In the Middle

Chapter 7

Sugary filling, part 2


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TITLE: Sugary filling, part 2

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney does.

SUMMARY: Shego wants Kim. Bonnie wants Kim. Kim wants them both. Who's going to have her way? Probably Kim because she can do anything.

TYPE: Kim, Shego, Other, Slash, Threesome

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Note: Once again, shout-outs to the Humbug, Silver Snow Wolf, and Chibi-Izzum for their ideas. This chapter picks up right where the last one left off.

Words: 12200

Kim watched Bonnie and Shego having lunch. She was sitting on a rooftop across the street from them; she was using mission equipment to spy on them. That sort of was the “emergency” that she told Shego about in her note as to why they should go to lunch without her; she wanted to see what they looked like when she was not around. They looked pretty happy, if their smiles and laughter were any indication of what mood they were in. They got along just fine without her, she noted. They got along might find without her.

Maybe…maybe she should leave, she told herself. They would be quite all right without her. They would take care of each other; she had no doubt about that. It would be easier to do too. They would only have to focus on each other and give each other the best attention. They would not have to fret about her on missions and worry themselves sick over her. They would not have to worry much about people judging them either about the relationship; sure, Shego did not care much about people knowing, but Bonnie was not as open as she pretended to be. She did have to worry about her job, after all. There was always a chance that she could negotiate things being a lesbian, but not being a polygamist.

So, maybe she should leave, Kim considered again. Maybe somehow, she would be able to regain at least some of her parents’ respect and trust if she did leave. With the way that Bonnie and Shego were getting along, they might even appreciate it if she left. They could then expand on their relationship, which was obviously just waiting for a chance to blossom in her opinion. She was probably holding them back, she told herself as she continued to watch them and how well they were getting along together.

As those thoughts flooded her, tears gathered in her eyes. She loved them so much, but her parents were her parents. She put her face in her hands and began crying. Why did everything have to be so difficult? Why would she just not be in love and that be the end of things?

The next few days went by the same as that one. Kim avoided having lunch with Shego and Bonnie, offering up weak excuses in the forms of notes instead of talking with them face to face. She just could not bring herself to lie to Shego’s face about why she was not coming out for lunch. At home, she was much better, though; or at least, she pretended to be much better.

Kim acted the same for the most part at home, or so she thought. Shego and Bonnie watched the redhead when they had the chance, which was only at home because she avoided them once they left the house. They eyed her when she thought that she was alone, seeing the misery that coated her entire being almost as if it was a tangible entity. They were not totally sure what they should do about her, though.

They knew that if they tried to talk to her, she would act like nothing was wrong. She would throw them her brightest smile and maybe even fool them into believing that she was all right, if only for a little while. If they tried cuddling her, she would just act like that was normal and let them. She would not open up to let them know what was bothering her and they were not sure what other ways there were to coax the information out of her. They wished that she would just understand that she did not have to be the strong one all of the time; she could drop her guard with them like they did with her. She could show them her emotions, but they guessed that they did not make that easy.

They were always worrying about Kim, even though they were quite aware that bothered her to no end. But, they could not help it. At least once a week, she ran off to save the world from some sick bastard and sometimes she returned to them with wounds as medals for her courage. And then there was the fact that she never talked about if something was eating away at her, so when she acted like she was doing at the moment, it just caused them to worry more. It seemed to be a vicious cycle.

“What are we going to do about Kimmie?” Bonnie asked Shego.

They were lying on the sofa, watching one of the soap operas that Bonnie was into; she knew that Shego would be back to see it after watching an episode a while ago. Bonnie was resting on top of Shego with her hand hanging off the side of the couch and Shego had her hands wrapped around the tanned female. Kim had gone off to take a shower, a rather long shower. They were starting to wonder what she did in the bathroom now because her showers had grown twice as long as they used to. Kim actually wept in the bathroom most of the time now.

“I don’t know,” Shego sighed.

“You think the fact that her parents walked out a couple of weeks ago is still bothering her?” the tanned female inquired.

“Well, probably. You know Kimmie is close to her folks. So, I can see why it would still be bumming her out, but that doesn’t explain why she started acting this way. I mean, she was fine last week,” the older woman pointed out.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Bonnie concurred.

They were silent for a while and focused on the show that was on the television because they really did not know what they were going to do about their redheaded lover at the moment. Shego could not believe that she had allowed herself to be drawn into the stupid soap. Oh, if her mother could see her now, she thought while mentally laughing; Isabel might actually disown her.

While they were glued to the show, Kim returned, but she did not join them on the sofa. She stood at the living room entrance and stared at them. She was surprised that they were not kissing, as she had seen them do a few times earlier in the week; they were still having a good time being nice to each other and not arguing as much. Their behavior was encouraging her thoughts more on the fact that she could leave and they would be all right. They might even be glad, she started telling herself.

Shego then turned around to look at the entrance of the living room; she sensed the presence there. “Princess, come and pile on,” she urged the redhead.

“No, you guys go ahead and watch your show,” Kim replied and she walked off.

“Baby,” Bonnie called, but Kim did not respond. “Okay, that’s just weird,” the lawyer said.

“Not really. Maybe she never actually got into the show and just watched with you to be with you,” Shego replied.

“Why wouldn’t she keep doing that then?”

“I guess she feels she doesn’t have to do it anymore now that I’m watching this dumb shit with you now. I mean, when she used to watch it with you, I know I didn’t feel compelled to sit with you,” the pale woman answered honestly.

“You’re so wicked,” Bonnie commented, shaking her head in a disapproving manner.

“Oh, look who’s talking, demon child.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes. They both tried to watch their show, but they found themselves wondering what Kim was doing. What was wrong with her? What were they going to have to do to make things better? They were not sure, but they knew where they probably could start. Too bad they doubted that the Possibles were talking to them; not that they would have talked to Shego before finding out that Kim was with her and Bonnie. But, there had to be something that they could do.

Shego was sleeping when she heard something suspicious downstairs. She was glad that she was at the end of the bed, so it was easier to ease away from her lovers and she could go inspect the source of the noise without bothering her girlfriends. She had on her birthday pajama pants; the silk green ones that Bonnie brought. Hey, they did not screw each other silly every night, so sometimes she did sleep in pajamas. She usually just put anything on, but she knew that Bonnie would like her to use the pajamas.

She crept downstairs cautiously, examining things as she moved. She pitied the person that broke into her home. She was going to make the person regret ever even thinking about breaking into a house. She noticed that one of the lights was on in the living room, so she tiptoed there and found the intruder.

