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Ready to go?


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TITLE: Ready to go?

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters or the original premise behind this saga.

SUMMARY: AU. Sequel to The Gods Must Be Laughing. Shego and Kim are now trying to be a regular couple and do the things that they see their friends doing, like get married and have kids.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 6109

We have to draw a line in the sand and define the very meaning of something so intimate, rationalizing it into something impersonal, almost sterile. How much would you do for a friend?

Shego and Monique were experiencing a number of emotions at the moment, but mostly shock. Shell-shock was definitely reigning supreme in the pair because of what Kim had dared to suggest and Felix had brazenly backed up with a nod. In order to get Kim pregnant, the redhead voiced that the best way to go about it would be for her to have sex with Felix and he agreed. He agreed with anything that meant he would not have to go back to that room in the doctor’s office.

“This joke isn’t funny,” Monique finally managed to say. A surprised and vexed expression was still on her face because she still could not believe what she was hearing, or seeing in the case of her husband nodding. They could not be serious!

“Seriously,” Shego concurred. Her expression was almost identical to Monique’s.

“I’m not saying it to be funny,” Kim admitted, sounding quite normal, which her spouse and good friend could not understand since she was not saying anything normal or even rational in their opinions.

“No way in hell am I letting you and Felix sleep together!” both Monique and Shego huffed simultaneously. It would beyond a cold day in Hell when they allowed that to happen!

“Why not?” Kim asked almost as if she truly did not see the problem, which her friend and her spouse thought was impossible.

“Did she really just ask that question?” Monique asked Shego.

“What the hell do you mean ‘why not’? You’re just not fucking Felix, end of story,” Shego informed her wife in a firm tone.

“But, it makes the most sense and it’s the easiest way to go about it. It’s a way that Felix is comfortable and it doesn’t involve us trying to fly through traffic to get anything to the doctor’s office in an impossible time,” the redhead explained.

“No, no, no. We’re not doing this,” Monique said while shaking her head and then she turned to Shego. “Right?” she asked, looking for backup.

“Right,” the pale woman replied. They definitely were not doing that.

Felix and Kim looked at each other. They did not know what else to do. Kim sort of sank in her seat. She was out of ideas. Felix was empty too.

“Well, you two think of a way to do this, then,” the brown-haired scientist told his wife and Shego. He was not really challenging them because if they had a better way, he was all for it.

Monique and Shego looked at each other. There had to be a way for Felix get Kim pregnant without physical touching being involved, they believed. They just could not think of it considering the fact that they had already gone through all of their ideas and nothing made it passed the “idea” phase.

Shego would have offered that she knew a scientist that might be able to help them out, but there was no way in all of the known universe that she would ever trust DNAmy to do something important for her. She had seen what Amy did in her spare time and really, it bothered her to the point of cringing when she thought about it. Amy was pretty much a sociopath in her opinion. She would not trust Amy to get her a cup of coffee, which was why she had not even approached the round woman to maybe helping her and Kim out in the beginning. After all, Amy probably could have come up with some way for her and Kim to genetically create a child, but she really did not want to trust that kind of thing to Amy, who would have probably looked at the whole thing as a fun science experiment, which Shego did not think was appropriate and it would not have been appreciated.

Scientists fucking with people or animals in some weird way point blank bothered Shego, which she knew stemmed from back when her father allowed her and her brothers to be used to as science experiments back when they first go their powers. She just hated and did not trust science, especially unconventional science, and she was not going to change that for something that was so important to her and Kim. Science had already screwed her over enough in life; it was used almost on a daily basis to try to destroy the city, after all.

Shego and Monique both sighed in the same tired fashion. They just did not have anything else to offer as a solution to their problem. It would seem that it was either all or nothing.

“I don’t like this,” Monique commented.

“I don’t either,” Shego concurred wholeheartedly.

“Why? You two worried that we’ll like it?” Felix teased the pair. He thought that pointing such a thing out would make them realize how ridiculous that idea was.

Monique and Shego looked away; it would seem that they did not find the notion as ludicrous as he did. Felix and Kim could not believe that their wives thought that they would turn on them. Did their wives really think that they were that licentious? Did they really believe that they would be unfaithful? Wow, it kind of hurt a little bit if that was the case. Their spouses did not trust them. It hurt more than a little; it hurt a lot.

“Look, I know we seem…lusty,” Felix started. He guessed that was the word that he was looking for anyway.

