In the Middle

Chapter 5

Ground Zero


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TITLE: Ground Zero

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I also don’t own Sesame Street.

SUMMARY: Shego wants Kim. Bonnie wants Kim. Kim wants them both. Who's going to have her way? Probably Kim because she can do anything.

TYPE: Kim, Shego, Other, Slash, Threesome

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Note: The usual warning about typos stands; there are probably plenty of them.

Words: 18476

Kim and Shego were rather proud of their little kung-fu school, which worked out to be a very wonderful gift from their thoughtful girlfriend. If only Shego could be so thoughtful, Kim sometimes commented just to tease the pale woman. She usually said that when Shego started getting on her “brats,” also known as Kim’s students.

Shego had taken on the older and more skilled people that had come to join their school, leaving Kim with the children’s classes and the novice groups. It was actually a wise decision since Kim was the more patient one out of the two, but she would have liked to have some of the more advanced students, just to have some students to teach some of her own moves to. Instead, she was stuck teaching the basics more often than not.

Their school was a two-story building with a lot of room, which they had gotten creative with. Kim had taken the downstairs part of the building, which they guessed used to be a retail store from the way that it was set up. She situated things, so that the classes that would be held there would be on display for anyone passing by to see because the space where it was positioned in front of the window. Kim held her youngster class in the area on Saturday mornings, so that if any kid passed by with their parents, they would be able to look inside and see what their peers were doing and hopefully want to join in.

Shego took command of the display area in the afternoons when she had her advance classes, so that if anyone wandered by, they could see how disciplined and skilled her students were. She thought that it might get some more students in their fledgling school, which they actually needed more of. None of their classes had more than five students in them at the moment, although they did have classes every morning and afternoon, except for Sundays. Sunday was the day that all three of them spent together just doing nothing around the house and enjoying the hell out of it.

The weekday morning classes, Kim took an area that they had created upstairs. It was more like a daycare than kung-fu class, but the few students that she had were very serious about learning martial arts and she was very serious about teaching them. So, they showed up with their little training gis and hung on every word that came out of Kim’s mouth, which she thought was too cute because they were all four-year-olds. They were just about the most adult four-year-olds that Kim had ever met, though.

Shego’s morning classes consisted of college students for the most part. It would seem that they did not have morning classes and so, they came to practice their kung-fu. They were good advertising actually because Shego’s mornings ended up being booked through out the week because her students ended up telling their friends about the class and they came to sign up. Classes were paid through monthly dues, so they just showed up whatever time they were free for lessons.

Their afternoons were similar. Kim had school kids of different ages depending on what day it was. They switched who would use the display room on those days, using weird methods. Sometimes a game of “rock, paper, scissors” determined who got the display room, other times it would be who could call it first, and there were dozens of others rather immature ways for them to pick who had the room.

A treat that delighted their students were the sparring matches that Kim and Shego often engaged in between classes. Any people that arrived early for a class usually got to see the two teachers going to work on each other. It always amazed the witnesses at how skilled their teachers were and many people, students and their friends/family that were just with them, often just gawked while the two lovers fought with each other. No one knew that the teachers were lovers, but they were able to guess that the pair were old enemies from the way they fought.

Kim and Shego still sparred like always, despite the fact that they were lovers and if they bruised each other, it sent Bonnie into a tirade that neither of them really wanted to hear when she saw the marks. They still came up with interesting moves to use against each other and kept each other on their toes in every fight. Sometimes, they even shocked each other so much with a new move that they had to stop and discuss how the skill was created and other things surrounding the technique. They got a great joy out of it. It was really one of their true passions in life.

Kim was trying to get back into the swing of her other passion, namely being a hero. The break that she had in between really did not seem like much to her, but it would seem that word had gotten around that she was no longer doing adventures and people went to other sources for their needs. So, now she had to let people know that she was back in the game and that was coming along agonizingly slow, mostly because Wade had a life outside of running her site now. He was a legal adult and he had a life of his own to lead, mostly trying to explore the world now to make for everything he missed from his chosen imprisonment in his room when he was a child.

Sometimes, Wade actually joined Kim on her missions, commenting that she could use a sidekick every now and then to make it like old times. She could only smile about that because the hero thing was never going to be like “old times.” Ron had moved out of her shadow, after all, and gone to make a life for himself. She was happy for him, of course. She spoke to him quite often and sometimes, he would even meet up with her to do adventures. Even when Ron did show up though, it was not quite like old times. They were adults and they were different now, but they still loved each other as best friends and they still enjoyed saving the world together when they got the chance to.

On a couple of occasions, when she was very, very bored, Shego even accompanied her redheaded lover on an adventure. Of course, she had to be bitchy about everything while she was there, but she had enjoyed the two adventures and would merrily go on another if Kim got a call while she was standing there and the call sounded like something that would be dangerously fun.

The one annoying thing about Kim doing her missions was the fact that sometimes, she ran out of class to get on something that was classified as “important.” Shego would then be stuck babysitting some rather odd toddlers in her opinion. Hey, she felt that any four-year-old that was extra-serious about learning kung-fu was strange, even though it was a little impressive too. It was a good thing that the little kids were so serious about martial arts, though because they were very content to watch Shego’s students work if they had to do so because their teacher suddenly fled the building.

“Love, you ready to go?” Kim inquired, coming downstairs from the top floor of their school since the last of her students had been picked up by their parents a few of minutes ago. She had gotten dressed in her street clothes in a changing area that they had upstairs. She was dressed in her usual clothing.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Shego replied as she stepped out of the changing room on the ground level. They had changing rooms on each level because they had such a big age difference in students that they figured most parents would be more comfortable with their children not sharing a dressing room with adults or people near adult ages, which was something that they both could understand.

“Wow, it’s a first,” the redhead teased as she hit the first floor.

“Don’t be smart. Some of my things are a little complicated to get into,” the pale woman defended herself for why she was usually late for the little get-together that they were about to have. She was dressed in casual clothing, just jeans and tee-shirt.

The pair was going out to meet their other lover for lunch, as always. One thing that all three of them would agree on was that they liked the location of the school. It was close to the law firm that Bonnie worked at and it allowed all three of them to gather for lunch on the daily basis. Some people might think that they all got sick of each other, seeing each other for so many hours during the day, but they truly enjoyed each other’s company most of the time. Like any other relationship, they sometimes had problems, but most of the time they just loved being around each other and that was why they looked forward to their lunch dates.

“You need to stick to complicated when we’re at the house and call it a day. There’s no reason for you to be complicated here,” Kim commented.

Shego smirked like a sly cat. “You might not know it, but we’re going to get down and dirty in this place sometime soon, Princess. You can bet on that one,” she informed the smaller female.

The redhead looked rather surprised by that declaration, although it was not something unusual for Shego to say. She quickly got over the shock that came from the words and offered her green-skinned lover a skeptical look for all of her big talk. The skepticism did not seem to affect Shego in any way that mattered because she continued smirking, looking more and more mischievous by the second.

“I think that’s a bet I would lose,” Kim quipped with a bit of a smile.

“I doubt it. You can play shy all you want, but one day when you least suspect it, you’re going to be naked either up against the lockers in the back or on your back on these mats and it will be in a way you like for once,” the former thief replied.

“We’re not having sex in the school. It’s a damn school for crying out loud,” the hero pointed out.

“It’s our damn school,” Shego stated, as if that justified her plan.

“What’s your point? It’s still a school and since it’s our school, we should treat it with the utmost respect and not even think about having sex in here, especially on the mats. Kids tumble on these mats,” the younger female said while motioning to the mat beneath her feet. It was green in color because the ex-villainess had picked it and the other mats on the first floor out. The mats upstairs were red because Kim had picked those out.

“Having sex in the school doesn’t mean I don’t respect it. It just means I know this shit is mine and I’ll do whatever I damn well please in it. So, I’m screwing you at some point in time. Hell, I might make it one of our lunch dates and get the demon child to join in,” Shego proclaimed with a half-smirk. She was willing to bet that it would be great for all three of them “break in” the school one day soon.

“What more proof do you need that this is your school aside from the fact that you named it?” Kim inquired.

They had all actually named the school. Bonnie thought that it was sweet that they included her when considering what to call the school, even though it was much more their thing than it was hers. Hey, she had only had the idea and given it to them as a gift to show her affections for them, but that was the reason that they involved her in the naming. It was their way of showing their affections for her. They really had not been able to come up with anything together and just threw out ideas and combined them. It had not worked out well in any of their opinions. The school was called the Enriching Green Lotus.

Kim had been the one that wanted to put the term “enriching” somewhere in the name of the school to give off positive vibes and to let parents feel that the school was a good place to leave their children. Out of the dozens of words that Shego had come up with for a school name, “green” had been the only one to survive because nothing else that she wished to call the school would have fit in with what her lovers had come up with. Bonnie had offered up “lotus” just because she thought that the flower was associated with martial arts in someway. After naming the school, they all agree to try their best to never name anything as a team effort again.

“Look, Princess,” Shego said and then she paused as she stalked over to Kim, closing the few feet between them. She put her hands around Kim waist and pulled the redhead to her, pressing their bodies together in a suggestive manner. “We’re going to do what I want to do, simple as that,” she stated with an arrogant smirk and then she stole a kiss from the shorter female’s lips.

“We’re not going to do it. Someone might come in or something,” Kim argued.

The pale woman laughed a little. “I’m not talking about doing it right now or in between classes or something like that. I’m talking about once we close up or when it’s lunchtime or something like that.”

“Still, we can’t do something like that. We have to set a good example. We can’t just go messing around in the school.”

“Pumpkin, I’m not talking about doing it when people are watching. What is wrong with you? What kind of little perv are you?” Shego teased and then she poked the redhead a little bit, tickling her ever-so slightly and making her giggle.

“Don’t try to make me seem like the bad one here. Now, come on before we’re late,” Kim said while pulling away from her pale lover and tugging her toward the front door in order for them to get out of the building.

“Yeah, we don’t want the demon child breathing fire on us if we’re late,” Shego agreed.

