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TITLE: Endurance

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters or the original premise behind this saga.

SUMMARY: AU. Sequel to The Gods Must Be Laughing. Shego and Kim are now trying to be a regular couple and do the things that they see their friends doing, like get married and have kids.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 6086

Standing by your side, we’re strong as one. Pushing each other along and always being there to hold each other up. We’ll make it through everything in such a state.

“Princess, where’s Smiley? We need to get him ready for dinner,” Shego pointed out as she stepped out of the bathroom. She was dressed in a semi-formal manner, wearing black knee length skirt and a grass green, v-neck shirt.

“Good question,” Kim replied. She was already dressed for dinner, which was why Shego had changed clothes. The younger female was wearing a white and red shirt along with some red pants.

“What do you mean ‘good question?’ You were supposed to watch him,” Shego stated. How the hell could Kim lose their son in a freaking hotel room?!

“I was watching him,” the redhead replied as if it was not a big deal that their little boy was nowhere to be found.

“Then why don’t you know where he is?” Shego demanded to know.

“Calm down. He was just running around here,” Kim answered and she started looking for him.

The slender hero had not noticed that a couple of minutes ago Todd’s noise had died down. She peeked into the closet since he had been so fascinated with the large space, but he was not in there. She was not sure where else to check after that, but she suddenly saw a lump by the bed.

Kim moved over to the bed and pushed the covers out of the way. Todd was lying under there on the floor, propped up against the bed, sleeping soundly. Kim smiled to herself as she dragged him from under there and picked him up. She laid him down on the bed.

“Ta-da!” Kim said as if she had done something special by locating the boy under the bed.

“Don’t be smart,” the moss-hued officer warned her lover with a stern look.

Kim only shrugged and then she turned her attention completely to Shego. Her mouth dropped open at the sight; the way that the clothing hugged her fiancée’s voluptuous form was enough to cause her eyes to pop out of her skull while her jaw practically hit the floor. Shego secretly liked the reaction, but she rolled her eyes to act like her girl’s behavior annoyed her.

“Don’t even think about it,” the pale woman ordered her fiancée, knowing filthy impulses were running through Kim’s mind at the moment.

“I’m not thinking about it,” the slim adventurer lied. She was thinking about it because that was about all she could do with Todd in the room. She was probably going to be thinking about it for the rest of the night now.

“Keep not thinking about it. Get Smiley’s clothes and I’ll wake him up, so he can get dressed,” Shego said.

The redhead nodded and she went to pull out some clothes for Todd. Shego went to the boy and gently shook him to wake him up. He moaned softly and turned onto his left side, but he did not wake up. She was not deterred and shook him some more. He groaned as if he was upset with what she was doing and he turned so that his back was facing Shego. She was slightly offended by that.

“Hey, booger, don’t think I’m not below throwing you off this bed to wake you,” Shego threatened the sleeping child, hoping that would get him to wake up.

“Don’t be mean to him in his sleep,” Kim scolded her lover as she came back over to the pair.

“He needs to wake up. What do you have for him?”

“This.” Kim held up some black slacks and regular dark green shirt. Shego brought the boy’s clothes for the most part obviously.

“Okay, well, let’s go back to trying to wake him up,” the older woman said.

Kim nodded and Shego went back to trying to wake up the boy that was so hyperactive less than twenty minutes ago. Todd was out like a light now. He was not waking up and despite her threats to hurt him to wake him up, Shego only shook him and she did not even do that too wildly.

“Let’s just put the clothes on him and getting going,” the olive-eyed hero suggested.

Shego agreed with that and pulled off Todd’s tee-shirt. Kim put the new shirt on him, which caused him to whimper some, but he did not wake up. Kim then removed his pants and put on his slacks while Shego went to get a brush to make his hair presentable.

The pale woman brushed Todd’s hair back; he was still sleeping. She then went and got a washcloth to wipe his face. When she cleaned his face, she got a reaction from him. He whined and tried to turn away, but Shego would not let him. He cried out for Kimmie, as if he knew that it was Shego washing his face, and put his hands out for her to pick him up, which she did.

