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TITLE: Coming Back


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kim Possible.

SUMMARY: Drakken teamed up with DNAmy but their plan to stop and wound Kim Possible did not succeed…So what does it have to do with Shego?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2506

“I already sent the letter you ask me Shego.” Shego lift her head and look at Clacla who just entered the door. Kish now running toward her. “Hello Kish, how is mommy doing?” Clacla ask as she bend down and took the two year old girl in her arms. “Fine-fine.” Kish answered. The little girl could speak straight in one word, but still have some difficulty with sentences, “Mowmy said you visit today.” “Ofcourse!” Clacla said then smiled. She walk towards the green skinned woman, Kish still in her arms “I addressed the letter to Elizabeth Director. I used my name to make it more inconspicous.” She smiled, then return her focus on the little red head who starts playing with her “animenia.” t-shirt. “yoko-” Kish said pointing on the drawing at Clacla's shirt. “so i'll be waiting for GJ's answer then.” Shego said, now extending her arm and started carressing Kish hair. “how did the other transactions go?” “Well, 10 clearances out of 11 is not bad. I've got to do one thing for China, then they will drop all charges against me. After that all i will be worrying is Middleton. I don't think Global Justice will just let me go.” “So what is your plan?” “To do what they want me to-” Sego look at the black haired doctor and her daughter, “Ofcourse i would have to bargain if they want me lock in jail.” Silence. “You'll do their dirty work then?” Clacla ask, her face serious, “I hope you take into consideration Kish.” “Kish!-mowmy!- ant-ant!” Kish shouted, her face beaming with excitement. “Yes…ofcourse i did.” “I did not told GJ about Kish. I wrote in the letter a probable amicable settlement. You told me no cell could hold you, so i hope the message gets through that Director lady you are talking about.” “The message will come thru, you don't have to worry. Betty Director is one of the most intelligent person i've met.” “And the other one is Kim?” Clacla ask. “Me?” Kish ask, her face making a very cute pout, her small index finger pointing at herself. “No, honey, not you.” Shego said, smiling as she remembered her red headed heroine. How Kish looks very much like Kim. Her hair now a darker shade of red, the green tint faded, her skin a healthy pink, just like her other mommy. Her eyes green like theirs, those rounded face that says ‘hey iam Kim POssible's daughter!’, just one trait Kish got from her mommy that no one can say she isn't Shegos. Kish accidentally found out that she inherited her mommy's green plasma.Kish was playing on the backyard with Clacla, when a small snake came darting their way. The little red head was so scared, and then both her hands started lighting up green plasma. Kish was able to throw it towards the snake, the little girl was too scared and thought that her hands were caught in fire. She toasted the snake and almost burn everything in the backyard. Clacla was there to witness it, and tell the story to Shego. “So when will you be leaving for China?” Clacla ask. “Tomorrow.” “I see…” Clacla look at Kish, “So you are going with ant-ant later?” “Yeah!” Kish look at Shego and held her arms out. Shego pulled the little girl to her and sitted her on her lap, “Mowmy going out?” “Yes, Mommy is going to China.” “Wow, China!” Kish shouted, “Can Kish come ha mowmy?” Shego smiled and kiss her daughter's forhead, “No. I'll be back as soon as i can anyway.” “Can I go to Enchanted Kingdom?” (1) Kish ask. “That depends on your ant-ant.” “Hey! You know i don't ride…” Clacla interjected, “We could go there but no rides!” “Ewwww.” mother and daughter said.
