In the Middle

Chapter 6

Sugary filling, part 1


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TITLE: Sugary filling, part 1

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney does. I don’t own I-pods neither.

SUMMARY: Shego wants Kim. Bonnie wants Kim. Kim wants them both. Who's going to have her way? Probably Kim because she can do anything.

TYPE: Kim, Shego, Other, Slash, Threesome

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Note: Shout-outs to the Humbug, Silver Snow Wolf, and Chibi-Izzum for their ideas that appear in this chapter and/or the next chapter. Thanks guys. This extends into next chapter because it’s part two of what used to be very long chapter. That’s right, the chapter ran long, so I cut it in half.

The usual warning about typos still applies.

Words: 11127

Kim was in the mall. She had shown up with Bonnie not too long ago, but they had split as soon as they went in and they were going to meet up in an hour to compare and contrast items. She figured that it was a good time to do something that she had been dying to do for the past few days, but knew that it would not be approved of by her lovers. She ducked behind a pillar, as if she was hiding, which she really was because she did not want to chance Bonnie seeing her. Once she was certain that she was out of sight, she pulled out her Kimmunicator, which doubled as her phone of course.

She was calling her parents. She just wanted to talk to them, to try to explain to them again what was going on in her life, and hopefully fix things between them. She just wanted them to accept her and her loves. It was not like her relationship with Bonnie and Shego was anything wrong logically speaking. They were consenting adults and they had deep feelings for everyone in the trio. They all loved each other openly; it was not like they were cheating or sneaking around or anything of the sort. They were all fine with the relationship, so she did not see why her parents could not be fine with it. It was not like they were going to do anything offensive when other people were around; well, Shego might say some offensive things if they were all around each other at a gathering or something, but that was just how she was.

She silently prayed that her parents had had enough time to think things over and to see that there was nothing logically wrong with her relationship; she actually did not see anything wrong with it morally speaking either since they were all be honest with each other. Her parents were smart people and they knew that she would never knowingly do something wrong. Surely, they would understand now that they had time to think about things, she convinced herself. And so, she called them.

“Hi, Mom,” Kim said in a small voice when her mother answered the phone. She was speaking low for two reasons; one being that she did not want to attract attention to herself and two being that she felt insignificant talking to her parents now and it showed in her voice.

“Kimmie,” her mother replied in a rather clipped tone, which only hurt Kim’s feelings more so than her parents had already done. It would seem that enough time had not passed.


“Hold on, for a moment,” her mother said since Kim hesitated in speaking.

Kim could vaguely make out her mother speaking with her father in the background. The next thing she knew, both of her parents were on the phone. She could only hope that her brothers were not around while the conversation was about to happen; it was doubtful that the twins were around since they did not make it a point to be home often, loving college life now.

“Kimmie, are you calling to tell us that you’ve finally straightened up and you’re going to get out of that crazy thing you were involved in?” her father inquired in a hopeful tone. He knew that she would quickly see the error of her ways; three people being involved in a romantic relationship was just wrong and could not work. Relationships were supposed to be between two people and he actually thought the best relationships were between men and women.

“Crazy thing?” Kim echoed in a very puzzled tone. Was he referring to her relationship? He could not be because her relationship was far from crazy and it was not a “thing.” Those were the women that she loved with all her heart and soul after all. She was already considering that she had made a mistake in calling her parents only days after they walked out on her. They probably needed more time, she told herself.

“If that’s the case, you probably need a place to stay,” her mother chimed in.

“Wait, what?” Kim inquired, still sounding rather perplexed with the conversation. It would seem that they had just assumed that she had gotten “out of that crazy thing” that she was involved in and they obviously had plans for her now that they thought she was single.

“You can come home,” her father continued on.

“Wait a second, I’m not coming home. I’m still with Bonnie and Shego and I’m going to stay with them. I love them. I just want you to accept that,” Kim basically pled to them. They were usually so open-minded and understanding, and on the weirdest things. She was hoping that that parenting skill had finally kicked back into their minds and they would understand that she was in love with two great women.

The doctors were silent for a very brief moment, almost as if they were just trying to figure out who was going to break the news to her. And then her father spoke up, which Kim knew was not a good thing just one word in. “Kimmie-cub, your mother and I have spent a lot of time thinking and talking this one out with each other. We love you very much, but we cannot accept you being a part of something so…wrong…” he reported in a slightly reluctant tone. He got no joy in cutting his daughter off, after all, but she needed to get her act together.

Kim cringed at the word “wrong.” What was “wrong” with her being in love? What was “wrong” with her being with two women that loved her just as much as she loved them and they were all in agreement on what was going on between them? They were not cheating or sneaking around. They were open and honest with each other. What was “wrong” with that?

“…and we’re really sorry to tell you, but as long as you continue to carry on like this… We just can’t be there for you,” he finished.

Kim gasped as if she had been shot by a .357 magnum. “What?” she managed to choke the word from her throat. It was all she could manage.

“We just can’t condone such deviant behavior. It’s borderline depraved,” he answered in a much stronger voice because that was his stance on the matter. To him, that one was fact.

“Depraved?” she whispered because it seemed that most of her voice had abandoned her, along with most of her ability to form whole sentences. “How can you…how can you…” she could not get the question out. It just got stuck in her throat and then drained away with any pleasant feeling that she had before making her phone call.

“We’re truly sorry about this, Kimmie, but at some point, you have to grow up and you have to recognize when you make a mistake,” her father said.

Kim’s mind and body gave out. She fell back against the wall and dropped the Kimmunicator to the floor; the communication was over anyway because her father disconnected the moment that she dropped the device. She began weeping, silent streams of hot, aggravated, and agonized tears. When her body recalled that it could makes noises minutes later, she just put her hand over her mouth and kept on crying. And she did that for almost ten minutes.

