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TITLE: Questions

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I don’t own the original premise that this saga is based on. I don’t own Care Bears. I do own Jayden, Raziya, Bokuden, Mayah, and Aztek.

SUMMARY: AU. Sequel to The Gods Must Be Laughing. Shego and Kim are now trying to be a regular couple and do the things that they see their friends doing, like get married and have kids.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 6032

One day, we are going to have to have a hard talk with Jade and we can only hope that she understands.

“This is fucking boring,” Jayden declared as if she was standing an undisputed fact.

“I like it,” Raziya replied with a small smile, obviously enjoying herself from her expression alone.

The two kindergarteners were in class and they were drawing turkeys by tracing their hands to celebrate the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving. Jayden thought it was a stupid exercise; encouraging that thought was the fact that she was not artistically inclined and that only showed twice as much sitting next to Raziya, who was quite the gifted little artist. The blue-eyed girl was working hard on her turkey and she was not tracing her hand to do it.

Raziya had broken out a big pack of crayons for the picture; one hundred and eight colors. Her turkey had a pretty realistic forest background with it, along with some artistic license on its colors; she did have to ask Jayden if she was correct in recalling that turkeys lived in woodland areas before she proceeded in doing her background. She had to put her own touch on the tail feathers of the bird because she did have so many colors at her disposal.

“You would,” Jayden said, as if that was an insult.

“Don’t be mad cuz your bird look like something a cat threw up,” Raziya remarked. She did not even have to look at her friend’s picture to know how bad it was. She had seen drawings from the ebony-haired girl before, after all.

“Fucking hate art,” Jayden mumbled while balling her picture up and throwing at Raziya, nailing her right in the head. That made the raven-haired child smile, but her friend did not see the humor in the move.

“Do you want me to shove this crayon up your nose?” Raziya inquired while pointing one of her many shades of grey at the foul-mouthed girl. She figured that she could lose one grey since she had six different shades of them, especially since it was for the cause of getting Jayden to stop starting things.

“Do you want me to shove my foot up your ass?” Jayden countered.

“Razi, Jade, I don’t see coloring over there,” their teacher called to them. She knew that they were getting into it more from seeing their expressions than hearing their conversation. She was standing at the front of the class and they were seated in the back. She had put them there to contain their strange energy and to keep them from distracting the other students when serious schoolwork was being done, which they typically breezed through.

The girls sincerely apologized to the teacher for not doing their work. They might not like school much, but they had gotten used to their teacher and she had gotten used to them, especially after some meetings with their parents. The teacher now understood that the duo really did not mean any harm and she also understood that they generally responded positively to authority figures once their parents made it clear to them that the teacher was an authority figure and that they were to respect their teacher by listening to her.

The teacher did not get freaked out when the two girls argued with each other or almost got into physical fights because their parents told her that was fine; the kids were martial-artists-in-training and they sparred with their friends all of the time. She had been told that the best way to get them to not fight was to remind them about the task that they were supposed to be doing, which did work well unless they were having playtime. She did not have to worry about them fighting with the other students; their parents had already taken care of that tidbit of socializing for her and they knew better than to assault one of their classmates.

“You should go get yours,” Raziya said to Jayden, referring to her now balled up picture of a turkey.

“I don’t wanna. It’s stupid. I hate drawing,” Jayden grumbled. She actually had a deep dislike for lacking the ability to draw decently. Whenever she did something, she liked to do a good job of it and that was not happening with her artwork.

“Well, whaddaya gonna do?” the brown-haired girl inquired because they were both quite aware that they could not just sit in class and do nothing.

“I brought a book!” Jayden declared with a bright smile.

Raziya was now intrigued and wanted to see what book her friend had brought. Jayden typically had great books because she just borrowed them from her brother, who took books that Kim was not using anymore. Jayden went into her Good Luck Bear book bag; the bag was shaped just like the Care Bear, but with straps for it to hang from her shoulders. She pulled out a thick paperback book.

“Chemistry?” Raziya said while reading the cover of the book.

“Yeah. I’m already halfway through it cuz I read some of it last night with my Mom. I wanna try to read it by myself, though. I mean, I read some other chemistry books by myself, but this one is kinda hard,” Jayden explained.

“My Dad doesn’t read me chemistry books yet. We’re still reading that biomechanics book from last week,” Raziya said.

“Still?” Jayden asked in disbelief. Raziya and her dad had been reading that book for almost a whole week. She did not think that anything should take that long to read.

