To the Betrayerl comes the Betrayal

Chapter 1

Death of a Hero


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TITLE: Death of a Hero

AUTHOR: Wolfie

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kim Possible or any of its characters Disney owns them.

SUMMARY: When Kim’s life is shattered by those she trusted she disappears. Now years later she’s back, no longer the innocent young girl she used to be. Her only goal: Take revenge against those who wronged her but why is a certain greenskinned woman drawn to her?

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

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Words: 6581

A lone figure stands amongst the ruins of a recently destroyed building. Rubble covered practically every piece of grass there was around what was left of the building and the smell of dust and smoke filled the air. The moon, covered by thick black storm clouds and by the rising smoke, released a small but faint glow upon the scene. The figure that was once hidden by shadow was now visible under what small light the moon could provide.

A redheaded teen stood as still as a statue staring at what lay before her. She was dressed in her mission clothes that, based on their appearance, had seen better days. Her pants had been all but shredded through and were drenched heavily in drying blood and her shirt was ripped across her stomach and left shoulder.

Her entire body was covered in cuts, scratches, and bruises. Her face covered heavily with cuts and bruises. Her lower lip had a deep cut in it spilling out blood every time she moved it. Also there was a blackish purple bruise forming on the right side of her face. There were many more injuries that she carried but right now, none of that was important to her.

Her once bright and vibrant green eyes were now dull and hollow. Her eyes were red from crying; even if the heavy rainwater hid them, the look on her face told it all. Soon her entire body was racked with heavy sobs as she fell to her knees. She slammed her fist into the soft muddy ground numerous times while allowing cries of anger, rage, sadness, and frustration to escape her throat.

‘Why?’ The question repeated itself numerous times in her head as she halted her fists assault on the ground. Even thought the ground was muddy, her fists’ were now bleeding heavily due to the shards and pieces of glass lodged in it. Yet, despite this she still paid it little mind. All that mattered to her was ‘why’.

‘Why had they done what they did? Why had they done this to them? Why had they said what they said? Why had they betrayed her? Why had they done this to HER?’ The last thought filled with rage at how her world had come down around her.

She should’ve seen it coming, but how could she? She had trusted them with her life and they had just tried to end it; and in reality, the moment the building had burned then exploded her life already had. It was supposed to be a simple rescue, just as dangerous as all of her missions. However, looking back now she could see how it was far more complicated than she could have ever hoped to imagine.

(One week before mission)

“Behold Shego,” Drakken exclaimed proudly. “My greatest invention ever that will help me finally get rid of Kim Possible once and for all!” he gloated while rubbing his hands together in and evil manner.

Shego just sighed while continuing to file the claw tips of her gloves. “Yeah, uh-huh…sure Dr. D.” she replied unenthusiastically while lounging in her seat; feet propped on the desk. Her response was like a pre-recorded one just like Drakken’s rants. It was the same thing ‘finally destroy Kim Possible’ yadda yadda yadda.

“You know Shego you could share some of my joy at the thought of getting rid of Possible.” He complained while folding his arms across his chest and pouting.

Shego scoffed at the thought of Drakken ever being able to get rid of Pumpkin. Maybe some other villain but, there was no way she was going to let that happen. If anyone was going to take down Kimmie, it was going to be her. Nevertheless, she was in no rush to do so any time soon.

Before Shego could respond the door to the room bust open and their stood Kim Possible and her trusty sidekick Stoppable.

“KIM POSSIBLE!!!!” yelled Drakken while staring wide eyed in her direction.

“And Ron Stoppable,” Ron chided in. They had been fighting with Drakken for years and he could never remember his name. Honestly, was a little recognition too much to ask?

“Alright Drakken hand over the parts you stole.” Kim demanded while pointing towards Drakken.

“No their mine I stole them fair and square.” Drakken informed her with a whine. His attention shifted from Kim to Shego when he heard a slight cough come from her and ebony raised eyebrow at him. “Hahaha…I mean Shego stole them fair and square. …Ahem, now Kim Possible prepare to face your doom.” He said while running over to his newest invention.

“Ron,” Kim exclaimed. “You take care of Drakken while I handle Shego.” Kim watched him as he ran after Drakken before focusing her attention on Shego.

By this time, Shego had lept up from her seat and had taken her fighting stance. “Hey Princess long time no see.” She said with a taunting smirk while igniting her hands.