She checked her watch and that was what got her back on track. Now was not the time to wallow in her own deep sorrow, she told herself. She had more important things to do and she had to meet up with Bonnie in about a half-hour. That only gave her thirty minutes to complete her mission. She pushed off the pillar, went to the mall rest room to clean her face, sucked up everything that she was feeling, and proceeded to doing what she was supposed to do.

Bonnie smiled as she approached Kim, who was smiled in return when she noticed her tanned lover coming toward her. Bonnie was carrying a couple of bags and Kim was doing the same, which happened to be the reason that they were both smiling. It would seem that it was a “mission accomplished” for both of them. The pair stood before each other looking rather proud of themselves and each other. It felt good to have one success under their belt, like it was good omen.

“How’d it go, baby? What did you get?” Bonnie inquired with some enthusiasm in her voice. She was trying to control herself, but she was rather excited over everything.

“I think it went pretty fine. I’m broke now, though,” Kim answered with a grin and a heartfelt laugh. She did not even care that she did not have any money left.

“What did you get?” Bonnie asked curiously because of her redheaded girlfriend’s sudden bankruptcy.

“I got her some speakers for her I-pod and a little device that would allow her to play her I-pod through the radio. I also got her a huge box set of classic monster movies. Some of them good, some of them bad, but she likes them all,” Kim reported.

Bonnie nodded in agreement. “That she does. Those are good. Anything else?”

“Oh, yeah. I got her some new hand and feet pads for sparring. She wore her other ones out. So, that’s what I got. What about you?” the hero asked in an eager tone because she was just as excited as Bonnie was.

“I brought her a new pair of silk pajamas, even though I doubt she’ll ever wear them. I brought her a slick, little black dress in case we all ever go out some place nice. It is going to look so gorgeous on her. I also got her a cute little locket, shaped in a heart. It’s got our pictures in it. And for a practical gift, I got her a new pair of sneakers to wear out when we go jogging,” Bonnie answered, still smiling and speaking in a bit of a hurry because of her happiness.

“Oh, I’m guessing I can expect a new pair of sneakers for my birthday too then,” the adventurous hero remarked with a bit of a laugh.

“No, I’m not waiting that long for you. I’m buying you a new pair next week because those damn things you have are hanging on by a hope and a prayer and nothing more. You might as well go out running in bare feet,” the lawyer quipped.

“I like my sneakers. They’re comfortable. So, how are you going to do everything you want to do tomorrow?” Kim asked curiously.

“Well, since Shego has that meeting with GJ to make sure everything is still going good with her, I should be able to do it then. Are you going to get the final gift?”

“You know I will. This is going to be great,” Kim declared with a grin.

Bonnie laughed a bit; she was glad that she was not the only one so hyped up about tomorrow. She also thought that it was cute that Kim could hardly contain herself about everything. She really could not wait for tomorrow either. It was going to be spectacular.

(Next day)

Shego hated the day and she was always going to hate it. She liked it best when she could just ignore it, which was how life had been since she struck out on her own in life, although her mother still called her. But, she could easily get back her mother since Isabel was twenty years older than she was, so whenever her mother called her to remind her of her age, she just reminded Isabel of hers in return. It actually made the day better when she could shut her mother up about how old she was.

She had a sinking feeling that she was not going to be able to ignore the day because of her two lovers. She knew that they were up to something just for the simple fact that when she woke up that morning, she was alone in the bed. She did not take that as a good sign and there were more signs of dread that she noticed as she moved about the house.

It was quiet, which was it rarity in their home. If they were up, things were going on; it was just the way they were. The television would typically be on, although it might be watching itself, phones would be ringing, and footsteps would be marching through the place as if on a mission of the utmost importance. The quiet meant that she was probably home alone, which she thought was odd because that never happened in the morning. She wondered what they had to do so early in the morning, but she knew that she was not going to like it. They were not going to let her forget that it was her birthday; her thirtieth birthday.

Thirty. The sound of the number itself smacked of terror to her. She remembered back when thirty sounded like it was light years away, but it was upon her now like a starving lion, gnawing off her nonchalant attitude. Gone were the exciting, though crazy times of her teens and the extra-wild times of her twenties. Thirty sounded so old to her, not mature, but old. It was like she was over the hill. It was just…old. She was old.

She was a thirty-year-old woman in a polygamous lesbian relationship. Thinking of it in such a way made her consider that she was being immature and making an attempt to save some part of youth by being in such a relationship, especially since her partners were younger than she was by six years. But, that thinking was short-lived. She dismissed the idea because she knew that she was just letting her age get to her.

Yes, she might be in a seemingly fantastic relationship that most of the world might not agree with for various reasons, but they all loved each other very deeply. They took care of each other; well, most of the time, it seemed like Bonnie took care of her and Kim, but they all tried their best. They were always there for each other. They were all happy with each other and that was what counted. It did not help her feel any better about her birthday or the fact that her girlfriends were probably plotting against her, evil creatures that they were.

She told herself to be patient as she went to take a shower and get ready for her “check-in” with Global Justice. She could be patient with those two, she reminded herself. She had to patient because if she just wanted to forget that it was her birthday, she knew that her lovers were probably looking to make it a very special day. They had good intentions toward her, even though they knew that she did not want anything done for her. But, she cohabitated with some stubborn, hardheaded females; they were just like her, she supposed.

So, she had to mentally prepare for whatever they had in store of her; she just hoped like hell that they did not do anything too over-the-top. She took her shower and got dressed in casual gear; she was not trying to make it a point to look professional or anything for Global Justice. She went to the kitchen and on the way there, she found that she was alone, just as she had suspected. She might have been upset because it meant that she was going to have to make her own breakfast on her birthday when she should be pampered on such a day by her lovers, but she knew that they were up to something big and she would have rather make her own breakfast since it was something that could help her forget what dreadful day it was. She was just going to have to put up with whatever her nutty lovers were scheming on, she told herself again. Hopefully, some major spoiling would be involved; that would make it all tolerable in her opinion.