“Yeah, we stopped in the middle because my Mom brought me this book full of artwork,” the caramel-skinned girl explained with a smile. She had a good time going through that book with her mother and learning about different artists and their work.

“Artwork is stupid.”

Raziya stuck her tongue out at Jayden to dispute that. Their parents found them to be funny little creatures. They were quite advanced for their age, but they still managed to act like five-year-olds, like when they called each other names or when they stuck their tongues out at each other. They were just weird, but then again, so were Mayah and Bokuden, so at least they fit in with their friends.

The teacher came over to check on the pair and found Jayden was reading rather than doing her turkey. Before dealing with Jayden, she turned to make sure that Raziya was doing what she was supposed. She was shocked to see Raziya’s work; the child certainly did not draw like any kindergartner that the teacher had ever witnessed. She wasted no time in complimenting Raziya, which the girl absolutely loved. The one thing that both friends did like about school was that a lot of the time, their teacher had some very nice things to say about them.

“Jade, why aren’t you drawing like Razi?” the teacher inquired as she turned her attention to the olive-eyed girl.

“Drawing is fucking stupid,” Jayden stated without looking up from her book. It was clear from her tone that she was frustrated with the activity.

“That’s not true. You should try it,” the teacher recommended calmly. She was no longer offended by Jayden’s mouth, knowing that was how she expressed herself and her parents allowed it. She was a bit disturbed at how Jayden knew how to curse so well and often used swear words to get her point across, but she did not say anything about it unless another parent complained to her because some of the other students did pick up a few words from Jayden.

“Tried it, hated it, moved on,” the child replied. She had tried it on several occasions and found that she was not good at it and she had quickly come to hate it. She would much rather color things if she was going to do art than anything else.

“Come on, you should draw the turkey,” the teacher urged Jayden in a gentle tone.

“Why?” Jayden asked. She did not see the educational value in drawing turkeys and the last time she checked, school was supposed to be educational, not that she ever felt like she was learning anything in class.

“Well, that’s what everyone else is doing and it would be something nice to show your parents,” the teacher answered.

“No, it wouldn’t. It’s ugly,” the child answered. Like she would waste her mothers’ time showing them something that looked worse than road-kill, she thought with a mental scoff.

“Really ugly,” Raziya chimed in.

“Shut the hell up,” Jayden said, slightly offended with the agreement, and she punched Raziya in the arm.

“Ow!” Raziya yelped and she punched Jayden back.

“You two, you know better,” the teacher said and she put herself in between them to get them to stop fighting, which worked wonders as always.

Raziya immediately went back to working on her turkey. Jayden turned her attention back to her book and refused to draw the decidedly stupid turkey. The teacher could tell that Jayden was going to be stubborn about things and did not pressure the child to do the turkey. She found that Jayden would be quiet if she was left alone, especially if she had book in her hands, which she did for the moment and she was very quiet. Jayden sat with a content look in her vibrant olive eyes, so the teacher left her and her comrade alone.

Raziya worked on her turkey for all of the time allotted to the class, even though she usually would have dropped her work to read with Jayden. But, she loved drawing and it was encouraged by her parents, especially her mother. Monique had been the one that brought her the huge box of crayons and supplied her with sketchbooks and other art things. She enjoyed drawing with her mother more often than not.

After drawing time was done, the class was set up for the students to do “oral presentations.” Pretty much, each student stood in front of the class and just explained what they were thankful for. It was a way to remain in holiday cheer and give the students something different to do.

It worked out fairly well until Jayden got up to talk. She started out saying that she was thankful for her mothers and the fact that they were interesting; she really was thankful that they were “interesting.” She also stated that she was thankful that her brother was going to be coming home from his “other house” soon. Her explanation of her family was strange to her classmates and they had plenty of questions, like how it was possible for her to have two mothers. They wasted no time asking her a bunch of things that perplexed her. They wanted to know why she did not have a father; one student went so far to claim that everyone had a father and she was “weird” for not having one. They wanted to know how she had a brother that did not live with her and how she had two mothers. They claimed that no one could have two mothers. She tried to explain, but found that she could not once they started making all kinds of claims, like brothers were supposed to live with their siblings and it was impossible to have two mothers and no father.

The presentation questions upset Jayden, not because she did not know the answers, but because her classmates started getting hostile with her and not allowing her to explain herself. They called her weird or said that she was lying. They kept making absolute statements too that she knew were not as absolute as they wanted her to believe, but she was left curious when it was all said and done; the teacher had to quell the class after a few minutes.

