell with them.

She did not need them, Shego told herself. She could get along without them. What good did they do her anyway? All Kim did was spar. She could find thousands of people to do that. Bonnie cooked. Wow, she thought sarcastically. She could go to a restaurant for that. And they both screwed her, in more ways that one, she thought. Well, one kind of screwing she could do without and the other, well, women used to throw themselves at her and she was willing to bet that had not changed. So, she did not need Kim or Bonnie.

Shego trampled down the stairs once she was dressed. She glanced into the den since it was the first room that could be seen from the stairs and saw it was empty. She wondered where Bonnie had run off too and if Kim had found her. Fuck them, she thought as soon as she realized that they were in her mind. She went to the door and made sure to slam it as hard she could as she left the house. She wished that she had broken the stupid fucking door.

Kim heard the door slam, which let her know that Shego had left. Kim was still looking for Bonnie. The tanned woman had not fled to the den or the living room or the kitchen. She was starting to wonder if Bonnie had even come downstairs. And then she saw Bonnie sitting out on the deck.

“Baby,” Kim said as she exited the house and went to sit with her girlfriend. She was glad that she was wearing a long robe since Bonnie was outside.

“Leave me alone,” Bonnie grumbled.

“You know I won’t,” Kim replied.

The redhead wondered if she was getting the cold shoulder because she had taken so long to come after Bonnie. Maybe Bonnie thought that she had sided with Shego on the matter and that was why she had taken so long. If that was the case, today was going to be a long day.

“Baby, you know she didn’t mean that. She just has cabin fever,” Kim tried to explain.

“I knew you’d side with her,” Bonnie hissed in anger.

“I’m not siding with her,” the redhead huffed. Why the hell did they assume that she had picked a side? She was just trying to keep them all together.

“Don’t get bitchy with me,” Bonnie said because of Kim’s tone.

“Damn it, Bonnie, stop trying to pick a fight with me,” the former hero replied in a frustrated tone.

“I’m not trying to pick a fight with you! I just want you to leave me the fuck alone! I know you’re with her, even if you’re going to try to act neutral. You’re with her, so fuck you too,” Bonnie declared.

Kim looked rather offended. She was getting told “fuck you” too many times in one evening to feel comfortable with stitching up any wounded egos. So, at the moment, fuck them too.

“Fine, fine, fine,” Kim conceded. “You can go ahead and sit there and be pissy. But, for the record, I’m not siding with her. But, I’m not siding with you either.”

“So the fuck what?” Bonnie snorted.

And on that note, Kim was gone. She did not need the stress at the moment. She was already bored out of her fucking mind and she would rather not fight with everyone over something stupid. She was going to go do some fucking bungee jumping. So, she went and through on some clothes and left the house, leaving Bonnie to stew in her own anger.

Bonnie wanted to believe that she was happy that Kim was gone. She did think that Kim was siding with Shego and she did think that was why it took Kim so long to come find her. She was rather hurt that Kim had sided with Shego on the matter, but she tried to ignore that feeling. She tried to tell herself that she did not care if they wanted to be against her, that they did not want her to care about them. If that was the case, then fine, she was not going to care.

They could go out and do all of the dangerous bullshit that they wanted to do. Fine, they could go get killed if that was what they wanted to do. She did not care; at least if they went out and got killed it would mean less work for her. She would not have to cook for them anymore. She would not have to clean up after them when they tussled in the one of the rooms in the house. She would not have to worry about their health anymore. Most of all, she would not have to come home to find them fucking each other silly for no reason anymore.

She could not believe that they made sex seem like a bad thing. They just did it so much and for such a pitiful reason. She thought that they would find better things to do with their time, even though they had agreed to stop doing all of those life-threatening things that they did, but she supposed that she had too much faith in them.

She swore that Kim would have at least gone out and volunteered in a billion or so groups. Kim was always volunteering when she just to go out and do those missions. The redhead hardly even had time for her back then and now all of sudden when she had nothing but time on her hands, all Kim did was spar with Shego in the morning and screw around with Shego in the afternoon.

Bonnie often joined in the adult play before that day, but she was tired and she did not think that it was healthy for them to keep doing it. Sometimes, she joined in just to join in. It was nice that they always invited her rather than just keep going and she never felt left out, but they were just doing it too much.

She just wanted them to do something with their time to keep them from being bored and to make sure that they did not die young while doing it. But, they did not want to do something safe and she decided that she did not care. They could go ahead and get themselves killed. She could always go out and find another girlfriend…well, girlfriends.

All right, it might be hard to find two girlfriends, but she could find at least one. She was a successful lawyer after all. She was gorgeous and a great dresser. She definitely could go and get another girlfriend. A girlfriend that appreciated that she cared and wanted to do stuff for her. So, screw them.

Kim did go out to do some bungee jumping. She was going to forget about her argumentative girlfriends and just let gravity do its thing. She found it relaxing. She was not sure if that was strange thing or not and she did not care if it was. How the hell did she get into that mess anyway?

She just had to love two women that were antagonistic to a fault. If she was with someone(s) that was rational, then they could have at least talked things out. But, no, they had to argue and swear that they were right and that was that.

She did not bother to ask herself why she put up with them. She knew why. She just hoped that everything was better when she finally went home, but she did not plan on going home anytime soon. She knew they would not cool down that quickly. She did not even want to think about how long it might take for those two to calm down.

She was not sure what she was going to do after the bungee jumping, but there were plenty of things to do. She did enjoy the activity. She supposed that she missed doing things like bungee jumping, or base jumping, or freefalling, and all of that other good stuff that she seemed to stop doing when she gave up being a hero.

She was not sure why she stopped all of that other stuff when she quit doing the hero thing, but she had given up. Maybe it was because it all seemed so pointless. It was not like she was doing it for a reason; she was doing it just to do it now. Sort of like when she and Shego passed time having sex.

Maybe it was not healthy to screw around for a whole afternoon everyday, but it gave her and Shego something to do. Everything else seemed so boring to them. They could have easily gone out and done all sorts of things, but they just did not feel like it. They did not see the point.

So, every afternoon when they were finished with sparring and had lunch, they would sit down and try to figure out what to do with their free time. They would think of dozens of things, some to do inside and some outside. But, everything they mentioned, they did not feel like doing. So, they would start fooling around and end up having sex to relieve the boredom. Sex had even lost meaning to them.

