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TITLE: Taken away

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I don’t own the original premise this saga is based on. I don’t own He-man. I don’t own Tekken. I don’t own Naruto.

SUMMARY: AU. Sequel to The Gods Must Be Laughing. Shego and Kim are now trying to be a regular couple and do the things that they see their friends doing, like get married and have kids.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 6703

In light of our responsibilities, we still shouldn’t neglect each other…

Shego’s third stint as interim chief was even more annoying than the first two. It happened because the department was expanding into its own independent force, completely separate from the police department, so there was a lot to do. The change was taking place because the department was very efficient in stopping insane villains from plundering or trying to conquer the city, but there were still more scoundrels coming out of the woodworks. There was also another department opening on the other side of the city, which Shego hated to consider, but Betty might actually decide to put her in charge of the bunch across town. She was not going to accept that because she could not imagine doing the job that she had now until she retired.

The pale woman had to stay on the phone a lot with Betty while the one-eyed woman was out on leave because she needed directions on what moves to make and Betty wanted almost minute-by-minute reports on what was going on. Shego was holding off on all the phone calls for the past few days, though. Betty had just given birth to her second son; she had carried him full term with no complications in her labor, so it would seem that she had been scared for nothing.

Betty named her new son, Romah. Staying with her tradition, he was named after a famous empire, the Roman Empire, and the empire’s name was spelled wrong. He was a chocolate-skinned, onyx-eyed fat-boy; the last part was according to Shego. He was ten pounds and everyone agreed that was pretty fat. In fact, they did not see how Betty managed to push him out.

Mayah had been upset with Romah’s arrival. She had wanted a baby sister and had been pushing for that since the day that she found out her mother was carrying a baby. It had been her experience that little brothers were dirty, irksome, little creatures and she did not want another on in the house. But, she could see that it was unavoidable now, although she had suggested that her mother trade in the new baby for a little girl. She knew that they could not do that, but she just wanted to put it out there in case it could be done. All she did was start trouble because Aztek chimed in, figuring if they could trade the baby in then they should also trade Mayah in for an older brother. Needless to say, Mayah did not take that well and ended up tying her brother to the banister of the stairs in their home. That would teach him to try to get rid of her, she thought.

Betty went back to work almost immediately after she had Romah, which was fine by Dahntay. He understood that she had a lot going on with her division and he believed that it was best for her to be there to take charge. Besides, he knew that she would drive him crazy if she stayed home while her creation was becoming its own force.

The one-eyed woman was glad that Dahntay was so understanding because she really did want to get back to her job and take command once again to make sure that everything went exactly how she wanted it, even though she had no doubt that Shego was taking care of everything. She just hoped that Shego did not trash her office again like before. She wanted to get that mad-woman out of her office as soon as possible just as much as she wanted to be there to be in charge.

When she entered her office, she discovered Shego hidden behind a pile of folders. She could hear her friend on the phone, cursing someone out quite furiously. She just listened for a few seconds. The poor bastard on the phone with her friend was being torn a new one all right. It made her smile; she was glad that Shego was so tough with the people that she had to deal with. They needed someone rough telling them off.

“Fucking asshole,” Shego grumbled as she got off the phone, slamming the receiver into the cradle.

“I’m sure he was,” Betty remarked, which got her replacement’s attention. Shego stood up to make sure that she was hearing right and not having a hallucination.

“Bets, you’re back or are you here to just check on me?” Shego inquired curiously while flopping back into the chair, as if she wanted to be there. Betty had only just had the baby a week ago, after all. She did not think that the real boss would be back so soon, even though she knew that Betty would want to, almost need to be at the office for everything that was going on.

“I’m back. Can’t let this place go global without me,” the one-eyed woman remarked with a lighthearted smile.

“I think it’s going cross-town, but I’ll let you dream,” the raven-haired agent quipped with a smirk.

“Anyway, I’m here to jump into this thing, so get up and get the hell out,” Betty commanded while pointing to the door with her thumb. “Don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out. I don’t want ass prints on the handle,” she added.

“Hardy, har, har. I see your standup act hasn’t improved since you’ve been gone,” Shego replied while standing up. “That’s why I made sure to save all of the paperwork for you,” she commented.

Betty laughed a little bit. Shego walked over to the boss, pausing for a second to look at the older woman. Shego was about to walk out, but the returning chief halted her. Shego wondered what was up while Betty went to sit down at her desk. She then turned her attention to the green-skinned woman.