Jayden sat down and Raziya could tell that she was bothered by something. The blue-eyed girl wondered what the problem. She guessed that it was because the stupid kids were all yelling about everything that they did not know anything about. Well, they could not do anything about that considering that they could not beat the kids up, not unless they wanted to get scolded by their parents and possibly placed on punishment, which would be a variety of things they hated, like not being allowed to watch certain shows that they loved.

Shego sighed as it was her day to pick up all of the brats from school and watch them for a couple of hours. It was always an adventure with them, even just getting them into the car was crazy because they all wanted to ride shotgun. They had no problem with getting into a fight over it, even though they knew that they were supposed to take turns.

Shego just watched them fight over things; they needed to practice as much as they could with their martial arts in her opinion. Bokuden did not fight immediately. He had to wait until someone hit him. He had been doing that since he had started learning ninjitsu from his mother, who told him to always be patient with his fighting among other things, and there was the fact that he had a new baby brother, so he seemed to be figuring out that he had to calm down to make life a bit easier on his mother; Betty wished that Mayah had done the same when Aztek was born.

Yori had had her second son last month. Ron had once again come out strong in their offspring, producing another blonde, brown-eyed baby boy. Their new child ended up like Bokuden though, where they both looked like Japanese versions of Ron, especially now for Bokuden because his face was rounding out like Ron’s face. The new baby had been named Nobunaga by Yori; he was also named after a famous Japanese warrior, like his brother. They called him “No” for short just like they called Bokuden “Bo” for short.

Once it was sorted out who was riding shotgun, they were ready to go; it was Mayah’s turn in the front seat. It was not that she had won the battle, but that it was actually her turn. None of them ever really won when they fought over the front seat. They tended to just brawl until the adult with them said something along the lines of “it’s so-and-so’s turn,” which settled the matter because whoever’s turn it was would be the one to ride there as the driver would make sure of that.

Shego watched as everyone strapped themselves in and asked if they were secure just to make sure. The kids always pulled on their seatbelts to make sure that they were in proper order and working correctly. With everyone fastened in place, Shego pulled off.

The kids all charged into the house when they arrived. They were allowed to play in the living room or in the den because Shego did not want them upstairs, wrecking the bedrooms or worse, setting free any animals that happened to be in the house. And they were good for letting things out of their containers.

So, the children went to the living room, where Shego put on the television for them in case they wanted to watch something, which they did not. They started playing a game while she went into the kitchen to prepare them a snack. She had only been in there for a few minutes before Jayden and Raziya wandered in.

“Mommy,” Jayden said to get the pale woman’s attention.

“Yeah, kiddo?” Shego replied.

“Can you pass us a knife?” Jayden requested as if that was normal.

“Yeah, sure,” Shego said before she realized what her child had asked for. And then it reached her brain. “What, wait? What the fuck do you need a knife for?” she inquired without passing them the requested object. It would be an extremely cold day Hell when she handed them a weapon.

“Surgery,” Raziya answered as if that was obvious.

“Surgery?” Shego echoed in a baffled tone.

“We’re playing doctor and Bokuden has come in with appendicitis and we need to give him an appendectomy,” Jayden explained.

“No, no, no. What have we told you guys when you play doctor?” Shego asked. Their kids played the most realistic version of doctor that they had ever heard of.

“No major surgery,” the girls grumbled.

“Right,” the green-skinned woman stated.

“But, it’s a simple procedure,” Jayden argued.

“No, there’s no open surgery when you play doctor,” Shego informed the pair, even though they knew the rules.

“But, Bo’s gonna die if we don’t get that appendix outta there,” Raziya pointed out.

“Well, I guess you guys are going to have to play funeral then because he’s not having the surgery,” the adult informed the pair. “Now, get going,” she said.

Jayden and Raziya pouted, which got them no sympathy from Shego, which they had come to expect. They obeyed the order and left the kitchen. They guessed that they were going to have to break the news to Bokuden that he was going to “die” because they could not perform any open surgery in their “hospital.” He accepted his fate with great, serene understanding; like a samurai, Jayden commented, which caused Bokuden to smile, even though he knew that the samurai was the direct opposite of what he wanted to be in life.

Shego was not freaked out by the realism involved in the kids playing doctor. They were thorough with most of the pretend games that they played. She was not bothered by their use of real terminology either because all of the kids used words that no regular five or six year old would know. She was just used to it and it had always been that way with them anyway and it was not just Jayden and Raziya. Mayah and Bokuden came equipped with their own vast vocabulary that included law enforcement terms as well as martial arts techniques and the ability to argue why something was possible or not with great effort and comprehension.