So, maybe Bonnie was right, maybe it was unhealthy to fuck around all day like she and Shego did. It should mean something to touch the women that she loved, but now, it was like everything else. That was not good. She did not want things to be like that. She wanted to feel an emotional connection to Shego when they were intimate. She would like to make love to Shego again, but for that to happen, they were going to have sit down and talk. And it was hard to talk to Shego when she was angry.

So, with luck, Shego would have cooled down when she got home and Bonnie would have calmed down too. Then they could get everything cleared up…whatever everything was. It was probably going to be a very long talk and they probably were not going to get around to everything they needed.

She thought it was going to be long because she was actually in agreement with both of them. She did miss being a hero and she guessed that she should tell Bonnie that. If she brought that up, Shego was going to make it known that she missed just doing extreme things and she wanted to go back to street fighting or something like that. But, Kim understood that Bonnie cared and did not want anything to happen to her or Shego. She was not sure what the middle ground was.

Well, she would try to figure that out while bungee jumping. After bungee jumping, she guessed that she might find a place to do some rock climbing. And if necessary, she could always go places and check on her photos. She had not even done a lot of photography lately, but that was probably because those tended to be connected to her missions and, well, those were done. Kim sighed; the talk might never end, she thought.

Shego was wandering around the neighborhood with no place to go and no place in mind. She just wanted to get away from those…ah, she did not even know what to call them in her mind. She knew that she wanted to get away from them, far, far away.

Why the hell had she even agreed to stay with them? They were always going to side with each other if something came up. That was just how they were. It was always going to be them against her and she did not need to put up with that, she told herself.

Why did she put up with them anyway, she asked herself. Why was she living with them? She did not have to stay with them and she did not have to put up with them. So, why did she?

She could not figure out the answer to her questions just yet. Maybe it was the sex, her mind offered. She was getting sex from two women at the same time. A lot of people would pay to have her sex life. Hell, if she did not have her current sex life, she would pay to have it. Two fine, beautiful, lovely women within reach simultaneously? It was making her hot just thinking about it. So, it was quite possible that she stuck around for the free sex…and the free food.

Yeah, the food was practically divine. Bonnie could cook really well. It seemed that she had taken up the activity when it was clear that she and Kim would not be able to survive if she counted on Kim to cook. Bonnie seemed to throw herself into something completely when she really felt it necessary to know or if it was something that she truly wanted.

Okay, so she stayed around for the free sex and the free food. She did not have to sit around and put up with Bonnie’s bullshit then. She did not have to sit there and listen to Bonnie. She could do whatever the hell she wanted. Yeah, she could do what she wanted. So, she was going to go and do something that she wanted to do.

The former villainess walked all the way from the suburbs to the inner city and went into a bar, a tough looking bar. She entered and looked around. From all the biker-looking fellows in the pub, she was pretty sure that she picked a good place to start her trouble. Well, she figured that if she was going to start some trouble, she could make some money while doing it.

Shego decided to shoot some pool and just wait for someone to get pissed that she was taking their money. It did not take too long for that to happen. She won a couple of hundred bucks and it was funny that the first thing that came to her mind was that she could take her girls out tomorrow. It seemed that she had forgotten that she was angry with them and that she was sick of them.

Once she won that couple of hundred dollars, the man that she was playing got upset. He stood over her and tried to intimidate her with large size. He was selling it well, but she was not buying.

“How about you give me my money back?” he suggested.

“How about I stick this pool cue up your ass and take the rest of your money?” she countered while hitting him in the shoulder with the pool stick.

He growled; apparently, he did not think that was a good idea. He took a swing at her and it was on. She cracked him over the head with her pool stick and his friends did not seem to take kindly to that. They attacked and she happily fought back. And a thought floated through her mind as she did: Fuck Bonnie.

He could not believe that he had been sent out for chocolate milk. Out of all of the people that could have been picked, it had been him, he thought with a sigh. Well, he supposed that it would have been worse. He could have been getting shot at or something like that. Being sent out for chocolate milk was a lot better than being shot at or karate chopped or something dangerous like that.

As he left the corner store, he noted a bunch of bikers fleeing a bar. He wondered what was going on, but he was not willing to go over there and check it out. He was happy to not be in a fight, after all. So, at the most, all he was going to do was watch and maybe run if the police showed up.

And then, he noticed someone intriguing fleeing the scene. Sure, he was across the street, but the person was kind of hard to miss. She had green skin, after all. He could have sworn that she was dead, though. Well, he was going to have let the boss know about that and he had better get that chocolate milk back too. After all, the boss got cranky when he did not get his chocolate milk…or cocoa-moo as he called it.

Kim arrived home rather late. She had done a number of things and she thought that by now, Shego would be back home and they might all be able to talk. If not, well, she could still make a sandwich. Kim was always up for a sandwich.

The redhead entered a quiet house. She wondered if she was actually the only one home. She went upstairs and found Bonnie in bed. She supposed that made sense because Bonnie had work in the morning. She sighed; it was probably great to have some place to go everyday.

She went back downstairs to make her sandwich. Halfway into making her food, she heard the door open. She guessed that Shego was back. She decided to go greet the pale woman. After all, there was a slim chance that Shego was done being a bitch. And if that was the case, she was willing to forgive Shego for yelling.

“Hey, love,” Kim said to Shego from the end of the hallway and then she caught a glimpse of Shego’s face. “What the hell happened to you?” the younger female inquired.

“I went out and had some fun. And I got hurt in the process!” Shego called upstairs, knowing that the lawyer was more than likely trying to get some sleep. She did not care; she wanted to wake Bonnie up.

“Shego, she has work,” Kim pointed out.

“Oh, yeah, keep taking her side.”

“I’m not taking her side!” the former hero huffed loudly.

“What the hell are you two yelling about?” Bonnie inquired from the top of the stairs.

“Nothing, baby. Go back to sleep,” Kim said.

“No, we’re yelling about how I went out and had some fun. Do you know what it involved? It involved gambling, fighting, and running from the cops. But, most of all it involved me getting hurt,” Shego informed Bonnie as if what she had done was an accomplishment.

Bonnie looked shocked by that and then she looked angry. It was like Shego had done that to spite her. Shego was such an idiot that she had gone out and put herself in danger just to be spiteful.

“You’re a fucking moron, you know that?” Bonnie said to Shego.