She left the house, locking the door behind her. She found it odd that Bonnie’s car was still in the driveway, but she knew that the lawyer was not home. Bonnie typically made it a point to never walk when she could drive and Kim could not drive her anywhere considering her little car got totaled when she got rear-ended. She was not sure what to make of the vehicle being there, but she was not going to look a gift-horse in the mouth.

She was glad that the car was there. She considered that the automobile might have been left there for her, which she thought was rather sweet. If the car had not been there, she would not have been able to get to her check-in with Global Justice, not at the agreed time anyway. Oh, that group was so annoying about everything. They were so nosy and nervous for no reason, as far as she and her lovers were concerned anyway. Global Justice requested that she come in randomly just to make sure that she was not doing anything remotely illegal and she went along with it to make sure that they did not bug anyone close to her; she hated to think what would happen if they harassed her mother again. She did like to point most of the time, what the hell kind of illegal activity was she going to get involved in while living with Kim Possible?

She used her keys to get in the car; yup, she had keys the car. Bonnie had given Shego keys to the car and for a week, the lawyer actually teased Kim that she could not have a set because they needed that one last car. Kim had not found it funny in the least, but she did know that Bonnie was just playing with her, although that did not make it any more amusing to the redhead. Shego teased Kim the whole week that she could take the car out and Kim could not; Shego knew that Bonnie was going to eventually give Kim keys, but it was fun while it lasted.

The green-skinned former villainess drove off to go have her irksome meeting with Doctor Director, who was the only person at Global Justice that could stand being in a room with Shego for more than two minutes. The one-eyed female even felt like tearing her remaining eye out after being around Shego for a certain amount of time. The leader of Global Justice did not understand how Kim and Bonnie put up with the pale woman for as long as they did.

Yes, Doctor Director was slightly aware of the arrangement between Kim, Bonnie, and Shego. She knew that they all lived together and were rather close, but she did not know how close they truly were. She suspected things, but really did not want to know the truth behind it all.

“Baby, is that you?” Bonnie called as she heard the front door open. She was in the kitchen, working as hard and as fast as she could. She wished that she had more arms to assure herself that she would be able to finish everything on time or that she could move at hyper speed, just something to make sure that she would be able to finish everything when she needed to.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Kim replied as she shut the door behind her and she went to the kitchen to talk to Bonnie face to face. She smiled a bit while watching her tanned girlfriend zip through the kitchen, checking pots and stirring things in a mixing bowl.

“How’d everything go? Fine?” Bonnie asked with hope in her voice, casting the hero only a quick glance because she did not want to lose sight of anything that she was working on at the moment. The last thing that they needed was for something to get complicated since they were working with a very thin time limit.

“It went perfectly. She’s going to love it,” the olive-eyed female answered with a giant smile. She was certain that the whole setup was going to be absolutely lovely.

“Then what took you so long?” Bonnie inquired in a puzzled tone. She had been about to panic because Kim was running behind schedule. They both needed to be there when their green-skinned vixen showed up.

“Parking on this block is just gross beyond belief. I had to circle the block like five times before a spot opened up close enough to the house,” the redhead replied with an aggravated expression and groan. She pretended to fall dramatically to the floor from the pain, but only made it halfway.

“Makes you thankful for the driveway, doesn’t it?” Bonnie remarked with a smile.

Kim nodded. “Well, when I had a car anyway. Okay, so I’m going to go wrap everything. You’re good to go in here? You need me to go out and get anything?” she asked to be sure.

“No, babe, I’m good. Go wrap the gifts.”

Kim walked off to go wrap the gifts, which they had put in the den in the closet, knowing that their girlfriend would not bother to look there for anything. Halfway through her job, she found out that Bonnie was not as fine as she claimed and she did have to run to the store for the tanned beauty on three separate occasions in about two hours. Kim did not mind; in fact, Bonnie noted that Kim did so with great enthusiasm, much more than necessary. She did not think too much of it because she had to focus on several things going on in the kitchen.

Bonnie was working on dinner and dessert. She was going to attempt to make all of Shego’s favorite things; with luck, before the former thief returned home. She was not trying anything too fancy because she did not want to mess it up, so most of the international foods that Shego so loved to dine on when they went out were not going to be tried. She was making something that she had made on countless occasions, which were chicken cutlets. She was going to use some different seasonings on the chicken than usual because the one time she had changed things, Shego had been thrilled about it, although the older woman had tried her best to hold that in; Bonnie just had learned to read Shego well through out their time together.

Other than the chicken, she was making Cajun rice, which was something that Shego adored and ordered at every restaurant they went to. With the rice, she was going to mix in black beans because that was the way that Shego liked it. There was also going to be broccoli with cheese and biscuits. Out of it all, the rice was really going to be the tricky thing for her because she had only made it on a couple of occasions and even though her lovers tried to spare her feelings, she knew that it could have been better. She was putting forth her best effort right now, though because it was going to be a cold day in Hell that she let some rice ruin such a carefully thought out plan

For dessert, she had to go for something that was not going to clash with the birthday cake. It was simple enough since Shego was a big fan of banana pudding, liking the cookies crumbled in it most of all and adding whipped cream into. And so, she made a fairly big dish of banana pudding; it was enough for Shego to enjoy beyond her birthday. The only thing Bonnie did not make was the birthday cake.

Kim had gone out and brought a strawberry short cake; a big one if the box was any indication of the size. Bonnie supposed that she should have gotten the cake because she would have at least been practical about things and gotten a cake that they probably would finish. But, no need to dwell on that, she told herself. The cake was there and it was Shego’s favorite, like everything else. That was all that mattered.

Shego left out a tired sigh as she entered the house. She was happy to be home, even if it was probably an ambush. Still, she would rather be with her girls on that most dreaded day than at a Global Justice office being asked questions about her life that she did not think was any of their damn business to begin with, which she sometimes had no problem telling Doctor Director. She could only be cooperative to a certain extent, after all.

The green-skinned woman knew that Kim and Bonnie had planned something the moment that she entered the house. The place was dark, except for one beaconing light shinning from the dining room as if it led to heaven. She decided to see what the light was all about, just in case they had gone through a lot of trouble on her behalf, which she would, of course, love.