“Mommy, I could’ve killed you,” Shego commented, putting her hands down when she saw that Isabel was the person that dared break into the house. She should have known, her brain mumbled. Yeah, only her mother would have the guts to do something that crazy.

“You wish,” Isabel remarked as she turned around; she had been looking into the backyard, even though it was dark and she could not see much. She actually knew what the backyard looked like and she hated it. She really just hated their house, but she never said anything to them about it, feeling that two if not all three of them would take offense to her saying as much. They could do so much better in her opinion and they deserved much better in her opinion.

“What are you doing here so late?” the green-skinned woman inquired as she stepped deeper into the room.

“I came to see you, of course. Happy belated birthday, firefly,” Isabel said while walking over to her daughter and giving her a hug.

“You could’ve done that when the sun came up,” Shego pointed out. “And then you could’ve knocked on the door like a normal person and then I could’ve pretended not to be here to not have to bother with you,” she added in.

Isabel was not affected by the remark. “I know, but I wanted to get to you as soon as possible.”

“Where were you anyway?”

“Now, now, firefly, that’s a personal question,” Isabel replied with a smirk that made her daughter roll her eyes. She even wagged her index finger at Shego as if she was a disobedient child, knowing that it would piss Shego off a consider amount.

“That just means you met up with Dad somewhere,” Shego remarked in a haughty tone.

“You can’t prove that. My trip was work-related,” Isabel stated and her daughter rolled her eyes again. The older female was far from deterred. “So, did your girlfriends make your big day special?” she asked curiously.

Shego thought back to her birthday and figured that she could spare some details. She talked about things up until the point she test drove her car. Isabel nodded, impressed with what Bonnie and Kim were able to throw together. She did wonder about how they pulled together so much money to blow on her daughter, but she knew that they were two very resourceful women and she trusted that they knew how to take care of their finances.

“I can see you enjoyed the food the most,” Isabel remarked, poking her daughter in her exposed stomach.

While Shego was wearing her pajama pants, she was only wearing a sports’ bra as a top. It was clear that she had put on a few pounds. It was a side-effect of Bonnie’s kindness toward her. She thought that it would have worn off by now and they would have been at each other’s throats again, but it did not seem to be going away. Bonnie was enjoying the warm feeling that spread through her from being nice to Shego and she liked that Shego was returning her consideration with tender affection.

“Yeah, Bonnie’s been…well, let’s just say she makes the best banana pudding,” Shego said while rubbing her abdomen. She was getting pretty doughy around the middle.

“I’m glad you’re all happy and getting along,” Isabel commented, although she did hope that Shego did not let her weight slip.

“Actually…Mommy, could you do me a favor?” Shego requested, as if it was nothing. She was not shy about asking her mother for things, especially when they were alone and she really needed something. Despite how irksome her mother could be, the woman always came through when it counted and Shego used that when necessary.

“Anything for you, you know that,” Isabel replied. She really would do anything for her any of her children, but especially her dearest daughter.

“We had a little situation here a couple of weeks ago where Kimmie’s parents found out about the three of us being together and everything and let’s just say that they didn’t take it as well as you took it. Kimmie’s bummed out about that shit, which is understandable because she loves her folks and everything and just want them to accept how she is. So, could you maybe go talk to them or something?” Shego inquired.

“That’s it?” Isabel asked. Usually when Shego asked something of her, she thought her daughter believed she could move mountains with her bare hands or something because of how outrageous the request typically was. She could understand why that was; after all, if it was something simple, Shego could easily handle it herself.


“Fuck, I’ll do that in the morning. That’s nothing.”

“Good. Now, get the hell out. Some of us have work in the morning,” Shego stated.

“I have heard about your little school. I’ve got to come see you in action one day. Here’s my gift to you,” Isabel said and she handed Shego an envelope. She then leaned over and kissed Shego on the cheek. “Happy birthday again, firefly,” she said.

Shego made a face, as if she did not appreciate anything that her mother had done, including agreeing to help. Her mother expected as much, of course. Isabel took her leave while Shego stared down at the envelope. She wondered what over-the-top gift her mother had given her. She opened it to find that it was a birthday card, which she opened too and three slips of paper slid out. She read the card first, which proclaimed “congratulations, you’re over the hill!” She expected such taunting from her mother. In a handwritten message on the other side, the card informed her that “those are open seats, so you three can go whenever you have the time. Just call the beach house beforehand if you use it because your brothers like to hang out there too.”

Shego leaned down and saw that her mother had given her plane tickets. They were first class and she smiled at that. It would be nice for them to all get away for a little while. Maybe it would help Kim out of her funk, but they could not leave anytime soon. They had a fledgling school to worry about, after all. She also was not sure if Bonnie would like to take anytime off yet since she was trying her best work her way up in the firm. Well, at least the tickets were open and they could talk about it to figure out when the best time to take a vacation would be.

She put the tickets back into the card and put the card back into the envelope. She went back upstairs and secured the card on the dresser. She then eased back into bed and went back to sleep. Bonnie and Kim never even knew that she was gone.

(Next day)

Isabel checked her address book to make sure she was at the right place. Shego had called her earlier to tell her Kim’s parents’ home address. She was at the correct place as far as she could tell. She looked around before knocking on the door. After standing there for a few seconds, the door was opened by Mister Possible.

“Can I help you?” he asked curiously.

“Hi, I’m Isabel. I’m Shego’s mother,” she introduced herself rather politely and he frowned deeply. Oh, her family always left a lasting impression on people, she thought with an amused look in her eyes.

“That doesn’t explain what I can do for you,” he replied. He did not feel like dealing with anyone associated with a woman that used to beat on his daughter and now was leading her into a life of deprave sexual behavior. Shego had corrupted his child as far as he was concerned, although he was willing to place some of the blame on Bonnie too since he was not much of a fan of Kim being a lesbian now either.

“I would think about that one. I hear thinking helps,” Isabel remarked, making it clear where Shego got her smart-ass mouth from. “My presence can’t be so mysterious to an acclaimed rocket scientist,” she joked.

“I’m not interested in talking with you,” he informed her rather bluntly.

Isabel expected to be met with resistance. Her daughter had told her what happened between Kim and her parents and how they just walked out on Kim after seeing her in a very vulnerable state. It was clear that they did not approve of the relationship in the slightest and probably did not want to hear anything about it. But, she could be stubborn and she figured that would pay off in the end. After all, they probably did not want to lose their daughter, which would explain why they walked out on Kim without saying a word that day. Of course, she was ignorant of the phone call that had taken place over a week ago where they had said plenty as far as Kim was concerned.

