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TITLE: Talk it over

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters or the original premise behind this saga.

SUMMARY: AU. Sequel to The Gods Must Be Laughing. Shego and Kim are now trying to be a regular couple and do the things that they see their friends doing, like get married and have kids.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 6515

I wish only for your happiness and you wish only for mine. Let’s look out for each other to make sure we remain happy.

Kim and Shego spent the summer taking care of Todd with a silent decision hanging in the air between them. Shego wanted a baby and she wanted Kim to carry the baby. The redhead was willing, especially after seeing Shego’s expression when she was holding Betty’s daughter, who was named Mayah. In fact, every time that they saw Mayah, Shego had to hold the baby and that just made Kim all the more willing. The only thing was that neither said anything to each other yet.

They were focused on Todd more than anything else, even though Shego also had to worry about being chief for the summer too. The pale woman hated her new job more than anything that she could think of at the moment. She did not like being the in-between for the office and the political heads of the city. She was also not a fan of all of the paperwork and just the inertia that was involved in being the boss. She wanted to go out and wrangle the bad guys. She wanted some action and she was so happy when Betty came back at the end of the summer to take her job back.

“There is a God,” Shego quietly decided as Betty showed up for work for the first time in two months.

The pale woman wanted to embrace her best friend when she entered the office and declared that she was there to take her desk back. Instead of hugging Betty and letting her know that she was missed, Shego acted nonchalant about things. She did not even bother to get out of the real chief’s seat.

“You look mighty comfortable,” the one-eyed woman commented when she entered her office.

“Yeah, well, you know how I like to be in charge,” Shego remarked.

“Yeah, well, those days are over,” Betty proclaimed.

“Well, how do you know I’m not in the mood for mutiny? Power’s gone right to my head,” the green-skinned woman quipped with a devilish smile, as if she was serious. She would not let Betty know how much suffering she went through for the couple of months that she had been in charge.

“I’ve got no doubt about that, but you don’t want to have to fight me for you to get your bony ass out of my chair,” Betty stated.

“I’m going to get up, but only because I think it’s wrong for me to take a mother away from a child so soon. Don’t want Mayah growing up to know her mother got killed for a stupid job,” Shego remarked.

The interim chief stood up and yielded the chair to the true boss. Shego was glad that her stint in pure Hell was over. She never wanted to do that job again.

“I heard you held things together really well while I was away. I guess when Dahntay and I have another child, I can leave this place to you again,” Betty commented and Shego lost what little color that she had in her face.

“Again?” the officer echoed with a haunted expression. Betty wanted her to do that job again? What the hell was her friend smoking on to have such crazy ideas!

“Yeah, again. It won’t be anytime soon, but when the time comes, at least I know who to leave the place to,” the one-eyed woman said. Well, she did not plan on having another child anytime soon anyway.

Shego had to leave the office before she reacted to that news and she was not sure how she was going to react. There was a chance that she might have reached across the desk and just punched her friend as hard as she possibly could. So, instead of risking that, she just returned to her old desk, which was covered in dust thanks to two months of disuse. She did not mind that; she doubted that she would ever be so happy to see such a rickety piece of junk furniture again. Things could get back to normal at work now and now all she had was home life to worry about.

(New day)

Kim and Shego had to take Todd back to his biological parents because he started second grade in a couple of days. They had brought him all sorts of back-to-school junk, but they could not get him the one thing that he wanted, which was to stay with them. He had enjoyed living with them for the whole summer and wished that it could have been a permanent thing. He could only vague understand why it could not be permanent, no matter how many times his Kimmie and She-she explained it to him.

It broke their hearts when he looked at them like he was going to burst into tears because they had to take him back to his birth parents. They were not sure what to tell him as to why he could not live with them all year, especially since everything that they told him only earned them puzzled looks and tears. At least they had made it beyond him thinking that something that he did made them not want him, but still, it did not make dropping him off any easier.

They promised to come get him for the weekend and he could spend that time with them, like always. It only managed to lift his spirits a little. It was minor consolation to them too. How they wished that they could be there for his first day of school and drop him off, watch him run off, and be home for him when he came in to tell them about his day. The most they could do was patiently wait for a phone call from the boy for him to tell him what was going on.

