Tails Of The Blue Kitsune






AUTHOR: shenglong2006

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible is the intellectual property of the Disney Channel. Black Scorpion and Knight Rider are the property of their respective creators, and used without permission.

SUMMARY: Tails Of The Blue Kitsune

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

AUTHORS NOTES: Most things in Kim Possible these days don't really help me come up with anything truly helpful for writing my story. Maybe it's the fact the idea went stale after I tried to hard to do too much. Anyway, “Stop, Team Go” was totally different to any other adventure. Maybe it was the fact it was full of hints that there is something more to Kim's relationship to Shego… and I did, finally, see, again, something more to the relationship. Anyway, The Blue Fox is dead… Some blue-skinned idiot destroyed the hardcopy. Long live the nine-part Tails of The Blue Kitsune… [And if anyone gets the joke of that number, don't tell anyone else] Takes place, obviously, not long after Stop, Team Go.

Words: 2257


Subject: Kim and Shego – NOT going to happen

People Online: GreenGal, HenchMan, MonkeyKing, TwoFaced, HoleInOne, FlashMotor, Cuddles, BigSpender, Billionaire

GREENGAL - To put everyone's mind at ease, I summoned you all here to tell you this straight - The situation with Kim Possible and me was all the Attudinator's fault. I don't want to be her best friend… ever.

HENCHMAN - For anyone who was not around recently, Shego recently got some rather pointed flames over her being friendly with our enemy. As you can guess, It's not true. She was like Drakken was months ago.

GREENGAL - Thanks, Hench. Destroyed the Attitudinator Mark II?

HENCHMAN - And cancelled all research on a Attitudinator Mark III… It's too much trouble to even continue to think on those lines of research.

MONKEYKING - Rumors still tell me that there's something more to it.

HOLEINONE - Yeah, Something seems fishy about how simple that statement ya posted was.

GREATBLUE has connected.

GREATBLUE - I just read the statement you posted on ‘Kim and Shego – NOT going to happen’… What's going on?

GREENGAL - Remember when you had that problem with the really stubborn gherkin jar?


HENCHMAN - Shego was, while you were short a assistant, best friend to Kim Possible.


GREATBLUE has disconnected [Reason: He fainted]

GREENGAL - I'll tell him properly later… Got to wake him up first…

GREENGAL has disconnected [Reason: Who else?]

TWOFACED - Kim Possible?

CUDDLES - That was a good joke… if you want to end up crispy.

Shego sighed as she dragged the unconscious Drakken away from the computer, looking at her wallet again. The slightly charred picture inside was not something she wanted to bring up with the members of the In-Terror net's chat. She didn't know why she'd kept it, but, every time she went to get out her credit card or pay for something, there it was, a reminder of that, for a short time, she'd clicked with Kim… and, even though she was now evil, she somehow found she wanted to do it again…

Junior Cheerleader Tryouts This Week

Kim sighed. She'd replaced her old picture of Shego with a much more recent one, this one of Shego and her during the too short period where they were working together. She'd promised herself that the picture wouldn't stay, but the old picture had accidentally got thrown out during a clear out of her locker done during the recent sitch.

“What's up, Kim?” Ron asked.

“What would you have done if the Attitudinator had been crushed before it hit Shego?” Kim asked.

“And she'd not been returned to her bad old self?” Ron asked, “I don't know, KP, I just don't know…”

“It's just been on my mind… Sure, I liked her around, but it was so… different.” Kim said. Wade then appeared on the screen in her locker.

“Hi, Kim. Good news… The Attitudinator has been removed permanently from the HenchCo catalogue, citing issues in the field.” Wade said.

“Great.” Kim said, the comment noticeably hollow.

“Miss having Shego not fighting you?” Wade said.

“A bit… Well, OK, A lot.” Kim said.

“Well, You two were very good friends…” Wade admitted, “Anyway, Got a hit on your site…”

Kim smiled. It was time to get back to work…


Subject: Kim and Shego – NOT going to happen

People Online: GreenGal, HenchMan, MonkeyKing, TwoFaced, HoleInOne, Cuddles, BigSpender, Billionaire, GreatBlue

HENCHMAN - Motor Ed will not be joining us, due to business offline.



GREATBLUE - I have a plan which will get rid of Kim Possible once and for all!

