To the Betrayerl comes the Betrayal

Chapter 2

Mourning Tears


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TITLE: Mourning Tears

AUTHOR: Wolfie

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kim Possible or any of its characters Disney owns them.

SUMMARY: When Kim’s life is shattered by those she trusted she disappears. Now years later she’s back, no longer the innocent young girl she used to be. Her only goal: Take revenge against those who wronged her but why is a certain greenskinned woman drawn to her?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Note: First off I would like to thank all my reviews who read and obviously left a review. I’m glad that you all are enjoying my story…it makes me very happy. Well here’s another chapter…please continue to enjoy the story and don’t forget to leave a review.

Words: 8694

“I take it that your mission went well?” a voice asks Gemini from the shadows. The voice was that of the same person that he had spoken to less than a half a day ago.

“Better than we could have hoped.” Gemini responded while chuckling evilly. Taking down Kim Possible had been easier than expected.

The girl was already worn at having been sent on four missions in a row within two days. That’s right Gemini knew all about the girls missions, curtsey of hacking into Global Justice’s information banks, and had taken full advantage of the situation. Adding to his victory was the fact that the girl was blinded completely by her anger and rage towards him that it caused her to lose focus on her attackers.

“Good then,” the voice replied its owner still hiding in shadow. “Now it’s time to get this plan underway before we truly begin. Have one of your men -accidentally- disclose some information about last night’s events to GJ.” The voice ordered. “After that’s taken care of we’ll let the world mourn the death of their protector before we move any further.”

A nod from Gemini was their only response. “Good.” The voice stated before the sound of footsteps echoed throughout the room signaling that they were leaving. Then once again the room was silent all save for Gemini’s slow breathing.

(Outskirts of Middleton)

Kim was currently sleeping on the branch of a very large and very tall Walnut Black tree. Its leaves were a vibrant green and they glistened in the morning light due to the droplets of water collected on its leaves thanks to the heavy shower the night before. The tree was very healthy because its leaves were so thick that you could barely see between them and notice the sleeping teen tucked away safely guarded within.

Filtering through the trees protective covering was a small stream of morning sunlight that landed directly on Kim’s face. She stirred a bit but she did not awaken. Being in the sunlight allowed you to fully get a glimpse at the teen’s body.

Kim’s once fiery red orange mane that flowed easily in the wind like the waters of a stream was now dull and matted to her head due to the dried blood from last night. Her face was covered in cuts and bruises as well as specks of dried mud. Her shirt was now almost completely gone from her body, save for the damp and black material around her chest. Without her shirt covering much of her body you could clearly see that both of her arms were heavily damaged; and had probably been in better conditions. On the upper half of her right shoulder you could see a huge gash than ran all the way to the upper chest right before you got to her breast; her muscles around it spasmed due to the pain.

Kim began to stir more when the wind began to blow causing the leaves to rustle and brush against her noise, tickling it. Slowly Kim opened her eyes; they were still as dull as ever because she no longer carried that spark within her eyes. Kim leaned back into the bark of the tree taking in her surroundings from her spot in the tree.

The sun was fully out and the sky was a lovely baby blue. Clouds lazily drifted overhead, some taking on shape, being carried by the gentle blowing wind; the air was a bit chilly, no doubt due to the rains of the previous night. Looking down she saw how the clouds covered the other trees of the forest in shadow. But only for a moment before the wind brushed them aside and allowed the warm and gentle sunlight to rain down upon them.

On the ground below, she saw the rich soil of the forest floor. She watched as small critters scurried about going about their morning ritual with vigor. She saw a baby chipmunk scurry out of his home. Kim watched silently as the young chipmunk tried his best to climb up the tree to reach an acorn that was hanging on a low branch about maybe 6” inches off the ground. Eventually, another and much larger chipmunk appeared on the scene. The larger one easily climbed up the tree towards its goal…the acorn.

Once the larger chipmunk had gotten the acorn, it quickly scurried back down to the awaiting little one. Using its paws it handed the baby the acorn and watched as the younger of them began to roll the acorn into their home. Kim smiled sadly at the scene. It reminded her of the many times her mother had helped her reach things in the house when she was too little to get them herself.

Kim wondered how last night could be such a living -hell- for her and today it was as if the world was unaware of the events that had taken place prior to; as if everything had been a nightmare. Moreover, Kim had hoped and prayed with every fiber of her being that it was all just a nightmare and that she would awaken and find herself buried deep within the warm covers of her bed. However, last night was real, no matter how she tried to look at it…her friends and family were dead.

Kim effortlessly jumped from the tree and landed quietly on the ground below. She jumped and winced a bit when she landed; looking down at her leg told her why. Her left leg had a nice piece of glass sticking from it, red with her blood. She was so out of it last night that she didn’t even remember when the glass entered her flesh let alone the pain it was causing her.

