In the Middle

Chapter 2



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TITLE: Sandwiched

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney does.

SUMMARY: Shego wants Kim. Bonnie wants Kim. Kim wants them both. Who's going to have her way? Probably Kim because she can do anything.

TYPE: Kim, Shego, Other, Slash, Threesome

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: I do have sway over Isabel though. For those of you who don’t know who Isabel is, you shall see. For those of you that do, riddle me this, am I using her too much?
Also, since this is so long, there are probably some typos. If you see a typo that so offends you, let me know.

Words: 15405

Bonnie was just done with vacuuming the living room. She was going to leave it for Kim to handle, but the redhead had run out to do some volunteer work with kids in the park and Bonnie would rather have a clean living room now than to wait around. She was about to crash on the sofa now that she was done, but a knock at the door stopped that. She knew who it was and went to let the annoyance in.

“Why the hell don’t you have keys?” Bonnie inquired as she opened the door for Shego.

“Because you don’t want to me have any, doy,” the pale woman pointed out as she shut the door behind her.

“You know, Kim’s going to be gone all day,” Bonnie commented.


Bonnie only rolled her aqua eyes to that, even though she knew that Shego would stick around no matter what once she arrived. The green-skinned woman did make a beeline right to the living room. Bonnie frowned because she did not want Shego to ruin the room that she had just cleaned, but Shego really was not a dirty creature. Bonnie just tended to get upset with Shego no matter what and typically thought the worst of the pale woman.

“Don’t do anything in there,” the tanned female called to Shego.

“Like what? Watch TV? Oh, no, I’m watching your TV,” the older female replied in a mocking tone.

Bonnie made a face and was about to rip into Shego, but she heard her cell phone going off. She rushed to the living room, where her phone was sitting. She was expecting an important call. She moved in front of Shego as she went to get the phone and the moss-hued former villainess noted the shorts that Bonnie was wearing. The shorts barely covered her curvy ass.

The tanned female answered the phone without noticing emerald eyes that were watching her. Bonnie listened carefully to the person on the other end of the line. She nodded and muttered an occasional “uh-huh.” Then suddenly, her demeanor changed.

“Whoa, time out. Don’t take that deal,” Bonnie ordered whoever it was that she was speaking to. “No, listen to me, you do not take that deal. I swear, you’d better not make that fucking deal… No, I will kick your fucking ass… Don’t make me leave this house or you’re going to regret it.”

Shego watched as Bonnie tore into whoever it was she was on the phone with. The pale woman was unaware that a small smile had crept onto her face while she watched how heated Bonnie became with whoever it was that was on the phone. She then pitied whoever the poor devil was because of Bonnie’s next words.

“Hold on, I’ll be there in a moment. If you make that deal before I get there, I swear to God, you’d wish you got eaten by rabid dogs instead of what I’m going to do,” Bonnie declared as she started out of the living room and disconnected the call. “Shego, don’t burn the place down while I’m gone,” she called.

“I’ll try my best, Mother,” the raven-haired woman replied as she heard Bonnie charge upstairs, undoubtedly looking to change into some ass-kicking gear.

Shego stretched out on the sofa and a few minutes later, she heard Bonnie charging back down the stairs and out of the door. Shego just made herself comfortable and enjoyed the silence while watching some movies. She hoped that her Princess came in soon, hopefully before Bonnie, so they could get some fooling around time in.

When Shego heard the front door open, she got up to see who it was, but that mystery was cleared up before she hit the hallway. Bonnie called out for Kimmie, but was met by Shego. The pale woman was standing in the living room entrance and watching Bonnie pull at a tie that she was wearing. She was dressed in a dark blue business suit and seemed to be trying to get out of it as soon as possible.

“You’re still here?” Bonnie sighed.

“You should be nice. After all, I have Chinese food,” Shego commented and that caught the other woman’s attention.

“Shrimp?” Bonnie asked with hope in her voice.

Chinese food was her weakness and it would seem that Shego knew that. It was not hard to miss considering the fact that Kim often brought Chinese food home and Bonnie would always throw herself on the redhead as if Kim had brought her diamonds. The funny thing was that Kim did not even eat Chinese food and would just sit there and watch while Bonnie dug in. The redhead usually seemed very content when watching Bonnie eat.

“You think I’m sharing with you?” Shego teased.

“If you have shrimp, you’re sharing or I’m tearing you apart for it,” Bonnie commented in a rather serious tone.

Shego only laughed. She went back to the living room while the tanned woman went upstairs to get comfortable. She picked up her food and then began eating while Bonnie entered the living room. She sat down on the far end of the sofa.

The aqua-eyed female looked at Shego noticed that she was eating, so she peered over to the lamp stand next to Shego and saw that there were two more containers. She stood up and went to the boxes. She looked in one and found that it had shrimp and rice. She took that and went back to her seat. She started eating.

“You know, Kim isn’t going to eat that if she comes in,” Bonnie commented without bothering to look at Shego.

“She will,” the pale woman answered.

“What makes you think that?”

“Because my Princess does what I tell her to do and she’s going to eat it when I tell her to,” Shego answered.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “She isn’t going to eat it.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just eat your food.”

Bonnie frowned, but she did dig in. She was so thankful for the shrimp because of the day that she had. Damn attorney that she was working with almost screwed up their whole case, trying to take a deal. Like hell they were going to deal when their client was innocent, she silently huffed, especially with the flimsy evidence the prosecutors were holding. Fuck a deal. She did not operate like that and she damn sure was not going to let someone else make such a decision while she was on the team.

“What’s with you and cheesy b-movies?” Bonnie asked as she noticed that Shego was watching a corny horror flick as she typically did.

“I dunno,” the green-skinned woman answered. “I guess since I used to watch them all the time with my little brothers, I just watch them now because it’s a habit,” she considered.

“You have brothers?” Bonnie asked curiously.

“Yeah, four annoying ass brothers.”

“So, you don’t like them?” the younger woman guessed.

Shego shrugged. “They’re brothers, you know. Whaddaya gonna do?” she commented with a light laugh.

“But, you said you watched movies with them.”

“Yeah, I used to love to look of terror on their faces when the monster or killer showed up. They’re such geeks,” Shego replied.

Bonnie laughed a little bit. It never occurred to her that Shego might have a family. She wondered what Shego’s family thought of her or what they would think of the green-skinned female if they knew what she was doing now.

“Are you close to your family?” Bonnie asked.

“Nope,” Shego answered. “Are you cross-examining me, counselor?” the pale woman joked.

“No,” Bonnie replied bluntly and then decided to stop talking to Shego altogether because she did not want it to seem like they were getting along.

They sat there, quietly eating and watching the movie. They heard the door open and close not too long after they settled in. They glanced at each other and then surprised each other, they did not jump up or run to the door. They remained seated and Kim wandered into the living room. She flopped down into the middle of them.

“So, how’s the day finding you two?” Kim asked with a smile.

She did not get an answer from either of her girlfriends. Bonnie leaned over and gave Kim a small kiss, leaving the taste of shrimp on the redhead’s lips. Before she could get the full effect of the shrimp, Shego came in for her own kiss. By the time Shego was done, Kim was tasting fried chicken.

“You two are tasting really good today,” the redhead remarked and she licked her lips. She was pretty hungry and they were not helping her stomach.

“Don’t be a wise-ass,” Shego said.

“Baby, did you eat anything today?” Bonnie inquired.

“Nope. I was hoping to come home to something to eat, but from the suspicious way you two taste, I think my hope was misplaced,” Kim replied in a lighthearted tone.

“Not too misplaced,” Shego replied and she handed the olive-eyed hero the remaining box.

Kim grinned as she opened the box. Bonnie expected to see more Chinese food, but that was not the case. Kim’s container held chicken fingers and fries. Bonnie glanced over at Shego, who only smirked in response as if telling the tanned female that she was not the only person that knew what Kim liked. Bonnie rolled her eyes.

The trio eventually lounged on the sofa in their usual fashion. Kim was curled up on Shego and Bonnie was curled on Kim. They were watching some war movie with more violence than Bonnie could stand and she was mostly turned away from the television, hiding in Kim’s shoulder. The redhead held Bonnie while trying to convince Shego to turn the channel, not just for Bonnie, but for her too.

“I’m not turning. I wanted to see this movie since it came out,” the pale woman replied.

“Come on, this is extra excessive in gore,” Kim argued.

“Which makes it good. If I wanted to see realism, I’d go to an underground fight. And what’s with the demon child?” Shego inquired when she noticed how Bonnie was hiding on Kim. “Demon child” was her nickname for Bonnie.

“She doesn’t like all the blood and guts and the crazy crap going on in this movie, obviously,” the redhead answered. She was not too in favor of it either and she did not see why they were still watching it.

“I figured she’d be desensitized to this shit,” Shego said.