“Shego, we’re about to be our own independent force, have a new headquarters, and have another force under us,” Betty stated.

“I know. I was here while you were setting things up, if you recall. Or is your mind going in your old age?” Shego teased, smirking to be a pest.

“I need you now more than ever,” Betty pointed out in a rare moment of honesty and seriousness between them.

“I know, Bets,” Shego replied with a shrug. “I’m never going to say this again, but you know I’m here for you.”

“So, if I tell you I want you to take charge of the new branch?”

“I would tell you to shove the offer up your ass after you manage to get your head out of there,” the pale woman answered honestly.

“I figured as much. You’ve got to help me out, though.”

“I will help, in the best way I can. I catch bad guys, Bets. You know that. I kick ass. That’s what I do,” Shego pointed out.

“I want to use you for different things, though. You’ve got talents we’re not using,” Betty said what she thought was obvious, but her friend had the nerve to appear skeptical.


“Like how you used to be a master thief. We need to exploit that. I want you to start teaching new recruits,” Betty proposed. She wanted to train her personnel to start thinking like the people they chased after and Shego was the prime candidate to teach the staff how to do that. It would make them a more effective force.

“No, no, no. Don’t do this to me. You know how I feel about rookie scum. They think they know everything and you get pissed at me when I throw them into walls or burn off their eyebrows,” Shego objected to the plan.

“We have to shape this department up, especially since it’s going to be independent. We’re going to have to be the utmost professionals and do our jobs to the best of our abilities. I need to use you in a different way. I’ll let you still go out on assignments, but we have to use you in a more efficient manner. So, think of some things that you can do for the department when we expand because you’re not going to be a regular agent anymore.”

“Sounds like a promotion to me,” the emerald-eyed officer commented.

“Of course it’s a promotion, you idiot. If anything you’re going to be apart of a staff that works right under me. You’re also going to have to help me find such a staff. As you know, the pool we have around here frightens me,” Betty remarked.

“Trust me, they’re just as scared of you as you are of them. So, what does this promotion involve?” Shego asked curiously.

“The usual crap.”

“And an office?” Shego said. She had always wanted her own office, ever since she started working on the straight and narrow anyway. She was never sure what she would put in it, but it would keep her away from the idiots that she worked with. Now, it was even better because she could put pictures of her little family in there. That would be great, she thought; damn it, she was so sentimental now.

Betty sucked her teeth. “Yes, you’ll get an office as soon as we get the new building. We’re going to have to reorganize everything and stuff. This is going to be a nightmare,” she sighed.

“You’re going to love every second of it,” the younger woman commented with a smirk.

“That I am,” Betty agreed with a smile. Her brain child was becoming an independent agency with two working divisions. She was going to be totally in charge of a crime fighting organization soon enough. It was going to be wonderful.

“Hey, do I get a new rank?” Shego asked out of the blue.

“Does the rank really matter?” Betty countered. Shego practically carried herself as if she was in charge no matter what.

“Hmm…how about Major General?”

“I think you’ll want to join the army for that rank. You’re probably going to have a whole new job title and no, it can’t be ‘master of the universe.’ You’re not He-man,” Betty remarked.

“But, Shego: Master of the Universe has such a nice ring to it,” the green-skinned woman quipped with a smile.

“Only to your sick ears,” Betty replied. “Well, maybe you and your brat’s ears. I’m sure you could get her to call you that.”

“I tried it once. She didn’t go for it,” Shego said, looking rather amused.

“She’s not as dumb as I thought then. I’ll bet she’ll be happy when all this is said and done. You’ll be making more money, which will give her a chance to goof off more,” Betty commented.

Shego only nodded a bit. More money was the main reason that she did not fight Betty harder on the promotion idea. Todd was going to be going to college in a few years and they needed to have extra money squirreled away for him, even though Kim swore to the heavens that their son was going to get a big scholarship; Todd swore the same thing too. Still, just in case that did not happen, they needed to have money put away for the boy, which Kim actually did, but more money never hurt anyone.

“This promotion should be good for you, though,” Betty said out of the blue.

“Why do you say that?” Shego asked curiously.

“The things I have in mind would take you out of harm’s way. You do have a family that you should worry about, yet you’re always out in the field acting like a crazy twenty year old,” Betty replied.