“Don’t pick him up just because he wants that,” the irritable woman scolded her girl.

“I was going to have to pick him up anyway since he’s not waking up,” Kim pointed out.

“Yeah, but don’t do it because he wants it. I’ve already got one spoiled brat. I don’t want to worry about another one,” the emerald-eyed female remarked.

“Ah, you know you love spoiled brats.”

“Like hell I do.”

Kim only smiled and used the playful argument as an excuse to kiss Shego. She had to do it because the raven-haired woman had on lip gloss and her lips just looked too inviting to Kim. Shego knew that the redhead would be coming in for a kiss the first chance she got, which was why she had put the lip gloss on in the first place.

Shego got a huge kick out of being wanted so badly by Kim. It felt nice to be wanted and needed. And that was why she was marrying the crazy hero, she reminded herself. So, there really was no reason to be nervous about it.

“All right, all right, you little perv,” Shego said to tease Kim and the pale woman pulled away from the sweet embrace. “Let’s go down to dinner and get this thing over with,” the older woman stated with a sigh.

The younger woman nodded and they exited the room with Todd still sleeping in Kim’s arms. They went down to the hotel restaurant and were taken to a back room, which was where their families were to mix and mingle. Most of their guests were already there and no one was getting yelled at; it was like a miracle.

“Kimmie, I’m so happy for you!” Missus Possible said and she seemed to come out of nowhere to hug her daughter.

“Thanks, Mom,” Kim replied with a bit of a smile. She was a little surprised at how accepting and happy her parents were for her considering how hard it was for them to accept that she wanted to be with Shego. They had to concede that Shego made their daughter happy and she did seem to take good care of Kim, despite the way that things had started out for the couple.

“You’d better take good care of my daughter,” Ann said to Shego while turning her attention to the pale woman.

Shego waved the neurosurgeon off since that was more a playful threat than anything else. After all, she had been taking care of Kim since she found the nutty hero all of those years ago. She did not need to be told or threatened to continue what she was doing and Ann knew that now.

“Kimmie-cub, who’s this you got here?” James asked as he walked over. He stood behind his wife and was referring to Todd, who was still asleep.

“Oh, Mom, Dad, this is Smiley. He’s sort of our kid,” Kim answered.

“Sort of?” her parents echoed in perplexed tones. How was the boy “sort of” their kid?

“He’s pretty much our son on weekends and holidays,” Shego remarked, but she was telling the truth. Whenever Todd did not have school, he was all theirs and it suited them all just fine, although they would have liked to have him all the time. They were not terribly comfortable with leaving Todd with his biological parents considering the fact that those people did not seem to care much, if anything at all, about the boy.

“How long has this been going on?” Ann asked curiously.

“About a year,” Kim replied.

“And you never told us?” James inquired incredulously. Their daughter had been taking care of a little boy that she considered her son and she had not said anything about it? It was like she was excluding them in his opinion.

“Well, he never really came up in a conversation,” the petite hero replied with a sheepish shrug. It was clear from the look on her face that she was embarrassed at never telling her parents about Todd, but he never really did come up in a conversation. Her parents were always interested in knowing what she was doing at work or in school or if Shego was taking care of her. They did not leave much room to open other discussions.

“Let’s grab a seat,” Shego suggested. She did not want Kim to feel down about anything for the weekend, so if the Possibles were going to make Kim feel guilty about not telling them about Todd, she was going to get Kim away from them.

The pale woman led Kim away from the doctors and went to find an open pair of chairs. She noticed her mother at the back of the room motioning to them with her hand. She sighed, but decided to see what the annoying woman wanted.

“Here, I had a table waiting just for the guests of honor,” Isabel explained as the couple drew closer to her.