“I had fun. No thanks to you,” the emerald-eyed female replied.

“You know what,” Bonnie said, looking back and forth between her two girlfriends. She still upset with both of them she decided, mostly because Shego was being an ass and Kim was probably on Shego’s side. “You both do whatever the hell you want to do. You want to go out there and get yourselves killed, fine by me. I don’t give a fuck,” she declared and she stormed off.

A door could be heard slamming, which they presumed was the bedroom door. Kim and Shego looked at each other. Kim frowned and Shego scowled.

“Are you happy now?” Kim asked in a furious tone.

“Yes!” Shego answered as if that was obvious.

“How the hell can you be happy? She only does this because she cares,” Kim said.

“Well, I didn’t ask her to care. I didn’t ask either of you to care,” the pale woman

“That’s bullshit,” Kim replied.

“Maybe it’s not.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“Yeah, maybe I do. If caring means that you two are going to take away everything that makes me enjoy being alive, then maybe I don’t need your fucking caring,” Shego declared and she stormed out of the house again.

Kim screamed at the top of her lungs in utter frustration. They were going to drive her mad! She went back to the kitchen and to something that would at least not piss her off, her sandwich. She looked down at it when she was done.

“Great, now I’m not even hungry anymore,” Kim sighed and she hit the counter in aggravation.

Kim decided to just call it a night. She went upstairs to find the bedroom door locked. Oh, the day just seemed to get better and better, she thought sarcastically. So, Bonnie was so pissed that they were not even allowed in the bedroom. Great.

“Can I at least have some pajamas?” Kim called through the door.

The door was cracked a few seconds later and her pajamas were flung out along with a pillow. It would seem that she was on her own for a blanket. What the hell? She did not even do anything! She sighed and decided not to think about it.

Kim went to take a shower and then she threw her pillow on the sofa. She went to the linen closet for a cover and curled up the sofa. She supposed that they might be able to talk things out in the morning if Shego and Bonnie were done behaving like…well, themselves.

Shego returned home later that night, or early that morning depending on who was telling the time. She went upstairs and noticed that the bedroom door was locked. Oh, come on, she thought with a huff. She was just going to pick the lock; there was no way that they were going to make her sleep on the couch.

She went to find something to pick the lock with and ended up downstairs in the living room where she found Kim, sleeping on the sofa. Okay, so it would seem that Bonnie was holed up in the bedroom. Well, it was not like she wanted to sleep next to Bonnie anyway. Not that she was too fond of Kim right now either.

She was not even sure why she came back. She had already stated that she did not want them to care about her, so why did she come back? They were just trying to change who she was and how she was. They did not love her for her, so why had she come back?

She just considered that she came back because she needed a place to bed down for the night. It was not like she missed them or the house or anything like that. She was just going to leave when she woke up, she silently insisted. She did not want to be around them anymore, she told herself.

Shego found a card to pick the lock on the bedroom door with ease. She went in silently and grabbed her pajamas and a pillow. She then closed the door and went back downstairs. She went to the den and made her camp there. She put a cover on the floor and covered herself with a sheet. She went to sleep there.

As he sipped his cocoa-moo, he could not believe that Shego was still alive. He thought that he had gotten rid of her. Well, maybe she had learned her lesson. He could find out and see what he should do about her. First off, he had to find out where she was and what she was up to. Then he could see what to do with her.

Now, his henchmen had spotted her in the Middleton area. He thought that was pretty stupid of her. Why would she just be where their arch foe lived? It did not make any sense, but he would find out and then he might even approach her with a deal. And if she knew what was good for her, she would take it.

The morning in the house was tense. The ladies all had to make breakfast for themselves. Kim ended up eating the sandwich that she made last night while her girlfriends looked at her with disgust in their faces. They could not understand how she was eating a bologna, cheese, lettuce, and tomato sandwich at eight in the morning, but they did expect something like that from her. Bonnie and Shego had more conventional breakfast foods for the morning.

The ladies then all left the house, only one of them had a destination in mind. Kim and Shego did not know where they were going, but they did not want to be in the house together. Shego was still huffy about them trying to change her and Kim just did not want to put up with Shego.

While they were gone, a few people went into the house to check things out. They were not too sure what they were checking out. They knew that they had to find evidence that Shego was living there or something like that. They had to find evidence that Shego was doing something there anyway. The boss was vague about things.

They did go through much of the house, trying their best to not touch anything, and they found evidence that not only did Shego seem to live in the house, as a few photos in the place suggested, but also that Kim Possible and an unidentified female lived in the house too. They were confused about the things that they were seeing. Was Shego living with Kim Possible? That did not make any sense to them, but that was what the house seemed to say.

“Oh, look at these,” one of the men said as he went through the ladies dresser drawers. He was holding up a pair of bikini cut violet panties.

“Will you stop fooling around? He’s probably got us wired and sees you goofing off,” another man commented. It did not help matters that someone in the house might have noticed that those things had been moved and then they would have to worry about Kim Possible or Shego or both of them coming after them.

The other man nodded and quickly put the underwear away. They continued going through the house and they were quite right about being wired. They were wearing cameras so that their boss could see what they were seeing. He wanted to know what was going on with Shego and how she had the nerve to be alive after he had taken the time to try to kill her.

He took note of the few pictures that were around the home. There were some of Shego, Kim Possible, and a third woman. In a few pictures they were all together, embracing or at the least being close to each other. He started to wonder if that third woman would be able to get him both Shego and Kim Possible. That way he would not have to worry about the redheaded busybody ruining his plans. If necessary, he could get rid of Shego and Kim at the same time and not have to worry about either of them ever again.

Bonnie sighed while staring down at her desk. Her anger at her girlfriends was starting to wane and she was beginning to believe that she had taken a lot from them. Yes, she worried about them, but she cared about them too and it was fairly clear that they were not happy with the way life was going. She did not want the people that were most precious to her to be miserable.

It was not fair to them, she thought. She was happy and satisfied with life, a life that Kim had helped give her and that Shego seemed to complete. So, she thought that they deserved happiness too. But, she did not want them to get hurt by doing all of the crazy things that they did when left to their own devices. She cared about them and she wanted them to be safe.

She wondered what she could do to make them happy. They needed something to do with their time, but she did not want it to be something too dangerous. And then a great idea hit her; well, it was a great idea in her opinion. She got up from her chair and rushed out of the office.