“Not long enough.” Replied Kim as she got down into her own fighting stance. Then they began their dance.

Shego lashed out first bringing a glowing fist towards Kim head. Kim ducked down and countered with a quick leg sweep that Shego avoided the leg sweep by jumping up before Kim’s leg made contact.

While Kim was still on the ground Shego brought down her foot towards Kim’s midsection but only succeeded in making a hole in the concrete; Kim had rolled out of the way just in time. Still on the ground Kim delivered at solid kick towards Shego’s chin knocking the older woman back and making her disoriented for a few seconds.

A few seconds was all Kim needed to launch a full assault on the older woman but it wasn’t enough. Shego had recovered before Kim had gotten completely upon her and was ready for the attack.

They traded vicious blows back and forth with one another, neither gaining and advantage over the other. Muscles being pushed to their limits as they continued to search for an opening in the other’s defense. Eyes burning with the intensity of a super nova as their will to conquer the other grew with each blow that they landed on the other. Their breathing hard and fast while their bodies were covered in sweat as they put everything they had into fighting the other.

“You’ve…gotten…better…Princess.” Shego panted out while avoiding the elbow aimed at her shoulder and countering with a palm strike of her own.

Despite whatever doubts Kim had about what Shego said it was the truth. Kim was 17 now; Shego had been fighting Kim for about 8 years now and every time they fought, the girl only seemed to get better. Kim had mastered a number of styles and had come up with numerous ways to use them in fights. Shego bet that if Kim trained hard enough she could perfect her skills and become a deadly fighter, like herself.

Not only had Shego seen Kim’s skills as a martial artist grow but Shego had also been able to witness Kim grow into a lovely young woman. Kim had developed nicely over the years; curves in all the right places as well as muscle. Kim was built like a fighter and was developing muscle nicely. However, she wasn’t too muscular to where it took away from her feminine characteristics. If anything the muscles added to the girls allure, which Shego was certain that Kim didn’t even notice.

“Awe…gee…that means…so much…coming from…you.” Kim replied sarcastically and with a hint of bitterness in her voice; swinging at foot at Shego’s side.

Shego blocked the on coming foot with her hand and threw Kim back putting distance between them. “Sarcasm, Princess…I must be wearing off on you.” Shego informed her while sending a plasma blast Kim’s way.

Kim only scoffed at Shego’s response while she took to dodging plasma blast being thrown her way. She had never really forgiven Shego after that little Diablo incident; even though it was Drakken’s plan she felt that Shego deserved to have these negative vibes directed at her than at Drakken. There had always been a line there they knew not to cross and they respected each other enough not to cross it. But Shego had; she had toyed with her emotions and her heart.

Setting her up to fall in love with -Eric- only for it to be a syndrome to distract her as part of Drakken’s plan, and discovering that truth had broken, no not broken but -shattered- Kim’s heart. Finding out that it was nothing more than a game, a sick and twisted plot just to get to her and have her blinded by her feelings. What had really added injury to insult was Shego rubbing it in her face and gloating about it, and that was when she finally lost it. The moment her foot made contact with Shego’s abdomen, she lost all respect for Shego and seeing her go flying into that tower seemed like the punishment Shego deserved.

“Get back buffoon.” Drakken said while fighting Ron for control of his invention.

“No way dude.” Responded Ron as he struggled to get Drakken away from the control panel; Ron hadn’t really mastered his Money Kung Fu yet so he opted to stick with regular punches, yes no longer girly slaps, but real punches. They just weren’t forceful enough to knock a person out.

“How long do you plan on keeping this hero thing up Kimmie?” Shego asked from across the room regaining her breath.

“I plan on doing this for a while longer.” Kim responded from the opposite side of the room catching her breath also. “Why do you ask?”

Shego shrugged. “No reason really. I’m just saying you can’t keep this up forever Pumpkin.” She stated.

Kim sighed…she couldn’t believe they were even having this conversation with Shego none the less. “While I appreciate your -concern- it’s just what I do. I fight the bad guys, beat the bad guys, turn them over to law enforcement, and save the day.” Kim said.

“Being doing it for years and nothings ever gone wrong so why change what works?”

“You should know that’s the world isn’t all black and white and has more things going than just villains.” Shego responded.

Had either of them been paying attention they would have noticed that there were more than four occupants in the room.