Kim limped through the forest until she stumbled across a stream and waterfall. White-ish grey rocks adorned the stream as it snaked its way through the forest along with large boulders that lay scattered up and down the bank as well. The water coming down from the waterfall caused ripples in the still stream below and caused it to speed its way through the dense forest.

Kim made her way and area along the bank that was undisturbed the falling water. Once she found it, she sat down slowly atop the dull rocks and peered into the clear waters looking at her reflection. She then allowed her thoughts to consume her.

(GJ Headquarters)

About a dozen GJ operatives sat in the main room typing away on computers. Each agent had a specific job that they were assigned. Some handled and sorted through the paper work that was to be delivered to Dr. Director for her approval while others dealt with monitoring the different criminal activities that were going on.

As one operative was reading messages of times criminal activities had been planned or going to occur a message popped up on his screen. He opened the letter nonchalantly thinking it to be another evil villain’s barbeque or something like that. The second he clicked opened the message and began to read it his faced paled instantly. The operative quickly called for his superior officer.

“AGENT WILL DU!” the man began to yell at the top of his lungs. “SIR WE HAVE A MAJOR SITUATION!”

Agent Will Du came over quickly as he stared at his subordinate. The other GJ operative only pointed at his computer screen causing Will’s attention to focus on the screen. The second Will read the message he quickly ordered a print out of the message and that the origins of the message be traced.

After he was given a copy of the message, Will walked quickly towards Dr. Director’s office. Knowing that the older woman would want to see this immediately.

(Dr. Director’s office)

Dr. Betty Director was currently sitting at her desk reading and signing paper work. She sighed in frustration as she lifted her free hand to massage at her temple. Honestly, being head of a world-renowned secret organization wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

As she was about to get back to work there came a knock at her door. “Enter.” She stated slightly annoyed. She had specifically ordered -not- to be interrupted by anybody unless it was a dire emergency.

Entering through the door was one of her best agents Will Du. The look on his face told Dr. Director that he had good reason for disturbing her and that the situation must be dire indeed.

“Ma’am.” Will Du greeted while stopping in front of her desk.

“What is it agent Will Du?” Dr. Director asked while placing her pen down and focusing all of her attention on him.

Will cleared his throat before continuing. “Ma’am I believe you should take a look at this.” He stated while sitting down the paper on her desk.

Dr. Director reached out for it and grabbed the paper in her hand. After bringing the paper to eye level so she could read what was on it she began to read it. Soon after her only eye widened in shock; she reread the letter again just to make sure her eye wasn’t playing tricks on her and that what she had read was true.

“WILL,” she began to yell in anger. “I WANT YOU TO TAKE 2 UNITS AND GO AND CHECK OUT THEIR HOMES!” Dr. Director yelled at the top of her lungs standing from her seat in the process. She prayed to whatever deity there was that the contents of the letter weren’t true.

“Ma’am” Will answered while saluting before quickly rushing out of the room.

Betty dropped back into her seat and appeared to be in deep thought. How could this have happened and right under their noses. She should have known something had gone wrong the moment that Kim didn’t check in to let them know she had captured Gemini or at least that she had fought him. Another thought that struck Betty was why Kim didn’t call and ask for their assistance. Betty would’ve have gladly given her the manpower she needed to rescue her family and friends.

Betty shuttered as another thought ran through her mind and she hoped that she was wrong in her assumption.

After regaining her composure, she arose to her feet and heading towards the door of her office. This case needed her immediate attention so she would see to it personally. She had to see it for herself to know if it were true.

(Shego’s Place)

Moonlight spilled through the bedroom window of a darkened room. Heavy breathing filled the air, as the silhouette of two figures could be made out lying in what appeared to be the bed.

“Shego” a voice whispered huskily. The voice sounded extremely familiar but their body remained covered in shadow so you couldn’t see who they were.

The silhouette of Shego could be seen moving closer to the other body occupying the bed with her. Shego wrapped her strong, yet gentle, arms around them and pulled them closer to her warm body.

“Yes my darling” Shego replied while whispering heavily into their ear before she began to nibble gently on it.

The action caused the other person to shiver with pleasure before and loud moan escaped their throat. Liking their response Shego began to nibble just a bit harder and flick her tongue over the ear as well. The response was everything she hoped for and then some. The body next to her arched into her while their breathing became heavier and light whimper escaped them.

Shego slowly unwrapped her arms from their body causing the other person to whine loudly. Apparently, the other person wasn’t happy when their body contact ended. Shego leaned her head down and kissed them gently on the lips; her way of apologizing for breaking their contact.

Shego then grabbed at what appeared to be the sheets and slowly began to remove them from their body. The second the sheet was gone she began her attack. Just like a predator, she went right for the throat. Shego covered their neck with hot fevered wet kisses causing cries of pleasure to come from her prey.

Shego hit an extremely sensitive spot on her prey’s neck causing their pleasure filled cries to go several pitches higher. Shego haulted her assault for a brief moment to linger in that spot for a while. She could feel the body beneath her begin to writhe in pleasure from her ministrations.

