One in a Billion

Reason Twenty-five

Emergency situation


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TITLE: Emergency situation

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I don’t own the original premise that this saga is based on. I don’t own Care Bears.

SUMMARY: AU. Sequel to The Gods Must Be Laughing. Shego and Kim are now trying to be a regular couple and do the things that they see their friends doing, like get married and have kids.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 6092

How is it that something that seems so obvious can be misinterpreted by the most important people?

Kim was working in the lab at Go University, sitting at a desk with a chewed up blue pen in her hands. She was working on notes for an article that she planned on writing based on her work of breaking down the enzymes in snake venom to aid in medicine and also she was playing with ideas on her antivenin for certain toad poisons. She had no problem with balancing the two things in her head, preferring to multitask when she could anyway.

“Doctor Possible, are you free for a moment?” a voice called to the redhead.

“You need me for something?” Kim answered without looking from her notes.

“I was hoping you could show a new guy around.”

“No problem,” Kim replied in her usual friendly tone. She liked showing people around when they joined the lab because she remembered when she was new around there and everyone was so nice to her. She wanted the new people to feel as welcomed as everyone made her feel when she had arrived.

The hero tore herself away from her notes and went to go meet the new person. She found herself face to face with a charming, handsome, brown-haired young man. She smiled at him, a friendly expression. He returned the smile with one of his own; his smile was warm, but there did seem to be a little more to it than what the world could see.

“Eric, this Doctor Kim Possible. She’ll take good care of you,” the scientist informed the new guy before walking off.

“Nice to meet you,” Kim said in a polite tone while offering a hand to the new fellow.

“Nice to meet you too,” Eric replied with a smirk that went over Kim’s head as he shook her hand. He was a well-built young man with a barrel chest and strong jaw. He was also well dressed, especially for someone that was going to be working in the biology lab. He had on white dress shirt with a maroon tie and pants that matched his tie with polished black shoes.

“Well, let me show you around,” the redhead offered politely and motioned around the lab.

“Indeed,” Eric commented with a smile. It was great that they had got such a wonderful creature to show him around, he thought.

Kim showed Eric around the large laboratory with a bright grin on her face. He noted a ring on her finger, but he did not think anything of it. After all, she looked too young to be married, so he thought that it was just a fashion thing. When Kim was done with showing him around, she returned to her notes and she decided that she was going to take a few frogs home.

The redhead had a habit of borrowing animals from the lab, which she had permission to do. She always brought the specimens back after a few days. She never kept anything longer than a week and they all knew that she took them home to teach her kids. Long ago, she had to show her coworkers her prides and joy, namely Todd and Jayden. She even showed pictures of her cranky spouse. She really did not care if anyone judged her for who she was married to; she loved her family and wanted everyone to know that. Thankfully, the people at her job were very open-minded and just agreed with Kim that she had a fine looking family and very adorable children.

(New day)

“What the hell!” Shego could be heard screaming through out the entire house. Hell, the neighbors outside probably heard her too. It would not be surprising if the people across town heard her.

Kim did not even bother looking up from the papers that she was looking over. She was sitting in the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal, and going through the article that she planned on publishing in a science journal. She just wanted to make sure that she got everything in that she wanted and that it made sense.

The redhead still did not look up as her spouse entered the kitchen, appearing rather cross, and walked out the back door that led to the backyard, which was where their daughter was playing with an eight-foot long boa. Jayden looked up when Shego came out. She grinned up at her mother, looking so much like Kim that it was uncanny.

“Put Einstein the hell down,” Shego instructed her daughter. Einstein was the snake that Jayden was holding; the child and Kim had just liked naming all of their animals despite the fact that they were not going to be around after a month’s time and they liked naming them after famous historical figures.

“Okay…” Jayden agreed and she carefully placed the boa in his box.


Shego then grabbed Jayden and tucked the child underneath her arm almost as if the girl was a book. The four-year-old wondered what was going on. Shego did not offer up any explanation and proceeded back into the house. Kim caught sight of her spouse and child as they came back in. She craned an eyebrow.