Located at the top of the room hidden in shadows was someone who should not have been there. They watched the scene beneath them play out like a scene from a Sims game. While the shadows hide their identity, the outline it gave of them was solid.

The figure was crouched down and balancing their weight on a thin narrow support beam. Given the outline, you could see how broad their shoulders were giving the impression that they were male.

In their hands, they appeared to be holding something rectangular given its outline. Carefully they raised the item up towards their face and pointed it in the direction of Kim. Making sure that they had Kim perfectly line up in their field of view and focused completely they pressed down on a button.

And just like that they had taken five silent shots of Kim. It was a camera; they were taking pictures of her, but why? They figure continued to silently snap pictures of the teenage hero at her expense.

Once the figure was done, they carefully raised a hand up to their left ear. “Based,” the figure whispered into what was assumed to be a com-link. “Objective complete, pictures and video of target acquired. Permission to go to next objective?”

“Yes proceed with your next objective and then return to base.”

“Ma’am.” The figure whispered back strongly. The figure pulled out something that was attached to their back. They began to press a few buttons on it and the lights on it went from red to green. Once they had done this the figure carefully placed the device back in its proper place before silently jumping out of an open window.

‘Self destruct sequence activated’ the computer screen said causing everyone to stop. ‘Countdown in 30 seconds and counting …29…28…27…’

“Shego let’s get out of here!” Drakken yelled to Shego as he tripped Ron up before running over to his desk and pressing a red button on top of it. From the floor opened up an emergency launch pad that had a hove craft on it. Drakken hopped in and quickly started up the engine.

“Well it’s been fun Kimmie but, it looks like our time together has been cut short.” Shego said with a taunting smirk.


“Ron grabbed the parts and get out of here!” Kim yelled as she turned her attention towards Ron.

“Roger that KP!” Ron yelled back as her quickly stripped the parts off Drakken’s invention and made his way towards the exit.

“Sorry Shego but you’re not going anywhere.” Kim informed the green-skinned woman as she made a mad dash towards her.

Shego just jumped over Kim’s head and nailed her in the back with her feet launching herself towards the hovercraft and successfully knocking Kim to the floor in the process.

“Bye-bye for now Princess.” Shego said as she grabbed hold to the side of the hover craft as it began it take off and make its exit through the ceiling.


Kim groaned as she got up off the floor and tiled her head up just in time to see both Drakken and Shego burst through the ceiling and make their escape. Kim quickly got to her feet and made a run for the door. Making it out of the building just in time before it exploded.

(New Day)

“All I’m saying Wade is that I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched.” Kim told him as she looked at him on the computer screen located in her locker. She had been having this feeling for months now and in that time; it seemed to just grow stronger as the weeks went on.

“Well you aren’t chipped or anything.” He responded. “Maybe it’s just because you’ve been stressed out lately due to all your missions.”

“It could be, I haven’t gotten more than about 3 hours worth of sleep on a weekly basis.” Kim considered.

“Yeah GJ has been thrown them at you lately. That reminds me you’ve gotten another mission issued to you from Dr. Director herself.” Wade informed her while typing on another computer.

Kim sighed heavily at the thought of a fourth mission in only two days. She really needed time to build back up her strength especially after fighting with Shego; all her missions that involved Shego normally left her almost completely drained. But then again if it had come from Dr. Director personally then the situation must really need her attention. She just wished that she could get a break…but I guess that’s the price you pay to be a hero, you never really get a vacation.

“What’s the mission Wade?” she finally asks. Better to get it over and done with.

“It’s Gemini there really aren’t any specific details it just said to capture Gemini and hold him until GJ agents arrive.” He informed her while taking a bite of his hot dog and sipping his soda through a straw.

“I take it she wants me on this ASAP?” Kim asks and wade nods his head in response. “Location?” she asks.

“In the jungles of South America.” He said while typing away on his computer.

“I’ll tell Ron. Wade do you think you could have a ride set up to pick us up after school?” Kim asks politely.

“Already done Kim they’ll be waiting for you after school.” Wade replies with a friendly smile.

“Wade you so totally rock.” Praises Kim before closing her locker.


“Thanks for the ride Leon.” Kim says from the back of the jet.

“No problem Kim.” Leon replies while turning back to face her. “It’s the least I could do after you saved me from crashing in the ocean.”

“No big, it was just rerouting some wires and redirecting some energy channels to get the jet to last long enough to make it to land.”