Shego began to suck on the sensitive spot of her prey’s neck building up their arousal as well as her own. She then proceeded to bite down gently earning a gasp from the body beneath her. She lifted her mouth from their delicious skin, her hot breath sending waves of pleasure throughout her prey’s body.

“Mine” Shego whispered into the darkened room as her hands began to roam her prey’s body.

Shego jolted awake from her pleasurable dream. Her hair was chaotic and she was so sweaty that her shirt was stuck to her body. Groaning loudly she fell back down to the warm comfort of her bed. Shego felt that something was off the moment her body jolted awake. Normally she would never have awoken from one of -those- dreams until both she and her ‘prey’ had reached their peaks.

The rays of the morning sunlight spilled through her bedroom landing on her and some of the furniture. Shego’s room was quite simple, well…by her standards anyway. Her room had five windows along with a nice king sized bed sporting her trademark colors green and black. Located to the right of the bed a black, obviously, nightstand with a lamp posted on top of it along with a black digital clock that showed the numbers in green.

There was also a dresser, equipped with a mirror, across from the bed. It was black and had golden lining running along its edges as well as golden handles. Next to the dresser was a weight set that Shego used when she had energy to burn at night but just didn’t feel like leaving out of her room and head towards the indoor weight room.

One the other side of the room was a huge closet door; no doubt, that it wasn’t a walk in closet. Sitting in a corner across from the closet was a plant that was being bathed in sunlight; Shego didn’t believe in artificial plants. It was either dead or alive.

Shego stared out of one of her many bedroom windows lost in her own thoughts of a certain redheaded teen. Shego had ‘known’ Kim for about 8 years now, which meant that Kimmie was going to be graduating from high school soon; what was the girl going to do once she graduated? Shego often found herself thinking about this from time to time…for her own selfish reasons of course.

Shego wondered if Kim was going to give up the whole hero thing once she graduated high school. Was Kim going to go off to college, earn a couple of degrees and forget all about her life as a hero? And what about a family…Shego was absolutely positive that Kim would want to start or have a family someday.

Shego chuckled to herself as the image came to mind of Kim living in the suburbs somewhere, with a husband, kids, a pet or too and a nice white picket fence. She bet Kimmie would be making enough money to stay in a mansion but would chose to stay in a house instead surrounded by neighbors.

Shego’s thoughts brought about another question what she was going to do when Kim left the hero world. There were only a handful of people in existence that could throw down with her; Pumpkin was one of them. Shego enjoyed fighting the girl; it made her job more bearable. After listening to Drakken’s rants all day she looked forward to fighting against the redhead.

During their fights’ Shego never used her full strength against the girl, but she would use just enough to where her strikes would leave a bruise. Just like with her plasma, she kept it at a low level; hot enough to leave a small burn mark but not hot enough to where it would melt the flesh from your bones. As time went by she began to slowly respect the little redhead, well that was what she told herself anyway.

At first Shego had tried to deny the fact that she felt anything more for the redhead other than annoyance. To Shego it seemed that Kim had that ‘I’m better than you’ type of attitude and it irked Shego to no end when they first met. As time went by however, Shego had come to discover that wasn’t the type of attitude the girl had at all.

Kimmie always put others before herself; even when in some situations she would end up endangering her own life. The girl would wear herself out just for the benefits of others. And in doing so the girl never -once- asked for anything in return for her deeds. As Shego continued to fight Kim, she realized that the girl didn’t have that type of attitude at all…far from it.

She learned that Kim prided herself on being selfless and being able to help those who couldn’t help themselves or were unable to. Kim’s attitude was that of an ‘I can do anything I put my mind and body to’ type, it was just the girl’s nature. And that in turn had earned the girl Shego’s respect.

Shego shook those thought from her head as she got out of her bed and made her way towards the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for work. She hoped that Drakken had created another idiotic scheme so that Kimmie would show up and they could play.

‘Still’ she thought as she turned on the water in the shower, letting it get just right, while removing her over sized green shirt and tossing it to the floor…doesn’t wear underwear to bed. ‘I can’t help shake the feeling that something’s…off,’ Shrugging her shoulders, as she opened the sliding stepped into the warm waters of the shower, “It’s probably nothing I should concern myself with” she said while closing the sliding door behind her.


Dozens of GJ agents were searching through the rubble that covered the ground. Agent Will Du and his units had gone to each member of Team Possible’s home and found them all empty and had confirmed that there had been signs of struggle, with the exception of Ron’s and Monique’s homes. When Dr. Director heard the news, all she did was sigh heavily and order her men to pick up the pace.

“Ma’am,” an agent began as he ran up to her while saluting. She waved her hand for him to stop and he did so. “I think you should come take a look at this.” He requests.