“Um…Sweetheart, what are you doing with the baby?” Kim asked curiously.

“I’m going to hang her out of a damn window upstairs,” Shego answered as if that was the most logical thing to do.

“Okay. Why?” the redhead inquired, still sounding rather curious instead of being alarmed by such a response. It was not unlike her love to say such things when Jayden did something that warranted a punishment or some form of reprimanding. The emerald-eyed woman never acted on such things, of course.

“Do you know our whole tub is full of fucking frogs? Jade, why the fuck are you putting frogs in the tub?” Shego inquired, almost in a pleading tone while looking down at their baby girl with a nearly sorrowful expression.

“Where else am I s’possed to put ‘em?” Jayden asked in a baffled tone. It would not make any sense to put the frogs in the living room; there was no water for them to swim in if they were in the living room. The same could be said of any of the bedrooms, the den, and the dining room. The bathroom was the most logical place for amphibians in her opinion and she figured that putting them in a tub with some water in it was even better.

“Somewhere that’s not the bathtub!” Shego answered, thinking it was obvious.

“Really? That’s where I’ve been putting mine,” Kim mused aloud and she was quite serious.

Shego’s face practically hit the floor in defeat. She just did not know what to do. She sighed, conceding the battle, and walked over to Kim. She dropped Jayden into Kim’s lap and then she petted both of their heads.

“Oh, yeah, this is definitely your daughter,” Shego commented and she walked off.

“Did I do sum-fin bad?” Jayden asked the redhead. There was a curious and confused expression on her face because it seemed like she had done something wrong, but she did not know what it was.

“No, baby. You know how Mommy feels about frogs, though. So, she was probably just freaked about the frogs in the tub. How many do you have in there anyway?” Kim asked curiously.

“Like ten or fifteen,” the child answered with a shrug. She was giving a rough estimate because she had not bothered to count them.

“That’s not that many,” Kim commented. She had done way more than that one night and Shego had actually gone into the bathroom, stepped into the tub, and was totally ambushed by a huge gang of frogs and toads. Needless to say, that evening did not go too well after that.

“I know! I was gonna put ‘em back after I got done with Einstein.”

“Well, let’s go put Einstein back and then gather up all of the frogs so Mommy can go into the bathroom.”

Jayden nodded and the two got up to go retrieve their boa from outside. They then went upstairs to collect the frogs that were in the bathtub. As they put the frogs back into their containers, Jayden turned to Kim.

“Mom…” the child said in a tone that did nothing to prepare her redheaded parent for what she was going to say next.

“Yes?” Kim answered.

“Does Mommy love me less than you cuz I don’t look like her?” Jayden asked curiously.

The question caused Kim to whip around and stare at the girl as if her head had fallen off. Jayden did not know what her mother’s face meant, though. She just wanted an answer to her question. She wanted to know why her Mommy seemed to love her less than her Mom. She was pretty sure that it was because she did not look like Shego; it was the first thing that she had come up with.

“Jade, sweetie, Mommy loves you just the same as I do,” Kim answered, doing her best not to sound insistent, so her child was inclined to believe her without her seeming to force the truth on Jayden.

“Are ya sure? I think she doesn’t love me so much because I don’t look like her at all,” Jayden said. It was the most logical thing that she could come up with if there was something wrong with her and she did think that there was something wrong with her. After all, her Mommy was always mad at her and sometimes her Mommy did not read her a bedtime story and her Mommy did not watch television as much with her as her Mom did and her Mommy did not play with her as much as her Mom did. Her Mommy did not even like frogs and she bet that it was her fault.

“Jade, Mommy loves you very much,” Kim now insisted. God, Shego loved Jayden as much as a person could love someone, so she did not know where Jayden got some crazy idea that Shego did not love her.

“But, she’s always so mad…” Jayden pointed out in a bit of an unsure voice. Her Mommy was always mad and she swore that anger was directed toward her.

