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TITLE: Baby 101


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kim Possible.

SUMMARY: Drakken teamed up with DNAmy but their plan to stop and wound Kim Possible did not succeed…So what does it have to do with Shego?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2875

A/N: Its one of the crazy ideas I have. I rate this R.


I could hear people running to and fro, causing a commotion on where I am right now. If you heard what that woman shouted you should have guess where I am…

To those who have, congratulations…I am at a hospital's Delivery room, and nope, I am not the one who is having the baby, but yes I am in labor, but my good Doctor (a female mind you) said I still have to wait.

“Again…how far is the baby?” I ask my doctor who actually is a medical intern in the hospital where I am in.

She sighed, and smiled at me, I smiled at her, She have been here beside me, monitoring me and my baby, making sure everything is fine, her selfless actions and gentleness making her way to my heart, “According to your latest IE (internal examination), Station 0” So she said and explained it to me in a way I could understand her. And I appreciate it.

“How long am I going to be in labor still?” I ask her again, sometimes I wander, doesn't she feel irritated that I ask her much, she looks tired to me but she really is nice.

“You haven't entered the active phase of labor yet, your 3 cm's dilated, so lets say about an hour waiting and you'll enter the first stage of active labor, that is at 4 cm.” She said looking at me, smiling, pointing her hand that is holding a pen, “won't take long.” she said, then putting her hand again on my enlarged abdomen, “Your contracting again, do you feel alright?”

“Painful but I can manage this.” I said, I have quite a high tolerance with pain.

“Yeah, I see you have good pain tolerance, wait ‘till you progress to 6 cm.”

“How do you know? Have you been in labor before?”

“Me? Nah!” My intern said shruggin then making a low laugh, “I want to have kids but I absolutely don't want to go into this!” She said pointing at my belly.

“Well…” I smiled at her, “I really never thought of having kids.”

“Really? HOw come?” She ask pointing at my belly again. I laugh when I see her scrunching her forehead, “Accidental?” She added.


“YOu should have told your sex partner to use condom or-”

“It's not like that.” I cut her.

“Oh…” there was silence. I knew, and can feel it that she wanted to ask but being a very polite and nice woman, she just keep her mouth shut.

“Want to know how I get pregnant?” I saw her look at me and smile, “No, it's alright, I haven't told anyone about it yet…if I tell you you'll be the first, and you might not believe me.”

“hell…science do lots of wonders!” She said, now giggling, “I will be honored if you tell me-” She stop, “Does that mean, the medical history I write is wrong?”

“Well not all…at least the menarche and coitarche is true.”

“So should I change-”

“No, I want this pregnancy to be very secret, so if I can't trust-”

“You can trust me.”

I smiled at her…I'll be waiting for long hours before I go into full labor, I could tell this story to her…

“GAwd! Dr. D!!!!!” Shego shouted, she have been given a rest by her employer Dr. Drakken, she knew the blue doctor have something in his sleeves and he doesn't want his green skinned employee to know. But the hell, Shego is shego and she will know what is brewing up if Drakken doesn't want his body burn with Plasma.

She have been in vacation for a month now, and being useless is not in SHego's vocabulary. Dr. D must have something he needs, and Shego should be there to get it, then Kim Possible will hear about it, her red head will be after her, and they will meet head on…fight…

Shego stopped hollering, her mind drifted far away…Far away to where she and her Kimmie is sparring, their sweat filled bodies meeting, touching…So Shego have this perverted thoughts now, and a wide grin is visible in her face…then she heard HIM.

“Bwahahahahahahahaha! Atlast Kim Possible is not going to be on our way to take over the world!!!!”

‘Dr D?’ Shego thought.

“Oh Drewbie! What are you talking about…we have a major problem here!”

Shego heard a familiar voice of a woman, and ‘drewbie?’ there is just one person who calls evil geniuses that…DNAmy! Shego's thought moves fast, what is her employer planning that he have to team up with DNAmy? PLease don't make it a giant puppy again, Shego run towards where she could hear the voice. She punch through a hole in the closed and locked laboratory door and pushed her way in.

“DR. D!!!” Shego shouted.

“SHEEEGOOOOO!” Dr. Drakken's eyes widens, the blue man starts to whimper when he saw his employee.

“What-are-you-into?” Shego ask when she saw her employer coiled like a fetus in a corner of the laboratory. Then looking around she saw a shaking DNAmy, and behind the fat woman is a small glass chamber, inside it is something she can't recognized, the chamber is filled with fluids, and outside of it she could see blood bag pumped into the chamber, “What is that?!!” Shego shouted pointing her finger on the chamber.

Drakken slowly raised his head and look at where Shego is pointing, “Oh That!” Drakken said cheerily, then stand up as if Shego is not there to pulvorized him, “That is me and Dnamy's bright experiment that will break Kim!” Said Dr. Drakken.

“And what is that?” Shego ask again.


“Dr. D!” Shego's eyes began to twitch, then she lit a single hand and raised it.

“IT's a fetus!” Dr. Drakken Shouted.

“What? You made a fucking clone of me again!!!!” Shego shouted.