Dr. Director begins to walk with her subordinate over towards a pile of rubble. The instant she gets up close she has to surpress a gasp of shock. The only emotion she conveyed was her eye suddenly widening at the sight before quickly returning to its original state. Buried beneath concrete, glass and steel lay the bodies of world-renowned sidekicks Ron Stoppable and Rufus.

‘So it was true’ Dr. Director thought. ‘They really had taken what was precious to Kim’ Ron’s entire body, or what was seen of it, had been burned. You could see how red his flesh was in certain areas that had taken the most damage from the flames. The were also pieces of metal lodged throughout his body, no doubt caused from the building explosion or collapse. The only way they were able to tell it was Ron was because of the little rodent, Rufus, that was lying next to him.

It was a gut wrenching sight to see; both bodies burned heavily and filled the air with the smell of death. In some places you could seen there bones where their flesh had just been eaten through by the flames. Some of the GJ agents had began to vomit because of the scene, even agent Will Du was a bit disturbed by the sight.

Dr. Director was the only one strong enough to continue to look at the sight before her. “Did you find the others?” she asks slowly averting her eye from the sight to stare at one of her subordinates.

The man hesitates a moment before answering, still in shock at their findings. “Ma’am…we’ve found five more bodies in the same condition, if not worse, in the surrounding area. Apparently, not only was there a fire but also an explosion, which explains why the bodies aren’t all together in the same spot and why the building collapsed.” He answered.

“Have the bodies you find placed in the med van and send them back to HQ so our team of coroners can identify them.” She ordered her voice showing no traces of emotion.

“Ma’am” the agent saluted before going about and doing what he was ordered of him.

She watched as the man ran off before focusing on the events at hand. How could all of this destruction happen and she and her organization were left in the dark. Dr. Director prided herself on always being three steps ahead but sadly, in this case she was about ten steps behind.

Who ever they were dealing with didn’t bother with the small fry…instead they went right for the prize. Whoever they were had just dealt a crushing blow to not only law enforcement but the world as well. She could only hope that Kim was alive…but by taking in the evidence, it was -highly- doubtful that the girl was. This day would be one to go down in history.

(Drakken’s Lair)

“It’s about time you got here Shego.” Drakken huffed the second the pale female walked through the door.

Shego simply ignored the man as took a seat in a black leather chair, pulled out her file and began working on her nails. Shego wasn’t ready quite yet to sent a plasma bolt his way…not just yet.

Drakken huffed like a little child being denied their favorite ice cream at Shego ignoring him. “…Seeing as how Kim Possible ruined my last plan I’ve come up with a better one.” Drakken stated. “This plan is full proof Shego and not even the great Kim Possible will be able to stop it!” he exclaimed joyfully while posing.

Drakken stays in his classic ‘this is my greatest plan ever’ pose. A few minutes he looks over at Shego, who was still filing her nails not even bothering to look up from what she was doing.

“Well….” Drakken says while still in his pose.

“Huh,” comes Shego’s distracted response. “Well what?” she questions, still not bothering to look at him.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what kind of plan I’ve come up with using my evil genius?” Drakken asks, his voice rising a bit from lack of acknowledgement and respect.

Shego finally puts up her nail file and leans back in her chair with her feet propped up on the desk. “Ok, lay it on me Doc. What kind of super genius evil plan has your -brain- come up for us this time?” she asks with mock curiosity.

“That’s better…Ahem, behold Shego my greatest invention ever that will finally have Kim Possible at my mercy!” He announces happily while running over and pulling the sheet off of a huge invention. “I give you the…uh…the uh…hmm…”

“The what Doc!” Shego demanded.

“I don’t know I haven’t come up with a name for it yet.” Drakken said a bit sheepishly.

Shego huffed in frustration. Honestly why does she put up with him…oh right…he pays well. But it’s still not enough to make up for his stupidity or lack of there of. “So…I take it you want me to steal some things for you then?” she asked. She hoped he wanted her to do something…it was too early in the morning for him to be starting up. She needed to get out for a while. Maybe she would set off a few alarms just to have Pumpkin show up and entertain her.

“Why of course I do Shego.” Drakken responds while reaching into his pocket and pulling out a wrinkled up piece of paper. “Here it is Shego, the list of everything I’m going to need to fire this beauty up.” He said happily while holding the list out for Shego.

She snatched it from his girly little hands and skimmed over it. “Hit up jewelry store, stop by space center, go by docks, and…” she muttered. “…Pick up dry cleaning.” She stopped after that sentence and just looked at Drakken and growled, causing him to run a hide behind his machine. That guy had a lot of nerve asking her to go pick up his dry cleaning. There were dozens of people out there that were willing to sell their whole bodies just to have her services and she was stuck with cocoa-moo boy here. Hehe…what were the odds.

Shego decided against hurling a plasma blast his way. Hey she was in a good mood this morning so she was feeling a bit tolerant. She walked out of the room and towards the hanger where her jet was residing to begin her pick up rounds.