“But, we’re only that way for you guys, not each other,” Kim finished. God, she never even thought of Felix that way and she was not about to start now!

“Definitely not each other,” Felix insisted. He had never felt like that about Kim, which he supposed was weird. She was just his science buddy, though like Ron was his video game and monster truck buddy. They just were not people that he thought about sexually.

Monique and Shego appeared skeptical. They silently admitted that their spouses did seem lascivious only when it came to them more often than not. Felix did his best not to look at other women’s asses, but it was hard because of the level that he was at thanks to his wheelchair. He mostly focused on his wife’s ass, though. Kim actually did not show an interest in anyone that was not Shego and had been that way since about the time that she had known Shego. She was perverted, yes, but it was always directed at her spouse.

“Come on, you guys know us. Would we do anything to screw up what we have with you two?” Kim asked with a pleading look in her eyes for them to understand. After all the work that they had put in to catch two of the greatest women on the planet, would they really just blow it all to hell to be with each other when they did not even like each other in a romantic way? They were so not that stupid.

Kim and Felix looked at their lovers, who stared at the scientists in their eyes. Both scientists were looking as if they were imploring their wives to trust them more than they seemed to be doing. Monique and Shego frowned at the same time, as if they had come to the same conclusion immediately. Their expressions gradually softened until they were looking at the pair of scientists in such a fond, almost sweet manner.

“Damn it,” Monique muttered.

“Yeah,” Shego agreed, sounding almost depressed.

“Okay, I don’t like this idea. I want that to be known,” the wavy-haired woman stated soundly.

“I concur,” the super-powered officer commented.

“So, we’re not going to do this?” Felix guessed with a craned eyebrow.

“No, we can do this. We agreed to help and this is the easiest way,” Monique grumbled and she wrapped her arms around Felix, as if to comfort herself. He put his hands on her hands to help make her feel better.

“Shego?” Kim asked curiously.

The green-skinned woman sighed. “Fine. We’ll try this…once and hope that’s all it takes,” Shego replied.

“Shouldn’t your doctor be able to help with that?” Felix asked.

“We’ll go soon. We’ll get in touch with you guys later on about the details and everything. In the meantime, you go to the doctor too and make sure everything is good with you,” the pale woman answered.

“All right,” Monique and Felix agreed with that. They felt it was a good suggestion, if only to make sure he was potent so they would not have to do things more than once if they did get to do things.

(New day)

Shego and Monique sighed while sitting at the kitchen counter in Monique and Felix’s apartment. They were staring at a bottle of rum that they were trying their best not to open. Their spouses were in the back…making a baby. Or so they thought anyway since that had been in the plan.

Shego had rushed Kim over to the apartment because the redhead was ovulating and they thought it would be easier to get Kim there than to get Felix to their house. There was also the fact that they were trying to do things were Felix was most comfortable, so they went to his home. Kim had seemed nervous when they entered and Felix looked the same, even though he had been warned that they were coming over because it was a prime time for things to happen.

The pale woman reached out for the alcohol and just twirled the bottle a bit. She was damned tempted to take a drink. The idea of someone inside of her Princess, it just was not a pleasant thought. There was also the underlying fear that her admittedly bisexual mate might actually like being with Felix. Monique could relate to that fear.

Monique had always noted how well Kim and Felix got along, usually when they started going on about some science thing that none of their other friends cared about. She thought that there might be more to their connection than bonding over science. Hey, Kim was an attractive young woman and Felix was, well, a lecher for the most part, so she thought that there might be something between them if given a chance. And now, they had that chance.

Monique watched Shego play with the rum bottle and she could guess that the usually confident raven-haired woman was just as nervous as she was. It was little comfort that they both knew Kim and Felix were as anxious as they were. They could not think that far because of how heavy the situation was.

“Should I just open this shit and call it a day?” Shego more wondered out loud than was asking Monique a direct question.

“Fuck it, might as well. I mean, it might help,” Monique answered while trying to cease tapping her fingers against the countertop. She was so nervous for two reasons actually; one being that Felix might enjoy himself and the other being that Felix might be too anxious to perform and they would have to go through everything again.

“You know what, fuck that. I don’t need my courage to come out of a fucking bottle,” the pale woman declared. Her Princess loved her, she told herself over and over again.

“That’s bullshit,” the younger woman commented with a bit of a laugh.