“I would think your daughter’s happiness would interest you,” she replied.

“Her happiness does interest me, but not at the moment while she’s doing something immoral and possibly illegal,” he stated.

“I doubt it’s illegal since they’re not married. Immoral is a matter of opinion, though. What is so wrong about what they’re doing?” Isabel inquired curiously. Shego told her that if she tried to get the Possibles to look at things logically, they would probably cave in because they were all “science geeks” and so, she was going to try that suggestion before moving on to her own methods.

“Three people shouldn’t be involved in a relationship. Things just aren’t supposed to be that way. A relationship can only be maintained by two people. How can three people keep a healthy relationship? One of them would be forgotten, not to mention one of those people is Shego.”

“Hmm…sounds like you have a problem with my daughter,” she noted.

“That monster you raised has tried to kill my daughter on several occasions.”

Isabel tensed, hand flexed into a fist. She could break the bitch of a man before her for saying such things about her daughter. Her firefly knew better than to kill anyone in cold-blood or Isabel would destroy her personally. Shego had gone after Kim aggressively in the beginning when they first met as enemies, but she seemed to know the limit that she could do to where Kim would not get killed. Hell, Shego never even seriously injured Kim when they were initially enemies for reasons that she never shared with her mother. But, it was clear that Shego did not have any real desire to kill Kim or she would have done it a long time ago, as she was quite capable of doing such if she wanted to.

“Sir, I’m going to ignore that comment about my daughter being a monster for the moment. But, that’s only for the moment. Now, the girls have all figured out how to be together and make sure no one is forgotten. They’re quite content in their relationship and we should all respect that. They’re not hurting anyone in any way and you’re hurting Kim by cutting her off based solely on who she loves,” Isabel argued.

“What I do with my daughter is none of your business,” James stated and then he slammed the door in Isabel’s face. He was thoroughly insulted that Shego’s mother of all people would try to tell him how to handle his daughter. If anything, she needed to go fix her daughter in his opinion.

Isabel frowned; she officially hated that man now. Not because he was being hardheaded and stubborn, but because of what he said about her daughter, of course. She turned to leave and almost walked right into Missus Possible.

“Excuse me,” Isabel said since she nearly bumped into the neurosurgeon. They both stopped just in time to avoid a collision.

“No problem. Is there something I can do for you?” Missus Possible asked, having missed the fact that her husband had just slammed the door in Isabel’s face.

Isabel was about to dismiss the doctor, not knowing who she was until she took a good look at her. The two women looked at each other, noting how familiar those faces seemed. They seemed to come to conclusions at the same time.

“Are you…” they both started to say.

“Kim’s mother?”

“Shego’s mother?”

“I am,” they both confirmed at the same time.

“What are you doing here?” the doctor asked curiously, maybe even a little suspiciously. It was quite bizarre to be face to face with the mother of someone that used to be her daughter’s sworn enemy.

“I was hoping to talk about things going on between Kim, Shego, and Bonnie,” Isabel answered.

“Then you know about them?” the neurosurgeon asked incredulously. She could not believe how calm Isabel was when she mentioned the group, almost as if there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. But, she supposed that she should expect no less from the woman that raised Shego. Morality probably was not big in that household, she thought.

“About their relationship? I do,” Isabel affirmed.

“And you approve I take it?”

“You don’t sound surprised by that.”

“Well, after seeing some of the things that your daughter does, I imagine you let her do whatever without a care in the world.”

Isabel was taken aback by that. The Possibles were rather rude, she noted with a frown marring her elegant face. How could such curt people raise a little sweetheart like Kim? But then again, surely, there were people around the world questioning how she and her husband raised the nuts that they had.

“My daughter is a grown woman and quite worried about your daughter, her beloved. She requested that I speak to you because she’s worried about Kim. Now, I know that first hearing about all three of them together is shocking. I didn’t take it well myself until I saw the lengths that Bonnie and Kim would go through for Shego. They do love her and she loves them. I know it’s unconventional, but then again, they’re all unconventional women and they all know what they want. If they didn’t want to be together, they wouldn’t be. Do you really want to chance losing your only daughter over something so grey?” Isabel inquired.


“It’s not something that can so easily be labeled as right or wrong as you and your husband might believe. It’s just not a black or white issue. It’s a consenting relationship that they’re all happy with and no one involved or not involved is being hurt. You should count yourself lucky that Kim found two people to love her and take care of her. Some aren’t even luckily enough to find one. Others find someone they believe loves them and all that person does is hurt them in the end. Your daughter has two people that wouldn’t hurt her come Hell or high water.”

“This…” the doctor was beginning to argue her stance, but Isabel was not even interested in listening.

“Let me just leave you on this,” Isabel said before Kim’s mother could get started. “Is this really what you want to lose your daughter to?” she inquired again. “Good day,” she stated and walked off.

Isabel walked off to her car, hoping that she had gotten through to at least Missus Possible. The doctor did watch her as she drove off and disappeared down the street. What an odd encounter, she thought.

She doubted that they would lose Kim. They were just trying to get her to make the right decision. Being in a relationship with three people just was not right and they just wanted Kim to see that for herself. They were not losing her, but helping her. Besides, she would know if they were losing Kim. She had seen something like that happen firsthand, after all. So, there was no way that they were losing Kim.

She entered the house and saw that James was in the living room, working on some calculations for work. She went and greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. He seemed surprised by her presence.

“Hello, Ann,” James greeted his wife.

“The strangest thing just happened to me,” Ann commented as she sat down next to him.

“What’s that, dear?” he asked curiously, paying his papers more attention than he was paying her, or so it would seem anyway. He was actually pretty good at dividing his attention when he wanted to be, so he was paying her more mind than most people would think.

“I just ran into Shego’s mother in front of the house.”

“Oh, I spoke with her. She was trying to defend her monster of a daughter,” he informed her.

“Do you think we could lose Kim for not accepting her relationship with Bonnie and Shego?” Ann asked curiously, which seemed a bit off topic to her husband. They had not been talking about Kim after all.

“We can’t keep giving Kim all this leeway, Ann. We’ve talked about this. It was bad enough that we accepted her dating Bonnie. But, Bonnie was a sweet girl and she took care of Kim, which was good. This is not even close to acceptable. First of all, Shego’s evil and we know that. Second of all, a relationship is supposed to be between two people at the every least. This is what society is built on,” he stated soundly. Ideally, he did believe that a romantic relationship was supposed to be between a man and a woman, as that was the combination that it took for offspring and the continuing of not just families, but the human race. So, biologically speaking heterosexual couples made sense and were the proper way to go about things in his opinion.

