One in a Billion

Reason Twenty-seven

Legal torture


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TITLE: Legal torture

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I don’t own the original premise behind this saga. I don’t own the Care Bears. I don’t own Legos or Knex. I do own Jayden, Raziya, Bokuden, Mayah, and Aztek.

SUMMARY: AU. Sequel to The Gods Must Be Laughing. Shego and Kim are now trying to be a regular couple and do the things that they see their friends doing, like get married and have kids.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 6406

Jade and Razi’s first day of school…maybe there should be a moment of silence for the teacher’s sanity.

Kim and Shego were overjoyed; Monique and Felix were right with them. They were about to experience something that Betty and Dahntay along with Ron and Yori had already experienced. They were all about to send their kids off for their first day of school at the grand, exalted, and rather expensive Roosevelt Academy; the private school that Betty had declared all of their children needed to attend. The two couples were happy about it, but they were also understandably nervous about it.

Like Mayah and Bokuden, Jayden and Raziya were not really like other kids and they had not had the civilizing of preschool under their belts. Mayah and Bokuden had already kind of softened the school up since they had started last year, but Raziya and Jayden were just two different creatures from their friends and there was probably no way to prepare people for them completely. It did not help that their parents noticed a couple of years ago that Jayden and Raziya were, well, brilliant and that seemed to only be growing with time. They were not saying it like any proud parents of their children, but they were pretty sure that Jayden and Raziya were following in Kim and Felix’s footsteps. The pair could already read and write, better than Mayah, even though she was a year older than they were. Raziya had shown artistic abilities as well as being mechanically inclined, which she inherited from both of her parents. Jayden was already knowledgeable about many animals and numerous environments of the planet; not to mention, olive-eyed child had a keen power of observation. She was definitely Kim’s daughter in that regard. And then there was the major concern, Jayden’s mouth.

Jayden seriously had Shego’s mouth. Now, Mayah had Betty’s mouth, so they would guess that Mayah softened up the kindergarten teachers at the prestigious private school, but Mayah was not quite Jayden since Betty was not quite Shego. Well, they were about to be in for a surprise if Mayah had not warmed them up the previous year. Hopefully, Jayden did not get herself thrown out.

Jayden and Raziya were not too sure what was going on about kindergarten. They had been told about school by Todd, Mayah, and Bokuden. But, they had also been told about it by their parents. They were getting conflicting stories, which they generally detested because it made it hard to come to a proper conclusion about anything. They had agreed that it was something that warranted further investigation. So, far, they were not liking it, as they had been told they would feel by Todd, Mayah, and Bokuden.

The first problem that the two girls had was that they had to wear uniforms; it was a private school after all. They were not used to wearing skirts, which they did have on; their parents made sure to put shorts on under the skirts for the girls because they knew that the shorts would be necessary with the pair. The skirts were black and they were given maroon jackets with the school insignia on the front pocket. Raziya thought the color scheme was horrible; her mother agreed because the colors were too dark. Jayden hated the blazer for the simple fact that it was not pink, green, or purple.

The two girls looked around the halls of the school. It sure was big, they thought. It was like being in a museum, they figured; well, a museum without all of the great displays that they could not touch because museums were always so stingy with everything…in their opinions. They did not mind the size of the school and liked the sound of their new shoes clicking on the tiled floor. They did dislike the shoes however because they pinched their toes slightly and were slippery, meaning if they tried to run in the footwear, they would fall on their faces. The halls were dim, which did not bother them either. It was not until they got to class that the real problem hit.

“Okay, you two be good. We did pay the tuition for the year and there’s no refunds,” Shego remarked with a smile, figuring that the warm expression would help Jayden in case the kid decided that she wanted to panic now. Not that Jayden was known to panic, but they were stepping into uncharted territory with her now.

“Yeah, and we would like you guys to be able to go to this school all the way through high school,” Felix added in as if he was joking. He was telling the truth, though. The academy went all the way up to high school and it was such a highly praised school that they all did want their kids to make through all of the grades and graduate from the high school.