“Bets, just shut up,” Shego stated with an attitude. She did not like that her friend was making it seem as if she was just totally reckless when she went out. She always thought of her family when she was out there battling insane villains. She always made sure to walk away from any of her fights because she had a family to get to.

“All right, all right. Don’t go anywhere, though. I do need you to fill me on about anything that happened while I was out and you didn’t tell me about over the phone. I’d also like to get a better idea on what you’d like to do once we’re totally independent and situated in our new headquarters,” Betty explained.

Shego nodded and pulled up an empty seat. She had a feeling that she had just been recruited in as Betty’s assistant and she was right. She was now working on the expansion project with Betty as pretty much her right hand man, so to speak. She had a feeling that her promotion might be a little something like that; she was going to have to make sure that was not true. She was no one’s sidekick, after all.

“Mommy!” Jayden cheered as she heard the front door open.

Shego braced herself as her wife and daughter hit her at the same time. The two olive-eyed females embraced Shego rather tightly. Shego smiled a bit and returned both hugs. Kim let her go and Shego bent down to pick up Jayden, who grinned.

“Mommy, today Mom took me swimming with Smiley and Smiley nearly drowned!” Jayden reported loudly with excitement sparkling in her eyes.

“I didn’t!” Todd objected from upstairs. He was in his room, putting together a two foot tall skeletal model of a woolly mammoth. His grandparents were under the impression that he liked all animals from the ice age since he liked smilodon and they sent him things often that related to that time period. Because of that, he was actually getting very interested in prehistoric creatures.

“He did,” Jayden insisted while nodding.

“Smiley always almost drowns,” Shego commented with a bit of a laugh. That boy was not built for the water, she noted a long time ago. Maybe he just had a dense body structure or something.

“He does,” Jayden agreed with an amused laugh.

“So, how was your day, sweetie?” Kim inquired.

“Crazy. Betty finally came back to work. She’s not letting me go back to my usual duties, though. She’s going to promote me,” Shego answered, sounding slightly resentful of the promotion. Her tone went right by her petite mate.

“That’s great!” Kim shouted with joy. She would have embraced her spouse, but Shego had Jayden and their daughter was a good shield.

“Ah, it’s not that great. We’ve got to hammer out the details, but she’s talking about letting me do whatever. She just wants to find something that I like and that helps out the department,” Shego explained.

“Then that is great! We should go out and celebrate,” Kim suggested.

“Go out?” Todd echoed. Suddenly, he was on the stairs and quite interested in what was going on. He hoped that pizza was involved in going out.

“We don’t need to do all that,” Shego objected.

“Oh, J. P. Barrymore’s!” Jayden cheered and her parents cringed.

“No, no! No singing bear!” Shego protested loudly. She really wished that they would just get banned from that place already. Between the kids, her, and Betty, someone really just needed to tell them that they could never set foot in that place again. Maybe the staff was too scared to say anything though.

“But, I like the singing bear, Mommy!” Jayden replied.

“Jade, baby, it’s Mommy’s special night, so Mommy should get to decide where we go,” Kim pointed out.

“Can it involve pizza or hamburgers?” Todd hoped, even though he would eat just about anything as long as it was called “food.”

“Want to go to Ron’s place?” Kim offered. She was pretty sure that her spouse had never been to her best friend’s restaurant and she thought that would be a good place for them to go. It was a family restaurant with great food and they were not likely to be thrown out should Todd or Jayden behave, well, like they often did.

“Is he going to be there?” Shego countered.

“Don’t be a kill-joy, honey. Ron’s restaurant is the best and he runs it well,” Kim boasted.

“Yeah, he makes this shrimp there…” Todd did not even finish his thought and just started daydreaming about the shrimp that Ron made. “We have to go!” he agreed after a few seconds. He needed that shrimp now.

“The promotion isn’t even final yet,” Shego pointed out, hoping to get out of the celebration. She was not even sure if she wanted the job, yet they were already celebrating for her.

“You’ll get it,” Kim stated with confidence. “So, let’s all go out to Ron’s restaurant. You’ll like it,” the redheaded hero promised her wife.

Shego rolled her eyes; she doubted that she would like it, even if the kids seemed enthused about everything. She looked down at her family and found herself being ambushed. They were all doing that infernal, damned puppy-dog pout!