(GJ HQ; Medical Wing)

Dr. Director was currently making her way down the hall towards the medical wing. She had been called down because their team of coroners had finished identifying the bodies; once they were finished, they were to call her and await further instructions. Dr. Director inhaled deeply before she walked into the medical wing and met up with lead mortician Amelia Vonstene.

“Ms. Vonstene,” Dr. Director began. “I take it you have things to tell me?” she ordered rather than asked.

“Ma’am.” Amelia answered. “Please follow me.” She requested. She waited until her superior started towards the lower levels before she began to follow. After they had walked down the stairs they were meet with a door. Opening the door required several access codes, voice verification, fingerprint of both your left and right index fingers, retina scan, and an access key. Luckily, Dr. Director imputed her access code and it automatically bypassed all those security measures and opened the door; allowing both women to enter.

The lower level of the medical wing held so many security measures because things down here weren’t meant to be ‘accidentally’ leaked out to the news media. Therefore, they had to keep it a secret not only from the world but also from GJ agents; out of the whole organization, less than a handful knew about this part of the medical wing. It’s not like GJ didn’t want the media involved…but more along the lines of waiting until they had verified all the facts before the media blew it out of proportion.

“Well?” Dr. Director questioned once they had made it to the lower level of the medical wing. She wanted to know if those were the actual bodies of the members, family, and friends of Team Possible.

“Our research has confirmed it,” Amelia replied sadly. “These are indeed the true bodies of the members of Team Possible.” She finished while walking over to the tables that held the bodies.

“All of the people are accounted for then?” Dr. Director asks her voice heavy with emotion but she retained her composure.

Amelia then began calling out the names of the people as she pointed to each body. “Mrs. Ann Possible…Mr. James Possible…Jim and Tim Possible…Wade Load…Mrs. Tia Load…Mr. Tyler Stoppable…Mrs. Arianna Stoppable…Ronald Stoppable…Rufus Stoppable…and Monique Summers…are all accounted for ma’am.” She said.

“What about Ms. Possible?” asked Dr. Director they still haven’t recovered her body so the girl might still be alive but something in the back of her mind told her not even to believe in that small fleeting hope.

“All that was found of Ms. Possible was her Kimmunicator and a piece of her clothing. From where you told me it was found it leaves no doubt in my mind that Ms. Possible is dead.” Amelia informed her superior her voice leaving no room for hope.

“Explain.” Ordered Dr. Director.

Amelia lets out a heavy sigh before explaining. “Ms. Possible’s Kimmunicator was found directly in front of the generator. Given the pictures taken of it you can clearly see that it exploded…how has yet to be determined.” She paused for a moment before Dr. Director nodded for her to continue. “Looking at the shape her Kimmunicator’s in shows that it barely survived the explosion; the only reason it did pull through is because Mr. Load used highly advance technology able to withstand so much damage until reaching a certain point. Unlike the Kimmunicator that was able to survive because of it’s tech Ms. Possible however…”she trailed off unable to finish her sentence.

Seeing this and being able to put the pieces together in her head quickly Dr. Director finished it for her. “…Ms. Possible was not and being in such close proximity to the generator when it exploded would leave only her Kimmunicator if nothing else behind. Which explains why there is no body to be found.” She finished.

Amelia only nodded signaling that Dr. Director was right. “So ma’am…what are we going to do?” she asked.

Dr. Director was silent for a least a good five minutes. She knew what she was going to do…she just never thought that she’d be doing it this way. She closed her eye before giving her response. “We’ll inform the media…I’ll do it personally. After that we’ll begin making the funeral arrangements…and I’m sure the world will want a monument of each member…especially one of Ms. Possible.” She said her eye never opening.

“So…I take it to be a public funeral then?” questions Amelia. “Or will we have security there?”

Dr. Director knew what Amelia was getting at but she had already made her decision on that. “If villains want to come let them…ignore any marks that may be out on them. Consider all of them ‘temporarily’ pardoned during the week of the funerals. Security will be -extremely- tight during the funerals,…I’m not taking any chances and I want no loose ends either. These funerals are to go off without a hitch.” Dr. Director informed her.

“Ma’am…I’ll get to work on the bodies right away. Just because it will be a closed casket funeral doesn’t mean the smell won’t seep through if the bodies aren’t cared for.” She said.

“Good.” Replied Dr. Director as she began to leave the lower level of the medical wing. It was official Kim Possible really was dead…now the next thing to do would be informing the millions of people who adored the teen hero that she was dead. These next few days were going to be the most mournful days in the history of the world…she only prayed that people wouldn’t become depressed and commit suicide…she had enough on her plate already; no need to add to it.


Shego was collecting the jewels that Drakken had written down on his list. Getting past the security was like breathing; it was just that simple. A few silent alarms and security cameras was nothing to her. She was collecting the last piece of jewelry on Drakken’s list when she realized something…she was bored.

