Chapter 6

Getting to know


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TITLE: Getting to know


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1770

Kim was delighted to see the room where Shego brought her, the walls were painted in light green. The bed were covered with a combination of green and black comforter, the floor is covered by a green carpet. The room is big for 4 persons. One door leads to a walk in cabinet that is almost the size of her own room wayback in her middleton apartment. At the foot of the bed along the wall is a couch. On the right side is a reclining chair, with the same color pattern, and in front of the reclining chair is a plasma tv. Beside the reclining chair is a glass sliding door, that leads to a wide balcony where a single couch (a/n: the one use for sunbathing…sorry i don't know what you call it). On the left side of the bed, just at the right side of the room's main door is another door that leads to the bathroom and comfort room, which is also quite big and looks very comfortable.

“Wow!” Is all Kim could say, “You left all this?”

“YEah! Though i really miss this most of the time and when i do i come here to sleep over”

“So…” Kim look at Shego who by now is laying on the bed, “I will be using this for the time being then? I hope its o-”

“It's okay. Just as i said, its payback right? So feel free to use anything okay?”

“Thanks” Kim put down her bag on the floor, “Are…are you-” Kim sitted herself on the couch, “Are you in a hurry to go?”

Shego look at her, “What is it pumpkin?”

“I-I have a question” Kim look at shego who is looking at her, brows raised up high, “You…i mean are you…ah…you know, girlfriend-”

“you want to ask if i am a lesbian is that it? ME gay? right?” Shego look at kim nod, face blushing from embarrassment, “Hey! Don't be embarrasssed by the question, 'am too open about that conversation”

Kim smiled at Shego, “So…are you?” Shego nod, “Follow up question…” Shego look at Kim, shook her head and laugh, “Why are you laughing? “ Kim scrunch her forehead

“Your expression, you look nervous asking if i'm a lesbo and yet you look so confident when you tried to bite me yesterday at the parking lot” Shego laughs more when she notice the face of the red headed girl turn into a full blown blush that includes her neck, “And you look cute when you blush!” this made Kim blush more, perhaps not visible but the red head can feel the heat rise up to her face more

“So…it wasn't my-”

“I'm not saying it is. Actually its my fault. So what's your follow up question?”

Kim smiled, “How many girlfriends have you had?”

“3” Shego answered casually, “And don't make me enumerate their names. You know the third her name is Bonnie” Kim nodded, “Why do you ask?”

“Curious. I thought you'll be saying dozens or double dozens like that sort of thing”


“The way they refer to me as 'new girlfriend' seems your like a…you know a playboy if your a boy” Shego smiled

“I see”


“So what does it make me?” Shego broke the silence, as she kept on staring the white embosed wall paper of her ceiling that looks like a cloud

“Pardon?” Kim said as she was pulled out of her inner thought

“Me…” Shego sitted herself on the bed, indian sit, “If i cannot be labled as a playboy, then what should you label me?”

Kim thought in silence

“Nothing i guess…your just who you are” Kim then answered. Shego was silent. She just look at kim

“you don't hate me for being gay pumpkin?”

“WHy should i? I hate those who do others wrong, straight or not. I don't judge by gender”

silence again

“You became that because your parents are gays too?” Kim ask then lowered her head because she was enmbarrased by her question that suddenly blurt out from her mouth 'shucks…me and my big mouth ' kim thought

“No pumpkin.” Shego look at Kim who look at her, “Well, I was 10 when aunt betty and Mom finally live together. I was 5 when my father and mother had their biggest fight. Do you want to hear their story pumpkin?”

Kim nodded

“Well, i have 4 brothers, one father, and different mothers”


“Well, from my mothers story, When she met my father he already have two sons, the eldest is Henry, the second is Melchor, both of them have different mother, MY father divorced them, and since their child is a son which my father favors more he took them with him. So when My mom gets pregnant, My dumb of a father married her. My mother first thought probably that my dad will be her first and last-”

“Ain't your mom romantic?” interjected kim

“Romantic? No my mom was stupid.” Shego look at Kim who have her eyes widened by her comment, “Anyway, i was three when my mother found out that my father have another woman, and the woman is already pregnant, 5 months and is a twin. That's my youngest brothers Willie and Watari.When they were born my father again took them since they are males.”