“Man,” begins Ron as he throws his hands in the air. “I can’t believe a -fourth- mission in only two days. I’m totally drained.” He informs Kim.

Out of the many pocket Rufus pokes his head out. “Uh-huh, uh-huh…drained.” Agreeing with his owner.

Kim just smiled at the two opposite from her. She had known Ron since pre-k and they’d been friends ever since; and that’s how they were going to be for the rest of their lives.

At the prom when they had shared their first kiss it had been a magical moment for both of them. She had always known that Ron had feelings for her and in that night, Ron had put his very being into the kiss they shared. Kim had put her own feelings into the kiss as well but they weren’t as nearly as strong as Ron’s feeling for her.

After that, they were officially a couple but it didn’t feel like it. She loved Ron sure enough just not with her heart but more so with her mind. She made herself love Ron in a way that didn’t feel right and didn’t come naturally to her. When she told Ron how she felt he was a bit wounded, which was to be expected, but he was also understanding about it and feel back into the role of best friends fairly quickly.

“Hey Ron,” Kim begins to ask. “What do you plan on doing with your life? Do you still plan on fighting villains?” Kim was curious about his answer because what Shego had said earlier that week still nagged away at the back of her mind.

Ron was silent for a moment thinking carefully about his response before finally answering. “While I enjoy kicking bad guy butt with you, I don’t plan on fighting villains forever. I intend to go to a culinary arts school so that I can become a chief. I plan on owning my own chain of restaurants someday and being the greatest chief in the country and one day maybe the world.” Ron answered with a determined look in his eyes. “I also want to get married someday and start a family with the girl of my dreams. You know the whole ‘white picket fence’ theme.” He informed her while sighing happily.

Kim was a bit shocked to find out about Ron’s goals and dreams. While she knew that he wouldn’t want to fight villains for the rest of his life she didn’t know that he wanted his own restaurant and family too. Nevertheless, she smiled at his answer and silently admitted to herself that Shego was right. Did she really plan to fight the world’s villains for the rest of her life?

Before she could think anymore on the subject, Leon interrupted her thoughts. “Here we are Kim. Sorry I can’t land on the ground but there are too many trees and the jungles too dense.”

“That’s alright Leon this spots good. Thanks again Leon.” Kim said as she jumped out of the jet and began to free fall with Ron right behind her.


Kim and Ron were in the process of sneaking into one of Gemini’s various hideouts. They had to move quickly if they didn’t want to be hit by the laser field that came on every two minutes.

“Say KP,” asked Ron as he tried his best to keep up with Kim as they hurried across the field before the laser field tagged them. “Why was this mission on Gemini so urgent?”

They had just made it around a corner before the laser field came back on. “To be honest I’m not really sure myself Ron.” She answered before taking out her grappling hook and, aiming it carefully, fired it at the roof. “All I know is that Dr. Director said it was urgent and that we should get on the job ASAP and apprehend Gemini as quickly as possible.” She told him before scaling the wall of the building.

Ron then pulled out his own grappling hook and fired it at the roof as well. Unlike Kim who was skilled and graceful, as she climbed the wall, Ron was clumsy and graceless; losing his pants twice along the way.

“Ron,” Kim chuckled while going over to him. “Will we ever be able to go on a mission without you losing your pants?” she asked while helping him untangle himself from the cord of his grappling hook.

After Ron was untangled and -fully- clothed, they made there way across the roof of Gemini’s hideout. They made it to a window and used it as their way in. Kim went in first; using only her acrobatic skills as she made her way down at least fifty stories. Once inside Kim surveyed to room to make sure it was empty. Noting that it was she gave Ron the okay to follow.

He used his grappling hook to lower himself down. About to stories up he ended up getting tangled up in the cord. His buddy Rufus had to climb from his pocket and up his leg and chew through the rope. It freed him but it also caused him to fall and land on the ground flat on his face.

Once safely inside Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator and called up Wade.

“What’s up Kim?” he asked while smiling at the visual image of Kim of his monitor.

“Wade could you run a scan of the building and hone in on Gemini’s location?” she asks while peering down the hallway to make sure it’s clear.

“No problem Kim.” Wade replied while quickly typing on his computer.

“Please and thank you” she responded.