“Maybe I should trip one of the alarms and have Pumpkin come play with me.” Shego mused to herself aloud, seeing as she was in -no- hurry to get back to Dr. D…so she decided to kill some time. She purposely tripped a few silent alarms and took out a few security cameras making sure to stand out in the open so they could get a shot of her before she took them off line. Now there was nothing left to do but wait for Kimmie to arrive so she could have some fun.

“Argh…where the -hell- is -she-!” demanded Shego as she checked the time on the wall. She had set off the alarms and taken out the camera damn near half an hour ago…she should’ve been here by now. Shego was fuming…if Kim called herself avoiding her she’d make a house call to her Princesses house personally. Then a thought struck Shego that haulted her anger…why -hadn’t- Kim showed up? And for that matter why weren’t there any local cops or GJ agents here either?

Something was definitely wrong here and Shego didn’t like it one bit. She quickly grabbed up her bag of goodies and made for her cloaked jet parked atop the roof. Maybe Kimmie would show up to play with her during her next stop…it wasn’t anything to get all bent outta shape over. ‘Yeah that’s right’ thought Shego as she got into her jet and fired up the engines. ‘I’ll get a chance to have fun with Princess at my next stop.’ She told herself in order to surpress her rising anger.


When Shego arrived back at Drakken’s lair it was late in the evening, she was pissed beyond all belief. Kim hadn’t show up to stop her at all; law enforcement either. But law enforcement never held any type of challenge for her…unlike a certain red-head she knew. She had done everything she could think of that would draw Pumpkin’s attention…setting off alarms, being caught on camera, being seen by guards…-hell- she even robbed the cleaners just to get Kim’s attention.

It was as if Kim was ignoring her and Shego hated being ignored…especially by the little redhead. Shego’s plan was to lure the girl out, fight her, and give herself a workout while relieving tension and stress in the process. Now thanks to Kimmie not showing her face she had built up a nice amount of tension and no one to let it out on.

“SHEGO!” yelled Drakken from the main room.

Or…so she thought. ‘Drakken would make for good target practice.’ She thought while stalking off towards the main room. When she entered into the main room, she was shocked to see that the entire room had party decorations and balloons everywhere. There was a punch bowl, chip and dip, ice cream, cake…the whole nine yards. However, Shego wasn’t the room’s only occupant…all of the henchmen were there as well; all wearing party hats and playing games.

‘If this was a surprise party for her someone was going to pay’ Shego thought angrily as she used her eyes to scan around the room for Drakken. When she spotted him she saw and heard two of the things she’d hope she never see Drakken doing again in her life … dancing -and- singing…off beat and outta tune. Shego also quickly fired off several plasma blasts towards Drakken’s karaoke machine to get his and the henchmen’s’, attention…and to stop her ears from bleeding.

That seemed to do the trick because he stopped instantly and the room grew quite. However, instead of him starting to whine and fuss like a baby he began to smile and everyone resumed what they were originally doing. Successfully causing Shego to forget her anger and wonder had the good doctor and the others been messing with the wires again causing them to rattle their already small and fragile brains.

“Shego,” Drakken called out. “I have the most wonderful news.” He said his voice holding all the joy’s of a girl who just been asked out on a date by the guy of her dreams.

“You’ve finally remembered to put the toilet seat down after you’re done.” Shego suggested…well why else would the man be so excited.

“Ye---uhm…no…not yet but I’m still working on that.” He said missing the destructive criticism in his sidekick’s comment. “Even better…it’s about our arch foe Kim Possible!” he exclaimed as he ran over to her with a green party hat.

Shego arched and ebony eyebrow…now he had her attention. She looked at him and saw all the happiness in his eyes and decided to be nice and just take the hat…hey it was her favorite color. “So…what about Princess?” she asked while staring at the whole theme.

“I’ll be on the news in about thirty more minutes Shego.” Drakken answered. “Until then why don’t you come and dance with us or maybe you’d like to play pin the tail on the donkey…” he began to suggest until Shego cut him off.

“Or maybe I could play ‘Burn Drakken with the Plasma’” she said while holding up a plasma charge fist causing Drakken to back off. Just because she was wearing a party hat did not mean that she was going to play games and dance with them. She wondered what happened to Kim for them to all be so excited. ‘You’d better be alright Princess’ Shego thought to herself as she leaned against the wall with her arms crossed waiting for the news.

(30 minutes later)

“Quite everyone the news is on.” Said Drakken as one of his henchmen turned up the volume so everyone could here. The room fell silent as the news lady began to talk.

“Today is one of the most tragic days in history. Beloved teen hero Kim Possible and her trusty sidekick Ron Stoppable…” the woman paused for a moment trying to fight back the tears forming in her eyes. “…Are…are…dead…” she finally choked out as her body was racked with sobs. “We’ll now…take you live…to Ms. Betty Director…as she fills us…in on more…details.” The woman said in between sobs.

The entire room fell silent at the statement that had just been broadcast nationwide about teen hero Kim Possible.