Bonnie walked a few blocks and stared at a space for sale. She inspected it from the outside and thought that it would be perfect. She got on her cell phone to set up a meeting with the person selling it. She wanted to see the inside of it and she set up for that.

She returned to office feeling better about herself. She figured that she might be able to help her lovers now, but that did not mean that she still was not angry with them. They were acting like children in her opinion. They should just talk to her if they were so miserable instead of yelling at her and making it seem like they did not want her to care, especially Shego.

God, she wished that she did not care. It would save her a lot of heartache and pain, but she supposed that things could be worse. She could always be alone or she could be stuck pretending to be something that she was not, like back in high school. So, she supposed that she was going through the price of being with Kim and Shego. With luck, they would all come out of the argument unscathed and Shego would apologize for being an asshole.

The night at home was just as tense as the morning there for the ladies. They just did not want to talk to each other it would seem. They figured that if they were going to start talking, someone was going to say something that another did not want to hear and the annoying argument would start all over again. So, instead if arguing again, they did not talk at all, which seemed to be fine by them.

They all went to do their own things. Shego went to watch television. Bonnie had case work to keep her busy and Kim went to rearrange her portfolio. They all camped out in different rooms too. Shego was in the living room while Bonnie was in the bedroom. Kim took the den.

They were all on their own for dinner and they all left the house for that. Bonnie took her car to get Chinese food. Kim walked a short distance to a fast food restaurant and got a burger and some fries. Shego went for pizza.

They all silently noted that it was not fun not talking to each other and eating their meals separately. It was actually rather lonely. They were already growing to miss each other and it had been little over a day since the feud began. Still when they got back in the house, they went right back to doing what they had done before. It was not until bedtime did they stop to try to talk, mostly because Kim and Shego were looking to get back in the bed rather than sleep on the sofa or on the floor. The talk did not go as well as it could have.

“Look, you can’t lock us out of the bedroom. It’s not like it’s your bedroom,” Shego argued, speaking to Bonnie. They were all standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

“It’s not like it’s your bedroom either,” Bonnie huffed.

“Don’t start this,” Kim sighed.

“Don’t act like you’re all for sleeping on the floor tonight,” the pale woman said to the redhead.

“I’m not,” Kim said.

“There you go again, taking her side,” Bonnie commented.

“I’m not taking sides!” the olive-eyed female hollered in frustration.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to sleep next to either of you,” Bonnie lied. Last night had been a horrible experience. The bed was huge and she was not used to being the only one in it. Even before Shego showed up, Bonnie would not sleep in the bed until Kim came home from some crazy mission.

“So the fuck what? It’s not just your bedroom,” Shego said.

“It’s not your bedroom at all!” Bonnie pointed out.

Shego looked taken aback by that comment; Kim looked a little surprised by the words too. Was that how Bonnie always thought? That it was not Shego’s bedroom too. That Shego was just some intruder in their bedroom. Kim was now waiting for the “fuck yous” to fly and she was going to go sleep on the couch again.

“I see. I see,” Shego muttered while making a tight face. She was so hurt by Bonnie’s words and the thoughts that they inspired that she could not even think of a proper retort. She turned around and headed right out the door.

“Shego!” Kim called.

“Oh, yeah, go after her. Take her side as usual. Be with the one you wanted in the first place!” Bonnie huffed and then she went into the bedroom. She slammed the door in Kim’s face. It would seem that she was sleeping alone again.

Kim sighed; she guessed that she was going after Shego with the way everything was going. She marched out of the house and looked up the street to see if she could spot the pale woman. But, Shego was gone. Damn her ninja skills, Kim thought. She decided to follow her instincts and went off in the direction that she would have gone in if she was Shego.

Shego was not sure where she was going, but she did have the distinct feeling that she was being followed, but she did not think about it. She often noticed that she was being followed and just chalked it up to Global Justice being the assholes they always were. They thought that if they followed her then she would eventually lead them to Drakken.

She wished that they would listen to her. Drakken was dead. She saw him blow up. She did not see why they would believe that she was lying. After all, what would she have to gain by lying about Drakken being alive when it was clear that she was not working for or with him? She was just living her life with her girls and she wished that Global Justice would just leave her the hell alone. She had enough trouble in life, especially with her girls at the moment.

She sighed as her girls came to mind. She wanted to turn around and go home, but she remembered Bonnie’s words. It was not her bedroom, so it probably was not her home either. Kim had sort of implied the same thing yesterday, she remembered, by asking her why she was even there. She sucked her teeth as she wondered where she should go. There was always a cheap motel or she could go to her mother’s house.

There was a high chance that her mother was not at the house. Her mother was a woman of the world and had only been staying at the house when she expected a visit from Shego. Her mother had gone back to traveling after she decided that Shego was in good hands with Kim and Bonnie, so she more than likely would not be home, which was fine by Shego.

The pale woman would not want to go to her mother’s house and then have to explain herself. She only wanted to go to sleep in a bed and not have to deal with Bonnie big mouth or be subjected to Kim taking Bonnie’s side. She did not want to think about how she was the outsider in their relationship.

“Wow, Shego, I know you really well,” Kim commented as she seemed to come out of nowhere. She was in front of Shego, which the pale woman could not believe.

“Princess, how the hell did you do that?” Shego asked as she jumped back a bit. The redhead had taken her by surprise.

“It was a guess,” Kim admitted with a shrug. “Come on, love. Come back home.”

“It’s not my home,” Shego objected.

“It is. Come on, one argument and you’re going to leave? Don’t do this. She’s mad, you’re mad, I’d like the chance to be mad, but one of us has to be rational. So, just take a deep breath and come back to the house,” Kim implored.

“I’m not going back to somewhere I’m not wanted.”

“Shego, she didn’t mean it. She was just mad, like you are. Are you seriously going to throw us away from one fight? Do we mean that little to you?” Kim demanded to know.

“I mean that little to you two and you know it,” Shego argued.

“That’s not true. Look, it was one fight. We’re going to fight every now and then. That’s just relationships. Hell, that’s just life. So, chill out and come back home. We can sort this whole mess out.”

Shego seemed to think on it for a while. “I get the couch tonight.”

Kim sighed. “Fine. You can have the couch. I can’t believe I’m sleeping on the floor tonight,” she muttered. But, relationships were about compromise, she reminded her.