“Yeah, but she’s usually mad at her job or me,” Kim immediately countered. She still got on Shego’s nerves from time to time over little things, like wanting pasta for dinner and having Jayden backing her on that now or bringing a bunch of animals home, but Shego was almost never upset with Jayden in a serious manner. If the child did do something that Shego disagreed with, Shego typically pretended like she was going to do something drastic and ended up just getting Jayden to explain herself. Once she got a satisfying explanation for why their daughter did something outrageous, Shego typically then explained to Jayden why she should not do such a thing and then let their girl go about her business.

“I think she’s mad at me,” Jayden admitted, sounding rather sorrowful over what she believed to be a solid fact.

“Baby, Shego is never mad at you.”

“But, I look different…”


“I think you love me more cuz I look like you,” Jayden commented. She noticed that she looked very much like Kim, except with brown hair. She often wondered why she did not look like both of her mothers because she thought that it would make her parents love her equally.

“Looks have nothing to do with it, Jade.”

“But, Mommy loves Smiley a lot and he looks like her,” Jayden said. Shego was pale and Todd was pale and to her, that was enough looking alike. While Todd did get yelled at a lot by Shego, in fact he was starting to rival Kim in that area for various reasons, she still spent a lot time with Todd, which Jayden noticed.

“But, Mommy loves you too,” Kim tried to assure her daughter.

“She loves Smiley more.”

“No, she doesn’t. We love you both the same.”

“Then how come Mommy never watches TV wif us? Or how come Mommy doesn’t do puzzles wif us? Or how come Mommy sometimes forgets to read to me? Or how come Mommy hates frogs so much?”

Kim felt that most of those were valid questions, but she did not understand how they caused Jayden to think that Shego loved her less because she did not look like Shego. She gathered that she was not meant to totally understand the mind of a four-year-old, especially one that thought her mother hated frogs because of her. What Kim did know was that Jayden had a very false image in her head and there was only one person that could correct that. She would get to that person after they got the frogs all cleaned up.

Kim did try to talk to Shego, but it turned out that her green-skinned spouse was in a hurry. The pale woman had just gotten an emergency call from work and she had dash out to go save the city from giant, mutant monsters again. She rushed off, telling Kim that they could talk later and that she hated science. Kim sighed, believing that the subject was not something that they should put off, but that did not stop Shego from running out of the house and not really listening to anything that the redhead said.

“Damn it,” Kim muttered. She hated it when Shego got emergency calls on what was supposed to be their day off. Only the kids should be rushing around on their day off, which Todd was. He had gone to play football with some friends at the park.

When Shego came in, all she wanted to do was take a shower and get the grim of the assignment off of her. So, while Kim was trying to talk to her, she headed for the bathroom, hoping that all of the slimy critters that had been in it earlier were gone so that she could take a relaxing, hot shower. Kim was getting annoyed by Shego continuously blowing her off when they had a serious problem on their hands.

“Shego!” Kim shouted and she grabbed her wife by the hand before Shego entered the bathroom.

“What? I want to take a shower. I just had to battle with three funky ass monsters,” the pale woman informed her spouse in an irritated tone.

“You’re not listening to me,” the olive-eyed scientist pointed out.

“I’ll listen once I get out of the shower.”

“You have to listen now. Jade doesn’t think you love her as much as I do,” Kim told the older woman. She sort of blurted it out because Shego was still trying to go into the bathroom.

Shego was taken back by that statement. Why would Jayden think such a thing? Of course she loved that Jayden; that was her baby girl. Where would she get such a stupid idea from? She knew that Kim and Todd would never plant such a bug in the baby’s ear. So, where would she get that from?

“What do you mean?” Shego found herself asking. She was so shocked that it was all she could manage. Somehow, she considered that she might be taking the statement the wrong way.

“I mean, the baby actually thinks I love her more than you do. You need to talk to her,” Kim replied.