The girls did not like the way their parents were talking to them. It sounded suspiciously like their parents were leaving. The girls were not in favor of that, especially when their parents did turn to leave.

“Hey, where the hell are you going?” Jayden demanded to know, looking angry to cover up the fact that she was slightly frightened, as was Raziya, who was looking half as scared as she actually was. The pair had never been “alone” before, namely without adults around that they knew. They were used to being with their parents or at least with the parents of their friends.

“We’ve got these things called jobs, kid,” Shego replied, sounding much like the smart-aleck that she was.

“Well, you can’t just leave us here,” Raziya pointed out what she believed to be obvious. Her blue eyes revealing her distress just as much as the dread in her voice did. Her heart was beating as if she had just raced to the end of the block and she did not like the feeling.

“Hmm…I think we’re going to do that one, Razi,” Felix replied with a teasing smile on his face. He was hoping that his expression would set her at ease since he teased her all the time when everything was all right.

“You can’t!” both children protested vigorously. They seemed to think they were being abandoned with the way their faces looked. Their parents had never seemed either of them look so fearful before.

The two girls practically flew to their parents. Jayden caught Shego and Kim around their legs like a chain linking the both of them. She held onto both of them while Raziya was clutching her mother’s legs like a vice. It was like they planned to leave with their parents attached to them like that or they were trying to weigh their parents down, so the adults could not leave. The parents all looked down at the pair.

“These two must be more students for me,” the teacher commented as she approached the two families, who were cluttering up the doorway.

“Yeah, they’re your problem now,” Felix remarked with a laugh. He hoped that she loved her job or she was going to find herself feeling very unpaid soon.

“Hey, girls, how about you let go and come meet some of your classmates? I’m sure they’d all like to meet you,” the teacher said in a sweet voice while bending down to the girls’ level.

“You’re gonna leave us with a stranger!” the girls shrieked in terror, speaking to their parents. They could not believe that their parents were serious about leaving them in a stranger place with a woman that they did not know. Anything could happen!

“She’s not a stranger. She’s the teacher,” Kim explained to the children. The two knew what a teacher was, but they could care less.

“Here, I’ll take them,” the teacher offered while putting a hand on each girl’s shoulders, but they were not letting go of their parents for nothing. The teacher laughed a bit, sounding a bit comfortable. She was undoubtedly ill-at-ease with the strength of the girls and their ability to hold on.

The parents pried their children from their limbs and turned them over to the teacher. Jayden and Raziya looked with utter shock in their wide eyes as their parents walked out of the room. They struggled to wrench away from the teacher and managed to get away after a few seconds. They went to the door to see their parents all the way down the hall already. They could not believe the betrayal that they felt in regards to their parents, but they still wanted to go with the adults. They would have run after their parents in a flash, but the teacher started pulling them gently back into the room.

“Daddy!” Raziya called, thinking that he would turn around and help, but that did not seem to be the case. Time for plan B then. “Mommy!” she screamed as if she was in serious distress, but she did not get a response again.

“Mom! Mommy! Come back!” Jayden hollered, but her parents did not turn around. “We’ll fucking get you back for this!” she promised loudly before being yanked into the room.

“Did Jade just swear revenge against us?” Monique asked curiously as they exited the building. She sounded a bit disturbed by the possibility, even though it was not surprising to her that Jayden would do such a thing.

“Yeah, she does that now,” Kim replied as if it was nothing because she and Shego were used to it. Their child had been swearing revenge a lot lately. She still owed them for making her eat broccoli last night; she actually owed them for every time they made her that particular vegetable. They were pretty sure that she got the habit from Shego grumbling things about Betty and work when she got home after a particularly stressful day.

“That is definitely your daughter,” Felix said to Shego, who shrugged as if that was a compliment.

The group hardly thought about how Jayden had come into being now. Felix and Monique had their hands full with Raziya and the way that Jayden behaved made them almost forget how she was conceived. She had mannerisms from Kim and Shego; she had their looks; she had their interests; she had their speech patterns. She was them completely. The ebony-colored hair helped too because now she also looked like Shego. Jayden was Kim and Shego’s daughter, simple as that.