“Fine, we’ll go,” Shego yielded with a sigh.

“Yes!” the children cheered. Todd could already taste those shrimp, along with several other dishes that Ron kicked ass in cooking.

Shego sighed again and looked down at her petite wife. Kim smiled impishly, as if telling her that everything would be all right. The pale woman did not argue or protest any further.

Shego was a little shocked at the size of Ron’s restaurant. Apparently, he was doing all right for himself. She was surprised that the place did not have one of those animal bands like at J.P Barrymore’s pizza partytorium considering how much Ron seemed to like the place, but his restaurant was just a normal looking eatery, but it was not lacking a theme. He had large fish tanks through out the whole restaurant with all sorts of fish inside of them. Those creatures were not for eating, which Jayden liked because she had gone to naming most of the fish for Ron with the help of Bokuden.

The family was seated immediately, even though there was a short wait. It was just that Kim was recognized as the boss’ best friend and they did not have to wait because of that. The family was taken to a booth for Jayden to be close to one of the fish tanks, which immediately got her attention. She stood in her sit and leaned against the glass, which she knew she was not supposed to do, but she liked doing it until someone told her to stop.

“Jayden, sit your little ass down,” Shego ordered in a bit of a gentle tone.

“I’m not little,” Jayden objected while flopping down into her seat.

“You’re a midget,” Todd teased.

“You’re an asshole,” the girl countered in the same tone that most children would use to call someone a doo-doo head.

“I try my best,” he replied with a wide grin.

The kids would have gone back and forth for a while, but the menus were brought over. While everyone looked to see what they were going to order, Kim excused herself. She wanted to see if Ron was around, which she was happy to find out he was. He was in the kitchen, preparing one of his specialties, which she let him finish before starting a conversation with him.

“Hey, K.P. Todd bugging you about the shrimp again?” Ron inquired with a teasing smile. He figured that one of the reasons that Kim would be at his restaurant was because Todd seemed to be addicted to certain foods that he made; the shrimp was at the top of the long list. Todd alone made him feel proud and happy with his work.

“We decided to bring Shego here to celebrate her promotion at work,” Kim explained with a bit of a smile herself.

He laughed. “And I bet she’s the one that doesn’t want to be here.”

“I’m sure once she has the food, she’ll change her mind. Tell me, what would you think about watching the kids for me for one night?” Kim asked.

“I wouldn’t mind. Gives me a chance to beat Todd in some Tekken. He thinks he so hot at that game,” Ron answered. “I’m guessing you want to celebrate in a more adult way with Shego,” he remarked with a sly smile.

Kim smiled a bit. “Well, it would be nice.”

“Yeah, so no problem. I just got to warn Yori that we’ll be hosting your tornados because once you put Jade with Bo…well, you know,” he commented with a lighthearted laugh.

“Well, at least without Razi being around you know they won’t be trying any surgery,” the redhead remarked.

“Which is good considering they kill Bo most of the time.”

“At least they don’t want to be doctors when they grow up,” Kim said and Ron laughed.

“That’s true or we’d all have to worry, especially about malpractice bills. So, when do you want me to take them? Tomorrow’s kind of good actually. I’m not going to be here tomorrow because I was going to hang out with the boys anyway. So, I can even come and pick up your monsters and take them out with me,” Ron explained.

“That should be good. They love going out with you anyway.”

“Because I’m fun, duh,” Ron pointed out.

Kim laughed a bit. Ron had to be fun because the kids all liked going out with him more than anyone else it seemed. They always cheered whenever Ron showed up out of the blue and announced that he was going to somewhere. Ron beat Kim out, even when she had snakes in the deal. It probably had something to do with the fact that Ron liked going to J. P Barrymore’s pizza partytorium as much as the kids and was not known to beat up on the animal band or the irksome employees like Betty, Shego, Monique, and Felix; the latter two often got into it verbally with people while the former two got into it verbally and physically.

The best friends continued to talk for a few minutes before Ron got another call for one of his specialties and he got to work. Kim returned to her family, having faith that Shego ordered spaghetti for her, which the green-skinned woman did. There was a catch though, and Kim noticed it immediately.

“Jade, are you eating my food?” Kim asked curiously as she sat down. Jayden was leaning over from her seat and just brazenly eating the plate that was in front of Kim.