As soon as Shego entered the dining room, she was assaulted with two chipper “Happy Birthday!” declarations. The shouts were followed by kisses on each cheek. She had to force herself not to smile already. She was thankful that neither of her lovers had a smart aleck remark to go along with wishing her a happy birthday. They just had heartfelt words and gestures that showed their affections for her and that made things tolerable so far.

“How was your day, sweetie?” Bonnie asked while Kim helped Shego out of her coat. The action made the ex-thief glance at Kim as if something was wrong with her; after all, they only took each other out of clothing when they were about to do something pleasing and sweaty.

“Crappy, as expected. What are you two planning?” Shego inquired in a suspicious tone. There was nothing in the dining room worth noting at the moment, like food or drinks. What were they trying to pull? She was curious more than anything else, trusting that she would be able to make it through their plot as long as they continued to show genuine care toward her.

“Sit down,” Bonnie gently ordered while pulling out the chair at the head of the table. The pale woman’s coat was now secure in the hero’s grip.

“I don’t—” Shego started to say, but the turquoise-eyed female cut in.

“Look, don’t start arguing. Just sit down,” Bonnie commanded in a rather authoritative voice. Her girlfriends suspected that was a tone that she often used in the courtroom and for negotiations.

The guest of honor listened to the order. Kim and Bonnie left the dining room once she was in her seat. Kim went to put Shego’s coat away while Bonnie went to get the food. Shego was left squirming in her seat a bit. Now, she was actually hoping that they did not go all out for her for some reason. Maybe she wished that they would agree with her that her birthday was not a big deal and she would be able to make it through the day in peace, but that did not seem to be the way that things were going. She felt like they were going to make a big production out of the whole thing.

Kim returned before Bonnie did and she had a wine glass in her hand along with a bottle. She placed the glass down next to Shego, who looked up at her. The slim hero grinned rather widely; more than usual in Shego’s expert opinion. She then proudly displayed the bottle that she was holding, Shego’s favorite wine.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, I can tell already you two have gone too far and lost your minds,” the pale woman commented.

“How so?” Kim asked as she poured the drink.

“This stuff is fucking expensive,” Shego pointed out, as if they did not know.

“What’s your point?” Kim inquired like she was not really following, even though she could see why it might make Shego go off a bit.

“Demon child,” Shego called, figuring that she would get her point across faster to the most pragmatic one amongst them.

“What are you hollering about already? That’s not supposed to come until later tonight,” Bonnie remarked with a sexy smirk as she came back into the dining room and placed a plate overflowing with food on it in front of Shego.

“How can we afford bottles of that wine?” Shego inquired. They had bills to pay, including the rent on the house and a school that still needed funding, and the only one bringing in big money at the moment was Bonnie. She could not believe that they would just waste money like that; she also could not believe that she thought someone buying something nice for her that she enjoyed was a waste of money. But, she guessed that she had changed quite a bit while being with her loves.

“Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy it, sweetie,” the lawyer replied with a clever smile. The wine she had actually saved up for from the time that she found out it was Shego’s favorite; yeah, she and Kim had been plotting the day out for a long time coming.

Shego sighed and decided to do just that because it was not like her girlfriends was going to let her do anything else. She sipped her drink and then looked down at what was for dinner. Her mouth nearly dropped open when she saw. She turned to look at Bonnie with just about as much gratitude as the lawyer would ever see in her life, but Bonnie was already back in the kitchen getting her food; Kim was with her. So, they actually missed the look.

The trio sat around and had a uniquely quiet dinner. Usually, Bonnie and Shego were arguing with each other over some matter that Kim did not even bother with thinking about. Besides, she typically watched them go at it and sneaked food off of their plates while they were preoccupied with barking at each other. If not those kinds of antics, then they were sharing their days with each other in case something interesting happened after lunch. At the moment, there was nothing though, except for the silent appreciation between them all, which they all enjoyed.

Shego was appreciating the meal and the wine, loving every sip and bite. Bonnie and Kim were just taking in the sight and they loved that Shego was so obviously delighted with their efforts. So far, so good, the co-conspirators thought.

The emerald-eyed female actually had two helpings of dinner before she allowed Kim and Bonnie to move to the next phase of the evening, which was to serve dessert. Bonnie made Shego a big helping of banana pudding and Shego did complain about the portion, but she ate it all in about the same time that Kim and Bonnie finished theirs and they had considerably smaller servings. And then came the capper to the whole meal, the birthday cake.

“If you two sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ you better do it while running,” Shego warned her girlfriends while holding up a fist. The threat might have been a bit more convincing if she had at least lit her hand up, but it did not even cross her mind to do that.

“Come on, Shego. That’s the whole point in bringing out the cake,” Kim argued while opening the box to reveal a huge cake covered in whipped cream. It read “Happy First Birthday with Us. Love You Always” in emerald writing. There were matching green flowers done in icing decorating the cake with strawberries at the center of each flower.

“I don’t care,” Shego huffed while noting that a twinge went through her as she saw the message on the cake. She was aware that she was touched by everything happening, but she was still going to be difficult. She had to be that way and so, she folded her arms across her chest while frowning.

“Well, we do and we’re singing it,” the turquoise-eyed female stated soundly.

“Don’t do it,” Shego practically plead and then she saw Bonnie put a candle on the cake. “On, come on, you two! That’s for little kids,” the pale woman stated, motioning to the lone candle.

“Stop being so huffy about everything,” the redhead replied.

Shego snorted in anger while Bonnie lit the candle and Kim hit the lights. Bonnie and Kim did sing the short version of “Happy Birthday” and then told Shego to blow the candle out. The raven-haired female turned her nose up, as if she was refusing to put the flame out, but after a few seconds of watching the wax drip onto the lovely cake, she quickly put the fire out.

“Time for presents,” the redhead announced with an eager grin on her face, as if she was the one that was going to get to open them.