Shego nodded because she definitely needed to talk to Jayden and she needed to do it now. Thanks to that news, she did not even recall what she was going to do before Kim started talking. She made a turn and went right to Jayden’s room, which was where the child was. Jayden was sitting on her floor, which was covered in pink carpet to match her blush pink walls, coloring in one of her many Care Bear coloring books.

“Jade, come here for a second,” Shego said as she sat down in a chair that was by the window. It was a wooden, lime green chair that had Good Luck Bear on it; one of Jayden’s favorite Care Bears.

“Yeah, Mommy?” Jayden replied as she put down her crayons and obeyed her mother immediately.

Jayden walked over to Shego, who scooped the child up into her arms. She sat Jayden down on her lap. She brushed back Jayden’s mane of brown hair, sighing as she did so. She sounded rather sad; her heart was in her knees right now considering the news that she had just heard.

“Mom told me you told her something weird today,” the emerald-eyed officer said.

“I tell Mom stuff all the time,” Jayden pointed out, not being a smart-aleck, but telling the truth.

“I know you do, but today you told Mom something really weird. You told Mom that you think she loves you more than I do,” Shego stated.

“She does, doesn’t she?” the child asked curiously. Maybe that was how things were supposed to be. Her Mom loved her more while her Mommy loved her brother more, although it did not seem to be that way when it came to her brother. They seemed to love her big brother equally.

“No, she doesn’t, you silly little monster. I love you just as much as your Mom does,” the green-skinned woman tried to assure the four-year-old.

“Nah-uh. I think Mom loves me more because I look like her and that’s why she does things wif me. Since I don’t look like you, you don’t do things wif me,” Jayden reasoned. She sounded rather sad as she laid out her logic, obviously disliking the conclusion that she had come to. She obviously wished that her Mommy loved her just the same as her Mom.

“Baby, looks have nothing to do with anything and I do things with you. I read to you—” Shego tried to list the activities, but she was cut off.

“You don’t sometimes.”

“I don’t?” Shego said in shock, as if it was news to her. It did not register to her mind that on a couple of occasions she had forgotten to read to the child and Jayden took note of those times.

“Sometimes you don’t,” the child stated rather bluntly for someone that was only four.

“Well, if that’s the case, you feel free to come and get Mommy and hit her with a damn book until she does read to you,” Shego commented. She did not want to miss out on the few activities that she did do with Jayden.

“You don’t watch TV wif me like you do wif Mom and Smiley,” Jayden pointed out.

“Well, I don’t know as much about animals as you and Mom do, but I’ll start watching more often,” the pale woman promised. She really did not watch as much television with Jayden as she did with Kim or with Smiley because Jayden mostly watched Animal Planet and she did not know much about animals. She did not have nearly as much of an interest in animals as her spouse and children did, but she supposed that she would definitely have to learn better and start watching things with their baby much more often.

“You don’t do puzzles with me,” Jayden continued.

“I know I don’t. Mom does puzzles with you, but who colors with you?” Shego inquired.

The child looked like she had a revelation. “You do!” she answered with a happy grin.

“Damn right I do.”

“But, how come you don’t like frogs then?” Jayden asked and the question threw her mother off totally.

“I don’t like frogs because they’re slimy, nasty, filthy creatures,” the raven-haired female stated plainly.

“But, I like frogs.”

“I know you do. Your Mom likes frogs too.”

“Mommy, if you love me just the same as Mom, how come you’re always mad at me?” Jayden asked curiously. It seemed to her that her Mom was almost never upset with her, but her Mommy seemed to forever be upset with her.

“I’m not always mad at you. When the hell was I ever mad at you?” Shego asked in a rather gentle tone considering her choice of words.

“This morning.”

“I wasn’t mad. I was just bothered that there were frogs in the bathroom. I’d like it if you didn’t put them in the bathroom anymore and I’m going to tell your Mom the same thing,” Shego answered.