“Well, you weren’t here, it was getting cold, and I ate mine’s already,” Jayden explained in a “doy” kind of tone. She did not seem ashamed at all that she was just eating her mother’s spaghetti. The catch was that Jayden loved pasta as much as Kim did and leaving her around an untouched plate for certain amount of time meant that Jayden was going to dig in.

“You ate a whole plate of spaghetti that quickly?” the hero asked in disbelief.

“Hey, that is your daughter,” Shego pointed out with a laugh. It tickled her whenever Jayden did something that was so much like Kim that it actually got on Kim’s nerves instead of on her nerves.

“And stop eating while I’m sitting right here,” Kim ordered the child, who was still just digging in as if it was her food.

Jayden grinned widely as an apology and Kim yielded the food to the child, which made Jayden grin even more. Kim ordered another plate of spaghetti and another glass of soda because it seemed that Todd decided to commandeer her drink while she was gone. He knew that he had better drink as much soda as he could while they were out because that once they got home, his She-she was going to end all of their soda intake for the night. He had come to understand that she thought the sugar made them all hyper. He was under the impression that Kimmie made them hyper, but he did not know what her excuse was.

Shego just watched the whole thing, rather amused with her family. She was happy that they had come out already. She had to admit that the food helped. She had ordered some grilled chicken and whatever sauce it was that they put on it certainly added a brilliant zing to the meal. The rice and steamed vegetables on the side were good too. Okay, she silently conceded, the little blonde buffoon ran a kick-ass restaurant as far as food and service went.

They did have a normal outing for their family, which meant that they attracted a bit of attention, mostly thanks to the kids. Todd and Jayden started going back and forth over the fact that Todd wanted to eat Jayden’s dessert. It was clear that the girl was full and was not going to finish the large piece of pound cake. Jayden just was not in the mood to share with her older brother and put up quite a fuss over it. The worst part was through all of their huffing, and cursing on Jayden’s end, she eventually gave him the cake because she knew that she was not going to eat it. Todd actually thanked her after all of that mess.

(Next day)

Kim did not tell Shego that Ron was going to take the kids for the night. She did not even tell the kids that they would be spending the night with Ron until he showed up just so they could not spill the beans to Shego; Jayden was good for telling a secret by accident. The kids were happy about it when she finally informed them, though.

“Oh, you’re going down in Tekken tonight!” Todd informed Ron when he came into the house.

“In your dreams,” Ron replied while rolling his eyes.

Kim helped the kids pack for their night with Ron. She also wished Ron luck, which he waved off. He left with the pair, everyone smiling about it. Todd was looking forward to playing Tekken all night while Jayden was just looking forward to playing with Bokuden.

Ron lived in house now, which was not too far from Kim and Shego’s house. As soon as they arrived, Jayden kicked her shoes off and made a mad dash for Bokuden’s room. Todd and Ron took their shoes off too and they went right to the living room to play video games.

Yori heard the commotion, so she did come out to see what was going on. She went to Bokuden’s room first and found him with Jayden. They were playing with his toys, which were mostly Naruto toys. Jayden was not picky when it came to stuff to play with, especially if it gave her a chance to do some fighting.

Yori did not bother the children since they were being quiet, by their standards anyway. She went into the living room to see Ron and Todd getting into their Tekken tournament. She knew that could and probably would last all night; she wished that they had done something outside before wasting away in front of the television. She had seen them go at it when Felix was around too and Todd had to literally be dragged out of the living room well after midnight by his mothers. It was a bizarre sight.

Yori was distracted when she heard crying going on and she guessed that Nobunaga woke up from his nap. She went and tended to him. She then took him into the living room because he was actually fascinated with video games. She guessed that he liked all of the movement and colors when it came to games since he was not even a year old yet.

She stayed in the living room, knowing that Ron would not keep the best eye on Nobunaga while he was playing video games. Nobunaga was like Bokuden when he was a baby. The kid just liked wandering and he would crawl into things, like walls or the coffee table. He never cried; he just turned around and when into another direction until he hit another obstacle.

So, Yori curled up on the sofa with a book while Ron and Todd battled it out in Tekken. She guessed that they could order some pizza for dinner; she knew that would make the kids happy. The kids were always looking for an excuse to have pizza for dinner. She just hoped that things stayed as relatively peaceful as they were.