Kim chuckled a bit; she was not the one that would have fire breathed on her if they were late. Bonnie would just blame it all on Shego and yell at her for making them late. Anytime Kim and Shego did something irksome in Bonnie’s opinion, she typically blamed their green-skinned lover, claiming that Kim was way too considerate to do such wrongdoings. Shego, of course, did not think that it was fair that the redhead always had a by for when they did something and she usually hollered at Bonnie for the imbalance in her system. Kim typically watched them go back and forth since she knew that they just enjoyed arguing with each other, which she suspected was the reason that Bonnie generally just held Shego responsible for things.

The pair exited the building and walked up the street, going to the café that they were going to meet Bonnie at. They had agreed on a meeting place yesterday; they went to different restaurants most of the time. They were located in a part of the city that did have a large amount of restaurants for them to change up most of the time. They did have personal favorites and depending on who got to pick where they were going, they had all different kinds of things for lunch.

Bonnie was very much into healthy foods, so she usually picked cafes that served “health junk,” as Shego called it. Shego was more into international cuisine, especially Thai food. Kim was a fast food junkie for the most part and had no problem with picking fast food places for lunch with her girlfriends. Shego often teased her that such a thing was very tacky.

“Wow, you two are on time for once,” Bonnie commented as her lovers came to the outside café that she wanted them to take their afternoon meal at.

“Shego says we’re usually because her clothes are complicated,” Kim replied with a smile as she leaned in and kissed Bonnie’s cheek. The gesture was returned.

“Why are you wearing complicated things to school?” Bonnie asked Shego curiously as Kim sat down and Shego came in to kiss Bonnie’s cheek. The gesture was once again returned.

The one frustrating thing about their lunchtime meetings was that they could not be overly affectionate with each other. They did not have a lot of leeway to kiss each other or things like that and it was not because they were not looking to offend anyone that was outside. They just could not run the risk of kissing each other like romantic partners because they were so close to Bonnie’s firm and there was a chance that someone that worked there would see. It would not be such a big deal if only being a lesbian and involved in a trio could not cost Bonnie her job; a job that she thoroughly loved.

“Why do you wear complicated things to work?” Shego countered as she took her seat.

“Obviously I like being unwrapped from them when I come home,” Bonnie answered with a bit of a haughty smile.

“Well, maybe I’m hoping to get unwrapped from them while I’m at the school. Hint, hint,” the green-skinned woman said while looking back and forth between her girlfriends.

“Do you see what I’m working with?” the redhead asked Bonnie.

“Shego, you want to have sex in the school? What is wrong with you?” the tanned female inquired. She could not see the desire or the point of getting laid in the school.

“Yes. It would be quite the thing and I’m going to get my way. The question is, are you going to be there when it happens or are me and Kim going to have all of the fun?” Shego asked with a demonic smirk that her lovers were all too familiar with.

“You’re not fucking Kimmie in the school,” Bonnie argued.

“Thank you,” the hero chimed in.

“What’s with you two? You’re so prudish. I’m not letting this go, you know. I want what I want and I’m going to get what I want. You two might not see it coming, but when you least suspect it, I’m boning both of you in that building,” Shego stated soundly.

“You better not. You shouldn’t even be thinking about such things. Act like you have some home training,” the turquoise-eyed lawyer said.

“Really, your mother had to raise you better than this,” Kim added in.

Shego laughed a bit. “You’d be surprised at how well my mother didn’t raise me,” she replied.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Seriously, sweetness, don’t do that in that school. You might get caught and then you’d be out of students and I know you like teaching, even if you don’t want to admit it,” Bonnie pointed out.

Shego waved the tanned female off. She let the subject drop, but it was still on her mind. She believed that since it was their school, they could do whatever they wanted and as long as they were somewhat careful, everything should go right. It was like sky diving; she was not going to jump without a parachute. She would not try to have sex in the school while they had students around or they were expecting someone to come in. Her girlfriends always seemed to think that she was going to try something ridiculous and scandalous just for the shock value of it. She did like teaching, like Bonnie stated, so she could not do anything to jeopardize that.

The trio ordered lunch and spoke among themselves, causing each other to smile and laugh on occasion. They shared anecdotes about their mornings. Shego had a story about how she had a couple in her class and they were having in argument from the moment they came in to the moment that they left about a cell phone bill. The ladies all agreed that was silly and outrageous. They were all fairly certain that they would never argue about something so petty.

Bonnie had to tell them about a near fight that broke out in the firm that morning. A coffee vender had accidentally, or perhaps it was on purpose because one could never be sure, spilled his wares in a rather bitchy lawyer at the firm; and no, it was not Bonnie. The lawyer took quite offense to the mistake, not even considering that might have truly been an accident. She almost tackled the slender coffee seller, but he dipped out of the way and she landed on her chest on the floor. It was hilarious as far as the crowd that gathered was considered, but the lawyer was understandably embarrassed and angered by what happened. The bosses showed up before anything got out of control, but the lawyer did dish out several threats against the slightly shaken coffee vender.

Shego thought that tale was funny. She could understand the unnamed lawyer’s fury at the little coffee merchant, but she thought that it was also amusing that the lawyer had not been able to do anything too. From the things that she heard about the people at Bonnie’s job, she disliked them anyway and always thought that it was funny when something did not go their way and Bonnie was not affected negatively in someway.

Kim had a funny and cute story to share about her little students. They were all trying to mimic a move that only one of them had seen Shego’s students doing. Every time they tried the move, they fell on their faces. They were all so determined, but they were not able to do it and all they did for the whole class was beg Kim to show them how to do it. She had to remind them that they needed to know the basics before they could try anything advanced like the older students. Since her kids were so serious, they accepted that, but they were still kids and wanted to try the other move anyway.

“Your brats really creep me the hell out,” Shego commented.

“Don’t call them brats. They’re great kids. They have to be how you were when you were four years old,” Kim remarked with a teasing smile.

“I bet she was all serious, but she probably doesn’t remember. After all, you were four like what, fifty years ago?” Bonnie taunted their green-skinned lover.

Shego frowned; her age was something that she hated when her girlfriends brought up, especially now. They both knew that she was approaching a special age and it was not an age she was looking forward to. It did not help that Bonnie teased her more and more as the hideous day steady sneaked up on them.

“At least I was born from human parents,” Shego snapped.

“Hey, we can’t pick our parents because if we could, I damn sure wouldn’t have picked mine, especially with the brats they already had. You’d probably pick your mother a hundred times if given the chance,” Bonnie riposted with an almost cruel smirk.

The pale woman frowned even deeper. Her lovers also knew that she hated it when they brought up her mother because they thought that it was so clear that Shego loved her mother, even though she pretended so hard to hate the woman. It was just that Shego made it a point to call her mother once a week to make sure that Isabel was all right and also to check in and let her mother know that she was all right. She always acted annoyed with it, but she never missed a phone call.

“What do you want for your big day, anyway?” Kim asked Shego curiously.

“For you to shut up about it,” Shego answered with some real attitude. She did not even want to think about that dreadful day.

“Come on, sweetie. Don’t be a bitch about everything. Tell us what you want,” Bonnie urged their raven-haired lover.

The lunch was officially getting on Shego’s nerves now. She made a tight fist in anger and was about to holler at both of her girlfriends, but a distraction showed up. Three young men walked by their table at the outside café and checked the ladies out. Instead of continuing on their way, the males stepped over to the women. The lovers all looked at each other and then turned their attention to the men intruding on their time together.

“Hey, beautiful,” one of the young men said to Bonnie, which earned him a contemptible look and scoff from her.

“Dude, before you go any further, look at my outfit and tell me if you think that I’m remotely in your league,” Bonnie told the man.

Bonnie was dressed in an expensive suit, complete with her usual tie. In contrast, the males that had come by were dressed in worn out looking jeans, tee-shirts, and tattered baseball caps. The clothing did not seem to bother the men, though. They continued looking interested in the lovely ladies.

“Come on, babe, be nice,” the male eyeing Bonnie urged her.

“Wow, ugly and stupid. Great pick,” Shego taunted their tanned lover. She even shot the lawyer two thumbs up to tease her more.

“He looks better than the one leaning over you,” Bonnie pointed out.

Shego did take the time to look at the guy that was near her. She then turned back to Bonnie and made a horrified face; wow, he was way uglier than the dude hitting on Bonnie. It was almost uncanny that such a thing was possible. The ladies all laughed.

“Look, man, I’m going to honest with, you’re wasting your fucking time,” Shego said to the fellow standing by her before he even had a chance to open his mouth to hit on her. “Not just your time, but mine too. I wouldn’t fuck you in someone else’s body,” she remarked.

“I’m with her on that one,” Bonnie commented.

“And me makes three,” Kim added in.

“Hey, we’re not going to just let you talk about us like that,” the guy next to Kim declared.

“Oh, really?” A dangerous half-smirk spread across Shego’s face like she was just hoping that he would say something ignorant like that.

“Sweetie, don’t. We don’t need the legal mess right now,” Bonnie pointed out, knowing that Shego was just itching to teach the three males a tough lesson.

“Oh, I don’t think these three are stupid enough to go to the cops and say that they got their asses handed to them by one woman,” Shego commented, still smirking like a demon that spotted a new target to torment.

“You think you could kick our asses?” the male by Bonnie asked with a scoff.

“Even if I can’t, I think this can.” Shego ignited one of her hands in sudden large burst of plasma, which caused the guys to leap back in shock and horror. Bonnie and Kim barely reacted at all, having expected that to happen. Their pale lover liked to scare people off when they hit on her or them more than she would fight them.

“What the hell are you, lady?” the guys asked in terror. They looked like they had seen the devil and it was Shego.

“Pure evil, but I can get worse if necessary,” she answered. “So, you guys better vamoose while you got the chance or I might just break your legs.”

The males wisely ran off, tripping over each other as if they could not get far enough away from the women fast enough. The ladies all chuckled and shook their heads while Shego dispelled her powers. They turned their attention back to each other. They returned to eating their lunch and brought up other conversation, but did not bring anything back to Shego’s big day, which she was very happy about.