GREENGAL - Is this as good a plan as Operation Gherkin?

TWOFACED - Operation… Gherkin?

GREENGAL - ‘Will you please open these gherkins for me?’

GREATBLUE - How was I supposed to know you were no longer evil?

[GREENGAL has disconnected. [Reason: Head + Wall = Relaxing…]

CUDDLES sweatdrops.

GREENGAL has connected.

GREENGAL - Dr. D, You wouldn't notice if all your henchmen went on strike… again…

GREATBLUE - They didn't go on strike last time…

GREENGAL - Suuuuuure… And there's a reason why my pay is cut back…

GREATBLUE - You took a unauthorized sabbatical.

GREENGAL - I was, ugh, bonding with Kim Possible… A entire week where I couldn't insult her.

HENCHMAN sighs. “Will you explain your plan!”

HACKERXL has connected.

GREATBLUE - I need Amy, you and Senior Senior Junior to help me with something… Shego, As of today, You've got a month's vacation time.

GREENGAL cheers, but looks worried. “Look, Dr. D, What do you expect me to do for a month?”

GREATBLUE - Not be at the lair.

GREENGAL has disconnected.

HACKERXL has disconnected.


As Kim got into work, she heard her Kimmunicator go off.

“Something's going down, and it looks suspect. I've been hacking your ex-friend's In-Terror-Net for certain keywords, and got on as Drakken requested D.N. Amy and Senior Senior Junior to help him with a project… And get this… Shego's not invited to take part in the project.” Wade said. Monique then walked over.

“Hey, girl… Where's your friend?” Monique said.

“Turned evil again.” Kim said, “Take her off my friend list.”

“Not going to.” Monique said, “Club Banana employee regulations number 92… A friend of Club Banana is a friend for life.”

“You mean that Shego can get discounts on my tab for the rest of her life?” Kim said, shocked.

“Yep.” Monique said, “I almost had you on my friend list, girl, but you beat me to it by getting a job here.”

“So, Anyway, How did the mission go?” Monique asked.

“Motor Ed stole a experimental supercar… Thankfully, the car felt he was a terrible driver and lead me right to him.” Kim said, getting out a notebook, “OK, That's three owed by F.L.A.G.”

“You're keeping track?” Monique said, surprised.

“Helps out when Wade's computer is not accessible.” Kim said, not mentioning the fact Shego's name had a few extra marks next to it due to things she'd done for her over the week they were friends.


“So, Feeling back in the groove again, Kim?” Ron asked.

“Yeah… Even if that was such a easy sitch that it was painful…” Kim said, “The Tweebs enjoyed it since they got to talk upgrading the car with the Foundation. Outside of my normal mission-related favors, but it stops them trying to get me missions in the City Of Angels.”

“I still don't understand why you took one look at the mission details for your first offer there, and promptly got Wade to IP ban them off the site.” Ron said.

“The offer was good, the reward package was better than cutting edge, but the stipulations were beyond what I accept.” Kim said.

“Kim, You accept anything…” Ron said.

“Well, Anything doesn't cover not inviting you and needing to wear a super-heroine suit that had to be sent encrypted for only my access due to it's design.” Kim thought to herself, before saying “Ron, First, I had to do some sidekick work for his usual client, and second, his usual client has a very strict rule of no men beyond Argyle knowing who they are… Well, They are on the force.”

“Come on, Kim, This seems different to the New York sitches you do for Xanatos. I know all about why you seal those files.” Ron said.

“I don't want to discuss it.” Kim said.


Fire Safety Lessons Today

Kim looked at the staff car park, noticing a inconsistency she'd been party to only a few days ago.

“Shego's car is in the car park again.” Kim thought, then looked for her nemesis, to see her dressed down in her Teacher look.

“Why, Hello, Miss Go.” Kim said, managing to avoid sarcasm.

“I got my account temp-banned by Lipsky while he's doing his big project, so I'm having to do temp work here while I wait for some idea of what he's up to.” She whispered to her, before saying, “Why, Hello, Kimmie… Wonder if they heard I was coming?”

Kim looked at the school announcement board above her, and tried to stifle a laugh.

“Probably not.” She said, “When you flame, It's not the kind you can easily deal with.”