“No one could be desensitized this. Turn,” Kim stated.

“No, I want to see it. She can stay hiding while I watch this. Geez, I figure she would see shit like this when she gets photos of what her clients did in their crimes,” the former thief commented.

“She would see worse than this? I’ve seen train wrecks not as bad as this,” the slender hero argued.

Shego chuckled a bit, but she did not change the channel. Kim continued to embrace Bonnie as if to protect her from the imaginary villain in the movie. Shego draped her arms over Kim and occasionally caressed Bonnie, which they all pretended not to notice.

Bonnie did quietly note that Shego’s touch was almost as comforting as Kim’s touch, but not quite there. There was something different about the two martial artists’ caresses, but she could not put her finger on it. They both did feel so good, though.

(New day)

Bonnie came in from grocery shopping and walked into the kitchen. She knew that Kim was out doing a mission, so she did not bother to call out for her lover. She put the bags down on the counter and happened to glance out of the window. She caught sight of Shego.

Shego had not been there when she left, so she guessed that the pale woman either let herself in or just climbed into the backyard over the fence. Either way, she was not bothered by it. She was accustomed to Shego breaking into the house by now. She supposed that she would soon have to concede to Shego getting a key to avoid the neighbors spotting the green-skinned woman entering the house in some illegal manner.

She watched Shego move through her katas, much like she would watch Kim do the same. Shego was more deliberant in her movements than Kim typically was. She looked like the definition of power as she went through the motions. And much like when she watched Kim, Bonnie thought that the woman moving was sexy.

Bonnie then realized what she was thinking and she shook that away. Shego was a pest and pests were not sexy. Shego was annoying, obnoxious, and a leech. And those were her good qualities!

Bonnie huffed and began unpacking the groceries. As much as she hated to think about it, she had thought on several occasions that Shego was sexy. She wondered why her mind even went there. She hated Shego…right?

Of course, she hated Shego, Bonnie told herself. She thoroughly detested the woman whom she had to share her beloved with. A woman that brought her nothing but grief as she lounged on their sofa, ate their food, and shared their bed. A woman whose occasional touch felt almost as good as her beloved’s own sweet caresses. No, Bonnie shook that last thought away.

The tanned female busied herself by putting away the groceries. She occasionally glanced out of the window and took in the sight of Shego, but she tried her best to focus on getting things put away. While she tended to that, Shego finished up with her exercises. She came into the house and went straight for the stairs. Bonnie guessed that she was going to take a shower.

Shego sort of lived at the house, as far as Bonnie was concerned. It was not official and, no, Shego did not have a key, but she was there enough. She did have clothes in drawers in the bedroom, clothes hanging in the closet, and she did share the bed with Bonnie and Kim most of the time. Bonnie actually had no clue where Shego went to when she left the house and did not see why the pale woman did leave the house.

Bonnie thought that it was a little risky for Shego to leave the house. She was supposed to dead to the world, but with her walking around, surely someone was bound to notice who she was and see that she was very much alive. It could mean trouble and it could cost Shego the freedom that she seemed to enjoy.

Kim would be devastated if something happened to Shego, Bonnie thought. She remembered how badly Kim was hurt after seeing Shego during their “practices” once a week where it was like a tease because Kim could look, but she did not touch. It seemed like an eternity ago, but Bonnie still remembered the agony that she could see in her lover’s eyes after being with Shego, but not being able to be with Shego. She could not imagine how Kim would be if she was not able to even look at Shego.

Actually, Bonnie was not sure what she would do if she would not be able to look at Shego. She had gotten used to having the cover-hogging pest around; yeah, Shego hogged the covers, which Bonnie could not understand since they all knew that Shego had a higher body temperature than both she and Kim did. It would be weird to not come home and see Kim and Shego beating each other senseless in the backyard, or not being able to cuddle up on the sofa with both her and Kim, or not having to cook for three. What they had now actually seemed normal and she could not imagine it changing.

Bonnie could not believe that the three of them living together seemed normal. The fact that she was sharing the love of her life with another woman really seemed like the way things should be. How odd was that? Maybe there was something wrong with her, she considered.

She finished putting everything away and she went to watch some television while it was unoccupied. She was going to wait for Kim to call, so she would know when to start dinner. She had never been big into eating alone, so she never made dinner until she knew when Kim was going to be home. Sure, now Shego was around, but she doubted that they would be able to eat a civil dinner without Kim around and she would not want Kim to be left out anyway.

Shego came into the living room and practically spread out on the sofa, even though Bonnie was there. She had the nerve, as the tanned female looked at it anyway, to put her feet in Bonnie’s lap. Bonnie pushed the limbs off of her and Shego did not look too offended. She settled into her spot and rested her hand on her abdomen.

Shego pushed her black tank-top up and began rubbing her stomach for whatever reason. Bonnie noticed and found herself watching Shego just pointlessly rubbing her belly. For a few seconds, Shego did not notice that she was being eyed, but when she did notice, she smirked.

“Like what you see, demon child?” the pale woman inquired.

Bonnie scoffed. “No. Honestly, I don’t know what Kim sees in you. I’m way better looking.”

Shego laughed a little. “Oh, really? Then why do you watch me just as much as Kimmie when I get my turn with her?” the green-skinned woman inquired.

“To make sure you don’t hurt her,” Bonnie replied.

Shego laughed again and she sat up. “Is that so? Princess probably wouldn’t mind a little pain with her pleasure. But, that’s not why you watch me, is it, demon child? You watch me because you do like what you see,” she stated soundly.

“As if.”

The former thief smirked like the Devil himself as far as Bonnie was concerned. The older woman then moved, leaning toward Bonnie, which caused the tanned female to gulp. Shego stopped when she was less than an inch from Bonnie’s face.

“You watch me because you want me too,” Shego commented. She was having fun watching Bonnie sweat because of how close they were at the moment. They had never been so close without Kim being between them and one of them trying to kill the other.

“You wish,” Bonnie replied with steel in her voice, which belied the fact that she was nervous. What if Shego did what it looked like she was going to do? What would she do?

“Admit it, demon child. You watch me because you like what you see. Don’t you want to touch me like Kimmie does? Because we all know I’m damn sexy,” the raven-haired female stated.

“You’re too full of yourself.”

“Oh, so you don’t like me? Tell that lie again.”

Shego leaned in a little close and whispered her words again. Bonnie felt like the temperature in the room had risen beyond tropical levels. She just chalked it up to Shego being so close with her irregular body temperature. She had no explanation to why her heart was pounding her in her chest with such a heavy tattoo, though.

The ex-villainess smirked. She had Bonnie so tense and she was thoroughly enjoying it. She decided to take things a bit further and little did she know that it would be too far.

Shego leaned in and kissed Bonnie. The tanned woman’s turquoise eyes opened as wide as they could; she looked like a deer in headlights. She was shocked beyond belief, but she did not push Shego away. In fact, she returned the kiss.

The pale woman realized too late that what she had done was no joke, especially when Bonnie started kissing her back. She did not stop there, either. She just went in for more, lapping at Bonnie’s luscious lips for entry to her mouth, which was granted. Shego tried to take control of the kiss, but Bonnie would not let her. They fought with each other over control of the searing embrace.

When they pulled away, their chests were heaving as they sucked in some much needed air. Bonnie then bit her lip as she looked at Shego, who was licking her lips. Had they really just done that? Yes. Had it really just felt that good? Yes. Did it have a spark like it did when they kissed Kim? Oddly, enough, yes.

They stared at each other, both silently contemplating what they had just done. And the first thing that they both actually wondered was: did that kiss count as cheating? Yes, they were sharing a girlfriend, who was allowed to kiss both of them…well, who was allowed to be kissed by both of them since Kim was now unofficially banned from starting anything remotely romantic. But, it was never agreed upon that they could do anything together.

The next thing that was on their minds and was equally confusing was the fact that the kiss had felt good and somewhat fulfilling. It went beyond the lust that they had both been hiding deep within themselves and trying their best not to acknowledge. Yes, they had noticed that they liked looking at each other, but since they believed that they hated each other with a passion, they would rather ignore the thoughts that tried creeping through their minds that the other was attractive. It was frightening to consider that there was more than just the physical attraction when they did not even want to acknowledge that that existed.

What were they supposed to do now if all of that lovely hatred was actually something else? Detesting each other made sense to them. They saw each other as rivals, rivals for Kim, even though it did not seem like either one of them was coming out ahead. It would not make any sense for them to have feelings for each other, though. They only knew how to hate each other.

“Okay, let’s make this clear,” Shego said.

“What?” Bonnie asked.

“That didn’t happen and it didn’t mean anything,” she replied.

Bonnie nodded in total agreement. That kiss never happened and everything it told them was not reality. They hated each other. That was the way things were supposed to be. Yeah, that was definitely the way things were supposed to be, they silently decided. And then, they were back at each other.

