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TITLE: Everlasting

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters or the original premise behind this saga.

SUMMARY: AU. Sequel to The Gods Must Be Laughing. Shego and Kim are now trying to be a regular couple and do the things that they see their friends doing, like get married and have kids.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 5044

You’ve seen me bare like no one else, made me that way surprisingly enough. There is no discomfort when your green eyes gaze upon me in such a state. You always look so loving and tender and that’s why I don’t mind you seeing me like no one else has or will.

“You’re going to kill me,” Shego said to Kim as she fell back onto the pillow of their bed in the hotel. They were still on their honeymoon and so far, they were staying true to the plan of not leaving the room. They had also used a number of items that Shego had brought for the occasion to keep things interesting, which helped keep them in the room, but once Kim got going, they did not need much help.

“At least you’ll go with a smile,” Kim remarked as she leaned down and kissed Shego’s throat, which was covered in dark splotches thanks to the eager redhead.

“But, then you’d be alone,” the pale woman pointed out while reaching up to rubbed Kim’s head; it was a loving touch that the younger woman enjoyed.

The petite hero pouted. “Yeah, I would,” she conceded in a low tone. She then suddenly grinned. “Well, I guess I won’t kill you then.”

“Thanks for that,” Shego said sarcastically.

The younger female just continued to grin proudly and unashamed. It was very relieving that she was acting like herself. She had Shego very nervous the first hour or so of their honeymoon because she had seemed almost depressed about things, but she had certainly perked up after they got into the one thing that Kim claimed she wanted to do for the honeymoon.

“Princess, could you be a very good lover and open the terrace doors for me?” Shego requested. She was hot and she did not want to get up. It would be a good excuse to get Kim off of her too, so she did not have to feel the added heat from the redhead and there was less of a risk that Kim would start up again.

“I can be a very good lover, but it has nothing to do with me opening the terrace doors for you,” she remarked with an impish smirk on her face.

“Okay, could you just open the doors then?”

Kim smiled and nodded. She hopped off of the bed and went to the balcony doors, opening those for some air to come in for her overheating wife. There was a nice breeze blowing off the beach and Shego sighed in relief as the wind hit her body. She really needed that, she noted while closing her eyes because of how good that air felt going across her blazing hot body.

Kim quickly stepped away from the open door, even though it was dark. Hey, she was still nude and someone might actually be looking. Although, a naughty thought did pop into her mind because of standing by the balcony. She turned to Shego with a creepy looking smile on her face, which let her moss-hued spouse know that she had a terrible, but probably fun idea in mind.

“Shego, love of my life,” Kim said.

“I know that look already. What’s on your mind, monster?” Shego inquired.

“Let’s do it on the terrace,” the slender hero suggested with an excited glint in her eyes. She could not believe the thought that had been in her mind or the fact that she voiced that thought. She never would have been so bold with any other partner, but Shego was not any other partner. Shego was her loving wife.

“When you say ‘it,’ do you mean fuck on the terrace?” the green-skinned woman inquired to be sure. Her brain could not take any euphemisms at the moment. She was just too hot and too exhausted. She felt like she was lucky to even know who she was after everything that they had done.

Kim nodded enthusiastically. Shego did not respond at the moment. The older woman was all for trying it and she was glad that Kim suggested it just to make herself seem a little more modest than she actually was; she had shown during the trip that she was far from modest or prudish. She just was not up for doing it that very moment. She needed a break from the hours of nonstop physical pleasure. She wanted to know why Kim was so damned energetic!

“So?” the redhead pressed.

“We’ll do it, but not right now. I need to cool down some,” Shego answered.

“But, Shego!” Kim whined.

“Damn it, Princess, stop being so selfish,” the pale woman replied. She was not being serious, but she also was not trying to move from where she was.

The slim scientist huffed. “I have a right to be selfish. You said this was for me. We’re supposed to do any and everything I want to do,” she argued, mostly sounding like she was whining.

“We have and will. Just give me a second,” Shego stated.

The adventurer puffed out her cheeks, but her spouse paid her no mind. Kim was far from deterred and was determined to have her way in some manner. She went to the foot of the bed and crawled up onto the spread like a stalking cat. Shego knew what was coming, so she closed her legs and pulled them up in a vertical position, hoping that it would get Kim to stop.

“That’s not going to work,” Kim hummed as she made her way to Shego’s thigh.

“You’re not being fair about this, Pumpkin,” the raven-haired officer said as the redhead began placing open mouth kisses on her thigh.