The two returned to the house and they set up camp in the den and the living room. Kim took the den that night and Shego had the living room. They had trouble sleeping because they disliked sleeping alone. Bonnie was experiencing the same problem.

The morning was just like the last, except everyone was cranky now because of lack of sleep. They kept giving each other mixed looks of longing and annoyances. It was like they were not sure if they wanted to hug or hit each other. They just tried to stay out of each other’s way to avoid making things worse.

They all left the house; once again, only one of them had a destination. Bonnie went to work while Shego and Kim went to mind their own business; that was close to their exact words. Shego had said something more colorful when asked where she was going, but her girlfriends got the message.

Bonnie went to meet up with the person selling the space near her job. She went through prices and what the property could be used for. She had to work out how payments would go and everything, but the man was pretty nice and seemed a bit flattered by her, which she used to her advantage. She felt good about herself, even though she was rather pissed at her girlfriends at the moment.

Still, they were her ladies and she did love them both, so she was happy that she was investing in something that would hopefully make her lovers get outside more often. She did find it ironic that their argument had been the thing that got Kim and Shego out of the house. She hoped that they were doing something productive, even though from yesterday’s evidence it seemed that Shego was just as bitchy as always. She wondered what she was going to do about those two.

Bonnie then had to return to work after starting the works of buying that property. She made it around the corner and then ran into someone. She thought that the fellow looked rather familiar and it was hard to forget a guy that was blue.

“You’re Drakken,” Bonnie realized as she stared at the mad scientist. She knew about him because she kept up with Kim villains and things from the time that she started dating Kim. Okay, maybe from before then. Maybe it was from about the time she noticed that she had a crush on Kim.

“And you are someone to Kim Possible and Shego, so if you’ll come with me,” Drakken said in a rather civil tone.

“But, you’re dead. Shego saw you die,” Bonnie said. Had Shego actually lied? It did not seem like she was lying and it did not seem that she had been in contact with Drakken if she had been lying.

“Indeed. Now, I’m going to need you to come with me as quickly as possible. We can do this the hard way or the easy way. Just to let you know, the hard way does involve this.” Drakken then pulled out a rather impressive looking gun from under his jacket.

Bonnie gasped because of the weapon, but quickly regained her composure. She was not going to let a nerd that turned into a villain because people laughed at him in college push her around; she knew that thanks to Kim. She was not afraid of him.

“Look, I don’t know what the hell your deal is, but just leave me the hell alone before I call the cops on you,” she replied.

“I see we’re going to have to do this the hard way,” he commented.

Drakken pulled the trigger on the gun and Bonnie was pretty sure that she was going to be shot. She put her arms up in her defense, but no shot came. Instead, a gas came out and Bonnie passed out. Drakken just let her hit the ground.

“This should get Shego and Kim to come to me and I’ll destroy them both if necessary,” Drakken said. He figured that he would do away with Kim, but he was going to see what to do with Shego.

Shego was wandering the park for lack of a better thing to do. She had considered going home and just vegging out on some television, but there was a chance Kim might be there. She could not figure out why she was avoiding Kim now, but she did know that she was supposed to be upset with both of her girlfriends. She remembered that Kim seemed to side with Bonnie, but then Kim had come for her last night, so now everything was confusing. She figured that she would just stay mad until it seemed too burdensome or until she got some apologies, especially about that not being her bedroom comment.

Suddenly, Shego was surrounded. She moved just in time to avoid being tackled and started swinging at the group attacking her. After striking three men, she noticed the uniforms and figured out that Global Justice was trying to make her acquaintance again. She could only wonder what the bastards wanted with her now.

She supposed that she should go quietly to avoid providing them with an excuse to treat her like a beast again. But, it was hard to surrender peacefully when the morons kept coming at her. She did not ignite her hands, but she did use all of her skills to make sure they did not touch her.

People in the park did stop to look at the fight. They wondered what was going on. The agents seemed to notice all of the attention they were getting, which was when the man in charge decided to show that he was in charge. He cleared his throat and ordered his men to back off. Shego did not attack, which surprised the agents.

“Shego, I’m Agent Will Du and I’m here to take you in,” the man in charge informed the former villainess.

“You let me make a phone call and I’ll be right with you,” Shego answered.

Will motioned to her to go ahead, but he told her to make it quickly. She complied and made her phone call very brief. She merely informed the person she called that she was being arrested and would be at Global Justice headquarters. She ended the call and left with Will.

Shego was taken to an interrogation room and left alone for only a few seconds. Will shut the door and then it seemed like as soon as the door clicked, Doctor Director was walking in. The brown-haired woman sat opposite Shego.

“I knew you were nothing but a filthy liar,” the leader of GJ stated.

“Whoa, nice to see you too,” Shego said sarcastically.

“Tell me what Drakken’s up to,” Doctor Director commanded.

“Are you really this fucking stupid? Drakken is dead!” Shego stated in an aggravated tone. Why were they not listening to her? The guy was as dead as they come.

“Then why did we have a sighting of him?”

“Was the person wearing glasses? Or in need of mediation? Drakken is fucking dead. I saw the bastard blow up myself. How many times do I have to tell you that?” Shego demanded to know with a growl.

“Don’t play with me!” Doctor Director said while pounding the table with her fist.

“Damn it, the man is dead! If you’re going to arrest me for something, charge me and shut the fuck up!”

Doctor Director frowned and she was about to say something to Shego, but the door to the interrogation room opened. At first, the one-eyed woman thought that it was going to be Shego’s lawyer, that evil Rockwaller woman. Instead, Kim entered the room.

“What happened?” Kim inquired.

“Why didn’t you bring the demon child? I got arrested for crying out loud,” Shego pointed out. She obviously needed a lawyer, but there was no way in hell she was going to call Bonnie. She was angrier with her than with Kim, so she figured that if she called Kim and pointed out that she got arrested, then Kim would bring Bonnie. It seemed logical to her.

“Bonnie’s not answering her phone. What the hell did you get arrested for?” the redhead asked.

“The same bullshit as before. They swear to God that Drakken is alive and that I’m hiding him. The man is fucking dead,” Shego answered.

“Doctor Director,” Kim said while turning to the aforementioned woman.

“Drakken was sighted on the street kidnapping a woman. Now, Shego tells us he’s dead while police tell us otherwise. I’m sorry, but I have to believe the police over a known liar and thief,” Doctor Director replied.