The pair collided with more force than they intended, but neither party was injured in the meeting. The new kiss was more heated than the first and they were hardly shy as they began groping each other. A green hand made its way to Bonnie’s rump while a tanned hand made its way to Shego’s breast. Tongues continued to duel for control.

Shego knew that if she was Kim, Bonnie would have surrendered almost as soon as things got started. Yet, with her, Bonnie was not trying to budge an inch. It was not something she was used to because Kim folded for her eventually when in Bonnie’s current position. It did tell her, though that Bonnie was not mistaking her for or pretending that she was Kim. Bonnie knew exactly who she was with and who she was doing things with and since she knew that it made sure that Shego knew too.

For something that had not felt like lust before, it certainly felt that way now, which they supposed was better than whatever the hell they were feeling before. It was more comfortable to feel lust because they could rationalize that. They were two attractive women that were attracted to women, so it was logical for them to be attracted to each other. It was far from logical for that other thing that they had felt earlier.

Shego started undoing the buttons on Bonnie’s shirt; she was still dressed in her street clothes. She started caressing the tanned torso that was revealed to her when she got all the buttons unhooked. Bonnie moaned as those skilled, greedy fingers traveled her body with almost tangible hunger. It would seem that Shego had wanted her for longer than she let on.

The pale woman practically ripped the shirt from Bonnie’s shoulders. Once the irksome cloth was gone, Shego moved from Bonnie’s mouth to her neck. The aqua-eyed woman moaned again, much louder than before. She held Shego’s mouth to her skin, which the former thief did not seem to mind at all.

Shego remained where she was being held while her hand snaked up and began working on fleshy regions up north. Her other hand began seek out the snap to Bonnie’s bra and as soon as that was undone, Bonnie seemed to be reluctant with what was happening. It was like a switch went off in her head and she pulled way from Shego. The moss-hued woman looked completely shocked.

“What the hell are you doing?” Shego demanded to know. God, she was all worked up now and then the damn demon child had the nerve to halt everything.

“Is this right?” Bonnie wondered out loud as she reached for her shirt.


“Is this right?” the younger woman repeated. Usually right and wrong did not mean much to her. Like Shego, she was typically into what she wanted and what she did not want. It was just that her question did tie into what she wanted and what she did not want.

“What do you mean ‘is this right’? What’s wrong with it?” Shego inquired.

“Kim doesn’t know,” Bonnie answered while slipping back into her bra and shirt. She fastened both items back into place.

“Okay, so Kim doesn’t know.”

“Right, so is this right? Can we actually do this without letting her know? That’s not fair to her. She’s always honest with us, even when we don’t want to hear it. I mean, I didn’t want to know that she loved you, but she was honest and told me because that was the right thing to do. I’m sure it was the same with you. I mean, look, usually, I wouldn’t give two damns about doing something wrong if it was going to be good for me, but this might not be good for either of us.”

Shego nodded, silently concurring. If they did something like that without telling Kim, it would not be right. Kim would never do something like that to one of them. Hell, even now, Kim tried to keep things balanced between them and tried not to show favor to either of them to keep everything in order. Kim was still careful with what she did with one of them to make sure that the other did not feel insulted or neglected. If they did something like what they were going to do without telling Kim, the redhead might be the one left feeling neglected because it would seem like they were trying to hide something from her when she was always open with them.

“You think we could lose Kim over something like this?” Shego asked.

“If we don’t go about this the right way, I would think it’s possible,” Bonnie replied.

“It would be stupid, though. She is with both of us,” the pale woman pointed out.

“Yes, she is with both of us. But, we’re only with her. If we do this without telling her, it’s like going behind her back. This would be cheating,” the tanned woman concluded.

Shego laughed a bit. “Hard to believe you could cheat on a woman with two girlfriends already, isn’t it?” she asked with an amused smile.

“It is a bit weird and silly when you put it that way. Still, it would be best for us to talk about this with Kim. Speaking of Kim, what time is it?” Bonnie asked as she glanced around for a clock.

“Late,” the pale woman replied.

“I was waiting for her to call to see when I should start dinner…”

“Don’t get worried. She can do anything, after all. She’s probably fine, having fun busting up someone’s doomsday device or something like that,” Shego said because she knew that panicked look that hid in those hard turquoise eyes of Bonnie. She did not need Bonnie panicking because that led to her drinking.

Personally, Shego believed that Bonnie drank too much when she got worried, which also led to Shego drinking more than she liked to because she sat there with Bonnie. Now, Shego was not without her vice, but she also respected her body and did not like to damage it too much for the sake of pleasure or peace of mind. She did not like to see anyone destroy their body, especially Bonnie.

“But…it’s been so long…” Bonnie whispered as she stared at the clock. She silently prayed that her baby was all right and not lying dead at the foot of some mountain somewhere or decaying in a body of water or injured from some madman’s weapon.

“Give her time,” Shego replied while wrapping her arms around Bonnie and being surprisingly comforting. It was not the first time that she had done such a thing, but it was the first time that the action was not accompanied by teasing words.

Bonnie just accepted the embrace. She wished that she could be as strong as Shego. She knew that Kim was an amazing person, but she still got so concerned when the redhead was out too late. She wished that she could just have faith like Shego.

The pale woman was not as strong as she was pretending to be. For some reason though, she felt the urge to keep up the front for Bonnie’s sake. She told herself that it would at least keep the tanned woman away from the liquor cabinet and it would make Kim happy that one of her lover’s did not drink herself into an early grave.

They settled down on the sofa and Shego continued to hold Bonnie. They tried not to think about how nice it felt or how worried they were about Kim. When did they grow so close, they wondered. All they did was yell at each other when they were interacting. The only change to that was that sometimes Shego would tease Bonnie. Relationships were not supposed to grow that way…right?

Well, no, they both conceded. They had both gotten close to Kim through antagonistic behavior. It was not the same for both of them because Shego had been genuine with her dislike at first while Bonnie had been more jealous or maybe even envious of Kim. Whatever it was in the beginning, it had changed to what it was now. Could that happened between them? Could it have already happened and they just did not realize it? Why would it happen, though?

They tried to assure themselves that they only saw each other as annoyances, but it was hard to do when they clutching each other like buoys in the middle of the sea. It felt good to hold onto and be held by the other. They silently admitted that they could not picture life without the other. It was strange, whatever it was.

The feelings that they were slowly acknowledging were different from what they felt for Kim. So, did that mean that it was not love? That was hopeful. They would rather not love each other. It was fun to dislike each other and to disagree and to get a charge out of each other. But, it was also nice to be as they were at the moment. Could they like and dislike each other at the same time then? They were not sure.

“Shego,” Bonnie said in a low voice.

“Yeah?” the pale woman asked.

“How do you think Kim knows she loves both of us?” the tanned woman inquired.

“I asked her once,” Shego replied. She had asked Kim about it when the redhead told her the first time that she loved both of them. Shego wanted to understand how that was possible, even though she had still been mad as hell after the slender hero explained things.

“What did she say?”

“Well, she said she knows because she would do anything for both of us, whether it was jump in front of a bullet, swim the English Channel, or just offer up a pleasant kiss after a hard day. She said we both gave her an odd, but warm feeling just by being around. She said being in our arms let her know that she was safe and cared for and that she could trust us with anything. And if she never got to see one of us again, she would never be the same,” Shego explained.

Bonnie nodded to that information and she thought on it. She could relate those answers to what she felt with Kim. Was it the same with Shego, though? She would never think to offer Shego a pleasant kiss like she would for Kim, but she was getting a weird, warm feeling from the pale woman right now and it had nothing to do with that irregular body temperature. She also felt safe in Shego’s arms, cared for, and even like she could trust the green-skinned woman, which would explain why she was showing her more vulnerable side, which used to be only shown to one Kim Possible. She doubted that her life would ever be the same without Shego, but she chalked that up to the fact that her baby would be miserable.

Shego was now pondering the information too. Like Bonnie, she could relate the answers to what went on in her mind when it came to Kim. If things were dire, she could see herself taking a bullet for Bonnie or something like that, but she would not do the little things for Bonnie, but that was only because she liked annoying Bonnie. She did have that strange feeling going on right now since she was holding the tanned female. Shego tried her best to pretend that no person on the planet ever made her feel safe, cared for, or that she could trust them. But, honestly, she did not feel safe with Bonnie and she did not expect to feel that.

For some reason, Shego felt like she had to protect Bonnie. A protector was not supposed to feel safe around the person she was looking to guard. She supposed that she felt that way because Bonnie was not a warrior like she and Kim were. There was also the fact that she had seen the way Kim cuddled Bonnie and it just seemed like Bonnie was a jewel to be watched over.