“Those bastards!” Jayden fumed, referring to their parents. She punched her right hand into her left palm to further show her anger. She and Raziya were standing alone, raging about their parents betraying them so cruely. The teacher had turned away from them for a moment, giving them a chance to mingle on their own, which they obviously were not taking.

“Well, Bo and Mayah said this would happen,” Raziya pointed out, clearly as upset as her friend, but trying to be rational about things. Logic was not helping her feel any better, though.

“Well, I didn’t believe them,” Jayden countered with the obvious. She would not be nearly as livid as she was if she had believed them.

“Me neither,” Raziya admitted. They did not think that anything was possible to make their parents just abandon them somewhere.

“Okay, you two, go mingle with your classmates,” the teacher urged the pair when she saw that the two girls were just standing by themselves.

Jayden and Raziya decided that they would see what the people they were trapped with were all about. They only had ten classmates. The school was very hard to get into and everyone had to be interviewed, students and parents alike. Jayden and Raziya had impressed the board of admissions with their vast knowledge, even though they had been unaware that they were doing that. They thought that they were just answering annoying questions; they had to be bribed to do that by their parents.

The interview process was rather interesting for Jayden and her parents because first the board had to get by the fact that Kim and Shego were a same-sex couple. They were shaky about that until they started asking the parents questions and getting an understanding of the couple. They all reviewed information from the couple that was asked in a survey and found several items interesting, like Kim’s education background and both of their family histories. After getting past the parents, they did have to make it passed Jayden in the interview.

Jayden’s interview had been interesting because of her very casual swearing. But, while cursing like a sailor, she did articulate herself rather well for a five-year-old; Raziya did an even better job at that in her interview. With Raziya, the board had to get around the fact that she looked everywhere but at them as she answered a question; hey, things had her attention while they were trying to talk to her, but she did respond.

The pair was not too sure what to do about the ten children in the large, but cozy room with them, playing with various items on the plush, light blue carpeted floor. If they were with Mayah and Bokuden, they would find something to do, like maybe get into a fight for the hell of it, be it physical or verbal. They were not too sure about doing that with the kids they were around now.

“That looks fun,” Raziya commented, pointing to a boy playing with Legos. The blocks reminded her of her Knex at home, but the Knex were mostly rods and connecting joints. Still, she could build with Knex and he was building with Legos.

“Yeah,” Jayden agreed and they walked over to the boy. “Let us play, please,” the olive-eyed girl requested rather politely. Her face was as sweet as her tone and she was being sincere about it. She did have some manners thanks to her Mom.

“No,” he answered bluntly.

Raziya and Jayden were taken back by that, especially the harsh tone that he used. They were not used to being told “no” by a peer either. After all, if they asked Mayah or Bokuden if they could play, they would be enthusiastically welcomed. They looked at each other, deciding that they did not like that answer.

“Let us play with those,” Jayden said in a much less pleasant tone that time. In fact, if the boy was a bit more perceptive, he probably would have been frightened by her voice.

“No,” the boy brazenly repeated.

“Fine,” Raziya said as if that was it and then she snatched away the container that had the Lego blocks in it.

“Hey!” he objected.

Raziya and Jayden walked off with their stolen goods, but they did not make it far. The teacher noticed what happened and stopped them in their tracks. They were puzzled by that, especially when she took back the toys. The girls looked at each other as if asking “what the hell?”

“These are for everyone to play with,” the teacher told them.

“Well, he wasn’t letting us play,” Raziya argued. If the toys were for everyone, they should have been allowed to play from the start and nothing would have happened in the first place. In fact, all three of them could have been sitting and having fun if that boy had obeyed the seemingly established rule that the toys were for everyone.

“You all have to play together,” the teacher said.

The teacher returned the toys to the boy and told him to let the girls play. He nodded to show that he understood and the teacher looked at the girls to see if they comprehended that they all needed to share. Jayden and Raziya did not acknowledge the woman or her stare, which bothered her a bit, but she did not touch on it just yet. As soon as the teacher was gone, he turned away from the duo and played with the Legos on his own. The two looked at each other and then at the boy.