“Where we s’pposed to put ‘em then?” the little girl asked in a very bewildered tone. The bathroom was the perfect place to keep frogs from what she could tell, especially since her Mom kept them there.

“Leave them in their boxes. You and your Mom need to stop thinking every damn creature in this fucking house needs to be out of the cage. We got enough to deal with since there’s two monsters and a gremlin walking around here,” Shego remarked.

“So…you do love me?”

“You know I do. You’re my little monster,” Shego said and she hugged the child tightly, enough for her daughter to know that she was telling the stone-cold truth.

“But…if you love me, how come I don’t look like you?” Jayden asked. The question stemmed from her tying the love of a parent to looking like the parent. It was still there despite the talk that had just gone down and the fact that she now knew that her Mommy loved her just as much as her Mom did.

“You really want to look like me?” Shego asked.

Jayden nodded vigorously. “Yes.” She would love to look like her Mommy as well her Mom.

“Okay. We’ll fix that problem soon enough then.”

Jayden smiled. “Can you color with me?” she requested.

“You know I can,” Shego answered with a smile.

Jayden hopped off of Shego’s lap and went back to her coloring book on the floor. Shego joined her. The green-skinned woman was glad that they had nipped that problem in the bud while she was young. She would have hated for Jayden to grow up thinking that she did not love the child as much as Kim did. But, now she wondered if Kim thought the same thing; it was always something that was on her mind just underneath everything. She often tried to ignore it, thinking it was silly, but now because of what just happened with their daughter, it did not seem nearly as silly.

Shego entered the bedroom while making sure most of the house lights were out; it was most because they still left the upstairs’ hall light on in case Jayden was in a wandering mood. They did not want the girl to end up to close to the stairs and end up falling down because of the darkness. They did shut their bedroom door all the way now, though. They wanted Jayden to get into the habit of knocking on their door to come in; they also wanted Todd to get into the habit of waiting for someone to tell him to come in before he just entered the room.

“Princess, are you still going over that article?” Shego inquired as she noticed that Kim was in bed, looking through papers, just as she had been doing all day.

“I just want to make sure its perfect. I mean, everyone’s always telling me I don’t publish enough stuff, so now that I’ve finally got something going, I want to make sure it’s worth reading. I don’t want everyone to think I’m just some hack scientist,” Kim explained.

“There are hack scientists?” the older woman asked with a laugh.

“Yes, there are,” Kim insisted.

“I’m sure there are,” the moss-hued female replied, still laughing, as she crawled into bed. “Why don’t you put it away? I’m sure it’s perfect as it is and everyone’s going to shout your genius to the mountains when they read it,” she commented.

“I don’t care about them shouting my genius to the mountains. I just want to make sure the stupid thing is readable,” the redheaded hero replied.

“Well, I know you’ve read it eight times since I’ve been home and I know you haven’t changed anything in it, so it must be readable. How about putting it away?” Shego suggested. She did think that Kim was putting more energy than necessary into the article, especially since it was not like it was the first thing that the redhead ever published. Kim did have hundreds of photos floating around in nature magazines, a couple of children’s books about cold-blooded creatures under her belt, and a few journal articles. It was very unlikely that someone was going to pick up the new article and suddenly think that the scientist was an idiot and had no clue as to what she was talking about.

“Why? You got something better in mind?” Kim asked with a hopeful look in her eyes, but a scandalous smirk on her face.

“Actually, I want to talk to you about something,” Shego answered.

“Aw,” Kim pouted. “Talking’s no fun in bed.”

“I know. We’ll talk and if there’s time, we’ll do something else,” the pale woman offered with a small, sly-looking smile.

Kim grinned; Shego doubted that her wife was ever going to change since that expression had been the same since the first time they met. The elfish adventurer put her work away and turned her attention directly to Shego. The raven-haired woman gathered her smaller wife up in her arms before anything. She pressed Kim against her, which the petite hero liked. Kim sighed, a content sound, and wrapped her arms around her spouse.

