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TITLE: Beginnings

AUTHOR: apoptosis

DISCLAIMER: I’m doing this for fun, and would really appreciate it if you didn’t, you know, sue me. As I am a poor student and all.

SUMMARY: This will be a collection of short stories inspired by the fanart100 prompt words. Eventually, there will be 100 short stories to correspond with the 100 prompt words, with each word being the sole inspiration for each story.

TYPE: Undefinable

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Spoilers: A general knowledge of Kim Possible would be helpful.

Words: 278

A/N: I’ve always wanted to write stories based on the fanart100 prompt words. So, here is my attempt at that. I’m also trying to write pieces that can convey a lot of information and feelings/emotions in as short a scene as possible (no pun intended). Comments, suggestions, reviews are always welcome!

The local coffee house was alive and bustling with the low murmurs of the various patrons and customers. The collective mumbling hummed as an A flat for the musically inclined, but for everyone else, it merely mixed with the soothing instrumental background music.

She knew she should be concentrating on her reading assignments and response papers, but her mind just kept drifting and wandering to idle and forgotten thoughts with unspent mental energy.

She was remembering when she made the decision to take some time off from her career as a crime-fighting hero to get some rest, reevaluate herself, and pursue her advanced studies. She was remembering when Ron asked her out on her first date, and how sweet and romantic (and slightly awkward) it was. She was remembering the thrill of the hunts and chases when she used to run down villains. She was remembering the news bulletin from months ago announcing that Shego had struck a deal with Global Justice – forgiveness for past transgressions in exchange for a shot at a “normal life” with an eventual contract working for the government. She was remembering the petty rivalries that occurred during her high school cheerleading practices. She was remembering opening her college acceptance letter with nervous anticipation and restrained excitement.

A small cough interrupted her thoughts, and she looked up to see a woman with pale green skin and long silky raven hair standing on the opposite side of the table, a steaming coffee cup in hand. Their green eyes met, and her voice was low and husky.

“May I sit with you?”

There was a brief moment of silence.

She nodded.

The End

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