“She said let us play,” Raziya pointed out.

“No,” he stated. Obviously, he was selfish, which just rubbed the friends the wrong way since it was not something that they were accustomed to.

“Okay, he wanna be an asshole about things,” Jayden commented and she marched over to the toys. She picked them up and threw them with ease across the room. The blocks spilled out against the back wall; she luckily did not hit anyone.

“Hey!” he objected.

“Now, no one can fucking play with them,” Jayden declared. That was a learned move from her parents and her friends’ parents. If they ever started arguing about a toy or a show, the toy was removed or the television was turned off, which often did cut out the argument. It tended to prompt them to find something new to entertain themselves because they knew that blaming each other would only be fun for a few minutes.

“Teacher!” the boy called. It would seem that he knew how to use the school system to his advantage while the girls were new to it all.

The boy tattled on them, which was something that Raziya and Jayden were not familiar with. They had all been taught that tattling was not a good thing, unless a parent wanted information anyway. They were then admonished by the teacher for their behavior, which they also did not like for various reasons, like the fact that they were being talked down to and the scolding in general when the boy was being a jerk. The pair decided right then and there that they hated school and what continued to happen was not going to make things better.

They tried to get along with some of the other kids while they had time, but they found themselves not really interested in the children or their toys. There was some kind of dynamic missing from the whole experience that they could not quite place, but the other kids certainly were not like Mayah and Bokuden Playtime was ended and it was time to do some schoolwork. The work was boring for them since it involved practicing writing the alphabet and spelling some small words from a picture worksheet. They already knew how to write the entire alphabet, and not just the English alphabet at that. They also knew how to spell plenty of big words and that was almost not limited to the English language, so the basic work that their classmates were doing did not hold much interest to them.

“Hey, wanna see me do a handstand?” Jayden asked Raziya out of the blue. It was something that came to mind for the raven-haired girl to help pass the tedium.

“You can?” Raziya inquired as if she was in awe of the younger girl.

Jayden nodded and got out of her chair at the circular desk that the students were sitting at, which immediately caught the teacher’s attention. She wondered what Jayden was doing. The child quickly showed her by flipping on to her hands; it would seem that it was smart for her mothers to put shorts on her underneath her skirt or she would have been showing the whole class her Care Bear underwear.

“Do it on one hand,” Raziya dared Jayden to make things even more interesting.

“No, don’t do it on one hand. Jayden, get up and finish your work,” the teacher ordered, sounding like she was losing some of her patience with the girls since they had already done a couple of other stunts since arriving in her class.

“I did finish it,” Jayden replied, remaining on her hands. She remembered when she had first done and maintained a handstand, which was not too long ago. Her mothers and brother had gone wild with praise for her. She understood that physical feats were something that her family held in great esteem, so she tried to do things, mostly stuff that she had witnessed her mothers or brother do, and kept at them until she succeeded; all of her friends were like that and her brother was also like that. They all knew that physical and mental feats would gain them praise and, well, who did not like praise?

“You finished it?” the teacher asked in disbelief. The worksheet had twenty-five pictures on it for the kids to identify and spell out and before that they had to write the alphabet, both the upper and lower case letters. They had only started that activity less than ten minutes ago. She did not see how it was possible for the olive-eyed girl to be finished.

“Yeah,” Jayden answered.

“Do it on one hand,” Raziya urged her friend again.

“Fine,” Jayden replied, thinking that she should be able to do it. She had seen her parents do it a few times and she figured that if she observed something enough, she should be able to do it because that happened with other things that her parents taught her.

The raven-haired child quickly switched to one hand before the teacher could object. For a second, she was doing it, but that was only for a second. She could not keep her balance and fell over. The teacher gasped as Jayden hit the floor, even though the floor was carpeted. Raziya started laughing when her friend’s back impacted the soft rug.

“You fell,” Raziya pointed out the obvious while pointing at Jayden and giggling like mad.

“Oh, my goodness. Jayden, are you all right?” the teacher asked with great concern as she hurried to the girl’s side.