“I know,” she concurred. She was agreeing that they had talked about things more than anything else.

“So, we have to take a firm stand on this. Kimmie will come to her senses soon. I’m sure of it,” he said.

Ann sighed and nodded. Surely Kim would come back to them and start over. She would do things right.

Shego was working out on the deck, hoping to get rid of the weight that she was gaining. Oh, god, she hoped that Bonnie went back to normal soon or she was going to have hurt the tanned woman’s feelings. Well, she was not even sure if she would be able to do that. It was so damned hard to turn down all of the great things Bonnie had been making, although Kim seemed to have no problem doing it. Maybe because the foods were not her favorites like they were with Shego. She really needed Bonnie to stop being so nice to her or she was going to be fat.

“Hey, Shego,” Kim said from the doorway.

“Hey, Pumpkin. Do me a favor and come spar with me,” Shego requested. Surely a few rounds with Kim would help her get back to her usual weight. It might get the redheaded hero to act normal too.

“Um…no, I was hoping that you’d come in the living room for a moment,” Kim countered.

“Right now?”

“Please and thank you.”

Shego sighed; how could she refuse a “please and thank you”? She stopped what she was doing and walked into the living room. Kim was behind her and stopped at the kitchen from a moment to ask Bonnie to join them. Bonnie did not argue and she went to the living room, making it only to the entrance. Shego and Bonnie were stopped there and then greeted by a perplexing sight; there was a single duffle bag in the living room and it appeared to be packed.

“Kimmie…” Shego and Bonnie whispered at the same time. They both seemed to get what the bag meant, but they truly did not wish to believe it. Maybe Kim was going away for an overnight trip or something like that, they tried to convince themselves. That bag could not possibly mean what they thought it meant…right?

“Guys…I’m leaving,” Kim informed them.

“Leaving?” they echoed as if they did not even know what the word meant. It did feel like the blood drained from their bodies at that moment, though. It would seem that wretched bag did mean what they assumed it meant.

“Yeah, I’m going to go back home,” Kim replied in low voice.

“Princess, you are home,” Shego stated in a strong, unyielding tone. She was home. They were all home as long as they were together. They belonged together; she was damned certain of that. It was not like any other time they would have agreed to be in a trio, but they did together and they needed to stay together.

“No, I’m going to go home. It’s better if I left,” the hero stated, as if that made sense. Her lovers could hardly believe it.

“Baby, stop talking crazy. You can’t leave,” Bonnie argued, making her way closer to Kim, who put her hand out as a signal to stop.

“Don’t come any closer,” Kim ordered in a surprisingly sorrowful tone. Tears began to gather in her eyes without her permission. It was extremely agonizing for her to do what she was doing, but she knew that she was doing the best thing for them. They would be better off and she could still have her parents. It was for the best.

“Baby, don’t be silly,” Bonnie said in a shaky voice, showing that she was terribly afraid that the redhead was really going to leave them. It was like being trapped in a nightmare without being able to wake up if that was going to happen.

“Right, Princess. Let’s talk this out. What the hell are you leaving for?” Shego practically demanded to know. She was more angry than anything else that Kim was standing there talking such madness and her fury was directed toward Kim’s parents because she knew what was happening all their fault.

“It’s just better this way. You two get along better when I’m not in the way and I’ll bet you’d work out great as a couple,” the slender hero replied.

“The fuck kind of bullshit are you talking!” Shego hollered in disbelief. They were not a couple! They were a trio, a threesome. It was the three of them and that was how it was supposed to be.

“It’s just better this way,” Kim repeated, trying her best to sound strong, but she only sounded low and grief-stricken.

“Baby, you know that’s not true. Now, stop talking this nonsense and put the bag away,” Bonnie said calmly as if Kim was a maniac with a gun. She thought that the tone might get to the olive-eyed adventurer.

“No, I’m leaving. It’s just better this way. I’ll even still send my part of the rent since this is so sudden and everything, but I’ve got go,” Kim said and she started for the front door.

“Baby!” Bonnie cried out and latched on to Kim’s hand now that she knew the redhead was dead serious. “Baby, please don’t go! I love you! We love you! Stay with us, please! I know we can’t replace your parents, but we’ll be here for you until they come around. You know that! So, please stay!” Bonnie begged as tears began to flow from her eyes as if someone flipped on a faucet in her head. It shattered her soul to see her first love seriously about to walk out on her and their other lover. They were a trio; that was how they were all happy now. She could not stand the fact that that could come to an end.

“Pumpkin, please stay,” Shego added in. Her voice was low because of a lump in her throat and the fact that her heart was racing, so it was difficult to speak. She wanted it to be a dream, like she would wake up soon and would be able to laugh at how absurd it was, but she was all too aware that it was real. They were losing Kim.

“I can’t,” Kim replied, tearing her hand away from Bonnie. “Goodbye, my loves,” she said and she pretty much ran out the door, having to get out of there as soon as possible or she was afraid that she might lose her resolve. She had to leave, she convinced herself. It was for the best.

“Baby!” Bonnie shouted as she fell to her knees in the hallway and began weeping.

Shego debated with herself; assist Bonnie or go after Kim. Going after Kim would assist Bonnie if she could bring the redhead back, so she went with her latter option. She ran out of the house and followed behind Kim. The hero noticed her lover behind her and started acting like she was being chased by a killer, cutting into alleyways and hopping over fences in order to escape. It took a few minutes, but she actually lost Shego, who just could not run anyway.

“Damn it, I’m so out of shape,” Shego muttered while trying to catch her breath. She might be out of practice too, she considered; after all, it had been a long time since she had to chase after the redhead. She dreaded returning home empty-handed to a bawling Bonnie, but that was all she could do at the moment.

The pale woman returned to the house and saw that Bonnie was still crying on the floor, looking like a pathetic mess of flesh; it did not become such a strong woman at all, the former thief thought. She shut the door behind her and sat down next to the lawyer. She gathered Bonnie in her arms and held her tightly. Bonnie accepted the embrace and wrapped her arms around her pale girlfriend while continuing to cry. For the first time in her life, Shego wished that she allotted herself the privilege of weeping and admired Bonnie for being able to shed such tears. And they stayed there all night.

Kim ran all the way to her parents house; they lived almost a half-hour away by car. She hardly had any strength to knock on the door on she arrived, but she managed. Both of her parents answered the door; they were wearing robes because they had been in bed already. They looked at her with shocked expressions on their faces.