They enjoyed each other’s company as usual. They supposed that they would never get sick of each other because spending so much time together had yet to get on their nerves. They had not run out of things to talk about and even when they did hit pauses, they could just enjoy the silence with each other. They were all quite happy to have each other, it would seem, and they did hope that things remained that way.

Kim and Shego were sparring before they were about to go home for the day. They were dressed in gym clothes rather than gis, which were what Kim’s students always showed up in. Shego had on just a black sports’ bra and sweat pants that stopped at mid-calf level. Kim was dressed in a white tank-top and yellow basketball shorts. They did not teach in those outfits, but they did not wear gis either when they ran classes either.

They went back and forth as usual. Blocking and countering each other, moving as if they were actually one force instead of two opposing powers. They were almost like a swirling hurricane when they went at each other. Every couple of minutes, one of them hit the green mats, but jumped back up before a second passed.

“Why don’t you just stay down, Princess?” Shego growled as she started a new assault on the redhead, who just leaped up from the canvas.

“I’ll do it after I whip your green butt,” Kim replied while blocking and dodging everything that her lover came at her with.

“You having sick delusions again?” Shego asked with her usual taunting smile.

The adventurer scoffed and continued on avoiding her girlfriend’s punches. She eventually ducked and went in for her own attack. Shego quickly got on the defensive and blocked hard kicks coming from the small hero. She caught Kim’s leg and kicked the other one out from underneath the redhead. Kim hit the deck once more, but was far from down and out. She kicked out as she hit the floor, forcing Shego back when the blow landed.

Kim climbed to her feet while Shego regained her balance. They ran at each other, both taking the offensive and looking to land the same punch. They put their left hands up to catch the right fists that were coming at them, so they both avoided the hits in the same manner. They smirked at each other.

“We’ve been doing this for too long,” Kim commented. They were thinking so much alike that they were now just mirroring each other it seemed.

“It’s never too long, Princess. Besides, we’ve always had this weird connection,” Shego pointed out.

“Never like this,” Kim replied. They had never attacked with the same move and avoided the move in the same way.

“Well, it just means that we have to think more outside the box.”

“We get anymore outside of the box and we’ll be back in the box.”

Shego laughed a bit. “You’d think with all the different styles of kung-fu out there, we’d never run out of moves to do.”

“It’s not so much running out of moves. We think too much alike when fighting now.”

Shego nodded slightly to concur with that. They were starting to think too much alike when they were fighting each other. They were going to have to do something about that. She just was not sure what; Kim also did not know what they should do. They continued on sparring anyway.

Doctor Wanda Wong parked her car across the street. She looked at the Enriching Green Lotus from car. James Possible had told her about the school and how Kim ran it. She was looking to get her young granddaughter into an after-school activity and wanted to know more about Kim’s school. She thought that it would be an extraordinary experience for her grandchild to take martial arts and be taught by a great hero like Kim. She hoped that Kim was at least in now; James had not known all the details and was unable to tell her the hours that the school was open.

She walked over to the building and looked in the window; the whole place was empty as far as she could tell. She tried the door anyway to see if it was open, considering that Kim or some other employee might still be around and able to tell her the information that she sought. She called out a “hello,” but did not get an answer. She was set to turn around and come back another day, but she heard noises in the back. She decided to go see what was going on, just in case.

She did not make it far before she was stopped dead in her tracks. She made it to the opening of the changing room and could not believe her eyes. She had found Kim, but the redhead was not alone. Kim was being pinned against the row of lockers that they had in the back and Shego was doing the pinning, with her mouth mostly. Kim was not fighting back in the slightest and had her arms wrapped around Shego’s neck. The doctor gasped and that caught the lovers’ attention. Kim’s mouth dropped open because of shock when she saw who it was.

“Doctor Wong, this is so not even what it looks like,” Kim tried to assure the scientist as she pushed Shego away from her.

Shego was offended by the statement. How dare Kim deny their relationship! They were in love and she just could not believe that she was being denied while standing right there. She was not about to allow that and pulled the hero right back to her.

“It’s exactly what it looks like,” Shego informed the woman intruding on them. A woman that she knew looked familiar, but she could not exactly place where. She had met a lot of people in her life, so she could not be expected to remember every single person, even if she had kidnapped the person before.

“No, it’s not,” Kim argued while trying to pull away. Damn it, her lover did not understand and she did not have time to explain.

“Yes, it is,” Shego practically growled and then she forced a kiss on Kim. She figured it would teach Kim to never deny them, even if she was not openly gay around people.

Doctor Wanda Wong did not know what to say, so she said the first thing that came to mind. “Sorry for interrupting,” she apologized and then she hurried out of the building. It seemed like the best thing to do.

Kim’s whole expression dropped and she tried to pull away from her girlfriend to go after the stunned scientist. She hollered for Doctor Wong to wait, but that did not stop the woman’s flight. She then turned to Shego and looked at the pale woman with such fury and venom in her gaze that Shego was happy expressions were not lethal, lest she would have dropped dead at that very moment.

“What’s with that face?” Shego asked in an insulted tone, upset because Kim had the nerve to be angry with her after denying their relationship with her standing right there. Hell, denying their relationship with the mouth that was almost still covered with hers. It was an affront to her and their feelings for each other as far as the pale woman was concerned.

“Nothing,” Kim growled and pushed her lover violently away from her.

“What’s wrong, Kimmie? Mad that someone knows we’re an item?” Shego teased.

Kim ignored her and went to go change her clothes. Shego made a puzzled face; Kim was acting strangely. Sure, Kim was the one in the relationship that usually lost pointless arguments, but that did not mean that she would back down from them and even if she did back down, it had to take a few times back and forth for her to do such a thing. Just walking away was not like her.

“Princess, seriously, what’s wrong?” Shego asked. Yes, she liked to tease and play around, but she did not enjoy genuinely upsetting one of her lovers unless they managed to upset her first.

“Nothing,” the redhead replied in an even gruffer tone than before.

“Princess.” Shego reached out to grab the slender hero, but she dodged the contact, which caused Shego to frown. Okay, now, she was really pissed. “Kimmie, stop acting like such a brat and just tell me what the hell is wrong,” the green-skinned female ordered.

“Just get dressed,” Kim countered.

Shego snorted in anger, but decided that she was done with Kim. If the younger female wanted to be a bitch just because she got out-ed in front of someone that she knew then that was on her. She should not have denied their relationship in the first place as far as Shego was concerned and then they would not even have to go through anything now.

The pair got dressed in silence and then closed the school up properly. As soon as they were done locking everything up, Bonnie pulled up to pick them up, which was their norm for the most part. The tanned lawyer was the only one out of them with a car now because Kim had never bothered to get her car repaired from the accident that she had.

They got in the car and for the first time did not have a battle over who was riding shotgun. Kim slid into the backseat without a word, leaving Shego the front. Bonnie greeted Shego with the usual kiss and was waiting for Kim to move up, so that they could exchange a kiss too, but Kim seemed rather preoccupied, being distracted by whatever it was that was causing her face to scrunch up in anger.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Bonnie asked.

“Leave her alone. She’s just being pissy because someone she knows just found out she’s a dyke,” Shego commented.

“What?” Bonnie inquired with a puzzled expression overcoming her face.

“She’s just being pissy. Leave her alone. She’ll snap out of it sooner or later,” Shego replied.

“Baby,” Bonnie called to Kim one more time, just to see if she would get a different explanation as to why the redhead was looking the way that she was. Kim did not respond and Bonnie decided that she would leave Kim alone. Maybe it was something that Kim just needed time before she let it out.

The phone call that Kim was dreading came when they were all hardly home for an hour. The only thing that they had gotten to do was take showers. Kim had been the last one in and the only reason that she got out was because Bonnie informed her that her parents had called. She sighed; she knew that they would.

“Tell them to hold on for a second. I need to put on some pajamas,” Kim said in a low tone.

Bonnie wondered why her love sounded so down and out about having to speak with her parents. Usually, Kim loved to get a called from her family and would grin from ear to ear, as if she was surprised and delighted that she had not been forgotten. Bonnie thought that the way Kim acted was silly, but she could understand why.

“Kimmie says that she’ll be with you in a second. She needs to put on some pajamas since she was in the shower when you called,” Bonnie reported, making sure to add that part of the shower so that the Possibles did not think anything else was going on where Kim needed to get dressed.

“All right. Well, how’s everything with you girls?” Mrs. Possible asked. Both she and her husband were on the line, waiting for their daughter to come. They had a few choice words to share with her.

“Everything’s fine as always. Kim’s a handful, but I’m watching out for her,” Bonnie replied in a lighthearted tone.

“That’s good. How are things at work?”

“Everything’s fine. I just settled a big case a couple of days ago. I had the other lawyers running scared. They were looking for corners to hide in,” Bonnie answered, smiling to herself as she remembered the case.

“That’s good.”

The conversation only carried for a few more seconds before Kim came out of the bathroom in her pajamas. Bonnie handed Kim the phone and the redhead did something that her lover believed to be weird, the hero returned to the confines of the bathroom to hold a conversation with her parents. Kim had never done such a thing before. Bonnie was so dumbfounded by the move that she stood there for almost a minute, just staring at the door.

“Hey, demon child, what the hell are you doing?” Shego inquired as she came upstairs. She was wondering what the hold up was on them figuring out how they were going to waste the night away.

“I think something’s really wrong with Kimmie,” Bonnie answered.

“What do you mean?” the pale woman asked.

“She’s taking a phone call in the bathroom.”


“A phone call from her parents,” the turquoise-eyed lawyer replied.

“Yeah, so?” Shego asked. She did not see what was so bizarre. She figured that since Kim was in such a foul mood, it made sense that she would do something ridiculous like take a call in the bathroom from whoever was on the line.

“She’s never done that before, doy. What happened earlier? What’s wrong with her?” Bonnie inquired.