After holding a “funeral” for poor Bokuden, whose appendix burst and killed him in the hospital bed, the children tried to figure what else they could do. They did have much time to think of something because Shego came in with their snacks. She had made them a fruit salad pretty much, but it was not put together. There was a bowl with apple slices, another with grapes, another bowl held strawberries, and lastly some oranges. She left them in the living room on their own because she knew that they would be fine while they had their food. It was when they did not have food when they needed to be watched or at least have a person within earshot of them.

“Hey, guys,” Jayden said while grabbing a strawberry.

“What?” Bokuden replied while trying to figure out what he wanted. He was starting to get very indecisive about the foods that he wanted to ingest, especially after his trips to Japan. He settled on grapes and grabbed a few of them. He then proceeded to stuff his chubby cheeks full of plump green grapes.

“Is it weird that I don’t have a dad?” the raven-haired girl asked them.

The other three thought about it. They had never really noticed that Jayden was the only one among them that did not have a father. They had just noticed that they all had two parents. Two parents was normal to them, so they shook their heads, telling her that they did not think it was weird that she did not have a dad.

“What about the fact that I have two moms, is that weird?” she continued on.

“No,” they all answered with their mouths full of delicious fruit. She had two parents like everyone else and that was normal to them.

“Is it weird that my brother doesn’t live with us all the time?” Jayden inquired.

Once again, the other three thought about their answers. They were just used to Todd coming and going from the house, even if it was different from their other experiences with siblings. Before Mayah and Bokuden had become older siblings, they might have just assumed that big brothers were supposed to come and go like Todd did, but they knew that was not the case because Mayah lived with her brother all the time and Bokuden so far got to live with his brother all the time. Still, they would not say that it was weird.

“I wish Smiley lived here all the time,” Mayah commented with a dreamy smile. There was also a glazed over look in her mismatched eyes for a few seconds. Her friends did not know what to make of the expression, so they ignored it for the most part.

“Me too, but is it weird that he doesn’t?” Jayden asked, truly wanting an answer to that. She was trying to understand why her classmates would say such a thing when it did not seem true to her.

“Why would it be weird?” Bokuden countered. He really did not understand. It was something that had gone on forever as far as he could tell and something that went on for that long could not be weird or it would have been changed to be proper, in his mind anyway.

“I dunno,” Jayden replied honestly with a shrug. “The kids in our class were saying it was.”

“Yeah, but they’re stupid,” Raziya pointed out as if that was the plain, simple truth, which it was to her.

Jayden could not argue with that logic because the kids in their class were stupid. But, they were all going to be sure that it was nothing like they believed. They were all going to ask their parents when they got the chance, which was not too long a wait for them. Their parents all came to pick them up at the same time, so they all got to be ambushed by the question.

“Hey, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,” Mayah said eagerly while tugging on her mother’s sleeve to get Betty’s attention while the one-eyed woman was trying to gather up her things for them to go home.

“Yes, Mee-mee,” Betty replied calmly, using her nickname for Mayah to throw a little affection her little clone’s way.

“Is it weird that Jayden doesn’t have a dad?” Mayah asked, which got all the others started up.

“Yeah, is it?” Raziya asked her mother, who was putting her into her coat.

Monique stopped in mid-zip and looked at Felix. Felix looked up at Shego, who was holding onto Jayden. Shego looked down at Kim, who had been trying to explain Jayden the difference between pythons and boas yet again. Jayden always thought that they were same thing, no matter how many times it was explained to her.

“Princess,” Shego said to get her spouse’s attention.

“Hmm?” Kim asked.

“Gonna jump in here or should I field this one?” the pale woman inquired curiously. She was not looking to be bailed out or anything, but was looking to get her mate a chance to say something. She considered that Kim might be able to do it in a better way than she would because Kim seemed to speak right on the kids’ level when explaining something to avoid more questions coming up.

“What? Should I get this one?” Kim countered.

“Well, you’ve got a good way of handling these things when it comes to the little ones,” Shego pointed out, which was why she had turned to her mate in the first place.

“Oh. Well, guys, we all know that families come in all shapes and sizes, right?” Kim said, turning her attention to all of the children and showing that she knew exactly what was going on despite the fact that she had been talking to Jayden before.

The children nodded because that was the truth. Hell, they all came from biracial families after all and they noticed that their families looked different. But, they all had fathers, though.