“We can do this, Mo. Let’s think of it as a business transaction or some shit like that. Just anything that makes this shit less personal,” Shego offered. If they could just think of it in someway that made it seem frozen and cold, they would not feel sick to their stomachs about everything.

“I don’t think things get any more personal than what they’re about to do,” Monique pointed out, her expression down and her gaze was the same. She found herself utterly fascinated with the kitchen tile on the floor than what her companion looked like.

Shego sighed and nodded; she had a point. “But, it doesn’t mean anything for this particular occasion. Ten minutes from now, everything should be over and we can all go back to normal.”

“You think so? Kim is going to have Felix’s baby—” the younger female tried to argue, but she was quickly cut off.

“It’s not his baby. We agreed to it and he even signed the contract stating that he relinquished all parental rights to the kid. It’s not his baby. You have to stop thinking of it like that,” Shego interjected. It damn sure was not Felix’s baby. She was going through all of this madness for her and Kim’s baby.

“How can I? He’s in there fucking her right now,” Monique pointed out as if Shego did not know that. That statement took the wind out of Shego’s sails for the moment because now all she could think about was Felix boning her love.

Part of Shego had actually hoped that Felix was unable to perform, assuming that he was paralyzed from the waist down. She thought of that he was paralyzed from the waist down because he was confined to his wheelchair, but Kim had explained that he was not paralyzed due to a spinal injury to take all the movement away from below his waist. As far as Kim knew, Felix suffered from great nerve damage in his lower legs and feet due an electrical accident at his mother’s lab when he was a child and touching things that he was not supposed to.

So, it would seem that Felix was able to perform, which Shego had already figured, but she still had the hope. She really did not want someone else touching her spouse. Kim was hers and that was that, but she supposed that she needed to make some concessions if she wanted a baby. And she really wanted a baby. With luck, they would only have to go through it once.

“Are you sure you don’t want to crack that open, just a little bit?” Monique inquired, referring to the bottle of rum. She did look up to glance at the liquor.

“No, we’re going to bear this. We can. Surely, they’ll be done in a few minutes,” Shego replied in a strong tone. Their spouses had already been in there for few minutes, after all.

Kim and Felix doubted that they would or could ever feel any more awkward than they did at the moment. They were sitting on the bed, not looking at each other, not touching each other. They both did not even notice that they were breathing as if they were hyperventilating. It would seem that it was not going to be as easy as they both assumed it would be.

They supposed that they both had looked at the situation in a scientific manner rather than a realistic manner. They seemed to think that they were going to come in, proceed as if the act was some sort of math problem, and then be on their merry way. They only now knew how foolish that plan was. They had both skipped the most important part when they were thinking about it like that; they had failed to include the fact that Felix was going to have to penetrate her.

They both let out long exhales before turning to each other. They forced themselves to keep eye contact before willing themselves to inch closer to each other. Once they were sitting side by side, they felt like they had made the most progress that they would that day. That was not good.

“Um…so what should we do now?” Felix asked curiously. He knew for a fact the many things that he could not do because Shego had laid down plenty of rules as soon as they agreed how they were going to go about things. He was not allowed to touch any body part of Kim that was not necessary, comment on any part of Kim, and he was pretty sure that if he so much as made her moan, he was as good as dead.

“I don’t know,” Kim admitted. She had rules that she had to abide by too and they were pretty much the same as his. The shared rules also included neither of them taking their shirts off, no kissing, and Shego had added something that just baffled both of them commanding that Kim keep her socks on. They did not mind the rules because they did not plan on breaking any of them, but the regulations did add to the anxiety they felt.

Felix guessed that he should have brought something for the occasion. He had thought that it would be easy, though. After all, a pretty girl in front of him that wanted him to screw her should have been enough for him, but it was not anything at all. He was too nervous. Besides, the pretty girl was not his wife.

All he could think about was the pressure on him to perform. He was the only person that Kim was willing to allow to impregnate her. If he screwed up again, she might give up altogether and not have offspring, which would crush her and Shego. He did not want to be responsible for ruining their dream.

Another thing that made him nervous was that sleeping with Kim might ruin his relationship with Monique. She already thought that he had a crush on Kim and it was his fantasy to sleep with her, which was not true, but he doubted that he could get that idea out of her head. He did not want her always looking at him after the fact, wondering if he had enjoyed being with Kim and would try it again. She might like to know that he could not even do it a first time.