Dr. Director stood in front of a huge crowd of news reporters as she began to inform the world of the situation. “Ahem…not only are Ms. Possible and Mr. Stoppable dead but their friends and family as well. Arrangements are being made now for their funerals to be held and any remaining kin to the families are being notified this very moment.” She informed them as tears began to fall from their eyes.

“How…did they die?” one man asked sadly.

Dr. Director took a deep breath before replying. “They were burned alive in an abandoned building, it’s location I cannot tell you, and by another mean as well. Anymore information is confidential and must have permission from any living relatives before it can be publicly broadcast.” She said. “Once we have their relatives arrive we will announce the day the funerals will be held…everyone can attention. Thank You.” And with that the camera switched back over to the studio.

One of Drakken’s henchmen decided to turn the T.V. off after that piece of information. Everyone in the room was in shock….especially Drakken.

While he wanted to get the girl out of the way, he never really wanted her dead. He had thought that they were going to say how the Kim had just went missing or that she would be out of commission for a while due to a serious injury; something like that…but this, this was totally unexpected. Moreover, not only was Kim gone but the buffoon and their friends and families as well.

Slowly Drakken removed his party hat and let it fall from his hand and onto the floor. Hearing that statement on the news caused Drakken to sadden considerably…which was odd for and evil genius. In reality, he should be glad that the girl was gone and was no longer going to be able to thwart his plans at taking over the world. No longer would he have to constantly worry about the little redhead ruining his plans and sending him off to jail. No longer would he have to keep relocating to a new lair every time his old one blew up. Or he should be angry that someone had taken out the girl before he had a chance to.

But in truth Drakken was none of those things…the only thing he felt at that moment was sadness.

“Dr. Drakken.” One of his henchmen called to get his attention. Drakken had been out of it for a good five minutes and they were getting worried.

Drakken looked up, his eyes devoid of any traces of the happiness he once had only moments ago were now filled with sadness. “Everyone…you can take the rest of the night and tomorrow off.” Drakken said his voice barely above a whisper as he turned and walked out of the main room head towards his quarters.

His henchmen decided to leave and just head for home; they too were shocked to find out that all the members of Team Possible were dead. After all, of the henchmen had left the main room only one person remained…their emerald green eyes still locked on the blank screen of the T.V.

She couldn’t believe it…she just couldn’t believe it. Shego punched the wall of the main room leaving a nice sized hole. Her most skilled rival, the person who was able to keep up with her and knew her fighting moves and patterns as if they were her own…was dead. She was the one who was supposed to take Kimmie out…not someone else. The thought of Kim being dead already pissed her off but…her falling by someone else’s hand pissed her off even more. If she wanted to, she could’ve easily disposed of the girl back when they first met…but she didn’t because she didn’t see the need to.

Still she just couldn’t believe what was said on the news…it had to be wrong, it just had to be. Maybe Kim had just disappeared or they lost contact with her on a mission at the wrong time and just assumed the worse case scenario. ‘And what about the fact that her family and friends are all dead too? Or the fact that Dr. Betty Director herself informed us personally?’ the small voice in the back of her mind questioned. It was one thing if Kim was missing or dead but when all the members of Team Possible were dead as well and the head of a top secret organization felt the need to inform the world personally and not send some lackey to do it then…Shego shook her head before she had a chance to finish that thought.

Shego decided that she would go by her Princesses house and see for herself and maybe the houses of the other members of the team as well. She stalked out of the main room and headed back towards the hanger at full speed, her anger rising by the second at the thought of Kim being dead. She had to see it for herself…she just had to know if it was the true. ‘What will you do if it is true?’ the small voice in the back of her mind asked as she hoped into her jet and sped away towards Middleton. She didn’t even acknowledge the question because she already knew the answer.

(Outskirts of Middleton)

Kim was still sitting by the stream come nightfall; she had been there all day just staring at her reflection. By looking at herself now it was hard to believe that she used to be so happy and so full of life. Now she was just there…and empty shell of her former self. Nothing mattered to her anymore she didn’t care what happened to anyone or anything…she barely cared about herself anymore.

She had managed to clean and treat her wounds to the best of her abilities hours ago. Her body was still in pain from her wounds and would spasm every now and then. She had gone into the stream to clean the dirt and pieces of glass and other materials from her body and wash away the dried blood from her clothes. While doing that her stomach had started to growl extremely loud signaling that she should find some food. Kim saw some fish swimming within the stream so she decided she would try to catch and eat them. She really didn’t think that she could eat anything with the way that she was feeling but she would try.

Now here it was the dead of night with only the faint glow of moonlight shining above and the flickering of a small fire in front of her and the eerie silence of the forest. Kim’s body shivered as a soft wind blew through the forest, gently rocking its inhabitants to sleep. Her clothes were still damp with water and despite having a small fire burning it still wasn’t enough to keep her warm. However, Kim wasn’t shivering because she was cold…she was shivering because she was alone.