Shego entered her home and was shocked because she was not hit with tackling hugs from anyone. The house was dark and gave off a vibe of emptiness. Maybe Kim took the kids out, like she had been doing all summer long. She did call out of her Princess just in case while she was taking off her shoes.

There was no answer. She turned on the lights and walked through the house, finding that there was no one around. Satisfied that she was alone, she went to go take her shower and get settled in.

While Shego was in the shower, Kim silently slipped into the house. She had gone out for some supplies that they surprisingly lacked at home. Well, it really was not much of a surprise considering how she and Todd ate everything within sight and they hunted for things that were not in view. She knew that Shego was home because her car was in the drive, so she knew that she had to be quiet and discreet if she wanted to keep the element of surprise.

She hid some of her supplies and then went to hide herself. She listened as Shego got out of the shower and went into the bedroom, putting on house clothes undoubtedly. While Shego was in the bedroom, she slipped into the bathroom upstairs. The upstairs bathroom was the better one of the two full bathrooms that they had. It was larger with a bigger bathtub, which was a high level, diamond-shaped tub.

Kim began setting everything up, but she could not start the water until she knew that it would not attract Shego’s attention. She waited for a few minutes and then she could hear the television blasting. It would seem that Shego found a nice action movie to watch; it probably helped that Kim left a stack of her spouse’s favorite loud movies out in plain view.

Once the movie was really going, Kim began the final stage of what was only the start of the evening. When everything was said and done, she made sure to make some noise. She easily got Shego’s attention.

“What the fuck?” the green-skinned woman wondered as she heard something drop upstairs. She paused her movie and decided to go inspect the scene.

She cautiously approached the door of the bathroom because she could hear more noise coming from in there. She noticed that the door was slightly ajar, a dull light sipping from the crack. She pressed herself against the wall and gave the door a gentle push. She did not bother waiting for a reaction and she stepped into the bathroom to have her jaw practically hit the floor.

There were candles illuminating the bathroom, all around the room. Her wife was standing by the tub in a short robe and two glasses in her hand. There was a bottle of champagne resting on the side of the tub next to more candles.

“Pumpkin,” Shego breathed out the name.

“Care to join me?” Kim asked with a sexy smirk.

Shego scoffed; did she even have to ask? Shego practically jumped out of her clothing and then she slowly removed Kim’s robe, which was more to get on Kim’s nerves than anything else; it worked. The redheaded hero was eager to get into the tub, which was full of bubbles and skin softeners to make the bath as comfortable as possible.

When they got into the hot water, Shego moved to lean against the wall that the tub was situated against. Kim poured them both a drink, handing one glass to her spouse when it was halfway full. The slender hero toasted to Shego’s promotion, just to let Shego know what they were celebrating. The pale woman could care less than nothing about the reason; she was just enjoying the moment.

They never even finished the half-glasses of champagne that they had. Kim attacked after a sip, which she only had because of the toast. Shego did not resist in the slightest. They shared a deep, passionate kiss that was way hotter than the water that they were currently sitting in.

“Wait,” Shego said as she pulled away because she remembered something important.

“What, wait? Why?” Kim inquired while trying her best to go into for another kiss, but she was being denied.

“Where the fuck are the kids?” Shego asked with a puzzled expression gracing her elegant features.

“Ron and Yori took them for the night,” the scientist answered.

Shego just nodded; it was all she needed to know. The kids were safe and they were going to be gone for the whole night. Now, she could really enjoy herself without any worries. She leaned down, starting a new kiss. Her hands began exploring the redhead’s body with gentle pressure, causing Kim to lean in for more.

The kissing and groping session went on until the water got cold and most of the candles were about half the size they used to be. Shego was going to just heat it back up with her powers, but Kim wanted to get out. Shego did not argue and followed Kim out of the tub.

“Go to the room and I’ll be there in a second,” Kim instructed Shego.

The raven-haired female could guess what Kim was going to do next, but she did not say anything. She just did as Kim said and she went to the bedroom after drying herself off. She felt a bit odd walking through the house nude, almost like she was scared Todd or Jayden might pop up out of nowhere and then they would both be scarred for life. But, the kids did not show up and she made it to the room safely.

She sat down on the bed and waited for Kim, who was busy blowing out the candles in the bathroom to make sure that they did not have an accidental fire. The green-skinned woman wondered if she should strike a provocative pose just to get more into the spirit of the evening. She went through several, not sure which one Kim would appreciate more. It took her a few poses to realize that she had an audience.