The temporary farewell was heartwarming with hugs and kisses. They walked Todd to the door of his biological parents’ huge mansion and the maid greeted them, which was the usual. She took the sorrowful looking boy from them and led him into the house. The door was closed as Kim was trying to wave bye one more time. It was a quiet drive home, as was the norm once they released their son into the custody of people that they knew did not love him even a faction as much as they did and did not take care of him in the slightest when it came to the intangible things that a child required in life.

(New day)

Okay, it was decided that it was time to sit down and talk business as far as Kim and Shego were considered. They both knew what the other had been thinking for a long while now, so it was time to put it out in the air and make sure that they were on the same page. It was time to discuss seriously having a baby.

They were sitting on the sofa in their house clothes. They were entwined with each other where Kim was sitting in between Shego’s legs and had her legs around Shego’s waist. The pale woman had her hands resting against Kim’s bare thighs, just in case the urge to caress the redhead overcame her; the younger woman had on some very high-riding shorts.

“So, I’m ready to ruin my figure,” Kim declared to get the conversation started. She touched her stomach and silently bid her flat belly farewell.

“It’s okay. Your figure won’t be ruined to me,” Shego promised in a tender tone as she reached her hand over and lightly ran her warm fingers over her spouse’s abdomen.

“Now, how come I’m the only one around here that’s going to get fat?” the redhead inquired.

“Just because I don’t know what my body might do to a baby. I’ve got radiation in my system from my powers and then there’s also the healing factor that comes along with my powers. What if my body aborts the baby, thinking it’s a foreign body,” the raven-haired woman explained. “I don’t want to go through that, Pumpkin. I don’t want us to go through that.”

“Oh…” Kim muttered. She never thought about that. When she looked at Shego, she saw an extraordinary woman, yes, but she rarely thought about how extraordinary her wife really was.

“Yeah, so I would just rather not go through that.”

“So, what now? How are we going to have a baby? Do you want to just go to a place and pick a donor?” Kim asked curiously.

“Ew, no,” Shego objected. They could give them genes from just about any loser in some place like that. Even though she was not going to be able to add to their child genetically, she wanted to give the baby a good chance in life before being born.

“What about your brothers?” the redhead suggested. She figured that Shego’s brothers were the closest people that they had for the baby being some of both of them genetically speaking.

“Okay, several problems about that. The first being that they have radiation in them too, just like me, so I don’t know what that might do. Second, Hego would not do it. Third, Mego wouldn’t let us forget and might actually want the kid to refer to him as ‘dad.’ Fourth, the last thing I need is for the twins being able to say that they had a piece of themselves inside of you,” the green-skinned woman answered.

“I can see the problem there. Well, if we can’t use them then there’s no real way for the baby to be a piece of both of us,” Kim pointed out.

“I know…” Shego sighed. She was back to wishing that she had been born male. If she had, she would screw Kim like crazy until the redhead was carrying their child, but that was not how things went. She would actually be willing to take the chance if she were a guy, even with the radiation in her body.

“Are you sure you don’t want one of your brothers to do it? Maybe the radiation isn’t that bad. I mean, you’re all totally healthy.”

“I can’t chance doing something like that to a baby if it’s not all right. I mean, the kid could be born with all kinds of tumors or something because of our makeup and even if that doesn’t happen, there are the other things. I know my brothers and really the only ones that would consider doing this are the twins and it doubt that they would do it either. They would think it’s creepy to father their own niece or nephew.”

“They would think it’s creepy? These are guys that think they’re one guy,” Kim pointed out. How the hell could anything be creepy to them?

“Yeah, another reason I wouldn’t want them to donate anything. Something’s not right in those two. It might be hereditary,” the older female commented.

“Babe, if it is, that’s in you too,” the redhead stated with a smile.

“Hey, don’t compare me to those maniacs.” Shego lightly hit Kim in the shoulder to further admonish her.

“Spousal abuse!” the olive-eyed hero cried.