“I left them…” Kim muttered, which did not help relieve her parents of their expressions.

“You left them?” her father echoed in a confused tone.

“I left Bonnie and Shego,” she elaborated in a gut-wrenching mumble that did not seem to be piercing through the threshold of the door because her parents were not empathizing with her in the slightest.

“I knew you’d do the right thing,” James said proudly.

“Yeah…I need a place to stay…” Kim informed them.

“Of course, come in, Kimmie-cub,” James said, ushering the slender hero into the house and closing the door once she was safely secure inside.

Kim walked away immediately now that she knew she was allowed in the house; doing the right there never felt so horrendous, she noted. Being at home never felt so devouring, hollow, and freezing either. She made her way to her room, which never felt so enclosed before that night. Being snapped in half by a great white shark had to be a better experience than the one that she was going through now.

“I told you she’d come around to her senses,” James declared, speaking to Ann. He looked as proud as he sounded. He had faith in Kim to do the right thing, even though he wished that she had done it a bit sooner.

“I don’t think she’s come to her senses,” Ann argued. Kim walked like a woman defeated by the world, like a prisoner condemned to death for a crime someone else committed. That was far from coming to her senses.

“She has. She just needs time to get it out of her system and adjust,” he countered in an assuring tone.

Ann nodded, that might be it, but there was something vaguely familiar about Kim’s walk, stance, and just overall appearance; those slumped shoulder, weary expression, empty eyes, and a look like hitting her with a metal baseball bat would not even solicit a response seemed too familiar for her liking. Anxiety seeped into her body as if it was yolk from a slight damaged egg. She was starting to fear that Isabel was right.

(New day)

Shego had to close the school for an undetermined amount of time, citing “a family emergency,” which was the truth as far as she was concerned. Her family was having a major emergency because one of them had suddenly walked out on them. She closed the school because she knew for a fact that she would not be able to handle Kim’s classes; she just did not have the patience for kids or novices. She also had not been able to concentrate on her classes, so she cancelled those and Kim’s classes. The school was now shut down until she and Bonnie could get their beloved back.

Kim was not making it easy for them to retrieve her either. She was not taking their calls, which there were plenty of. Shego suspected that she was not taking any calls because she called from several different pay phones dozens of times and she never got an answer. She even called from other people’s cell phones, but Kim never picked up, which was just weird. After all, the call could be important, but the redhead did not seem to care.

Bonnie had tried to contact Kim via her website, but Wade informed her that Kim was not even paying attention to that. He had tried to tell her about several missions, but Kim was not answering her Kimmunicator. The lawyer was not sure what to make of that because the only time that Kim stopped taking missions was when she had requested it.

Bonnie was naturally worried for Kim already considering what happened, but once she learned that the hero was no longer doing her missions, her worry doubled. She wanted to see Kim, but she knew that the Possibles would not let that happen now that their daughter was with them. It did not help matters that Kim had willingly walked out on them; sure, she used some crazy logic when she did it, but she had still done it voluntarily. She was undoubtedly staying away from them too of her own free will.

Bonnie wished that she could just lock herself in the bathroom at the house and cry until the pain went away and Kim returned. It was not that Shego was not enough or that she did not love Shego because she did, but they were trio and with Kim gone, they felt broken. They were incomplete.

Kim could relate to the broken feeling. Ever since she left, all she did was stay in her room, curled up in a fetal position on her bed. She did not feel motivated to do anything, not showering, drinking, or eating. She just lay there, trying to will the agony of separation to abandon her body. Instead, she just felt worse with every second that passed. It was incredible in her opinion because every time she thought that she could not feel any worse, a second later she was proven wrong.

It was not helping matters that she was imagining Bonnie and Shego getting along well without her. Her mind was betraying her by making her think that they were quite happy she was gone. They were probably doing all sorts of romantic things now, like going out to dinner, or dancing, or even staying in, but taking baths together since two people could fit in the bathtub. And, things like that made her want to cry, but she could not. She had exhausted her tears the first day of being away from them.

She dared not go to work now that she was not with her girlfriends anymore. She did not want to see how happy Shego was, which she knew she would if she went up to their school. She did not feel up to teaching any classes anyway. She did not feel up to moving. Turning over was a chore; she felt worthless now. She could not do anything, but lie there and feel the ninth circle of Hell inside of her every waking moment and sleeping did not cure her ills in any manner.

She had nightmares that starred her former girlfriends, showing how great their lives were now that she was gone. Scenes that made her believe that she should have done them both a favor a long time ago and walked out that door. Terrible images and words that made her wake up due to the fact that she could not even breathe any more because of how much it hurt. It would seem that even her brain had betrayed her now.

Kim was not even allotted distractions from her own personal Hell. Sometimes, her mother came in, trying to help, but unwittingly making her pain increase exponentially. Her mother just reminded her that she had lost the two loves of her life when she showed up. Ann would offer her things that she did not want, like meals or a chance to talk. If Kim had the energy and desire to talk, she would just tell her mother to end her misery and give her a full frontal lobotomy with a tablespoon from the kitchen, a dirty one at that.

Ann was actually staring at Kim that very moment and Kim knew, but she did not make an effort to change anything for her mother’s irksome gaze. She did not feel like moving, so she just settled for ignoring the older woman. She knew that her mother would eventually go away on her own anyway. Ann was worried as Kim’s total inert behavior continued on. Okay, no, she was worried days ago. Now, she was scared.

When she had first expressed concern over Kim, James had eased her mind by telling her that Kim just had to work everything out of her system and she had to adjust back into a normal life. It made some sense a week ago when her daughter was not looking like an exhausted corpse, not to mention smelling like one too. Now, Kim’s behavior just made her heart seize in her chest every time she walked by the room to see that her child had not moved at all and she knew that Kim was not sleeping. It was like she was catatonic.

As Ann watched Kim from the doorway, tears slowly fell from her eyes without her knowledge. They were not tears for the present, but for the past. She knew what it looked like when parents had lost their child through fault of their own and it looked like her daughter.

The neurosurgeon never talked about it, but she had an older sister; stress on the “had” part. Her sister was dead now and had been for longer than Kim had been alive. She had watched her own parents slowly destroy her sister’s dreams, which in turn destroyed her sister. She remembered how her older sister faded away in every way possible, losing weight, lower grades before dropping out of college altogether, withdrawing from not only the family, but the whole world until she just decided that she had enough of their parents tearing apart everything she ever wanted or did. Her sister had not even bothered to leave a note, just climbing into a tub full of hot water one day and slit her wrists to take the pain away. Her parents never took responsibility, always swearing that they only wanted the best for their daughters and they pretended like they did not know what would make her do such a thing. Ann broke off all contact with her parents after that, going to live with her grandmother until she was of legal age to be on her own.