Kim was of like mind in thinking about all the relationships that could be ruined with the one act that they had to do. She could mess up her relationship with Shego, but also her friendship with Monique and with Felix. Maybe it was not worth it. Maybe she and Shego should just adopt, she told herself.

“You know, Felix…maybe we should just forget this,” Kim proposed in a low, almost shaky voice.

“You think? Are you sure?” he asked curiously.

“Maybe it’s just not worth it,” she muttered. It was clear that she did not believe it, but she was throwing it out there and giving him a chance to just back out. They could go back to normal and nothing would be ruined.

“Kim, it is worth it. I can see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, and just tell that it is. You want to have a baby and have a family with Shego, which is totally fine. I don’t know what you’re so nervous about or why you’re acting so willing to just let this go, but I can’t let you do it. So, we’re going to make it through this. So, hero, tell me what to do,” Felix said soundly. He was going to keep his promise and he was going to help Kim and Shego out.

“I don’t know what to do. I mean, we didn’t think this through totally. We didn’t bring anything and apparently, you don’t have anything either,” the redhead pointed out.

“No…I honestly didn’t think this would be so hard. What the hell are we going to do? It’s not like you’re going to be ovulating forever,” he said.

“Wait,” the redhead said suddenly. She just got an idea that she was pretty sure would work.

Kim got up and exited the bedroom. Felix was confused. Was she leaving anyway? Maybe she was going to go and they would have to wait until the next time that she was ovulating. He sighed; he did not want to have to go through feeling so anxious and awkward again.

The olive-eyed scientist walked out into the kitchen area and saw her friend and her spouse still staring at the bottle of rum. She could guess what was going through their minds just from the down expressions that were on their faces. She cleared her throat to get their attention, which worked. They turned to see her.

“What’s up, Princess? You’re done?” Shego asked in a bit of a shaky tone.

“No. We sort of need you guys’ help,” Kim confessed in an uncomfortable tone. It sort of seemed like a weird thing to say.

“You need our help?” Monique echoed with a puzzled expression gracing her chocolate features. Was it Kim’s new hobby to just say dumb shit?

“What kind of freaky shit are you two trying to do?” the pale woman inquired, not that she really wanted to know.

“We’re not trying to be freaky,” Kim huffed in an offended tone. They were not trying anything at all.

“Then what do you want?” Shego asked in a confused tone.

“This is just a little harder than we thought it would be, so we need….help,” the redhead repeated and she made a motion with her hands to emphasize what she was trying to say.

“You’re kidding, right?” Monique asked with a deadpan expression.

“It’s either you help or we’ll have to come back another time with some stuff to make this all a bit easier,” Kim explained.

“Unbe-fucking-lievable,” Shego muttered. “Well, look, I don’t want to go through this more than once, so let’s get moving.”

“You’re kidding?” Monique asked.

“Do you want to have to sit through this again? Except knowing that they’re watching porn or something together too?” Shego countered.

Monique shuddered in disgust at the thought. They really did need to just do it and be done with it. Besides, part of her was pleased to know that Kim did not turn her man on and he needed her to do it. So, Monique climbed to her feet and started walking toward the bedroom.

“You guys are utterly hopeless, you know that?” Shego said to her spouse.

Kim only smiled; the teasing helped ease the tensions tightly curling through her body as if she was being constricted by a python. It made things seemed more normal than they were. Shego stood up and looked down at the smaller female. Kim then practically leaped in for a kiss, which Shego returned. They both tried to just focus on the embrace rather than what was going to come soon.

“Hey, you two,” Monique called out to the couple.

Shego sighed in a frustrated tone. “What?” she inquired.

“Come in here and do that. It might help him and we can do this faster,” Monique pointed out.

“She might actually be the real genius among you lot,” Shego teased.

Kim made a face, but she did not argue. Hell, with an idea like that, Monique was the practical genius among them if nothing else. So, she and Shego moved into the room and stood where Felix had a good view of them. They then went back to kissing, among other things, while Monique tended to him in other ways.

Felix could not believe what was happening to him and the crazy thing was that he was not responding immediately. Monique, who he believed was the sexiest creature ever made, was touching him with her hands and mouth, and he had a lesbian couple going at it right in front of him. But, the pressure of why it was happening was still bugging him. At least he was pretty sure that he was not going to get into any trouble when everything was over since Monique was helping now.

“Is he ready yet?” Shego inquired after a few minutes. She did not like putting on a show for a guy that she was so certain was a pervert.