Jayden sat up and laughed sheepishly, looking very much like Kim as she did so. She did not register that the teacher was worried around her. She did note that her friend was still laughing at her, though.

“Shut the hell up, Razi. You can’t even do it on two fucking hands,” Jayden barked at her friend, sounding very much like Shego now.

It was about that time that the teacher realized two things, Jayden was not hurt and she had a very foul mouth. She helped the child up and admonished her for using “such language.” Jayden was confused on the “language” that she used.

“Aren’t we s’pposed to speak English ‘round here?” Jayden asked curiously. She had noted that everyone in the room was speaking English, so what was wrong with her language? It was English, just like everyone else’s.

“I hope so. I’m not so good at any of the others,” Raziya commented, playing with her fingers a bit because she embarrassed by admission. Since their parents spoke different languages, of course the kids were learning them too. So far, Bokuden seemed to be best at commanding other languages, but their parents were all certain that they would all get better as they got older and got more practice in.

“I don’t mean like that,” the teacher said while shaking her head. She was starting to realize that something was a little off about the girls. “You shouldn’t curse around here,” she told the olive-eyed girl.

“Why not?” Jayden inquired. She knew what “cursing” was, but she did not see what the problem was. Her Mommy did it all the time. Her mothers did not say anything about it when she cursed, nor did any of her former babysitters. She did not recall ever being scolded about using swear words and she did not see why she would. Words were words; they were used to convey ideas and express emotion. She was doing just that, in her opinion.

“Because they’re bad words,” the teacher explained calmly, although she spoke through clenched teeth.

“How can words be bad?” Jayden asked, still perplexed on the whole matter.

“Because they’re not polite.”

“How the hell can words not be polite?” Jayden inquired, utterly baffled with the entire conversation.

Raziya was with her friend in her questioning of the issue. Personally, Raziya did not cuss because her parents did not use swear words anywhere near as often as Jayden’s Mommy did, but she did not understand how words could be impolite. People could be impolite and use words in a manner to express that, but they did not see how the words themselves could be that way. The subject was bordering on illogical for them, which was a surefire way to lose their interest and their respect…not that they had any of that for the teacher at the moment.

“Just stop using those words,” the teacher ordered, not having the time to go into the reasoning behind the matter, which was what the two girls would have liked because if something could not be explained to them, they did not think that they were being told the truth.

“Why?” Jayden asked. She was a “why” machine, but that was mostly because she was used to getting an explanation for every “why” that escaped her mouth. Her friends were the same and they liked that. They wanted to understand the world around them as best they could, especially if something did not make sense to them.

“Because they’re bad for a child to say,” the teacher informed her.

“Why?” Jayden continued on with Raziya in the mix as far as her attention went. They had never been told that some words were bad for children to say. They did not see why some words would be bad for a child to say either. After all, words were just words to them.

“As long as you’re in my class you won’t use those words.”

“So, if I use those words, you’d put me out of the class, so I wouldn’t be in here anymore?” Jayden asked logically.

“Yes,” the teacher affirmed.

“Then I can go home?” Jayden guessed, which was what she wanted. Raziya was with her on that one and she would certainly start using swear words right along with Jayden to get the hell out of the room.

“No, you can’t go home.”

“Well, then, where the hell would I go after I use those words in your class?” the child inquired, looking frustrated and lost with the whole thing. She was perplexed and she hated the feeling. The teacher made no sense to her; Raziya agreed.

The teacher huffed, obviously annoyed with the girl and all of her questions; she had never encountered such a logic prone child. She just ordered Jayden back into her chair and she then checked Jayden’s work to see that she was done. She also looked Raziya’s work over to see that she was done too. The kids had the nerve to have fairly nice handwriting styles for kids their age too. The teacher decided to leave them alone for the time being, at least until she could regroup.

During lunchtime the kindergarteners ate in their classroom. Raziya and Jayden went to their cubbies and pulled out their lunchboxes. Jayden had an old-fashion tin lunchbox with Care Bears on it; Shego told Kim that they were just arming Jayden by giving her such a lunchbox, but the child had gone crazy with joy when she saw it and Kim just had to get it. Raziya had a special lunchbox that she and her mother had painted and decorated together. They sat alone for lunch in a corner of the room, not very much liking their classmates so far and that was just going to get worse.