Did she trust Bonnie? Hell, yeah she did. After all, she came over to the house everyday and Bonnie did not call the police on her. Bonnie was one of the very few people that still knew that she was alive. So, yes, she trusted the tanned female.

She did not even want to think about what life would be like if she never saw Bonnie again. Who would she go back and forth with in pointless arguments? Not to mention how Kim would be if something of a killjoy if Bonnie was no longer around.

So, did that mean that they loved each other or were working their way to loving each other? They told themselves that it was impossible. It seemed that Kim had thrown out a rather broad answer that could apply to someone that they were just used to having in their lives. Yeah, that was it.

Before they had another chance to convince themselves that they were not falling for each other, they heard the door open. They knew that it was Kim, so they pulled away from each other and stood up. They walked to the living room entrance and caught sight of Kim’s silhouette in the dark hall.

Kim quietly closed the door behind her because she thought that her lovers were sleeping. She placed her keys down on a near by table and started to limp toward the kitchen, hoping to get something for her empty belly. She did not notice two pair of jeweled eyes on her as she struggled toward the kitchen.

“She’s hurt,” Shego said because she knew that wounded stride all too well.

“Baby,” Bonnie called out.

“Huh?” Kim said and she turned her attention to the living room. She forced a grin out for her beloveds. “I thought you two would be asleep,” she said in a low tone.

Shego did not like the sound of Kim’s voice. She marched over to Kim and gathered the redhead in her arms. Kim yelped because of the surprise, but that was short-lived as she hissed in pain because of the way that she was now being folded. Shego rapidly took Kim into the living room into some better light for her to get a good look at the redheaded hero and see why she was trying so hard to pretend that she was all right.

The green-skinned woman placed Kim down on the sofa and Bonnie gasped when she got a look at their girlfriend. Kim’s entire face was bruised and dirty. Her clothing was torn and strained with blood. She was even missing a shoe. She looked like she had jumped out of a plane and forgot to pack her parachute.

“What the hell?” both Bonnie and Shego said for lack of a better thing to open with.

“It’s not as bad as it looks,” Kim replied.

“The fuck it is,” Shego commented.

“Are you hurt, baby?” Bonnie inquired in a bit of a panic. What if Kim was bleeding internally? What if she broke something was and ignoring it? There were so many “what ifs.”

“I’m fine,” Kim lied and held in a wince. She did make a pained face, though and that was enough for her lovers.

“Hospital?” Shego asked Bonnie.

“Hospital,” Bonnie agreed.

“No! I’m fine, really!” Kim insisted.

“She hates hospitals,” Bonnie informed Shego, who looked puzzled by the redhead’s behavior.

“Really? Never would’ve guessed that one,” the pale woman admitted.

“Look, I’m fine, really. I mean, I throw an ace bandage on and I’ll be fine,” Kim swore.

“Baby, you’re going to the hospital. I don’t think you’ve seen yourself,” Bonnie pointed out.

“I haven’t, but I know I’m all right,” Kim persisted.

“You grab her and I’ll start the car,” Bonnie told Shego.

The pale woman nodded in agreement with that. Bonnie went to grab her keys while Shego went to grab Kim. As they thought about it, it probably would have been better for Bonnie to get Kim and for Shego to start the car because Bonnie would have tried to reason with Kim while Shego was going to simply threaten her.

“Princess, let’s just go to the hospital,” Shego said civilly, even though she was already planning moves in her head once Kim objected.

“I don’t need to,” Kim replied.

“Don’t make me make you,” Shego said.

“You’ll make me go to the hospital?” Kim scoffed. Shego had no idea how much she hated the hospital it would seem.

The pale woman frowned. She had to be careful because the redhead was obviously hurt, but she was not going to let Kim get away with just being injured because she had a dislike of hospitals. She rushed Kim to grab her, but the slender hero dodged. The only thing was that Kim moved on an already sore ankle. She fell to the floor and hissed in pain.

“That was easy,” Shego muttered as she bent down to lift Kim into her arms.

“No,” Kim grumbled and she tried to push out of her pale lover’s arms, but she only hurt her own limbs.

Shego shook her head and carried Kim out to the car. She was about to put Kim in the back and sit in the front with Bonnie, but something told her that was a bad idea. She decided to stay in the back with the redhead just in case Kim’s dislike of hospitals went to the point that she might do something stupid, like jump out of the car at a light. Bonnie peeled off as soon as they were in the car and hit the neighbor’s trashcans on the way out of the driveway.

“Bonnie, baby, you don’t have to drive so fast. I’m fine,” Kim insisted. She wished that Shego had rode shotgun because she certainly would have hopped out of the car at the first red light.

“I’ve heard that before and then when I took you to the hospital they found out you cracked all six of your left ribs,” Bonnie replied.

“That was once,” the redhead argued.

“Do I need to go down the list of hyper extensions you’ve had?”

“Baby,” Kim pled.

“You’re going to the hospital, end of argument,” Bonnie declared.

Kim huffed, but she did not open her mouth. She knew better than to do that. Instead, she made sure that Bonnie and Shego knew that she resented what they were doing with the expression on her face. It did not get her any sympathy from the pair and they arrived at the emergency room anyway. The thing was Kim now was not getting out of the backseat.

“Princess, stop acting like a fucking baby,” Shego growled as she tried to yank Kim out of the car without hurting her.

“Shego, let me handle this one,” Bonnie said.

Shego huffed and backed away. Bonnie crawled into the backseat and whispered something into the redhead’s ear that Shego was not able to hear. Kim’s face showed interest and then her shoulder’s dropped. It would seem that Kim Possible was defeated and Bonnie exited the car, the victor.

“What did you say to her?” the green-skinned woman asked curiously.

“Maybe you’ll find out one day, but you have to remember that I had to get her to come to the hospital long before you showed up,” Bonnie replied with a smirk.

Shego arched an eyebrow to that as Kim slowly crept out of the backseat and began limping toward the emergency room entrance. Shego walked behind Kim to make sure she did not try to run at the last minute while Bonnie walked at Kim’s side.

As it turned out, they were right to take Kim to the hospital. She was admitted, examined, and then placed in a bed after being worked on. Her major injury was the fact that she dislocated her shoulder and had not set it, but a doctor took care of that. She frowned while her lovers looked at her with those “I toldja so” faces. Screw them, she huffed in her mind.

“Don’t look like that, baby,” Bonnie said while caressing Kim’s forehead.

“You’re going to leave me here too,” Kim grumbled.

“Baby, that was just that once,” Bonnie said.

“You said you weren’t going to leave,” the redhead pouted. She would never leave Bonnie some place that she hated and they both knew that because on those “family days” that Bonnie had, Kim suffered right with her through them, even if she got called for a mission.

“I’m not going to leave,” the tanned woman promised.

“So, you think you pulled enough muscles this time around?” Shego asked Kim sarcastically.

“I’m actually fine. They’re not hurting…too much,” the redhead replied.

“You’re hurt, end of argument. Baby…I know this is a lot to ask….but, do you think you could stop taking these missions now?” Bonnie requested.

The aqua-eyed female knew that she was asking a lot of Kim, but Kim did owe her rather big now. She was asking her lover to give up part of her identity, though. Kim Possible was the big hero that saved the day to most of the world. Hell, even to Shego, as far as Bonnie could tell. But, Kim was more than that to her and she did not want to lose the redhead to a mission.

Kim stared at Bonnie. She was wondering when that request was going to come. She had always wondered how she would respond to it. Shego was now curious too. It was hard to imagine Kim giving up her missions for any reason, even if she got hurt on occasion.

“Bonnie, you know I don’t mean to worry you like I do. I know this is all troublesome for you and everything,” Kim started.

Bonnie and Shego were already waiting to hear Kim explain why she could not give up her missions. They expected her to come up with all sorts of excuses about helping people and all of that other selfless crap that would never cross their minds. Whatever she said, it was undoubtedly going to crush Bonnie, they figured.

“I guess, I’ll have to give it up then,” Kim commented with a shrug.

“What?” Bonnie and Shego asked because they were certain that they had heard wrong.

“I don’t like you worrying about me. I hate that you drink so much when you worry. I don’t like causing you grief. I only want to be the one that makes you smile,” the redhead replied.

And smile Bonnie did. She had been waiting for so long for Kim to stop doing all of that dangerous freelance hero business. She leaned over to Kim and placed a pleased kiss on the redhead’s mouth. Kim tried to sit up into the kiss, but it hurt too much and Bonnie started backing away, which was not helping.

“Well, since we got that out the way…not that I knew it was an issue…let’s talk about something else,” Shego commented.

“Like what?” Kim asked.

“This afternoon?” Bonnie guessed.

“Yeah,” Shego answered.

“What happened this afternoon?” Kim asked curiously, looking back and forth between the two.

“Baby…” Bonnie started, but she was not sure how to explain it.