“No! NO! it's not like that Shego.” Dnamy interrupted, “This is not a clone…this is a real baby!” Dnamy said.

“HOw the hell can a baby like that break Kim Possible?”

“Oh…If she learns that the baby is hers, and we raised it and hate her and fight her…”

Shego look at Drakken then at Amy, “So like a psychological war, something like that?”

“Yes.” Drakken said as he nodded fast.

“And who is the other half?”

“What other half?” Drakken ask, faking innocence.

“The fuck Dr. D! I may not be into science but I know that it takes two sets of Dna to make one whole baby!!!!” Shego shouted.

“OKay! It's yours!” Dr. Drakken shouted, then he put his palm on his mouth, his eyes widens.

Shego was stunned. There was silence.

“But there is some problem…the fetus doesn't seem to thrive in this case, we have to abort this and try-”

“The fuck!” Shego shouted again, her eyes blazing with fury, and her hands now glow with plasma, then she sent one plasma blast to the now fleeing Drakken, “Fuck! That's a baby, it is Kim and mine and your saying you'll kill it!” Shego now turn to DNAmy.

“Bu-but if if-we-we could not-not find a right container, this will die as well!”

“Then built one!” Shego hollered.

“I can't, we don't have much time unless-”

“Unless what?” Shego ask angrily.

“UnlessweputitinsidekimPossiblesbody.” Dnamy said in one breath and in a whisper.

“Put it inside my Kimmie? Your insane right?”

“And what do you suggest?” Dnamy ask Shego in return.


Shego let her plasma died down, “Can my body be the container?” Shego ask.

Dnamy look at Shego wide eyed, “You know the consequence if you-”

“I know…I am not going to let that baby die because you two morons couldn't do something right.” Shego said.

DNAmy smiled, “very well then…”

I look at her nod as I ended my story there, I did not elaborate on how it was transferred from that container to my body, she smiled at me, “Not convince?” I saw her eyes roll, then I raised my hand and ignited it.

“Whoa!” My doctor said as she jumps from where she is sitting, “Okay I beleive you.”

“good.” I said then smiled, “Jeez, the pain is getting stronger.” I said.

My doctor came to me, and do another IE, “Wow, I guess your story telling made your baby impatient. I'll call for Dra. so she could request for the epidural now.” She said then smiled, “Don't worry Shego, I'll keep it a secret…”

“I know.” I said and smiled at her.

“Cla-cla! Phone!” I heard a nurse call my doctor.

“I'll be back Shego.” She said, she look at me one last time and smiled, “You love her don't you?” She ask, giggle then left. Despite the pain I am feeling right now, I can't help but smile.

Do I?


“What's the sitch Wade?” Kim Possible said the moment she opened her Kimmunicator.

“Got a hit Kim, Drakken is-” Wade stop, “You really won't believe this Kim.”

“What Wade?” Kim ask trying to hide her irritation.

“Drakken's at Smarty mart.”

“Booyah! Shopping?” Ron interrupted. Ron is at Kim's back, looking at the young genius.

“Ron!” Kim shouted which startled the blond side kick.

“PMS!” rufus squeek peeking out from Ron's pocket, Ron look at his pet and nodded.

“I don't think Drakken is shopping, shopping doesn't require a ray-gun.”

Kim's face suddenly errupted with a smile.

“We need a ride Wade, please and thank you.”

“On it.”

Kim closed her Kimmunicator.

The red head teen heroine have been practically brewing for almost 6 months. As to why? The blonde side kick and the boy genius doesn't know, but they have a hunch…

It has been 8 months since Team Possible have last encountered a blue skin megalomaniac, and his side kick, a green skinned, thief. Then after that, no activities where reported. Kim Possible started taking down the other villains, MOnkey fist, Killigan, Dementor, Gemini, SSS…but no Drakken and Shego. It was good at the start, but as each moment passes,a certain red head starts to wonder, then Kim Possible's mood changes, she became more irritable, more hot headed.

Smiling, the teen heroine started changing into her mission clothes as soon as she arrived home, finally after half a year she is going to meet the green skinned villainess again, they'll be fighting like before. Kim have memorized the move in her head, she have memorized the feeling their fight brings to her. Kim Possible is totally EXCITED.

5 minutes and their ride is at the Possible's frontyard. Kim boarded a black van, and it sped out of the yard in a blazing speed.

“Do you think your all that?!!!!!” Drakken shouted as he pointed a 20 inches long thing he called ‘Ray-gun’, “All of You!!!! On your knees!!!!” HE added then followed by his signature laugh, not moving his ray gun. “You shall bow before the greatest!, the genius and the most EVIL VILLAIN ever!” HE continued his rambling.

“Not when I am still alive Drakken!”

Drakken's eyes widens as e ehard a familiar voice.

“Kim Possible! My Arch nemesis!” He said in an arrogant voice, “Your too late!” He shouted, then he turn around to face Kim Possible, and pointeds his ray gun to the teen heroine…and he pulled the trigger…

“Oh my Fucking GOD!!!!!” I cursed as I felt the pain soared thru my body.

