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TITLE: Runaway


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 2871

“Shego?” Mrs. Dr. Anne Possible called on Shego, the good doctor have just gone out of the hospital's recovery room, “you are Shego right?” Anne ask again when she received no answer.

Shego nodded, she stand up and scratch her head as she approach the red headed doctor, “Ha-How is she?” Shego ask, her voice low and raspy from crying.

Anne possible smiled, put her hands on Shego's shoulder, “Kim is fine now Shego. You know my Kimmie is a very strong person, she won't just die without a fight. As a matter of fact, she is already awake and in 30 minutes time, she will be transferred on her private room” Anne assured the lawyer.

“That is good news” Shego made a smile, “I'll see pumpkin when she is on her room. I need to call home”

“That is good. I guess we have to handle those wounds of yours? And those fingers too first”

Shego look at her hands, swelling secondary to phalangeal fractures that was brought about by Adrena, “It will heal”

Anne nodded, “Kim told me about your special healing ability, but if you let those finger heal in that state? You know it might be a permanent deformity, and you will not like that”

Shego look at Anne, “She told you about me? I mean me…yes, about me?”

Anne smiled, “Yes everything”

“Then you knew why she left-”

“Yes, she never keeps secret from me.” Anne said looking at Shego. Shego bowed down her head, “So you knew i'm a-”

“Yes, lesbian. I do know”

Shego look at her, “Look, i'll just made sure Kim is alright, then i'll go back to Go city.”

“Aren't you going to talk to her?”

“Ahhhhh” Shego hesitated, “I need this-” she raised her hands “-to be fixed immediately. As you said, i don't want it deformed permanently”

“We can fix that here”

“No” Shego smiled, deep inside of her, she wanted to see Kim, wanted to talk to her. BUt what good is talking if it is already clear that Kim have no feelings for her? the hurting will never go away, and she'll be miserable for long. “i have a private doctor. She'll fix this for me”

Anne look at Shego again. She could see that the woman is hurting, not physically but there in her heart. She knew the woman love her Kimmie more than any of the men Kim have ever been with. From what her daughter told her, Shego makes her happy, and vice versa.

“I got to go Mrs. POssible” Shego finally say.

“NIce meeting you Shego”

“Nice meeting you too.”

‘It has been what? 3 weeks. My wound have healed, and yet i still cannot heal that wound that lies deep within me? It seems not even the presence of my family helps in my recuperation. I need her…i know it is only her that will heal me…i need her or i'll die’

Shego sitted by her bed when she felt her door opened and came in her MOther and Aunt Betty.

“PRincess?” the two older woman called.

“Mom, Aunt Betty” She look at the two and gave them a sad smile. Estella walk towards Shego's bed and held her daughter in embrace. Betty sat on Shego's other side and started rubbing Shego's back.

“First time for everything?” Betty ask smiling, “It's alright Princess. you'll get back on your game when you finally snap out of that twisted thing they called depression”

“I tried to move on” SHego mumbled, “I lost a case…my first”

“You'll handle it next time” Estella assured her daughter.


more silence.

“I need her” Shego suddenly blurt out, “I'm going to die without her”

Estella and Betty look at each other then betty look at SHego, “Why don't you get her?”

Shego freed herself from her mother's embrace, “Why should i?”

“Because you love her?” Betty ask sarcastically.

“She doesn't love me”

“HOw did you know?” It was Estella.

“She said…she said i don't love her and just find her as a convenience, she said i'll find another convenient one when i'm through with her!”

Betty smiled, “And?”

“Thats it” Shego answered.

“Sheryll” Estella said in a serious voice, “Think about the words Kim said, have she specifically said she don't love you?” Shego thought and shook her head, “She said you find her just a convenience, but she never ever said she hate you or don't love you, so why are you saying she doesn't?”

Shego look at her mother, “I assume because-”

“Princess, assumption is not a valid excuse in the court. For your preposition to be valid, there must be evidence and there is no evidence pointing that Kim doesn't love you!” Betty interrupted her daughter.

The thought now sunk inside SHego's head, then her eyes widens as realization sets in…"You think she do-”

“Yes she do love you. Bonnie confessed that she acted as if she is committing suicide to get rid of Kim and it seem she won at first”

“Bonnie did that?” Shego look at Betty.

“But she is sorry already.”


Shego stand up, “And i left Pumpkin in the hospital without even seeing her or talking with her. She is probably angry at me for leaving her!”

“And probably not wanting to see you” Estella added.

“MOM!!!” Shego scolded her mother, “God! am i that really stupid?”

“Hey, love does that even to the most intelligent person”

“God!” Shego slump on her couch, “I need a plan”

“You sure do Princess” BEtty smiled, “And i have one” Betty's smile progress into a wide grin.

“Why does that grin of yours tells me its mischief but good?”