“You need to learn to watch your mouth. You’re such a bad girl,” the elder female commented and then she caressed the redhead’s thighs.

“So, you still want to have a baby, even though…” Kim trailed off. She did not want to say that the baby would not biological be Shego’s because it seemed harsh and actually irrelevant. Considering how they both felt about Todd, she thought that they probably should just adopt a child, but she was not going to suggest that. She knew that Shego wanted a baby that was their own and she was of like mind in that.

“Yes, I still want us to have a baby. We just have to think about a suitable donor. Anyone you could think of that would do this for us?”

“Ron,” Kim said almost automatically. She and Ron had been best friends since kindergarten, so she was pretty sure that he would do anything that he could to help her out.

“Yeah…no,” Shego said bluntly.

“Why? What’s wrong with Ron?” Kim inquired in a defensive tone, even though she was used to her wife picking on her best friend.

“You mean aside from everything? No way are you carrying a baby with his genes.”

“Why not? Yori is.”

Shego made an indigent noise. “Yori also spends most of her nights lying underneath that guy. You want to do that too?” she inquired to make her point.

“No. What the hell does that have to do with anything?” the redhead countered with a disturbed look on her face. It was almost like Shego had told her to go screw her brother with that statement.

“Everything. Don’t bring him for this unless you’re willing to go sleep with him. Now, who else is there?” the pale woman wondered aloud.

“Well…there’s Felix,” Kim offered. There was nothing about him that Kim knew offended Shego.

The green-skinned woman seemed to consider that suggestion. There really was nothing offensive about Felix. He was a polite young man most of the time and according to Kim, quite the intelligent fellow. She knew from the few times that she had spent around him that he seemed to bring out Kim’s genius side better than anyone else because they liked to talk science when they got into each other’s company. He was a handsome guy and his physical makeup did not seem weak, even though he was bound to a wheelchair.

“You think he would?” Shego asked with a curious expression.

“Well, we’d have to ask him…and I guess, Monique,” Kim answered.

“You think she’d be okay with this? She doesn’t seem like the kind of a person willing to share her little lecher,” Shego remarked. She thought that Monique was like her in that manner because she damn sure would not be willing to share her little pervert.

“Well, we could run the idea by them. We don’t know unless we try,” the petite hero commented with that almost sickening optimism of hers. She even smiled.

“You’re always just way too hopeful,” Shego said.

“Just one of the many things you love about me,” Kim hummed with a knowing look in her eyes, still smiling like a happy elf.

The pale woman did not know how to argue that, so she decided not to. It was true anyway; she did love Kim’s optimism. She leaned forward and kissed the smaller female while moving her hands from the outside of Kim’s thighs to the inside.

(New day)

Shego and Kim met Monique and Felix at a little restaurant. The two ladies had not told the other couple why they wanted to talk with them because they did not want to discuss the matter over the phone. They figured that if they were out in public, Monique or Felix would be less likely to overreact.

“So, why’d you two call us out here?” Felix asked curiously.

“Yeah, what was so important that you couldn’t tell us over the phone?” Monique added in.

Shego glanced at Kim. She figured that it would be best for the redhead to explain everything since they were Kim’s friends. Kim had no problem with answering any and all questions, but she had to take a deep breath first. She knew that she was about to ask a lot of the couple and she did not want them to get too upset with her.

“Well, Mo, Felix, Shego and I have been thinking about how we want to have a baby,” Kim started the whole speech.

“A baby?” Felix echoed and then he looked between the adventurer and her spouse. How were they going to have a baby? They were two women last time he checked. Obviously, he could be a little oblivious sometimes.

“Yeah, we want to have a baby,” Kim repeated.

“And what’s that got to do with us?” Monique inquired. She hoped that her friend was not going to where she thought the hero was going.

“We were hoping that Felix would—” the olive-eyed scientist did not even get the chance to finish her sentence.

“No,” Monique said rather bluntly. It would seem that her friend was going where she thought that the redhead was and she was not in favor of that at all. There was no way in hell that she was going to let her man father children for someone else, even if the person was her best friend.

