How to Submit

The Submission:

All Stories send to will be added to the Archive. You need to join the kpslash fanfic Group to send your Story to the List. The Group is also for Discussion, Ideas, Improvements and Upgrades for Archive. You will also recive the Update-Notifications.

As alternative you can send your Story to You will recive no Update-Notification that way. Sorry!

The Format:

Everything goes, with the exceptions of PDF (can't be converted without major headaches). MS-Office, Openoffice, HTML, Plain-Test… I can even use LaTeX if you choose that format. Sizes up to 2 MB are also ok, above please consider splitting the File or the usage of a compressor like ZIP or RAR.

New Chapters/Rewrites:

I will try to keep up with new Chapters of your Story, but I'm only human and there will be times I won't notice them. If you want a regualr update-cycle please submit also your new Chapters. That way you can be sure that I can keep Track of your Story.

The same goes for rewrites or similar. Please submit changes or rewrites of your Story.

Guidelines for Story-Submission::

  • All Fics SHOULD have an valid Disclaimer! If there is no Disclaimer you agree that I will add a Standard-Disclaimer.
  • If you plan a Crossover, please make sure the Owner (Author, etc.) of the non KP-Part doesn't explicit the publication of Fanfiction related to his work (some Authors from Fantasy/Sci-Fi-literature don't like Fanfiction).
  • Please RATE your Fic. Ideas how to do this can be found here
  • Please sumbit a small summary (one line is enough).
  • NO SPAM! If you send spam or other crap I will ignore/filter you.
  • The Story must be yours! Don't sumbit storys for other People.