James might not be able to see it because he did not know what it looked like, but she did; she knew all too well. He did not know what could happen because he had never witnessed it, but she had and she needed to step in now. She did not feel comfortable with the idea of waiting a second longer for Kim to “work it out of her system.” No, damn that. Definitely damn that.

Ann took brave steps into the room; ever since Kim had returned, it felt like there were toxic vibes radiating from the room warning all to stay out if they valued their lives. The doctor went right to Kim’s still form and shocked the younger redhead by embracing her. Kim actually cringed from the contact. If she felt like speaking, she would have told her mother not to touch her; it sickened her.

“Sweetheart, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. Watching you like this, you of all people, tells me how much Bonnie and Shego mean to you. I can’t, no, I won’t just sit here and watch you waste away just because you were doing something different from the norm. I don’t understand how or why your relationship works with three people in it, but if it works for you, I promise not to judge you over it. You don’t have to lie here like this anymore. You can go back home. I’ll talk to your father, just don’t be like this anymore,” Ann begged as new tears spilled from her eyes. Those tears were for the present and out of fear that she had committed a horrible crime against her own child.

Had she destroyed her daughter like her parents had her sister? And for what, she asked herself. For something that was not even her business, she decided. Bonnie and Shego made her Kimmie happy and that was what should have mattered, not that fact that it was against the norm. What the hell did the norm mean anyway? It was not important. It was nowhere near as important to her as her daughter was and she now refused to let it take her child from her.

“I’ll even drive you back home right now,” Ann offered in a hopeful when Kim remained silent to her words. She wanted Kim to speak to her now, to give her some sign that everything was going to be okay and that she did not have to worry about the worst of all possible things happening to her only daughter.

Kim did not react in any way other than crying herself. It was too late to go back now, she convinced herself. Her lovers were probably getting along swimmingly without her and they were probably more than happy that she was gone. They would not want her back and she would not try. She did not want to ruin the good thing that they undoubtedly had now.

“Kimmie, sweetie, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Why won’t you say something? Come on, get up and I’ll drive you right now,” Ann implored her daughter and Kim weep harder, but did not make a sound while doing it.

Ann was in a panic. Maybe her child had done something rash already. She stood up and moved Kim onto her back to examine her for any kinds of self-inflicted wounds or injuries. All she saw was the same skeletal form that had been curled up in a ball seconds before. So, what was Kim crying about?

“Oh, god, Kimmie, you didn’t take something, did you?” Ann pled to know. What if Kim had tried to overdose on something? Okay, she had to get her daughter to the hospital.

Ann summoned a strength that she did not even know she had to pick Kim up. The hero did not resist in any way, which only made her mother think that she had taken some kind of drug. She carried Kim down the stairs and out the house on her back. She propped Kim up in the car like a crash-test dummy complete with seatbelt and hurried to the hospital, not thinking about what it would like for her, a well-respected surgeon, to come in and informing the doctors that she believed her daughter had overdosed on something. If she had thought about it, she would not have even cared. All that mattered was making sure that Kim had not done something drastic and saving her if she had done something like that.

Shego was making dinner that night. Bonnie had a headache, and had had one for the past few days, so she had gone straight to bed when they got in. She knew that Shego was going to wake her up to eat something because Shego had been doing that since she started going to bed early. Most of the time, she never felt like eating, but her pale girlfriend was always so insistent.

Shego really wished that she could just fall in the bed like Bonnie did, but someone did have to feed both of them. She never made much, though. She did not have the energy for making anything relatively complex. She often made sandwiches or soup, just something that was really quick. For breakfast, they did not even try, leaving the house with breakfast bars in their hands more often than not. It was the best that they could do at the moment, even though they did not even really feel like doing that.

Shego doubted that she had ever felt so depressed in all her life. She never really had anything to be too down about. She had a good upbringing with insane parents and even though her brothers got on her nerves, she secretly loved them as much as she loved her parents. Sure, she had walked out on them when they were a superhero team, but she blamed that on Hego more than herself. He needed to stop being so damn self-righteous all of the damn time. She thought that her little brothers would have walked too, but she neglected to take into account there was a brotherly bond that she obviously missed out on. It was then that she had realized that she was now alone in life, which was a crushing thought, especially at the time because they had been a close family, doing everything together, which was how they talked her into being on the superhero team in first place. That did not even compare to what she felt now.

It did not help matters that she was worried about Bonnie. She knew that Kim was Bonnie’s first love, so Kim walking out had to be the equivalent of pulling Bonnie’s heart out with tweezers through her throat while she was awake for the whole process. She knew that the eternal headache that Bonnie was suffering from was due to Kim leaving them and she could understand that. She actually wished that she could just fall apart from Kim leaving.

Kim was not her first love, but she was her first true love and Bonnie was her second. So, with Kim being gone and Bonnie being absolutely distraught over it just tore into Shego to the point where she was contemplating calling her mother for assistance. Not help in getting Kim back, but help in taking care of her and Bonnie so she could just collapse in bed and never get up again.

Bonnie was such a wreck and she hated going to work now, having to pretend things in her life were fine, which she did not do well. People at her firm knew that they had better enter her office at their own risk and with important business matters or else the legal rottweiler would tear into them with a vengeance. She was in such a bad way that she recognized that she was being burdensome to Shego, but did not care. She thought that as long as she seemed helpless, Shego would take care of her and she would at least still have Shego.

She had lost more than just her first love. She had lost the first person to support her in doing the things that she wanted to do. She had lost the first person to ever believe in her just because of the fact that “you’re Bonnie and you can do anything when you put you mind to it,” were Kim’s exact words. She had lost the first person to accept her for who she was based on her personality, not on what she owned or who she knew, but for solely and purely who she was. Part of her wished that Kim had killed her before leaving instead of taking the world away from her when she exited the house that night. Another part of her thought that was stupid because then Shego would have been left all alone and she did not want that for her green-skinned lover.

Shego was distracted from her task as she heard a knock on the door. She wondered who the hell it was that was bothering them at such a late hour; a late hour to them now in their totally warped minds was eight in the evening an beyond. She grumbled every swear word that came to mind, and made some up, as she made the short trip to the front door. She yanked it open, hoping to scare away whatever irksome visitor they had. She was irate to see Ann Possible standing in front of her and then she noticed that the doctor was carrying Kim on her back.