“Look, we’re sharing you, but now we want you to share us,” Shego stated soundly. There was no reason to sugarcoat it in her opinion.

“Share you?” Kim echoed in a puzzled tone. Who would she share them with?

“Look, this afternoon, Shego and I…sort of…well…we kissed,” Bonnie confessed, which got Kim’s attention.

“And it would’ve probably gone further than that,” Shego added.

“And we stopped because we wanted you to know about it, like you would do with us if the situation was reversed,” Bonnie said.

Kim nodded to that information. She had not seen that one coming. She knew that her lovers did not hate each other as much as they pretended, but she had not expected them to kiss each other or possibly do more than that. She was not sure what to say.

“So…are you going to do it again and can I watch?” Kim inquired with a smile. It would be totally unfair of her to say anything else and she would not mind watching for once. They seemed to get a kick out of it. Shego laughed a bit as did Bonnie.

“Maybe when you’re out of the bed and can stand a huge shock to your system,” Shego remarked.

“You two are so unfair,” Kim pretended to whine.

“No one told you to go out and get all hospitalized,” the pale woman remarked.

Kim was about to make a comeback, but her stomach spoke up before she could and it spoke loudly. They all looked at Kim’s bandaged belly and then they turned their attention to her. She grinned sheepishly.

“When was the last time you ate?” Bonnie inquired.

“When you made breakfast this morning,” Kim answered honestly and the tanned woman sighed.

“I’ll go get you some junk food,” Shego volunteered and she walked off before either of them could argue.

“I think we made her feel left out,” the redhead commented.

“Well, it’ll happen from time to time,” Bonnie said.

“I’m sorry if we do that to you sometimes.”

“Don’t be. You two leave me out of stuff I actually want to be left out of. I don’t think it’s fun to get beaten up in the backyard, after all,” the turquoise-eyed lawyer replied and she meant that. Almost everything that Kim did with Shego, she was glad to not be in that mix. They invited her and everything, but she always declined.

Kim chuckled a little and shrugged. “I wonder what I’ll get left out of now,” she commented.

“What do you mean? We always pay attention to you.”

“No, you don’t. When you two get into arguments, you don’t even notice I’m there. I’ve left the room a few times and you never notice.”

“Really?” Bonnie inquired in disbelief.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal,” Kim replied.

“This might be a bit more difficult than I thought,” Bonnie muttered.

“It’s all right. As long as we try to make it work, it should all right,” Kim declared with a bright smile. Always the optimist and that made Bonnie feel better about things. The tanned female just nodded in agreement.

Shego strolled through the hospital, looking for a vending machine. She silently admitted to herself that she did feel a bit left out. The hospital run reminded her that Bonnie and Kim had a life together before she stepped in the door. She wanted to have moments with them like they had with each other.

She found a machine and silently wondered if one day, she would have moments with Bonnie and Kim like that had with each other. It would be nice to have those moments, to feel like she belonged somewhere with people for who she was and rather than for what she could do. She hated to think that she was starting to understand Kim a little better because she wanted to be with both of them.

She sighed as she went into her pocket for some money. She failed to notice someone watching her out of the corner of his eye. She purchased a few chocolate bars and started back to Kim’s bed. She did not realize that she had sparked someone’s interest. The person knew better than to follow her and she had such a distinct look that he did not need to follow to know who she was.

Shego went back to Kim’s room and tossed the redhead a candy bar, which Kim thoroughly appreciated. She also tossed Bonnie some candy, which the tanned woman accepted. They sat around eating candy for a while. Occasionally, someone from the hospital staff came to check on the redheaded patient.

“Um…so…you guys are going to take me home tonight right?” Kim asked in a hopeful tone with the most adorable smile that she could muster.

“Not on your life, Possible,” Bonnie answered bluntly.

“They want you overnight, so you’re staying overnight,” Shego added and Kim groaned.

“Yeah, I bet you wish you didn’t have the two of us now. You might have had a chance to sweet talk one of us into taking you home,” Bonnie teased.

“That is just so not right,” the redhead pouted.

“What’s your problem with hospitals anyway, Princess?” Shego asked curiously.

“I don’t want to talk about,” Kim answered while shaking her head.

“When she was little, she jumped off the roof of her house and broke her arm,” Bonnie started and she glanced at Kim to make sure it was all right for her to continue. The olive-eyed female did not say anything, so Bonnie took it as a sign to tell the story. “She went to the hospital to get her arm set and everything. She wandered off as little Kimmie often did and ended up in a room with an old man. She talked to him for a few minutes and he was nice and everything. And then suddenly, all of the machines in his room started making noises and, as Kim put it, he stopped talking. Nurses and doctors filled the room and they didn’t notice her as they tried to revive him. Kim stood there the whole time and watched him die. She hasn’t liked the hospital since.”

Shego nodded to show she understood. She supposed it was a valid reason. It did sound like something that Kim would go through.

To pass the time and since Bonnie had already opened the door with the hospital story, they all talked about things from their childhoods that resulted in trips to the hospital. Bonnie did not have anything on Kim and Shego in that department, but she did have enough siblings to share their horror stories too. Before they knew it, it was morning and the sun was high in the sky.

“Look at the time,” Bonnie said with a yawn.

“Shit, is it that time already?” Shego wondered aloud as she looked at Bonnie’s watch.

“Yup,” the tanned woman confirmed. “I’ve got a meeting I need to get to in an hour,” she stated.

“I knew it,” Kim said in an accusing tone.

“What?” Bonnie asked.

“You’re leaving me here,” the redhead complained.

“Well, I’ve got work. Shego’s here,” Bonnie replied.

“Actually…” Shego started. “I’ve got some place I need to be in about an hour too.”

“Fine, I’m getting out of here,” Kim declared and she started to sit up. There was no way in hell that she was staying in a hospital with no one around. She was not sure what the problem was, if she thought that she would die if she was left alone or something, but she was not staying in a hospital by herself.

“Baby, lay back down before you hurt yourself,” Bonnie ordered.

“I’m not staying,” Kim insisted.

“Shego, please, stay with her. She just wants company while she’s here,” the aqua-eyed female said.

“Well, I guess I could stay for a little while,” the pale woman yielded.

“All right, you stay for the morning and I’ll come back as soon as I’m done with my meeting so you can go do what you need to do, all right?” Bonnie bargained.

“Deal,” Shego stated.

“Good. Bye, baby,” Bonnie said and she gave Kim kiss.

The lawyer hesitated to leave after that, though. She glanced at Shego and wondered if it would be all right for her to kiss Shego too. Kim had said so and she doubted that her baby was lying. Before she could come to a clear decision, Shego acted. The green-skinned female leaned down and kissed Bonnie. The tanned female seemed a bit shocked by it, but recovered quickly.

“You two be good,” Bonnie said and then she exited the room. Shego turned her attention to Kim.

“So, you’re really okay with this?” the pale woman asked Kim.

“Okay with what?”

“Well, me and Bonnie for one and not doing the hero thing for another?” Shego inquired.

“How can I not be okay with you and Bonnie when you two are okay with me and, well, you two? I just hope you really care about her, Shego. I don’t want you to hurt her. She’s very dear to me,” Kim replied.

“I know…I know how you feel…” Shego admitted in a mumble. Suddenly, Bonnie was very dear to her too. It might have started out that she was that way just because Bonnie was baggage that came with Kim, but now she was a person. A person that Shego felt like she had to protect, not for Kim, but for her.

“And to think, you once wondered how I did it,” Kim commented, referring to how she could be in love with two people.

“Don’t be smug about it, Princess. So, what about the hero thing?”

“It’s actually been on my mind for a while. I always knew that Bonnie hated it and she just put up with it because it was something that came along with me. Maybe I was just waiting for her to ask that. I guess I figured as long as she pretended to put up with it, I could keep going. I really should’ve stopped a long time ago. I hate how I worry her, but I want to help so badly.”

“I think she knows that, which is probably why she never asked. So, you’re going to have a lot of free time on your hands. What are you going to do?” Shego asked curiously.

“Not underground street fighting that’s for sure and you might want to consider quitting that one since it’ll just worry Bonnie.”

“She’s a worrywart,” the moss-hued woman remarked.

“Well, she doesn’t know what else to do because what else can she do? It’s not like she can fly to a jungle to check up on me, which I’m glad for. If she could, then I’d worry,” the redhead commented.

“So, what are you going to do?” the former thief asked once again.

“Well, I’ve got my photography and I’ve got my degree in anthropology.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“I never told you about my degree, did I? It doesn’t really come up when we’re fighting,” Kim realized with a bit of a laugh.

“Not really. Anything else you want to tell me?” Shego inquired.

Kim smiled and then started going through a list of things that she was sure she had neglected to tell Shego through out the time that they had known each other. It was not much and, honestly, Shego was not very interested in many of the things. It was just nice to know everything that she could about her lover.

