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TITLE: Consideration

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters and I don’t own the original premise that this saga is based on.

SUMMARY: AU. Sequel to The Gods Must Be Laughing. Shego and Kim are now trying to be a regular couple and do the things that they see their friends doing, like get married and have kids.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 5944

If only you could put in half and I could put in half. We’d make a whole and it would be ingenious. Will we still be able to make due without such brilliance?

It seemed like no matter what Kim could not escape the notion of children shadowing her like a needy phantom. She could see Shego thinking about them having children constantly because the idea stared Shego in the face daily with her working with Betty, who was showing her condition by now. So, Shego was always thinking about kids and even though she never voiced her thoughts on children, Kim already knew what the pale woman wanted.

Kim knew because Shego had gotten into the habit of caressing her stomach instead of her head when they relaxed together. It was not really interfering in their lives, but Kim was thinking about it more and more. She would have blamed it on the fact that Todd was about to come stay with them for the summer soon, but that was not it. Todd being around never made her think about having her own child; mostly, because she did look at Todd as their child. It was the fact that Ron and Yori announced that they were having a baby.

She was naturally happy for her friends. She was a bit surprised that they waited so long, but they felt it was a good time start since Ron had finally gotten his restaurant up and going. It was a fine restaurant with Ron handling most of the cooking, but he figured when it really took off, then he would hire a few more chefs, but he still planned to do some cooking even then. The couple had waited because they wanted to see if their lives were suitable for kids and they decided that it was, so now Yori was pregnant with their first “Jewpanese” child; yeah, Ron was still using that phrase despite the fact that he had sworn that his parents killed it.

Kim felt a bit closed in and had to check to make sure she was not the only person on the planet not having a kid. Monique was with her and not pregnant. Monique made the comment that they always let Ron and Yori test the relationship waters before following in. Kim then felt it necessary to point out, with a friendly grin, that that would explain why they were all likely to drown one day.

“Wow, we are growing up, huh?” Monique pointed out. Their usual crew of misfits were lounging around Felix and Monique’s apartment, actually trying to do something easygoing for just about the first time in their collective memory. She and Felix were lying on the sofa and he was trying to eat the whole bag of ranch-flavored tortilla chips because he knew that if he did not, they would sit in the kitchen and go stale; well, that was how he justified his actions anyway.

“Yeah, people having babies and everything,” Kim concurred from her space on the floor. She was halfway certain that she had too much soda and she was only halfway because only her left arm was twitching as if she was nervous. The caffeine wanted her to get up and do something, but her body was not obeying in the slightest, having found its purpose for the day in being totally inanimate for once.

“Hey, you had a kid first,” Ron argued in a friendly tone from the loveseat where he was curled up with Yori.

“Indeed you did,” Yori chimed in with a nod to go along with her words.

“Smiley doesn’t count,” the redhead stated.

“How doesn’t he count? He’s a six-year-old kid and he’s yours most weekends, holidays, and vacations,” Ron pointed out.

“He’s got you there, Kim,” Felix jumped in.

“Okay, fine, so I had a kid first if we count Smiley, but you two are the first to have a baby,” Kim countered.

“And now she’s got you two,” Monique commented.

“Why are we even having this conversation? So, we’re having a baby and it is great, but what are you two planning for Yori’s baby shower?” Ron asked.

“You just ask that because you want to know what kind of food is going to be involved,” Monique teased.

“So what if I do?” the blonde replied with a mocking smile.

“Then you should cater it, doy,” Kim answered.

“Brilliant! Well, that’s settled. Babe, I’m catering your baby shower,” Ron declared soundly.

“We don’t have to think on this right now. I mean, the baby’s not due for how many months?” Monique asked Yori.

“About six months,” Yori reported with a smile. She could not help smiling every time that she spoke of the baby or when she was due. She was looking forward to building a family with Ron and he seemed so excited to be a father. He had been more anxious than she had been when they went to the doctor to confirm her suspicions and he had cheered so loudly that the whole building heard him when he found out that she was pregnant.

“Just think in six months, we’ll have another Ron on our hands,” Felix commented with a bit of a laugh and a half-smile.

“Hey, she could have a girl,” Monique pointed out.

“So? She’ll still be Ron in a dress…which is a disturbing thought in and of itself,” the brown-haired male remarked with a laugh.

“Horrible mental image thank you very much,” Kim joked with a teasing smile on her face.

“Hey, down there, stop picturing me in a dress,” Ron playfully threatened Kim, shaking his fist at her while speaking.