Shego and Kim turned their attention to the table that was waiting for them. It sort of put them at the head of the room, where there were tables spread out for everyone to find a place to sit; with luck, they would sit next to someone they could stand, so there would not have to be any incidents. Little did they know, but Isabel had already taken precautions to make sure everyone behaved themselves. Kim put Todd down in a chair, which seemed to wake him up; it was either that or the smell of food finally hit his nose. Kim and Shego then sat down at the table and looked around to see what was going on in the room.

Isabel was sharing a table with Jason and Hego, hoping to make sure that they behaved. They had put up more of a fight than she liked about coming to Shego’s wedding just because she was getting married to a female. Well, Isabel would be damned if they were going to miss her little firefly’s union to the person that made her happiest and that she loved with all of her heart. She had also warned them to be on their best behavior “or else.” Everyone in the Gooding family detested it when Isabel said “or else” because they did not know what she had planned, but they did know that they were going to hate it.

Mego was at the table with his parents and older brother. He was a bit opposed to coming to the wedding too. He did not feel like taking time out of his life because Shego was getting married. He doubted that Shego would drop her life to come to his wedding if he was getting married. He also doubted that Isabel would make such a big deal about things if he was getting married, so he was a little huffy about having to be there.

The Wegos were sitting at a table with the Possible twins. They were happy that their hot sisters were getting married. It did not mean that they were not going to continue behaving like lecherous monkeys when it came to the couple, but they were happy for them.

The pair of twins was also happy to be on an island paradise for the weekend. They all figured that they could give their sisters a break for a moment or so and go hit on some single women. Sure, those women probably would not be as hot as Kim was the Wegos or Shego was the tweebs, but they would still be attractive, bikini-clad babes. The guys were practically drooling just thinking about it.

Betty and Dahntay were seated at a table alone, but they were aware that the two empty seats at the table were going to be filled soon enough. They were chatting amongst themselves while they had the chance, especially since Betty assured Dahntay that when their tablemates showed up, things were going to get annoying. He wondered what there was about Betty’s or Shego’s families that were not annoying from the way the two made both seem.

Ron, Yori, Monique, and Felix were all sharing a table. They were going on about how great it was that Kim was finally getting married. They were truly happy for their friend. It was about time that she found someone for her and that someone accepted her for who she was. They could not wait to see how the ceremony was going to be.

James and Ann were seated at a table with James’ mother, who actually did not want to be there. Kim’s grandmother was totally against the idea of same sex marriages and made that clear when James told her about Kim getting married. He had to force her to come because they knew that it would mean a lot to Kim.

Ann could not even force her parents to make the trip. They were also against same sex marriage and had refused to even consider coming to the wedding. Ann tried her best to change their minds, but after a while, they even stopped taking her calls. She could take a hint and decided to not even try after a while. If they wanted to miss out on their only granddaughter’s wedding, then that was on them.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time, Shego noted. And then her attention was drawn to the front of the room as more people entered. She frowned as her cousin came into the room. Damn her mother, Shego silently cursed because she knew that Isabel had invited her irksome cousin. And then came a most shocking guest behind her cousin.

“Auntie Victoria?” Shego muttered in disbelief.

Behind Lynn was her mother, Victoria. Victoria was Isabel’s baby sister. She was blonde and blue-eyed like Lynn. She was a little taller than her daughter with longer hair; her blonde tresses went down her back. It was amazing how much two sisters could look so different, but they were actually rather similar and they got along better than best friends much of the time.

“Where’s little Izzie and this girl getting stuck with her forever and a day?” Victoria remarked rather loudly. Victoria would be considered the loud sister.

“Oh, great,” Shego mumbled. It would seem that the day was going to get much worse before it got better.

“She’s over there, Aunt Vickie!” the Wegos just sold their sister out and pointed to her, along with ten other clones of themselves to make sure that their aunt did not miss their big sister.

“Thanks, Wally,” Victoria said with a grateful smile and she marched right back to Shego.

“Damn it,” Shego said and she looked around for an emergency exit, but she had been strategically placed in the center of the room, so she would not be able to get to an exit quick enough. Oh, great, she thought sarcastically. Damn her mother! It was all Isabel’s fault as far as Shego was concerned.