“I don’t have to be fair. This is all for me and I get to do what I want. You said so,” Kim pointed out, resting her chin on Shego’s abdomen for a while.

“I know I did,” the emerald-eyed woman replied.

“And you didn’t lie to me, right?”


“Okay then,” the slender hero said and she went back to kissing the pale green thigh.

Shego decided to resist, if only to see how much her petite wife wanted it. It would amuse her and hopefully it would burn off some of Kim’s energy. Maybe they would even be able to go to sleep for the night if Kim was worn out or sated in some manner, although she was starting to believe that Kim would never get her fill.

The redhead was certainly showing that she might forsake sleep for the entire honeymoon if there was a slight chance of her being able to intimately touch Shego or have Shego touch her. She was seriously attempting to pry Shego’s legs apart, but the moss-hued female had them locked together as if her limbs were glued to each other. While she was trying to pull the lower extremities apart, she kept her mouth on the right thigh. She was kissing, biting, licking, and nipping at the flesh, but it all seemed for naught.

“Why do you act like you don’t want me to do it?” Kim inquired in a whisper, as if she was talking more to herself than to her new spouse.

“I just like to watch you suffer,” Shego answered honestly and in a lighthearted tone. Of course, she meant light suffering and not true suffering and she had to be the one causing it. Anyone else taunting Kim within her view would end up getting wailed on in some way, shape, or form.

“This isn’t as foolproof as you might think.”

“I’m sure.”

Shego knew that Kim was playing her game more than anything else and the younger fighter proved that. Instead of trying to rip Shego’s legs open, she just reached underneath the pale woman and easily captured her goal. Shego tried to hold a moan in her throat, but the sound came out as a whimper. She kept her legs locked together, even though it was pointless now. She continued on, though because Kim was still trying to pull her legs apart.

“I’m going to win eventually,” the redhead whispered with a taunting smirk on her face.

“No, I won’t lose to a brat like you,” the raven-haired female answered while trying to keep in another moan.

“I always win these long struggles, my love. You should know that by now,” Kim commented, still whispering and still working. She was going to get her way, she silently vowed.

Shego was going to respond, but her voice got caught in her throat. She bit into her lip and closed her eyes, trying to fight off the inevitable. Her will was fading and it did not take long for Kim to be able to pry open her legs. She opened her eyes to look and see what Kim was about to do.

“Don’t do it, Princess. Cut me a break,” Shego actually begged while the redhead moved from her side to her interior.

“You said anything I want to do, so it’s either that or you lied to me,” Kim commented while kissing the center of Shego’s waist. “Which is it?” the younger female inquired.

“Come on, just give me a minute.”

“Which is it?” Kim repeated, not bothering to look at her spouse. Her eyes were focused on her goal.

“Just a minute…”

“Which one?” Kim pressed.

“I would…I would never lie to you,” Shego answered since she knew that she was not going to get out of her current predicament. She did not really want to get out of her current mess. It was not like she was sick of Kim touching her or wanting her. She was just worn out and having a scorching hot flash. Those thoughts went out the window as Kim went in and deeply kissed her objective.

Shego was finally allotted a chance to rest. She was lying unconscious on the bed with a wonderful breeze blowing on her nude form; she was still burning hot when she had fallen asleep. Next to her was her smaller wife, who was wrapped in a sheet as if it was a protective cocoon.

Kim was not asleep. She was quietly admiring the woman that had married her. Maybe no one else could see, or at least only a hand full of people could see it, but Shego was special. And she hoped that she could make up for all of the partners that had abused and misused the green-skinned woman thorough out the years by letting her know just how special and precious she was for the rest of their lives.

There was not a day that went by that she was not thankful that Shego had found her what seemed like a lifetime ago. Sure, they had their problems like everyone else on the planet. They had their ups and downs and trials and tribulations, but they made it through and they were made stronger by everything. They were closer because of those things and she was now willing to believe that they could make it through anything.

All right, she had been admittedly frightened of something happening during the honeymoon and Shego leaving her, but it was an unfounded fear connected more to the location than to anything else. And she had worked passed that rather quickly. She was now extremely happy that Shego had picked the island as their honeymoon destination because she had plenty of fond, though kinky, memories of the place to replace the humiliating ones of their previous visit.

They had done some things that she would have never thought to suggest to Shego. It would seem that Shego was out to show that she probably could not get more comfortable around Kim because she had hit the peak of comfort and that idea came up because the pale woman had actually brought a bag full of toys that she used to swear she would never even look at. Suddenly, not only was she looking at them, but using them with earth-shattering precision. Kim could only smile as she thought about that; well, smile and blush just a little bit.