“Hell if I know. As far as I know, she’s just pissed that some lady she knew saw us kissing in the locker room,” the pale woman explained.

Bonnie shrugged because she did not see the connection. She did not see why Kim would take a call in the bathroom from her parents if she had a problem with some woman that she knew saw her kissing Shego. She left the top floor with Shego and they tried to figure out what they should do with their time.

Over an hour later, they realized that Kim was still in the bathroom. Shego was the first to allow her curiosity to get the better of her, so she went to the door and tried to listen on the conversation. About a minute later, Bonnie seemed to have the same idea, but when she saw that Shego was at the door, she attempted to take the moral high ground.

“Sweetie, what the hell are you doing?” Bonnie inquired in a whisper.

“Same thing you’re about to do, I’m willing to bet,” Shego replied.

“I wasn’t—” the lawyer attempted to deny what she actually was about to do, but she was cut off.

“Going to keep going on your way? I know you weren’t. Now, shut the hell up and come listen,” the pale woman commanded.

Bonnie shrugged, figuring that it probably was not the smartest idea to have a heated argument outside the room that their lover was in attempting to have a civilized conversation. She went to the door, standing next to Shego and pressing her ear to the door. She could not hear much, though. It sounded like Kim was just mumbling and she was not even doing that very often.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Bonnie asked Shego in a very low voice.

“I don’t know. She’s been talking like that since I got here,” Shego answered.

“I wonder what the hell is going on. This is really weird,” Bonnie stated.

Shego nodded a bit; she was inclined to agree. It was strange. They stayed there for a little while, hoping that Kim would clear her speech up and give them a clue as to what was going on. The muttering continued though and they were not sure if they were going to get the gist of the situation at all. They gave up after five minutes and started walking back toward the stairs.

“I’m going to make dinner, okay?” Bonnie said.

“I guess. I’ll tell you if she ever comes out of the bathroom,” Shego replied.

The two parted ways as they hit the ground level. Bonnie went to the kitchen while Shego went and crashed on the sofa. A half-hour later, dinner was done, but Kim was still in the bathroom. They wondered what she could be talking about with her parents for so long and not even coming out for dinner.

“Maybe she’s on the phone with someone else,” Shego offered because she thought that was as good an explanation as any.

“I don’t know. We’ll find out in a minute,” Bonnie replied as she started toward the bathroom.

“You’re going to tell her dinner’s done?” Shego guessed.

“And wait to see what she says.”

Shego nodded because it was the best plan that they had. They went back upstairs and Bonnie knocked on the bathroom door. Kim made a noise that acknowledge the knock, but the door did not open.

“Um…baby, dinner’s ready. You coming out to eat?” Bonnie asked.

“Go ahead and eat without me,” Kim replied.

“Eat without her?” Shego echoed in a shocked voice. They always had their meals together, as long as everyone was getting along anyway.

“Baby, you know we’re not going to eat without you,” Bonnie informed the redhead.

“Go ahead. I don’t know how long I’ll be,” Kim answered, trying her best to sound normal, but she was not doing the best job.

“Princess, what the hell is going on with you?” Shego demanded to know. She hoped that it did not have anything to do with her actions from earlier. She had not been trying to get the hero in trouble. She just disliked being denied; it seemed to downplay her importance to Kim and she did not like that.

“Just go ahead and eat,” Kim seemed to plead with them.

Bonnie and Shego looked at each other because they were quite confused. They decided to leave Kim be and they went to eat dinner. By the time they were done, Kim was still upstairs. It was utterly baffling. They decided to wait for her in the living room and she did not join them for another hour.

Kim came downstairs, looking quite unlike herself, but not in an angry or upset manner. She seemed almost tired and distant. She flopped down on the sofa between her lovers, earning a questioning look from each of them because she practically squeezed in between them, which was unlike her; she usually would have just sat in the open space and then cuddled up with them. They looked at each other when Kim did not explain herself and Shego decided that she was going to ask.

“Princess, what the hell was that all about? You were in the fucking bathroom for like three hours,” Shego pointed out.

“No, my parents just wanted to talk,” Kim replied, trying to sound normal, but sounding rather dismissive of the matter.

“About what?” Shego asked because she had witnessed conversations between the redhead and her parents on the phone and they were never liked what just happened. What just occurred was totally uncharted.

“About what happened today,” the redhead answered.

“What the hell happened today?” the pale woman inquired in a confused tone. Why the hell was nothing making sense with Kim today?

Kim sighed. “Doctor Wong works with my dad. Apparently, the second that she made it out of the school, she decided that it would be best to give him a call and tell him about what she saw,” she explained, still attempting to sound normal, but she actually sounded tired about the whole ordeal now.

“So, what, that whole fucking call was about you being gay?” the pale woman asked. She supposed that she could understand such a conversation going on for about three hours. She knew that her mother wanted to talk about it for almost that long when she told her mother that she was a lesbian.

“Damn it, Shego, my parents know I’m gay,” Kim informed the raven-haired female.

“Then what’s the fucking problem?” Shego inquired.

“She saw me kissing you is the problem,” the redhead pointed out.

Shego still was not following. “So?”

“Oh, god. Don’t tell me, your parents think you’re cheating on me, don’t they?” Bonnie inquired. She could see how that would happen if the woman that spoke with the Possibles described the female that she saw Kim kissing. They would know that was not her rather quickly.

Kim nodded in confirmation. She had just been screamed on for over three hours because her parents thought that she was cheating on Bonnie with “a woman with long black hair.” Kim was not surprised by her parents finding out about what Doctor Wong witnessed nor was she surprised by the phone call. She had been surprised by the way that the conversation had gone. It was not really a conversation. It was a three hour admonishment on her conduct and how she was raised better than her actions were showing. A very harsh admonishment at that and she was pretty sure that she had lost any and all respect that her parents had for her.

She supposed that it had been all right that she had not been able to get a word in edgewise. What was she supposed to say? “No, Mom, Dad, it was all right because Shego’s our girlfriend”? That would have opened two cans of worms that she was not looking to step near. They would want to know what she meant by “our girlfriend” and of course they both would practically demand to know if she meant Shego, as in her former archfoe that was supposed to be dead. She would probably still be on the phone if she had used those words.

“Okay, so, they think you’re cheating on the demon child. Did you explain that’s not really what’s happening?” Shego asked curiously. She thought that an explanation of their relationship to her parents could justify the three-plus hours that she had spent on the phone.

“They didn’t give me a chance. Besides, what was I supposed to say? I’m going to tell my parents, who have met you on several occasions in the past, that we’re all in a relationship together?” Kim countered.

Shego thought on that one. “Good point. I guess that would complicate things a little more than they already are. Do your parents think I’m dead too?” she inquired.

“Oh yeah,” Kim said and nodded for emphasis.

“That would make for an awkward fucking conversation,” the pale former thief conceded the matter.

“No kidding,” the redhead muttered.

“Are you okay?” Bonnie asked Kim while reaching over to rub the redhead’s shoulders because she already knew the answer to that question.

“I’m fine. Did you put the food up?” the hero countered.

“I made you a plate. It’s on the counter,” Bonnie replied.

“Thanks, baby,” Kim said and she pretty much ripped herself away from the couch to go get herself something to eat. She tried to walk away as if nothing was wrong, but the more that she tried, the more she failed. She was so stiff because she was trying not to slouch. She limped slightly because she was trying not to slide her feet. So, in trying to compensate for one thing, it just made her act odd in other manners.

“I’ve never seen her like this before,” Shego said.

“I have…once,” the lawyer commented.

“When was that?”

“When she thought you died. She was trying so hard to make it seem like everything was all right, but the more she tried, the more I could tell that she was hurting on the inside. I wonder what they said to her. I wish I could make the pain go away,” Bonnie stated with some longing in her voice that backed up the sincerity of her words.

Shego nodded in agreement. Kim seemed almost defeated in her mannerisms, but she was trying so hard to cover it up and be her usual self. Shego could not imagine dealing with a depressed Kim for the night that she saw ahead, so she wondered how Bonnie had managed to put up with from the time that Kim thought that she was dead to the time that she revealed herself to be alive.

“Bonnie,” Shego said.

“Yeah?” the tanned beauty answered.

“You’re a lot stronger than I usually give you credit for,” Shego commented. She supposed that out of the three of them, she always looked at Bonnie as their damsel in distress and they were the knights in shining armor.

Bonnie made a puzzled face. “What the hell do you mean by that?” she demanded to know, taking the remark as an insult.

“Don’t take offense, demon child. I mean it in a good way. I mean, I don’t think I could handle Kimmie being like that for as long as you did.”

Bonnie laughed a bit. “It’s hard, but I know it’s worth it. I remember back then, I was a little worried when I noticed that she stopped acting that way and seemed to perk up and actually go back to normal. I didn’t know what to think and I didn’t know how to approach the subject because she never talked about your ‘death’ bothering her. The only thing she ever did say about your death was when she found out that she couldn’t believe it. But, I’m guessing that she went back to normal on the day you showed up in her life, even though she never told me what day that was. I remember that she was really happy for a while and then, after she started going out every week to meet with you, she started coming home depressed again. It took me about a month to figure out that she had fallen in love with you and I thought she was going to leave me for you.”

It was Shego’s turn to laugh a little bit. “I didn’t think she was ever going to leave you. It pissed me off so much.”

“Is that why you came back? For her? Because you loved her?” Bonnie asked curiously.

“No, that’s not it. I just missed her, I guess. My life, whatever it was, just felt weird without her being around. I don’t really know. I mean, I guess I fell for her pretty quick after that, but I didn’t expect it or anything,” Shego tried to explain. She was not sure when or how it happened, but somewhere along the line she had fallen in love for the redheaded hero.

“Well, how did you even let Kim know you were alive?”

“We never told you this story, huh?” the green-skinned woman realized.


“Well, I guess we can spare the minutes while Kim avoids us, huh?” Shego asked and Bonnie nodded in agreement.