Kim Put down her backpack on the floor and sitted herself on her large leather couch. It has been a long day. Today she got a letter from Global Justice encouraging her to join the force. Kim POssible retired from the hero business 2 years ago, concentrated in her study as she entered college. The genius in her made her to accomplish a BS course in chemistry for 2 years, and now is currently doing another bs major, now in physics. There are other offers for her aside from GJ, but she have to turn them down. NOw another letter to turn down. Since she learned about the reason of Shego's disappearance, fighting to her doesn't appeal anymore. She have coaxed Wade to look for the green woman, and in two years, though there was no positive result of Wade's effort, Kim did not give up. Wade on the other hand knew that if Shego wanted to be found, they can, but it seems the green skinned thief just erased everything…and was able to find a place his genius cannot reach. There was a stir of hope when Wade found out that the charges against Shego is being dropped, now at 10 countries, that left America with an outstanding warrant of arrest. This means Shego is there…just hiding. No. Shego and their daughter. Kim started massaging her head as she felt a headache come. Aside from her second degree, Kim is busy with work. A year ago, Bonnie Rockwaller came back to middleton with a bad news. Her early marriage with Josh Mackey ended with a divorce and a lawsuit, apparently, Josh Manckey just used her to get to the rockwaller's treasure, once the intention was found out, they got divorce, Bonnie was thrown out of her family and a lawsuit followed. Bonnie, Kim, Monique and Ron started a small daycare center. Bonnie who is a graduate of theater arts and a good dancer offerred balley classes which the parents actually liked for their little girls. Kim on the other hand offerred to teach beginner's martial arts for the little boys, and some little girls. This means extra income. Monique designed the daycare's uniform, and supplying them and Ron takes care of the food. So all in all the business was good. And on its second year, the number of toddler's being enrolled increases, and the four have to arrange their schedules to accomodate the increase in enrollees. Kim rested her back on the couch, and a smile is visible in her face, imagining her daughter…"She must be 2 years old now, who does she look like, me or Shego?” she told herself, then giggling. Her thought was interrupted by her kimmunicator's beep. “Hey wade!” “Yoh Kim.” “How are you doing?” “Fine really, hey i have a news for you…” Wade punch in some keys. “What is that?” Kim ask, her brows scrunching. “Oh, i just made sure GJ's not recording this.” Wade is now GJ's employee, and though he is GJ's he remained a friend to Kim and Ron, and keeps on looking for the green skinned thief. “So what's the sitch?” “GJ got a letter, It's addressed to Dr. Director, there was no return address to the envelope, but i have a hunch it came from Shego.” there was silence. “It was not in her name, the name is under Clarissa Manaligod,and i search for her, and nothing in the computer i could come up with.” “So how come it is related to Shego?” “The letter is actually an amicable settlement between Shego and GJ.” “Settlement?” “Shego is willing to do GJ's bid independently in return, all her charges here be drop.” Kim fell silent. “Dr. Director herself gave me the letter and ask me to analyze it, and find whatever i can on this Clarissa Manaligod, and i cannot find a thing unless this person is actually non existent or-” “Or…she is located in a backwater country that it's computer program sucks or is older than my nana.” Kim ended. “You got me there.” silence again. “What is GJ's stand?” “None yet Kim. BUt i think they will give in with this if Shego will not show up.” “And our daughter?” Kim ask, her face now displaying a hopeful expression. “There was no mention of any daughter Kim. I think its either Drakken was lying to you to hurt you, or Shego doesn't want anyone to learn about her and you having a daughter. The question is why would Shego want that?” silence again. “Because in our past line of work we got to have lots of enemies…and making it known to the world is simply putting our daughter in danger.” “Kim.” Wade sighed, “I'll let you know what GJ decides. If they give in to this letter to pull Shego from hiding, that means your thief is coming back.” Kim did not answer. HEr face expressionless ‘Oh, God, please make GJ come up with a plan and bring me back Shego and my daughter’ Kim's mind started chanting. “Thank you Wade, i'll expect a call from you about this?” “I will KIm.” “Thank you Wade, you always rock!” Kim said now with a smile. “So do you KIm, goodbye.” There was a click, and the lcd flicker until it went black. “Shego.”