Kim moved a little closer to Shego. She was trying to give Shego some space to allow her body temperature to go down to its usual boiling point. It baffled Kim how Shego could overheat when her body temperature was already high enough to where she should technically be dead. But, hers was not to understand what a high-velocity, radio-active rainbow comet could do to someone if it did not kill the person on impact. In fact, every field of science that she was involved in had nothing to do with outer space.

She smiled ever so slightly as she stared at her green-skinned spouse. It felt so good to be able to think of Shego as her spouse, her wife and it was perfectly legal. She could practically squeal, but she controlled herself because she did not want to wake up her exhausted wife. So, she just smiled softly and stared at Shego with loving olive eyes.

From a cardboard box on the curb to a bed in a swank hotel on an island paradise, it was surreal. She guessed that out of everything that the universe did in the name of fate, the night she had been beaten up and left drugged in a box had actually been all right. Who would have thought that something so embarrassing could lead to the best thing in her life? The universe did have a very odd way of going about things.

“Princess,” Shego muttered and she turned in her sleep. She reached out, trying to feel for her lover.

Kim moved over to where Shego would come into contact with her and it was clear that the green-skinned woman was no longer hot because she pulled Kim close to her. The redhead merrily curled up next to her wife and rested her head against Shego’s shoulder. She then pushed herself up a bit to give Shego a kiss, even though the pale woman was still asleep for the most part. She then settled down and went to sleep herself. When she woke up, she found the sun was up as was Shego and the super-powered female was staring at her.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” the older woman taunted her with the usual smirk.

“Is it morning already?” Kim yawned.

“Yup. So, what do you say I call us up some breakfast?” Shego suggested.

Kim grinned and nodded, very much in favor of that proposal. The moss-hued woman called room service and then looked around for something to cover herself in order to answer the door. She noticed the sheet that Kim was wrapped in and yanked it from the redhead. Kim made a yelp as the cloth was tugged off of her.

“What are you doing? I was using that!” the hero pointed out while reaching out for the sheet that she was not getting back and she knew that.

“Now, I’m using it,” Shego commented, still wearing her teasing smirk as she wrapped the sheet around her body like it was a toga as there was a knock at the door.

“It’s cold, though,” Kim replied while wrapping her arms around herself.

Shego only rolled her eyes, even though she had no idea if Kim was being serious or not since she could not tell if it was cold. She doubted that the redhead was being serious since they were in the tropics. She went to the door while Kim grabbed a pillow to cover herself as she sat up. It was a good thing too because as soon as Shego opened the door, the young man that delivered their breakfast was trying to peer around her and into the room.

“Trying to see a show?” Shego inquired since she could tell that he was trying to look into their room for whatever reason.

“Um…no, ma’am,” he answered. Actually, he was. Previous workers that had been up to the room informed him that the two staying there were lesbian lovers and one of them was almost always naked in the back while the other answered the door. He was hoping to see a naked female, like the other workers claimed they had.

“Good, I wouldn’t want to have to kill you over something so pointless, after all,” she said while slamming the door in his face. She turned her attention to her bride. “Breakfast is served.”

Kim smiled and could not wait to dig in. They sat down and had breakfast together as they had been doing for the past four days. Every now and then, Kim glanced outside through the balcony doors. Shego noticed.

“You want to go outside, don’t you?” the pale woman asked. She could tell by the look in the redhead’s olive eyes that she just wanted to go bug out on the beach or something like that.

“Well…maybe for a couple of hours,” Kim answered in a mumble. She felt weird wanting to go outside when she had Shego there and at her mercy. It was just that there was so much to do and she wanted to do just a little before retreating back to the room and continuing on with her main concern of having Shego at her mercy.

“Well, what are we going to do for those couple of hours?”

“Cliff diving,” Kim answered as if that was obvious. It was something that they had not done the last time that they were at the island.

“Okay,” Shego easily agreed. She had no problem with cliff diving and she would not mind a break. It was not that she was tired of making love, but she was pretty sure that she had hit her limit last night. Her body needed time to recover.

Kim grinned and they finished their food. They took a shower together upon Kim’s insistence and then got dressed in some bathing suits since they were going diving. Shego took a look at herself in the mirror in the bathroom when she was ready to go and could not believe her eyes. It was apparently her first time really looking at herself since the honeymoon started.

Her pale green skin was covered in dark red marks. Her neck, chest, even her arms were sporting crimson bruises. There were a few bite marks too. She sighed and shook her head, but she was smiling about it. There was nothing she could do about it, she told herself, and she decided that she did not care if other people saw the marks on her flesh.