“So how did your aunt betty annd mom become together?”

“Well Aunt Betty was a police officer, a patrol officer then and my mother is quite a famous novelist here at Go city. My dad was the mayor, so almost everyone knew her. My mom had an accident. I was 4 then, she was so angry with my dad for bringing home the wegos and drive without her brain, she collided head on with a tree. Good thing aunt Betty was there.”

“They become friends then?” Kim ask. Looking at Shego who shook her head, “So how?”

“Well my idiot of a father did not see my mother in the hospital because he was so busy with a meeting. That is score no 1. It made my mom furious. and all throughout my mother's stay in the hospital, it was Aunt Betty who is with her. When my mom went out of hospital they did not see each other again”

“So when did they meet again?”

“Well, i was 5, and score no 2 is my father calling my mother an idiot after my mother save me from my father's punishment. Well no 2 is the final draw. Well my father might be my mom's husband 'then' but i am her princess. So she decided to leave. She left without anything with her.”

“Ain't she something?”

“She is just like you i guess, leaving without anything” Kim smiled at Shego's remark, “Anyway, that's when he met aunt betty again. We were in the park, my mother was crying when she approach us. She gave us a home Pumpkin. Aunt Betty brought us to her mother's house which is vacant then becuase her mom just died of cancer. Aunt Betty's brother who swear to life of villainy didn't care about the house so we settled there, until my mother gets on with her life, ofcourse with aunt's betty's support. The truth? I became a lawyer not because my father is a lawyer-politician, but becuase i want to bring justice just like aunt betty…just in a different way.”

“She must be something”

“I was the happiest kid when my mom finally announced that Aunt Betty will move in with us and they will be living together. And look at them, they maybe the most unlikely couple but they survive all through the years, and still together. I don't know what i'll think if in case which i hope will not be a case, they decided to separate ways, i'll be the most broken hearted person for sure”

“So why do you like…women?”

“After having a father and brothers like mine? I swear not to have any relationship with a man”


“No, not exactly trauma”

“Your a man hater then?”

“No. I just don't like men on my bed” Shego smirk

silence. Shego then notice Kim looking at her, not on her face but on her skin

“You want to ask how i get the skin too?”

Kim look at Shego, smiled and nodded

“Comet. I was 13, My father invited me over to their house for get together. Mom just drop me there and swear to comeback later. I was at the tree house alone sulking because my brothers won't stop teasing me when i saw meteor showers. I was so amazed to see one and did not notice that there is one approaching the house, i saw my brothers running away so i look and too late to see the comet, and it hit the tree house just as i jump out of the place, though i did not die, i had 3rd degree burns then. I remember my mother and aunt Betty so worried that i may die, but i did not. Instead my body absorbs all the radiation and i became…me! The freak teen in school”

“Your not a freak. Your just…different. And different is spankin!” kim said with a smile, 'and exotically beautiful' she thought, her eyes widened at the thought 'where did that come from?'

Shego noticed Kim's eye widened, “Pumpkin?”

Kim look at Shego apologetically, “Sorry…it was just a thought that pass me by”

“Hmmmm” Shego bit her lower lip and pointed her right index finger on her right temple, “thought hah? must be perverted thought to have that reaction”

“Ofcourse not!” Kim shouted

“Defensive” Shego laugh, “Your not good to stand as witness on court”

“Why not?”

“You seem to lie badly!” Shego laugh and stood up, she took a card on her bag and hand it to Kim, “Hey, look for a girl named MOnique in this botique-”

“wow! that's a rhyme”



“Tell her that Shego told you to go there for a job. She'll find you one that fits for sure. Monique is a good woman, she'll take care of that”

Kim smiled at Shego, “Thanks Shego”

“Thanks? no you owe me a dinner on your first salary”

“Just dinner?”

“Yes, your choice dinner and movie will be great but for now just dinner is fine”

“Okay. Hope i get a job”

“you will” Shego wink at Kim and headed out of the door “Rest pumpkin, you have this weekend to rest”

“thank you again”

“Told you, you owe me”

“I'll remember that!” Shouted Kim as shego closed the door behind her

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