“What am I going to do now?” Kim asked aloud to herself. She should’ve have been gone hours ago but she just didn’t feel like moving…it’s not like she had anywhere to go…so why rush? She had nothing but time on her hands. And even if she had left where was she going to go? Kim couldn’t go home…she was sure that news about her and the others had already been released and she sure as -fuck- wasn’t going to Global Justice and be in the presence of -that- woman.

Kim’s blood began to boil at the thought of going to Global Justice and having to stare into the face of that -bitch-. Kim wished that there was someone who knew something on that woman that not may people knew. Just liked she wished there was a place for her to go and lay her head…if only for a moment. To have someone hold her and tell her that every things going to be alright or for someone to give her some background information on a certain someone who was head of an organization.

Time seemed to stop for the distraught redhead as a thought developed in her mind. She quickly got up off the ground, put out the fire and then began running through the forest heading south. Kim couldn’t believe that she hadn’t thought of this earlier… the one person who would be able to give her the information that she needed. But just as soon as a spark of joy hit her it was quickly put out and she stopped in her tracks…what if they were dead? Just because they weren’t captured like the others didn’t mean that they hadn’t been captured and…Kim growled in anger at where her mind was leading her.

Kim began running again as if the hounds of hell were at her heels; although if they were they’d no better than to mess with her with the vibe she was giving off meant that she was in no mood for playing. Kim just hoped that nothing had happened to her because with everything that was happening to and around Kim it was highly possible.

That’s who she could go to see and get some answers from…Nana Possible.

(Shego’s Place)

When Shego entered into her house she didn’t even bother to turn on the lights; it’s not like anyone was stupid enough to break into her house and try to rob her or take her on, so why bother with the lights. Shego was currently holding something in her hand as she closed the door and made her way to her bedroom. She tossed the item onto her bed in a rough motion and headed towards her bathroom. Flicking on the light and closing the door behind her.

After a few minutes, she exited the bathroom in her silk forest green pajamas. She hit the light switch and then proceeded to make her way towards her bed. She sat at the foot of her bed and turned towards the item she had brought home with her and sighed. By the way she was acting you could tell what she found wasn’t what she wanted.

She had gone to all of their houses, with the exception on Monique’s because she didn’t know where the girl lived, and had found them all empty. The first house she stopped at was Wade’s and found it to be full of GJ tape; apparently they had already been there to investigate the situation, no doubt they hadn’t been to the others homes as well. They had his room blocked off and had stripped some of the boys computer equipment and documents…why was beyond her.

The next house she went to was Stoppable’s. It didn’t look like GJ had done much there other than come and go. Not that she didn’t feel something for Nerdlinger and the buffoon but they just weren’t her main focus right now…Kim was. Shego subconsciously grabbed the item that she had brought home with her and brought it to her chest. She remembered walking up the stairs to Kim’s room and seemed hesitant about opening the door; a small part of her felt that if she opened the door what remaining hope she had about Kim being alive would be destroyed.

Shego let out a heavy sigh as she fell back onto her bed…she felt so down. It felt like someone had taken a gun and just shot her threw the heart when she had opened Kim’s bedroom door to find the girls room completely empty, save for her bed. And just like that the small hope that Shego had been holding onto had shattered…it really was true…her Kimmie…her Pumpkin…her Princess…was dead.

The item that Shego held to her chest was the only thing that she had as a reminder of Kim. Shego brought the item up to her face…it smelled of Kim, which was no surprise considering how Kim slept with her Pandaroo every night…but not this night or any other night for that matter. In truth, Shego didn’t know why she had taken the thing or why she had began to cling to it…but she didn’t toss it aside. Instead, she just held it tighter.

Knowing that Kim was gone made Shego feel as if she had lost a part of herself and it saddened her to no end. Shego had fought many heroes and villains during her career and no one even came close to Kim. No longer, would she be able to experience the thrill of fighting the young redhead when they encountered on another…the music had ended and so had their dance. Kim’s style of fighting was unique and amazing, no one would ever be able to recreate that, and she was going to miss it. ‘Kim’s fighting skills or Kim herself?’ the small voice inside Shego’s head asked.

Shego just growled and turned over on her side to stare out the window. As Shego began to subconsciously stroke the Pandaroo in her arm, her body began to tremble lightly and began to sniff. Shego had been trying to keep from doing this the minute she heard the news and she had been doing a good job of it too. However, lying here looking out at the moon and stroking the cuddle buddy that held Kim’s scent was breaking down her resolve. Finally, instead of trying to fight her emotions any longer Shego decided to let them out.

Shego allowed herself to do something that she hadn’t done in years…for the first time in years Shego…began to cry. The tears fell slowly and freely down her face as she continued to rub the Pandaroo of her rival.

“Princess” Shego whispered into her darkened room as tears continued to fall, without any interference on her part, as she cried herself to sleep still holding on to Kim’s Pandaroo.

Next time: Funerals are held and there’s someone with questions knocking at Nana’s door.

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