“I saw him die with my own two eyes! He’s dead! If you don’t believe me, hook me up to one of those lie detector things or whatever the hell else you got. I will tell that shit to my own mother. The man is dead,” Shego stated.

The argument was interrupted as Kim’s Kimmunicator went off. She still carried it, even though she did not go on missions anymore. It was just that it had all of her business related things on it, not that she even did much business anymore. Life was so boring now.

“What’s the sitch?” Kim answered as usual.

“Kimmie, this blue guy wants to talk to you,” Bonnie’s voice came through the device.

“Blue guy?” Kim echoed. “Put him on, baby.”

“Okay. Here,” Bonnie said and she passed the phone.

“Kim Possible, I have Bonnie Rockwaller. If you want her back, you and Shego are to do exactly as I say,” a very familiar voice declared. Shego craned an eyebrow as she heard the voice.

“Drakken?” Kim said in a bewildered tone.

“What the fuck are you doing alive?” Shego demanded to know as she stood up and grabbed Kim’s arm to talk into the Kimmunicator.

“Shego, you’re with Kim Possible?” Drakken asked in a puzzled tone.

“Yeah, and if you hurt Bonnie, you’re going to catch two different kinds of ass whippings before I just turn you to ashes!” Shego replied.

“You’ll do nothing like that. Now, listen carefully to what I want you and Kim to do or Miss Rockwaller is going to have an unpleasant stay,” Drakken said.

Kim and Shego scowled. If that crazy bastard hurt their girlfriend, he was going to regret it for the rest of his life, however long Shego was going to allow that to be. Shego could not believe that Drakken was even still alive. She saw him get blown up. What the hell was going on?

The duo listened to Drakken give them instruction. Doctor Director stuck around to listen too, but did not make it known that she was in the room. When Drakken was done, the communication was disconnected. Kim turned to look at Doctor Director.

“Team up?” the redhead offered the leader of Global Justice.

“I have to trust Shego?” Doctor Director asked.

“Trust me, she wants Bonnie back just as much as I do and she wants Drakken just as much as you do,” Kim replied.

“Damn right. How dare that bastard pretend to be dead,” Shego declared.

“You mean like you did?” the redhead teased.

“When I did it, it was different. Look, can we just get a plan going so we can rescue Bonnie?” Shego huffed.

“Doctor Director?” Kim asked.

“What do you have in mind?” the one-eyed woman inquired. Well, it would seem that they were working together.

Kim and Shego followed Drakken’s instructions to the letter; well, mostly to the letter. He wanted them to show up at his lair with no gadgets, which they did. They noted that in the years he had been “dead” his taste in lairs had not changed in the slightest. They were currently in a dormant volcano; or at least, they hoped it was dormant. With his track record, the thing might actually erupt in ten minutes, they considered.

He ordered them into special chairs, which had automatic bonds on them. When they sat down, the manacles in the chair locked around their wrists and across their chests. And with that, he assumed they were secure and nothing stood in his way to unleash his ultimate plan, which they both knew he was going to rant about.

“Hold on a second, chief,” Shego said as soon as Drakken got his mouth ready to ramble. She did not care about his current plan, especially since if the giant cylindrical machine in the center of the room was any indicator of his scheme, she could guess how it was going to go.

“What?” Drakken asked.

“What the fuck are you still doing alive?” Shego demanded to know. She was so pissed that he had the nerve to be alive and plotting world domination without her, not that she wanted to be in on the plot, especially since his crazy ass was definitely going down. No one was kidnapping her demon child and getting off scot-free.

“I could ask you the same question,” he countered.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, that explosion was designed to kill you, after all,” he informed her.

“WHAT!” Shego screamed in pure fury and flared up her hands all the way up to her shoulders. She pulled at her bonds, trying to get at Drakken. How dare he casually admit that the fucking explosion that had almost killed her was actually intended to murder her!

“Drakken, why would you try to kill Shego?” Kim inquired with a bemused expression. It truly did not make any sense. Why would Drakken try to kill his most competent and talented henchwoman?

“Because she was going to leave me to work for Dementor!” Drakken roared. “There was no way I was going to let that happen!”

“A weird sort of ‘if he can’t have you no one can’?” Kim guessed, speaking to Shego.

“I don’t care! Drakken, when I get out of this chair, I’m going to wring your scrawny neck!” the pale woman proclaimed.

“I don’t think you want to that. I do have Miss Rockwaller after all,” Drakken pointed out.

Shego growled in anger; the bastard had a good point! She calmed herself down somewhat. They had a plan, after all. She would stick to the plan. She put her glow out and took a deep breath to calm herself down.

“Why is Miss Rockwaller so important to you anyway?” Drakken asked curiously.

“None of your fucking business. Now, why the fuck would you try to kill me because I was going to work to Dementor, which I wasn’t going to do anyway,” Shego stated.

“I saw the ad circled in one of your magazines. You circled the ad by Dementor looking for new employees,” the cerulean scientist cited as proof that Shego was going to leave him.

“I didn’t circle it you, boob! I wouldn’t work for Dementor. He doesn’t pay enough,” Shego commented.

“Then who circled it?” he inquired, as if he had her with logic.

“Hell if I know. The magazine probably wasn’t even mine. I wasn’t the only person on the payroll that could read and brought magazines. I know it might seem like a foreign concept to you, but people do read things,” she replied.

“Don’t try to lie now! I know you were going to go work for Dementor and so I decided that to do something about it.”

“Blow me up?!” Shego hollered in disbelief. She had beaten Kim to shouting that. His first conclusion was to kill Shego if she was going to leave him? Oh, he certain was mad.

“Yes! I wouldn’t let that hack Dementor have you! So, I built that machine to self destruct at a certain time. I called you into the main room at the right time and you were supposed to die when the machine terminated itself,” he explained.

“But, I saw you in there,” the pale woman pointed out.

“You saw a syntho-drone of me in there. I have them almost perfected to be almost human,” he said.

“I should’ve known. It was too good a thing for an idiot like you to be dead,” Shego deadpanned.

“Well, Shego, since you didn’t die, I’ll let you come back to my team if you swear allegiance to me and then you kill Kim Possible,” Drakken informed them.

Shego glanced at Kim. “Yeah, that’s a real tempting offer,” the former sidekick said sarcastically.