“Because it is”

‘The dream came to me again. After months of not having them, here it is…but the difference, my savior have a face now. And it is SHego's face. She is my savior. For the last 3 weeks, i have cried my self to sleep, thinking that i might have hurt Shego much for her to leave the hospital without even talking or seeing me. Everytime i close my eyes, i could see her face and it always makes me cry. My mom and dad told me to go see Shego and tell her about how i really feel but i guess i don't have the strength to confront her without breaking into tears. Oh, I love her with all my heart. I need her like a flower needs water and sun. I feel that i am going to whither without her’

There was a loud knock at the front door that caught the possible's attention. The possible family, Mr and Mrs. Dr. POssible. Jim and Tim and KIm were on the dining table eating dinner.

“Who could that be?” James possible ask.

“I have no idea” Anne answered.

“I'll answer the door” Kim volunteered but her mother stop her from standing up.

“I'll do that honey, just continue eating” Anne stand up and walk to the front door and open it. She was surprised to see Men in Uniform at their door.

“Is this the possible residence?” A huge man wearing a fatigue inquired.

“Yes it is” Anne answered. Her eyes darting from the huge man and the small slender woman beside him.

“This is where Kimberly Anne POssible, world Hero lives?” The slender woman ask again.

“Yes?'” Anne srunch her forhead, “What is this all about?”

“We have a letter here, inviting Miss POssible to Go city Special Division Unit for interrogation” The woman answered.

“Interrogation? What for?” Anne ask.

“It's confidential ma'am, if we tell you then we have to kill you.” The huge man said flatly.

This sends shiver in Anne's spine, “Kimmmieee!” She shouted, calling Kim. Kim and the rest of the family went out to the front door.

Kim look at the uniformed pair, “What is this?”

The woman handed Kim an envelope. Kim look inside and her eyes widen, “This is an arrest warrant”

“What?” James ask his daughter, “Your under arrest?”

“On what grounds?” Kim ask, in her stay with Shego, she have atleast little knowledge of what rights she have regarding arrest like this.

“Interrogation MIss POssible. That is all. That will just legalized our taking you from your house” The Woman replied.

Kim look at her parents, then the two, “Just interrogation?”

“JUst interrogation” the woman assured her.

Kim nod. The MAn handed her a blind fold, Kim look at him brows raised up, “policy” Kim took the blind fold, look at her parents and smiled, “I'll be alright” then she put the blind fold on her eyes, “I'll be back”

‘Okay, so what the heck are they doing to me? I can feel that we are still on a road trip, to where their base is? I have no clue. This blind fold is fool proof. I'm beggining to wander what lies ahead of me…have i done something criminal? and then i thought…Shego…have Shego died? HAve she took her life because i hurt her so much? that thought gives me the creep…i don't know if i wanted to live if Shego dies…I love her’

“We are here Miss POssible” Announce the man, then i felt myself being lead to a darker place as shadows of light suddenly fades. I heard a metal door open and i was lead inside. “MIss POssible, count to ten then you can remove your blindfold”

‘i count 1-10 as soon as i heard the door close. Then i remove my blindfold. My eyes adjusted to the light made ny 4 spot lights hanging on four corner of the small room, its light commencing at the center where i am standing right now, facing a wall made of mirror. I am no stupid, i know that this mirror is one way, and that there is someone behind it. Who? I have no idea’

“Sit down” a computerized voice that cannot be decipher if male or female spoke.

“Why am i here?”

“Sit down”

“I ask-”

“Sit down”

‘okay, so i have no other choice but to sit. I did’

“PLease state your name”

‘what game is this?’ Kim ask herself, “Kim”

“Full name”

“Kimberly Anne Dawson POssible”


“21, turning 22”


“why am i being interrogated?” Kim ask. there was no answer.

“PLease state your current job. Status-”

“I have no time for this!!!” Kim shouted, “Why am i being ask? Who are you?” Kim shouted. SHe is desperate, “Why am i wanted?” Desperate thinking that SHego is the reason she is here, she could have committed suicide.

“Do you by any chance have come across with a woman named Sheryll Anne Go?” the computer ask.

Kim's eyes widened, can her thoughts be true? Could this mean Shego is dead. Kim's voice is lost, her tongue felt like it retracted.


“What is your relation to her”

Kim bowed and shook her head, “there is nothing-” then she felt her tears fall down on her face.

Shego took the microphone from Betty's hand, covering it with her hand, “What the hell did you do? You making my pumpkin cry” She whispered to her aunt.

“It's what interrogation do. We have acted already why not make it more realistic!” Betty argued.

“Fine! I'll ask” Betty shrug her shoulder.

“I'll ask again…What is your relation to Miss Go?”

“Nothing!” Kim shouted as her dam finally broke letting the tears run wild, “Nothing! there is nothing when there could have been-” Kim added her voice softening, Kim is now sobbing.