Kim inspected the scene of her latest call. There seemed to be a string of burglaries going around and she had only just been called in. She was slightly insulted by that, even though she had been busy. But, she was always busy and she hated when people thought that they did not need her help, yet they ended up calling her in anyway. They would save so much trouble if they just called her in the first time that something happened.

She had hoped that she would recognize the style of the thief and find out that a certain moss-hued villainess was not really gone as she had been told four months earlier. It hurt much more than it should to find out that Shego was presumed dead. She always reminded herself that Shego was “presumed dead,” so there was a chance that she might still be alive.

She did not understand why she missed the older martial artist as much as she did. In retrospect, she was able to notice that through the years her relationship with Shego had evolved, but that still did not explain the hollow feeling that seemed engraved in her body now that the smart-mouth thief was gone. They had not been friends of any kind, even though they had been sharing some rather witty banter and were rather comfortable in each other’s presences despite their circumstances. But, when Doctor Director called her and told her that Drakken and Shego had died in an explosion, she felt like she was going to have a heart attack. She had been close to fainting from the news and only her will to not freak Bonnie out stopped her from losing consciousness.

She knew that it was an odd reaction and she had considered that it would pass after a few days, but it was still there months later. It seemed like something was missing from her life without Shego. Chasing Drakken and Shego seemed to have turned into a game to her, or something like that, and going after Shego had come to be something like hanging out with a friend, even though they were not friends. It was just an odd relationship that she could not put into words and now that Shego was no longer around, it left her with a huge hole in her life and in her schedule, which made it noticeable, even though she got plenty of calls. It was just that none of those calls had to do with Drakken or Shego anymore.

Still, the hope that Shego was the one behind the break-ins existed in the redheaded hero as she inspected the scene. She used the Kimmunicator to scan for latent fingerprints and other clues that could not be seen by the naked eye. And then, on the floor in very small print, she came across something odd, but it did seem to indicate that she had not been hoping in vain. There was a message that said, “Princess, meetcha at the café up the street this afternoon.”

“Shego?” Kim whispered to herself and then she looked at her watch to see if it was the afternoon. It was, so she figured that it might be best to check out that invisible lead; the message could only be seen in a special light.

The redhead took off up the street, looking out for a café and hoping that Shego was somewhere in sight. She saw a couple of eateries, but no customers that resembled Shego. She was about to give up, considering that she had just imagined those words or something, even though she did not see how she could see such a specific illusion without any cause. And then, she caught sight of some rather pale legs hanging out of some cut-off shorts. She followed the legs up to the neck and up to the face, finding them to be just as pale and also belonging to the person that left her the message.

Kim had to use all of her self-control to not call out for Shego, which the green-skinned woman sort of noticed. She saw Kim in the distance and the excited run sort of gave her a clue as to the frame of mind that Kim was in; there was also the giant smile on Kim’s face. It would seem that she was missed, Shego thought, which brightened her day considering how much she missed the strange little redhead.

The hero was on her in a hurry and surprising them both by throwing herself on Shego, embracing her before either of them knew what she was doing. And then Kim looked down at Shego to make sure it was her, even though she was very sure it was the villainess. She was hidden underneath her mop of ebony locks and her emerald eyes were peeking out from behind sunglasses. Shego smirked until she noticed the overwhelmed, relieved look in Kim’s eyes. Her smirk transformed into a tiny smile. She did not mind the hug.

“Sorry,” Kim apologized as she realized what she was doing and she removed herself from the pale woman. She stared down at Shego, incredulous to what she was seeing, as if she was looking at a ghost.

“Well, don’t just stand there gawking, Princess. Have a seat,” Shego offered in her usual tone, as if she had not been missing for the past four months.

“Shego, what the hell? I thought you were dead,” Kim said while asking herself why she had thrown herself into Shego’s arms and hugging her like it was the last thing that she would ever do. She never gave herself an answer for that question.

“Yeah, about that, as you can see, I’m kind of alive,” Shego commented. She was alive, but she did not totally feel like she was for some reason. “So, are you going to have a seat or just keep looming over me like some demented hummingbird?”

Kim wordlessly took the seat across from Shego. She continued to stare at the pale woman, not believing her eyes. It was like she was watching a ghost or a zombie. She seemed utterly amazed. Shego supposed that was fine; at least Kim was not angry or talking about taking her in or anything like that. She guessed that it was a good idea to reveal herself to Kim, if that embrace meant anything anyway.

“Shego, what are you doing here? Are you the one behind all those burglaries?” the redhead inquired once her voice returned to her.

“Yeah,” Shego answered easily.

“Why? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“It’s okay. I haven’t kept anything that I stole. I just…well, I was trying to get your attention. I left you a message in like five heists, but when you didn’t show up, I returned the junk that I stole and just moved on. I’m not so into the stealing things anymore,” the pale woman admitted. It was the solid truth. She did not feel like doing anything from her old life anymore, except for seeing Kim it seemed.

Kim was surprised by that. Stealing had always seemed to be one of Shego’s favorite pastimes. “No?” the younger woman asked in a stunned tone.

“No, it sort of lost its flare.”

“Then why’d you start these heists?”

“Well, I needed to get your attention somehow. I mean, I went by your house, but you surprisingly don’t live there anymore. I forgot that you’re a big girl now. I didn’t know where you lived, so I figured I’d get your attention in the old fashion way,” Shego explained with a small smile.

“Why? What did you want my attention for?”

Shego sighed a bit; she knew that question was coming. She already knew that she was going to try her best to tell the truth because of the reason that she had come. She needed to keep Kim in her life and she guessed that the best way for that to happen would be to tell the hero.

“You know, Princess, in these past few months on my own after seriously nearly dying, I’ve done some soul searching and tried to do some new things with my life. I don’t want to be a stooge for any more madmen. Hell, I don’t even want to steal things anymore. I don’t really know what I want to do anymore, but I do know that I want to keep the few good things that I had in my life and you were one of those good things. You’re a constant in my life and being away from you for these few months made me realize that I liked hanging around you, beating you up and everything,” the pale woman answered.

“You didn’t beat me up,” Kim argued in a good-natured tone.

Shego smiled and laughed a bit, looking as arrogant as ever, but different from before too. “Yeah, I did,” she insisted in a lighthearted tone of her own.

“No, you didn’t.”

“Yeah, I did and if you want proof, we can go find a spot right now to throw down,” Shego stated soundly.

“We’re not going to fight just like that.”

“Then you give up?” Shego teased. “Well, I win.”

“Hold on, you can’t just go declaring yourself the winner to a fight we haven’t even had,” Kim argued.

“I just did.”

“No, you can’t do that,” the redhead huffed, more playful than serious.

“Then let’s go rumble right now and I’ll declare myself the winner after I make you kiss the canvas,” Shego said.

Kim ended up walking off with the supposed dead woman, looking for a place to have a match. They slipped into fighting as if they had done it just yesterday and not months ago. They both felt relief as they moved together, like a great burden was lifted off their shoulders. It was like things were supposed to be as they were and it was wonderful to fight without any threat hanging overhead. They could just go until they dropped and Shego would not even have to run away before things were settled. It was sublime.

Eventually, Shego explained to Kim what happened and why she had been declared dead. She talked about the noticed affects that nearly being blown up had on her. Kim pointed out some of the things that she noticed that were still the same with Shego and some of the things that were different. Shego did seem the same, except she no longer shouted loudly that she was evil. If anything, she was just playfully obnoxious now, but still through her cantankerous personality, Kim ended up falling for her anyway.

Shego suspected that she held something for Kim, even though it took her a few more meetings to realize that she held affections for the redhead. It did explain why she had missed Kim so much when she was trying to leave behind her other life. She could drop everything from that life, but Kim. Over the years, she had just become comfortable with the hero and had grown to like her and that was why she reentered Kim’s life; or allowed Kim into her new life, she was not too sure how it went.

(End of flashback)

“So, you just showed up out of the blue into her life?” Bonnie asked.

“Pretty much. Before her, the only person I had contact with from my life was my mother. I just let everyone think I was dead, but soon I realized that I was dead on the inside. I needed to be around Kim. She just energized me and made me want to do stuff,” Shego replied. Before meeting up with Kim after her “death,” she had not felt a need to do anything at all, except let her life waste away after she had been so lucky to escape that blast.

“So, when did you start trying to steal my baby from me?” Bonnie inquired, teasing a bit by referring to Kim as her baby.

“I tried taking my princess back a little while after we started meeting every week to spar and talk and everything,” Shego shot back.

“When did she start loving you back?” Bonnie asked curiously. Maybe it was during a time when she was just not focusing on Kim as much as she usually would and the redhead had needed affection.

“I don’t know. It’s not something that you really realize.”

Bonnie nodded in agreement with that. She had no clue when Kim started loving her either. Hell, she did not even know when Shego started loving her and that was recent compared to Kim.

The conversation was cut short as Kim returned to the living room. She went back to sitting in between her lovers and she threw her arms around Bonnie. She pulled Bonnie to her and then she reclined onto Shego, who put her arms around Kim, but ended up resting hands on Bonnie. They relaxed as if it was a normal evening, but Bonnie and Shego would practically feel the tension in Kim’s body.

Bonnie knew that Kim was burying her hurt feelings, as she had a habit of doing. Kim never wanted to seem like a bother, so she liked pretending that things were always fine, even when she needed emotional support. Bonnie had tried her best to let Kim know that it was fine to be hurt around her, but Kim seemed to think that it would just be wrong of her to act as such. Bonnie guessed that it had something to do with Kim seeing herself as a superwoman of sorts that could do anything.

They went to bed at their usual time. Shego thought that everything might actually be all right, even though it was clear that Kim was bothered by whatever it was that her parents said to her. She considered that Kim might just want to work through things on her own and she believed that Kim would be able to do that if that was what she was trying to do.

(Next day)

Bonnie and Shego woke up, noticing there a space between them instead of the usual warm body. They looked at each other as they saw that Kim was gone from the bed. They seemed to ask each other “where is she?” with their eyes and they shrugged as an answer. They got out of bed to see if they could find the redhead.