It was the longest week, and she missed her daughter already. The Chinese government's idea of payback is quite a bitch. The President's daughter was apparently taken by non-christian terrorist group, and is asking the chinese government to pay them an amount that even The wealthiest country would gag on, they gave the government 1 month to raise the money and have their highest quality artillery be send along with the money. The Chinese government cannot wait that long and they took the opportunity by sneding in Shego to rescue the first daughter. Shego will have to use her stealth to infiltrate, and wait for the chinese army to back her up. The mission was one hell, lots of killing that even Shego cannot bear. BUt it was successful. Shego was able to take the first daughter before the erruption of the battle took place. The Chinese Government won. The case against her was drop. Condition: She is not to set foot in any key cities of China. And that includes Hongkong. That was disgusting but better in the end. Shego put in the key to the door knob, turn it clockwise and the door opened. The living room is dark, one week of absence, and for one week, there is no one in this apartment. Kish must be spending her time with Clacla in her house. Glad of coming back, she stretch her muscle and traverse the living room to te stairs, 5 flight of stairs and she is at a mezanine, going to the end room, her room she entered, open the light and wnet to the bathroom. 30 minutes later, she went out and took the phone by her sidetable. “Clacla?” Shego ask the moment someone took the receiver from the other end. “No!” it was a scream. “Kish?” “Mowmy? MOwmy!!!!” Kish started screaming, “ant-ant!!!!! Mowmy is on the fone, ant-ant!!!!!” Shego chuckled as she heard her daughter scream, ‘mowmy is on the fone!!!!!’, she heard Kish scream again. “Mowmy?” “Yeah princess.” “I am mowmy's princess!” “YEs you are.” “Are you home already? Ant-ant is making me chocolaitshake!” Shego just shook her head, “You and your ant-ant, she is spoiling you!” “I am not spoiling!” Kish said then laugh. Shego heard Kish talking away from the phone, “Mowmy, ant-ant here.” “Shego.” Clacla greeted “How was China?” “Good, scary but the result is good.” “So?” “I am planning to go back to middleton, quietly.” “Ohhh.” “Me and Kish will be staying for a week more, i need rest, then we will be flying to Middleton. I am contacting my mother.” “So…i week ha?” Clacla's voice sound sad, “Hope you can starighten out your problems there.” “Yeah,i do hope too.” “I'll visit you there when i'm free.” “Your welcome anytime.” “Good. I'll have Kish drink this cocolait shake with ‘vitamin'-” Clacla saying the vitamin in a lower tone, ans Shego got the message, “Then we'll head back there.” “Thanks Cla, i don't know what will happen to us if your not here.” “Hey, i am not just your intern, i'm a trusted friend remember?” “YEah. Thank you very much.” “Walang anuman"(2) Shego waited for an hour more before the door to her room opened and a little red head bounded on her feet, and jump towards her. Then an uproarious laughter graced the entire room, as Shego started tickling her daughter, while the black haired doctor is just standing at the room entrance and watching the two interact.
ONe week is short a time. Shego contacted her mother Estella and told her intention of coming back to middleton quietly. Her mother who is now living alone in a small apartment in middleton agreed, and is excited to finally see her granddaughter. Evrything was arrange, Clacla have been of great help, and Kish is reluctant in going. The red head wanted her ant-ant with them but the doctor cannot. The doctor have to make an empty promise so that the little girl will let go of her. It was heart breaking to see the little redhead break into pitiful sobs as Shego and Kish entered the boarding area. In the end, the trip was silent. Kish decided to keep quiet and sleep the whole time until they arrive at Middleton airport. They were greeted by the smiling Estella, taking Kish into her arm, te little girl did not squirm, but she kept quiet, deciding not to answer her grandmother's question. “She must be beat.” Estella said as she started carressing her granddaughter's hair. “She is not, she is having a tantrum, and thats how she do it.” Shego said shaking her head, “She doesn't want to leave clacla behind.” “I want my ant-ant!” Kish then suddenly scream. “You can't ! She have work and she is not a citizen!” Shego answered screaming as well. The little redhead decided to keep quiet, then Shego felt something familiar and she look at her daughter. KIsh is now making a puppy dog pout ‘the hell?’ shego ask herself, and the look progressed. “Kish? What the hell are you doing with your face?” Shego ask. “Isn't she cute?” Estella said smiling. “Stop that Kish!” Shego screamed. But instead of stopping, KIsh made the pout more cuter, and now tears began to flock on the little girl's eyes. “Oh god!” Shego said slumping her shoulder, then she took Kish from her mother and held the little red head in embrace, “Stop that okay.” Shego said now more mellow, rubbing her daughter's back. “I want ant-ant.” “She will follow, so stop whatever is that you are doing okay?” Shego felt her daughter nod, then the red head starts sobbing lightly. SHego held the little girl tighter, and her daughter returned the hug. Estella is just looking at her daughter, smiling. -end 2 -
(1) Place where there are rides…and that sort of thing. It is located in Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines. (2) Your welcome.

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