“What the hell is going on?” Shego said for lack of a better opening line. She was not too sure what to make of the sight that she was witnessing.

Ann was not sure where to begin explaining. She had been thankful to find out at the hospital that Kim had not taken any pills or anything. They had tried to keep Kim overnight and the hero was so out of it that it did not even enter her mind to protest. Ann obviously did not agree with leaving Kim there for the night. She wanted to get Kim back where she belonged as soon as possible, before something tragic happened.

Kim had not noticed where they were going when they left the hospital and she evidently did not know where they were right now. She would have put up a fuss if she did know, but she was currently sleeping. Well, to be more accurate, she had just passed out, as she had been doing since she left her lovers. It counted as sleep, she guessed anyway.

“Please, take Kimmie back,” Ann opted to beg.

“What?” Shego was not following. Everything seemed so off.

“She needs you and Bonnie. You have to take her back and forgive her for leaving. If you don’t…” Ann trailed off. She did not even want to think about what might happen. She could not even let that be an option.

“Does she want to come back?” Shego inquired. They could not take Kim back if she did not want to. After all, they had pled with her to stay before and still she walked out on them, spouting nonsense about being in their way. She had even ignored Bonnie’s tears, which Shego thought had to take incredible willpower from Kim because she knew that even she could not resist when Bonnie was crying.

“She does,” Ann answered wholeheartedly. Of course Kim wanted to come back! She would not have done that to herself if she desired to be separated from the pair.

Shego was not sure what to say. Kim had left so suddenly and now she was being brought back on her mother’s back. It was weird, but she was willing to bet that she knew a way to make things infinitely better in the house.

“Could you take her upstairs and just lay her in the bed?” Shego requested. She doubted that she could carry Kim if she wanted to; she was not at the peak of her physical strength at the moment. Bonnie would undoubtedly light up when Kim was placed next to her.

“All right,” Ann agreed.

Ann stepped deeper into house while Shego shut the door. Ann took a moment to look at Shego and noticed that physically speaking, she looked drained and exhausted. It seemed like she had lost weight too, which she had. Maybe she needed Kim as much as Kim needed her and Bonnie, Ann considered as she got to the stairs.

Shego watched as the doctor climbed the stairs. She was not sure what prompted the redheaded woman to bring Kim back, but she knew that she felt better already just from Kim’s presence. Having Kim in the house took away that feeling of being broken. That nutty little hero better stay too if she knew what was good for her, Shego thought. She did not want to hear anymore crazy talk that involved Kim thinking that it was best for her to leave them ever again.

Ann hit the upstairs and saw that there were four rooms up there; she had never actually been upstairs in the house before, even though she had been to the place on a few occasions. She checked the room where the door was open, but she saw a lump in the bed and for some reason thought that Shego did not mean that room because the bed was occupied. As she was about to go check another room, her mind pointed out that if a couple shared a bed, it was likely that a threesome did too. So, Shego probably wanted her to put Kim down in the bed that was occupied.

The neurosurgeon entered the bedroom and approached the lump in the bed that she guessed was Bonnie. She did not bother turning on the light because she did not have the free hand to do so; she needed both of her arms to keep Kim’s weight balanced on her back. She eased Kim down onto the bed, hoping not to disturb Kim or Bonnie, who was asleep as well. Bonnie did stir, though.

“Sweetie, I’m not hungry right now,” Bonnie mumbled, half-asleep still. She thought that the movement on the bed was Shego trying to wake her up for food, which she was not in the mood for.

Ann did not respond since Bonnie was not speaking to her and she knew that. She settled Kim onto an open area of the large bed; well, maybe it just appeared large because Kim and Bonnie were rather petite young women. She was about to make her way out of the room when the light was suddenly turned on. She turned her attention to the doorway, which was where Shego was standing with her hand still on the switch.

“Push her closer,” Shego instructed the doctor.

“Closer?” Ann echoed.

Shego nodded. “Closer.”

Ann did not argue and moved to push Kim closer to Bonnie without waking the pair. Shego kept telling her closer until Kim was practically lying on Bonnie. Shego thought that was close enough.

“So, what made you change your mind?” Shego asked Ann curiously.

“I don’t want to lose her,” Ann answered while glancing down at her frail-looking child.

“We’re the ones that lost her. You had her back,” the former villainess pointed out, practically sneering as she spoke.

“No, we didn’t have her back. No one had her. Look, I’m not going to pretend that I know how this works—” the doctor was cut off.

“Funny, you sure seemed to think you knew how it worked before,” the pale woman interjected bitterly.

“I made a mistake,” Ann said forcefully, as if she was insulting Shego with the statement.

The green-skinned female shrugged, rather nonchalantly in fact. “Glad you could admit it. At least you came around and you brought her back,” she said, which shocked the redhead. Shego did not have the energy left in her body to be totally upset and Ann had brought Kim back, which was what mattered at the moment.

“No smart comment? No taunting because I admitted to a mistake?” the doctor asked in disbelief. Who was that woman and what had she done with Shego?

“Hey, my mother didn’t take too well to this shit either. Sometimes, we even look at ourselves and wonder what the hell we’re doing. So, like I said, at least you came around and you brought her back,” Shego replied.

“When did you get so understanding?” Ann asked curiously as they exited the room to let the younger pair sleep.

“When I got involved with two girls,” Shego remarked. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ve got no desire to hurt Kim, so I definitely won’t try to kill her. I was never really trying to kill her. Hell, I’m probably so out of shape now, it’s kind of laughable that I would try to seriously fight her. I’m different now,” she stated soundly.

“I figured as much once I stopped and thought about it. I mean, why would Kim want to be around someone that wanted to kill her? What happened to you, if I may ask?” Ann inquired curiously.

“I almost died,” Shego answered as if it was obvious. A surefire way to make someone reexamine her life would be to come very close to killing her and Shego was walking testimony of that. She supposed that only being blown up as she had been would get people to understand.

“Is that it? You just suddenly changed because you almost died?”

“The man that claimed we were ‘an evil family’ tried to blow me the fuck up, twice actually. I didn’t know it at the time, but I knew that if I stuck around him any longer I might be counting my remaining lifetime in days. And after that incident, I just felt like that with every ‘evil genius.’ I never really wanted to take over the world anyway. What the hell would I do with the world?” Shego remarked with a laugh. She had actually never thought about it when she was “evil,” but she had no clue what she would do with the world if she had it.

“Well, since you don’t have the world, just take care of those two,” Ann commented.