“Pumpkin, I’ve been wondering for a long time…maybe even worrying…but, do you think I love Jade less than you?” Shego asked. Her voice was a bit distant because she was afraid of the answer that might come her way.

Kim pulled away from her lover slightly, just to be able to look Shego in the eye. She could see that the pale woman meant that question. She was serious. Kim then laughed a little bit. She could not believe that her mate was serious.

“I never, ever doubt your love for our daughter. She’s our daughter, Shego,” Kim replied. She thought it was ridiculous that the love of her life was even wasting time thinking, worrying, about such things.

Shego smiled a bit. “Why do you always have so much faith in me?” she asked in an amused tone.

“If you can’t have faith in a woman that used to be your mistress, who can you have faith in?” Kim remarked.

The green-skinned woman laughed and hugged her lover tighter than what she had been doing already. She nuzzled her face in Kim’s hair and sighed contently. They had come a long way, she told herself, but one thing remained the same, Kim still made her so happy. She loved the smaller female so much.

“When was the last time I washed your hair?” Shego asked curiously, thinking about that because she was snuggled into that soft red mane.

“A long time ago,” the adventurer answered.

“We need to do that again sometime.”

“Oh, you want me to be a pet again?” the olive-eyed scientist asked in a bit of a teasing tone. She arched herself against her spouse. “I don’t think you’d be able to pay me the proper attention now.”

“I could always make time for my mischievous little munchkin,” Shego practically purred as she began caressing her mate’s thigh.

“I’d be ever so grateful if you did.”

“But, if you want a treat, you know you have to do tricks first.”

Kim laughed. “Would my mistress like me to sit up or maybe fetch or how about I roll over and play dead?” she offered.

“I’d mostly like you to beg,” Shego remarked and the next thing Kim knew, she was on her back with Shego looming over her.

“I kind of figured that. But, what if I did that trick with my tongue instead?” the redhead proposed with a lecherous look that certainly went with the mentioning of that little “trick.”

“Nope. You’re going to lay here and beg, mostly for me to not stop.”

“You should keep in mind that I’m a very naughty pet,” Kim commented with a smirk.

“And you should keep in mind that naughty pets get punished,” Shego countered with a smirk of her own.

(New day)

“Mommy, are you sure Mom’s not going to mind about this?” Jayden asked as she and Shego wandered through the aisles of the local drug store. The child was making sure to hold her mother’s hand, as she knew that she was always supposed to hold the hand of someone when she was outside. She was happy with what they were going to do, even though she thought that Kim might not like it.

“Mom’s not going to mind. Don’t worry about it,” Shego replied. She had left work early to scoop Jayden up from Monique’s; Raziya had not been very happy that her playmate had left earlier than usual.

“It’ll be a nice surprise, huh?” Jayden asked with a grin. She was rather proud that she had thought of it, although it was more her Mommy’s plan than her own.

“Yeah, it’ll be a great surprise,” Shego assured her daughter. Maybe she would add to the surprise for both her wife and child. She was pretty sure that the idea that she had just gotten would tickle both her spouse and their daughter and that was enough to go through with it. But, first, she and Jayden had work to do.

Kim was going over her notes again. She had already gotten half a dozen people to read and review her work and they all approved of the article, yet she was rereading it again. She knew that she really just needed to let it go and call it a day, but she really wanted it to be perfect. She supposed that she would not have such a problem if she published her work more often.

She failed to notice that she was being eyed by a colleague. Eric had been watching Kim for a few minutes. He had decided his first few minutes at the lab that she was gorgeous. Now, he was just trying to figure out how to approach her for a date. It was a little intimidating with her being a holder of more than one doctorate and he was just a candidate.

“She’s already taken, dude,” Doctor Big Mike informed Eric, who could not believe that the people in the department actually called the man “Doctor Big Mike.” It seemed very weird and rather inappropriate to him.

“Taken?” Eric echoed as if he did not understand what the term meant.