“Well, our family is just different. It’s not weird. Some families have a mom and a dad, others have two moms, and others have two dads. You guys should all be happy to have two parents that all love you very much. A lot kids aren’t lucky enough to have that,” Kim explained.

“They only have one parent?” the kids asked, in total shock. They guessed that made sense since families were all different, but it was still something that was hard to picture because they were used to families having two parents.

“Yes, some kids only have one parent. But, that’s because families come in all shapes and sizes. They’re not weird or bad, but different. Now, since when is different bad?” Kim inquired.

The kids stopped and thought on that. They were all different from each other. Their parents were all different from each other. Everyone was different from each other and that did not mean anything bad in their opinions. Okay, well, that matter was cleared up. Families were different, so it was not weird that Jayden did not have a father and it was not weird that she had two mothers.

“What about Smiley not living wif us? Is that weird?” Jayden asked.

“Nope, just another quirk of our family,” Kim answered with a smile, which assured the children that it was not weird for Todd to live with his other family as much as her words did.

“Is Smiley ever gonna live with us?” the raven-haired child inquired. Mayah was interested in that one and waiting on pins and needles for the answer.

“One day, little Pumpkin,” Shego replied with a laugh and she rubbed Jayden’s head. Jayden grinned.

“That’s good news,” Mayah muttered. No one heard her, which was good all around because it would have seriously disturbed the adults, who had already noticed that she had some odd fixation with Todd.

“You’re just going to give Jade all of my nicknames, aren’t you?” Kim joked, speaking to Shego.

“Hear that, Jade, Mom just gave you all her nicknames,” Shego said.

“More names for me!” Jayden cheered with a grin. She even pumped her fist in the air. The others laughed; Jayden was a riot, even when she did not mean to be.

The question about family did make Kim and Shego realize something that had actually never came to mind. One day, Jayden was going to completely and totally understand biology as an adult, which meant that she was going to want to know who had fathered her. They were not sure what they were going to do about that.

“Love, how did we never realize that Jayden is going to want to know about a father?” Kim asked in disbelief. They were in their room after having put Jayden down for bed that night. They were certain that she was asleep; Shego had read her a story that always knocked her out.

“I don’t know. Aren’t you the resident genius?” Shego countered.

“With our kids? I’m not even the resident redhead anymore,” the hero remarked.

“That’s true,” the pale woman agreed with a smile.

“So, what are we going to do?” Kim asked curiously. She thought that Shego was pretty good with coming up with tough explanations for things. After all, she had easily cleared up that love issue between her and Jayden.

“Well, this shouldn’t be an issue for another few years, right? How about we just put it off?” Shego suggested.

“Do you really want to do that?” the redhead asked in shocked tone.

“Not really. Come here,” Shego said while motioning to her wife, who was sitting at the edge of the bed while she was at the head of the bed.

Kim eagerly crawled over to the older woman, who scooped her up in her arms. She laid her face in Kim’s hair for a moment before leaning down to kiss the redhead. Kim smiled, even though she was curious as to why she was getting such affection.

“Does this have anything to do with Jayden?” Kim asked curiously.

“I’ll think of something and you can think of something. We’ll compare notes later on,” Shego answered.


“It’s simple, you think of what you want to say to her and I’ll think of what I want to say to her. We’ll come together after that and discuss it once we know what we want to say to her. Then we’ll be all set, having the best explanation mapped out. So, we’ll be ready,” the green-skinned woman said and then she kissed Kim on the neck a couple of times.

“You are so smart,” Kim commented with a smile.

“I try my best,” Shego said with a smile of her own. “Now, we’ve got other problems to consider.”


“What do you mean? It’s Thanksgiving next week,” Shego reminded her spouse.

“Right,” Kim said while hitting herself in the forehead. “You do know I totally spaced on that, right?”

“I figured as much when I noticed you yakking to Jade a few days ago about the break through you’re making with your other antivenin work. You had to be excited because you were talking to a five-year-old about your progress.”

“Hey! She understood like half of it,” Kim said in her own defense.

Shego laughed; she had no doubt that their daughter had understood at least half of it. After all, when it came to science, their child was on the same page as Kim; not the same level of course, but she certainly was as eager about it as Kim. Jayden was their baby girl and one day, they were just going to have to explain that to her, even though she was undoubtedly going to bring up the biology of it all. They just believed that they would be ready for that moment when it came.