“…And done. Gemini’s located underground in the southeast part of the building. You’ll have to keep going down this hallway until you reach a dead end. In the corner of the lower left wall there a switch button. Press it and it will open up a hidden passage that will lead you down stairs to where Gemini’s hiding.” He informed her before grabbing his soda cup and talking a long swallow from it. “But be on the lookout for guards and traps because they’re practically crawling around down there.”

Kim nodded her response as she disconnected her call to Wade. Soon both she and Ron were running down the dimly lit hallway until they reached the dead end. Kim then walked over to the left wall kneeled down in the corner and found the switch button that Wade had said would be there. She pushed a pathway opened up.

Once fully opened they began to carefully descend underground.

“Ron try and be mindful of where you step.” Kim whispered to him while continuing their descent. “Wade said that down here it packed heavily with guards and traps.” She explained.

“Don’t worry KP the Ron-sters light on his feet and has the magic touch. By the time Gemini finds out we’re here it’ll be to late.” He answers. To prove his point Ron begins to perform some poorly executed Monkey Kung-Fu moves.

“Ron be careful.” Kim tells him. She didn’t really mind him showing off…well, she takes that back she does mind. This is a mission after all and they had no time to be fooling around. She wanted to be done with this as soon as possible so that she could go home and get some rest.

Ron was so caught up in showing off his ‘mad skills’ that he didn’t notice when he hit his fist to the wall that a panel had gone in. As well as him hurting his hand.

“RON!” yelled Kim as she saw the trap panel that he had activated. Neither one of them had time to act because the stairs that they were once traveling down turned into a slide. Kim was the first to be thrown onto the ground with Ron landing on top of her once they reached the end.

“Ron” hissed Kim. But that was all she was able to get out before she noticed that they weren’t the only occupants in the room. As she looked around, she noticed that the room was filled with guards.

The guards were holding electro-staffs as well as laser weapons. Quickly jumping up off the floor, she gets into her fighting stance. Ron follows her lead and gets into his fighting stance as well; albeit an unrefined and poor stance but a stance nonetheless.

Kim surveys the room with her eyes trying to see how many guards they were up against. She saw about twenty to twenty-five tops.

“Ron,” she whispered while pressing their backs together. “are you ready?”

“Well…I uh…maybe…” he begins to ramble. “I got ya KP.” He finally says while pulling himself together.

Kim nods her head at his response. “NOW!” she hollers while going at the three guards in front of her.

One guard pulls out his laser weapon, which Kim effortlessly kicks from his hand, right before delivering a blow to his face that knocks him to the floor. The next two guards simultaneously come at her. She jumps over one of the guards head and uses the end of his electro-staff on the other guard rendering him helpless. Kim then uses the staff for balance as spins around it planting both feet solidly into the guard’s chest knocking him a few feet away and landing on the ground with a solid ‘Oomph’.

While Kim was engaging the guards with ease, Ron was having a bit more trouble. Ron, while not as skilled as Kim in the martial arts, did have Monkey Kung-Fu on his side and while not as good in the arts, he did a fairly decent job.

Ron had managed to take out three guards already with a few well-placed punches and kicks. Then two more guards came up behind him fully intent on knocking the young man out. Luckily, for Ron, Rufus was watching his back and gave him the heads up. Ron turned around and using his foot tripped up the guard that was coming his way.

Unfortunately, Ron didn’t notice the other three guards come up behind him until it was too late. The last thing Ron remembered after being bashed in the head was Kim surrounded by a group of Gemini’s guards before his entire world went black.

“RON!” Kim yelled when she saw he go down. She had managed to take out another four guards before she felt a sharp pinch in her shoulder. She looked to see that it was a dart of some sort and whatever was in it began to take effect on her immediately. Her eyesight began to get blurry and she became incoherent to the sounds around her. She fell to the ground with a soft ‘thud’.

The last -person- she saw before darkness consumed her completely was Gemini stepping forth from the shadows and smirking, evilly, down at her before she surrendered to the darkness.

Gemini then goes over towards his desk and in front of it is a very large screen. He presses a button on his desk and the screen comes to life. The silhouette of a female figure appears on screen sitting in a chair with elbows propped up on the armrests and fingers laced together in front of their face.

“I have them.” Gemini informed the figure.

“Good.” The figure responded. The voice was altered so they anyone ease dropping wouldn’t be able to identify who they were.

“And the others?” asks Gemini while walking behind his desk and taking a seat with his precious pooch in his arms being rubbed softly.