“Give us a hug, little Izzie!” Victoria said with a huge smile and she grabbed her moss-hued niece into a tight embrace.

“Damn it, Auntie let me go!” Shego ordered while trying to force her way out of her aunt’s grip without hurting the older woman.

“I’m so proud of you, little Izzie!”

“And stop calling me that!” Shego snarled. Every single nickname her family had for her got on her nerves, but “little Izzie” had to be the worst one ever. It was actually something that her mother could understand because she used to have to put up with that horrid name when she was younger.

“All right, Cassandra,” Victoria agreed since she knew the name bothered her niece.

“Don’t call me that either,” Shego ordered while finally getting away from her aunt.

“Fine, Sandy,” Victoria said.

“You’re just going to go through the list, huh?” Shego inquired with an irked expression. She had more nicknames than anyone needed in her opinion because there could be so many plays on the name “Cassandra.”

“It was my plan, but now that you’ve figured it out, it won’t be as much fun. So, introduce me to your future bride. I hear she’s adorable and you’re totally unworthy of her,” Victoria commented with a delighted expression on her face, showing that she was genuinely interested in meeting her niece’s fiancée.

Shego frowned; oh, she hated her family so much. She turned her attention to Kim, who was looking too amused. Shego frowned even deeper, especially when she noticed that Todd was practically laughing at her. How irksome.

“Auntie, meet Kim Possible. Kimmie, meet my aunt Victoria,” Shego begrudgingly introduced the two.

“Oh, you are adorable,” Victoria said as Kim stood up to shake her hand.

“Um…thank you,” Kim replied with a polite smile. She was not sure what else to say when a grown woman told her that she was adorable.

“You don’t let my little niece get you down. Keep her in line,” Victoria ordered the redhead in good-natured tone and added a wink just to further antagonize her niece.

“Like hell she will,” Shego stated rather indignantly. She was the one that kept everyone in line.

“Was anyone talking to you, Cassie?” Victoria inquired and that made the green-skinned female turn her head to show that she was offended by the use of that name.

“No way! You’re marrying this kid?” Lynn shouted when she caught sight of Kim. She could not believe what she was seeing if that was the case.

Shego just wanted to bang her head against a wall. Or better still, bang Lynn’s head against the wall to not have to hear the rant that she was about to go into. Lynn did start a tirade about how Shego should not marry such a twerp while her mother decided to make her way across the room and went to talk with her big sister.

“Thanks for calling me for this, Isabel,” Victoria said as she and Isabel embraced.

“I knew you’d want to be there for your only niece’s wedding, just like I would if your little kitten got married,” Isabel replied.

“Kim is adorable, just like you said.”

“Isn’t she just a darling thing? Oh, did they introduce you to their little son?” Isabel asked with a huge smile gracing her elegant features.

“Son?” Victoria echoed in a puzzled tone. She had not even noticed the child sitting next to Kim because she had been so hyped about meeting Kim.

“Yes, the little boy sitting with them. He’s too cute too. They didn’t introduce you?” Isabel asked in disbelief.

“No. I want to meet him. How’d they get a son? Did they adopt already? Don’t they know that marriage is supposed to come before kids?” Victoria joked.

Isabel laughed. It was funny for Victoria to say such a thing because she did not even know who the father of her only child was. It never bothered her, although she did get pissed when the three fellows that she had been sleeping with back then all swore that the baby was not theirs. But, Victoria was easy going about relationships and just dismissed all of those guys and effortlessly found three new boyfriends; none of them knew about the others of course. Isabel did not judge her sister over such things and just always cautioned the blonde to look out for herself because she could be setting herself up for something terrible.

“You’re one to talk,” Jason grumbled, speaking to Victoria. He used to openly call the blonde woman a harlot until he learned that Isabel was very much against someone saying such hurtful things to her baby sister.

“Oh, Jason, didn’t see you there. I can’t believe Izzie is still putting up with you. I mean, she’s already got out of you the only thing you’re good for,” Victoria remarked and she was referring to their offspring.