“Can’t I cut the cake?” Shego asked, practically begging them. She was ready to start in on what she knew was a strawberry short cake since the theme of the night seemed to be her favorite things.

“After opening the gifts,” Bonnie answered firmly. Evidently, there was going to be no arguing with her that night.

“So many damn rules,” Shego groaned.

Bonnie rolled her eyes while walking off with Kim in order to bring the gifts in at once. They came in with stacks in their arms and placed the wrapped boxes on the floor next to Shego. The green-skinned woman was stunned to see so many presents. The last time that she had gotten so many things for her birthday was when she was a small child.

“All of these are for me?” the raven-haired beauty asked in disbelief.

“Of course,” Kim and Bonnie replied simultaneously.

Shego was visibly choked up for a few seconds. She got herself together and began opening her presents. She adored everything, even though she tried her best to play it cool. She immediately donned her locket, which held a picture of all three of them that Kim had taken on their sofa; she had set the timer on her camera and they all curled up on the sofa for a decent picture of all three of them. Shego smiled softly to herself while looking at the photo and then she went through her remaining presents.

“Should I start watching these tonight?” Shego wondered aloud while holding up the large box set of monster movies, which was the last thing that she opened. She loved everything that they had given her, especially the sneakers and fighting equipment because she needed those things.

“That’s not all the gifts,” Bonnie informed the birthday girl.

“What do you mean? There’s more?” Shego asked incredulously. They had already done way more than she expected. She thought that they would do a regular, but romantic dinner, the cake, and then retire to the bedroom for a wild night of group sex, but they were doing so much. She almost felt bad because of it, like she did not deserve the attention. Love was a weird thing to make her think such things, she mentally commented.

“Yes, there’s more,” the lawyer answered and then Kim pulled a key out of her pocket.

“Here you go,” the hero said while tossing the key at Shego, who caught it easily.

“What’s this to?” the pale woman inquired curiously while inspecting the key and what was connected to the key. It was clearly a key and remote to a car.

“Go out there and see,” Kim replied with a smile. Bonnie nodded in agreement.

Shego tore herself from her chair and marched out of the house. She held up the key ring and pushed the button, looking to see which car went off. A vehicle’s lights flashed that was parked right across the street. She walked up to it and tried to get a good look at the economy-sized automobile in the dark. It was not as big as Bonnie’s car, but it was not as small as Kim’s car; it would comfortably fit all three of them.

“They didn’t…” Shego turned back to the doorway of the house and saw her girlfriends standing there. “They did. What the hell?” Shego muttered to herself and then she marched back over to her lovers, demanding an explanation. “How the fuck can we afford a car?”

“Just go test drive it and then park it in the driveway before something happens to it,” Bonnie replied while Kim just smiled and nodded.

Shego eyed the pair skeptically, but decided to just go and drive her new car. She practically ran back to the automobile and got in. She turned on the light to look around inside and saw that she was surrounded by a black leather interior. Oh, man, her brain commented; they sure knew how to get to her.

“If it’s possible, I love them even more now,” Shego muttered to herself as she started the car to get a feel for the vehicle.

“That was smart of you to not tell her about the money we got from my accident,” Kim said to Bonnie as they watched Shego take off up the street. They hoped that she was not going to be too hard on that car.

“I told you we could do something good with all that money. Our sweetheart sure was happy,” Bonnie replied. She felt immensely good about herself because of how visibly pleased their lover was. She and Kim had done something spectacular as far as she was concerned. They had made Shego enjoy her birthday, even though she had been gripping loudly about it for a couple of months.

Kim nodded in agreement. “I guess that accident came in handy.”

“Well, we couldn’t have done it without that guy smashing your car up and, of course, me getting that big ass settlement. Good thing you were all right, though,” Bonnie said while rubbing Kim’s shoulders for no particular reason other than she was glad that Kim was still in one piece. “Okay, let’s go set up for the last part of the night,” the lawyer suggested.

Kim nodded again. The two of them turned and went back into the house. They left the door unlocked since Shego had gone out without her keys; they would prefer not having her pick the lock to get back in or disrupting them with the doorbell. Shego would actually sooner pick the lock than ring the bell.

Shego was just sitting in the driveway behind the wheel of her car. It ran smooth, which she expected. The stereo system was phenomenal, which was something that she appreciated; she was always ready to blow the speakers in Bonnie’s car. She ran her hand across the steering wheel and the dashboard. She could not wait to take her loves for a drive in the sweet, little ride, even though she was still in some shock that they had brought her a car. She still did want to know where they got the money for such great gifts. She did not like that they were keeping that from her, even if they were trying to make a grand gesture for her birthday.

She noticed that there was a dim light coming from their bedroom from her spot in the driveway. She could guess what was going on up there, so she guessed that she had better show up sometime soon, being the guest of honor and everything. She ran her fingers over her steering wheel again before exiting the automobile and entering the house.

She made sure to lock the door behind her and slowly ascended the stairs. She noted there was flower petals sprinkled on the floor. She smiled to herself; they sure were making a nice production out of the whole thing, but she was not about to complain. When she hit the upstairs, she noticed that the floor petals led to the bathroom, not the bedroom. It was weird, but she followed the path, curious as to what awaited her.

Upon entering the bathroom, she saw candles lit and bubbles in the tub, which was full. The candles were scented and filled the room with a wonderful scent that she could not place and did not care to. Kim and Bonnie were standing by the wall with washcloths in hand. They were really too much, Shego thought, especially if they were going to do what she believed they were planning to do.

The younger pair approached Shego and began to methodically strip her out of her clothing. When Bonnie noticed that Shego was about to say something, she put a silencing finger to Shego’s mouth and then proceeded on when she saw that Shego was going to just shut up for once. The green-skinned woman went with things, letting them strip her completely, lead her to the tub, and then gently wash her. She silently admitted that it was the most loving and erotic thing that she had ever experienced.