“Being rounded up as we speak.” Responded the figure as they leaned back a bit in their seat

(Club Banana Parking Lott)

Monique was just getting off work at Club Banana and in the process of walking to her car. Just as she was about to open her car door someone had grabbed her from behind. One arm wrapped around her throat while a hand was placed over her mouth to keep her silent.

She tried struggling against them but to no avail. Next thing she knew she was being poked in the neck before her body went limp and she passed out.

(Wade’s House)

There was a loud shriek echoing throughout the house and the sound of glass shattering.

“MOM!” Wade yelled out panic stricken while rushing out of his room, downstairs and into the kitchen.

Wade never made it fully into the kitchen because the moment his foot stepped inside he was knocked in the back of his head but a blunt object. He was out before he even hit the floor.

(Ron’s Household)

“Honey,” Mrs. Stoppable questions. “Why is green air blowing from the vents?”

Mr. Stoppable walks into the living room to see. “I’m not sure but, I feel a bit dizzy.” He said while resting a hand on the couch for balance.

“I feel dizzy too.” Mrs. Stoppable agrees while sitting on the couch before passing out on the couch. Her husband soon follows.

(Possible Household)-----------

Jim and Tim were currently fighting off unwanted guest in their home. They had just gotten home from a friends house and gotten settled in when all of a sudden they were ambushed. The twins were doing a decent job of fighting off and knocking out the intruders using their various inventions.

Their efforts were soon halted at the sight of both their mom and dad being held captive. The dad had a gun to his head while their mom had a knife placed firmly against her throat allowing tiny droplets of blood to drip out; proving that these people were serious.

Both twins looked at each other before tossing their weapons to the ground and surrendering.


The figure then sighed heavily. “It’s a shame that it has to be this way for Ms. Possible and her companions.”

Gemini chuckles at the figures statement. “A shame for the world of heroes perhaps but, in order for our plan to work we need to dispose of her.” He informs. “Besides the world will produce more heroes…just none like the original.” He adds in.

“True,” admits the figure. “Besides we’ve put too much into this to let some teenager who thinks villainy is just a death ray or dooms day device interfere.”

“Indeed.” Gemini agrees with darkness filling his voice. “Well if you will excuse me I have to go and prepare for our ‘guests’ to arrive.” He says while getting up from his chair. “Will you be sending some reinforcements?” he asks.

“Perhaps.” Was the only answer that Gemini received from the figure before the call was disconnected.

As Gemini walked out of his office and towards the main room to give out his orders he couldn’t help but smile.

Kim Possible the girls who had always interfered with and ruined his plans was about to be broken; even better she was about to have her final moments of glory. After today, the world of villains would no longer have to constantly worry about Kim Possible; probably be on the lookout from Global Justice…but without its top operative, they wouldn’t be too much of a threat.

Taking out her family and close friends would be a bonus as well. Although they may not prove a threat now if they were not disposed of, soon after the fall of Kim Possible there would be no doubt that they would seek out the person responsible for Kim’s demise. Better safe than sorry…they didn’t need anyone who could pose a threat to their plans.

After everything was in place he would have to go down to the holding cells and inject both Ms. Possible and Mr. Stoppable with the vaccine, to the altered sleep agents that were used on them, to wake them up. And then would begin the count down to the last and finale battle of Kim Possible.


Kim moans slowly as she awakes from her forced slumber. Slowly she forces herself to her feet; it takes everything in her not to fall back onto the ground because she’s so weak. Shaking her head to clear it she tries to remember what had happened.

“Gemini…mission…Ron…Rufus,” Kim pieces together slowly. Then sudden shock fills her as she becomes aware of something. “RON!…RUFUS!…” she calls out panic clearly evident in her voice.

As she looked around, she couldn’t find them anywhere and as she continued to eye her surroundings she also noticed that she was no longer in Gemini’s hideout either. She noticed that instead of being in a dark room filled with guards she was currently located somewhere in the jungle.

Kim pulled her Kimmunicator out from her pocket and contacted Wade; well tried to at least. When the video image showed up Wade wasn’t sitting in front of his computer…his room was empty.

“Wade.” Kim called his name thinking that he may be close enough to hear her calling him.

After he didn’t respond Kim decided that she should at least call her parents to let them know where she was an that she was okay. She called up her home and decided to leave a message since no one answered.