(New day)

Thanksgiving was by far Jayden’s favorite holiday; her brother agreed with that. They just liked having their family altogether. They were always excited when they were with their uncles and grandparents. Shego liked it now too because she could start trouble with her brothers by telling their mother Jayden kept asking about having cousins. Oh, her brothers hated that, although the twins liked to say that they were working on it. They were not making such progress, though.

Todd tended to have a busy day on Thanksgiving because he had to take a lot of time trying to shake Mayah. It annoyed him to no end that she was always trying to hang out with him, especially when he was trying to send things into orbit with his uncles Jim and Tim. He did not want her to get injured while they out there; after all, his She-she and Betty would undoubtedly slaughter him if she got hurt trying to be around him. They would then go after his uncles.

Jayden took the time show her grandparents her very own reptiles and amphibians. Kim had brought her a few animals because she was just as into them as Kim was and the hero was all about feeding into her children’s intellectual curiosity. But, just like Kim, she was not allowed to keep the animals indefinitely. That saddened her until Kim came home with new critters anyway.

The doctors Possible and Isabel listened to Jayden go on about her animals and even held them when she offered, despite the fact that they kind of preferred their wildlife at a distance. For a while, Jason tried to ignore her until Jayden offered him a toad to hold. He declined and she hit him with a pout that Ann knew well; the puppy-dog pout. It had to be genetic, the neurosurgeon thought as Jason caved in and Jayden went back into her talk about her animals. They noted that Jayden seemed to be giving them a lesson and they wondered if she picked that up from Kim when she did have lessons in the park.

“Game time!” Todd cheered as he entered the living room. He was about to sit down on the floor, but Jayden stopped him.

“Smiley, don’t sit down!” Jayden yelled in distress.

“What?” he asked curiously and then he noted a frog was right under him. He picked it up and handed it to her. “You shouldn’t have Abe out of his box if you’re not doing anything with him,” he pointed out.

“You should just watch where you park your fucking ass,” Jayden commented.

Jason was taken back by the girl’s language, but noticed that no one else was shocked by it. It was actually his first time really paying her any mind while her other grandparents knew that she had a gutter mouth. They did think that her speech would clean up as she got older and understood that she should taper the very casual swearing.

“Blah, blah, blah,” Todd replied to Jayden’s statement, making a flapping, mocking hand gesture to go along with his words. “Wait a second, isn’t Abe my frog?” he asked. They sometimes got their animals mixed up and then there was also the fact that they sometimes shared animals, so they often did not know who was keeping what.

“No, and you should address him as Mister President,” Jayden replied.

“We’ve got about twenty ‘Mister Presidents’ if that’s the case,” he pointed out with a scoff.

Jayden did not argue that one because they did have at least seventeen different creatures named after presidents. She went back to talking about her animals while Todd had to turn to a football game that he wanted to see. He was very into football now, having played the last two seasons in a pee-wee league. Kim had been promising to take him to a live game sometime soon and he knew that she would keep her word. He could not wait for her to get tickets.

When Jayden finished up with her animals, she helped her Mom put them away. Jayden went back to her grandparents to tell them about school. Mayah joined her, both of them thoroughly badmouthing the learning institution. While they were doing that, Todd got into the football game along with Dahntay, who was into sports and helped Todd better understand the games since Kim and Shego were not the best to explain things since they did not play any sports that he was into.

“Oh, my god, run the ball, run the ball, run the ball!” Todd chanted in an excited tone, which surprised Jason and Hego because they did not think that anyone raised by Kim and Shego would be into something that they decided was one of the defining factors in “manliness.”

“Kid, you do know the defense is going to stop them, right?” Jason pointed out. He was actually just trying to discourage the redheaded boy, but he would soon find out that was nearly impossible to do.

“Are you kidding? This defense is worthless,” Todd replied with a broad smile while motioning to the television.

“Very worthless,” Dahntay agreed while shaking his head.

“I’ve seen worse,” Hego commented.

“That’s true too,” Dahntay concurred.

The guys watched the game. They were eventually joined by the Wegos, who were into certain sports and football was one of them. Jayden kept the attention of those that were not interested in the game, namely the doctors Possible and her uncle Mego. Mayah eventually just took advantage of Todd sitting down and went to sit down next to him, quietly smiling to herself as she did so.

Betty looked in the living room and called Shego to see the scene. Shego would not believe her eyes, mostly because her father and Hego were cheering with Todd and offering him high-fives during the game. She called Kim, who immediately knew to snap a picture when she looked in on the scene. Shego smiled.

“Talk about a happy Thanksgiving,” Kim remarked with a smile of her own.

Next time: Christmas with this bunch.

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