“Whoa,” Shego muttered. She had not thought that they would be shot down so harshly, although she knew that it was going to be Monique that crushed the thought.

“But, Monique—” Kim attempted to argue, but her friend was not trying to hear it.

“No,” the wavy-haired female stated again.

“Wait, you guys want me to father the baby for you?” Felix asked. He guessed that made a lot more sense than the crazy ideas he was getting. He quietly laughed to himself for missing that before it was so plainly stated.

“Yeah, we thought it would be better than going to a sperm bank and having to take their word on what we were getting. With you, we know what we’re working with,” Kim pointed out with a forced, almost awkward smile.

“You’re not working with anything. He’s not going to do it,” Monique informed everyone rather soundly.

“Please,” Kim requested. She did not know it, but her expression looked so close to begging that it was heartbreaking.

“Look, we’re not trying to get him to take care of the kid or anything once the baby’s born. We just want him to jump start the process,” Shego pointed out. It was not like they were going to rape Felix and then force him to provide some kind of care for the baby. It was their baby and they were going to take care of everything once the baby was conceived.

“No,” Monique said again. Nothing that they were going to say would make her change her mind. Her husband was not going to father kids by or for anyone.

“Please,” the redhead said again. “We really want to have a baby.”

“Then go get your own man. Call Josh or something,” Monique huffed. She seemed rather offended that her friend would dare ask her husband to do such a thing.

Kim was now insulted that Josh was brought up. Shego frowned at the mention of that asshole, who she had happily not seen or heard anything about for a couple of years before that moment. Like hell she would even think to let Kim carry the baby of that dickhead.

“What the hell is your problem? We just want the guy’s sperm. Not like we want him or anything more from him after that. Why the fuck can’t you just do this?” Shego inquired with a growl.

“I don’t have to answer that. Come on, baby,” Monique said as she stood up and started walking out. Felix looked at the couple, as if he was apologizing for his wife’s behavior and then he followed her.

“I figured that was going to go something like that,” Kim commented.

“I did too,” Shego agreed. She had actually expected Felix to be against the idea too, but he had not even gotten the chance to weigh in on the subject. They both noted that he did not seem insulted or anything, though.

“Baby, don’t you think you were a little too harsh back there?” Felix asked his wife when they were in the car and heading home.

“No. How dare they ask something like that? If they want to have a baby, they can go out and get their own guy,” Monique huffed.

“But, it wasn’t like they were asking me to sleep with one of them. They just want my sperm,” he pointed out. He was actually flattered that they had come to him to father the child. After all, he knew that Shego had brothers that they could have gone to and impregnated Kim or they could have used Kim’s brothers to impregnate Shego, but they had asked him.

“Well, it’s not just your sperm,” the chocolate-eyed woman argued.

Felix nodded because he thought that she had a point. It was not just his sperm since he was married, but it was not like they had just come to him. They had come to both of them and were straight up, even though Monique had shut them down before they even got to the whole point that they had been trying to get out.

“I know it’s not just my sperm, but that’s all they wanted. I mean, shouldn’t I, as a friend, help them out, if I can?” he asked.

“You want to have a baby with them?” she inquired incredulously. From the way that she was upset, it really seemed like Shego and Kim had offered themselves to Felix for an orgy and not because they wanted to have a child.

“I don’t think it’s about having a baby with them. This is one of those things were the baby would be theirs. I wouldn’t have to do anything,” Felix commented.

“And you’re all right with that? You’d father a kid that you’d more than likely see every week or something and you wouldn’t be able to tell the kid that you’re the father. Would you really start a life and then have nothing to do with it?” Monique inquired.

Felix was silent. Could he do that? He probably would see the kid often and he doubted that he would be allowed to act like a father toward the kid. Maybe it was not the best idea for him to be Kim and Shego’s donor if that was the case.

“Maybe you were right, babe,” he muttered. He would have liked to help Kim. She had looked so wanting, pleading with them to consider being the donor.

Monique glanced at her husband. He looked oddly down and out about coming to the right conclusion. She could actually understand his feelings because she was picturing the look on Kim’s face as she told the redhead “no.” Kim had appeared so crushed and it hurt her to know that she had wounded her best friend in such a way. But, she did stand by her “no.” They could not have her man’s sperm.