“It’s Felix’s fault! He said it,” the olive-eyed herpetologist laughed while pointing at the aforementioned scientist.

“A Possible should have better self-control than that,” Felix taunted her.

“You guys are all awful. If I wanted this kind of abuse, I’d just go home,” Kim remarked.

“Hey, you know, why didn’t Shego come along with you? You still seem like the odd man out most of the time when we get together,” Monique commented with an elegant eyebrow arched in curiosity.

“When I told her I was coming to hang out with you guys at the apartment, she was busy being dragged down the street by a city bus and trying to capture some octopus monster, so she wasn’t really listening to me,” Kim answered as if that was no big deal.

“Why didn’t you go help out? You always leave your sweetheart to such terrible fates,” Felix noted. It seemed like every time they thought that they could all hang out as couples and everything, Shego was getting held up thanks to some outrageous crime in Go City and Kim just left her to that. Anyone else, Kim would have been gone before they finished the story, but she never went to assist her beloved. He did not understand that.

“She doesn’t want my help,” Kim answered while playing with the straw in her drink, which was more soda. She would love nothing more than to be out there, making her sure that her beloved did get out of every assignment that she took without a scratch marring her wonderful form, but Shego did not want that.

“Doesn’t this date back to when she thought you were on the same level of intelligence as a box of oatmeal, though?” Monique asked. She would have thought that Shego let go of the philosophy of Kim not doing anything now that she respected the redhead as an equal and knew that Kim was a genius in many, many fields.

“It does,” Kim answered. Her not helping did go back to when Shego was afraid that she might kill herself operating the toaster, but now it had more to do with concerns for her safety and Shego’s pride.

“Well, why are you two still using such an outdated mandate?” Felix asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

“How do you hold normal conversations with him using words like ‘mandate’?” Kim inquired, teasing Felix by asking his wife that question.

“Hey, I just live with him,” Monique joked, holding her hands up as if she was surrendering.

“Okay, no seriously, why are you two still using rules from when you were a pet?” the blue-eyed scientist asked.

“It’s not about it being a rule from me being a pet. Shego worries easily about me and if I charged in to help her, she’d end up focusing on me and not her job. Besides, it’s her job, not mine. She likes her job and I don’t want to butt in. Everyone has to have their space and that’s her space. She doesn’t need me around all the time,” Kim explained.

“Really? Shit, I wish I had Mo around all the time,” Felix commented and he was being sincere about that. He just liked being around his spouse and talking to her and simple things like that.

“Only so you’ll have someone to go to the store for you, you lazy bum,” Monique lightheartedly teased.

“That I am,” Felix concurred with a smile.

“Do you see what I have to put up with?” Monique continued on.

“Like you’re not loving every second of it,” Ron commented, dismissing it all with a wave of his hand.

“That’s beside the point,” she argued with a smile.

“Weren’t we watching a movie a long time ago?” Kim asked with a laugh.

Yori jumped back into the conversation. “Were we?” she inquired as if she had truly forgot what they were doing before the conversation came up.

They all laughed. They had been watching a movie that went off a while ago and they failed to notice because they were having a good time just talking with each other. They decided to play a trivia game since they seemed to be in such playful moods. They left rather late at night.

When Kim went home, she expected to find Shego in bed, which she was. The redhead showered and crawled into bed, curling up close to her spouse. Shego was still awake and gathered Kim in her arms as soon as the hero was lying next to her.

“So, how went the giant octopus thing?” Kim inquired curiously. One could not help wondering about how battling a monster mollusk went, even if she had fought one herself years back.

“Disgusting. Don’t even ask,” Shego answered. She just wanted to forget that her horrid day even took place. “Sorry I couldn’t make it,” she apologized, which was rare for her. She just felt kind of bad because she never seemed to be able to make it any of Kim’s gatherings with her friends.

“It’s cool. We didn’t do anything except goof off as usual. We did find out something pretty interesting.”

“What?” the pale woman asked in a curious tone.

“Yori’s pregnant,” Kim reported.

“You mean to tell me she’s actually going to reproduce with that garbage disposal she calls a husband?”

“Stop being mean to Ron,” the redhead reprimanded her spouse.

“But, it’s so easy!” Shego replied, as if she was being serious. It was easy for her to be mean toward plenty of people, though.

“And you swear that I’m the bad one,” Kim commented.