“Baby,” Bonnie called as she went to the doorway.

“Pumpkin,” Shego joined in.

They continued beckoning Kim with their pet names for her, but they did not get an answer. They did find the redhead in the living room, sitting up on the sofa and staring at the blank television screen. They looked at each other and then turned their attention back to Kim.

“She’s cracked up,” Shego whispered because Kim was not even blinking as she watched the off television.

“What in the hell did her parents say to her?” Bonnie wondered out loud because she had never seen Kim in such a state.

Shego approached Kim with Bonnie right behind her. She gave the redhead an experimental push, which got no reaction from the hero. Shego arched an eyebrow and pushed her harder, but Kim did not move in any way. Shego glanced over at Bonnie and the lawyer shrugged.

“Baby?” Bonnie said and she did not get a response, or anything that could be mistaken for a response. Kim did not even blink.

“She’s really cracked up,” Shego said in disbelief. She was actually amazed that someone had pretty much defeated Kim and who would have thought that it was the hero’s own parents.

“Baby,” Bonnie repeated and she grabbed Kim in an embrace. The redhead did not react; it was like she was in a catatonic state.

Shego decided to join in and see if the double-hug would get Kim’s attention. They held her almost desperately, hoping that their loving embrace would get their lover back to normal. The redhead did glance at both of them, but her eyes eventually settled back on the blank screen of the television. They let her go after a few minutes and sighed, wondering what they were going to do about her.

“Let’s leave her alone for now. Maybe she’ll work her way out of it on her own,” Shego suggested.

“You think that’s a good idea?” Bonnie asked.

“Not really, but it’s clear that we can’t do anything else for her right now. She’s not even responding to us. Let’s give her some space for now and then panic when that idea falls through,” Shego answered.

“I wish you wouldn’t joke like that,” the tanner female said.

“You worry too much, demon child.”

“I’ve got to worry. I’m dating you and Kim for crying out loud,” Bonnie pointed out. One of them had to be responsible and pragmatic and she felt like she was the best one for those things since she was the most normal anyway.

Shego conceded that point with a shrug. She supposed that she worried so little because she knew that Bonnie would handle the worrying for her. Kim was probably the same way, she considered.

The duo did leave Kim alone for the day. Bonnie did inform the dazed redhead that she left breakfast on the counter for her if she got hungry and she should call them if she needed anything. Kim did not even nod as her lovers left for work. Hours later, Bonnie and Shego returned home to see that Kim was still in the same space on the couch and she had not touched the food that was left for her. Bonnie and Shego were now officially out of ideas.

Kim did not move all day, even when her girlfriends returned home. She did not eat dinner when Bonnie called her and she did not pay Shego any mind when the former thief tried to force feed her. Shego gave up out of frustration and pulled Bonnie aside to talk about Kim’s condition.

“If she’s still like this tomorrow, we’re going to have to do something drastic,” Shego stated, speaking to Bonnie in the kitchen and in a low voice to make sure that their distressed lover did not hear.

“Drastic like what?” Bonnie asked curiously.

“Drastic like go see her parents. I mean, if they knew how badly they affected her from yesterday, I’m sure they’d try to make it right…right?” Shego replied. Kim had good parents and she was pretty sure that if they saw what they did to her, they would try to make her feel better.

“Yeah, but do you think that she wants to see them?”

“She needs to see them, obviously.”

“You’re right,” Bonnie yielded. “I guess there is a first time for everything.”

“Do you have to be an ass about everything?” Shego inquired with an attitude.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

Shego rolled her eyes. The pair had to put up with Kim acting very creepy for the rest of the night. She did not even come to bed with them and when they woke up, she was still on the sofa. The only good thing was that she was finally watching something on television rather than watching the blank screen. Well, anyway, the television was on, but from the look in Kim’s olive eyes told them that she was not watching it. It would have been a little disturbing if she was watching it because the television was on Sesame Street.

Shego and Bonnie silently agreed that it was definitely time to get their love the help that she needed. Bonnie got on the phone with the doctors Possible and inquired when they were free because she would like to talk with them about something immediately. She suspected that they took that to mean she wanted to discuss Kim’s presumed infidelity because they urged her to come over as soon as she could.

“Come on, sweetie, we can go over there right now,” Bonnie informed Shego.

“No work?” Shego asked incredulously; her disbelief was directed toward the lawyer not going to work.

“Helping Kimmie is way more important than going to work today,” the tanned woman pointed out. It was going to be the first day that Bonnie ever missed work, but she felt that it was for a good cause.

The pair hustled out of the house, leaving Kim there on the sofa. Shego grabbed Bonnie’s keys on the way out, proclaiming that she was driving. Bonnie decided not to argue because she did not think it was the time; it seemed like it was a day of firsts for her with that decision. She jumped into the passenger seat of her car while Shego hopped behind the wheel and they were off toward the Possible house.

The first couple of minutes of the twenty minute trip were silent. Shego glanced over at Bonnie a few times while the tanned female started out of the window. Shego finally decided to ask a question that had been on her mind for a while.

“When did Kim tell her parents that she was dating you?” the pale woman inquired.

“Well…she never really came right out and said it like you or I might do with our parents,” Bonnie answered.

“Well, how do they know she’s gay?”

“As far I know, they guessed,” Bonnie replied with a shrug and a laugh.

“They guessed?” the green-skinned female echoed in a puzzled tone.

“When Kim started going out with me, she used to bring me to all her family gatherings, which I thought was very sweet. It was like she was offering her family to me, knowing that my family is full of assholes and I can’t stand them. She wasn’t exactly out in front of her family, but she treated me like I was her girlfriend and her parents are smart, so they just figured it out,” the lawyer explained as best she could.

“It didn’t bother you that she didn’t just come right out and say that you were her girlfriend?”

“No, it didn’t. Just because she didn’t say it, didn’t mean she didn’t show it and she did show it. She didn’t shun me or anything around her parents or her brothers, who teased her relentlessly about the relationship. Hell, they still tease her about it whenever they get the chance.”

Shego nodded to show that she understood. She could see Kim not saying anything about the relationship, especially if no one asked her about it. She supposed that it was interesting that Kim would not say anything, but she would still treat Bonnie just the same. It would seem that Bonnie being around worked wonders for Kim personally just like being with Kim worked wonders for Bonnie personally. Usually, Kim was very self-conscious and worried about what other people thought of her, but that seemed to slip her mind if she treated Bonnie the same no matter what back then.

“So, when did you start dating Kimmie anyway? I always thought she and Stoppable had something going on,” Shego commented, knowing that Bonnie and Kim went to school together.

Bonnie laughed a little. “I always thought they had something going on too. One of the many reasons I hated him, a lot and for a long time.”

“A long time?”

“Well, I think I’ve been a lesbian long before I even knew what one was. I think I’ve had a crush on Kim since I first saw her. It’s just that I didn’t know what it was and I also never knew how to treat someone I like, even if they were nice to me,” Bonnie explained somewhat. She was not totally sure how to explain her feelings with Kim that she was pretty sure had existed since the first grade.


Six-year-old Bonnie had never seen anything like it; it was just amazing. There was a redheaded girl on the jungle gym, at the top and doing a handstand straight up in the air without any problem at all. It was from that moment on that she knew that girl was special and she wanted to be friends. She wanted to be friends with Kim Possible.

She was in the same class as Kim and had already noticed that the redheaded girl was very smart, which she thought was cool. Kim had also been very kind to her on several occasions, offering to share snacks with her at lunch and trading sandwiches with her. It was great, but in Bonnie’s warped opinion back then, they were not friends and she wanted to be friends.

She wanted to be friends with Kim like that weird kid Ron Stoppable was. She did not understand why Kim hung around Ron instead of hanging out with her. She thought that Ron was always doing something stupid and he even had an imaginary friend, which made her just think that he was even more of a loser. She lashed out at him, not knowing at the time that jealousy was one of the main reasons that made her act in such a way.

But, lashing out at Ron got her something that she wanted, Kim paid attention to her. If she said or did something mean to Ron, Kim would notice and say something to her, which pleased her. Any attention from the redhead was desirable as far as Bonnie was concerned, even if it was negative and angry attention. Bonnie had grown up on negative attention anyway from people that she admired, namely her older siblings, so it was something that she was used to. It was something that she could identify with.

As time went by, she figured out how to get even more attention from Kim and that was to do something to Kim personally instead of going through Ron. It started out like she was a little boy with a crush, hitting Kim with kick-balls and things. It did get her attention and she loved it, not realizing that she was getting Kim to quickly hate her rather than like her as she was hoping. She would not have understood that anyway then because her siblings acted the same toward her and she still looked up to them at the time.

Soon, being mean to Kim became a part of her daily routine, like it was normal and she even forgot when she was acting that way in her conscious mind. She just acted snotty toward Kim through out their history together and as she got older, she started noticing some dull pain that ached just underneath everything when Kim walked away angry with her, but she tried not to pay too much attention to it. She just told herself that Kim deserved everything that she did to her, but she could not remember why that was. It was just a habit.

Every now and then, the old feelings that she had for Kim showed up, trying to remind her that Kim was amazing and she wanted to be the redhead’s friend in some way, but it would come up just like when she was in the first grade. She would see Kim with a boy and get jealous of the boy being with Kim. She would become single-minded in her thinking and get the boy away from Kim in any way possible, be it by telling a lie or doing everything in her power to steal the boy from Kim, which was how she came to date Brick Flagg in their junior year. She did not even like Brick, but being with her would keep him away from Kim and she was willing to do that.

It was a good thing that Kim had gotten over her crush on Josh because Bonnie certainly would have tried to steal him from her too. If Kim had had just a little more of a social life, Bonnie probably would have burnt herself out trying to keep guys away from the hero. She also would have had more boyfriends than she knew what to do with.