“Hey guys it’s me, Ron and I were out on a mission and got kind of side tracked. As soon as I find Ron and Rufus, we’ll be on our way home. Do you think that you could call his parents and let them know he’s okay and that we’ll be home soon. Love you.”

After that, she disconnected the call and began to search for her boys. Kim searched the jungle for hours and now it was noon and she still hadn’t seen hide nor hair of either of her boys. She knew that they never would have left her behind even if the mission was extremely dangerous.

Before she could think about reasons, her Kimmunicator begins beeping. She reaches into her pocket and pulls it out.

“What’s the si---Gemini!?!” Kim yells shock evident in both her voice and facial expression. “What do you want?” she questions harshly. She really was not in the mood for him.

“Why Ms. Possible how rude of you to take such a tone with me.” Gemini begins. “Especially when I have people of priceless value to you.” He finishes while smirking.

“What do you mean ‘people of priceless value’?” she asks confusion filling her voice. What was he playing mind games with her now?

Instead of answering Gemini simply shifts the camera from himself and towards his ‘guests’.

Kim is shocked at what she sees, her family and friends, the people who are everything to her, locked away behind bars. These cells were different from any she had seen before. The cells were built high into the walls and looked as though you couldn’t use a key to unlock them.

Kim’s expression soon when from that of shock to that of anger.

“Nice don’t you think?” Gemini asks while bring the camera back to focus on him. “The cell bars have electro-static energy coursing through them so whenever one of them tries to break free 75 volts of electricity flows through their bodies. And the more they try the higher the voltage becomes.” He said.

“What do you want?” Kim asks through her teeth. Gemini had crossed the lined this time and she would make him pay.

“You to meet me her at these coordinates within the next three hours.” He said while having one of his henchmen sent the coordinates to Kim’s Kimmunicator. “If you even think of informing Global Justice the consequences for them will be sever. See you soon Ms. Possible.” And with that the link was dead.

Kim sank to her knees after receiving the coordinates and gripped the ground with all her might. Wade, Monique, Ron, Rufus, Mr. & Mrs. Stoppable, Ms. Load, Jim, Tim, and her mom and dad all captured and at Gemini’s mercy. How did it happen? How were they able to capture them and why? Kim barely had enough strength to stand let alone go up against Gemini and his goons. Nevertheless, she had to they had her family and friends damnit! Is this what Shego meant when she asked how long did she plan on being a hero?

Her parents had always told her that eventually she would end up facing a challenge that was too big for her and that it’s best to quit before it got to that point. She had always told them not to worry and that it was no big…boy was she wrong. No matter she was going to take down Gemini once and for all. She would save the ones she cared most about. No matter what.


Kim scoffed to herself when she remembered her last words, ‘She would save the ones she cared most about. No matter what.’ What a load of crap that was she wasn’t even able to get their cells open let alone save them.

Kim had known she had been outmatched from the start. Not because of the number of guards Gemini had but, because of her lack of rest. Being sent on four missions back to back to back had worn down her senses. And because of that factor she had suffered terribly; not as much as her loved ones though.

Kim remembered her mom watching with tears streaming down her face as her vain attempts to rescue her fail. Kim’s cheeks had tears rolling down them too because she knew her efforts were useless and that there was nothing she could do.

Kim absentmindedly clutched the locket around her neck. The last thing her mom had given to her before she died and the last thing that she had of her family. But the locket was not all that her mother had given her. Her mother had also given her a piece of information that would help her. The name that had been whispered in her ear would be one she would -hate- for all eternity.

Slowly Kim got up off the muddy ground; her knees now bleeding from the pieces of glass and rock embedded in them. They had wanted her dead and they had succeeded. Kim reached into her pocket and pulled out her Kimmunicator. She looked at it one last time before tossing in onto the ground before ripping a piece of her shirt and tossing it onto the ground.

Kim was outside in a terrible storm with barely nothing on and getting soaked to the bone. Not that it mattered she didn’t care if she got sick. She didn’t care that she had wounds on her body that deserved serious medical attention. She just didn’t care about anything anymore. All that she had once believed in had shattered right before her eyes and had become nothing more than dust in the wind. She turned and began to limp away not once ever stopping to look back. If they didn’t want her around anymore then so be it.

As of this night the great Kim Possible…is no more.

Next time: How others deal with the shocking news.

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