Kim and Shego had a very quiet ride home. They did not say anything to each other for a long while, silently moving through the house, putting on more comfortable clothing and things. They settled on the sofa, just letting some music play in the background.

“I’m sorry about that,” Kim apologized to her wife, as if what happened between them and her friends was somehow her fault.

“It wasn’t your fault, Pumpkin,” Shego said while gathering her lover up in her arms and holding her in a sweet embrace.

“I didn’t think Mo would be so opposed to the idea. I mean, it’s not like we’re trying to steal Felix or anything. We just…we just want to have a baby…” Kim muttered while curling up into Shego. She felt more hurt than she thought she would at being shot down. It was not so much that they would not get Felix to father the child, but how bluntly Monique had been with her and then had the nerve to tell them to use Josh.

“It’s okay, Princess,” Shego said while caressing her petite spouse’s head. She thought that might comfort the slim scientist. “We could always find another donor,” she pointed out.

“I guess. It’s just we won’t know someone else as well as I know Felix,” Kim countered.

Shego could not argue that. Felix had been at the top of their one man list. He was the only guy that they agreed on, but they supposed that he was just too close to them. Shego figured that it was a good thing that she did not ask her brothers or they would have just had to go through the pain of being shot down several more times. At least with Felix, it was just that once. But, for some reason, she did not want to accept that.

They were not going to find someone that measured up to Felix. He was very smart, funny, athletic, good-natured; sometimes, Shego thought that he was like Kim if she had been born a guy. She sighed as she got an idea, a very bad idea in her opinion.

(New day)

Shego decided to go see Felix at the lab that he now worked at. He had finally gained a grant to research his dream of creating cybernetic parts to take the place of lost limbs. He was getting there little by little and was confident that one day he would achieve his goal. He was surprised when Shego showed up, alone.

“Hey, Shego. What can I do for you?” the brown-haired fellow inquired when she entered his office.

“I’m not here to start anything or bother you or anything like that. I just wanted to explain why we asked you,” the pale woman answered.

“Oh,” he muttered because he did not know what else to say. He was also rather stunned that Shego was the one doing the explaining.

“We went down a list of guys that we know. We ruled out my brothers because of possible underlying biological problems. We ruled her brothers out because of my own possible underlying biological problems, which is also a reason why we decided that Kim was going to be the one to carry the baby. I don’t want naco-boy to be the one to knock her up because I really think something is wrong with him. And all that’s left is you. You’re all we got, pal.”

“But, why me? It seems like I’m just the last guy on the list. I win by default,” he remarked with a dry laugh.

“Nah, you didn’t win by default. We agreed that you have good genes. You’re on Kim’s level when it comes to brains, although I’ve got admit you’re just a little saner than she is. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders common sense wise. Physically fit. No diseases as far as either us know, unless you want to fill me in,” she slightly teased him.

“I’m totally healthy thank you very much,” he huffed a bit.

“Yeah, and that’s why we wanted you. Besides, Kim’s comfortable with you and she knows you well, so it made her less nervous about everything.”

“She’s nervous?”

“Hell, yeah, she’s nervous. Carrying a baby isn’t some walk in the park. Plus, I’m not going to go through it with her,” Shego explained.

“You’re not? Why not?” he inquired.

“Weren’t you listening? Underlying biological reasons. If the green skin didn’t give it away, let me spell it out for you, I’m not normal. So, Kim’s going to carry our baby and I’m going to be there for moral support I guess,” the pale woman sighed. She wished that she could do more than that, but she really did not want to chance her body harming a baby.

“So, do you have another donor set up?” he asked curiously. He was once again flattered that they had picked him and know why they picked him was only feeding his ego.


“What are you going to do?”

“Ask you again,” she admitted and she would ask him until he agreed or until Kim picked someone else that she was comfortable with that they could agree on.


“I don’t think she’ll do it unless it’s you. She doesn’t want to carry the kid of some stranger, even though we’re going to take care of the kid either way as our own. It’s just that she’s not very comfortable with all of this,” Shego explained. Her princess was trying to be strong, but she could see it in her eyes that she was nervous, maybe even a little scared.