“Vicky, be nice,” Isabel lightly chastised her sister. She understood that Jason could be a bit of a pill sometimes, but he was her husband and she had to defend him from her sharp-tongued sister because she would not allow him to defend himself.

“It’s not in my nature,” Victoria replied with a smirk.

“Let me introduce you to Kimmie’s parents,” Isabel commented.

Victoria agreed with that. On the way, she greeted the Wegos with kisses on their cheeks. They grinned and introduced her to pretty much their best friends for the moment, the Possible twins. After that, Victoria had to go greet Betty when she spotted her and she was introduced to Betty’s husband. And then they finally made it over to the Possibles.

Isabel and Victoria struck up a conversation with James and Ann. Everyone seemed to mix and get along for while, except for Shego since she was trying to not throw Lynn out of a window on the far side of the room while the irksome female continued to denounce her lover as a useless twerp that only got in Shego’s way. Lynn finally got away from Shego when waiters came in to take everyone’s orders.

The super-powered female made sure to keep Kim’s and Todd’s ordering in check. Todd had a habit of wanting to try everything on a menu when they went out. Kim sometimes got into the habit of ordering as much pasta that was listed on a menu because she did not know what she wanted after she made sure to get a huge plate of spaghetti. Shego ordered grilled fish while Todd had grilled chicken and Kim had to have spaghetti of course.

“Can I have some of that?” the little boy asked his Kimmie when their food arrived and he caught sight of her pasta.

“No, eat your own food,” Shego told the boy.

“But, I wanna try it, She-she,” Todd protested.

“No, you always start mixing food and then it upsets your little stomach. You know that. Leave Kimmie to eat her dinner and you eat yours,” the pale woman ordered.

“You’re a meanie,” Todd teased her. He even had the nerve to say it with a straight face.

“What?” Shego demanded to know what he just said as if she was offended by the childish insult. She was more playing along than anything else.

“Meanie!” Todd declared while pointing at her and causing everyone to turn their attention to what was going on.

“I know what you’re trying to do, Smiley, and it’s not going to work. Just eat your food and if you’re still hungry when you’re done, we’ll get you some spaghetti,” Shego said in an even tone.

Todd pouted; he had been hoping to shame her into giving in to his desires. He thought that if everyone was looking at her, she might try to appease him to avoid any embarrassment. It was a plan that never worked. It was just the only plan that he ever had.

“Don’t worry, kiddo. After you finish your chicken, think about the desserts that’ll come,” Kim said to Todd and that did make his pout disappear.

The small boy did tear into his meal. It was clear that he thoroughly enjoyed the chicken and rice. He did have to be forced to eat the vegetables; he hated broccoli. Sometimes, he fed his broccoli to Kim when Shego was not looking, but it was hard to do it in a restaurant because Shego was often looking.

“This spaghetti is great,” Kim commented as she ordered a second helping.

“Don’t eat too much or you won’t be able to fit in your dress tomorrow,” the emerald-eyed officer teased.

“You think so?” the slim hero asked in a panic.

Shego laughed as an answer. Kim was actually worried that she might not be able to fit into the dress, so she did not touch her second helping of food. Todd merrily volunteered to finish that for his Kimmie. The olive-eyed scientist did not object and she pushed the plate over to him.

“Better be careful with overfeeding him,” Monique remarked, turning her attention Kim when she noticed the plate of food move in Todd’s direction.

“Yeah, he does have that habit,” Felix added in, as if the boy’s guardians were not aware of his “habit.”

“Leave the little dude alone. It would take more than one plate of spaghetti to wreck Smiley’s stomach. Right, Smiles?” Ron asked.

“Yup!” Todd grinned.

“Don’t encourage him,” Shego barked as Ron. He was always encouraging the kid to do something stupid in her opinion. The last thing they needed was Todd trying to prove that he could eat his weight in one meal because that never ended well.

“Go for it, little guy!” Ron cheered, just to be annoying. He liked getting on Shego’s nerves when she was around because he thought that she was too uptight.