A rather large boy marched over to the pair as they took out their sandwiches. He reached down, about to take Raziya’s sandwich, but she caught his hand; hey, while being taught all kinds of other things, they were all getting martial arts training already too. She held him tightly around the wrist, but he yanked his limb back.

“Gimme ya sandwich,” he ordered Raziya.

“Why should I?” Raziya inquired, genuinely interested in the reasoning for his demand. She wanted her sandwich; it was turkey, which was her favorite. With her friends, if they wanted something that she had, they would either ask nicely for it or they would offer to trade for it. He was doing neither, which she did not comprehend.

“Because I said so.”

Raziya was confused by that answer, as was Jayden. They were both also sick of school already and how nothing made sense in the building. Now, why in the hell would they give him anything just because he said so? He was not one of their parents or any other adult that would matter to them. He needed to learn to request or haggle things better than that, they both thought.

“Go away,” Raziya said in tone that showed she expected him to do just that.

“Gimme the sandwich,” he ordered again and he went to grab her.

Jayden and Raziya knew a fight was pending when they saw one; they had been in enough battles already to know such things. They fought mostly with Mayah and Bokuden and also Todd. Fighting with Todd had taught them an important lesson; the bigger person usually won unless the smaller person had an advantage of some kind to level things. The boy was bigger than Raziya, so to win, they would need something extra. Jayden provided that, flinging her tin lunchbox at the boy and catching him right in the side of the head with a corner; she had a good arm.

“Go the fuck away,” Jayden ordered in exasperated tone. She was sick of everyone around them now.

The boy screamed as the box connected with his dome and he started crying. The teacher’s attention was drawn to the noise and she was not surprised to see Jayden and Raziya being in the center of the controversy. She saw to the injured boy and then punished the two girls. It was official: school sucked. And to think, they still had half a day to go. They were not looking forward to it, but then again, neither was their teacher.

“Mommy!” Raziya cheered as Monique walked through the door.

“Mom!” Jayden practically cried as Kim entered right behind Monique. It was like their mothers were rescuing them from a dungeon, the adults noted.

The children charged their mothers and flew into their arms. They clutched onto the pair as if they never planned to let go. Shego and Felix entered the room right after that and looked at how the kids were hanging on to their spouses. They all had the feeling that the first day did not go so well.

“Having them around was an adventure, wasn’t it?” Shego remarked, speaking to the teacher as she approached them. The teacher appeared a bit worn out, her hair was a mess, which it had not been when they saw her that morning, her eyes were droopy as if she was ready to fall asleep and her eyes were lacking the radiant shine that they had to them that morning, and her shoulders were slumped as if she had been defeated in a grueling battle. It looked like the official score at the end of the day was: Jayden and Raziya—one, teacher—zero.

“I think they would adjust better if a parent stayed here just for a few days to help them get through this,” the teacher answered in a steady tone that she had to force out. She was trying to be diplomatic and not just inform the parents that they had raised two little terrors that needed to be shipped off into the army rather than entering an elite kindergarten.

“Batter up, Princess,” Shego volunteered Kim while patting her redheaded spouse on the shoulder.

“You do know I have enzymes waiting for me at the lab,” Kim pointed out, not that she knew why she even let that leave her mouth. She was busy at work for once, but she knew that was not going to last. She did not mind stopping work anyway, especially to watch Jayden in school.

“They’re going to have to keep waiting. You’ve got to help the mini-monster adjust. You do it one day, I’ll do it the next,” Shego proposed and her wife nodded in agreement without any other utterance of protest.

“Mo, we could do the same,” Felix said.

“Yeah,” Monique agreed with that.

The teacher sighed in relief, hoping that having the parents there did do something with those girls. The parents noticed the teacher’s sound of relief and they almost laughed, even though they knew how she felt. After all, they had to live with the girls and sometimes, they watched the girls and their friends together. So, they definitely knew what the teacher was going through.

