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TITLE: Insides

AUTHOR: apoptosis

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: This will be a collection of short stories inspired by the fanart100 prompt words. Eventually, there will be 100 short stories to correspond with the 100 prompt words, with each word being the sole inspiration for each story.

TYPE: Undefinable

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Spoilers: A general knowledge of Kim Possible would be helpful.

Summary: This will be a collection of short stories inspired by the fanart100 prompt words. Eventually, there will be 100 short stories in this collection to correspond to the 100 prompt words, with each word being the sole inspiration for each story.

Words: 901

A/N: I’ve always wanted to write stories based on the fanart100 prompt words. So, here is my attempt at that. I’m also trying to write pieces that can convey a lot of information and feelings/emotions in as short a scene as possible (no pun intended). Comments, suggestions, reviews are always welcome!

“KP, to your left!” Ron shouted over his shoulder, hoping his voice would carry over the roar and utter cacophony of the fighting around him.

“I see it, thanks!” Kim yelled back, as she expertly slid her right shoulder further forward, rolling her left shoulder back and away from Shego’s trajectory.

With a loud crash, Shego rolled past Kim before coming to a stop several feet behind her enemy.

“Nice move Princess.” She taunted with a predatory grin.

“Nice miss Shego.” Kim smiled back, triumph shining in her dark green eyes.

Shego’s grin disappeared, only to be replaced by a slight frown.

“If that idiot over there hadn’t warned you, I wouldn’t have missed.” She spat.

“The name’s Ron!” The blonde haired boy yelled back, annoyance in his tone and face.

“Whatever.” Shego shrugged and rolled her eyes. “You’re still an idiot to me.”

“Hey!” Kim interrupted, jumping to land in between Shego and Ron, who looked about ready to face off. She glared daggers at Shego, her emerald eyes shining. “You want to pick a fight? Well, fight someone your own size.”

“KP!” Ron cried out indignantly, crossing his arms in a defensive position.

“You want to fight her?” Kim eyed her best friend with more than a bit of disbelief. “I mean, if you really have a strong urge, then go ahead.”

“Err, actually, KP, I think you were right. You should fight her.”

Quickly, Ron executed a mock bow, a sign of submission and yielding.

“Oh, for the love of doy!” Shego yelled through gritted teeth. “Somebody better fight me. I’m getting bored over here.”

“Go for it KP!” Ron flashed Kim a winning smile and thumbs up sign. “I’ll go take care of Drakken over there.”

“Sounds good Ron.” Kim agreed, before immediately transitioning into a series of forward flips that brought her only a few feet away from her nemesis.

“Finally! Less chitchat and more fighting.” Shego grinned, flashing her white teeth, canines catching the light.

Smiling back at the challenge, Kim suddenly lashed out with a front kick aimed at Shego’s midsection. Anticipating the action with superhuman reflexes, Shego executed a low block with her forearm and retaliated with side kick aimed at Kim’s left hip.

Matching her action move for move, Kim acted in milliseconds to dodge out of the way, twisting her upper torso and letting her pelvis naturally follow the flowing path her upper body set for it. Faster than the eye can see, Kim had twisted out of the way.

Shego silently cursed as her boot only hit empty air, and her body full of heart-pounding adrenaline, she ignited her plasma fire with a whoomp sound, waving her arms and threatening to use it.

“Hey, no plasma! That’s cheating!” Ron cried from a distance, still engaged with an intense arm wrestling match with Dr. Drakken.

“Hey now, I AM the villain.” She smiled sweetly back at him – a little too sweetly. “It’s in my nature.”

“It’s also in your nature to eventually get your comeuppance.” Kim grinned back, matching the fake saccharine smile Shego had only flashed minutes before.

“Naw, that only happens in movies.” The thief waved off dismissively.

“You sure?” Kim tilted her head.

“Yeah. Now bring it!”

Launching headfirst into the air with her arms outstretched, Kim slightly bent her elbows to help absorb the impact of her movement, and pushing off from the floor with the palms of her hands, she vaulted her body, feet first, right at Shego. But Shego, forever anticipating Kim’s movements in their life-and-death dances, reached out with her black gloved hands to snatch Kim’s left ankle right out of her midair lunge. Twisting her body in the direction of Kim’s original launch to increase her force, she spun around with the cheerleader firmly in tow before letting go of the younger woman.

“KIM!” Ron screamed as he watched his best friend fly through the air.

But with her own catlike reflexes, Kim recovered herself in only a few breathless moments and gracefully landed on her two feet several paces away from the raven-haired thief.

“Well done, Princess.” Shego nodded, grudging respect on her face.

“But of course.” Kim answered back, flipping her auburn hair behind her back idly.

“You’ve been practicing and studying.” Shego noted.

“Well, I do like to keep in shape, you know.”

“Aww, how sweet. Just for me?” Shego playfully batted an eyelash.

“For you? Noooo…” Kim drawled, shaking her head.

“Hey, I was just starting to feel all warm and cuddly.” Shego frowned.

“Sorry Shego. Not today.”

“Ugh.” Shego muttered under her breath. “Truce then?”

“You?! Truce?!” Kim gaped at her enemy, her mouth almost hanging open in surprise.

“Yeah, truce. At least until tomorrow. I’m hungry and I’m missing dinner.” Shego tapped her wrist lightly, indicating a watch.

Standing back, Kim considered the motion for a few minutes. “Alright, truce. But I expect we’ll finish this tomorrow. And don’t go being sneaky or anything during the night; I’ll know.”

“Of course Pumpkin.” Shego smiled. “Fighting without you, well, it’s just not the same.”

“Good. I mean…” Kim stammered, unsure of exactly how to counter the statement, and trying simultaneously to conceal a red blush spreading on her cheeks.

“Tomorrow then Princess.”

And with those three words, Shego flippeded over backwards and ran off, leaving the slightly bewildered and certainly flushing teen behind.

The End

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