“You are. You’re very bad. So, your friend is pregnant. That’s good…that’s real good,” Shego said in a slightly distant voice.

The pale woman’s hand seemed to move automatically to Kim’s belly. The redhead put her hand on Shego’s, which surprised the green-skinned woman. Kim held the hand to her; it was her first time doing such a thing in all of the months that Shego had been caressing her abdomen instead of her scalp.

“You know, Ron and Yori waited to have a kid to make sure that they knew they would have time for a baby and that their lives wouldn’t be disrupted and would fit a child in. Thinking about it that way, maybe we should consider it too,” Kim admitted and the hand underneath hers flexed slightly.

“Wait…you want kids now?” the super-powered female asked to make sure she was sure of what she was hearing.

“I’m open to the idea. I mean, our lives have been pretty much the same…in a way…for a couple of years now. You’re where you’re going to be and I’m where I’m going to be. If not now, then when, right?” Kim answered.

“Um…” Shego guessed that her wife made a point, but it seemed a bit depressing. She was where she was going to be. Sure, she would probably get promoted somewhere down the line, but nothing was really changing for her.

“What, something wrong?” the redhead asked because of her mate’s dejected expression.

“No, it’s just the way that you put it. It makes me feel like I need to settle in for a long, boring life.”

“Honey,” Kim said with a smile that was infinitely sweeter than her term of endearment. “You should know better. When I’m around, nothing is ever boring,” she remarked.

Shego laughed a little bit. “You got that right. It’s just the way you put it.”

“I guess because even your job, it’s not all that boring when you get something to do. I mean, you were chasing after a freaking octopus monster just this afternoon,” the younger female pointed out.

“That was just crazy.”

“But, not boring.”

“I guess you’re right. So, now, what do we do?” Shego asked curiously.

“Well, I would’ve thought you had this all figured out by now, but I guess we should plan this out. Sit down and consider our options and everything.”

“Yeah. When do you want to do that?”

“Tomorrow is fine with me. If you want to wait…” Kim trailed off to allow her wife an out if she wanted one.

“No, tomorrow is fine. After I come in from work,” Shego answered.


The pale woman then settled into her pillow, figuring that she might go to sleep now. Kim had other ideas since her day was far less active than Shego’s and she was not tired at all; all the soda that she had gone through during the day might have had something to do with it. She started rubbing up against the moss-hued woman, who just wrapped her arms tightly around Kim.

“Sleep now, sex later,” Shego said in a grumble. She was worn out after spending the better part of her day being caught underneath a bus while attempting to stop a giant octopus from wrecking the city. She was pretty sure that she was going to hate science always and forever because of the things that were unleashed on Go City.

“No!” Kim whined. “I’m so not tired. Just a little sex now.”

“What the hell is a little sex exactly?”

“I don’t know, but I would love it if we could spend the next hour trying to figure it out in graphic detail,” the redhead remarked with an impish smile.

Shego actually laughed, which she was trying hard not to do because she did not want to encourage Kim. “I’m not going over anything in graphic detail with you tonight. I’m going to sleep and so are you,” the officer stated.

“All right, you go to sleep.”

“Princess, do not touch me in my sleep,” Shego ordered.

“I’m not making any promises,” Kim hummed, knowing that she was irking her spouse. She would never touch Shego too intimately while she was sleeping, but she was not below molesting Shego no matter what state Shego was in…except if the pale woman was drunk, but that did not happen often.

“You’re still such a pervert. Where do you get this perverted nature?”

“Hmm…I wonder…” the petite hero said and her wife knew what she was implying.

“You don’t get it from me. If anything, I get it from you,” the green-skinned female argued.

“Well, actually, I just get it from being around you and you give into things so easily. So, why not just give into me now? I’m not tired and I’m going to keep you awake whether you like it or not,” the olive-eyed scientist pointed out.

“The hell you are,” Shego declared.

“We’ll see.”

“We will.”

Shego settled back into her pillow, determined to go to sleep. She ignored the tiny hand wandering her thigh as best she could. She twitched a bit as the gentle hand moved to the inside of her thigh, but she did not acknowledge it in any other form. And then her breath hitched in her chest as the fingers on that tiny hand dared to invade her clothing. The thin digits then proceeded to tenderly, but eagerly plunder her treasure.

“Give in for an hour or this is going to get much worse,” Kim promised in a whisper as she noticed Shego struggling to not move in time with her fingers.

“I just want to sleep, Pumpkin,” the pale woman replied weakly.