And then came the prom, where everything came back to her because of one dreadful moment. She remembered her feelings for Kim when she saw the redhead kiss that idiot Stoppable. She realized that she had always wanted that to be her. She had only wanted the redhead’s affections and yet, through out their student careers she had been nothing but a bitch to Kim and probably blew it all because she was so emotionally screwed up and immature. Knowing such a thing was like being split open and having all of her major organs torn out while she was still alive. She ran out of the gym, crying to herself, certain that she had lost the only person that she ever loved.

She was miserable most of her senior year, having to watch someone that she perceived to be a complete idiot that got to be with someone that she thought he did not deserve. What would an idiot do with a goddess, after all, she always wondered. She was willing to bet that he would blow it all and lose Kim, but that had not happened senior year.

Bonnie was glad when high school was over. She did not have to worry about looking at Kim with Ron anymore and she did not have to put up with her family anymore. She was going as far away from both as physically possible while remaining in the country. Bonnie went to school in Hawaii.

Hawaii was beautiful, but she hardly noticed. She was more miserable there than in Middleton. It would seem that being able to see Kim was better than not seeing the redhead, even if she had to see the redhead with Ron. She ended up transferring, working her grades up as best she could to go to get into Kim’s school. It worked.

Once she got into the school though, she got nervous. How was she supposed to approach Kim? How would she explain her sudden appearance? What the hell did she think she was doing in the first place since she already knew that not only was Kim straight, but in a relationship with Ron? She did not know, but she got offered up an excuse and she ran with it. Early in the spring semester, she knocked on Kim’s dorm room, which the hero opened without bothering to ask who was there or anything.

“Bonnie?” Kim gasped in total surprise when she saw who was standing in front of her.

“Hi…I hear you’re the person to see if someone needs math tutoring,” Bonnie said kind of lamely as she held up her math text book.

“Since when do you go here? I thought you went to Hawaii for school,” Kim commented with a confused expression on her face.

“I transferred.”

“Why would you transfer here?” the redhead inquired, trying to maintain her cool. She had thought that she was going to be rid of Bonnie forever, but now she had to find out that she had four more years with the evil female.

“Um…they have a good dance program…” Bonnie offered, just as lamely as before, even though she was a dance major at the time. It was not like she could just come out and say that she transferred to be close to Kim. It was doubtful that Kim would believe such a thing.

Kim snorted in anger, but did not show that she was vexed in any other way. “Fine, what do you want?” she asked.

“Math tutoring,” Bonnie repeated.

“Are you serious?” the hero inquired because the last time that she checked, academics did not mean enough to Bonnie for her to go out and get tutoring for anything.


Kim sighed. “Fine.”

And so, Kim tutored Bonnie in math while silently noting how odd Bonnie seemed. It was like the usually arrogant teen was now humble, damn near demure, and she could not figure out why. Bonnie was just happy to be near Kim and she was trying her best just to appreciate that without blowing anything more so than she already had. She might have ruined any chance for them to be friends or something more, but at least she could be next to Kim.

At first, Kim was apprehensive around Bonnie, just waiting for the bitch in her to come out and start things, but that never happened. She eventually noticed how melancholic Bonnie always looked, even though the tutoring was going well. She sometimes asked if something was wrong, but Bonnie would try to assure her that she was fine. Part of Bonnie was flattered that Kim was concerned about her.

Kim noticed other odd things about Bonnie that first semester, like how she did not flirt with a bunch of guys or even go out to a lot of parties. Bonnie did not even leave school for spring break. When everyone else was packing up to go home for the summer, Kim noticed that Bonnie was not moving anything. Bonnie had decided to take summer courses instead of going home.

“Are you going to be all right on your own?” Kim asked curiously. She was worried about the tanned female. Bonnie had been acting like the opposite of what she remembered for the whole semester, so it was a little unnerving.

“I’ll be fine. I should be able to handle classes without you holding my hand through it. It’s not math or anything,” Bonnie replied with a small smile.

“Okay. Well, see you when I get back, I guess,” Kim said.

The hero was a rather concerned with leaving Bonnie alone for the whole summer and actually went back to school earlier to hang out with her, which Bonnie was very flattered by. The blue-eyed female looked overjoyed when Kim showed up, which the redhead took note of. She could not help wondering why Bonnie was so happy to be around her, but she was glad that she could perk the brunette up.

They went out drinking one night before fall classes began. Nothing happened, except they had a really good time together. They were both hit on by a number of guys, but rebuffed all of them. Bonnie assumed Kim had brushed off the advances because of Ron while Kim could not figure out why Bonnie had done such a thing. But, it did not stay a mystery.

During the winter break, Kim noticed that Bonnie was planning to stay at school yet again. Kim did not think that was right and asked why Bonnie was not going home for Christmas. Surely, her family would want her to be home for the holiday.

“I don’t want to go home,” Bonnie informed the redhead as if it was nothing to say. It was just the truth. She was away from her family and she wanted things to stay that way. She was somewhat happy for the first time in a long time and she was not about to bring her own mood down by returning home to deal with those peons.

“Well, why not?” Kim asked curiously.

“I just don’t want to deal with my family. I mean, you’ve met my sisters and my mother. I don’t want to deal with them. I don’t want to have to deal with my brothers or my father either,” Bonnie answered honestly.

Kim nodded a bit to show that she understood. “But, no one should be alone for Christmas. How about you come to my house?” the redhead offered.

Bonnie was stunned by that. “Are you sure?” she asked. She was not even sure that she heard right.

“Yeah, come on. The more the merrier,” the redhead declared with a warm, welcoming smile.

“Um…okay,” Bonnie accepted in a rather shy voice. She was just so shocked by the proposal and the fact that she was going to get to spend Christmas under the same roof as the woman she secretly loved.

Christmas with the Possibles was wonderful as far as Bonnie was concerned. It was then that she learned that Kim and Ron were no longer together. They had just decided that they were better as friends than as a couple. They were so used to being friends that they just could not work out as a couple because of some of the things that they said to each other and some of the things that they continued to do around each other; they were just things one did when around a friend and not a mate.

Bonnie was invited to stay the whole winter break if she wanted and she took them up on that offer. She went out partying with Kim and Ron, who was home for the winter break too, on New Year’s Eve and got to bring in the New Year with Possible family. It was the best New Year’s that Bonnie had ever had and it was that stay with the Possible family that helped her decide that she had to go for what she wanted because they all believed that they could do anything and she did not see why she could not be the same way.

“Kim, you asleep?” Bonnie asked curiously from her space on the floor in Kim’s room. She was resting on top of two sleeping bags and had a thick blanket covering her body to keep the cold away.

“No,” Kim answered.

Bonnie sat up then, which her host noticed. “Do you mind if I give you a late Christmas gift?”

“A Christmas gift?” the redhead echoed in a puzzled tone. She did not see why the tanned female would want to give her a Christmas present.

“Yeah. I mean, it was nice of you to invite me out and everything and I want to thank you for it. Is that all right?”

“Yeah, I guess.” The hero did not see the harm in such a thing.

Bonnie got up from her bed and approached Kim’s bed. The redhead was a little curious as to what Bonnie might have gotten her for Christmas and then she utterly shocked when she felt Bonnie’s lips gently touching her. The kiss was not long at all, a couple of seconds, and it was not even the shocking moment of the night.

“I love you,” Bonnie confessed.

“Whoa, wait a minute, slow down. Since when?” Kim asked incredulously.

“Since always. I know I’ve been an ass toward you forever, but oh, god, it’s just that I didn’t know what else to do. I wanted your attention and I’d take it in any way it came, but I love you and I know you hate me now, but I just needed to tell you. And you don’t have to say anything back or anything like that, but thanks for all of this,” Bonnie stated firmly and it did feel good to get all of that off of her chest. She was so glad that she told Kim.

“Um…Bonnie…” Kim was tongue-tied for a number of reasons. She never suspected that Bonnie even liked her, let alone loved her. She had always assumed that Bonnie hated her and was very straight. Hell, Bonnie always chased the same guys she did or any ones that showed an interest in her.

“You don’t have to say anything and if you want me to leave…I will,” the tanned teen stated. She sounded so earnest in her speaking and sure of herself that it was disarming and perplexing.

Kim thought about things for a moment. “You don’t have to leave. You were invited for winter break and you can stay for winter break. I just don’t know what to say.”

“Um…well, if you’re going to think on anything, um, I was hoping you’d consider letting me take you on a date,” Bonnie said awkwardly and then she realized how rushed that must see and how she was putting Kim on the spot. “But, you don’t have to decide right now. Take as much time as you need,” Bonnie added.

Kim nodded and then Bonnie went back to her makeshift bed. The redhead did stay up the whole night, thinking, considering Bonnie’s behavior since college began and the fact that Bonnie claimed to love her. It did not seem to make any sense. It seemed contrary to everything life taught her about Bonnie. She considered that it might be a trick of some kind. She bet that Bonnie was waiting for her to accept and then she would have to listen for the rest of her college career about how she was a homosexual from Bonnie. Well, to hell with that.

No, Kim had not accepted the first offer, but she noticed that Bonnie still hung around her. She noticed the look in Bonnie’s eyes, like a longing that came into those turquoise orbs when they rested on her. Maybe Bonnie really did love her, Kim started to think. It was such an odd idea that she could not accept it as a serious possibility until the spring semester was over and Bonnie was still acting the same, looking at her the same. She figured that she might have to live with the humiliation of being tricked by Bonnie to just to find out the truth, so she accepted the date five months after it was offered. She had been so surprised when Bonnie’s eyes lit up with an indescribable joy and that told her what the truth was. Bonnie actually loved her.

(End of the flashback)

The car came to a halt as Shego and Bonnie pulled up to the Possible residence. They looked at each other before getting out of the ca. They did not say anything, but they both realized that they did not have a plan for going to speak with the doctors. They did not even know what they were going to open with, but they knocked on the door nonetheless.

“Who is it?” Mrs. Possible called.

“It’s Bonnie,” came the answer and the door was opened a few seconds to reveal the neurosurgeon. “Hey, Mrs. Possible,” Bonnie greeted the doctor with a smile.