After bathing Shego, Bonnie and Kim dried her too, carefully wrapping her in a fresh towel once they were finished. They led her to the bedroom, where there was more candles lit and giving off the same heavenly, yet unidentifiable aroma as far as the star of the night was concerned. She was instructed to sit at the head of the bed, which she did. Kim and Bonnie disappeared for a brief period of time. Shego looked around for some hint of what they had planned, but she did not see anything that was telling.

When Bonnie and Kim returned, they were wearing lingerie that was black, but it left nothing to the imagination. They flanked Shego; Bonnie going to the left and Kim on the right. They both started kissing her neck at the same time and they were both doing such a good job at it that Shego was not sure which way to tilt her head to signal for more. So, she threw her head back and let them work.

Bonnie and Kim continued to move together and they both reached under the pillows near them simultaneously. They retrieved twin items that Shego failed to notice until it was too late. The pair handcuffed Shego to the headboard.

“What the hell is going on?” Shego demanded to know as soon as she noted that she had been restrained.

“It’s just insurance to make sure you lie here like a good little birthday girl and let us work for the whole night,” Bonnie replied before placing a teasing kiss on the end of Shego’s nose.

Shego was about to argue, but Kim and Bonnie attacked at the same time, halting any words in her throat as soon as they touched her. They took their time tenderly stroking Shego’s whole body to the point of madness, Kim handling only the right side and Bonnie handling only the left side. Shego could hardly think when they began all of their deep caresses and loving kisses. It felt so damn incredible.

Yes, they had all had sex together countless time, but they had never done something where two of them focused on one of them. They always made the attempt to pay attention to each other equally to make sure that there were no misunderstandings between them. At the moment, there were no misunderstandings; everything was all about Shego and what Kim and Bonnie were doing was close to magical. But, it was also exasperating for the pale woman.

Bonnie and Kim were massaging and teasing every inch of the green body that was at their mercy. Their fingers and palms were making delicate circles on Shego’s divine figure, causing her to moan and groan, in both pleasure and frustration. Lips, teeth, and tongues eventually joined in, both helping and hurting matters; Shego had to bite her bottom lip for a moment to keep from going insane and to keep from screaming at the pair for their evil deeds. And to think, she was supposed to be the bad one.

“Come on,” Shego pled with them while trying to arch and turn into different touches and failing mostly because there were so many things that she wanted to experience deeper. She really just wanted to get her arms away from the bed and force them to stop teasing her, but she did not want to break the bed.

“Don’t make us gag you too,” Bonnie remarked with a cruel smirk on her face that let the birthday girl know that she was being serious.

“But…but…but…” Shego whimpered. “I need more…” she complained in whisper.

“You’ll get that,” Kim assured her.

“When we’re ready to give it to you,” Bonnie added.

Shego made a very pathetic face, beseeching with her expression that her lovers put her out of her misery, but they continued on with their tantalizing touches. It felt so delightful, but she wanted so much more. She continued to implore them, but they went at their own, predetermined pace. When they finally gave her what she wanted, she screamed so loudly that they were certain the neighbors heard, but they did not care. Damn the neighbors. Damn the world at the moment. Only Shego mattered.

(Next day)

Shego was sleeping with a big, satisfied smile on her face; that was by far the best birthday that she had ever had. Bonnie was sleeping too, curled up into Shego’s left side with her head resting on Shego’s arm instead of on a pillow. Shego’s arm was wrapped around Bonnie’s shoulders. She was smiling in her sleep too, having drifted off immensely pleased with the “mission” being a success.

Kim was knocked out on the other side of Shego, snuggled up just as close as Bonnie was. It was evident that she was not sleeping as well as the other two from the slight grimace covering her face. She twitched every so often, like an abused puppy. There was a comforting green hand on her back and every time she moved, it automatically caressed her gently, letting her know that everything was all right, even in their sleep.

Shego woke up first and smiled wider when she saw how Kim and Bonnie looked pressed against her. It was quite the magnificent sight, one that she would not mind waking up to more often. She was tempted to try to talk them into repeating last night when they woke up, but it was clear that they were worn out. She figured that she would let them sleep and occupy her time in another way, eating more banana pudding that was waiting for her downstairs and maybe even cutting the cake, even though it was the morning.

The pale woman had to use all of her stealth skills to slip out of the bed without waking her partners. She covered them with the blanket on the bed to protect their nude forms from catching a chill. She then put on a robe, which was becoming a habit thanks to her lovers harping about her wandering the house naked. They always told her that they did not want someone else to see her naked and it might encourage peepers if someone did notice that she walked around the house without any clothing.

As Shego descended the stairs, she noticed a light flashing on the house phone’s stand, letting her know that there was a message waiting. She decided to check it since she was up and it turned out that it was for her anyway. It was her mother.

“Hey, firefly, it’s Mommy. I’m just calling to wish you a happy birthday. I’m not in the country at the moment, so I can’t come and see you until next week. I figured that it would be all right because I know your girls have to have something phenomenal planned for you. So, I’ll see you sometime next week. I’m going to deliver your gift myself, so don’t expect anything from me in the mail. Enjoy your day,” Isabel said and it was clear from her tone that she had smiled all the way through the message, which she had.

Shego rolled her eyes as she erased the message. She was glad that she had caught that message before Bonnie did. The tanned vixen would have made fun of her for the rest of the week thanks to that message. Sometimes, Shego was not sure if her mother just did not think when she left messages or if the woman was truly evil and trying her damnedest to get people to make fun of Shego.

The former villainess then marched into the kitchen to have some “breakfast.” In her book, banana pudding could count as breakfast, as long as no one found out that she was eating it as a meal anyway. She made herself a big bowl and then went into the dining room to look at her gifts again; she had left them where she opened them last night because she had not gotten the chance to move them.

She sat at the table, inspecting the speakers for her I-pod. Now, she could share her tunes with the rest of the house. She was willing to bet that was going to get on Bonnie’s nerves, which was what made the gift even sweeter. She could also listen to her music in the shower thanks to the speakers too, which would be cool. It was a good gift.