“There could have been is a vague sentence Miss POssible. Please elaborate”

“I---i should have come to her and tell her the truth”

“And what is the truth?”

“I am in love with her…i need her…i want her”

Shego's eyes widens, ‘my pumpkin love me? she needs me? she wants me?’ her reverie was cut when she heard Kim's next lines.

“but she is gone now right? She died? because of me? IS that it? IS that why you ask me here to be interrogated? Because its my fault that Shego died and i cannot be with her anymore? I can't tell her how she means to me? How i love her? That she is that woman in my dreams? My savior?!” Kim then shouted on top of her lungs, stand up, took the chair and throw it to the mirror, “Tell me!!!!”

“Now this i didn't expect to happen” Betty said, alarmed.

“I'll get her” Shego announced as she hurriedly run towards the other room.

“Tell me!!!!” Kim shouted one last time before she slump on the floor. Then the light went off. She cried her heart out, that she did not notice the door open, and a small green light illuminates the blackness of the room.

“Pumpkin?” Shego called on her red head. Kim heard her and look up, seeing the green glow.

“She-go?” Kim ask unsure if the voice she really is hearing is Shego, “Shego?” kim called again, “PLease tell me i'm not hallucinating?” Kim said inbetween her sobs.

“Your not Pumpkin” Shego said and finally show herself, smiling.

“Shego” Kim whispered to herself, she bolted out from her place and run to the green woman, “Shego” she held the green skinned woman in embrace, “Your not dead? Your alive, your alive” Kim said as she buried her face on shego's collar bone.

“Ofcourse i am”

“I thought-”

“Shhh” Shego stop Kim from saying anything, KIm did stop and just revel on the feeling that she is in Shego's embrace. Shego unlit her hands, “It's dark in here. Aunt Betty probably turned the lights off to save energy”

Kim look at Shego though she can just see silhoutte of her, “Your Aunt Betty is here?” Kim ask, still sobbing though not as hard as earlier.

“I am Kim” The computerized voice answered, “And i am not saving energy, someone who run off from here accidentally push the off switch!”

“Ooooopss, guilty” Shego said. Then the light turned on again. Shego look down at the face of Kim who is looking at her. The two still in embrace, “I need you too Pumpkin. And i'm going to die without you. PLease believe me that your not just a convenience to me, i want to spend my eternity with you Kim. I love you”

Kim burried her head again in Shego's collarbone, “I know. I was afraid”

“To lose Bonnie? but your not afraid to lose me?” Shego ask as she tightens her embrace with her red head and swayed them both as if there is music.

Kim laugh a bit, “Yes, She is committing suicide”

“And she got rid of you. IT was just an act KIm. She did it becuase she failed to make you and ron a couple.”

“It is?” Kim lift her head and look at Shego, “She is a good actress”

“Well at least you know she is not just a model” Shego smiled.


“So where will we go from here?” Kim ask.

“How about for starter…i kiss you?”

Kim smiled, “LIke this?” KIm ask then pulled Shego's head lower and kiss the green skinned woman on her lips passionately. They shared that kiss for a longer time, shego pulled back with a smile.

“Yeah like that”

“So when did you knew you love me?”

“That?” shego look up and think then smiled, “When you bump my car with your old truck?”

“I didn't bump your car, you bump mine”

“Yeah-yeah” Shego conceded with a smile, “Even with all those grease on your face, i already fell in love with you. How about you?”

“I have been dreaming of you for a year before my wedding”

“you do?”

Kim nod her head, “There was no face though”

“No face? Then how do you know its me?”

Kim took Shegos hand and raise it, “Can you light this up?”

Shego scrunch her forhead but comply.

“How many people on earth have that?” Kim then ask.

“I think i'm the only one”

“Then that is my answer. Your green fire is the answer. I saw you fired up before i loss my concsciousness on Dementor's lair…then i realized my dream and fate made me run to you”

Shego embraced Kim tight again, then she kissed Kim's cheeks, “I'll protect you, and love you forever”

“And i love you for eternity” Kim said, “Is it possible for me to hold your hand while it is lighted up?” Kim ask.

Shego lit her hand again and adjusted the glow into something warm. KIm then pressed herpalm agains Shego's lighted palm, then feeling the wonderful heat Shego's hand give, she interlock her finger with her, then bring Shego's hand to her mouth and kiss it.

“I suppose i should return you to your parents?”

“And tell them as well about us”

“We are coming with you two” The computer voice said.

Kim and Shego look at each other.

“We forgot Aunt is still here”

“Princess, i guess it's time we ask Kim's hand in marriage?” Betty said.

The two look at each other,, and nodded. Then they kiss.

-the end-

A/N: Finally!!!!!!!! The interrogation scene is based on the movie True Lies. Thank you all for reading.

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