Kim was just standing in the doorway with a bag in one hand, a bowl in the other, and her mouth was practically on the floor. She had been standing there for five poses, each outstanding in her opinion. Shego did not let that bother her and just remained in the position that she was in; she was lying on her stomach with her head resting in her right hand, her middle finger was touching the tip of her tongue, and her left leg bent, so that it was in the air. She beckoned Kim to her with her left index finger. Kim could only nod and obey, as if she was under a spell.

“What’s this you got here, Princess?” Shego asked curiously while taking the bag from the redhead.

“Stuff…” Kim answered as if she could not remember what it was. The only thing that was on her mind now was Shego posing. She might never function properly mentally again.

“What kind of stuff?” Shego inquired with an amused smile. It was nice to still have such an affect on Kim, even after so many years together.

“I don’t know,” Kim replied honestly. She hardly knew that she was carrying anything at all. She just wished that her spouse would go back to striking such scandalous poses.

“Well, let’s have a look,” Shego commented and she peered into the bag. She was not surprised to see a squeeze bottle of honey, a canister of whipped cream, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a bottle of strawberry syrup. Kim was good for mixing sex and sweets. “Well, now, so many things to get us all sticky. Which were you planning to use first?” she asked with a teasing smile.

“I don’t know,” Kim answered again. She could not remember what she was going to do with anything. The poses were just seared into her eyes and taking up all the space in her brain right now.

“And what about this?” Shego asked as she took the bowl from Kim. The bowl held strawberries and cherries. It seemed that her mate had a long night planned.

“I don’t know…”

“Then you won’t mind if I borrow them,” the raven-haired female said.

Kim shook her head, showing that she would not mind. Shego put the bag down on the nightstand and put the bowl next to it. She then grabbed Kim and lowered her to the bed. She started a heated kiss that Kim immediately responded to; apparently, she was not shell-shocked anymore.

Shego grabbed a cherry while making sure to keep the kiss going. She used the cherry to trace Kim’s torso before bringing it to her mouth as they pulled away for air. As soon as she started eating the cherry, Kim attacked again, kissing her roughly. When that kiss ended, Kim had to spit out a cherry pit.

They ended up using all of the cherries and strawberries in such a manner, some of them going lower than others. The other items were put to use too, especially the chocolate syrup. It was definitely a sticky night.

(Next day)

“We’re home!” Todd called as he unlocked the front door to the house. He stepped in with Jayden and Ron behind him.

“Mom! Mommy! We’re back!” Jayden hollered, wanting their mothers to come greet them.

Little did they know, but Kim and Shego had been sleeping until they came in yelling. They both muttered cursed under their breath as they tore out of bed and looked for something to put on. They both found their robes quickly and then exited their bedroom in time to see their kids coming up the stairs.

“Mom! Mommy!” Jayden grinned as she charged them both. She leaped into Kim’s arms since Kim was standing just a little bit in front of Shego.

“Hey,” Kim greeted their daughter and hugged her. “Did you have a good time with Uncle Ron and Bo?”

“It was the best! We played ninjas and Rufus was the evil overlord,” Jayden replied.

“Rufus was still in hiding when we left,” Ron commented.

“I’ll bet,” Shego deadpanned.

“Hey, Mom, what the hell happened to your neck? Looks like something bit the shit outta you,” Jayden commented as she caught sight of a dark maroon spot on Kim’s neck.

The hero went wide-eyed for a moment because of the panic that coursed through her like rogue wave. What was she supposed to say? It was not like she could say what bit her.

“Oh, Jade, you know Mom, always around a bunch of things that want to bite her,” Shego remarked with a wicked smirk. She had to admit that she could not help biting Kim when she was covered in honey.

“I guess it was mission accomplished with you two,” Ron quipped, trying his best not to laugh and succeeding halfway.

“Yeah, thanks for the help. We’ll return the favor some day,” Kim replied.

Ron waved it off; of course they were going to return the favor someday. That was a given. With the way everyone watched the kids, they were all doing each other a continuous favor anyway. He was just glad he could be of service for the moment, especially since he got to kick Todd’s butt last night in Tekken.

Next time: Jayden and Raziya are put into the same class with Mayah Bokuden. Hmm…that probably isn’t going to end well for the school.

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