Shego was as good at teaching as she'd been before she was returned to her old self, but she did quietly tell Barkin that she'd found someone else in the interim, and she was sorry about setting her security on him.

Partway through one of her classes, a few weeks later, Kim got a call.

“Get your teacher.” Wade said before he started. Shego looked puzzled as she was called over.

“OK, Drakken has called you out, Kim. No sidekicks or he sets off some bombs he's set around Middleton and Go City. I verified they are viable and do exist, and Shego and Ron can handle them… You find out what Drakken is up to, and see about defusing them from his lair.” Wade said.

“Will he stop doing these big plots without telling me?” Shego said.

“Something stinks.” Kim said, “Why do I see this as a setup?”

“Let me think… Who did he call in before he pulled me out of the loop? A geneticist and one of your old boyfriends, who happens to be rich as hell.” Shego said, “He needs neither of them for this bomb plot.”

“That's what I was thinking.” Kim said, “This bomb plot is one big distraction… but still needs sorting.”


Somewhere outside Middleton

Kim looked at the lair. The security left only one method of entry on her own, since her stealth suit was out of action for one of it's regular maintenance cycles.

“This is seeming more and more suspect.” Kim said to Wade as she set off for the entry point, by scaling one of the walls, “Perfect security except one blind spot.”

“And the timing was perfect. The maintenance cycles for your supersuit are common knowledge. Part of a deal I had to make with Jack Hench to keep him from inventing a way to counteract it directly.” Wade said, then, as she entered, his voice started to break up, Kim making out, “I've been mak… th…deals… ce…”

Kim scowled as her Kimmunicator failed, leaving her unable to contact Wade. She walked through the ducting, dropping down as she found a open grate, to land inside a plexiglas box, a dangerous looking ray pointed directly at you, the top of the box slamming shut as she landed.

“What the hell is going on?!?” Kim snapped, Drakken coming out from one of the side-rooms.

“Someone trips the security, which your sidekick invariably does, and the ray fires. Your Kimmunicator gets or sends any kind of message, the ray fires. The ambient temperature anywhere raises, as if, say, from a plasma flame, and the ray fires.” Drakken said, smirking, “Oh yes, and it will fire automatically in a hour or two anyway due to a really clumsy fault in the charging coils.”

Kim swore, and used the only method she knew to send out a message… The one thing Drakken couldn't predict.


“What's up with the Kimmunicator? The power is going weird.” Wade said, then looked at the power readouts carefully.

“SOS. TELL SHEGO TO GET HERE FAST. NO PLASMA OR CALLBACK. SOME KIND OF RAY KEYED TO DETECT IT, AS WELL AS EVERY OTHER OPTION, EVEN USING MY OWN CUTTING TOOLS TO ESCAPE.” Kim's message read, the dots and dashes almost imperceptible due to how fast she was sending the message.

“Shit.” Wade said, contacting Shego on the loaned Kimmunicator, “Drakken did have a hell of a plan. Part 1… Eliminating Kim… He's got her trapped in a inescapable trap. You use plasma at all within the base, and you screw her. I suspect it's keyed into a security breach or anything else like that as well. Essentially, Drakken has ensured that, if we don't do this incredibly carefully, we'll not be able to pull this off.”


Drakken smirked, as he watched Kim taking the battery out of her Kimmunicator and putting it back in using a rapid pattern which could be recognised as morse code. The communicator scan was the only part he'd lied about in what he'd told her, since he'd barely been able to find a way to block the small device in time. He knew full well that any attempt to use stealth to get in would be too slow, especially since he'd sealed up the security blind spots, and any attempt using normal techniques would still set off the genetic resequencing ray.

“OK, So, When the ray fires, The trapdoor below the box will drop her, and the box will be destroyed by the heat emissions.” Drakken asked DNAmy.

“Of course. Well, How are we meant to make sure no-one sees it as a resequencer?” DNAmy said, “I'll be sure to do some kind of genetics plot that seems to work off Kim's apparent death.”

“Thanks. We need to make sure that no-one works out the truth.” Drakken said, hearing Kim scream as the ray fired, “See you at the auction…”

Drakken then left, as Shego was heard to destroy the ray, swearing at how it had killed Kim, DNAmy leaving at the same time. They had done what they needed to, and Shego's rage had done the rest…