She was going to look at her new dress, but she did not want to chance staining it with banana pudding, so it was going to have to wait until she was done eating. She hoped that she had an excuse to wear it soon. Maybe Bonnie would win a big case and take them out to celebrate or Kim might make a big sale with a photo, which always translated into an outing for the three of them. She was willing to bet that she would drop jaws in that dress; she definitely wanted the pair upstairs to be included in those jaws that hit the floor.

She then turned her attention to the monster movie box set. She would like to open that as soon as possible. She considered that they might all curl onto the sofa and make a marathon out of the set since they did not have anywhere to go; it was thankfully their day off. She would like wasting the day away with a movie marathon.

Her attention was turned from her gifts as she heard someone coming downstairs. From the amount of pressure she could tell being used on the stairs, she knew it was Bonnie. Kim stepped much lighter than Bonnie did, more than likely because it paid in her line of work to be quiet.

“Hey, sweetie,” Bonnie said in a groggy tone, hugging Shego from behind and leaning down to kiss the green-skinned female’s forehead since she was seated.

“Hey, demon child,” Shego replied, returning the embrace with one hand to avoid making it awkward.

“Oh, sweetness, what are you eating? Let me make you breakfast,” Bonnie insisted when she saw that Shego was having a bowl of banana pudding.

“It’s all right,” the older woman said in a dismissive tone. She was almost done and it was holding her as well as most breakfast foods.

“No, no, no, think of it as a birthday gift since we left you yesterday morning,” Bonnie stated. She thought that breakfast would be fair since she honestly believed that she owed it to the pale woman because they had left her all alone on her birthday morning. Even though, they did have an excellent excuse for doing so.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Too late.”

Bonnie walked off into the kitchen and Shego could guess that her favorite breakfast food was on the way since it was counting as part of her birthday. Ah well, she told herself. Why even argue? She was going to enjoy it, after all. So, she went back to her gifts and her banana pudding, which she was shocked Bonnie had not tried to confiscate. Bonnie had considered taking the pudding, but decided against it, figuring that she could ease up on Shego for a little while, almost like that was another birthday gift.

Minutes later, Kim came downstairs. She kissed Shego as a morning greeting and then went into the kitchen kiss Bonnie. She then sat down at the table with Shego, who noted that Kim looked a bit tired.

“You okay, Pumpkin?” Shego asked with some concern in her voice.

“Yeah, I just had a nightmare,” Kim answered in a dismissive tone. She had actually had a series of nightmares that she really did not even want to think about. Suffice to say, most of them involved her parents never speaking to her again.

“Well, I’m sure breakfast will make you forget all about it. We’re having pancakes and cheese eggs,” Shego informed the redhead with a bit of a happy smile.

Kim smiled a bit too; that did sound good. Shego was right about what they were having because that was her favorite breakfast. The meal included bacon, much to Shego’s delight, and the bacon did not even come with a lecture about eating healthy. They all sat down and had a peaceful breakfast together.

“So, what do you say after this, I crack open this set and we watch movies until we pass out?” Shego suggested, holding up her library of monster movies.

“Fine,” Bonnie conceded, even though she hated monster movies. She was just having a good time making Shego cheerful, so she figured that she would go with what the raven-haired female wanted to do.

“I need to run to the gallery today, but I’m okay with it when I get back,” Kim answered.

“Take my car,” Shego offered. It felt nice to be able to say such a thing and she wanted them all to lounge around to watch the movies, so she wanted the hero to get back home as soon as possible.

“No, you should be the first one to drive it some place,” the redhead argued. She was not counting the fact that she had been the one that picked the vehicle up and drove it home from the lot.

“That’s crazy. Just take the car.”

“No, I need some air anyway,” Kim said.

Shego tried to offer her car more forcefully, but Kim was not going for it. The adventurer ate breakfast with her girls and then went to take a quick shower. She grabbed an envelope full of photos and then trotted out the house, hollering a universal goodbye as she stepped out of the door.

As soon as the door shut behind her, Kim breathed out a desperate sigh that she had been holding in for two days. With the sigh, she allowed herself to feel all of the agony that she had bottled up inside of her to go forth and conquer her soul. Sometimes, it just felt better to hurt than to fight, she thought, because it certainly felt better to her to let that pain roam free than to try to hold it at bay like she had been doing since that conversation with her parents.

Shego and Bonnie decided to take a shower together before going to spend the whole day on the sofa. They figured that it would be a great deal of fun. They were rather right about that and enjoyed the time in there, even though Shego complained that Bonnie hogged the hot water. Bonnie denied the charges, of course, going so far as to pointing out how it was impossible for her to hog the water when she was being pressed up against the wall.

“You’re lucky you’re stronger than I am,” Bonnie commented while clinging to Shego as the shower and other activities continued.

It was a rare day indeed when Bonnie and Shego messed around on their own. They were not alone often like Shego and Kim because Shego and Kim worked together and had the same schedule for the most part. Every now and then, Kim would get a mission when they were all home together, leaving Shego and Bonnie together, but they worried about Kim on the mission, so it was hard to get into a very heated session like now. They doubted that anything horrible could happen to Kim going to the gallery, so they could relax with each other.

“You’re lucky I don’t break you in half,” Shego remarked in a dangerously low tone, her mouth by Bonnie’s ear. She nipped the lawyer’s earlobe, clinging to it for a moment with her teeth.

Bonnie whimpered because of the move. She often tried struggling with Shego, fighting for control of what was going on, but her will alone was no match for Shego’s superior strength. She never surrendered completely though, always challenging Shego the moment that she could. They both enjoyed that, even though Shego liked to pretend that annoyed her to no end.

After the steamy shower, they threw on some lounge-gear of shorts and camisoles. Shego went to pop in the first dvd, which had two movies on it, and they curled up on the sofa. Bonnie leaned against Shego and wrapped her arms around the green-skinned woman, who returned the gesture. As they watched the film, they gently caressed each other with their fingertips. It was rather nice to get along, they noted. Everything did not always have to be about a fight, they guessed.