Monique just held up her hand. She was trying her best to make it so all Kim had to do was climb on him and that would be the end of everything. He seemed to pick up on that and he was all right with that idea. He just hoped that they could all move fast enough for that to happen, although he had to remember that Kim could do anything.

“Oh god,” he groaned. “Okay, okay, okay!” he told his wife in a panic, praying that he was warning her early enough.

“Kim,” Monique called while backing away from her husband.

Shego released Kim while Monique moved out of the way. The redhead was already lacking pants, so she just crawled onto Felix. Shego seemed rather interested in what was going to make sure that everyone was following the rules that had been established, so she watched the two scientists as things progressed.

“Hey, hey, hey, watch those hands,” the emerald-eyed female ordered when she noticed Felix moving to take hold of Kim’s waist.

“Don’t make him nervous,” Monique admonished the pale woman, although that had been one of the rules that she had agreed with when they were establishing things.

“What? We agreed no touching,” Shego huffed and Monique decided to pull her out of the room.

Monique had planned to leave the room anyway as soon as the pair got together. She had no desire to see her husband screwing another woman, even if it did not mean anything. Shego felt the same about her wife screwing someone else, but she would have preferred to stick around and make sure that they obeyed the rules that had been set down. Still, she did not put up much of a fight as Monique pulled her out of the room.

“I’ve got to admit, that didn’t even feel like sex,” Felix commented with a bit of a laugh. It might have had something to do with the fact that it had lasted all of ten seconds. He was pulling his shorts up, as they had just been resting around his ankles before. He was glad that he did not feel nervous anymore. He was also pleased that everything went really quick for them to avoid feeling awkward.

“Thanks. You sure know how to make a girl feel special,” Kim remarked with a laugh of her own as she put her clothes back on. She agreed with him, though. It had not felt like sex in the slightest to her.

“Well, you know I do try,” he riposted, wearing a comical smile.

“Felix,” Kim said in a little bit of a serious tone. “Thank you for this. I really do appreciate it,” she said.

“I know you do. I hope it worked…although, if it didn’t, would I get another look at you and Shego doing that thing against the wall again?” he inquired with a lecherous wiggle of his eyebrows.

“You’re so nasty,” Kim replied with a playful smile. She wished that he had not said if it did not work, as it seemed like a way to jinx things. She hoped that he had not jinxed it because there was no way that she could go through it all again.

“I’m nasty? I wasn’t the one getting freaked against a wall,” he retorted.

“Well, the bed was occupied,” she countered.

“Don’t try to blame me.”

The two scientists laughed a bit. They looked at each other and they realized that everything was all right between them; it had been sort of like a math equation, they guessed. There was no passion or heat, just a calculated act; sure, it was poorly calculated and done more by trial and error, but it was still like math. They smiled because of that. They did not even need to ask if they were still cool; they just knew because of that exchange.

“Give a guy a push out there?” Felix requested.

“No problem,” Kim answered.

The blue-eyed young man made his way into his wheelchair and Kim pushed him out of the room. They went right to their spouses, who were stunned that they were done already. Monique and Shego had hardly been sitting for a couple of minutes; little did they know, but Kim and Felix had spent most of that time getting dressed and talking with each other.

“Um…you guys done?” Shego inquired, trying her best to sound normal.

“Yes, we are,” Kim answered.

“So, you guys want to go out and do something?” Felix inquired, as if everything was totally fine because for him, so far everything was fine. After all, he was more than likely not in trouble, he and Kim were still friends, and he probably helped a hero-in-need.

“How about tomorrow?” Shego replied because she did think that they all needed to get over what just happened, at least a little bit. She wanted to be alone with Kim for a while anyway.

“Yeah, that sounds better,” Monique concurred. She would like to be alone with her husband for a while and try her best to not think about everything that happened.

Felix just shrugged and watched as Kim left with her wife. He turned his attention to his wife. He went over to her and hugged her around the waist to reassure her that everything was all right with him and he hoped that things were the same with her.

“As weird as today was, we did a really good thing, Momo,” Felix assured his spouse. They had done an excellent thing in his opinion. They had had helped a friend who they knew would do anything for them, so it was nice to show that they would do anything for her.

“I’m sure we did. Um…is everything all right?” Monique inquired in a slightly insecure tone. She wanted to ask that in a different manner, but she did not want to come right out and say what was on her mind.