After a couple of hours, Bonnie returned as promised. She came with breakfast too, which both martial artists were thankful for. They all ate together and then Shego got up, announcing that she had to leave. She kissed both younger women and walked to the door, but Kim stopped her before she could leave completely.

“Where are you going anyway?” the redhead asked.

“Gotta see my mom,” Shego replied and she left the area.

“Her mom?” Bonnie echoed.

“I don’t know,” Kim said. It seemed that she was not the only one that had not told someone everything. Shego still had a few surprises up her sleeve.

Shego arrived at her mother’s house and was ushered in. She usually showed up earlier than she did that day. She typically spent a day with her mother about every two weeks because her mother was the only person, aside for Kim and Bonnie that knew she was alive. Before going to stay with Kim and Bonnie, her mother was the only person that she had to keep her sane aside for Kim. It was an odd thing that her mother kept her sane considering how much the woman got on her nerves.

“I was actually getting a little worried about you, firefly. I wasn’t sure if you got picked up or if you blew me off to be with your little girlfriend,” Isabel teased as she and Shego retreated to the living room, where tea was waiting.

“See, this why I try not to tell you anything. You just throw it back at me the second you get the chance to,” Shego complained as she flopped down on the soft couch.

“I’m throwing back the fact that you have a girlfriend?” Isabel inquired incredulously.

“You know you are.”

“Maybe I am,” Isabel conceded with a shrug and a smile.

“I don’t even know why I come here anymore. You’re so annoying,” Shego said to her mother as she reached for a cup of tea

“If you didn’t come here, I’d find and hurt you and that’s why you come,” Isabel pointed out.

Shego scoffed. “Whatever. You think too highly of yourself,” the younger woman commented while sipping her tea.

“And you don’t? Besides, you know I could beat you up faster than that little girlfriend of yours.”

“There you go again, throwing stuff back in my face. And she doesn’t beat me up.”

“Well, the guy you worked for never won, so she must’ve been doing something to you and you’ve already said she wasn’t fucking you.”

Shego just rolled her eyes. Her mother’s vulgarity did not bother her and she hardly noticed it most of the time. As much as Shego hated to acknowledge it, but she got quite a bit of her personality from her mother and her crude language was included in that.

“How is the sex life going or is it still nonexistent?” Isabel asked, just entertaining herself by teasing her daughter as usual.

“You know, I doubt most mothers ask their daughters that question,” the green-skinned female pointed out.

“Most mothers aren’t me. So, how goes that?”

“It’s all complicated now…or maybe it’s getting less complicated. I don’t know,” Shego replied. Maybe it had been complicated when she had been trying to compete with Bonnie for Kim, but now that it seemed like they were not going to compete for Kim because they also wanted each other now then things might get simpler.

“How is it more or less complicated?” Isabel asked.

Shego glanced at her mother. She had not been too open about her relationship Kim of late to her mother. She was not sure how to go about explaining to her mother that she was sharing her “little girlfriend.” Beyond that, how was she supposed to explain that now she was working her way into real three-way relationship? Her mother was pretty open-minded and everything, but she doubted that even Isabel would take the news as calmly as she took everything else.

“Well?” Isabel pressed.

“Well, Mommy, it’s just…okay, remember how I told you that Kimmie was already in a relationship by the time I admitted having feelings for her?” Shego asked. She figured that if she could set everything up, then maybe it would not seem as odd and her mother would not react strongly to the strange situation.

“Right and she wouldn’t leave the girl to be with you, but she kept seeing you,” Isabel filled in what she knew.

“Right. Well, after a while her girl figured out that there was something between us.”

“Oh, my. She didn’t break up with you, did she?”

“Oh, no, nothing like that. Well, the weird thing was that her girlfriend, sort of well, accepted it.”

“She accepted it?” Isabel echoed in a puzzled tone. She did not understand what her daughter was going on about.

“Her girlfriend, Bonnie, she accepted that I had feelings for Kimmie and that Kimmie had feelings for me. And we…we sort of agreed to share Kim,” Shego somewhat explained. It was like there was no way to set things up to where they would sound somewhat normal.

“Share Kim?” Isabel considered herself to be a rather intelligent woman, but she was not following what her child was getting at.

Share Kim,” Shego repeated, emphasizing both words.

Isabel stared at her daughter as she took in the words. Wait, wait, wait, her daughter was not trying to say that she and this Bonnie girl were actually sharing Kim, right? What the hell kind of thing was that to do? How could Shego agree to something like that? She deserved someone just for her. She should not have to share the woman that she loved.

“Shego,” Isabel started.

“Wait, there’s more,” Shego interjected. She could already see that her mother did not approve of things, so she figured that she might as well get all over with.

“More?” Isabel was already incredulous and her daughter had the nerve to have more. Was the girl trying to kill her?

“I’ve been somewhat living with them for a few months now and everything’s been fine and everything. I mean, I get to fight with Kimmie every day and Bonnie’s fun to argue with. They’ve kind of domesticated me…as best one can anyway. Sometimes, I cook dinner or breakfast. Not into the whole cleaning thing yet, but maybe I’ll get there. We all relax on the sofa and watch movies and it’s a great feeling…” Shego was not sure how to lead into the fact that she was now with both of them, especially since her mother’s expression was not changing.

“What the hell are you saying?” Isabel inquired, trying to wrap her mind around what her daughter seemed to be implying.

“Well, Mommy, it’s like…well…we’re all together….You know…like together.”

“How the hell are the three of you together? It’s three of you,” Isabel pointed out.

“Right, so, I guess we’re all sharing each other…” Shego could not believe how she was screwing up the explanation. It was just that she did not want her mother to think less of her, as much as she hated to admit that, even if it was in her own head.

Isabel tried to come to grips with what her daughter was telling her, but it just was not clicking in her mind. She usually did not mind the things Shego did. As long as no one got killed, she was typically fine with her daughter’s decisions. But, now the girl was talking nonsense about sharing her girlfriend with another woman and then all three of them sharing each other. It just did not make any sense to her and she really did not want to accept it.

Look, she accepted the fact that her daughter was a lesbian. It had taken a bit to get used to, but she accepted. She even accepted it when Shego came in talking about how she was in love with a girl that was involved in a relationship that she did not plan on leaving. But, this new thing was too much. How in the hell was it possible for her daughter to be in a relationship with two women at the same time and for them all to be living under the same roof like that was all right?

Shego was anxious to get the yelling that she knew was going to come out of the way. She could just see from her mother’s expression that the older woman did not approve. It was not something that she was accustomed to and she doubted that she would ever be comfortable with her mother having any real negative thoughts toward something that she might do. Even when she worked for Drakken and was trying to take over the world, her mother was not against her. Isabel had just let her go with “well, if you think that’ll make you happy…” and that was it. How could she be okay with her working for an evil megalomaniac, but have a problem with the fact that she was in a rather charming relationship with two women?

It took Isabel a moment, but she was certain that she found the words that she wanted to use to express her problem with the situation. The thing was that she did not get to say them. As soon as she opened her mouth, her front door was kicked in, her back door was kicked in, people came in through the windows, and in a few seconds the living room was full of people dressed in dark blue jumpsuits aiming guns at the mother and daughter. The mother and daughter frowned in the same manner.

“You guys are going to be in a lot of trouble if you stepped in the flowerbed outside that window,” Shego commented to take the edge off of the moment.

“And if there’s dirt on my rug…well, let’s just say, I hope you all have wills,” Isabel added.

“Silence both of you,” came an order from the doorway.

The mother and daughter cut their emerald gazes to the front door. A brunette wearing an eye-patch entered the house, Doctor Director. So, Global Justice had finally caught up with her, Shego noted. They just had to find her in her mother’s house. Damn the luck.

“Who the fuck are you?” Isabel demanded to know.

“I’d be quiet right now if I were you, ma’am. You’re harboring a dangerous fugitive, after all. Do you want to be arrested with her?” Doctor Director inquired.

“If you were me, you’d know I’m about to put my fist down your throat if you don’t explain what the fuck you’re doing in my home right now,” Isabel replied.

“Mommy, it’s all right,” Shego said because she did not want her mother to get arrested with her. She knew that her mother would not hesitant in engaging and probably kicking Doctor Director’s ass for the disrespect to her, her home, and well, her daughter.

“It’s not all right. This is bullshit,” Isabel declared.

“Look, it’s cool. I’ll go peacefully,” Shego told Doctor Director, which shocked the one-eyed woman.

“You will?” the leader of GJ asked. She had brought so many things to wrangle the plasma-throwing villainess and as it turned out, she did not even need them.

“I give up.” Shego presented her wrists for cuff. She wished that she could just watch her mother kick Doctor Director’s ass, but she did not like the consequences that went with that.