“But, we’ve got a better one for you,” Kim said.

“Yeah, you give up now and we don’t have to beat you bloody for kidnapping and using Bonnie,” Shego proposed.

“And why would I give up?” Drakken inquired. He was the one holding all of the cards, after all. He had everything in his favor.

“Because GJ is going to storm this place in about ten seconds and Shego’s bonds are loose anyway,” Kim answered in a very controlled tone.

“Shego’s bonds are loose?” he echoed in disbelief.

“Yeah, you didn’t think that whole power up thing was just for show did you?” Shego asked curiously.

Suddenly, swarms of people in cobalt blue uniforms stormed into the main chamber. Drakken looked confused as his henchmen scattered, either for weapons or to try to escape the liar. Shego ripped herself from her chair and went at Drakken like striking cobra. She grabbed him by the collar and she was about to tear into him, but someone fell into her and she let him go. Drakken ran for it while Shego turned to see who hit her. It was a henchman.

While Shego went to kick the henchman’s ass for making her lose her grip on Drakken, Will Du came to release Kim. He worked quickly and got her out in no time. She climbed to her feet.

“Is Bonnie safe?” Kim asked Will. The plan had been for Kim and Shego to stall Drakken while GJ rescued Bonnie and then stormed the place while Drakken was distracted. It worked.

“Yes, we’ve got her in a secure vehicle waiting for you,” Will answered.

“Good,” Kim said. “Shego!” she called.

“What?” Shego answered. She was now a few yards from Kim.

“Drakken’s getting away. I want you to throw me when I get to you!”

“Throw her?” Shego echoed, but she did not have too much time to contemplate what her lover meant.

Kim charged toward Shego and the pale woman seemed to understand at just the right time. She grabbed Kim’s wrists, spun once, and flung Kim in the direction of Drakken. The speed made Drakken’s head start seem like nothing. Kim just hoped that no one stepped in her path and she was lucky enough for that to not happen. She positioned herself and hit Drakken in the back with her shoulder.

Drakken yelped as he hit the deck. Kim fell to the ground and slid a few feet away from Drakken. The mad scientist groaned and tried to pick himself up. He noticed that Kim was climbing to her feet, so he quickly pulled a weapon to keep her away from him. He aimed what appeared to be a gun at her.

“Stay right there!” he ordered the redhead.

“Drakken, you’re not going to shoot me and you’re not getting out of here,” Kim informed him.

“I am right now and I’m going to finish you off too,” he declared as he climbed to his feet while making sure to keep the gun trained on her.

“Drakken, you don’t want to do that,” Kim warned him.

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because it pisses me off!” Shego hollered as she threw a plasma blast at him and hit him in the back while running over to the scene.

Drakken hissed in pain and turned around, just what the green-skinned female wanted him to do. She caught her former employer with the hardest punch that she had to offer to teach him not to try to kill her or her Princess or touch her demon child. Before Drakken hit the ground, Kim threw in her two cents to make sure that he did not get back up. Kim kicked him in the midsection, which caused him to cough in agony. He fell forward on his face into unconsciousness.

“Fucking bastard,” Shego said and she spit on him. She could not believe the nerve of that blue bastard.

The two lovers looked around at what was going on with GJ and Drakken’s henchmen. It was like a war zone in the room. They looked at each other as if asking if they should join in. They smirked and were about to run off, but Drakken groaned. He actually regained consciousness that quickly and then he pulled out a switch.

“What’s that in his hand?” Kim asked curiously.

“Shit,” Shego said when she noticed that Drakken was holding something.

“Self destruct button,” Drakken informed them and he hit the button. “Shego, you should like this one. The explosion should be twice the size of the one you got into.”

“You fucking bastard!” Shego hollered as she leaned down and grabbed him. “Tell us how to shut it down!” she commanded. There was no way in hell she was dying with GJ agents and her lover, especially with their other lover waiting for them.

“You have to go to the control panel to do it,” he told them as his main computer began the countdown, which was only ten seconds.

“And you want us to leave you and go to the controls? It won’t happen. If I have to die in this hellhole, I’m definitely taking your stupid ass with me,” Shego snarled.

Kim dashed off over to the main computer. She was met there by Will and they started working as quickly as possible hoping to get the thing to stop the self-destruct mode. With each passing number, they were just saying “shit!” in their minds.

“Shego, let me go! We can both get out of here if you do,” Drakken said in a panic.

“To hell with that. I’m not leaving Kim and you’re not leaving my sight, so if we go, you go,” Shego informed him.

Drakken had not counted on that. He thought that Shego would agree to leave with him. He started sweating bullets as the countdown got lower and lower. They were going to die.

Doctor Director stood outside of the lair. She was catching any of the henchmen that ran out of the place when the fighting started. She was also there when Will came out with Bonnie and she had ushered the lawyer into the safety of a van a few yards away from everything. She would have preferred sending Bonnie away from the scene altogether, but Shego and Kim wanted Bonnie close by. Bonnie seemed to know her lovers were around too and insisted that she stay until they returned. And then suddenly there was an explosion.

Bonnie heard the noise and jumped. She hoped that it was not coming from the lair that she had just been in. She had a feeling that her lovers were in there and she did not want them to get hurt.

Doctor Director craned an eyebrow as she watched smoke rise from the side of volcano. She got on her comm. unit and tried to get into contact with Agent Du. When she did not get an answer, she silently admitted that she was a little worried.

“Agent Du here,” Will answered the communication with a cough.

Doctor Director smiled to herself. “Status report, Agent Du,” she ordered.

Will looked around. “Um…well, it’s pretty much what usually happens with Drakken.”

Doctor Director nodded. It would seem that Drakken had not gotten much smarter in the years that he had been missing. She had been worried that he was going to do something like the Lil Diablo incident again, but he did not get the chance. He probably would have gotten the chance if he had not been so eager to get Kim and Shego.

“Princess, you okay?” Shego called as she coughed. It would seem that Drakken had miscalculated, which did not surprise Shego. That explosion seemed to be half the explosion that she experienced before instead of twice the size of it.

“Um…I think depends,” Kim replied. She had landed on her back and Will had landed on top of her.

Will blushed. “Forgive me, Miss Possible!” he apologized in a panicked tone as he crawled off of her.

“I see you over there cheating!” Shego teased her girlfriend.

“Shut up!” Kim replied.