“You ready?” Kim asked while coming up behind her wife and wrapping her arms around Shego’s waist.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Shego replied while reaching up and rubbing Kim’s head, which made the redhead smile.

The couple left the room and went to go find a place to do some cliff diving. They did gain some attention while they were outside, mostly because they were both covered in scarlet marks and the bathing suits let the world see that. They both could care less, though. They were just going to have more marks later on anyway.

They did some cliff diving and ate some ice cream while they were out. On the way back to the hotel, they did run into a little trouble. They were taking a short cut through a back alley and ran into some street punks.

“Hey, look at what we got here, boys,” one of the guys commented when he caught sight of Kim and Shego. He had toothpick in his mouth and a baseball bat on his shoulder.

“You and your short cuts,” Shego grumbled, speaking to Kim since she was all too aware that things were about to get irritating.

“Oh, yeah, just blame me,” the redheaded scientist muttered.

“Thank you, I will,” Shego remarked.

“Well, it’s a short cut when no ones here,” Kim stated.

“And if someone’s here, it just becomes annoying,” the emerald-eyed officer pointed out.

“Hey, you two don’t talk,” the young man ordered the couple while aiming his bat at them.

“Shego,” Kim said because she could tell that her spouse was going to do something extreme.

“No, no, no, obviously the guy wants my attention and he is being a huge dick by putting this bat in my face,” the green-skinned woman replied.

“Hey!” he barked again and had the nerve to poke Shego with the bat. She grabbed the sporting tool, which was made of metal, and crushed the front end of it with her bare hand.

“What the…?” the young man gasped as he pulled the bat back to him and stared at it in disbelief.

“Yeah, so how about you be a good little boy and run home before I spank you,” Shego suggested.

He growled. “I don’t have to take this. Get them!” he ordered his fellow street punks. There were a dozen of them, after all. He figured that they would be able to take two women with no problem, even if one of those women seemed to have some kind of freakish strength.

The dozen other fellows attacked, six going from Kim and the other six running for Shego. The lead punk of the group went after Shego too, swinging his bent bat at her while his other friends were taking out their weapons. The couple was not frightened of the sudden, pointless battle.

Kim mostly dodged the attacks coming at her, striking only when she thought it was absolutely necessary, which was not often. With the way that she was avoiding blows, the thugs were hitting each other and angering each other because of that. After a couple of minutes, Kim was able to stand back and watch the six chaps starting to beat the brains out of each other. She glanced over to see how her wife was doing.

Shego was not into avoiding the assault and allowing the punks to just whack each other. She was dodging everything if necessary, but she was hitting back. She was taking face shots too if they gave her the opportunity, slamming almost full force into their skulls. After a couple of hits, they stopped coming back in for more.

“Oh, is that it? I thought you didn’t have to take this,” Shego taunted them while putting her hands down since her opponents were all lying around the alley and trying to stop the bleeding from their wounds.

“Honey, don’t do that,” Kim said with a playful smile.

“Princess, don’t tell me what to do,” Shego replied with a smile of her own.

“Who the hell are you two?” one of the battered males inquired.

“A couple on their honeymoon,” Kim replied with a very bright smile. She did not care who knew what they were. She wanted everyone to know.

“So don’t mess with us,” Shego added.

The couple walked off, leaving the guys to think about their mistake. The pair returned to the hotel room and before Shego could even close the door, Kim was on her. The pale woman yelped as she almost fell to the floor while trying to make sure the door was closed.

(New day)

“I don’t want to go work,” Shego actually whined as her alarm clock began going off and she punched the irksome device.

The honeymoon had officially ended yesterday when they flew back home. They got in late at night, but that did not really matter to them. They fell into bed together, merrily drifting to sleep. And now everything was going to have to go back to normal as the sun rose on a new day that involved having to go to work instead of staying in and going at it like rabbits.

“I don’t want you to go to work either,” Kim commented while snuggling into her pale spouse, cuddling her face into Shego’s neck.

“Don’t try to tempt me to stay with all this nice body contact,” Shego muttered as she pulled Kim closer to her, rubbing her naked shoulder.

“You should call in. Wouldn’t the great Doctor Director understand? After all, she was a blushing bride not too long ago,” the redhead said while running her leg up and down Shego’s leg.

“I don’t think she’s going to buy the fact that I want to stay home because we still haven’t gotten all the sex out of our systems,” the pale officer replied.

“But, we haven’t,” the petite hero pointed out.