By the time they made it the second disc, Shego had gone to have a piece of cake and Kim had not returned yet. They did not think anything of it, considering that something at the gallery might have held her up. When she finally did come back in, she found Bonnie and Shego asleep on the sofa, the television was watching itself, and there were two plates coated with cake crumbs on the coffee table. There was also a disregarded bowl, which had once held banana pudding.

Kim smiled a bit at the sight and she would have snapped a picture of them if she was in a different mood. It would seem that they could get along well without her around. Most of the time, they always made it seem like they were going to have to have duel to settle things between them. But, looking at them now, sleeping in each other’s arms, they looked almost angelic and very much like the lovers they were.

How could her parents expect her to give them up, she asked herself. How could she have actually contemplated considering that on her way to the gallery? She had considered it long and hard, which was what had taken her so long in returning. It was ridiculous. She loved them so much. She wanted to stay with them forever. How could have parents practically demand that she choice between them and her lovers? How could she have actually thought on leaving?

She walked over to them and stared harder, suddenly other questions bombarded their way into her mind; just when she thought that she had chosen a side, the other end of the argument showed up again. Were they worth losing her parents? Yes, she loved them with all her heart and soul, but her parents were there for her through everything, including when her lovers had been her enemies, her worst enemies at that. Her parents had been there supporting her when her current lovers had been trying their damnedest to knock her down. Would she be able to survive without that kind of support? It was all so confusing. She guessed that she needed more time to think things over.

Instead of joining Shego and Bonnie for the nap, Kim collected the used dishes and walked off. She put the dishes where they belonged and still did not go back to join her girlfriends. She went to the deck outside and started going through a series of katas for lack of a better thing to do. She hoped that it would clear her head and help her think straight. What was she going to do?

“Want some company?” Shego asked from the doorway, shocking Kim.

The redhead turned her head, surprised by the sudden disturbance. She was unaware that she had been out there for nearly an hour. Shego and Bonnie had woken not too long ago, wondering if Kim had come in or not. Shego had noticed the movement on the deck and knew it was Kim from the motions alone.

“No,” Kim replied and then she looked down at herself. She was covered in sweat now. “I think I’m going to go take a shower.”

Shego shrugged; Kim looked like she could use a shower, preferably one that she and Bonnie had had earlier. She supposed that it was too bad all three of them could not fit into that bathtub comfortably. That would be quite the thing, she thought with an amused, kinky smile on her face while Kim walked back into the house and upstairs. Shego shrugged it off and went back into the house and they continued on with the monster movie marathon; Kim did join them after her shower.

(Next day)

The trio had to get back to work, which Shego was thankful for actually and not just because she enjoyed teaching her classes. She had eaten a ton of junk that weekend and knew that she would eat more when she got home since there was still cake and pudding left. She needed to workout some to make up for her gluttony; she had not done any kind of exercising that weekend at all, unless climaxing most of the night counted and she doubted that it did, even though sex was a great way to burn calories.

She did check her weight once she got into the locker room of their school. She had gained a couple of pounds, but that was okay, she told herself. Her birthday had passed, so there was no reason for Bonnie or Kim to keep spoiling her, which meant no more favorite desserts or cakes once she finished off the ones at the house. That was relieving because the last thing that she wanted to was put on weight, especially now that she was thirty. She was willing to bet that the weight would be harder to lose than it would have been in the past because she was so old now; she honestly thought that she was old, even though she did physically feel any different.

She taught her morning class, the later one had grown to have eight people in it now, making it her largest class. Once the last person filed out, she waited for Kim to come downstairs, so they could go meet Bonnie. After a few minutes of waiting, Shego got concerned and went upstairs to see what was keeping the redhead. She knew that all of the children were gone, having watched them charge out of the place with their parents not too long ago; her kids were always so energetic as they bolted out of the school, making sure to go through moves while exiting the building. Since the brats were gone, she could not imagine what was holding Kim up. She found a note taped to the entrance of the second floor that read: Shego, I had an emergency. I’ll be back for the afternoon classes. Go to lunch without me.

Shego thought that was weird. Usually, Kim would tell her face to face if she had to run out on a mission or something. She also never used the word “emergency.” If it was a mission, she said so. If she had to go to the gallery, she said so. Kim was never vague when she ran off because she knew that Shego and Bonnie worried about her, Bonnie especially and Kim hated causing Bonnie any kind of stress.

The pale woman tried not to think too much of it. Maybe there was some kind of emergency that needed taking care of. After all, Kim was not a liar and tended to be the most open among them, when it came to the things she did in the outside world anyway. So, she went to lunch with Bonnie.

“Where’s my baby?” the brown-haired female asked curiously when they met up at the chosen place.

“What, I’m not good enough?” Shego countered with a teasing smile.

“Sweetness, seriously, where is she?”

“She said something about having an emergency. She’s not going to be here today because of it, so it’s just you and me. Maybe I’ll skip lunch and just eat you alive,” Shego remarked.

Bonnie knew that there was two ways to take that comment and Shego meant it to be that way. She rolled her eyes, retorted by claiming Shego was a maniacal cannibal and then they decided to order lunch. They sat down at an outside table because Shego liked the fresh air; Kim liked the air too, so it was almost a habit for them to sit outside if they were able to do so.

Bonnie and Shego talked about their days as they typically did. They were smiling through the conversation and making civilized gestures toward each other, which was odd for them of course. They tended to get more animated with each other when they were speaking, especially when they were alone, but they guessed that their quiet time from yesterday was extending its effects into the new day. They were not going to complain; it felt nice to get along for once, they both thought.

It felt so terrific that Bonnie even shared her dessert with Shego, even though the martial artist had ordered her own dessert. The pale woman accepted it since they were getting along and she was going back to the school anyway, so she would be able to work it off. And with that settled, she started to eat the piece of pie.

To be continued, so stay turned for part two…

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