Chapter 2

I object your honor!


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TITLE: I object your honor!


DISCLAIMER: The characters of Kim Possible is owned by Disney. But the plot of the story is owned by me.

SUMMARY: Kim is a retired hero, now a runaway bride…Will she find her true happiness?

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 1178

A/N: This is rated pg 13, there might be some language that is not suitable for young readers. This is a KIGO story, so please be warned. Thank you for reading.

The expectators in the courtroom where making different noises as the witness on stand made a slip with his claim

“So will you tell me again Mr. Beraldi, how did the defendant-” the raven haired lawyer pointed her finger to a blue skinned man sitting behind a desk at the right side of the courtroom, “ Mr. Lipsky get inside the well secured office of Mr. Jack Hench to 'steal' “ she stressed on the word steal, “this concoction He-” pointing again to the blue man, “himself sold to your employer?” The raven haired woman standing confidently in front of the witness stand, her right arm resting on the baluster that encloses the witness, her hand tapping on the wood where her arms lay.

“He…” The witness stammerred, “He was strong, he…he walk in inside the building, without paying any attention to the warnings of the guard, he went straight to the office, when the bodyguards there stop him, he punch them on their body, then on their jaw and knock them out. He went inside the office and took the concoction”

“And there were no more guards inside Mr, Hench's office?” She ask again, raising her right brows

“There was none ma'am”

“For your information your honor, and for the rest of the crowds here, I have in our custody one security tape taken 30 minutes before the said assault my client made, if you would allow your honor, we can view -”

“I object your honor! Such evidence is without merit!” The lawyer of the plaintiff stood stomping his hand on his desk

“But this is a security camera of the said building your honor, and this will prove that the witness in court is stating a lie”

“Objection overruled!” the judge announced. “please proceed. You may present the tape as evidence”

2 police man brought a vhs player connected to an LCD. The tape labeled “A4” was put inside the player. There was an insciption at the lower right of the film, the inscription staes the date and time. it focusses on the inside of the office of Jack Hench, a multibillionaire businessman. And inside were 4 guards, well muscled, Standing upright.

“Your honor, as proof, this video shows that the witness of the plaintiff is telling a lie. That a corroboration of evidences were made to instigate my client, Dr. Andrew Lipsky of a crime he did not commit. And to give you further proof of the deceit committed against my client, i would like to ask permission from your honor for me to call on my client here in front and to call the guards they elaborately stated was mauled by my client.”

“Objection your Honor! I don't see any relevance for the defending lawyer to ask my witnesses in front.” Attorney Du insisted, as his client Mr. Hench look at him, his face with a lok of disgust

“What is the purpose of this Counsel Go?”

“As per medical certificate your honor, my client as against to their claim is the one battered in this situation, and as a proof” She nodded at her blue skineed client. He slowly walk towards the front of the courtroom. “Mr. Lipsky, please remove your clothiing”

“Your honor this is Insane!” Jack Hench shouted

The crowd made a buzzing sound as attorney Go instructed her cleint to undo his clothes, the Judge stomp his hammer on his desk “Silence! Mr. Hench, further outburst sa such may put you behind cell for contempt. Please respect the courtroom. Proceed Counsel Go.”

Dr. Andrew Lipsky started to undo his clothings slowly

“Please Mr. Hench, It is not wise for you to burst out like that”

“And what am i paying you for? you fool! You'll be causing me so much…if this goes out of hand Du, Your ass will be fired”

“As proof” Attorney Go pointed to the body of his client, who even in its bluish color can be seen bruises, hematomas of different sizes, some turning into green, some violet in color. Everyone in the courtroom made a comment to themselves or to the ones sitig beside them

“order in the court!” Shouted the judge as he again pummelled the small round wood in his desk. “We will have a 10 minutes recess. Jurors please be ready for the decision” then again he stomp his hammer on his desk, then stand up and walk out of his place.

“You know your quite something Shego” Jack Hench said as he approach the green skinned lawyer who was standing outside the courtroom and taking her first cigarette

“Is that a complement?” Shego said as she leaned on the wall

“Yes it is” JAck hench put his hand inside his pocket, “You know your letting that blue man get away with something dangerous”

“It's not my problem. He paid me to defend him, I do my best to do it”

“And you beat him to make your protest seem real”

“It's a matter of how you defend. Too bad you have a very goody-goody lawyer, by the book.” Shego shook her head as she puff the last smoke and blow the smoke in Jack hench's face, “You seem to regret firing me for your company?”

Jack Hench smiled, “I guess” He shrug his shoulder, “Now i know that behind every man's failure is a woman…” He walk past Shego, “Why don't you work again for me shego?”

Shego look at him then smirk, “Sorry Hench, i only work for money. My body is not included in any contract”

Jack Hench turn his head to look at the green skinned woman, “We could be a couple”

“Your married Hench…and i'm not interested”

“Ah yes…your a…”

“Dyke? Lesbian? Whatever! Whatever i am, i am but the best damned lawyer one will ever have.”


“It's almost time. I can't wait to lose this case” Jack hench said as he entered the courtroom

In about an hour. The courtroom adjourned. Dr. Andrew Lipsky, also known as Dr. Drakken walk out of the courtroom freeman. jack Hench losing for the first time in a case as the plaintiff, and Attorny Will Du, fired after his very First case

“You know your such a bitch, You should not be a lawyer, perhaps you should be a criminal” Will du said in hid plain voice as he faced Shego

“yeah! Thank you Will. Perhaps with the way you handle your case, you should be a priest. Now don't blow your head off if you lose your first case to a 'bitch' “ Shego retorted, then bolted out to her car. She opened the door hard and slammed it hard to close. Shego is fuming, trying to calm herself to prevent further damage to her 1976 corvette.

She is going to ignore that stupid Will Du for his comment, SHe is going to drive, give her mother a visit for this is what she does everytime she wins a case (and that means everytime she have a case)…she'll drive peacefully…


“DAMN!” Shego exclaimed as she pulls over.

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