“Smiley, don’t even try it,” Shego ordered.

“Yeah, Smiley, don’t listen to Ron,” Kim pled. She was always the one that had to run him to the bathroom if he listened to Ron because she was the fast one.

Todd just smiled, but he did not get a chance to show that he could eat more than the spaghetti because his guardians ordered the waiters not to bring him anymore food. Before dessert was to be served, the group was given some time to mingle again. Todd hopped out of his chair and went to see if Kim’s friends might share some of their food because he wanted to try more stuff.

“Didn’t your She-she and Kimmie say no?” Monique pointed out to the boy when he came to request some of her meal.

“But, Mo!” Todd whined. She had a couple chicken fingers left over from her meal, which looked mighty good to him.

“Smiley!” Shego barked when she saw he was trying to con food out of people.

Todd yelped and ducked behind Felix’s chair to get out of his She-she’s vision range and hopefully avoid getting into any kind of trouble. Isabel noticed what the boy was going through and she thought that it was too cute, especially since Kim and Shego were acting like such responsible guardians. She got up from her seat and went over to Todd.

“Hey, didn’t you promise them that you were going to be on your best behavior?” Isabel asked Todd. He jumped and yelped because he had not noticed her sneak up on him.

“Huh?” Todd asked while backing up from her. He began looking around for his Kimmie or She-she to hide behind. He ended up hitting someone as he backed away. He turned around to see who it was and saw that it was Kim. He put his hands up like a toddler would, silently begging to be picked up.

“Smiley, you shouldn’t be scared. We went through this already,” Kim pointed out without fulfilling his request of being picked up. She knew that Shego had been through everything with him about Isabel being his grandmother and she would like for him to see her as such.

“So, why do they call you Smiley?” Isabel asked Todd since she was fairly certain that he was not going to escape. She wanted the boy to be comfortable with her because she would love for him to think of her as his grandmother.

“It’s short for Smilodon,” he explained in a very small voice. It was the way that he spoke when he was meeting someone for the first time or if there were a lot of people around with his guardians. He also took a great interest in his shoes or the floor under such circumstances.

“Oh, smilodon, huh? So, you like saber-tooth cats?” Isabel guessed. Todd nodded. Isabel turned her attention to Kim. “Do you mind if I borrow him for a moment or two?” she asked the slender hero.

“Take him. Smiley, you be good for Isabel, okay?” Kim told him.

Todd whimpered, showing that he was not for that idea. Kim reminded him that Isabel was his grandmother since she was his She-she’s mommy. Todd nodded to show that he understood and Isabel picked him up. The middle-aged woman smiled at him, hoping to make him calmer around her.

“I’m not going to hurt you or anything, okay?” Isabel promised the boy.

“I know,” he muttered. He had faith in her to be as kind as his She-she was because his She-she had said that Isabel was nice like she was. It was just something inside of him that made him nervous around new people and it took him a while to adjust. He was actually still trying to adjust to Kim’s friends and he had known them just as long as he had known his guardians.

“What’s my mother doing with Smiley?” Shego asked Kim when the redhead went back to her side.

“Bonding,” Kim answered.

Shego shrugged, but she did not have much time to worry about him because Betty came out of nowhere to tease her about marrying “the brat.” Kim went to talk with her friends to not have to be called a brat to her face while Isabel was still with Todd. She took him over to the Possibles.

“Have you two met our grandson?” Isabel asked the couple. She was wearing a small smile. It would seem she truly did like the idea of being a grandmother, which helped set Todd at ease somewhat. He also liked being introduced as a grandson by her, but it was not showing on his face yet.

“Briefly,” the doctors answered honestly. He was asleep when they found out about him, after all.

“Smiley, these are Kimmie’s parents,” Isabel informed him.

“Kimmie’s parents?” the redheaded boy echoed in puzzled tone. He was sort of wowed because he never thought about his Kimmie and She-she having parents before.

“Yeah, Kimmie’s parents. That’s her mother, Ann, and her father, James,” Isabel explained to the child. The doctors smiled and waved to the boy to show that they were non-threatening and friendly.