“Wise decision,” Doctor Director stated as she throw on a special pair of shackles for Shego. The manacles covered her hands completely and went up to her elbows. They were designed to keep her from using her powers.

“What exactly are the charges?” Isabel demanded to know. Technically, her daughter should not even have warrants on her anymore considering the fact that she had been “dead” for damn near two years. They were arresting what was legally a corpse.

“Mommy, don’t worry about. Just tell my little girlfriend what happened,” Shego said as she was yanked toward the exit.

Isabel nodded and watched as her daughter was pulled out of the house like a vicious animal. She turned her gaze to the window where she could see her child being thrown into the back of a van. She had to fight against every instinct in her body that was telling her to go out there and take down all of those thugs and rescue her daughter, but she managed to avoid doing that. Now, she had to look up how to find Kim Possible.

Kim was lying on the sofa, even though she did not want to. She just knew that if she moved, Bonnie would be on her case. She hoped that Shego came back soon because she thought that Shego would be all for being irresponsible and letting her do something. Two against one; they could not lose in her opinion. But then again, that all depended on who Shego sided with.

Bonnie was in the kitchen, unpacking groceries, which they had gotten after Kim was discharged from hospital that afternoon. Kim had tried to volunteer to do it, but Bonnie was not having any of it. Kim had done enough in her opinion and just needed to lay back and heal.

The tanned woman was wondering when she should start dinner. She figured that she should wait for Shego, just like she would wait for Kim. It would be a good gesture in her opinion since their relationship had changed or at least was changing. She believed that if she made an effort then Shego would make one in return and they all could live together peacefully for the most part.

Now that she was thinking of Shego, she wondered how long it would take the pale woman to visit with her mother. The afternoon had come and gone and the evening was starting to do the same. Should she worry?

“Baby,” Bonnie called to the living room.

“Yeah?” Kim replied while searching hard for something to watch on television. Most people probably would have conceded that nothing was on after the first ten searches, but she did not have anything better to do. Besides, she was no quitter.

“Do you know when Shego should be coming in?”

“No clue.”

“Well, do you have her cell phone number or something?” Bonnie asked.

“She doesn’t have a cell phone,” Kim replied.

“Then how’d you always know to meet up?” Bonnie asked curiously. To her, not having cell phone was like saying a person did not have a head. Just how the hell was the person alive then?

“We just agreed on a time and always showed up. If necessary, we could just find each other. Why?”

“Well, I was wondering if I should start dinner or if I should wait for her…” Bonnie started to explain.

“You should definitely wait for her,” Kim replied, even though she was pretty hungry. In order to show that they were all together though, they should always wait for each other when they were going to do something that they could all be included in.

“I was going to, but I was just wondering if she was going to home sometime soon or if something happened to her or something.”

“Something can’t happen to Shego. She causes things to happen and then she makes a clean getaway,” Kim replied nonchalantly.

“Yeah, she thinks the same about you and we just had to bring you to the hospital,” Bonnie pointed out.

“Touché,” the redhead muttered. “Don’t worry about her. She’s not looking to start trouble anywhere and most people aren’t looking to start trouble with her. Maybe she just spends a lot of time with her mother when she can.”

Bonnie conceded. She supposed that she could wait a little while longer. She went to the living room and curled up on the sofa with Kim. Bonnie eventually found something on television for them to watch and they stayed like that until there was a disturbing knock at the door.

“I’ll get it!” Kim volunteered and she tried to get up.

“Stay!” Bonnie commanded and she pointed a threatening finger at the redhead.

Kim pouted, but she did not move. Bonnie got up to answer the door. Kim watched her curiously and moved off of the sofa once the tanned woman entered the hallway. She went to the living room entrance while Bonnie answered the door.

“Hi, can I help you?” Bonnie asked the woman that had been knocking.

“I’m looking for Kim Possible.”

“That’s me,” Kim replied as she approached the pair. “What can I do for you?”

“I’m Shego’s mother, Isabel. She told me to find you,” the woman explained.

“Why? What happened?” Kim inquired while ushering Isabel into the house. Bonnie closed the door and all three of them walked toward the living room.

“I believe she was arrested. The problem is that the people that took her weren’t wearing any badges and they didn’t identify themselves. I don’t know what to think,” Isabel answered.

“Arrested? Okay, wait, describe to me what they looked like,” Kim instructed the middle-aged woman because she knew of only one agency that would dare do such a thing, especially since Shego was now dead to the world.

“They were dressed in dark blue jumpsuits and that’s about it. I believe the person in charge was a brown-haired woman with one eye—” Isabel was cut off.

“Doctor Director. Global Justice has Shego,” Kim figured as much.

“How can they arrest her when she’s legally dead?” Isabel inquired.

“A better question is how can they arrest her at all,” Bonnie posed.

“She told me to tell you. I’m guessing you can help my little firefly,” Isabel said.

“Little firefly?” Bonnie could not help it, she started laughing.

“Bonnie, it’s a very funny nickname and all, but now isn’t the time. Who knows where Global Justice took Shego or even why they took her. I’m going to get on the phone with Wade and try to find out what’s going on,” Kim said.

“I’ll start digging up Shego’s legal files to see if they have any reason to hold her,” Bonnie volunteered.


Isabel watched as the girls moved as if they had a dire mission to complete. It would seem that Shego meant something to them. She hoped that they got her little firefly back safe and sound. After all, Shego had been doing great since she was declared dead.

(New day…maybe)

Shego was not sure what time it was. She had been dumped in a tiny cell with no windows and her hands were locked in those cuffs to keep her from using her powers, well as far as they knew anyway. She was not sure how long she had been in there and the pitch blackness that swallowed her whole like a whale was not helping. All she knew was that it was dark and hot, even for her.

She was not sure what she was being held for aside for the fact that she was Shego. She noticed that she had not been read any particular rights or told that she was being sent to any particular country. Their main interest seemed to be wanting to know if Drakken was still alive and what he was planning.

She already tried telling them a few times that Drakken was very much dead. She had seen him blown to smithereens, but they did not believe her. They seemed to believe that there was some big plot going on and they would get the information from her somehow. Right now, they were trying to disorient her by placing her in eternal darkness with enough space just for her to sit up in with the heat pumping. She guessed that they really wanted information that she did not have. She considered that she was going to have to lie to them soon if she was not rescued.

“Come for me, my love,” Shego whispered to the air. She was counting on Kim to come and rescue her, as much as she hated to be rescued. It was just that was about the only option that she had left.

She did not want to lie because she knew that they would check it out and then when they found out that she was not telling the truth, things would only get worse. They would assume that she was hiding something from them and they would prod harder for information. It would be pointless because Drakken was very dead. He did not have any new plot for world domination unless he could do it from the afterlife.

The problem was that GJ had been taking Drakken as a serious threat ever since the stupid Lil Diablo incident. So, they kept a close eye on his workings to make sure that he never got that close to success again. She figured that they probably feared that he had something really big cooking since she was still alive.

“Shego, are you hungry?” came Doctor Director’s voice from overhead. Shego looked up, even though she could not see anything.

“You don’t have what I eat,” Shego remarked.

“Still got a lot of spirit in you. If you tell us where Drakken is, we’ll bring you some food and let you out.”

“I hear he’s got a memorial headstone in his hometown thanks to his mother,” the pale woman replied.

“Don’t play around.”

“When I get out of here—” Shego started to say, but she was cut off by the leader of GJ.

“You won’t get out of here if you don’t tell us where that madman is that you work for. If he hurts anyone else, I’m going to hold you accountable.”

“He can’t hurt anyone else, you dickhead. He’s dead,” Shego huffed.

“Like you?”

“Drakken is dead. Let the goofy bastard rest in peace, you stupid bitch.”

“Fine. Have fun for a few more days in the dark.”

Days? Had she really been there for days, Shego wondered. If she had, where was her beloved? Surely Kim would come for her, right? Of course, Kim loved her. Kim would come no matter what, Shego kept telling herself that as she sat in that hole for who knew how long.

She banged her back against the wall of her cell for no reason. While she was certain Kim would come for her, she wondered about Bonnie. Was Bonnie drinking because she was missing? Kim had led her to believe that Bonnie probably was because Kim thought that Bonnie would drink just because Shego was a street fighter by occupation now. If Kim was doing the rescue, then that meant Bonnie was left unattended and probably drinking every drop of alcohol in the house.

“When I get out of here, I’m pouring all of that shit out,” Shego decided. She was not going to let Bonnie do that to herself anymore. But, first, Kim had to come get her.

(New day)

“Fuck, I can’t believe that shit took that long,” Kim huffed as she marched through the halls of a certain organization’s headquarters. Along side the redhead was Isabel and behind them was Bonnie. The redhead was referring to how long it took Wade to locate where Shego was considering that GJ could have taken the pale woman anywhere on the globe and he did not have any means to track her.