“No, you don’t. Come on,” Kim gently begged and she placed a soft kiss to Shego’s lips.

“You’re going to be the death of me. I just know it.”

The slender scientist only smiled, knowing what that answer meant. She leaned in for a deeper kiss. She was not sure when she did get so amorous, but she supposed that it was quite all right for her to be that way with Shego, especially since Shego was the same when it came to her. Shego just liked to pretend to be modest for whatever reason that was beyond Kim.

(Next day)

Shego was sitting with Betty at the café up the street from their job. They were having lunch together. It was a habit that Betty had worked them into, inviting Shego out to lunch sometimes as much as three times a week despite the way crime was going. On some occasions, Shego had grown to resent it, as if Betty was rubbing her condition in, but she never said anything about it because she just did not have it in her to bring her one-eyed friend down from the extended high that she was on because she was going to give birth in about two months.

Now, of course Betty was feeling some side-effects thanks to her condition, but any negative feelings did not bring down the long lasting sensation of grandeur that she felt from the life growing inside of her. She could not believe that she was going to be a mother in about two months. It was an amazing, almost overwhelming thought, but she was definitely looking forward to it.

She could tell that Shego was getting sick of her every now and then, but the truth of the matter was that she sometimes got tired of Shego when she saw the green-skinned woman with Todd. Shego was a shockingly good, maybe even a great parent, and Betty always wondered if she would be able to reach Shego’s level of parenting. Would she be as good a mother as Shego? Never in all of her years of life did she consider that such a thought would enter her mind.

“Looks like there’s something on your mind,” Betty noted. See, it was not all about her, not all the time anyway.

“Princess decided that she’s ready for kids and today we’re going to consider options,” Shego answered, trying to sound as nonchalant about the whole matter.

“Whoa, big step,” the one-eyed woman commented. It sounded as if she was making fun of the couple.

“Hey, if you can have a kid with Dahntay and you’ve been with him for like three seconds, then we can have a kid too,” Shego declared soundly.

“I might have been with him for three seconds, but he wasn’t my pet for two of those seconds. You two have to be certain that everything is smooth in your relationship,” Betty pointed out.

“Everything is smooth. Everything has been smooth for a long time now. Are you against us having kids? You don’t think we’d be good parents?” Shego demanded to know in a very offended tone.

“Calm down, Shego. To tell you the truth, I think you two are great parents…well, you are anyway. Princess is a bit shaky. Are you sure she’s ready for that? I mean, she acts like a big kid more often than not,” the chief replied.

“She’s better with Smiley than you might think. She’s the reason he’s so smart and everything.”

“How so?”

“What do you mean ‘how so’? You forget my brat’s a genius. She sits with him in the house and has all kind of books and computer things and everything for him to learn stuff,” the green-skinned officer answered proudly. It did not throw her friend off much because there were always moments when the pale woman showed fantastic pride in her petite spouse.

Betty did not say anything for a couple of seconds. She had forgotten that Kim was a genius. It was just something that never stayed at the forefront of her mind because of what she usually saw or heard from Kim. She was used to the brat whining in the background for something while she was on the phone with Shego or something like that and it was difficult to recall that such an annoyance could be close to unfathomably intelligent.

“Well, you guys need to get to work if you’re going to have a baby. That way, my little boy will have a playmate,” Betty commented while rubbing her large belly. Her doctor informed her that she was going to have baby boy. She and Dahtnay had picked out a name and decorated the baby’s room with all kinds of boy’s things. Danhtay could not wait to have a son.

“Like I would let my kid play with your badass son,” Shego teased.

“He’s not bad. He just likes moving a lot,” the one-eyed woman defended her baby, who did like moving a great deal and at very inappropriate times.

“Yeah, well, you need to tell him to not move when you’re having a conference with the mayor,” the green-skinned officer remarked.

Betty sighed and shook her head. The mayor had taken quite an interest in her for about the past month, which was when her baby found out that he enjoyed moving around. She could find herself in the middle of a rather important point and her baby would just decide to start tossing and turning. At times, she considered that the mayor and other higher-ups just liked seeing her in such an uncharacteristic situation where she would have to stop talking to them and start talking to the baby to relax the child. She thought that they might try to use her pregnancy to push her out of her own division because they had been making strides and others were now trying to jump into her creation and take her establishment from her.