“You’re eyeing little Doctor Kimmie, aren’t you?” Big Mike asked, even though it was clear to anyone with eyes what the smaller guy was doing.

“I’m not eyeing her,” Eric defended himself.

“That’s good. She’s taken,” Big Mike said again.

“Taken? I’ve never heard her say anything about a boyfriend,” Eric replied, as if that was the best argument anyone could make.

“Yeah, because we’ve all talked about everything possible in the two weeks that you’ve been here,” Big Mike remarked. He did not like Eric much because he had noticed the young man watching Kim rather closely while the redheaded scientist was so focused on her already perfect article. The giant felt a little bit of protectiveness for Kim since they worked together and had gone to high school together, which was why he did not like Eric.

“She hasn’t said anything about a boyfriend,” Eric repeated soundly.

“She doesn’t have to say anything. Besides, she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She’s married,” Big Mike said to put an end to the discussion, and hopefully get the shorter fellow to stop acting like a lecher, and then he walked off. He had things to tend to around the lab, not to mention he had class in a few minutes. He was teaching now at the university and he was willing to bet that it was only a matter of time before Kim was doing the same since the biology department was trying to get more than one herpetology course going. He felt that the only reason he had gotten a teaching job ahead of her was because he was an expert in constrictors while she was an expert in venomous snakes, among other things, and experts in constrictors were harder to find than experts in venomous snakes. So, in that regard, he was a commodity because of his expertise.

Eric eyed Kim now that he was alone again. She was married? She looked way too young to be married, he thought. He did not know Kim’s exact age, but just from looking at her, he thought that she could only be in her early twenties; he was wrong, of course. Kim just appeared young and he was judging a book by the cover. He decided that he was going to go talk to her.

“Hey, Kim,” Eric said, taking full advantage of how informal everyone was around the lab. He walked over to her and stood to her right.

“Oh, hey,” Kim answered almost absently as she turned to see him.

“What’s this you’ve been working on?” he asked curiously, even though he knew since everyone around the lab was talking about her article.

Everyone was going on about it because Kim was doing both excellent lab work and field work, both of which were addressed in her article. She had already discovered two new species of snakes, half-a-dozen new frog species in her travels, she was working on and making a lot of progress in antitoxins for several toad poisons, and she was making headway in using snake venom for human aliments. She was making Go University’s biology department world famous, which was why several people assumed that she was going to end up with a class to teach sooner or later. They wished that she would just publish the article and stop fretting over it.

“My article,” Kim answered. She really just needed to send it in, she told herself. She had been fiddling with it for a month and had not changed anything in it, so she really just needed to let it go, which her spouse stated every time that she saw Kim with those notes.

“You’re writing an article? That’s interesting,” he said, leaning down a bit more to her level.

“I guess,” she muttered, more into her notes than whatever was coming out of Eric’s mouth.

“Maybe you can tell me about it,” he proposed.

Kim turned to him and looked at him. Her mind commented that maybe if she explained it out loud that would be better than constantly reading it over and over again. If she explained it out loud, she would see that it all made sense and she would feel much better about sending it in. It was just crazy enough to work, she thought. So, she started talking and the more she went on about it, the more she realized that it did make sense. She started to smile as she spoke because of that.

Shego entered the place that Kim worked for the first time. She had never been up there because Kim respected her job space for the most part, so she returned the favor, but she was going to bend that rule just one time because she and Jayden had a surprise for Kim. She noted that everyone in the lab was rather friendly and she could see why Kim would be able to get away with as much as she in such a relaxed work environment. Whenever she asked where Doctor Possible was, people would point her in the right direction and inform her that the redhead was “in the back, sulking about her brilliant article.”

“She’s going to let that thing drive her crazier than she already is,” Shego muttered as she and Jayden finally got to the back of the lab where Kim was supposed to be alone with her article. Instead, she was alone with some guy and smiling at she spoke rather enthusiastically to him. Shego frowned; what the hell was going on?

Next time: Shego finds out just what the hell is going on and does something about it.

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