“Yeah, computer boy needs to work faster,” Bonnie concurred.

“Hey, you’re not—” a guard tried to say as he and his comrades approached the trio.

Kim and Isabel went into action without thinking. They dropped the four guards without much effort and then continued on through the hall as if they were supposed to be there. Bonnie stepped over the unconscious bodies and kept pace with her lover and Isabel. More agents came to stop them only to be floored by the martial artists; it was clear who it was that taught Shego how to fight.

“Kim Possible?” Doctor Director said as she went to go see what all of the commotion was about. The last thing she expected to find was a pile of her agents at the feet of one of the world’s greatest heroes.

“Where’s Shego?” Kim demanded to know. It was clear from the furious look in her olive eyes that she was not there for a social call, but the edge in her voice also conveyed the message in case Doctor Director missed the look in her eyes.

“What?” the one-eyed woman asked in a confused voice.

“We want Shego back now,” Kim informed the woman in a harsh tone.

“Baby, let me field this one,” Bonnie said as she stepped in front of the martial artists.

“Fine,” Kim conceded, especially since it had been in the plan for Bonnie to do the talking since she had all of the ammo.

“Doctor Director, I’m Bonnie Rockwaller. I’m here on behalf of Shego as her attorney. First off, where is she?” Bonnie asked in a very professional tone. It was that voice that allowed her to shock the hell out of people when she started baring her fangs to tear into their arguments. She even put on a pair of spectacles, just to add to the look of being a professional legal rottweiler.

“Shego doesn’t need an attorney,” Doctor Director replied.

“One would think so since the statute of limitations is up for everything that she was wanted for her before her untimely death,” Bonnie commented. “But, since she suddenly finds herself being kidnapped by an organization that for some reason thinks it doesn’t have to obey U.S. law while on U.S. soil, it would seem that she does need an attorney. Now, where is she?” the tanned woman demanded to know once more in a rather forceful tone.

“Listen, you all have a minute, one minute exactly, to get out of here,” Doctor Director stated.

“May I?” Isabel asked Kim.

“Oh, please do,” the redhead replied while motioning forward.

The middle-aged woman stepped by Kim and stood next to Bonnie. Isabel moved Bonnie to the side a little and stood face to face with Doctor Director. Isabel cracked her knuckles right in front of the leader of GJ before striking.

Doctor Director moved to block the blow, which only turned out to ploy. As she went to stop that hit, Isabel’s other hand moved to Doctor Director’s blind side. She hit a nerve cluster underneath the brown-haired woman’s armpit and her body quickly shut down because of too many electrical impulses to her brain. She fell against Isabel, who held her up.

“Listen carefully, you foolish bitch, I want my daughter back now and I don’t want to find out the lengths that I’ll go through to get her back. I also don’t want to find out the lengths these girls will go to,” Isabel whispered to the doctor.

“Is she all right?” Bonnie asked curiously, referring to fallen female.

“She’ll be fine, dear,” Isabel answered with a reassuring smile.

Isabel repositioned herself to hold Doctor Director as the woman slowly regained control of her body. Bonnie then stepped back up to the plate. She removed her glasses.

“If you don’t take us to Shego right now, we’re going to cause a lot of problems for you. The first being that we’re going to make your organization public. Next, we’re going to point out how you burst into homes without warrants or authorization and steal citizens right from their living rooms. Then, we’re going to have the Kim Possible denounce your practices publicly and inform the world that you stole her friend without cause. How long do you think GJ will last with that kind of press? I’m sure the U.S. government will be interested in knowing how you operated in their country without letting them know you were going to be there too,” Bonnie said in a smug voice.

“I’d take us to Shego at this point if I were you,” Isabel said to the one-eyed woman.

Shego was vaguely aware of footsteps on top of her. She had come to counting them when she heard them if only for something to do. She was already used to hearing the footsteps all round her for brief periods of time. She wondered what floor GJ had put her under.

“Well?” she heard a voice demand. It sounded like Bonnie, but she was not sure because it was muffled. She figured that she was just hearing things because she could not figure out why Bonnie would be there.

“Wait,” she then heard a voice growl. That one was almost unmistakably Doctor Director, although she was not used to hearing the woman sound so anger from where she was.

The ceiling then opened up. Shego had to hide her eyes because of the light, so she did not notice three pair of eyes pairing down at her. The owners of the eyes gasped.

“What the hell did you do to her?” Kim demanded to know while grabbing Doctor Director by the collar. She beat Isabel to question and action.

“Kimmie?” Shego said as she stood up on sore legs.

Shego stumbled a bit as she climbed to her feet and Kim noticed. The redhead flung Doctor Director away as if she was worthless and was at Shego’s side in a flash. She supported the pale woman as she climbed out of the hole, looking starved and weary.

“I’m here, Shego. We’re here,” Kim informed her.

“I knew you’d come,” Shego said in a whisper as she tried to wrap her arms around the redhead, but she was still in the cuffs.

“Take the shackles off of her,” Bonnie ordered Doctor Director.

The one-eyed woman complied and used a remote that she was carrying to unlock the cuffs on Shego. The green-skinned woman threw her weak arms around Kim as soon as the manacles fell to the floor. Kim returned the embrace and helped Shego out of the pit that they were keeping her in. Bonnie moved without thinking and joined in the embrace.

“Let’s get out of here. I need to watch a cheesy horror movie,” Shego remarked in a weak voice, trying to make light of the situation now that she was pretty sure everything was going to be all right.

“You need to brush your teeth too,” Bonnie teased. She was trying to hide how relieved she was that the green-skinned woman was all right. She had been so worried, but Shego would have liked to know that she had not drank at all.

“Keep it up and I’ll kiss you with my been-in-a-hole-for-days breath,” the pale woman threatened.

“Keep that to yourself,” Bonnie replied and then she turned her attention to Doctor Director. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson,” the tanned woman commented with a wicked smirk.

Doctor Director just stared in disbelief as the trio started to make their way to the exit; Kim continued to support Shego’s weight for her as they left. Isabel stared at the one-eyed woman for a moment, as if considering something. Shego told Kim to stop and turned her attention back to her mother.

“Mommy, let it go,” Shego called, knowing that her mother was considering paying Doctor Director back for the capture days ago. They all just needed to get out of there and forget it ever happened.

“Mommy?” Bonnie noted that one to make sure she laughed at it when things were less serious.

“Fine,” Isabel sighed and she joined the girls to leave. She silently conceded that maybe…just maybe it was all right for her daughter to be in a relationship with two women, especially if they cared as much as Bonnie and Kim did. After all, not every mate would be even considering storming a top notch spy agency to get back a girlfriend. And they did it was such an impressive flare.

The trio returned home after the eventful day and after making sure Isabel made it home safely. They ordered out for food, took showers, and crawled into bed to get a well deserved rest. In between all of that, Kim informed Shego that she had been missing for a week. It felt like so much longer to the pale woman.

“You don’t have to worry about GJ anymore. Bonnie sort of scared the hell of them with talks of legal problems,” Kim remarked as she settled into the center of the bed. She was used to sleeping there now and everyone had sort of claimed a spot anyway.

“Way to come in handy, demon child,” Shego taunted the aqua-eyed female.

“Anything for Isabel’s little firefly,” Bonnie shot back.

“Never call me that,” Shego growled.

“Why? Only your mommy can call you that?” Bonnie teased.

Shego growled again and made a fist. She leaned forward, as if she was about to attack. But, she could not bring it in her to hit Bonnie. So, she hit Kim.

“Ow! What did I do?” Kim said as she held her now sore arm.

“You were there,” Shego replied with a shrug. She had to hit someone and she could not hit Bonnie.

“That’s not fair,” the redhead argued.

“Stop being such a baby,” the pale woman said.

“I am a baby. I’m her baby,” Kim said while cuddling up to Bonnie and they both stuck their tongues out at Shego.

The pale woman was far from put off by the team-up against her. She grabbed both of them and usually, she would have pulled them both to her, but she did not have all of her strength back yet. Instead, she pressed herself against Kim, but held onto both of them. Bonnie put one of her hands on Shego’s arm. They all settled against each other, leaving a lot of space in the big bed.

“So, is this is a bad time to bring up all of us having sex?” Shego asked with a playful smile.

“Go to sleep,” Bonnie replied. They were all exhausted, Shego more so than the other two, and she had the nerve to bring up sex. Kim actually saw that one coming.

“I was just wondering. So, counselor, when is the appropriate time to discuss sex after such an ordeal?” Shego joked. She really wanted to just forget that the whole thing ever happened. She wanted to get on with her life with two obviously extraordinary women. She was glad that she landed both of them.

Well, by my account that might be the end of this. If you want it to continue, give a holler and I’ll work on another chapter.

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