Surprisingly enough, Betty’s whole department had gathered around her and circled the wagons so to speak. They were not looking to have another boss and they were not letting someone who was undeserving command them around. They respected Betty and knew that she had paid her dues for her job. Shego was the main one making sure that no outsider that came in either to fill in for Betty for a day or so when Betty had doctor’s appointments or so-called inspectors came to “look around” even thought that they could take the one-eyed woman’s place because people seemed to think that the pregnancy was interfering with Betty’s performance on the job. Shego made sure that the outsiders understood that they would not last a week if they had Betty’s job and they all did understand that. She also made sure that inspectors knew that nothing would interfere with Betty’s job performance.

“So, are both of you going to try to get pregnant or just one of you?” Betty asked curiously.

Shego shrugged. “We haven’t thought on it at all, but…” she trailed off.

The one-eyed woman could guess why her friend did not finish her thought. “You don’t want to get pregnant, do you?”

“I’ve got good reasons for it,” the pale woman defended herself. No, she did not want to get pregnant. She could not imagine herself in the position that her friend was in and she doubted that it would work out well anyway.

“I’m sure you do. But now, you should ask yourself, does your brat want to be pregnant on her own?”

Shego nodded to that one. She supposed that it would be on the list of things that she and Kim were going to have to discuss. She wondered if her monster was doing what she was doing, namely discussing the issue of them possibly having a child with her friends. She doubted it for some reason. She was willing to bet that her energetic wife was somewhere getting into trouble.

Kim was actually doing work, studying the enzymes in some snake venom. She also had a test later on in the day for one of her chemistry classes; she was now trying to get a masters’ degree in chemistry, as well as some other fields. She would have talked to her friends about the fact that she and Shego were considering having a child, but she did get stuck with work and she was not interested in sharing “maybe” plans with her friends. They were more into helping when she knew what she was going to do, especially if it gave them a chance to rip on her. She would tell them what was happening as soon as she knew what was happening.

She did wonder what she and her spouse were going to talk about. What was there to talk about? Well, of course, there was the issue of if they were going to have a baby in the first place. She was pretty certain that they were going to agree on that. She was willing to give it a shot and she knew that Shego desired a child, even if she did not want to say it out loud. Well, what was after that, she wondered.

The redhead supposed her bad habit of “wasting” money was going to be brought up. It had already come up when they agreed that they would be Todd’s part-time parents. She still threw money away, but she only did that with money that was decidedly hers. When she came into money, she took cash that was for bills and for Todd and put it to the side. Once that money was put away, she was left with her own funds, which she treated as always.

She was not sure if anything new could come up. What she meant by “new” was something that they had not addressed when they considered being Todd’s parents. They were going to have do bring up something new, in her opinion, because the circumstances were different. She just did not know what those new things might be. She wondered how long it would take them to come to the decision.

When they decided on taking Todd, it had been a rapidly made decision because they were worried about the boy doing something crazy and get himself hurt, or worse. So, they just had to get him stable before something happened to him. She guessed that she would see what would happen when they sat down to talk about things.

Kim wondered about how the discussion was going to go for the whole day. She got home before Shego did, as she always did. She made herself comfortable, lounging on the sofa with a book. She leaped up and charged the door about an hour later.

“Welcome home!” Kim grinned as she latched onto her spouse before the pale woman could even get completely in the door.

“Gah!” Shego coughed when she was hit. She guessed a long time ago that she just was not going to get used to such tackling hugs, even though she knew to expect them. It was just hard to anticipate when Kim was going to strike. Sometimes the embrace came when she got to into the house totally and other times she could not even put her keys in the door.

“How was your day?” Kim asked with a bright smile.

“Fine,” Shego answered while easing her way into the house and closing the door behind her.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” the redhead admitted, knowing that would make her wife feel all light on the inside.

Shego fought back a small smile trying hard to work its way onto her face. It would seem that Kim’s statement had done exactly what she knew it would do. She leaned down and gave Kim a small kiss for making her feel so warm inside from one little sentence. Kim grinned again because of the show of affection.

“We still have an appointment?” Shego asked curiously.

“Definitely,” Kim agreed.

“Okay, well, let me take a shower first.”

Kim nodded to agree with that, but was not letting go of Shego. The green-skinned woman saw that coming and pretended to be annoyed with Kim’s behavior. She even accused the redhead of being naughty as she started toward the bathroom with Kim still attached to her.

Kim did not join Shego in the shower like she seemed to be trying to do. She went back to the couch and waited there for the older woman. Shego joined her about a half-hour later. Kim crawled over to Shego and lay right on the pale woman’s lap. She sighed while Shego went to caress her head for the first time in a long time.