“C'mon SHego, no sound, concentrate the pressure on your ass then push! Don't get air from your throat, you have to use your abdomen to push!” I heard my intern tell me. I am gripping her hand, I know i've been digging my nails on her but she never complained, I am thankful I haven't burst into flames yet.

“Okay rest, your uterus is not yet contracting.” My Obstetrician told me, smiling, “Next contraction, I need you to push longer Sheryll, your Baby's head is already here, I can see her.”

“Really?” I ask.

I turn my head on my intern who walk towards my legs, then she peek, I watch her nod, “I can see her hair Shego.” She said smiling.

I smiled, “Really?”

“YEs!” She said then she returned to my side, she put out a clean 8x12 gauze, and she wiped away my perspiration, “Red head.” then she shrugged her shoulder and her smile widens. I felt her hand went to my still distended abdomen, and feel her play with it.

“What are you doing?”

“I'm making your uterus contract-” The moment she said that, I felt my uterus hardened.


“Okay your contracting, we can do this Shego, okay, 1,2 PUSH!”

Evryone in the room shouted push, So I did. This time I did Cla-cla's instruction, no sound, I concentrated the pressure on my ass, and push longer than I usually do.

“VEry good…”

The last I heard, and a cry of a newborn baby…

Kim's jaw slacked as the ray-gun hit her. The ray-gun that the blue scientist is braggin is nothing but a toy…And now Kim Possible is wet…

“Drakken…” Kim growl, her eyes murderous, she Jump from where she is to pounce on the blue doctor.

Drakken who finally regained his mind started running, but a hard toy hit him on the head, and he fell over.

Kim walked towards the blue man, slowly, expecting the green thief to appear once she is close. But to Kim and Ron's surprise, Kim was able to take hold of the doctor without a plasma blasting around.

“Ah…KP, I think there is something wrong here?” Ron said, his eyes darting around the mall.

KP's brow furrowed and with all her strength she didn't knew she have, she lifted the scientist up and pinned him in the wall. Ron's eyes widens with the display of strength, and Rufus’ jaw just have to drop.

“Where-is-SHe-go?” Kim aske in a very cold tone.

“She-shego who?”

Kim punch Drakken in his face, “Don't mess with me Drakken, where is SHEGO?!” She shouted, a tone of desperation is noted.



“She isn't in my employ anymore! She quit!!!!” Drakken shouted, then he did something embarrassing, he peed his pants.

“Oh my Lord.” Ron said, eyes still wide.


“What do you mean why? She quit!”


“Okay! She is pregnant…so she quit!”


then a loud thud. Kim released Drakken abruptly causing the blue man to fall on his ass. Drakken started to get up while he massages his aching ass, and mumbling.

“- if she weren't an idiot, she would have not carried that fetus you should have carried-” too late to realized that his rumbling is heard by the teen heroine.

Kim spun around to face the doctor again, er face sporting an evil look equal or far greater than that of Shego.

“Wh-what did I say?” he smiled, the look of nervousness is apparent in his face.

“What fetus?” Kim ask, slowly walking towards the blue man.

“KP?” Ron knew that look, that look means you have to run or suffer, “KP.” Ron said again, following the red head but keeping distance.

“WHAT FETUS!” Kim said punching the blue man, good thing the doctor was able to docked, and Kim's punch colliding with the mall's wall, making a visible dent.

Ron scrunch his face “Ouch.”

“What-wha-” Drakken was not able to finish his sentence as he felt Kim tugged his laboratory coat, “I'll say it please don't hurt me.” Drakken said whimpering, Kim did not said anything she just keep on looking at the blue doctor,"I-I teamed up with DNamy and made a fetus, half yours and half Shego, but the container we used malfunction, so we need another container…and Shego volunteered…so right now…Shego is probably on her last month…”

“Where is she?”

Drakken shook his head, and its true, once the green skinned thief quit, she left wihtout a word, and God Knows where Shego could have been, “I'm telling the tru-” Drakken did not finish is word as he felt his world fell into darkness.

Kim released the fainted doctor and turn on her Kimmunicator.


“Kim, what's the sitch?”

“Will you Locate Shego's location for me please and thank you?”


“Look, I'll explain later.” Kim said then turning off her Kimmunicator and walked out of the mall.

“Isn't she cute?” My intern told me as I held the little girl in my arms, “What would you name her?” She ask.

“She looks like Kim, except for the light green hue on her skin and hair.” I said carressing the bulging cheek of the infant.

“You think she'll have those igniting power of yours too?” My intern Cla-cla ask.

“I don't know…i'll see.”

“So what will you name her? The Hospital will need a name.”

There was silence in the room, and I watch my Cla-cla played with my baby, “cutchi-kitchi coo!” she said, I smiled looking at a future doctor regress into a child.


“Kitchie?” Cla-cla ask.

“Kim- shego, Kishe.”

Cla-cla smiled, “Why not just name her Kimberly Sheryll, then nick name Kishe, like ‘kish me- (to the tune of Kiss me by Sixpence none the richer)’ but it's your call, she's your daughter.”

I smiled at her, “That is not a bad idea.”

My intern smiled, “Welcome to the world Kish.”

-end Lesson 1 -

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