Shego chuckled a bit. “I’ve got this figured out, monster.”


“You’re a nymphomaniac,” the pale woman stated as if it was a solid, proven fact.

“I’m a what?” the younger woman asked as if she was totally shocked to hear such news.

“You’re a nymphomaniac.”

Kim looked incredulous that Shego would say it twice. “I’m not a nympho. I am most certainly a Shego-maniac!” the redhead declared rather proudly. She had never been so into sex until she got to be with Shego. She had never had such ideas or deep desires until she was with Shego.

“You’re a maniac if nothing else,” the green-skinned woman remarked with an amused smile on her face.

“I’ll be the best maniac ever if you don’t go into work today. I’ll even make breakfast for you,” Kim tried to bargain.

“Sorry, Pumpkin. We’ve got to get back to our regular lives sooner or later and it might as well be sooner or it’ll just be harder to do it later.”

“Why are you so freaking responsible?” Kim whined and she turned to throw a little tantrum.

“Because one of us has to be,” Shego pointed out and she lightly slapped the redhead on the rump to get her to cease her acting out. Kim jumped slightly and made a whimpering sound when the hit landed.

“But, I want to cuddle you, my love,” the redhead purred.

“It’ll have to wait until tonight. Don’t you have to be at the lab today or something?”

“I’ve got way too much leeway at the lab,” Kim commented with a laugh. She still worked at the biology lab at Go University, but she also hung out in the chemistry department now too because she was hoping to improve on her antivenin, but neither lab seemed to care when she came in or when she left, as long as she was actually doing work while she was there.

“I’m sure you do with the way you just run out to do missions and everything,” Shego concurred and then a thought that never hit her before occurred to her. “Hey, Princess, this marriage, it’s not going to mess up your career or anything, is it?” the green-skinned woman inquired.

“Mess up my career?” Kim echoed in a puzzled tone. She did not see how their marriage and her career linked up in any manner.

“Well…you know, being married to a woman and all. Do you think they’ll care at the lab or maybe with your missions?”

“Well, first of all, I keep my private life really private. So, I don’t think too many people even know my sexual preferences.”

“Shego-sexual?” the raven-haired officer remarked with a smile.

“Most definitely!” Kim grinned as she latched onto her wife, embracing her tightly. “But, it shouldn’t matter, love. And if people do have a problem with it if they find out, I really won’t care. There’ll always be jobs and there’ll always be someone willing to let me help no matter who I go to bed with. Besides, if they saw you, who could blame me for being married to you!” she commented, still grinning widely, but meaning her words. Her love came before her career or missions if they were going to be affected by who she was married to.

“You know, flattery isn’t going to get me to stay home,” Shego pointed out.

“Damn it,” Kim cursed, as if her plan had been foiled. “What do I have to do to get you to stay here?”

“Reverse time. Come on, Pumpkin. I’ll make some cinnamon pancakes and even give you a ride in.”

Kim pouted, but she accepted the offer. They crawled out of bed and went to return to the real world. They went through their usual morning motions and left the house. It would seem that the honeymoon truly was over, they both thought as Kim entered the lab and Shego drove off to work.

Shego forgot that work could be so boring. She should have just called in, but she doubted that Betty would have gone for it. She had already used her vacation for the wedding and honeymoon. She had a stockpile of days, but she still preferred to save those in case she did need them.

“You know, instead of sitting there being bored, you need to catch up on your paperwork,” Betty commented as she came to Shego’s desk and flopped down a huge stack of paperwork for the super-powered woman.

“Holy shit,” Shego commented with an incredulous look on her face.

“Yeah, you should’ve handled it before you left.”

“I wasn’t talking about the paperwork. I’m talking about you,” the employee commented as she finally had a chance to stare at her friend without having a trillion things on her mind.

“Me?” Betty echoed.

“You’ve put on weight. What the fuck?” Shego inquired. Her best friend and boss look like she ate a cow for breakfast in her opinion; her opinion was exaggerating. But, it was obvious that Betty had put on some weight.

“You’ve got no damn tact at all,” the one-eyed woman commented with a sigh. It was a good thing that she was not sensitive about anything, except her eye anyway. She had not put on much weight, but she was glad that Shego finally noticed.

“I know I don’t. What the hell happened to you?”

Betty smiled. “Well, you tend to put on weight when you’re pregnant.”

Shego’s mouth just fell open. She had been expecting a lot of answers, but not that one. What the hell was Betty Director doing pregnant? How was she supposed to respond to that?

Next time: a discussion on the information that Shego has just learned.

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