“You sure know how to pressure a guy,” he commented with a smile and a bit of a laugh. He rubbed the top of his head and then turned his attention back to her.

“Welcome to my world. She sure knows how to pressure me, but she doesn’t even mean it. It’s just that I can see it in her eyes and I hate that she’s like that. I’ve got to get that look out of her eyes, man. She would do that for me,” she stated.

Felix nodded. “Look, I’d love to help you guys out, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to just look at a piece of myself and act like it’s not mine,” he informed her.

“It’s not yours. It’s ours,” Shego said plainly.

“Well, you need me to create it,” he pointed out.

“It’s like you giving us a pen to write a will. Just because you gave us the pen doesn’t mean you’re set to inherit, pal,” she countered.

“You’re not making this worth my while,” he remarked since she was being such a smartass.

“What if I pay you?” she offered.

“Pay me?” he echoed. She could not be serious, he thought, but her expression was dead serious.

“You name your price and I’ll write you a check right now.”

“You think you can just buy me off?” he inquired in a rather insulted tone. As if he could be brought to assist a friend.

“What the fuck else am I supposed to do? She asked and you shot her down, so I guess I’ll have to use what makes the world go ‘round.”

“So, what am I supposed to name my price, you write this check, I give you my sperm, and not say a word to my wife?” he inquired.

“You can tell her if you want. I’m just trying to make this as easy as possible for all of us. What the hell do I have to do to get you to agree to this?” Shego asked. She was really ready to go just about anything because Kim was quickly backing away from the idea of them having a baby now. The redhead did not bring the subject up anymore and if Shego even seemed like she was going to approach the topic, Kim would come up with some excuse to leave the room.

Felix sighed and rubbed his head. He would not mind agreeing. He could see that the female couple wanted a child and he would like to help them out. He was pretty sure that he could get over seeing a kid that he knew was his biologically, but was certainly theirs socially. It was just that he did not think that Monique would accept that. She did not seem willing for him to just give his sperm away.

“Monique won’t like it,” Felix said.

“Well, if you’re on board, we can all talk to her. It’s not like we’re trying to steal you or anything and we’re not going to ask anything of you once the kid is born,” Shego commented.

“I know that, but she seems really against this. Hell, she seemed offended that you asked me to do it, like you insulted her,” he informed the green-skinned woman.

“Well, she should get over it. It’s not our fault she picked the good one. Had she taken Ron, we wouldn’t even be having this problem,” the raven-haired officer remarked with a bit of a laugh.

“I’d have a problem with that. Shit, he wouldn’t know what to do with a girl with an ass like that,” Felix said.

Shego laughed a bit; yeah, Felix was certainly like a guy version of Kim. At least he seemed to be all right with the idea. That was a step in the right direction, so now they had to get Monique comfortable with the notion of him donating sperm to them.

“I’ll talk to Mo. I mean, it’s just sperm and nothing more, right?” he asked.

“That’s all it is. We don’t want an arm and leg or anything from you. Just want to get Kimmie pregnant and that’s all,” Shego answered.

Felix nodded and they called it a day. He wondered what he was going to say to her to get his wife to understand. He guessed that he was going to have to figure something out, especially by the time he went home. He thought that he had his speech all mapped out in his head until he was face to face with his wife. He completely forgot what he was going to say as soon as he saw her.

“Damn it,” he cursed under breath for allowing himself to be intimidated just by the sight of her. She was not even upset with him yet.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Monique asked while leaning down to greet him with a kiss. She had heard him swear, even though he had tried to make it inaudible.

“I guess I should just come right out and say it. Mo, I want to help Kim and Shego,” he stated. It was all he had left now that he had forgotten everything he was going to say.

“What did you just say?” she inquired, standing back up right. It was something that she did subconsciously when she was angry with him. She stood her full height and loomed over him since he was in the wheelchair.

“I want to help Kim and Shego,” he dared to repeat the words.