“You have my word on that and my word has some creditability lately,” Shego replied and they stood by the front door for a few seconds in silence. “Is your husband all right with this?” she asked curiously.

“He will be when I get through with him,” Ann boasted. She knew that she was being much too confident, though. James had really drawn a line in the sand on the issue. While he was open-minded to many scientific issues, it would seem that social norms were the proper way to go as far as he was concerned. She could see where he got that from since his mother preached tradition, even though she damn sure did not practice it.

Shego smirked. “Don’t hurt the man too much. I hear my mother has plans to do that,” she quipped and she was telling the truth. The last time that she spoke with Isabel, her mother was not pleased with how the rocket scientist treated her.


“Apparently, he said some things that she didn’t agree with. You might want to give him a warning or something because I think he’s brought the wrath of Hell upon himself and I’m serious,” the green-skinned woman said.

“I’ll be sure to tell him. Is it all right if I come by and check on Kim?” Ann inquired. She felt like it was a strange thing to ask, but she felt that it was the polite thing to do after everything.

“Of course. Kim would probably love that. Besides, my mother comes over regardless of the fact that we don’t want her here, so if she can come by unwanted, then someone like you is more than welcomed,” Shego replied. She knew that Kim would probably needed to be convinced that everything was okay anyway and that would probably take a while, so visits from her mother would more than likely help the process along.

“Take care of her,” Ann pled.

“I will,” Shego vowed.

Ann walked out of the door and Shego locked it behind her. The pale woman did made her way back up to the bedroom. She looked down at her two lovers, both looking like shadows of their former selves; she knew that she did not look any better and she really did not. She lay down behind Kim, so the redhead was in between her and Bonnie. Lying like they always did felt like coming into a warm home after being out in a blinding, freezing blizzard for the whole night. She fell asleep, even though she knew that there were still problems that were going to need working out. For the moment though, all was right in the world.

Ann tried her best to explain to her husband why she had let Kim go back to Bonnie and Shego, but James was not listening. He refused to believe that Kim might have ended up doing something drastic. He argued that Kim just was not that sort of person and never would have thought to do something like that. He did not even want to acknowledge that Kim was in serious pain when she had been at their home, even though it was obvious. He apparently was only seeing what he wanted to see, though.

He stayed true to his belief that she was just working it all out of her system and that she would have straightened herself out eventually. He actually stormed out of the house when Ann said she was not going to interfere any more and she was all right with Kim being with Bonnie and Shego. She had never seen him so angry before in all of her life, but then again, he had never been so angry with her in all his life either.

He could not believe that she was going to encourage their daughter to do such inappropriate things. But, then again, he supposed that he should not be too surprised. She was the one that accepted Kim going out with Bonnie in the first place and had talked him into accepting it too, even though he believed that a proper relationship was supposed to be between a man and a woman, as that was an relationship that would bring forth offspring and continue the human race. Now, he had to deal with her more than likely trying to talk him into accepting that thing their daughter was calling a relationship when it was nothing but a mockery and perversion of real relationships.

He believed that society was built upon the fact that relationships were between couples, not trios. Breaking that tradition was taking a crack at society in his opinion. If everyone wanted to break socially established traditions, the world would be left in chaos, as far as he was concerned anyway. People needed to follow the rules to keep order, which was the reason for rules being there in the first place.

Ann was not too sure what she was going to do about James. She knew that it would be hard for her to change his mind. After all, it was an idea that had been in his head since he was a child more than likely. It was hard, if not impossible, to change such ideas in a person. She was going to try, though. She knew that Kim was not looking to lose James, even though she did want to and need to stay with Bonnie and Shego. Ann just wished that he would look at things in a practical and logical manner to see that there was nothing really wrong with the girls being involved with each other.

Bonnie woke up because she had tried turning in the bed and found something was obstructing her movement. She opened her eyes to find out what it was and she knew for a fact that she was dreaming. She started weeping because of the dream; it was not fair that her mind would make her think that Kim was in the bed with them.

“Demon child, what’s wrong?” Shego inquired when she heard the noise. She knew Bonnie’s cry pretty well by now.

“Why do I keep having dreams like this?” Bonnie wondered aloud.

“Oh,” Shego muttered. She knew what was wrong just from that question. Bonnie had woken up plenty of times in the past thinking that Kim was with them again because she had a dream, so now she thought that reality was the dream.

“I want her to come back to us,” Bonnie wept.

“She is back, love.” Shego nudged Kim into Bonnie, who screamed in delight so loudly that she woke Kim up.

“Baby!” Bonnie through her arms around the redhead and held tight. Shego mimicked the move, except not holding on to crushing-point like the lawyer was doing.

“What’s going on?” Kim muttered in a very confused tone.

“You’re home! Oh, thank god you’re home!” Bonnie shouted to the heavens and then she began showering Kim’s face with sweet kisses.

“Wait…what am I doing here?” Kim asked while looking around almost as if she did not recognize the place. Bonnie continued kissing her, even as she moved her head.

“It’s okay, Princess. Your mother brought you back and she doesn’t care if you stay. She’s all right with it and you are staying,” Shego commented while snuggling into Kim’s shoulder blade.

“I’m staying?” Kim echoed as if she did not understand. Why would she be staying? She thought that they would be happy that she had left before.

“Please stay. We’re miserable without you, baby. We all belong together. It doesn’t work with just two of us. It’s got to be the three of us together, loving and supporting each other. So, you have to stay,” Bonnie implored her.

“My mom was okay with it?” Kim asked. She vaguely recalled her mother saying something to that effect and then driving her to the hospital, but she could not totally recall. At the moment, just being near her loves felt so good, that even if the memories of her mother were a dream, she was willing to believe it happened.

“Your mom is totally okay with it. If you don’t believe me, call her right now,” Shego replied. She did not want Kim to have any doubts about being home with them right now, so she would go get the phone and Kim could make the call. She would see that it was all right and they could all be together.

“No…no, I don’t want to get up,” the redhead replied, settling into her place. She felt like she was where she belonged and she was not sure how long people spent looking for some place like that, but she found her place and she was staying.

Shego smiled. “Good. I’d hate to lose my pillow, after all,” she joked.

“Um…are you guys sure you want me back?” Kim inquired in a slightly frightened tone. What if they did not want her back, after all?

“Don’t ask stupid questions, Kimmie,” they answered simultaneously.

Kim did not take offense. “Sorry I ask,” she replied. They all cuddled close together, reveling in being together again. It was how they were supposed to be, they were certain of that.

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