The families then left after deciding that they were going to assist in their kids adjusting to school. They went to meet up with Betty and Dahntay and Yori and Ron, who were there picking up Mayah and Bokuden. The kids were all happy to see each other and had to go into how they hated school. The parents all laughed, remembering the days that they hated school too.

Yori was also heavily pregnant again. Her condition had sparked plenty of questions from the children about where babies came from. Their parents did not lie to them, but they did not go into complicated details because they knew that the kids would not understand. Now the children could not wait to see Bokuden’s little brother; Yori had been told that she was having a boy. He was due next month and she could only hope that he did not end up doing like Bokuden and deciding to see if he could out wait the doctor and the due date.

“So, how’d it go with those two?” Betty asked while nodding toward Raziya and Jayden. The kids were standing just a little ahead of the adults. Well, Dahntay was holding Aztek on his shoulders; Aztek was lucky enough to still not be in school and that was only because the Roosevelt Academy did not have a preschool. He was definitely going to be in school next year, though.

“We’re pretty sure that they frighten the teacher,” Felix answered, a hint of pride in his voice from what the group could tell.

“I told you that you need to stay with them the first few days. We did that with Mayah and Bo and they adjusted pretty well. Yeah, there was the occasional fight and swearing, but they were pretty good,” Betty pointed out. Well, they had been as good as one could expect from them being in the same class.

“We’re going to do that tomorrow, so shut the hell up with the ‘I told ya sos,’” Shego stated with a huff.

“I hope you’re not letting her stay,” Ron remarked, speaking to Kim about Shego.

“Why not? They let an idiot like you stay,” Shego retorted.

“Always with the biting words from you,” the blonde commented as if he was hurt by her response. The green-skinned woman rolled her eyes and would have had a comeback for that, but her boss beat her in speaking.

“Well, since they’re all in school now, how about we work out a system of picking them up and holding them after school, so they can all play together?” Betty suggested.

“Why does everything have to be organized with you?” Shego asked her friend because that trait of Betty’s really did annoy her.

“Because that makes life easier than the non-existent system that you live by,” the one-eyed woman replied.

“Doesn’t make my life easier,” the pale woman remarked, genuinely irked, even though the proposal made sense. Why should they all come up there everyday when one or two of them could do it and save everyone gas money along with giving the kids some time together?

Betty rolled her eye. They all did decide to try and figure out a system of picking the kids up and everything. They were not able to do it those few minutes that they spent standing there in front of the elementary school building and had to wait for another time that they got together. In the meantime, Jayden and Raziya had the news broken to them that they had to go back to school again tomorrow.

“Why!” the girls cried to their parents.

“Because that’s how school works,” they were told. The whole concept of school then had to be explained to them.

The girls were not fans of “school,” but over the next few days, having their parents around made things better. They quickly began to understand that they could not behave with the other children as they did with Bokuden and Mayah; Bokuden and Mayah had learned the same thing when they were in kindergarten and their parents stayed with them. But, there was consequence to the lesson, which had also happened with Mayah and Bokuden, and that was the pair did not want to be around the children. They did not like how they had to act or treat the other children and decided that they would rather just keep to themselves than bother with “brats,” which was what Shego dubbed the other snobby kids in the class.

When Kim was in the class with them, Jayden and Raziya tried to get her to bring animals with her. They wanted her to do a lesson like she did with kids in the park, but she had to explain to them that such a thing would be inappropriate, which only proved to them that school was stupid and it sucked. They did like that Kim brought other things for them to do to keep them interested in learning; Monique and Felix also did the same. Shego was just entertaining on her own, so she did not need to bring anything.

A couple of problems did arise with their parents being in class. Some of the students thought that their parents were “weird.” Some kids made fun of Raziya’s daddy being in a wheelchair while others made fun of Jayden’s mommy being green, which was another reason that the girls kept to themselves, especially after they had been told by their parents not to beat on any kids for their words. They hated school so freaking much.

Next time: more schooling for the kids. Jayden is left to wonder if her family life is “weird.”

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