“Um…are they grandparents too?” Todd asked curiously.

“Are they your grandparents too?” Isabel inquired to be clear on what the boy meant. She hoped that was what he meant because that would mean that he was including her as his grandmother, which just tickled her. She had wanted grandchildren since Hego grew up, but she had never been certain if it was going to happen considering the way her children acted.

“Are they?” he asked. Isabel turned to the doctors to find out if they were.

“Of course,” Ann answered since they had been told that Todd was “sort of” Kim’s son. They did notice from the dinner that Kim and Shego were taking care of the boy as if he was theirs. Shego and Kim had also brought the boy experience their wedding with them. He obviously meant something to them.

Todd smiled. He was actually happy to be accepted by his Kimmie’s parents and his She-she’s parents. It made him feel more like he was their son, not just some kid that spent his weekends with them. He still was not very comfortable around them, but Isabel was going to make sure that changed because she was keeping him for the rest of the night whether he liked it or not. He did not find it in him to refer to them as anything beyond “Kimmie’s Mom and Dad” and “She-she’s Mommy,” though, which was a little disappointing, but only made Isabel try harder.

Shego spent the night ducking away from her irksome aunt, who was just looking to bother her about getting married to such “an adorable goody-goody.” When she was getting away from Victoria, she tended to run into Lynn and that was worse. So, she ended up just resigning herself to the fate of her aunt, which turned out to be a good idea. Only a few minutes after she decided to stick around her aunt, Victoria began cursing out Jason because he had come out his face to her, asking her about the number men in her life currently, his tone implying that what he thought of her. It was like a show for Shego once her aunt started in on someone else, especially her father.

Shego liked her aunt, even though the woman was annoying. Her aunt would tell her father off no matter what. All he had to do was something decidedly stupid and Victoria would start to tear into him. Victoria did not like Jason for a number of reasons and it was far from a secret that the feeling was mutual. Jason eventually told her that she should not encourage Shego’s “inappropriate behavior” and Victoria took that with some major offense, thus prolonging the verbal killing that she was making.

Kim had taken some time out of her life to make herself miserable and try to talk to her grandmother. But, Nana was not trying to hear anything from her and turned her head from the young lady as soon as she sat down. Kim cut her looses since the weekend was about being happy. After all, she had her son and she was about to get married to the love of her life. She would worry about Nana some other time.

Once she left Nana, she ran right into the Wegos. She could not believe it, but they were actually shamelessly hitting on her the night before she was getting married to their sister. When she pointed that out, their exact words were “that’s tomorrow, let’s think about tonight.” The Wegos also really wanted to know if Kim was going to wear a collar for the wedding. She came very close to hitting them before just walking away.

The night was interesting to say the least. Once Jason was put in his place and everyone against the union remained quiet, they all had a relative good time. There was some yelling at the twins roaming the room, but that was expected. After they were all done, everyone went to their rooms to get ready for the main event in the morning.

Kim sat up late at night, staring at the ceiling. She silently admitted to herself that she might be just a little nervous. Hey, she was getting married in the morning. It was so the drama.

She was decided to get up and do some walking, but it was a little difficult to do that without waking Shego. The pale woman had her arm wrapped around Kim’s waist and was holding her tightly. The redhead tried to ease away from her anyway, but Shego did stir.

“What’s wrong?” the emerald-eyed female inquired.

“I’m thirsty,” Kim answered.

“Okay. If you go out for a soda, remember to take a key,” Shego said.

“I know,” the redhead replied.

Shego released Kim and the younger woman slid out of bed. She checked on Todd, who was laid out in the other bed with the pillow over his face instead of under his head, and then she left. She went down to the bar and sat down. She was about to order a drink, but a familiar voice ordered for her. Kim turned around to see if it was the person that she thought it was.

“I believe that’s what you drink, right?” a blonde inquired.

“Justine?” Kim asked in disbelief. What was Justine doing there?

Next time: What is Justine doing there?

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