“No, we talked about this already. You’re not giving them your sperm, end of the discussion,” she declared.

“No, that’s not the end of the discussion. They just want the sperm, nothing else.”

“No, I’m sick of Kim always needing something. If she wants to get pregnant, then she needs to go find her own damn man. She shouldn’t have married Shego. She chose to get into that and she should accept the consequences.”

“Momo,” Felix used the pet name that he had for her to get her to calm down some. He thought that she was taking things too hard.

“No, don’t ‘Momo’ me. You’re not doing it,” she stated soundly.

“Momo, sit back and think about this. It’s just sperm. I mean, I know it’s mine and everything, but it’s not going to be my kid—”

“It will be your fucking kid. It’s your fucking sperm!” Monique hollered in anger.

“It would be their fucking kid,” he pointed out.

“No, no, no. This is serious bullshit. No other woman is going to have your fucking kid, got it?” she growled.

“Mo, damn it, just listen to me. It’s not like I’m cheating on you or anything like that. We’re just helping our fucking friend find happiness. Giving her a family with the woman she loves,” he stated forcefully. He believed that they should help Kim if they could, just as she would do for them.

“They already have a fucking family.”

“Oh, so they should be happy with a part-time son that they can’t even keep when they want him? Stop being so selfish,” Felix stated.

“What the fuck?” Monique said and she looked extra-offended by that. “I’m being selfish because I don’t want you fathering a child by another woman?”

“Damn it,” Felix growled in frustration. “Mo, what’s the problem really? You can’t really be this pissed over just because Kim came to us for something.”

“She’s always coming to us for help, like whenever she doesn’t have money or something. She needs to do something on her own for once.”

“You mean like save all of humanity?” he deadpanned.

“You know what, fine. What-the-hell-ever. You want to do this fine. Go ahead and screw Kim,” Monique declared while choking back a sob. She put her hand over her mouth.

A bell rang in Felix’s mind as soon as those words left her mouth. It would seem that they got to the real underlying problem. Monique was taking the whole thing as if he was going to have sex with Kim.

“Momo, come here,” Felix beckoned her in a gentle tone.

“No,” she replied while shaking her head.

“Yeah, come here,” he said while moving closer to her. The only time that he hated being in the damn chair was when it prevented him from going at Monique like a man with healthy legs could. He could not march up to her with powerful strides and take her in his arms firmly like he knew she needed him to at the moment to be reassuring.

“No,” she repeated and she retreated to the other side of the room, but he followed her. He reached out for her and grabbed her, pulling her into his lap. He had her now, even if she wanted to struggle, which she did.

“Mo, I’m not going to have sex with Kim and you know that,” he stated in a calm tone.

“Isn’t that your fantasy, though?” she hissed.

“To fuck Kim? No, not since the last time I checked. I think my fantasy had to do with you fucking Kim,” he remarked with a surprisingly charming smile to go with those words. He was being very honest though; it was something that he would pay to see.

“Why you?” Monique whispered in a bit of a sorrowful tone.

“Well, let’s see, I’m smart and I’m good-looking.”

“You summed yourself up into two words as to why they want you.”

“Well, we could call them and have them explain it. Mo, it’s not like I’m going to be going a hot, sweaty round with Kim. I probably go in a room, think about you, shoot off in a cup, and get home in time to play some video games,” he explained in a low voice to soothe her nerves.

“You make it sound so impersonal.”

“It is. It’s got nothing to do with me being with Kim. Maybe you’re just mad because they want to have a baby. You want one too?” he asked in a teasing tone while tickling her a bit.

“No! And stop being silly,” she ordered while trying to wiggle out of his hold without falling to the floor.

“You okay with this, babe? You know I won’t do it if you don’t want me to. It’s only that Shego said Kim won’t do it unless it’s me. She’s really uneasy about the whole thing. You just have to remember it’s their baby, not mine. It’s their baby,” he said.

“Okay. Okay, I mean, it is just you going in a cup. No contact. It’s their baby,” she parroted him. He nodded and held her while trying to tell himself that it was just as simple as he made it sound.

Next time: a problem occurs and Felix can’t do what he claims.

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