“Okay, so what do we talk about first?” Kim asked curiously.

“Well, first of all, if we do decide to have a kid, you’ve got to be better with money, Pumpkin,” Shego stated bluntly.

The redhead nodded because she saw that one coming. She had no problem with that. She had already been telling herself that she had to do better things with her money.

They talked about possibly changing their lifestyles a bit. Kim agreed to take fewer missions to be around more often and to lessen the chance of her being killed on the job. Shego, in turned, agreed to follow more safety regulations at her job to lessen the chance of being killed. Kim was also ordered to be careful with “those damned legless death traps” that she worked with.

“Also, you’re going to have to stop bringing animals home,” Shego told the younger female, which caused her to pout.

“But, we’ve got to expose our baby to the wonders of the natural world!” the redheaded scientist argued in an overly dramatic fashion.

“Yeah, let’s wait for the kid to at least be able to walk before exposing him or her to all of the breathing things that will be able to poison the kid,” the pale woman remarked.

“Fine, no animals.”

“I know. Okay, so money, animals, lifestyle changes…what else?” Shego wondered out loud. “Oh, I guess babysitter and all that.”

“I can handle that with my friends. We all work really weird hours because we’ve got research grants and everything,” the redhead answered. She had a research grant, as did Felix and Yori. Ron was the boss of his own business, so he made his own hours, and Monique did most of her work at home, even though she could do it just about anywhere she could take a sketchpad since she designed clothes.

“Okay. A group of wacky geniuses watching a child. I might have to video tape you guys.”

“We’ll do good. We’re not completely out of our minds.”

“You’re close enough,” Shego remarked.

“We’ll still do good. Plus, if we have a baby and Yori’s going to have one, they can hang out together. We could even watch Betty’s baby too, even though Dahntay has more free time on his hands than any of us,” Kim commented.

Shego laughed a bit. “You’ll have a hard time selling that idea to Betty and Dahntay. They do think you’re utterly mad, after all.”

Kim smiled, even though it was true. “You fall through a person’s roof once and they just never let you live it down, huh?”

Shego laughed a bit, remembering when Kim had fallen through Betty and Dahntay’s roof not too long ago. Kim had been running late to meet them all for dinner and she came straight to the house from a mission. The parachute that she jumped from the plane with had not opened completely and she had crashed through the roof because she could not slow down enough. She had been relatively all right, but Shego had rushed her to the hospital, much to her dismay. Shego had to be sure that everything was all right and she really needed a doctor to promise that than Kim just saying that she was fine.

“Are we just going to have one baby?” Kim asked curiously. There were two of them, so she considered that they could both carry a baby and have a big family in one shot.

“Yeah, about that, Kimmie…Are you all right with just carrying the baby?” Shego inquired, making sure to caress a secret sweet spot on Kim’s head with the hope that it would make her more open to the idea. The younger female did have to bite back a delighted moan because of the attention.

“You want me to carry the baby?” Kim really did not have much of a problem with that until she started thinking about it. She tried to picture herself at seven, eight, and nine months pregnant. She would be fat and unable to do most of the things that she was accustomed to. Was she ready for that? Kim reached down and touched her own stomach.

“You don’t want to, do you?” Shego could understand if Kim did not want to carry a child. Maybe they were not meant to carry babies like other women because they just did crazy things and were used to doing those things daily. “Well, maybe we could adopt…” she offered up.

“Maybe…” Kim agreed in a tone that was very similar to her wife’s and that was reluctant.

It would seem that they did not want to adopt. They had adopted Todd and now they wanted someone that was a little piece of them, but that was not possible and they were all too aware of that. No child that they had would ever be a piece of both of them.

“Why didn’t you become geneticist?” Shego asked in a small tone, teasing, but serious at the same time. She was sure that if Kim had put her genius to use in some other field rather than studying cold-blooded creatures, she would have been able to figure out how they both could put in half and half on a child.

“Sorry, it never was a field of interest,” Kim admitted with a shrug, sounding just a bit guilty over that fact.

“It’s okay. Just think about it for a while,” Shego said while leaning down to kiss the redhead.

Kim accepted the kiss and nodded, knowing that Shego wanted her to think about carrying their baby. She glanced down at her flat belly. A baby, she asked herself. Could she handle it? And then she reminded herself that she could do anything.

Next time: Todd comes for the summer and that sparks a bit of controversy between Shego and Kim.

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