“It’s good to see you, Bonnie,” Mrs. Possible said and then she turned her attention to the woman with Bonnie and looked rather curious, along with slightly confused. “I heard you were dead,” she said, obviously recognizing Shego immediately, and managing to keep her cool about the situation.

“Yeah, it’s hard as hell to make that true,” Shego replied with a nonchalant shrug.

“Bonnie, what are you doing with her?” Mrs. Possible asked in a concerned tone. It was clear that she was thinking the worst already. Perhaps Shego had kidnapped Bonnie and was planning to use her against Kim, the neurosurgeon considered.

“No, no, no,” Bonnie said. “It’s not what you think. Shego’s all right now. She’s not a threat. She’s not a bad guy or anything and we both just want to talk to you and your husband about Kim.”

“Why? Did she do something to Kim?” Mrs. Possible inquired in an accusing tone.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Shego muttered to herself.

“She didn’t do anything to Kim,” Bonnie tried to assure the surgeon. “Can we just come in and talk for a while? Please?’ she requested.

“You’d better not try anything,” Mrs. Possible said to Shego while pointing a threatening finger at the former thief.

“I’ll be on my very best behavior,” the pale woman promised.

“Yeah, that’s not saying much,” Bonnie remarked under her breath.

Shego glanced at Bonnie, but she did not say anything. They entered the house and Mrs. Possible invited them into the living room to talk. She then went to get her husband and they joined the ladies in the living room. Bonnie and Shego then looked at each other, trying to figure out which one of them should open the discussion.

“Okay, I guess the first thing I should try to assure you of is that Kim isn’t cheating on me,” Bonnie stated just to get it out in the open.

“Bonnie,” Mrs. Possible started to say, but the lawyer held her hand up to stop her.

“Just trust me on this one; she’s not cheating on me. I’m not in denial or anything like that. She’s really not cheating on me. She would never do anything like that. I know you had a friend that saw her in the school and everything, but she’s really, really not cheating on me,” the tanned female said firmly.

“Is this what you wanted to talk about?” Mr. Possible inquired curiously.

“Well, yes. I mean, I know you called her and you chewed her out good, thinking that she was, but she isn’t,” Bonnie replied.

“Then how do you explain what happened in the school?” Mrs. Possible asked.

Bonnie glanced at Shego, who shrugged. Was it their place to tell Kim’s parents just what their friend saw? To explain exactly what was going on? They decided that it was not their place. They had both gotten to break the news to their parents and so, Kim should do the same. They were just going to have to push her into a corner to make her do that it would seem.

“You have to ask Kim that,” Shego answered.

“You can come see her now,” Bonnie added in. The sooner the better in her opinion and her pale lover was inclined to agree.

“Yeah, she’s probably still on the couch watching Sesame Street and going rapidly out of her mind,” the former villainess remarked.

“What do you mean by that?” the rocket scientist asked.

“Come to the house and you’ll see,” Shego replied.

“You talk like you live there,” Mrs. Possible commented.

Shego did not respond, but Bonnie did urge the doctors to come to the house. They agreed because they did want to get down to the bottom of things. They wanted to know just what Kim thought that she was doing cheating on Bonnie, as if they had not raised her to be honest, loyal, and true, especially to someone as loving as Bonnie was to her. They were so disappointed in Kim and they had told her as much in that phone call two days ago.

Kim was still sitting on the sofa when she heard the front door open. She had her head down now, resting her face in her hands, as if she was going to cry any second now. She did not move from that position, even when she heard the door. She could not believe the things her parents had said to her over the phone, how low they must have thought she was. They probably would never look at her the same way again. She would be shocked if they even still loved her after all the things that they said to her.

“Baby, you in here?” Bonnie called as she entered with her lover and the doctors Possible.

“Did you at least take a shower?” Shego added, which earned her a light slap on the shoulder. “What?” she asked Bonnie.

“She’s having a bad day.”

“Does that mean she doesn’t have to shower anymore?”

Bonnie practically snarled at her green-skinned girlfriend. Shego rolled her eyes as they hit the living room to find Kim right where they left her, and not bathed much to Shego’s annoyance. She did not even bother to glance at them.

“Kimmie, we brought some people you might want to talk to,” Bonnie informed the redhead.

“Kimmie-cub,” her parents said as they stepped into view.

Kim turned in disbelief, giving everyone a good look at her face. It was obviously that she had not slept in a couple of days. Her eyes had dark circles around them and they were bloodshot. Her face had no color in it at all. “Mom, Dad, what are you doing here?” she asked when she caught sight of her parents.

“They’re here to talk. You should clear up what happened,” Bonnie said.

Kim sighed and she nodded. She supposed that she should make it clear as to what happened. She was the only one in the trio that had not told her parents and she did not want her girlfriends to think that she was ashamed of what they were doing. She did hold the fear that her parents, though open-minded, would not understand. Still, she had to say something.

“You’re right,” Kim agreed with the lawyer.

“Come on,” Bonnie said to Shego while pulling the pale woman away from the living room.

“What? I want to see,” Shego said honestly.

“It’s not for you to see, so come on,” Bonnie repeated and she pulled the older female away from the family. Sometimes, she thought that Shego really did not have any home training at all.

Kim looked at her parents, who looked at her. She wondered where she should begin, but her parents beat her to it. They were curious about something.

“What’s Shego doing hanging out with you and Bonnie?” Mrs. Possible inquired.

“It’s all added in to what’s going on and to what Doctor Wong saw,” Kim answered in a lower voice than usual. She was exhausted and that was clear from the sound of her voice, but she was going to make it through the explanation, she silently promised herself.

“What’s she doing alive in the first place? Didn’t you say she died?” Mr. Possible asked. Had their daughter lied to them? He could not believe some of the things that Kim was pulling now if she had lied.

“I did, but she didn’t. It turns out that she prefers people thinking that she’s dead. She came close to dying, though and it made her think about a lot of things in her life. She’s still rough around the edges, but she’s doing good for herself. She’s the other teacher at the school,” Kim replied with a bit a smile. She smiled because as she thought about Shego teaching, she thought about how much Shego seemed to enjoy it and she thought that the emerald-eyed woman might have found her calling in life.

“She’s the teacher you work with?” the doctors inquired incredulously.

“Not just work with, but she’s the woman that Doctor Wong saw me with,” Kim added in since it seemed like as good as any place to tell them that.

“What the? You’re cheating on Bonnie with that woman?” her mother demanded to know while motioning sharply to the living room entrance since that was where Shego had exited from.

“I’m not cheating on Bonnie,” Kim argued.

“You just admitted that you were kissing Shego,” her father pointed out. “We raised you better than this,” he stated firmly and was about to go into the same tirade that he and his wife used to tear Kim down the last time they all spoke.

“Yeah, you have. I wasn’t cheating,” the daughter stated.

“You were. This is horrible, Kimmie. All of the good things that Bonnie’s done for you and you two seemed so in love and you do this. You could’ve ruined your relationship and just think about how badly Bonnie would feel,” Mrs. Possible practically barked.

“I know that!” Kim huffed. They were not letting her talk in her opinion.

“Then why were you with Shego?” her parents inquired, nearly yelling themselves.

“Because she’s my girlfriend!” Kim declared.

The doctors were utterly shocked by that and their expressions showed it clearly. Shego was Kim’s girlfriend? But, what about Bonnie? They could have sworn that their daughter was in a relationship with Bonnie and had been for years. What the hell was going on?

“Kimmie, you’re not making any sense,” the neurosurgeon stated.

“I’m making perfect sense if you just listen to me. Shego’s my girlfriend and I wasn’t cheating on Bonnie because she’s Bonnie’s girlfriend too. We’re all in a relationship, all three of us,” Kim informed her parents, which seemed to totally confuse them now.

“How are all of you in a relationship?” Mr. Possible managed to ask.

“We’re all girlfriends. We all love each other,” the hero replied.

“How are all of you in love?” Mrs. Possible inquired.

“Just like two people can be in love, the three of us are in love. We’re all in relationship together and it’s going rather well. I mean, we’re been together a while now and, yeah, we’ve had a couple of spats here and there, but we’re all happy and that’s how I’m not cheating on Bonnie,” Kim explained in a huff.

Her parents did not know what to say. They were not totally sure that they understood. They always thought that they were fairly open-minded. They could accept that Kim was a lesbian, just like they could accept her being a hero when she was hardly in ninth grade. She had to choose her own destiny. But, they had not thought that her destiny had anything to do with homosexual polygamy.

“Kimmie…” they both started to say and they stopped at the same time. They looked at each other as if they both knew that the next words that they spoke might lose them their daughter forever. They had to be careful of what they said. It was not like they hated Kim or anything for her lifestyle, but they truly were not sure how to handle it.

“This is a lot to process,” Mr. Possible decided to say.

Kim nodded because she did not know what else to do and it was a lot to process. Her parents then turned to leave the house. They walked out without so much another word and Kim watched them pull off in the car.

“They’re not coming back,” Kim commented as her girlfriends stood behind her and she closed the door. She looked ready to burst into tears. She could hardly believe her parents had just walked out on her.

“Not anytime soon anyway,” Shego replied and that earned her another slap; in the face that time. “Ah! Damn it, demon child, you want me to kick your ass, is that?” she huffed; Bonnie was the one that hit her.

“Do you have no fucking compassion at all?” Bonnie demanded to know.

“What the hell are you talking about? I meant that they would come back sometime in the future. They’re not just going to leave her hanging. I mean, shit, if my mother can handle this, then they’ll be able to handle it too, but you just have to give them some time,” Shego explained herself, which shocked both of her girls. She then went in for a hug to help Kim feel better and Bonnie followed her lead.

“Don’t worry, baby. Shego’s right. They’ll come back and until then, you’ll have us,” Bonnie said.

“Yeah, we’ll always be here for you, Princess,” Shego stated.

Kim nodded and then she did something that she probably would only do in front of them, she cried. And they held her, tightly and securely. They would be there for and they would assure her that her parents would come back because they believed that the Possibles would come back.

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