Shego started to get up. She was still holding onto Drakken, who was knocked out by some falling debris. Kim followed her lead and stood up, as did Will. They all looked around to see what they were working with. Everything was totaled and almost everyone was unconscious. Will got on his comm. unit and requested medical units and suggested that they up the training for GJ agents since they dared to be knocked out from what he dubbed a “little explosion.” Shego actually backed him up on that.

“Where’d you get these jokers anyway, a yard sale?” Shego remarked, speaking to Doctor Director through Will’s comm. unit.

Kim, Shego, and Bonnie all embraced in the privacy of the van that Bonnie had been taken to. They then exchanged a kiss, obviously forgetting all of the anger that they had toward each other. They sighed in relief that everything turned out fine since Global Justice took Drakken into custody.

“We were so worried about you,” Kim said to Bonnie.

“Yeah,” Shego agreed.

“I wasn’t worried. I knew you’d save me,” Bonnie said to the two of them and that was the truth. She had not been worried or scared while she was a captive. She knew in her heart that they would rescue her and that everything would be all right.

Well, Kim and Shego could not argue that. There was no way that they were just going to let Drakken take their beloved, especially to use her against them. What the hell was wrong with him to even think that? Although, he did not seem to know that Bonnie was someone very important to them; he just seemed to think that she was a mutual friend or roommate or something like that.

The ladies were not given much of a chance to enjoy each other’s presence that afternoon. They had to go through everything with GJ and make statements. They also had to press charges against Drakken when he was handed over to the proper authorities. They had no problem doing that, especially since the kidnapping and attempted murder thing would probably put him away forever and they would not have to worry about him, but when the day was over, they were exhausted. All they wanted to do was go home and collapse into bed, which was what they did.

They all crawled into bed after showers and fell asleep curled up together. They still did not recall that they were upset with each other. In the morning though, they finally had their little talk. They remained in bed for it.

“Look, you two, I’m sorry if it seems like I ask a lot of you or like I’m trying to change you or something like that. I just worry so much about you. I get scared that I might lose one or both of you and I don’t want that to happen,” Bonnie explained.

“We know,” Kim said and Shego nodded.

“But, I still want you two to be happy,” Bonnie added.

“You mean to tell me there’s like a common ground with this?” Shego inquired.

“Well, I don’t really know. I know you two need to do something that you like and that has meaning to it. I think I know something that you might like, but I want it to be a surprise,” Bonnie replied.

“A surprise?” Kim and Shego echoed.

“Yeah, so after breakfast, I’ll show you what it is. Oh, and sorry for kicking you two out of the room. If it means anything, it was hard to sleep without you,” the tanned woman apologized with a slight sheepish expression on her face.

“Good for you,” Shego teased.

“Shego,” Kim said in a scolding tone and Shego sighed.

“Fine, I’m sorry I said I don’t want you two to care. I do want you to care. I mean, I care and I want that returned,” the pale woman apologized.

“Well, it is returned. I’m also sorry for saying this isn’t your room. It is your room as much as it’s mines or Kimmie’s. This is your home,” Bonnie said.

“Thanks. I needed that,” Shego admitted. She needed it when Kim said it and now it was complete with Bonnie saying it. And then the two argumentative women turned to Kim.

“Why aren’t you apologizing?” Bonnie asked the redhead curiously.

“Because I didn’t do anything,” Kim pointed out.

Bonnie and Shego both opened their mouths to talk and simultaneously accused Kim of the same crime. “You sided with her,” they declared while pointing at each other.

“Now, how the hell did I side with both of you?” Kim inquired.

They were speechless. It was impossible for her to have sided with both of them. Kim had actually not done anything. Well, maybe they owed her an apology too. They glanced at each other and silently agreed on the apology. They moved in and kissed Kim on the mouth.

“Sorry, baby,” Bonnie said.

“Yeah, sorry, Princess,” Shego said.

“I don’t know if I really buy that,” Kim said and they laughed.

“Don’t try your luck,” Shego said.

Kim scoffed and wrapped her arms around both of them. She went in for a kiss from each and she knew what she was starting. Before long they were exchanging kisses and tearing off pajamas. It was going to be a long morning.

Bonnie drove Kim and Shego to their surprise that afternoon. Kim noticed that they were close to Bonnie’s office. She parked the car in front of an empty store space and exited the car. Kim and Shego followed Bonnie’s lead. They stood outside the store.

“I got this for you two. I thought maybe you could open a karate school or something,” Bonnie explained.

“We do kung-fu, not karate,” Shego corrected the lawyer just to be annoying.

“Anyway, I thought you guys could do open a school. What do you think?” Bonnie asked.

“Spanking!” Kim cheered.

“God, you still say that?” Shego asked.

“Obviously. Now, are you going to teach with me or not?” Kim countered.

“Well, it’s something to do. Maybe we could set up some tournaments or something. I don’t know,” Shego replied. She was not sure if that would be enough. They still might get bored. After all, Kim did have things to do on the outside, but she never felt like doing them because her life seemed to miss something without her missions.

“You don’t sound as enthused as I hoped,” Bonnie admitted.

“I think it’s a start, but I think you have to give Kim back her life, Bonnie. Just in someway other than this. I mean, if you saw her when we were making the plan to get Drakken, you’d know she needs those missions in her life,” Shego explained.

Bonnie and Kim were shocked, mostly because Shego was not speaking up for herself and her need to do extreme things, but for Kim to do something. Shego figured that Kim needed someone to speak up for her because the redhead would just try to deny herself because she wanted Bonnie to be happy. Kim should not have to be miserable to supply happiness to a lover. The lover should understand. Besides, if Kim started taking missions again, Shego could always tag along for the excitement.

“I know,” Bonnie confessed with a sigh. “I just don’t want her to get hurt.”

“That’s why you have to trust the crazy little firecracker,” Shego commented. “You have to bend a little, isn’t that what you two always tell me?” she asked. If one of the others asked that question, she would have made a sex joke, but coming from her made the inquiry all the more serious.

“I guess you’re right,” Bonnie yielded.

“Spanking!” Kim cheered again, much louder that time.

“Damn it, stop saying that Princess,” Shego huffed. “Let’s go look inside the future school before I have to kick your ass in the street to shut you up.”

Kim only smiled as they did enter the space to see what they were working with. It was a good sized area with two floors. They figured that they could do something special with it.

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