“Everything is all right. I don’t know if you believe me or not, but I hope you do. You’re the only one for me and I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay with you for the rest of my life if you just let me. I love you deeply and dearly and I always will. And I will only love you in that manner, no one else,” he announced.

Monique was touched by those words, even though he declared his love for her at the least weekly. It was just that he sounded as sincere as always and she did believe him. It let her know that what he did with Kim was meaningless as far as passion went. It was just a favor for a friend, like he had promised it would be. She really did not know how he managed to keep his word, but she was so happy that he did.

“Baby, you know I always believe you…well, almost always,” she replied with a smile.

“Eh, good enough,” he answered with a shrug and a smile of his own. “So, are you going to kiss me or am I going to have to get out of this chair to get it?” he inquired. She laughed a bit and then leaned down to give him a kiss.

“So…do you think it worked?” Shego asked Kim on the ride home. She was not sure what else to say. She was more uncomfortable with the situation that had just occurred than she thought she would be. She hoped that that would pass soon and she hoped that they did not have to go through that again.

“I hope it did,” Kim answered while rubbing her stomach. She then grinned at her wife, hoping that it would help get everything back to normal.

Shego smiled a bit too. “I do too.” Even though she was uncomfortable with what happened, she did hope that it worked.

“I love you,” Kim seemed to come with that one out of the blue.

“I know. I love you too,” Shego said in a bit of a confused tone. She did not see why her mini-monster was making such declarations.

“I never want to be with anyone else, just you. So, you don’t have to think about today ever again.”

“I’m not thinking that you might cheat on me or anything,” Shego argued. Yes, she was thinking that Kim might leave her or at least cheat on her because of what happened. It was just something weird to see her Princess riding someone.

“You shouldn’t. By now, I figure you should know that I’ll always be here for you, no matter what. I always want to be with you, now until forever,” the redhead stated.

Shego nodded and she turned to look at her wife, just to remind herself who she was married to. Kim was the sweetest, most honest, and most loving person that she had ever met. Throughout all of their time together, all the young woman did was to stick by her side no matter what and try to make her happy in life and she did that very well. She was doing it at that very moment actually. Kim would do anything for her, she reminded herself, which included being her pet. That was a lot in her opinion and she doubted that she could get rid of Kim now when she could not get rid of her back then.

Shego reached over and caressed her wife’s cheek. Kim smiled and turned a bit to kiss Shego’s palm, which caused the raven-haired woman to smile too. She had to learn to stop worrying so much, Shego told herself. It was silly for her to think that Kim would do something to jeopardize their relationship, not after all that she had put Kim through just for them to be together. They were going to be fine, she told herself. They might also be a family if everything had gone as it should.

(New day)

Felix was relaxing on his sofa, playing some video games to unwind, which was a habit of his still; hell, he still even played them with Ron most of the time. Monique came out and joined him after she finished up some work that she had to get done. She leaned against him before just pretty much lying on him, which he did not mind, loving her body contact. He was glad he was playing an RPG, though because if it was any other kind of game, she would have missed him up because she had pushed his arm.

“Felix, what do you think about having a baby?” Monique asked curiously while wrapping her arms around him. She caressed his side since her hands were there. She was happy that everything was all right between them because she loved him so much and she did want to spend the rest of her life with him.

“Mo, we’ve been through this. It’s not my baby. Besides, we don’t even know if it worked yet,” Felix replied. He figured that Kim would call them with news, but he had not heard from her yet, so he assumed that she was being her usual busy self and did not know if her status had changed. He hoped for the best, though.

“I don’t mean that,” she informed him, sounding a bit amused.

Felix looked confused and glanced down at his wife. “Then what do you mean?” he asked curiously because as far as he knew, he was not going to be having any kids.

“You’re so clueless sometimes, baby,” she answered with a laugh. He was too smart for his own good because things just went by him, she thought.

“What? What did I do?” he asked, truly perplexed now.

“Pause the game,” she instructed him.

Felix did as he was told and paused the game. He turned his attention to Monique, who took his hand. She placed his hand on her stomach. It took him a second, which she knew it would. And she could tell the exact moment that the realization hit him because his eyes widened as if he had just witnessed aliens landing. She wanted to laugh at his expression, but she controlled herself and held it in.

“I’m going to take your expression as approval,” Monique commented with an amused smile. Felix just nodded because his voice was failing him at the moment. It would seem that he had better start thinking about having a baby and being a father.

Next time: so, did it work?

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